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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  July 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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rude awakening. very big jolt. >> you may have felt it, too. an earthquake shook the bay area overnight. a live report from right near the epicenter with the precautions authorities are taking right after the shaking. also we're waiting for kate steinle's parents to testify on capitol hill. the hot button issue being debated during a hearing that's getting underway right now. good morning. it's tuesday, july 21st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning.
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i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic and steve is feeling better because of the weather. >> most of it. there's still some tropical clouds. i kind of like it here. i know i'm not welcomed here. but it's still moving back in especially toward contra costa county, solano county. i don't think much is reaching the ground. a few of these came off the altamont pass. it looks likes they are falling apart. 50s and 60s. not the mid-70s we had 24 hours ago. oakland is down 11 from this time yesterday. fairfield, 12. concord, 11. everybody is close. 8 to 12 degrees cooler. you combine that with a gust over 30. the low is moving into the south. some of that cloud cover moves back in. i think it will lose out here as it starts to get pushed off
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by the testimony. morning clouds. but by this afternoon. most will be gone. the sierra will have one more day of thunderstorm activity. when you get this big of a thunderstorm bank, that is a sign cooler weather is on the way. some high clouds to the east. 80s for most. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. we had a couple of things earlier. is something going on? >> we have a lot of slow traffic on the bay bridge approach. we've had a couple stalled vehicles. and traffic is slow at the bay bridge. it's slower than it normally is. it's backed up to 580 at 4. it's slow on 80. although things have improved since they've taken care of the vehicles. just another 10, 15 minutes would do you a lot of good this morning. we're looking at interstate 880 in both directions in oakland. it does look good heading south to highway 92. there's slow traffic beginning at 238. speaking of 238, there was
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earlier accident that's gone. southbound traffic slows at 238. doesn't pick up until you reach stevenson in fremont. back to the desk. an earthquake -- an early- morning quake joelted a lot of people out of -- jolted a lot of people bed. janine de la vega is live in fremont. you are very close to the epicenter? >> reporter: i. a. i'm in the niles district. people here felt the quake. it jolted them out of bed. one woman said her father was sleeping in a recliner in the recline position and he fell out of it because -- out of it because of the quake. whatter -- heesh -- herein is the map -- here is the map. it passled through berkeley, oakland and hayward. 4600 people posted to the usgs
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and reported it as light. people described how it felt. >> it shook the heck out of the house. i have a .5-year-old grandson sleeping in the house and it was hard to get up but he slept right through it. >> plnkts the chp posted this picture -- the chp posted this patrol car. b.a.r.t. experienced delays. nothing was found. no damage reported either from fremont police but they did receive a lot of phone calls from residents who were nervous and scared. some people told us that it -- it made them feel as if they should have emergency kits ready as far as aftershocks go. they are so far -- there have been 13 aftershocks. the last one in the past 30 minutes. the strongest ones have been 2.7 to 2.6 magnitude and we haven't felt anything here
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since we've been here since about 4:00 a.m. haven't felt shows aftershocks. they are pretty minor. gasia? >> thank you. you might imagine the earthquake creating a lot of buzz on our facebook and twitter pages. here's some of what you are telling us. this person says i'm still awake. first quake i felt since i've been out here in two and a half years. martha said, yes, it woke me up. i also had a dream that we had an earthquake. mike writes in saying felt it pretty bad at my house. it was a fast one. five seconds and gone. that is the way we like them. not too bag and kind of fast. if you felt the earthquake, let us know. stay with us. here hon the air and online -- on the air and online. >> all right. 7:05. the father of kate steinle will be speaking at a hearing on immigration in washington, d.c. ktvu fox 2's brian flores in the newsroom. you are keeping track of that
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hearing, brian. >> i am. the hearing from what we understand is gonna get underway very soon here in d.c. it is not on right now. but this is a hearing of the house judiciary immigration and border subcommittee. the meeting is scheduled to take place at 7:00. haven't seen anything yet. the suspect killer of kate steinle is an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported five times. since she was killed, in has been a hot topic for the sakes airy city. >> i don't think there should be be sanctuary cities. >> some in law enforcement say in the past when local police did pick up undocumented immigrants, that caused a lot
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of disrust in the community. >> it was creating big problems in many of our communities where people, especially in the new immigrant communities would stop calling the police, wouldn't ask for help. they were victims of crimes and wouldn't report it. >> also speaking out is archbishop salvador. he's calling for a bipartisan solution to the immigration issue. he released a statement saying it's important that we recognize the vast majority of immigrants both knows with and without papers are not a violent threat to society and should not be subject to guilt by association. we're waiting for the hearing to take place. it's expected to take place right now. we're waiting for the live feed at 7:45, legal expert michael cardoza joins us in the studio ta break downg the whole -- to break down the whole issue of
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sanctuary cities. we're expecting to hear from the father of kate steinle. another update is coming up. back to you. a modesto man accused of murdering five people is expected to be transferred to the stanislaus county jail. 30-year-old martin martinez was arrested in san jose on sunday morning in connection with those killings. investigators believe he killed his mother, his estranged girlfriend, amanda crews, their 6-month-old baby girl and two other children. martinez is being investigated in the death of crews's 2-year- old son before the killings on saturday. [singing] >> now, dozens of people showed up in a park in modesto yesterday mourning those victims. this gathering was organized by the colleagues of dr. crews. people there doctor took turns remembering her life. >> she will always be remembered as a wonderful friend. a wonderful person and just an
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awesome physician. she scared so much about her patients. >> so far, police have not revealed a possible motive for the murders. the house ethics committee announced it is taking more time to review misconduct charges against a congressman. the committee is looking into a charge that the staff of mike honda coordinated with miss campaign staff during the 2014 campaign. the complaint was filed by supporters of khana. they will announce next steps by early september. san francisco supervisors set to vote on asking the state for $80 million to help build a new jail. it's part of an ongoing debate on replacing the current jail at the hall of justice. supporters say the building is not seismically safe. if approved, the city would contribute to the jail project. critics say a new jail is not
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necessary. 7:09. we'll find out more about an unprecedented plan by b.a.r.t. to close down the tube. during two upcoming weekends, b.a.r.t. will shut down the track for repairs. there won't be any b.a.r.t. service between san francisco and the east bay. there will be a bus bridge. it will be in place between the 19th street b.a.r.t. station and the terminal near the bark station in san francisco. the first round of closures set for the weekend of august 1st and 2nd. the second round of closures will happen during the labor day weekend. that's between september 5s and 7th -- september 5th and 7th. a teaupged driver killed after slamming into a funeral home. what he was doing and why officers are having a hard time finding the people inside the car when if crash. a woman being called a hero
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after rescuing a toddler from a hot car. up next, the troubling reaction from the child's relatives when any came back to the car -- they came back to the car. we're looking at a commute where traffic is pretty busy on the bay bridge but not so bad upon the golden gate bridge heading south. a lot of low clouds in place. a westerly breeze. some clouds to the east. we'll talk about the big drop in temperatures.
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♪heat wave >> if you are wondering why we're playing that song, part of the country is in a heat wave. texas, new york city, more than 53 million people are under a heat advisory. temperatures reaching in the
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100s. in pomont -- beaumont, texas, it's so hot the roads buckled. in baltimore, some people can't take the humidity and heat anymore. >> it's excruciatingly hot. >> see we can't complain. people are being told to wear loose clothing and drink a lot of water. the mayor in new york city is asking people to check on your neighbor, especially the elderly and limit power use to try to prevent power outages. 2015 is shaping up to be the hottest year on this planet. this week, federal government announced last month was the hottest june since they started keeping records. that's the third month this year that a record has been broken. scientists say the warmup this year may be due in a the to el nino which is marked by warmer than average water in the
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pacific ocean. the heat from the water usually will increase the temperatures in the atmosphere all over the world. a kansas woman is being called a here error foe jumping in -- hero for jumping in to save a toddler from a hot car. the entire rescue was caught on video. you see the woman trying to break the car window. sheems's using a tire iron. she was working at a store nearby when one of her employees ran inside screaming for help. she runs outside and does everything she can to save the 2-year-old trap inside that car. >> she was crying and she was like -- she was drenched in sweat. her shoes were wet. she was so drenched in sweat. >> the woman who saved the toddler says the couple showed no emotion when they returned to the car. they say the only question -- she said the only question they asked police was whether or not insurance would cover the cost
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of that broken window. 7:15. we're getting new details about that bridge in southern california, the one washed out by wall of the severe rain and flooding. caltrans since when the inspectors went to that bridge in march, they didn't find any structural problems. look at it now. this bridge is on interstate 10 in the california desert. about 50 miles from the arizona stateline. it's the main road between the two states. sudden flooding over the weekend eroded the ground beneath the bridge and it collapsed. engineers say it would be back to limited use maybe in a couple of weeks. if you headed out the door this time yesterday, you probably had to crank the ac. but sal, at least the weather isn't that big of an issue. no. yesterday on 680 we had that mess. we don't that have -- we don't
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have that. traffic is gettingbicier coming around curb. if you are driving around 880 south, we have slow traffic from just after 238 from mowry avenue where any are clearing a crash. 680 is slow. it's nothing like it was yesterday. bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up for a 25, 30-minute dpla. it has been made a little bit worse by incidents on the bridge that have been cleared up. if you add an extra, ten, 15 minutes, you might be able to stay on the schedule. let's go to steve. all right. thank you. well, a very big fog bank out there. some tropical clouds moving back in off the valley. had some mostly cloudy skies to the east bay and they have -- i think we're on the western edge of that. they are about to move off. the low responsible for them moves into central california. but still there could be a few sprinkles, isolated showers. again, only for the morning, i would think by this afternoon,
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that all moves out. probably more show than go. out toward parts of the delta, maybe highway 4. 50s and 60s. not the os that we had -- 70s that we had yesterday. 24-hour temperature change minus 12 degrees cooler at fairfield. 11 oakland, minus 8 san jose, livermore minus 9. concord minus 11. you combine that with a west wind, 25 gusts over 30. that will do it every time. delta breeze has kicked in. we've had some thunderstorms up to mendocino county, lake county. not today. the low is moving to the south. look how it's accelerating east. that's because this system will push in. that will continue the cooling trend. today another day of showers. for the mother lode, central sierra. but there is a peg fog bank -- big fog bank out there. it's been very active in the
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sierra this summer. low clouds, a lot of low clouds. westerly breeze. a few high clouds. but the humidity factor is not as bad when you have a south wind. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. we'll see a few lower 90s but out of the upper 90s to 100, more 70s and 80s. same for much of the santa clara valley. a lot of low 80s. morgan hill, gilroy, 70s, 80s on the peninsula. but cooler weather is on the way today. and much more so thursday and friday. >> all right, steve. interesting story. giving some new hope to patients who have hiv. there is a teen in france proving there may be a possible cure for the disease. a rare rainout for the anaheim angels over et weekend- - over the weekend. the measures they took to make sure everything was ready for a
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doubler -- doubleheader the next day. ♪
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it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. 19-year-old felipe said he reacted without thinking about the danger when he saw this woman burning in a gar at a gas station. he and his brother were i'veing by -- were driving by. >> there's a -- there's bystanders filming. oh, man.
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she needs to get help. it was pretty upsetting. i just did what any person was supposed to do. >> he broke open the window and billioned the woman out of the car. she was taken to the hospital by paramedics. he just had cuts on his hands. fire crews say if he had not stepped in, that woman probably no would not have survived. well, the surfing champion, the one who fought over the great white shark is back home in australia. his name is mick fanning. he came home today in sydney, two days after this, thatter is fiing -- that terrifying encounter with the shark. the shark bumped him off the surfboard. well. crews out there came to his rescue, they pulled fanning out of a water. >> yeah, i'm doing okay. i haven't got a scratch on me or -- it's just more of a -- an
7:24 am
emotional, mental sort of trauma right now. >> and we can all understand why. by the way, the competition was canceled after this attack. mr. fanning says he may never compete again. a teenager in france infected with the virus that causes a.i.d.s. at birth is giving hope for what's called a functional cure. the baby was given retro viral treatment at birth but she's been off the drugs for the past 12 years. her body has detained undetextable levels -- detectable levels of the virus. a couple adults have been able to maintain extremely low levels of the virus after they stopped treatment. the state waterboard is ordering the central valley wrgt district to pay $1.5 million m -- water district is ordered to pay $1.5 million.
7:25 am
the state said it warned district there was in the enough water available to take. the fine is the first ever levied against a district. during previous droughts senior rights holders have been, e from -- have been exempt from fines. this is a fee foe a man submitted of his home -- photo a man submitted of his home. this is the morago district. the corner lot has overgrown weeds and a local landscaper is stepping up to bring drought tolerant native plants and beautify not own -- not only that corner but the neighborhood. oakland owners are being asked to pay up for doing the
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footballing. we're on the scene of a deadly crash in front of an oakland funeral home that left a 17- year-old boy dead. car he was in that blue sedan
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there is being prepared to be towed away. coming up in two minutes, our alex savidge will update us on the investigation. alex will tell us why police are having a tough time finding key witnesses. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. we're checking weather and traffic. i just ducked out. still cloudy but feels good. >> feels good. the weather will feel good. we have more of a fog bank and a westerly breeze. still tropical clouds sneaking in from the valley, especially toward the east bay but expect those to start moving off soon. the low responsible for them is also moving and being bumped along by a cooler testimony to the north which will start to move in later today. take us right into the next couple of days. still, low clouds deck and boy is thatter a lot. there wasn't any. now we have a lot of it making a push inland. some of those higher clouds continue to push in. there were a few showers.
7:30 am
i doubt much is happening here. more show than go. 50s and 60s. a tremendous difference compared to 24 hours ago. anywhere from about7 to almost 14 degrees cooler than it was. that's because the delta breeze, the westerly component mass picked up big time. shower activity will be developing in the sierra. maybe in the vool but i think things -- maybe in the vool you about i think -- maybe in the valley but i think things will be hot. higher clouds off to the east bay, 80s, more so than 90s. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. sal, you've had a couple of things you've been dancing around. right now we do have slow traffic and incidents. let's did outside and take a look at san jose. traffic is moving okay. 101 near heading, there was a fire in the trees not affecting traffic but if you saw fire engines, that's why. again, the traffic is just normal which means it's slow.
7:31 am
gets up into sunnyvale. let's go to the maps. i talk about southbound 880, it's backed up for 238 heading on south which is normal. 580 is much better than it was yesterday. and so is 680. yesterday we had the terrible commute. today it's nothing like that. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for a 25, 30- minute delay. we had a couple of earlier incidents. so today it's about 10, 15 minutes behind schedule. back to the desk. >> thank you. oakland police have are busy investigating a deadly crash. it happened outside of a funeral home last night. it thanked at 37th and tell le graph. alex savidge at the scene. you've been out there since 4:00 this morning. tell us what we know about the comrash and also -- crash and also tragically the teen killed. >> good morning. oakland police they are wrapping up their investigation here as we speak and you can tell pause they are getting set to tow away the car, the single
7:32 am
car involved in this deadly crash last night. this is the sedan, blue sedan that was speeding south along telegraph according to police when the driver for some reason lost control and then hit a tree and then slammed into the front of the funeral home at telegraph and 37th street. the driver in this case, a teenaged boy died here at the scene. a relative has identified that young man as 17-year-old deshaun raban. this all happened before 10:00 last night. this is right next door to the chp's oakland office and chp officers were among the first to arrive last night. witnesses say there were passengers in that car. police say there were passengers as well and some people saw maybe between -- maybe at least four people run off after the crash and authorities are still trying to find the other people inside the car. we talked with a website to the crash who tried to help the
7:33 am
driver. >> i immediately got sick and i couldn't do anything but, you know, walk toward it and see if anybody needed help. once i got fought car, i just realize -- once i got to the car, i jaust realized that -- i just realized the person was probably dead. >> reporter: relatives say the 17-year-old was set to be a senior this year coming up this fall. the oakland police department's fatal accident investigation team was called out here last night. they arrived after the crash. they had quite a bit of work to do, a wide scene to process here. they are almost done gathering all of the evidence they need at this location but -- and they are set to tow away the single car involved in the crash. in the meantime, it's been sort of a traffic mess. 37th street -- excuse me. telegraph is sh ut down here but hopefully -- is shut down here but hopefully it will
7:34 am
reopen soon. >> thank you. a house fire is being investigated right now. this one started on montclair avenue early in morning. look at the flames here. firefighters say six people were inside at the time. all got out safely. but one resident said she and her boyfriend woke up to a scary sight. >> what's going on? he got up and opened the door and there was flames and smoke coming into the door. >> firefighters say it pay pierce the fire started on the first -- it appears the fire started on the first floor. they were able to keep it from spreading to other homes. the red cross is he he -- is helping those affected by the fire. the vallejo fire department got several cars about 11:45 about a duplex on fire at the corner of york and alameda streets. when they got there, one of the duplexes was on fire. and it was spreading to the second duplex. they were able to get it under control in about 20 minutes.
7:35 am
ten people who lived in the two duplexes at the time, they all got out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 7:34. it's a battle over the cost of composting. pam cook is back to tell us why oakland restaurant owners are so upset. >> many restaurants have been making sure that food waste doesn't go into the trash bin. some say they are not gonna go to the trouble. that's after the city of oakland switched trash collection services to waste management at the beginning of the month. what happened after that, took many restaurant owners by surprise. one tells us the compost bill jumped from $500 to $1500. >> they are higher than trash rates which is a deterrent. it goes against the intention of the contract go had we knew that rates were gonna go up some. we heard today people were being charged beyond even what
7:36 am
was approved. >> the coalition of restaurants took their protests to city leaders yesterday. waste management said it's willing to negotiate but also says composting is expensive and that oakland has mandates that increase cost such as paying union wages, serving all businesses regardless of location and having to buy very expensive cleaner vehicles. now, in our next hour of "mornings on 2," we'll hear from a restaurant owner who has made a really tough choice and we're gonna look into what's is next in this fight over composting. didn't realize it was cost so much. >> and it just hurts because you are doing the right thing but it's like you are making it hard for me here. >> exactly. some of the restaurant owners are saying it goes against what they believe but they are having to make tough choices. >> love the green bin. thank you. new this morning, governor brown and two bay area mayor at the vatican for a discussion on climate change among other
7:37 am
topics. ed lee shared the strategy to reduce greenhouse emission. >> steer row arrest to -- zero waste to landfills. 100% renewable energy. >> mayor lee said the city must ensure the solutions to climate change benefit san franciscans of all races and income and across all neighborhoods. >> governor brown urged the mayors to light a fire and join california with climate change. san jose mayor sam liccardo also at the symposium. 7:37. there is a new report on child welfare that as i children are being left -- that says children are being left behind. 23% of american children lived in 2013. that's up 5% from the numbers of 2008.
7:38 am
and it says poverty continues to hit some ethnic communities harder than others. the rates were almost twice ahigh for african-american and native-american children. and the report says the poverty was the most severe in the south and southwest. good morning. we're looking at a commute in the south bay where traffic is a little bit busy on 280, 101 and 85. well, i just stepped
7:39 am
outside. it's nice and cool in jack london square. we'll talk about a cooler pattern.
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happening right now, the father of kate steinle, the young woman shot and killed on pier 14 in san francisco, in washington, d.c. he's about to testify at a senate hearing. we're showing you a live picture of that committee hearing right now. other witnesses include family members of others killed by undocumented immigrants. there's mr. steinle. the suspected killer is an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times and had a number of felonies. since kate's death, the
7:42 am
sanctuary policies, the topic of much debate. dianne feinstein is working on legislation that would require local law enforcement to notify immigration of the impending release of any undocumented immigrant who has been previously convicted of a felony. >> i strongably believe that local law enforcement -- strongly believe that local law enforcement should have notified the immigration authorities in the case of the accused murderer, kate steinle. the man who killed kate is a classic case of multiple felonies and prior deportations. >> brian flores is monitoring the hearing and will update us. but joining us is michael cardoza to explain how san francisco's sanctuary policy differs from federal law. >> well, they basically ig new york federal -- ignore federal law. the feds come to the city and county and say we would like you to hold this particular
7:43 am
prisoner. that's what i.c.e. does. san francisco considers that a suggestion. says no, we don't have to do that unless you come with a warrant or there's a case that says we have to hold that prisoner, we're not going to do it. we're not going to notify you when we release them. >> reporter: and san francisco among some 300 cities or counties that have laws that giver from what the -- that differ from what the federal government says. >> everybody seems to be doing it differentry. everybody interprets their sanctuary law differently. and that's a big portion of the problem. >> we heard mr. steinle and his wife say they would like to see a rule that says anyone who has been deported yet returns to the u.s. would face mandatory jail time. what do you think of that suggestion? do you think we'll see that brought up at the hearing and possibly passed? >> i'm sure you will see it brought up in the hearing. do i like it?
7:44 am
i love it. that's what should be done. but it should be tweaked. if we deport someone convicted of a felony and that person comes back, not somebody that gets deported but deported, have they been convicted of a felony, they come back, they should be facing federal mandatory minimum time, ie five years or so. and if that felony is a violent felony, then that mandatory minimum should become five, ten years in prison. that will stop people from coming back or at least they will give this a second thought if they are a convicted felon. not just someone who is deport and comes back without a felony. they will have a better chance if they tag on with a felony conviction. >> the sanctuary policy was born to allow those up documented immigrants to come forward who were victims of
7:45 am
crimes without fear of being deported. how do you put that on the scale with the death of kate steinle and the death of the deputy killed in sacramento by the individual who was supposed to be deported? >> that's difficult. you want to prevent crimes in the communities but even the san francisco sanction abery law says -- sanctuary law says we're not gonna protect those people convicted of felonies. though in this particular case we know he was convicted of what? seven felonies? but yet, if, after the feds gave them -- they said well, d.a. is not gonna prosecute it. common sense would have been having the feds have used. this a federal warrant for a case 20 years old.
7:46 am
what are the chances of them prosecuting that? san francisco should have said, don't bother. we know the d.a. won't prosecute. but when they did get sanches from the feds why didn't they call them? because the sanctuary law says if somebody is convicted of a felony, my god, seven felonies, should someone have said we're not gonna prosecute, come get him. well, we let them sit for a couple of weeks. and everybody pointing fingers. that has to stop. stop the politics in this. get this done. use common sense. >> that's exactfully what mr. steinle -- exactly what mr. steinle said when he was speaking with fox news. let's take a quick break and go to washington right now. >> up documented immigrant --
7:47 am
undocumented immigrant who has been convicted of seven felonies and already deported five times. yet, in march of this year, he was released from jail allowed to state here for freely because of those legal loopholes. it's unbelievable to see so many innocent americans that have been killed by undocumented immigrant felons in recent years. in fact, we've recently come across a statistic that says between 2010 and 2014, 1 1 criminal aliens -- 121 criminal aliens who had an active deportation case at the time of release were subsequently charged with homicide-related offenses. think about that. 121 times over the past four years an illegal immigrant with prior criminal convictions that went on to be charged with murder when they should have been deported, that's one every
7:48 am
12 days. our family realized the complexity of immigration laws. however, we feel strongly that some legislation should be discussed, enacted or changed to take these undocumented immigrant felons off the streets for good. we'd be proud to seek kate's name associated with some of this new legislation. we feel if kate's law saves one daughter, one son, a mother, a father, kate's death won't be in vain. >> listening in as. this has reignited the debate of sanctuary policies. we just spoke with our legal expert. we're keeping an eye on the hearing. we're gonna rope brian flores back in the coverage in a moment. back to you, dave.
7:49 am
7:48. we're also gonna check on your morning commute. sal is watching our traffic. sal? >> thank you, dave. we're looking at a commute that's better than yesterday. but there are still some slow spots. we'll go right to the pictures and -- or to the maps. this is a look at 580 westbound as you drive through. it's better than it was yesterday. 680 is also better. in the south bay, 101 is backed up from near the yerba buena exit all the way up to mountain view. it's been slow. 280 is slow from downtown san jose up to cupertino and 85 is also slow as well. it's not too bad. but definitely some slow traffic. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you the traffic on 880 near the coliseum is looking good. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up to the metering lights. earlier incidents on the bridge have made it a little bit slower than normal. today's weather now, let's go to steve in the weather center. >> cooler today, sal. >> great.
7:50 am
>> yes. big fog bank. yesterday, nothing until 10:00, 11:00, then it started to work its way down. the sea breeze kicked in. there is a lot of low clouds and there's plenty of high clouds as well. especially favor erg the east bay. some of those continue to wrap back around coming from the low which is southwest of monterey. but it's on the move. it's going to move into central california and then the sierra. i doubt there's any shower activity. if there is, it would be very light or brief. 60s for some. 50s for others. most locations are a good 7 to 12 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. a good 12 degrees cooler for fairfield, concord is 11. livermore, the. san jose, 8. santa rosa is 9 degrees cooler. west-southwest, 5. west- southwest oakland. northwest at napa. westerly component for most. sfo west. northwest san jose. northwest hayward. yesterday we had more of a little southerly then it turned westerly.
7:51 am
this is still the remains of dolores. it's on the move. this system is okay get it going. that bumps it along. one more day at least of thundershower activity. the mother lode may be in the valley but i think in the high country. and then i think the southwest direction comes in. that will put an end to a lot of that thunderstorm activity there. for us, the document continues to work its way down to the -- the fog continues to work its way down to the coast. there's still higher clouds out there, especially to the east bay but cooler for almost everybody. we'll see temperatures take a plupge wednesday and thursday. 60s and 70s and 80s for some. when you are down 10 in the morning, that translates to a cooler pattern. 80s for many. 60s 70s and upper 80s. low 80s on the peninsula. 60sen coast. fog, nights and mornings and
7:52 am
the coolest day as we go into the weekend. the anheil angems had their first rainout in 20 years on sunday. the game was postponed so a double header was scheduled for yesterday. they went to extreme measures to make sure the field ready. an anaheim police department helicopter hovered to help dry the grass. 7:52. twitter warrants to crack down on the internet trolls in the next, hour, we'll tell you the measure it's taking to connect victims to the police. is your sunscreen doing its job when protecting your children? the results might surprise you.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
wak. southern california towing -- welcome back. southern california towing companies are gonna reimburse all of those drivers who had to abandon their vehicles when that fire occurred on the cajon pass. the chp says they got several complaints from drivers about high towing fees. the chp can't ask towing companies to give free service but they can put a cap on the rates they charge. 20 vehicles were destroyed, ten others were damaged. a new report shows you may not always be getting on the label when up choose a sunscreen. consumer reports says many of the sunscreens that it tested
7:56 am
didn't meet the claims on the labels. in fact, one-third of the products testified had sun protection factor levels between 16 and 70% -- 60%, 0% lower than claimed. that means the people are not getting the protection they think. a new fast-food restaurant is getting a lot of attention for the vegetarian dishes. the new restaurant amy's in rohnert park offers vegetarian burritos and dairy-free milk shakes. amy said it's comparable to other fast-food restaurants. dunkin' donuts is expanding. they plan to open several new california stores including nine right here in the bay area and 17 in the fresno area.
7:57 am
that's in addition to the 10 already operating in southern california. they have plans for 275 california stores over the next couple of years. been the biggest subject of people talking around the bay area this morning. did you feel it? >> we did feel it. on the next hour of "mornings on 2," we'll take you back to fremont. that was the center of that 4.0 quake that shook a lot of people up. banks are being put and hope events like the recession won't happen again. we'll break down the rules. and it's been a tough commute. 280 is a little bit slow getting up to highway 17. coming up we'll take another look at that crowded bay bridge toll plaza. still a few tropical clouds holding on but there is a bigger fog bank. that's playing into a new system.
7:58 am
a new sea chance to tryew look. something different.
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8:00 am
>> people woke up to a lot of jolting this morning. we're live in and -- and we'll talk about the impact of the quake. and the family of kate steinle is at a congressional hearing in washington, d.c. in is her father right there. our own brian flores listening in on the hearing. he will give us an update shortly. "mornings on 2" continues now. at 8:00 we are, this is the hearing happening on capitol
8:01 am
hill. this is where the father of kate steinle testified. this woman has a similar story. she's talking about how her son was killed by an undocumented immigrant. >> and brian flores will tell us what's coming out of the hearing so far this morning. and let's get you prepared for the day before we get to the news. >> steve paulson, you are feeling better about our weather. >> yes. >> we have a big fog bank. a westerly breeze. some partly cloudies this morning. the tribune tower, a westerly breeze. the tavern is a great spot as well. overcast skies. the big fog bank came roaring back and guess what it's only going to get enhanced. there is a decent system digging in from the pacific northwest. it's still some of that kind of creeping back in from the valley. we do have partly cloudy skies in the east bay mainly, i doubt
8:02 am
any shower activity. 50s and 60s. but much, much cooler. that system responsible for it. it's on the move. this guy is moving in. that's gonna take all of that moisture. i think pie thursday and -- by thursday. by the coast, there will be some fog holding on. 80s for many that were in the 90s. 60s and 70s. sal? >> steve, we are getting word of something that could be on fire near the bay bridge. now, i'm not sure what's on fire, maybe it's a trash bin. maybe it's a car but the fire department is going out to bryant and second to check it out. now, getting into san francisco, the bay bridge, is not -- it's not affected but it's gonna be slow. about a 25-minute delay getting into the city.
8:03 am
i don't see any smoke. i've been seeing more of the bay bridge. we'll let you know what's happening there. let's take a look at the south bay. northbound 101, 280 and 85, very slow. 101 is slow. there was a fire -- 101 near heading. it was at a homeless encampment. it didn't affect the traffic. it was already slow. it continues to be slow. no more smoke on the freeway. let's take a look at a live picture. that's improved getting up to highway 17. back to the desk. people across the prayer woke up early because of a 4.0 magnitude quake centered in the east bay that hit at 2:41. janine de la vega, a lot of aftershocks with in one, too, right? >> reporter: yeah, there have. this all happened near the niles area of fremont and so far there have been 13 aftershocks. the strongest one, 2.70 magnitude. we haven't felt any of them. but the earlier one, the 4.0,
8:04 am
that woke people up. the usgs is studying the cake that original -- the quake that originated from the hayward fault. more than 5500 people posted to the usgs quake, they said they felt the quake. here's what a seismologist said. >> it's capage of a very -- capable of a very large earthquake. the. the last significant on the hayward fault was in 1868. ta was between a 6.5 and a 7 -- was between a 6.5 and a 7. so a repeat would be very devastating to the area and the 30-year probabilities for the hayward/rogers creek fault are 31% for a 6.1 or larger. >> reporter: the usgs has received reports from people in
8:05 am
salinas all the way to santa rosa saying they felt it. most people describe it as a jolt and rattling. here's what one man near the epicenter had to say. >> rude awakening. very big jolt. you usually feel a wave first and then the jolt but i knew it was under us. >> reporter: the chp posted this picture of the patrol car responding to the freeways. they didn't have reports of damage or accidents because of the quake. nothing was found. no damage reported from fremont police. but any did receive a lot of phone calls from residents who were nervous or chaired. some of the people we spoke did say it did make them think twice about making sure they had an emergency kit ready. always makes them think of when is the bigger one gonna strike? >> i didn't feel it. i live in the east bay. did you feel it this morning? >> reporter: you know, i -- i didn't. i'm in san jose. you know, and i was up getting
8:06 am
ready for would work and i felt -- for work. and i felt nothing. my other friends who live in san jose who live close to me said they did. >> i didn't feel a thing. dead asleep. >> we're continuing to monitor the aftershocks. we'd love for you to stay connected through facebook, twitter and at tell us what you thought. well, police in fremont say two police officers shot and injured a man who was armed with a knife. it happened last night before 7:00 on wason avenue. police say a woman called 911 told them that her roommate had threatened and chased her and another woman with a knife. when police got there, they say the man was still holding the knife in the front yard. he refused orders to drop the night. the officers opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital. we don't know his condition. a modesto man accused of murdering five people is expected to be transferred not
8:07 am
stanislaus county jail this week. martin martinez was arrested in san jose sunday morning in connection with the killings. investigators believe he killed his mother, esestranged -- estrainged girlfriend and two females. happening today, san francisco supervisors due to vote on asking the state for $80 million to help build a new jail. it's all part of an yo ongoing -- an ongoing debate of replacing the current jail at the hall of justice. they say the building is not earthquake safe. if approved, the city would contribute $160 million to the jail project. critics say you don't need a new jail because the inmate population has been going down in recent years. we're learning about an unprecedented plan by b.a.r.t. during the two upcoming weekends, b.a.r.t. will shut down the tab for
8:08 am
track. there will be no bart service between san francisco and the east pay. a bus bridge will be in place between the 19th street station and oakland and the terminal near the embarcadero station in san francisco. first round of closures is scheduled for the first weekend of august 1 and then the second one happens labor day weekend. the state waterboard is ordering the district to pay a 1.5 million fine. the state says the irrigation district which serves tracy illegally took water out of a pumping plant. the state said it warned the district there wasn't enough water available because of the drought. this is a first ever since the district or individual that has wort claims that are more than -- water claims that are more than 100 years old. senior water rights holders had been exempt from being fined? a huge part of the country dealing with a heat wave for the third day in a row. from texas all the way up to new york city, more than 53 million people are under a heat
8:09 am
advisory. temperatures are reaching into the 100s. in beaumont, texas, it's so hot, the roads have buckled. in baltimore, some people can't take the heat and humidity anymore. >> it's really hot but this is excruciating hot. i cannot stand it. >> cooling centers are open in several cities. people being told to wear loose clothing and drink plenty of water. the mayor in new york asked people to check in on their neighbors, especially those who are elderly. 2015 is on track for being hottest year on the planet. this week, federal officials announced last month was the hottest june since they kept records in the beginning in 1880. that's the third month this year a record has been broken. scientists say this year may be due in part to the el nino which is marked by warmer than average water in the ocean.
8:10 am
the heat usually raises the temperatures in the atmosphere all over the world. texas officials could release more video of the arrest of an african-american woman who died while in police custody. authorities say 28-year-old sandra bland hanged herself in a criminal a few days after being arrested during a traffic stop. they say she was pulled over for making a lane switch. they say she was combative which led to her arrest. it shows no one passed her cell for at least 90 minutes before she was discovered. her family doesn't believe she killed herself and they've ordered an independent autopsy. >> miss bland passed awhile in her cell as the result of self- asphyxiation. it was a tragedy not a criminal act. >> we have questions and we don't know exactly what happened. >> the department will release more dashcam video from the
8:11 am
initial traffic stop. the trooper who stopped her is on leave. back here at home, they are saying their composting bills have more than doubled. pretty angry restaurant owners are speaking out. what the city of and waste management has to say about the rising costs. and a hearing continues and earlier the father of a san francisco woman who the and sill -- shot and killed testified. brian flores testified with what jim steinle had to say. we have an unusual situation at the bay bridge where fires were on fire. the fire department is there. find hout what it is -- find out what it is doing to the bridge -- coming up. tropical clouds, the humidity will be a -- cooler air is back. it will get significantly cooler. we'll have an update on the forecast.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." new this morning, the father of kate steinle is testifying at a congressional hearing on immigration in washington. >> we watched some of jim's testimony live 30 minutes ago. you've been monitoring it from the newsroom. what else did -- >> you fies heard it. raw -- you guys heard it. raw emotion from that congressional hearing from jim and other victims of people killed from the hands of
8:15 am
violent undocumented immigrants. they are speaking out about immigration reform. >> the u.s. has suffered a self- inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter by the hand of a person that should have never been on the streets of this country. i say this because the alleged murderer is an undocumented immigrant who has been convicted of seven felonies in the u.s. and already deported five times. yet, in march of this year, he was released from jail and allowed sta stay here freely because of the legal loopholes. >> and that was jim steinle talking in front of the immigration and border subcommit tee. the hearing is titled sanctuary city, a threat to public safety. kate steinle was shot and killed earlier this month as she was walking with her dad on pier 14. the suspected killer is an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported five times and had a number of
8:16 am
felonies on his record. we also heard from the families of other victims including michael, whose nephew was killed in arizona by an undocked immigrant -- undocumented immigrant with a violent past. >> i'm scwg you to make these changes -- asking you to make these changes, to rise above brill differences, set aside differences -- set aside differences. >> and that's the call, they are asking for stronger immigration policies. paul major, he's the president of the chiefs police association, he testified as well. he is calling on open communication between local law enforcement and department of homeland security. he wants the sanctuary policy to stay in place.
8:17 am
die han feinstein was at the hearing and -- dianne feinstein was at the hearing. she wants to adopt p.e. p. and that opens up the communication between i.c.e. and local law enforcement. i'm hearing that there was really no communication between local law enforcement and i.c.e., as we've been reporting and the families are hoping that communication opens up so this doesn't happen again. >> and senator fine stein is pushing hard. >> she is. she said mayor lee is responding to putting this program together here in san francisco. obviously raw emotion from a lot of the victims' families. >> thank you. we're learning about a new public safety proposal going before the board of supervisors today. it's in response to kate
8:18 am
steinle's death. it's been ingrope tuesdayed by mark farbl, the propose am calls on the sheriff to rescind his department gag order panning any communication -- banning any communication. supervisor farrell will submit a letter of inquiry asking why the sheriff held one francisco lopez in jail. donald trump, fox news and everyone else who is taught to take political advantage of the tragedy should be ashamed of their behavior, they said. they say we cannot look at common sense reforms. we're continuing to follow the hearing as it's happening right now. brian will be watching and listening. you will see the story later
8:19 am
today on the 4. we'll be posting updates for you at let's see if you need to head out the door right now, maybe linger with another cup of coffee. i'm guessing the bay bridge is a no-linger zone. >> that's right, unless you are taking b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is doing well. if you are driving, there are delays on the bridge. there was a fire with some wires. i'm gonna put it up on the map here on the san francisco side near second and bryant. the fire department got there, the fire was out. but it is causing a delay. there as a lot of fire equipment on the scene. some of the arriving fire chiefs and division chiefs speck kate it could have been caused by attempted wire theft. we heard them speaking about that. but caltrans and the fire department along with chp are there. it could be causing slow traffic on the span of the bridge. let's -- i'm gonna move the maps to another problem we
8:20 am
have. southbound 680, there is a crash on the way from walnut creek down into danville there is a new accident reported in the south bay. northbound 17 and 85, the fire did rushing to -- is rushing to that as well. i also want to show some live pictures. we can show highway 101, it's slow getting up to 880 and at the bay bridge toll plaza, getting into san francisco, we'll finish off the report with the view from emeryville. it's backed ud for at least a -- backed under up -- backed up for a 25, 30-minute delay. let's go to steve. we have a significant change in the were from the hot and humid. we had the tropical clouds, record rain, southern california, central california, about you we have company on the heat. i just now i would show you. it's already 86 in new york city. yes, sir. 88 in washington, d.c. hot- lanta is 87. i think i saw 16 days or higher
8:21 am
in parts of arkansas. today is hot. it's been smokin' hot in the southeast. for us, 60s and 50s. that sounds much better than the mid- to upper 70s. there is a good breeze. anywhere from 13, 14 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. oakland airport is 13. concord is 13. fairfield is 14. livermore, 11. san jose is 8 degrees cooler. santa rosa is 10. that's a huge drop. west gusting to 30. the delta breeze is kicking up the heels big time. clouds wrapping back around. still filtering in the north bay and the east bay but there is this kind of morning event. most of this will start to get pushed off to the east. overall, we'll have -- that's the system right there. it's on the move. this system will move in and give us a big drop in the temperatures. southern california, back to the usual night and morning
8:22 am
fog. any more tropical systems maybe. maybe you are looking at the water temps. 60s, 70s upper 70s and 80s. that's the next system. about 600 miles west-southwest of baja. it look like 48 hours -- it looks like 48 hours it will. 80s for some. 90s for a few. sonoma, 84. one at 84 degrees. alameda at 70. lower 90s for those in the upper 9 -- upper 90s. 60s, 70s, upper 70s, low 80ss on the coast -- 80s on the coast. a lot of drizzle. i think wednesday night into thursday. a little warmer on the weekend. let's go to gasia and dave. >> thank you. 8:22. we get to talk about technology. we have some headlines to tell you about. we'll start with some sad news. the founder of a very popular music service has died. >> the body of josh greenburg
8:23 am
of groove shark was found in his home by his girlfriend. just 28 years old. there was no sign of trauma, foul play or suicide. >> groove shark was founded in 2006. pack in april, the service was shut town because of copyright infringement lawsuits. a toxicology report is expected in the coming months. and goog billion plus photos goes away in less than two weeks. they have have users switch to google photos. >> android users will see it go away first and then it will hit ios and the web after that. if you use google plus photos, just downloads the google photo app. you don't have any interrupttion in your service. twitter wants to educate its users about how to take a stand on online -- >> they've lunched a safety -- launched a safety center.
8:24 am
there is a section for teebs, parents -- teens, parents adults it's easy to find. instagram changed the way we search for pictures on line. the photo editing app has been expanded. >> you can search hashtags, profiles and locations all an content will be create and the app still. you can view and search for the images from your computer. 8:24. still ahead, we're fooling the campaign trail to the white house. a knew candidate is set to emerge while another one may be sort of apologizing for something he said about senator john mccain. we have the details coming up in 20 minutes. hundreds of high-end luxury cars recalled. details in two and a half minutes.
8:25 am
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eight of the largest u.s. banks will be required to take a new step that would reduce their chances of failure. the banks are required to keep 7% of their capital on hand. but starting next year they will have keep an additional amount ranging from 1% to 4% of their total fundings. this includes wells fargo, jpmorgan chase, morgan stanley and citigroup. they will be required to shrink
8:28 am
their overall size if they don't want to hold onto that much cash. hundreds of 2015 fer raw rays are being recalled -- ferraris are being recalled. there is an air bag problem. this may have been assembled the wromtion way causing the air bag to tee employ the wrong way in a crash. any were all made between december and april. if you ham to own one, take it back fought dealer, they will fix it -- back to the dealer, they will fix it. a teen was killed in a violent crash late last night here in oakland. we'll tell you how this car hit a funeral home and we'll fell you about the people police are searching for in connection with the crash. on the east bay commute so far, it's been okay. this is a look at highway 4. seems to have improved on the way to concord. we're about ready to say
8:29 am
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8:31 am
doctor brown and two bay area mayors are at the vatican discussing greenhouse emissions among other things. >> zero waste to landfills. 50% of all trips by methods other than cars. 100% renewable energy. >> mayor lee said the city must ensure the solutions to climate change, benefit san franciscans of all races ans incomes.
8:32 am
governor brown urged the world's mayors to fight against climate change. governor brown told the mayors that they were founded on petroleum. he said it was a good think but it's changed due to world population increased to 7 billion people. we have to make a transition because goods become bad when any are abused. he asked the world mayors to join california to reduce the carb bon footprint -- carbon footprint. today is different from yesterday, steve? >> thank goodness. a little bit of a relief there. there's still a few high clouds. but the west wind has kicked in. the fog has nilled in -- filled in. all equals a cooler pattern. last remains of dolores. it kind of clod up the east bay. it will be mostly sunny later
8:33 am
on. you can see the cloud cover moving back in. but out to the west there is a lot of low clouds up and down the coast. i doubt much happened. , the cloud cover thinning out. 50s and 60s for most. considerably cooler by as much as 15 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. it's a big drop in the temps. thunderstorms will poll pop up over. low clouds, plenty to go around. fair, i say that, a few high clouds. cooler for most everybody, though. 80s for many. very few 90s. 60s by the water. you had an issue all over the place. last one was on the bay bridge. was that okay, now? >> yeah, it's a little better. traffic will be slower on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it will be slower at the toll plaza. if you are leaving for san francisco this morning you will see a big delay at the toll plaza, 30, 35 minutes, there was wires on fire in san francisco on second and bryant. it was wires for the lighting of the bay bridge.
8:34 am
fire department along with caltrans on the scene. also the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 880 northbound. suddenly we have slow traffic past the coliseum. let's go to the south bay, northbound 17 at 85 and overturned vehicle. traffic is backing up into the santa cruz mountains as you come down to los gatos. back to the desk. we're following some new development esin the deadly crash last night. it happened at an oakland funeral home. it took the life of a 17-year- old boy. alex savidge has been out there since 4:00 this morning. you are back now. you have another on the investigation plus new information about this young victim. >> reporter: okay. we thought the microphone wasn't on. okay. excuse me for that. we were told the 17 was a
8:35 am
passenger from the car speeding down telegraph. it lost control and slammed into the front entrance of the hudson funeral home at 37th and telegraph. the one victim died. three other people in the car took off. i want to bring in this officer from the oakland police department. can you describe for me the impact of this crash? this car was going very close. >> what investigators have indicated, the vehicle was traveling at a very high rate speed of speed when it lost control. it went up on the sidewalk, took out a palm tree, several parking meters before it collided with the funeral home. our primary concern obviously is the high rate of speed, the investigators believe that the nonuse of seat belts could be a contributing factor.
8:36 am
our concern is not only -- we have a young person who just lost their life last night, but we have hat least three other people, according to witnesses, we're also looking at video surveillance video from the -- surveillance video from the area, they left the scene and we have a young person who lost their life. we are asking the community, if anybody saw something, heard something, they may have captured something on their cell phone or a business that may have video footage. when any come into work to check to see if we can identify who was driving, who was in the -- who was driving, who was in the car. we would like to talk to them. >> reporter: facing serious charges, especially the driver. >> yes. we want to remind everyone this is an opportunity watch your speed and also to use the seat belt. all of these contributing factors unfortunately left a young person who lost their
8:37 am
life. >> reporter: why was in car going so fast? >> investigators will certainly look into what the reason was behind that. right now we're going to stay very focused on who is responsible for this. we also had a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk at the time this accident occurred and we're trying to figure out if that person was hit by the vehicle or possibly debris. they were taken to the hospital and treated for some injuries, listed in stable condition. >> reporter: very close call for that person. appreciate you taking the time this morning. we want to go let everyone know, the victim in this case, a 17-year-old boy. we're told identified by his family as deshaun raban all set to be a senior coming up this fall. his life cut short and oakland police searching for the three other people who were inside this speeding car. the victim was a passenger in the car. oakland police want to find all
8:38 am
three other people in the car including the driver who took off after the crash. back to you. >> thank you for the update. firefighters responded a fire that burned two duplexes. the police department said it received several cars about a duplex on fire at the corner of york and alameda street. when foochs arrived, they say one of the duplexes was on fire and that the fire was spreading to a second duplex. they were able to get the fire under control. ten people were living in the two duplexes and got out safely. this morning the cause of the fire is under investigation. house fire in oakland is under investigation. it started on montclair avenue. firefighters say the six people were inside at the time. everybody was able to get out safely. >> what's going on? he got, ened the door and then the was all of a sudden flames and smoke coming in through the door from the living room to our bedroom. >> firefighters say it appears the fire started on the first
8:39 am
floor. they were able to prevent the fire from spreading to other homes. the red cross is helping those affected by the fire. well, sit of oakland signed a new -- well, the city of oakland signed a new contract with waste management and the restaurant owners are not happy about it. why this deal has a financial and personal cause, any say. >> coalition of more than 70 restaurant owners have been protesting against city government. they say the new contract is forcing them to make some tough choices. now, many of the restaurants used recology, a san francisco- based recycling company, but now they say it's a monopoly and that they are forced to use waste management. after years of taking the time to place food waste into separate bins for compost some feel like they are bepeeballized. >> the bill was for $1500.
8:40 am
>> we just can't afford the bills. we're putting fg into the regular -- everything into the regular garbage. >> waste management said they are willing to negotiate but also said that composting is expensive and that oakland has mandates that increase cost and having to buy cleaner vehicles which costs hundred of thousands of dollars each. the city administrator says she will make this a top priority and will get more information to present to the city council but i was reading some comments from some of the restaurant owners. one mass a restaurant in emeryville. they say about $70 for composting and in oakland, they pay $700. >> wow. >> a month. >> a month. >> yes. >> so it's -- there is a real discrepancy there. we'll be following the story. >> you hate to see that good
8:41 am
deed bees discouraged. >> we've been doing this at home, making a concert effort to separate the trash -- and for restaurants to dump all of that food into a trash bin, it's a waste. >> thank you. a big name in california wine is getting bigger. you new property ex -- expanding. also unfit to serve office? that's what one group is saying about donald trump. we're looking at a commute that's busy all over the place. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the traffic is going to be slow getting into san francisco. a lot of low clouds and fog. a westerly breeze even with some higher clouds inland. it will be cooler for almost everybody today. we'll take a look at it. [sfx: bell] [burke] the more you learn about your insurance, the more gaps you may find.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
a new poll shows donald trump has twice the support of his closest republican rival for the presidential nomination. the washington post polled and it shows donald trump has 24%. scott walker is number 2 with 13%. jeb bush in third in the poll
8:45 am
with 12%. now, this phone poll began last thursday t was completed before -- thursday. it was completed before donald trump made the controversial comments about senator mccain and his ordeal as a prisoner of war. speaking of those comments. donald trump may be sort of apologizing, maybe. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> facing a lot of criticism over comments he made about john mccain's war record. doug luzader has the story from washington. >> reporter: from donald trump not exactly an apology but perhaps something close, an acknowledgement that there may have been a misunderstanding about some of his comments. trump verses mccain. the latest issue to swirl around what some polls show is the republican front runner. donald trump appearing with bill o'rulely last night. >> fer -- bill o'reilly last night. >> if there was a misunderstanding, i would take it back. >> reporter: comments made
8:46 am
about john mccain. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> that's all i have to say. >> reporter: after saying that trump owes veterans an apology, he wouldn't offer more. his daughter had plenty to say. >> my daughter has been in public office since before i was born. this is one of the grossest most disgusting comments i've ever heard. >> reporter: trump stands by his criticism of mccain. trump says mccain has dropped the ball with veterans. >> i see him on television all of the time and he's always talking, talking but nothing gets done. >> reporter: there's no doubt about the immigration subject has helped hitch catch fire in recent -- him catch fire in recent polls.
8:47 am
while trump's talk talk has gained supporters, he's winning detractors. dowk -- doug lieu said -- doug luzader, position news. well, new this morning, there will be yet another republican presidential candidate. ohio governor john kasich will launch his campaign today. the second-term governor and
8:48 am
former congressman, he's known for policies that don't always follow the party lines. in fact, he's been one of the few contenders to resist attacking hillary clinton or president obama. he says if he has to trash people to win, count him out. let's check your traffic as you try to make your way to work. kind of a number of medium problems around the bay. >> we've had a couple of. we have a new crash just reported on the tiburon offramp to southbound 101. that one just came from in marin county. i want to show you traffic is backed up 25, 30 minutes at the bay bridge toll plaza. 880 is very slow out of san leandro. although it's getting a little bit better passing the coliseum and heading to downtown oakland. we're looking at a crash northbound 85, an overturned vehicle. now traffic is very slow coming
8:49 am
out of the santa cruz mountains on the way to los gatos. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we do have a much bigger fog bank today. shil higher clouds -- still higher clouds moving back in. but the trend is to take them more to the east. partly sunny, partly cloudy. by the coast, they are getting a decent breeze. it all spells a cooler pattern. it's on its way. you can see some of that cloud cover, came right back in from the valley. higher clouds north bay, south bay. mainly, though, the east bay. i doubt anything develops. there's too much low clouds. 60s on some most of the -- son some, most of the temps. temperatures are down 15 degrees. 14 at fairfield. 12 at san jose. santa rosa double figure, napa, oakland, sfo, hayward. take your pick. that's a big, big drop.
8:50 am
23 out of the west. gusts to 30 at travis. there is a roaring delta breeze. a lot of low crowds and fog playing into a cooler forecast. fair, a few high clouds. a little breezy to downright windy for some. upper 80s. a few low 90s. 60s and os coast and bay. -- 70s coast and bay. a little bit of a bump up on those temps as we go to the weekend. >> thank you. >> any time. 8:50. we get to talk about wines. one of california's biggest winemakers is expanding again. e and j gallow made a deal with australia. they will get the subarane wine label and it's wiing the --
8:51 am
it's not saying how much it mayed but it could be worth -- paid but it could be worth $25 million. mum napa will be the first winery to pick and start processing grapes from the vineyards. the first will be used in the sparkling wine. grape owners have already said this year's crop has great quality potential. 8:50. he played a cop on tv. now he wants to fight for the people in real life. we'll tell you which breaking bad star wants to run for public office -- next. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at a proposal to ban charging a toll for people walking an riding bikes on the golden gate bridge may be stuck in the state legislature. the bridge district considered charging them. but some bay area lawmakers oppose the idea and then added a ban on those types of tolls for all bridges in the states. that meant lawmakers had to find out how the ban would affect the state budget. the bans could cost our state millions of dollars.
8:54 am
senators could take up the plan next month. bay bridge oversight committee has approved the bullet for the new fiscal year. caltrans had proposed a $32.5 million budget but that was rejected. the number was eventually reduced to $22 million. about $5 mel was saved by -- million was saved by cutting back on labor costs. a flu restaurant is getting a lot of -- new restaurant is getting a lot of attention because of its menu. it's called amy's. it's a spinoff of the organic meals. it has a menu of similar meals. it includes everything from vegetarian burritos and burgers to darely-free milk shakes. >> so much better for you. so much healthier and it tastes much better. i love it. >> now, amy says their prices, they are comparable to other fast food restaurants. the company plans to expand to some other bay area locations. dunkin' donuts is expanding in the bay area as well. the massachusetts company announced plans for several new california stars including nine
8:55 am
here in the bay area and 17 in the fresno air yausm that's in addition to ten stars already operating in you southern california. there are plans for 275 stores here in california over the next few years. if you have an apple product pay attention. we're learning about a service outage happening right now. 1 services are affected, including the app store -- 12 services are affected including the app store and itunes. the company did not give a . they said they are investigating and -- they did not give a reason. they said they are investigating and will give us an update when they can. we're checking our products now. apple could be getting into the automobile business, it's reported. apple hired doug. an. is not saying a word about the
8:56 am
new position. even the lived-in profile lists him as operations. there were reports that apple was developing an electric car. today a breaking bad star will announce he's running for political office. he played steven gomez is expected to announce miss plans to run for county commissioner. he's on the school board in his county, considers himself outspoken. he will join three other people in the race. he was on the series until it ended in 2013. i'm guessing he may already have a few fans in the county. >> interesting. >> i know you are check -- i know you are checking your apple product. >> how are we nna make it true the day. >> it better work. >> or else. the bay bridge has not been especially good. it's backed up four 20, 30 minute -- for 20, 30 minutes.
8:57 am
we're also looking at a commute on 880 that's care arc tris tickly slow dare -- characteristically slow. and in the santa cruz mountains, an overturned vehicle on 85 and traffic is a mess coming down the hill into los gatos. let's go no steve. cooler. cooler. >> thank goodness. >> a few high clouds. but a lot of fog. partly sunny, partly cloudy. we'll take that into thursday and then a slight bump up inspect temperatures by the end of the week. we can handle that. >> getting tired of the complaining. >> you were. [laughter] >> you heard me. you heard me complaining. that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> we're keeping an eye on the apple outage. you can always get our local headlines by going to, twitter, facebook and our moeb and -- and our mobile app have
8:58 am
a great one. mmmmmm yoplait! ♪ oh! good news everybody! there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original.
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say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh yoplait!
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scientist capture something under water that's insanely a scare. >> they got that, i'll give them something to look at. >> it's a busy street with a pedestrian trying to cross. >> she stopped and backed up. >> why that was a very bad idea. a band gives the mic to a fan as his girl friend wonders what the heck is he doing. how she and everybody else


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