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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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partner. we are beginning with breaking news in hayward. a police officer rushed to the hospital following an early- morning shooting. ktvu fox2 alex savidge, you've been following the story for the past hour. what do you know? >> we have a very wide crime scene setup in this neighborhood this morning as police investigate this shooting involving an officer in the city of hayward. the hayward police officer appears to be shot and injured and was taken to eating medical center. we do not have any information from hayward police about the condition of that officer this morning. this all began with a traffic stop in this neighborhood about 3:15 a.m. on lyons street close to myrtle street. there was that stop the took place. the officer involved in the stop and at some point, for
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some reason we do not know exactly why shots were fired. we don't know if the officer fired shots but the officer shots were fired from the truck i should say that was pulled over. it appears the shooter drove off and remains on the loose at this point. police and a lot of law enforcement here in the east bay searching for the shooter still. we talked over the phone short time ago when with a neighbor who lives across the street from the shooting and he told me what he heard. >> we heard gunshots like three and i heard a truck driver by real fast. and that's when all the police like four or five minutes come down the street recent racing down the street. >> we understand again the shooter drove off following this traffic stop that ended with the officer being hit by gunfire.
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and now a search is on for the truck involved, a white chevy silverado truck. we understand it may have all of holes in the side of that truck. so obviously with law enforcement on the lookout for that truck involved in the shooting. we have a hayward police officer who appears to be shot during a traffic stop we are working to get more information from hayward police on the condition of the officer. it looks good today compared to where we were on monday hot and humid and started to cool down yesterday and will continue today. in case you missed this i want to show you a rare snowstorm in july on the big island of july at 14,000 feet, at the summit. it happens but it does not happen that often in the summertime. 1 inch - 2 inches of snow fell and they are thunderstorm and that lower the temperature.
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the average high as 40 so doesn't take much. they had a quick snow shower and it was out of there but in july it's not too bad. for us we have a lot of low clouds that happened a lot in july and the thunderstorms continue to go and every afternoon they've been firing up. it looks off they will push a little more to the lee side as drier air starts to roll in. 50s and 60s, 25 out of the west last 32 south - west it's an onshore breeze for almost everyone. this system sweeping and there is ushering in cooler weather. with the fog in place maybe a little drizzle low clouds sunny and breezy highs today will be in the 60s on the coast and 70s inland. not a lot going on i keep looking at my list and making sure i don't see anything and we are off to a good start. traffic is moving along very well if you drive at the bay
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bridge toll plaza and traffic continues to look good in san francisco it's a nice commute with no major delays. also looking at the commute on interstate 880. i did get up bark delay 15 minute delay between san fernando and san francisco directions, that is due to an equipment problem according to bart. also looking at the commute on 880 south looks good on the freeways. the man his accused of killing tate steinle is due in a san francisco court this morning. one francisco lopez sanchez is facing murder charges for the shooting on july 1 appear 14. he is an undocumented immigrant and has been deported five times. he pled not guilty two weeks ago. as we were showing you live yesterday during morning glow to steinle's father testified on capitol hill and blame the death of his daughter on san francisco's sanctuary policy.
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>> unfortunately due to disjointed laws and basic incompetence on many levels the us has suffered a self- inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter. kate had a special soul, a kind and giving heart, the most contagious laugh and a smile that would light up a room. >> senator dianne feinstein is drafting a bill that would require cities to notify federal immigration agents when they are about to release undocumented immigrants who been convicted of a felony. >> when immigration authorities asked that a state or local law enforcement agency notified them of an impending release of an alien with a serious felony record, that request should be honored. >> we want our lost to be the last loss from a violent criminal. >> the finally family is
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endorsing legislation known as kate's law. it would require a five-year mandatory sentence for undocumented immigrants who are caught reentering the us after being deported. walnut creek police say they are confident a shooting yesterday morning was a murder - suicide. the corners office has identified the 19 -year-old victim as claire orden of walnut creek. police say she was killed by 21 -year-old scot burdick of lafayette. they say the two had a previous relationship, on tuesday morning he knocked on the door of orden's home. they say when she answered he shot her and shot himself. >> this won caught everyone off guard. we are talking about two good supportive families, all indications are good kids. >> i was just in shock. it's just really sad. >> police say there was no previous indication of trouble between the two young people. no restraining order and no contact with police. orden had been attending san
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diego state where she was named for the dean's list and was majoring in environmental engineering. burdick's attendant samford where he studied engineering and was involved in a robotics project. a blue ribbon panel chaired by lieutenant governor gavin newsom is releasing its report today on the possible legalization of recreational marijuana in california. it is a 93 page report. it says there are several competing interest in legalizing pot for recreational use. it says cutting back the illegal marijuana market should be the top priority of california legalizes recreational marijuana, and the raising revenue from a marijuana tax should not be the main goal. the report also says one of the major issues will be licensed growers and others involved in the recreational marijuana industry. a popular preschool in antioch is moving out of its building. its lease with the city expired. kids were on three schools owned by the antioch school district.
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the least recently expired and the school does not have a location yet. it's the largest state-funded preschool in contra costa county. the school has a list of more than 200 children waiting to see if the school will find a new location. governor jerry brown will speak at the vatican today on day two at the conference of call climate change. san francisco mayor and san jose mayor also among dozens of leaders from around the world invited by the pope to talk about their experiences and solutions to climate change. in his presentation governor brown said california's at the forefront with 40 percent of the electric cars in the united states and the highest renewable energy building standards. but he said he has had to fight the critics. >> we have fierce opposition and blind inertia. and that opposition is well- financed. hundreds of millions of dollars going into propaganda, into
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falsifying the scientific records. bamboozle in people of every country. >> pope francis says he called the conference because climate change is also a social issue affecting poor people around the world the most. while at the vatican, governor brown said he wants a statue of father% are to remain in the united states capitol despite a new move to replace it. a state senator from southern california offered legislation to replace the statue with one of astronaut sally ride. many people have criticized sarah for this treatment of native americans in california's missions. pope francis is scheduled to formally declare him a saint in september. vice president biden is in los angeles, but tomorrow he comes here to the bay area. the vice president will toward fairer nose in palo alto. he'll take part in a roundtable discussion on preventative healthcare and they've developed a cheaper more
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available blood test. it uses a bloody prick instead of a hypodermic needle and a vial of blood. case closed. former giant start barry bonds says the governor it's decision to drop its steroid case against and gives him great piece. on says he's relieved, humbled, and thankful he can move forward with his life. after pursuing charges against him for a decade the justice department announced yesterday would not ask the us supreme court to review an appellate decision that overturned the conviction against bonds for obstruction of justice. >> it's not normal to see a prosecution of this sort where no one dies, no one got hurt. it's not normal for that kind of a thing to go on that long. >> at barry bonds was found guilty of obstruction of justice for giving a meandering
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answer to a federal grand jury in 2003 when asked if his personal trainer gave him anything that required a syringe. the appellate court overturned the conviction in april and barred of retrial citing double jeopardy. bad news for bay area beer drinkers. a popular berkeley brewery is closing permanently. it's the pyramid ale house on street first opened 18 years ago. the new york based company that owns it said it is closing to become more competitive in the marketplace. they want to focus their west coast west coast production other breweries in portland and seattle. this move is not affecting pyramids walnut creek alehouse, it will stay open. protecting your home while your are away. coming up the bay area offering a special service to keep your property safe. target becomes a target of criticism. cap next controversial pieces of clothing it is selling some
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say is offensive. we are looking at the east bay commute and traffic will be busy on 80 westbound as you drive out to the macarthur makes will tell you more about the morning drive. it looks like another cooler pattern for inland temps. they have been coming down and they will continue that today. will show you female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday.
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how much. and then i watch this idiot, lindsey graham on television today and he calls me a. >> graham later confirmed that the phone number was his, and said he is now getting a new phone. donald trump has the lead in several national polls with two weeks until the first republican debate. yesterday ohio governor john kasich announced he is joining
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the republican race for the white house. but trump is back forthwith lindsey graham wind up back grabbing the headlines. there are 16 gop candidates and only the top 10 will appear in the debates based on their poll numbers. and there's not much time to make an impression. >> i do believe in the power very big ideas. policy is far more important than politics, ideology or any other nonsense. >> the first republican debate takes place august 6 in ohio and will air on the fox news channel. target is now the target of criticism for a particular t- shirt it is selling. on the shirt is the word trophy. critics say that is offensive to women and that it implies women are merely objects to men. one woman even filed a change .org petition calling on target to stop selling the shirt. target issued an apology to the comparable and says it was never their intention to offend
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anyone. target says this we will get to that the moment. target says the shirt is part of its engagement and wedding collection which also includes shirts that say came bride, mrs. and bright. new this morning becoming a new father could mean packing on a few extra pounds. a new study by northwestern university this says new fathers gained 3 pounds - 5 pounds. the study focused on teenage boys and young men. compare the weight of those who became fathers to those who did not. the study is published in the current edition of the american journal of mental health. >> yes both my wife and i have decided we want to counteract what just happened to us. >> so you were eating for two
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as well then? >> yes. it just happens. she looks beautiful, i however different story. good morning, let's go take a look at the commute now, traffic is moving along okay on the east bay, traffic on 880 south down from haywood to fremont looks good. the issuer freeway between the cartoonist bridge and the macarthur maze also not a bad drive as you drive through. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza there's a little bit of a backup in some of those lanes but nothing too major. we are also looking at the livermore commute because it is one of the slowest ones. so far looks good on 580 from livermore over to castro valley. we had the cool down yesterday and temperatures continue to drop, today the forecast i spring inland temps down. he can get that much cooler of the coast and bay. they drop into the 60s and they will stay there with onshore bay and the systems sweeping
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in. even up in middletown and lake county it was a hundred yesterday again. i'm ready for some cooler air. it will happen today. it will be even cooler in lake county. the fog is really starting to make a big move because that system is starting to enhance it. thunderstorm activity, and around nelson wong whose on location set me at twitter pitcher yesterday of hail that accumulated. the temperature went from about 75 over 250. there's been a lot of rain around and thunderstorms with lake levels. low. around the hills it's very green they've had thunderstorms often on for weeks it seems likes. today will probably be more on the lee said. is that system comes in it will be favorable for not so much over the sierra. 50s and 60s in our temps. west at 13 gusts that 24 concord west 25 gust of 32 travis has a westerly breeze at sfo southeast it san jose. you can see the thunderstorm activity. see how it's pushing off because this system is coming
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in. i think it will be a little better today as we get more of the southwest direction or west direction. water temps upper 50s and 60s holding steady maybe bumping up a degree at monterey. 46 in turkey, 50s, 60s, 70s through the interior. the fog in the low clouds will keep temperatures cooler. low cloud sunny and breezy and windy for some period 80s for a few, upper 80s but out of the '90s at least for a couple of days. 78 in santa rosa, 78 san jose, 78 in oakland and 64 in san francisco. cooler on thursday then we start to see a rebound but we have average temps as we go into the weekend. >> it was good sleeping weather last night >> much better. a mudslide has shut down a major highway in yosemite now forcing some people to abandon their cars. the closure is on highway 140 and l-letter patel. we will have more on that story
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when we come back. we get to talk about what is happening with bart and you have been talking about a major closure that will be coming to part bart. coming up, what they are doing to prepare for shutting down the trends bay two and the strong message part has for writers. will john stewart stay on the daily show after all? cap next what president obama joked he would do during his final interview on the show.
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a mudslide has shut down a major highway in yosemite, forcing some people to abandon their cars. the closure on highway 140 and l-letter for tell which is a major access point into yosemite national park. the slight happen at 5:00 p.m. last night after days of heavy rain and thunderstorms. firefighters say some people had to leave their cars behind but were able to walk to safety. the road is expected to be closed at least through today while crews clean up the mess. president obama said down with comedian jon stewart and try to explain the iran nuclear deal. >> let me ask a question about a ron, his team are we on?
5:25 am
>> with respect to iran as an avatar is their anti-american anti- somatic they sponsored terrorist organizations like hezbollah. >> as has been said frequently, you don't make peace with your friends >> this is president obama seventh appearance on the daily show, likely his last as stewart's last show was august 6. on the show last night president obama joked he is issuing an executive order prohibiting stewart from leaving the show. the white house has created a new twitter account to promote the iran nuclear deal and encourages people to tweak their questions and promises to set the record straight. the white house also set up an online resource page offering facts, graphics, and videos. congress has 60 days to review the iran nuclear agreement. facebook ceo mark zucker berg is now the ninth richest person in the world according to bloomberg. this morning facebook stock will open at an all-time high, just over $98. up 25% so far this year. the company is valued at 275 so
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you dollars making mark zucker berg worth $43 billion. facebook will reported second- quarter earnings next week. apple's latest earnings report shows it is still selling a lot of iphones. apple report sales of more than 47.53 in iphones over the last three months, that's up 35 percent from a year ago. a lot of that sales surge comes from sales in china. the one thing apple did not report was how many of its new apple watches were sold since the product launched in april. keeping people safe in the east bay, there's a new service being offered designed to keep your house safe while you are away. an early-morning traffic stop here in hayward inns with gunfire and a police officer taken to the hospital. we will tell you what we've learned about the officer's condition, coming up. we are looking at a commute
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where traffic will be affected by some incidents that are just popping up here. we will let you know more, straight ahead. a little cool down for most yesterday and that will continue today it looks like a sweeping cool down even for well inland areas.
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we continue to follow breaking news in the east bay. for the past hour and a half we have been watching this. >> there was a traffic stop that erupted into gunfire at line and myrtle street west of 902. >> i haywood police officer has been taken to the hospital after his partner radioed for help. we have team coverage on this breaking story ktvu fox2 janine village gave greg is in oakland where the vehicle may have been found. >> first let's go to alex savage were the shooting actually happen. what's happening out there right now. >> a major investigation obviously underway in this neighborhood. this is a crime scene that has been set up here and a number of streets are still blocked up its still very difficult for neighbors to get where they might need to go because law enforcement has so many streets close down for this investigation. this is where the shooting took place. he was just down the street and to the right is where the shots were fired this morning. and it appears as though a haywood release officer was
5:31 am
injured in the shooting and taken to the hospital this morning. here's video of the scene about 3:15 a.m. this morning. there you go, you can hear some of the radio calls from this morning after the shots were fired. we do not know the condition of the officer who was injured. we are working to get more information. this happened at lyon street near myrtle street. the officer who was involved in this traffic stop made the stop and following the stop, shots were fired for some reason. it appears as though the shooter drove off after this took place and remains on the run this morning. a neighbor who lives just across the street from where the shooting took place told us they heard the shots fired in this man told me he is simply stunned by what happened. >> i'm surprised this happened you know it's a pretty quiet neighborhood, there's no violence or anything and i'm just really surprise.
5:32 am
i've lived here for 35 years. i just hope that the police officer is okay. >> here's video we shot earlier this morning from outside it and medical center in castro valley. that's where we understand the injured hayward police officer was taken this morning. you can probably see the number of law enforcement personnel at the er this morning, including members of the alameda county sheriff's office. we can see some of their squad cars parked outside the hospital this morning. again a hayward police officer appears to have been injured in this early-morning shooting, the result of a traffic stop in this neighborhood. were will still waiting for an updated from haywood police on the condition of the officer. >> the suspects may have fled to oakland now we want to check in with ktvu fox2 janine dela vega what investigators believe they found the suspect vehicle. janine a solid pictures on
5:33 am
twitter and there are bullet holes in the car. >> oh yeah law enforcement here very heavy police presence. they are guarding that vehicle. you can see here we are at 98 street and west oakland. they have one lane blocked from traffic. they are letting won lane through at the intersection. behind these police vehicles there is a white pickup truck with bullet holes. we did get video of an earlier where you can see that. officers are staying very tightlipped about this. but reports are coming out the vehicle may be connected to the officer involved shooting in hayward. we saw at least three - five bullet holes on the body of this pickup truck. it was founded about 4:30 a.m. with officers. there was no one inside the vehicle. we don't know if what was found inside because again everyone out here is talking there's oakland police and alameda county sheriff, chp they are all standing around the vehicle. i was told by one officer they
5:34 am
are waiting for hayward police to come to the scene so that is very telling that it's looking like this is connected. of course they will have to fingerprint the vehicle and look inside for evidence to see if there is any blood or any sort of weapon. we are waiting to get word, some sort of confirmation that there is a connection. and one of the questions i also asked is, should the public be concerned. again they would not say anything. but we did see one of the officers, the sheriffs deputy out with his rifle. >> janine, can you tell us in the area because you are asking i'm glad you asked of people should be concerned. are there any homes nearby? this could certainly be a very intense search area. >> yes there are apartment complexes. there is a neighborhood around here. you know there are cell phone store here, it looks like you know there's a lot of little
5:35 am
small businesses. but there are a lot of homes in the area. so it's a little bit frustrating not to be able to get some more specific information on there. but it is you know i was definitely taken aback because you usually don't see the sheriffs deputy with a rifle just standing there. >> and surprising cars are just driving through there to it's a very active crime scene and their cars just driving right through, business as usual. >> yeah. again that can be telling as well. there's definitely a heavy police presence but we have no idea where this suspect is. and if law enforcement does, they are not putting out that information. we will check back in with you in a little bit and we will continue with this coverage, janine again in oakland where possibly the house suspects car has been found involved with the officer involved shooting. alex savage at the scene of
5:36 am
where the shooting took place, we are still waiting to hear about the condition of the police officer who was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. steve paulson also keeping an eye on your weather >> no doubt about it, low clouds came back yesterday inland temps are still the upper 80s and a few '90s. even today will cool down. the fog bank 10 of regrouping helping to move the system and to the northwest and that is enhancing that big-time. the breeze has picked up as well with plenty of low clouds and maybe even local drizzle. the thunderstorm activity went crazy over this year. it looks like it will be mainly toward the eastern orly side mainly today. 50s and 60s on our temps they've come way down compared to two days ago. 25 out of the west gust 32 a true the travis the delta breezes there and that's the reason the system means cooler air. 60s by the coast and water temperatures are in your 60s.
5:37 am
low clouds, sunny and breezy windy and fog near the coast. below average on the temps 60s and 70s coast and bay. we have traffic that is getting busier, good morning to you and if you are just about to leave the house i want to show you some things at the bay bridge toll plaza. those meeting lights have been switched on so there's about a 10 - 15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. san mateo bridge could be a decent alternative to choose between the two every morning. right now the san mateo bridge looks good good over to the high-rise and off the peninsula. if you're looking at 580 commute it's getting busier as you drive from westbound 582 the altamont pass. it is still okay in dublin and pleasanton. people armed with guns are showing up at military recruiting centers all over the country, saying they want to protect military recruiters.
5:38 am
all of this following last week's deadly shooting in chattanooga, tennessee of four us marines and a navy sailor. they were all shot at an armed forces career center and a naval reserve center. these armed citizen say they are protecting recruiters who work at these places, because the military directives they are not arms. one man says he's doing with the government will not. right now the arm citizens have taken a post at recruiting centers in georgia, wisconsin, and tennessee. the flags of public holdings in the bay area have been lowered following the victims of the shootings in chattanooga. you're looking at flags at half staff at alameda county buildings in response to an order issued by president obama. according to the order the flags will stay at half staff through sunset on saturday. the president issued the order as a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence. congressman john garamendi
5:39 am
is getting an update on security at travis air force base in fairfield. the congressman was at travis monday afternoon. since made that base has increased random vehicle searches, and you can see a lot of armed guards. garamendi says this may help determine loan wolf attacks like what happened in tennessee. the congressman says they security is on everyone's mind, and we need to know what's working to keep people safe. a memorial for 13 -year-old andy lopez is missing in santa rosa no one knows who took it down. the display a moreland avenue was set up after he was shot to death by sonoma county sheriffs deputy of us two years ago. lopez was caring a toy gun. caretakers of the memorial say flowers, photos, candles and attempted covered the display are among the items removed. a public park is scheduled to go up at that site but construction will not begin for months. county officials say they were not involved with them are full of the memorial but they are
5:40 am
promising to get to the bottom of the mystery. there's a new program in livermore aimed at helping people make sure their homes are safe and secure while they are away. the police are offering free vacation house checks. volunteers will look around the front of your home for anything that looks suspicious while you are away. you just fill out a form on the police department's website listing dates you will be away and let the police know if anyone else will have access to your house. the. >> they will look for things that should not be there. so if you tell us in your report form there should be no vehicles in my driveway and we get here and there are two that would be a dead giveaway, let's look into this further. >> police say all the volunteers have completed the citizen police academy and gone through additional training and background checks. a bill making its way through the state legislature calls for crack down on hit and run drivers but is meeting opposition from the chp. the assembly bill would establish the so-called yellow alert when someone has been
5:41 am
killed or seriously injured by hit and run driver. the changeable message signs on highways would be used to deliver information on the vehicle or suspects involved. the highway patrol opposes the bill and says the increase in the number of alerts would decrease the effectiveness of the current amber alert system. a report on the possible legalization of recreational marijuana here in california. coming up, the big issue a panel says the state is going to have to deal with. the first major bark closure of the trans bay 2 is just about a week away as it makes plans for oakland to san francisco. getting a little more credit for the morning commute as more people are getting on the road. we will check your bridges and check in with bark, coming up. we are checking in with the big phone bank this morning that means cooler inland temps for some. yesterday was still little warm
5:42 am
but not today.
5:43 am
5:44 am
stay home, that's the message from bart as the agency makes its final plans for major bark closure. the agency closing the trans bay 2 for the first week in august and again on labor day weekend. and we have a look at what is being done to get people in and out of san francisco. >> come the weekend of august 1 bart's transit will be close to 100,000 runners a day. the majority of the $2 million project will be a complete replacement of the critical but highly complex set of switch tracks near the oakland side of the trans- bay 2. >> we need to get in their terror out that section of track and rebuild it. >> if something were to go wrong inside the trans bay 2 control operators within have
5:45 am
much more flexibility and rerouting trains. it will take as many as 180 bart workers to do it. >> because of the barred shut down we will have as many as 15 - 20,000 more vehicles per day on the bay bridge. >> by way of perspective that 10 or 15,000 more cars would completely fill up one lane of the bay bridge for anywhere from five - eight hours. >> one of the most impressive aspects of these closures is the unprecedented cooperation in which the various bus agencies who together will muster 95 buses. >> we will be moving about 100,000 people by bus each day across the bridge. between oakland's 19 street and semper cisco's embarcadero station we will be running large articulated buses every 45 seconds. >> the effort will include buses from san francisco's, these pay ac transit, the peninsula san trans- amaranth golden gate transit.
5:46 am
>> it's for the first time that i know of require major collaboration between regional transit agencies to pull this off. >> extra ferry service will be provided by sf bay ferry to and from his famous golden gate to and from ran. >> we want to make sure that as many people as possible can get into and out of san francisco. >> while the work outside the tunnel is being done crews will also be doing a number of needed repairs, upgrades and adjustments to tracks and equipment inside the tubes as well. >> stay with us here at ktvu news for continuing coverage of the bark closure as we get closer, especially you can also find out everything you need to know on our website ktvu .com. new this morning the government of turkey briefly blocked access to twitter after a deadly block bonding bombing on monday. turkey asked to remove more than 100 web links after the bombing that killed 32 people. the government wanted to block
5:47 am
the flow of images showing that deadly attack and stop people from going on social media and urging antigovernment protests. turkish officials have been heavily criticized for not doing enough to prevent the bombing. turkey's were attack as part of a campaign by the islamic state to retaliate for recent crackdown on its operations in turkey. we are talking about the crime scene obviously in hayward and where that possible suspects car in oakland is causing some traffic issues. >> 98 and needs is a good area to stay away from in a east oakland and also in hayward. but for the most part, we don't have any major freeway traffic problems associated with that incident or anything else. we will start with highway 24 westbound as you come up to the tunnel to the open side of the tunnel from orinda. it looks good from walnut creek to oakland it is a very nice drive. but when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see slow traffic
5:48 am
because the lights have been turned on and traffic will be okay once you get onto the bridge. we have crash northbound to 38 on that big ramp to southbound 880. if you drive the please give yourself extra time traffic is backed up to the castro valley light. the make that big turn on to 880 there's a crash there with injuries so give yourself extra time. if that crash stays there we will have a big problem. although looks like they may be moving in soon. we have a cooler pattern started yesterday for most, today even lake county will cool down as the fog bank is there in the system is moving in and that is allowing cooler air aloft and thunderstorm activity in the sierra went crazy yesterday but today looks a little better. the fog and low clouds probably local drizzle on the increase.
5:49 am
cap it's been kind of mainly hit and miss but yesterday was almost uniform from reno in northeast california. in susanville on the burney basin all the way down to mammoth and you 70 just big boomers. today looks like some of that is pushing off to the east. west 25 gusts to 32 out of the south 24, oakland west, sfo west - northwest. san jose, this system is enhancing the fog bank and pushing off a lot of that cloud cover to the east and the high country. another day possible with active thunderstorms i don't think will be as active as yesterday. even mammoth and you 70 there been heavy downpours and hail of course. at some people say is that what the weather out of southern california. if you're heading down to san diego or la 40s in the mountains, 60s - 70s through the interior, 57 in arcata,
5:50 am
blue canyon sitting at 64 degrees, calm in the morning means clouds pick up in the afternoon and that equals a cooler pattern all the way up to sacramento. low clouds sunny and breezy and some areas getting gusts 25 - 30 miles an hour fog will be near the coast most of the day. we did hold onto 90 and clearlake the 60s and 70s for many in the low areas. 87 antioch, 88 from brentwood to oakley but concord 81 danville, 72 in oakland, 68 in alameda, 60s, 70s, and '80s sound downtown and 77. 60s on the coast, 60 in san bruno and 78 in palo alto. a little cooler into thursday and slightly warmer as we get into the weekend.
5:51 am
wine country saying that ... >> it's really early to start picking the champagne grapes. >> but next year the stress on the vines is actually good for grapes, more concentrated flavors. >> stress them out >> it's not good for people with all that stress. beth curry keeps winning awards. coming up in 25 minutes the new honors for the warrior star and how they are different from the nba awards he already has.
5:52 am
it was a full house at a via stadium. coming up the rare experience for bay area soccer fans. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a survey shows more teen girls are using the morning after pill. the cdc survey shows that one
5:55 am
in five sexually active teenage girls have used it. and that has attributed to easier access. two years ago the morning after pill was made available over- the-counter without age limits. the report also found there is little in other types of birth control used have a teenagers. almost all surveyed say they are using condoms and more than half of use the pill. the real world is returning to san francisco next weekend. do you remember mtv? they will hold a casting call for its upcoming season on saturday, august 1. additions take place from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it would bury in san francisco. you have to be 21 or older to apply. the real world has a solid history in san francisco, the third season was filmed here and return in 2013 for the 29th season. napa valley harvest season kicks off today and what be its earliest start on record. mom napa will be the first to
5:56 am
make and serve grades from the vineyard. they are traditionally one of the first wineries to pick because grapes for sparkling wine a pitcher earlier. the winemaker says a warm january caused vines to ripen earlier. most napa grapes are reported to be ahead of schedule as well. early reports are that the crop will be smaller this year after record harvest two years in a row. it was a soccer fan's dream. one of the best clubs in the world played right here in the bay area. the san jose earthquakes hosted manchester united last night. they take a 1 - nothing lead and five minutes later they scored again. the earthquakes got on the board in the 42nd minute, the man you watched 3 - 1. before the game fans were chairing with the team's flight red buses rolling into the stadium
5:57 am
parking lot. menu is not played a game in the bay area since 1970. before the game there was a moment of silence for the six young people killed in last month talking a collapse in berkeley. coming up, the story we've been following since 4:00 a.m. this morning. at haywood police officer rushed to the hospital following a shooting. we will have another live report in minutes. a murder - suicide being investigated and walnut creek. how the neighbors are remembering a teenage girl this morning. we are looking at a commute that is getting busier although we've not had a lot of big accidents. we do of a problem on key east bay freeway. will tell you about that coming up. we start of the cooling yesterday and we will continue it today, but for how long?
5:58 am
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the 2015 cadillac ats. lease this from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing we are following breaking news in the east bay. shots fired and a police officer hit. there are two active scene's this morning. one in hayward where this started and won in oakland, where police believe they may have found the suspect vehicle
6:00 am
involved. as you heard him say, there are two active police scenes right now there's one in hayward and one in oakland after a traffic stop erupted in gunfire and at haywood police officer was rushed to the hospital. >> we've been following this story since 4:00 a.m. we want to go right out to ktvu alex savidge. you are there were this started. >> yes, good morning to you. ride down there and just around the corner online street is where the traffic stop took place this morning. a traffic stop that unfortunately ended with gunfire and the hayward police officer was somehow injured during the shooting and taken to the hospital. i want you to listen to the radio calls made by the injured officers partner.


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