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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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have happened since. >> sanctuary city policies take center stage on capitol hill. in just an hour from now, the parents of the woman shot and killed on a san francisco pier will push the senator for change. thank you for waking up with us it's tuesday morning july 21st i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we had the earthquake but it's mild. >> still a few clouds hanging on. a little to the east bay. beautiful sunrise. joe johnson is so special. still a few high clouds and there is a big fog bank out there. the westerly win has kicked in. it will lose out here.
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there is a system moving in from the north. 50nd and 60s. concord 8. 9 sfo. 9 oakland. west, southwest 22 gusting to 25. west, southwest. there is a westerly breeze. still though thunderstorms will develop over the sierra but that system right there will move in and bring in a pronounced cooling trend. but the sierra is not done yet. the thunderstorms fall apart and they will pick up again later today. for us west wind and low clouds are here. mostly sunny after the low clouds will be hugging the coast. all right sal what do you have for us? >> steve, i'm glad you asked that. we're looking at the bay bridge and we're seeing a delay. and now we are getting some reports that there could be something on that span.
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i'm looking at some reports that say there could be a span on the bring. if there is a crash on the bridge the metering lights will slow down and we'll have a big backup. hopefully it's not there and we don't have to worry about it. and bart says it has ten minute delays because of earlier track inspections. the trains are still getting back to normal after they had to check the track. you will hear more about it right here on mornings on 2. looks much better today than yesterday when we had the problems. 680 does look good all the way down into fremont. let's go back to the desk.
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janine talking to a lot of people. >> everybody up here felt it. i was in san jose getting ready for work and didn't feel a thing. plenty in the south bidded. niles district of fremont they were jolted out of bed. let's go to a map showing the quake which originated from the hayward fault. . that fault passes through the city of berkeley, oakland, and hayward. more than 4600 people posted to the usgs website saying they felt the quake and reported it as light. we caught up with people who described how it felt to them. >> i just kind of felt all of the house shaking and then told my husband to wake up and he got up and went through the house and his father-in-law was in a recliner. he fell out of the recliner
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this way. everything around the table. all the shares got moved and just checked the kids after that. >> chp posted this picture on twitter of his patrol car responding to the freeways. they didn't have reports of damage or accidents because of the quake. bart briefly experienced delays. but nothing was found. and no damage reported from fremont police but they did receive a lot of phone calls from residents that were nervous and scared. there have been several after shocks. 12 have occurred. the strongest registered 2.7 and 2.6 magnitude. we are efforting an interview with a scientist from the usgs and we are hoping to bring that to you later on the newscast. pam. >> that will be great to hear from that person about after shocks and what this means for a future. we can indicate future earthquakes. 6:04 is the time.
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also stay with us. again she says we will hear from the usgs and we will talk about after shocks also this morning. police in fremont say two officers shot and injured a man that was armed with a knife. it happened last night about 7:00. police say a woman called 911. said her roommate had threatened and chased her and another woman with a knife. when police arrived they say the man was still holding the knife in the front yard and refused orders to drop the knife. that is when officers opened fire. that man was taken to the hospital. we do not know his condition this morning. a medesto man accused of murdering five people is expected to be transferred to the jail this week. 30-year-old martin martinez was arrested in connection with the killing.
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dozens of people showed up to a park in medesto to mourn the victims. the gathering was organized by colleagues of dr. crews and people around the vigil took turns talking about her. >> she was an outstanding person. there wasn't a day that she didn't come in that she wasn't smiling. no matter what was going on. just about an hour from right now the parents of kate steinle the young woman that was shot and killed on pier 14 they will be testifying on immigration. ktvu fox 2 brian flores is joining us live in our newsroom. tell us more about this ongoing debate. >> yeah the immigration issue is going to remain a debate for the coming weeks but the emotions remain raw for kate
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steinle's family that continue to speak out for stronger immigration policies. kate steinle was shot and killed earlier this month as she was walking with her dad on pier 14. the suspected killer juan francisco sanchez was an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported five times and a number of felonies on his record. since kate steinle was killed san francisco's sanctuary policy it has been a hot topic. >> i don't think there should be sanctuary cities. i don't think states should choose whether they apply this federal law. >> on the other side some law enforcement officials say in the past when local police did pick up undocumented immigrants on ice containers, that created a lot of mistrust. >> it was creating big problems in many of our communities where people especially in the new um grant communities would stop calling the police. wouldn't ask for help.
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they were victims of crime and they wouldn't report it. >> tom manger is president of the chiefs of police association. he will also testify at the congressional hearing later this morning. in the meantime san francisco archbishop salvador is calling for a bipartisan solution to the immigration issue. he says it's important that we recognize the vast majority of immigrants both with and without papers. that hearing is scheduled at 7:00 our time. >> okay, thank you. governor jerry brown is on a trip to the vatican he is united stating his keynote address to denounce those that say global warm snot real. the governor is making a special visit to the vatican where pope francis is hosting mayors and governors from around the world talking about climate change. in his speech governor brown
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said global warming deniers are bamboozling the public with propaganda. san francisco mayor ed lee joined the governor. the state says the irrigation district that serves tracy illegally took water from a pumping plant. a san francisco homeowner is getting a front yard makeover. wilson wong won the department of environment ugliest yard contest. this was the picture he
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submitted of his home. he said corner lot had over grown weeds, gopher infestation, dog left overs there. dead plants, snails, and bugs everywhere. but now the front yard will be transformed bay local landscaper complete with drought tolerant native plants. love it. >> yeah. okay. if apple were to make an electric car would you buy it? they may be developing it. up next who a just hired and how that is fueling more rumors this morning. >> and coming up in 12 minutes an oregon teenager is being hailed as a hero. his actions saved a woman from a burning car. >> we're look agent the south bay at this time. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you a little bit more about this commute. >> sunrise over the big city and we do have a few high clouds holding on but most of  the moisture is moving off but
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fog is back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today san francisco supervisors due to vote on asking the state for $80 million to help build a 4:jail. it's all part of a debate over replacing the current jail at the hall of justice. if it's approved, the city would also kick in $160 million for this new jail project. supporters say the current
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building is just not earthquake safe. critics say you don't need a new jail because the inmate population has been dropping in recent years. this morning we are learning more about an unprecedented bart closure that is expected to effect tens of thousands of riders during two upcoming weekends bart will shut down the transbay tube for track repairs. that means there will be no bart service between san francisco in the east bay but a bus bridge will be in place between the 19th street station in oakland and the transbay terminal near the embarcadero station in san francisco. now the first round of closures is scheduled for the weekend of august 1st and 2nd. the second one will happen during the three-day labor day weekend between september 5th and 7th. a proposal to ban charging a toll for people who walk or ride a bike on the golden gate bridge that may be stuck in the state legislature now. the bridge district talked about charging walkers and riders as a way to balance its
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budget but some bay area lawmakers oppose the deal. and then they added a ban on those type of tolls for all bridges statewide. a state senate analysis says the ban could cost the state millions of dollars. the senators could take up this plan next month. the bay bridge over sight committee approved its budget for the new fiscal year. the contra costa times reported cal tran proposed a $32.5 million budget. the number was reduced to $22 million. about $5 million was saved by cutting back on labor costst. apple's latest hire fueled rumors that the company could be getting into the automobile business. apple hired for dough bets.
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he's been for -- seven before this hire there were reports that apple is developing an electric car. time is 6:15. last weekend the anaheim angels had their first rain out. the angels went through extreme measures to make sure that told was dry. an anaheim police helicopter hovered near the ground. the angels went on to beat the boston red sox in both games by the way of that double header. right now it's 6:16. we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. how does it look? >> it looks good pam and dave. in case you are not keeping track at home, pablo sandoval now plays for the last place
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boston red sox. i'm not cheering against the red sox don't get me wrong but i think a lot of giants fans. >> see what you did? >> see, you should never leave san francisco. >> it's all in good fun. it's only baseball. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute now. i have good news for you when it comes to the bay bridge. we thought it was an accident. it was only a stalled vehicle that was cleared from the treasure island area as you head up to treasure island. they have gotten it out of the way. the traffic never really took a hit. if you are driving into san francisco it will be slow. 20-25 minutes at the toll plaza. no problems on the bridge. let's move along and take a look at another live picture. there are no major problems as you make it through the area. i want to look at the south bay now as we look at all the freeways in the valley. we see some good traffic. the valley traffic tends to be
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a little slower later in the morning. if you want to get on early, 101, 280, and 85 all look good into the west valley. he's doing okay. >> it happens. we do have some cloud cover sneaking in. it could produce a few light showers. most of this tropical activity is on its last gas here. there is some holding on. beautiful sunrise here and a lot of low clouds and fog have come back. humidity factor it will still be high but we get more of a westerly wind and the fog makes a huge difference. the low responsible for this is also moving. 50s and 60s. temperatures are down 12 defree compared to 24 hours in concord. 7 for hayward.
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livermore is down. napa is down 10. santa rosa minus 7. why is concord has had a south wind for two weeks thousand? west, southwest oakland. napa at 8 miles an hour. that is the low. but see how it's moving. there is a system up here that is on its way. this system will deepen over us. 50s and 60s on the temps. bodega bay has been inching upward. the green would be the 50s. the yellow 60s. it's rather -- south of that it's pretty warm. nothing too crazy for us yet. and a little bit around the altamont pass you can see some partly cloudy sneaking back in toward brentwood and antioch
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and livermore. today will be another round of that and then another round but then after that it will calm down considerably. low clouds sunny and breezy. 80s and 70s for some that were much warmer than this. antioch yesterday was 98. today only 92 but with a breeze walnut creek 85. 70 alameda. 80s for many. low to mid 80s. but there is a breeze behind this. 60 ann 70s and 80s on the peninsula and the coast. cooler will take us into wednesday and thursday. >> all right sounds great. i think everyone appreciates that. you are hearing on twitter. >> and facebook. former cal soccer star alex
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morgan is making headlines. she is going to be the first woman ever to be on the cover of the ea sports video game series. she will be alongside soccer super star lionel messy. not only will she be on the cover but she and the u.s. women's soccer team will be featured in the game itself. the game is set to be released in september. >> and that is major. they are frustrated they are letting oakland city loaders know about it too. in 16 minutes angry oakland restaurant owners and why they are protesting the city's new trash contract. but first.  >> she is more of an emotional, mental trauma. >> can't forget that video. surfer expanding back home after that terrifying encounter with a shark. what he says about his future
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in the sport.
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welcome back. time is 6:24. this is 19-year-old fee leap natar he took action without thinking about the danger when he saw a woman trapped inside
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that burning car. he and his brother were driving by when he saw the smoke and flames but something else made them angry. >> there is six bystanders video taping. i was like -- it was pretty upsetting. i just did whatever any person is supposed to do. >> can you believe that, pam? he broke open the window, pulled the woman out of that burning car. she was taken by paramedics to the hospital and the young hero he had to be treated for cuts from breaking that window. fire crews say if he had not stepped in, that woman probably would not have survived. a surfing champion is back home in australia after he fought off a shark. we've all been talking about it. mick fanning arrived today in australia two days after this happened. a great white shark bumped him right off his board. it was being covered live too.
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the crews out there came to his rescue and pulled fanning out of the water. >> yeah. i'm doing okay. i haven't got a scratch on me. yeah. it was more of an emotional, mental trauma right now. >> we understand too. the competition was canceled after this attack. fanning says he may never compete again. the $100 million donation from a russian billionaire for the search for intelligent life is being greeted with huge cheers. the money will greatly expand how much of the sky researchers can listen to. right now researchers at cal used the telescope in port roadway toe. now they will be able to use the green bank telescope in west virginia and the parks telescope in australia. >> i have often felt that there is with our current techniques there is a 1% chance a year that we will find something. maybe i would bump that to 5%
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now. >> the money will also pay for researchers to analyze all the new data and build new equipment that can help find signs of life if a very noisy universe. it is 6:26. a fire forced six people from an oakland home. >> all of a sunday flames and smoke coming in. >> coming up next one woman living here describes the scary sight early this morning. >> plus oakland police investigating this morning after a speeding car slams into the front of a funeral home leaving a teenager dead. we'll tell you what investigators are saying about the cause of this crash coming up. >> if you're on your way to marin let's take a look at that richmond toll plaza heading a- - cross a-- -- heading across to ma rain county.
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good morning to you. welcome back. tuesday, july 21st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's almost 6:30. much cooler start to the day. there is happier people out there. >> it is. yes. >> i checked for you. it feels great. >> there is still some clouds on the east side of our viewing area. we're not done yet. we're almost done. coast and bay nondoubt about it. cloudy skies. and a few showers saying you know what, i'm not ready to give up. oh my gosh. postcard here. st. joe johnson goes on vacation for two weeks and comes back with renewed energy. nice job. very well done. some of these clouds though right there. see working their way back.
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the low responsible is moving into the south. and just sending it back toward oakley. and benwood. westerly breeze for most. the clouds cover continues to inch back. there could be a few isolated showers. low clouds sunny and breezy. fog near the coast. partly cloudy skies inland. much cooler. 60s and 70s and 80s and a few 90s holding on. all right sal what do you have for us? you van issue on the bay bridge? >> we have an issue but it's gone. we all talk about that in a moment. also a couple of trains are being held in downtown oakland at 12th and 19th station.
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a man threatened one of his station agents. that is frowned upon by bart police. now they are holding the train so they want to have a chat with this gentleman. just listening to them, they see that man on camera. he is not going to get away. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. this is a little bit more than it normally is because of earlier incidents. and this is a look at northbound 101, northbound 880 -- i'm getting all mixed up here. this is 880 in oakland it looks good in both directions. now i can look at northbound 101 and there is a little bit of slowing at capitol expressway and on 280. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. new this morning we are talking about the quake that shook the bay area. it was a magnitude 4.0. >> we have been getting messages. i can tell you it was at 2:41 this morning which means it bolted a lot of people out of
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their beds. especially in parts of the east bay. janine de la vega is joining us live in fremont. you've been out this morning and you are close to where the epicenter was. >> reporter: yeah. everyone i've been speaking to say they felt this quake. it rattled them. it woke them up. most people who live here in the bay area for a long time say they are used to this. they still had people calling them. the department tweeted out that they did receive a number of nervous phone calls but there were no reports of damage. bart also experienced delays briefly while the tracks were checked for damage but nothing was found. the chp also posted a picture of one of their patrol cars earlier this morning checking on the freeways which were not impacted. the quake was centered near mission boulevard and niles canyon. the shake map shows thousands of people reported feeling it. the strongest tremors in the east bay and south bay. the quake originated from the hayward fault which runs from
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san pablo in the north to fremont in the south. we spoke to people this morning about how it felt at their house. >> so i was lying in bed. i thought it was the dog at first but it jostled me out. yeah pretty startling. it was no problem. >> we didn't hear anything. we heard a lot of rumbling. i did check around my son-in- law as well. we checked around. everything was fine. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about this on our facebook page. reported feeling it from san francisco all the way to san jose. some people posted how it felt like somebody was pushing them out of bed. others reported things fell off their wall but nothing major. relatively mild as far as after shocks go. there have been 12 after shocks that have happened since then. the strongest though has been two of them.
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2.7 and 2.6 magnitude coming from this 4.0 quake. dave. >> all right janine, thank you. make sure you stay right here with ktvu channel 2 on air and of course online for continuing coverage of this morning's earthquake including if there are more aftershocks. oakland police are investigating a deadly crash outside of a funeral home. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is there at the scene with what we know about the crash and the teenager who was killed >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. this was a single car crash according to oakland police. the car was speeding south on telegraph. for some reason the driver lost control of the car. jumped up on to the sidewalk here in this area. you're looking at this morning. and then the car slammed right into the front entrance of fouche's hudsons funeral home. it's unclear how many damage was done to the funeral home.
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we do know the driver of the car died at the scene. a relative last night identifiedth young man that was behind the wheel and was killed. this happened just before 10:00 last night. it was right next to the chp oakland office and in fact chp officers were the first to respond out here. witnesses tell ktvu news there were other passengers in this car. possibly as many as four people that were seen running off. they were not here when officers arrived. oakland police are working to find all of the other people that were inside this car. >> have haven't got a great description. but certainly if we can find them that would be of great assistance. right now we are trying to secure the scene and make sure that all the evidence is preserved so that we can find out what happened. >> and it's unclear why all the other occupants of that car ran off after the accident but certainly police would like to
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speak with them. relatives are telling us that the victim in this crash was set to be a senior at mcclean man's high school. the oakland police department's major accident investigation team has been out here since the crash last night and as you can clearly see they have a number of streets blocked off. if your travel plans take you through this part of oakland, be aware that telegraph remains shut down between 36th street and 40th street. >> all right, thank you for that update. firefighters responded to a fire that burned two duplexes in vallejo late last night. they received several cars last night about 11:45 p.m. about a duplex on fire on the corner of york and alameda streets. when firefighters arrived they said one of them was on fire. the fire was spreading to the second duplex. they were able to get it under control in 20mys. ten people were living there. they all got out safely but the
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cause of that fire is still under investigation. a house fire in oakland is is also under investigation. that started early this morning on month claire avenue. firefighters say six people were in the home at the time. everyone was able to make it out safely but one person says she and her boyfriend woke up to quite a scary sight. >> he got up, opened the door, and then there was all of a sudden flames and smoke coming in through the door. >> firefighters say it appears the fire started on the first floor. they were able to prevent the fire from spreading to other homes. the red cross is helping the people who are effected by that fire. time is 6:38. some oakland restaurant owners are furious because their bills for composting is more than double. that is after the city of oakland switched to waste management. one restaurant owner says his compost bill jumped from $500
6:39 am
to $1500. he says because of that he will stop composting and put everything in the regular garbage. the coalition of restaurants took their protest to city leaders. >> they are higher than trash rates. >> certainly we knew rates would go up some. what we heard today was people being charged beyond even what was approved. >> waste if management is -- however the city council is asking to do more research. one of california's largest wine makers is expanding again. they have made a deal with treasury wine. gallow will get the brand label. it's also buying the historic winery in sonoma county. gallow not saying how much it's
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paying but experts say it could be worth $25 million. the grape harvest is actually beginning in napa in the napa valley tomorrow. mum napa will be the first to pick and processing grapes. the first grapes will be abused. south bay congressman mike honda he is the focus of an ethic review. coming up in 20 minutes what he's accused of doing to former political proponent called into question. >> and up next he has been riding high in the polls but it's not stopping the controversy surrounding donald trump. the new calls for him to drop out of the presidential race. >> good morning. we are getting new details on bart activity. this is a look at 280. you can see some slow traffic in san jose. >> there is a big fog bank out there and it will be cooler but
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the tropical clouds don't want to let go completely. especially in the east bay.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive for last thursday's mass shooting of military personnel in tennessee. now the 24-year-old man accused of opening fire at two military centers killing five service members was then fatally shot
6:44 am
by police. writings were found in his home that could shed light on a possible motive. his relatives say he was treated for depression when she was 12 or 13 years old. they also say he fought drug and alcohol abuse. the military has directed recruiting centers nationwide. a spokesperson for the california national guard says a security review of recruitment centers in the state is is already under way. east bay congressman eric sexual well. they have ordered national guard members at recruiting facilities to carry guns. time is 6:44. new this morning would you believe there will be another republican presidential candidate? ohio governor john kasich will launch his campaign today. now the second term governor who is a former congressman he is known for policies that don't always follow the party lines. he is one to resist attacking
6:45 am
hillary clinton or president obama. he says he has -- donald trump controversy continues over his comments about senator john mccain's experience as a prisoner of war in vietnam. after mccain said trump owes all veteran's apology, mccain would not say anything more. his daughter had plenty to say as trump continues to criticize mccain. >> my father has been in public office since i was born and this is one of the most grossest, disgusting comments i have ever heard. >> i see him on television all the time and he's always talking, talking but nothing gets done. >> and while trump's blunt talk has certainly attracted some supporters, he's also getting a lot of criticism. the des moines register the largest newspaper in the
6:46 am
primary state of iowa now says trump is unfit so seek office. and a new poll shows trump has twice the support as his republican rival. wisconsin governor scott walker is second with 13% of the vote. and jeb bush is in third with 12%. telephone poll began last thursday and was done before trump made his comment. yesterday senate majority leader mitch mcconnell charged hillary clinton with playing the gender card in her campaign. hillary clinton says a strategy based on the argument vote for me because i'm a woman will not be enough to -- refuse to let
6:47 am
women make decisions about their health or have access to free contraception. time is 6:46. that means it is time to check in with gasia for a look at what is coming up in our next hour. good morning. >> good morning pam and dave. in our next hour of mornings on 2 in wake of kate steinle's death in san francisco the debate is coming to washington today. we are bringing in a legal expert to see how san francisco policies differentiate from federal laws. also a desperate rescue caught on cell phone camera. what the adults who were supposed to be watching that little girl were doing at the time and the one question they had for officers when they returned to find all of this
6:48 am
commotion. let's bring sal back. we have been talking in case you didn't know. sal you have been busy. >> bart is almost back to normal. we had track inspections early this morning. but things have become a little bit better. let's take a look at new crash reported northbound 880 at 238 involving sedan and a motorcyclist. northbound 880 will be a little slow. we're also looking at a live picture now of the 880 freeway right near the coliseum. traffic is moving along very well as you drive through. now the traffic will be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is word of a stalled vehicle up on that span and traffic has been just a little bit slower this morning at the bay bridge. so if you can add an extra 10-
6:49 am
15 minutes to stay on schedule. 6:48 let's go to steve in the weather center. thank you, sal. we do have a couple low clouds and high clouds trying to merge here. i doubt much is reaching around. it could be a little bit. the system looks like it's splitting here. that is wrapping back around. you can see it's heading back from the valley. and there is a fog this way. so you're seeing emerging. you don't see that all the time but that is what we have. 50s and 60s on the temps. not the 70s. the 70s are gone. as much as 8-12 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 7 degrees cooler at sfo. hayward, mountain view. 12 for concord and 11 for
6:50 am
fairfield. westerly breeze or some component of it. west, southwest fairfield gusting to 25. some thunderstorm activity over mendocino county and lake county. as the loamies in south of us, it's taking that moisture and moving it back into the east bay. but this system to the north will push it out of here. i don't think that will happen again today. 50s and 60s on your water temps. the 50s would be in the green. the 60s in the yellow. it's pretty quiet until you hit santa monica. and then you can find 70-degree temps. pa a lot of cloud cover and a few showers. 63 ukiah. 60 monterey.
6:51 am
65 sacramento. 51 south lake tahoe with 60s blue canyon. and guess what, it will happen again today. during the afternoon and it falls apart. although it looks like it's moving off toward the east. i think one more day. by the time we get to wednesday and thursday they should be on the calmer side. fog is moving down the coast but the clouds are wrapping back around. there is breezy and there is fog. that means 60s and 70s and 80s and some 90s. we are seeing a decrease in those temps. 70s to 80s. a little bit of moisture and humidity to the east but much cooler with the breeze, coast, and bay. so that humidity factor is going down. but the trend is cooler weather wednesday, thursday especially thursday. >> feels good outside your door right now. >> i believe it. 6:51 is the time. new information about the bridge that collapsed in southern california. cut off a major artery between
6:52 am
california and arizona. and coming up in 20 minutes, the state inspection it under went just before it was washed away by a flash flood. >> but up next a new drive through in the north bay. why this one is different than most fast food restaurants. even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:54. texas officials release new video of what happened in the
6:55 am
hours before an african american woman died in police custody. now authorities say 28-year-old sandra bland hanged herself in a jail cell a few days after she was arrested during a traffic stop. miss bland was pulled over for making police say was an improper lane switch. during that stop police say she was combative and that is why she was arrested. however bland's family they don't believe she killed herself. they ordered an independent autopsy. the police department says it will soon release dash cam video from the initial traffic stop. the trooper who stopped miss bland is is now on administrative leave. back here at home a man in oakland died after he got stuck in a very small space between two buildings while trying to escape from the police. police say officers stopped the man on sunday. he was wanted on a $10,000 warrant and he had a pound of marijuana in his car. police say the man ran away. he ended up wedged in a very
6:56 am
small space. look at this. they found him 30 minutes into the search and say the man was unresponsive. they performed cpr but police say the man died at the hospital. the county coroner is now investigating. investigators in tracy are trying to figure out what caused an armored truck to explode in a parking lot of a busy shopping mall. that happened within feet of a home depot store by yesterday afternoon. by the time firefighters arrived the truck was completely engulfed in flames. the home depot was evacuated after the explosion. the truck was completely destroyed. some money that was inside also burned. and the two operators that operated the truck were out before it exploded. firefighters got a break from mother nature while battling two grass fires. the fire crews responded to reports of two fires about a mile 5:part along interstate 680. about 10:00 yesterday morning. the flames were threatening
6:57 am
homes and people were evacuated. almost 100 firefighters helped get it under control in the last hour opinion the hot humidity slowed down the fire. >> cigarette or any spark. a chain dragging or a brake issue. it's being in facted right now. >> about 4078 acres -- about 40 acres burned. firefighters say this is a wake up call to keep defensible space around your home. amy's is a spin off from the popular amy's kitchen grand. it offers similar meals on its menu. >> it was so much better for you. so much out there and it tastes much better. i love it.
6:58 am
>> amy's says their prices are comparable to other fast food restaurants and the company plans to expand to other locations in the bay area. pam. a community is still mourning the death this morning of two women and three children that were killed in medesto. the big question still remaining as police investigate those killings. >> the debate over sanctuary cities is heading to capitol hill today. weeks after kate steinle's death and we're keeping an eye on a congressional hearing that is set to begin any minute now.
6:59 am
7:00 am
rude awakening. very big jolt. >> you may have felt it, too. an earthquake shook the bay area overnight. a live report from right near the epicenter with the precautions authorities are taking right after the shaking. also we're waiting for kate steinle's parents to testify on capitol hill. the hot button issue being debated during a hearing that's getting underway right now. good morning. it's tuesday, july 21st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good


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