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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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over night earthquake that struck many parts of the bay area. >> plus this morning oakland police are investigating a deadly crash that took the life of a teenage driver. we'll tell you how this car wound up crash into the front of a funeral home. good morning. thank you for joining us. we continue with breaking news. that early morning earthquake in fremont hit at 2:41. it was centered just northeast of fremont. it's a 4.0. people we have talked with in the last hour say they were surprised to feel the ground moving. >> i was out here sweeping the parking lot and i started feeling a little shaking. and the gentleman inside came out of the 7-eleven and asked if i felt it too. and the gentleman came from the intersection also and until we figured it out it was an
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earthquake. no one reporting being hurt or having any major damage to their ohms and businesses. thank you for joining us tuesday morning july 21st i'm pam cook. >> and i'm ve clark. you didn't feel it, i didn't feel it but steve did. >> right after the alarm went off. >> so it was noticeable. >> oh yeah. but it was a quick little jolt. >> that may be a way to jolt you out of bed. have an arain storm for spd i'm answering all the facebook questions. thered in pause we have a fog
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if and a terror if bay. much cooler 50s and 60s. a good 10-15 degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago. san rafael is down 14 degrees. concord 10, fairfield 11, napa 10, san jose 7. southwest, west southwest, west there is also a west from sfo. that system right there will sweep in and bump this out of the way. plenty of low clouds. it will be sunny and breezy. fog will remain near the coast. there could be a few high clouds. 80s for most. 60s and 70s. sal, are we back on track now? >> as a matter of fact, we are. i'm just about to talk about that. we have a live picture from bart that we are just about to put up. while they are getting that ready, i want to show you the
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mccarthur maze and westbound traffic is ready. it's light there and no trouble getting across into san francisco. this is a look at interstate 880 oakland and you can see traffic in both directions is moving well. you can see some slow traffic after 205. between livermore and dublin it looks good. today things are back to normal. and we do have bart. this is a live picture of the platform at the fremont station. they have finished their track inspections they say and bart is ramping up to full speed. so those delays we had earlier this morning because of the earthquake we spoke of are no longer going to be a major issue. they've checked out all the tracks. everything is okay and now service is returning to normal. that is certainly good news. at 5:03, let's go back to the desk. oakland police are busy. they are trying to determine what caused a car to crash into a funeral home late last night
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and left a teenage driver dead. alex savidge is there at the scene now. what have you heard about what happened out there? >> dave, gosh to you. police say this car was speeding south on telegraph late last night when for some reason the driver lost control. that car jumped up on to the curb and slammed into the fan of pugh say hudson funeral home. you can see a huge investigation by oakland police. the driver in this case died in the scene. a relative identified that young man behind the wheel as 17-year-old deshawn rabon. this is right next door to chp's oakland office. and in fact chp officers were the first to respond to this crash last night. witnesses tell ktvu that there were passengers in that car as
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many as four people who were scene running off right after the car crashed. >> right now we are trying to secure the scene and make sure that all the evidence is preserved so that we can find out what happened. >> reporter: relatives also tell us the victim in this crash was supposed to be a senior at mcklein high school in oakland. the oakland police department's accident investigation team if. and in the meantime we should let everybody know who may find themselves driving through this area telegraph is shut down because of this investigation between 36th street and 40th street. >> all right alex savidge in oakland. thank you. also new this morning
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firefighters respond to a fire that burned two duplexes in vallejo late last night. the fire department says it received several calls around 11:45 p.m.. now when firefighters arrived, they say one of the duplexes was on fire. the fire was also spreading to a second. they were able to get the fire under control though in just about 20 minutes. ten people were living in those two due flexes. they all got out of there. police say a woman called 911 and told them her roommate had threatened her and chased her and another woman with a knife. when officers arrived police say the man was still holding the knife in the front yard and he refused orders to drop the knife and that is when for
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opened fear be. the parents of skate steinle of the young woman who was killed on pier 14 that will be able -- ever since kate steinle was killed sanctuary city policy has been a hot topic. >> i don't think there should be sanctuary cities. for for in the past when local police did pick up on undocumented borickersen pa caused a a lot of in our community. where people especially the new immigrant communities would stop calling the police, wouldn't ask for help.
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they were victims of crimes and wouldn't report it. >> tom manger he will also testify at that senate hearing. it all begins at 7:00 our time. ktvu will bring you coverage right here on mornings on 2. now san francisco archbishop salvador is calling for a bipartisan issue for illegal immigrants. maine december doe man accused of murdering five people is expected to be transfer toed solan miscounty jail. martinez was being investigated
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in the death of crews two-year- old son before saturday's killings. dozens of people showed up to a park in medesto yesterday to mourn the victims. the gathering was organized by colleagues of dr. crews. >> she was an jute standing physician and an outstanding person. there wasn't a day that she didn't come in that she was smiling. no matter what was going on. >> so far police have not revealed are are are fort pures. now it's part of an ongoing debate over replacing the current jill at the high school of be but it also faces opposition with some critics
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saying a new jail is not necessary as the inmate population has been declining in recent years. later this morning we will learn about bart's plan to close the transbay tube for repairs. during two upcoming weekends, the transbay tube will be closed for track repairs. that means no bart service between san francisco and the east bay. however buses will run between the 19th street bart station and oakland and the transbay terminal near the embarcadero station in san francisco. now the first round of closures will be the weekend of august 1st and 2nd. the second closures will be during the labor day weekend between september 5th and september 7th. an idea to ban tolls for people that are walking and riding bikes on the san jose bridge may be stuck. some bay area lawmakers don't like that and they called for a
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ban on those types of toes for all bridges around the state. a state senate analysis says the ban could cost the state millions of dollars. senators may debate this issue next month. the 38th annual san francisco marathon is this sunday and this year there are some changes. now one high-tech new feature is the west weekend app. it allows people to track. also new the finish line festival with a beer garden and food trucks. it is the first usa track and field sanctioned race in the bay area.
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a friar broke out in oakland and people were running from their homes. the biggest challenge for firefighters as they were out there fighting to get it under control. he is riding high in the polls but that is not stopping the controversy for donald trump. >> we are looking at a morning commute that looks pretty good so far as we look at highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland it is a nice drive. >> welcome by nation of clouds doing this. there is low clouds still high and mid level clouds sneaking back in from the valley. we'll see if that produces anything today.
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welcome back. new this morning governor jerry brown is denouncing global warming deniers. brown is making a special visit to the vatican where pope francis is hosting mayors and governors. in his address brown says global warming deniers are quote bamboozling the public with propaganda. san francisco mayor ed lee and san jose mayor sam liccardo joins the governor of that trip. we are talking about him. the donald trump controversy
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continues over his comments about john mccain. donald trump thousand says maybe there was a misunderstanding when he requested mccain's status as a war hero. after mccain said trump owes all veterans an apology. while donald trump's blunt talk has certainly attracted a lot of attention and some supporters, he's also getting a lot of criticism. the des moines register the largest new mexico in that very important primary state in iowa now says donald trump is unfit to seek office. there is also a new poll out showing donald trump right now has twice the support of his closest republican rival. the washington post poll of republicans and conservative independence shows trump with 24%. wisconsin governor scott walker is number two with 13%.
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jeb bush number three with 12%. now there is a war of words between the senate's top republican and hillary clinton. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in a speech yesterday accused hillary clinton of playing the gender cards in her presidential campaign. senator mcconnell says a strategy based on the argument vote for me because i'm a woman won't be enough to get her elected president. she went on to say there is a gender card being played in this campaign. it's prayed every time republicans vote against giving women equal pay. deny families access to child care, or refuse to allow women to make decisions about their health. thank you, dave. we did have a small earthquake
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early this morning if you are just joining us. sal has been talking about how it effects bart because they have to go out and check the the tracks. >> yeah they have already finished doing that. the bart system is now getting back up to full speeds. let's go out and take a look at some of these live pictures. you can see traffic is light. a couple lanes have a slight backup but nothing major just yet. and also looking at 880 in the east bay traffic is looking good as you drive through the oakland area. if you are driving on 580 we have slow traffic there. it does get better by the time you reach dublin. it is 5:18 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. there is a big fog bank out this there and a no about it
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westerly breeze. there are a few little showers popping up south of tracy. it looks like near patterson. lots of low clouds though. plenty of low clouds. first let's take a look at those. big time fog bank when yesterday there was nothing at this time. so that will make cooler conditions for many today. cloud cover sleeping oleate. there will be partly cooler. double digit for fairfield. if it feels cooler, it is. it was up to 33 the gust. you can tee some of that. the low is moving in. so there is still as that rotates back around and sends in a few clouds. it's being bumped around by that system to the north. 50s and 60s on the temps. they really haven't changed much. the green would be the upper 50s and get the 60s.
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that is holding court all the way down to santa monica and you can find some 70-degree temps pap little bit of shower activity up around mammoth and coming up around medesto. big fog bank in place. cooler for most. the thunderstorm activity will favor areas to the east now. 60s, 70s, and 80s. did hold on to a couple low 90s here for another day. by tomorrow it looks like a system to the north will move in and that will pick up that fog bank and increase the westerly breeze. cool air aloft and take us into thursday and a little bump up. nothing extreme by the weekend. >> all right, steve, thank you. time is 5:20. >> wildlife emergency services crews have made unusual rescues
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recently in monterey and santa cruz counties. they've had to free three skunks caught in heavy duty rat traps. a couple were badly injured and the traps are not intended to be used outdoors by skunks. the skunks for probably looking for mice to eat. the increased number for -- i have i have talked to a number of my neighbor. we have a lot of rats coming down from the hill. the rat guy says it's because of the drought. they have to come down and look for water. >> and the skunks are look for them. remember that bridge that collapsed? we are getting a better look at that bridge collapse. one that caught off a major road. >> but first if winning the world cup wasn't enough, former
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welcome back to mornings on 2. do you recognize these two super stars? alex morgan is making headlines. she will be the first woman ever to be on the ea video game series. she will be alongside soccer
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super star lionel messy. but for the first time ever, she and the u.s. women's national soccer team will be featured in the game itself. morgan told ea sports quote it's an incredible honor. the game is set to be released on september 22nd. a surfing champion has returned home to australia after we saw him fighting off a shark during a competition in south africa over the weekend. mick fanning arrived today at the airport in sydney, australia two days after this terrifying encounter. television all on live tv too. the crews out there came to his rescue. >> yeah i'm doing okay. i haven't got a scratch on me. yeah it's just sort of more of an emotional, mental sort of trauma right now.
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>> we sure understand. the competition was canceled after this attack. mr. fanning said he may never compete again. harry potter star daniel radcliffe is trending for something he did right here in the bay area. you didn't know harry potter can rap? radcliffe showed off his rapping skills over the weekend at cameron's pub in half-moon bay. a video of his performance of the real slim shady was posted on youtube by his long-time girlfriend. last year he also rapped during his appearance on the jimmy fallon show. time is 5:26. police still right now at the scene of a late night crash where a teenager was killed. we'll tell you what investigators say happened out there just moments before a driver crashed into a funeral home.
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>> earthquake rattled the bay area early this morning. we'll tell you how strong it was, and you will hear from people who felt it. >> good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute and checking out highway 4 coming over the grade. you can see traffic is a little bit slow here as you come up to concord. >> the fog is back and the temperatures are way down. in fact, as much as ten degrees for some. back to those 50s and 60s.
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good morning to you. welcome back. these are live pictures. we're in fremont where in case you didn't hear there was an earthquake that rattled some nerves over night. right now there are no words of any injuries or damage. it did cause some delays on bart this morning. janine de la vega is out there now. she will bring you reaction from a resident out there. she will be here in two minutes. but it shook some people up. >> you felt it? >> i didn't feel it but people were sending messages. >> right. >> they sure felt it. welcome back, tuesday july 21st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 5:30 on the dot. much cooler today. you can already feel it. >> absolutely. thank goodness. >> thank goodness is right. sunday night was tough. really tough. we do have a much bigger fog bank. more of a westerly breeze. still some clouds wrapping in toward the east bay. i will show you that in a
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second. i think about late morning and early afternoon it will be far enough east. but there could be a few little showers out toward stockton maybe and medesto. matt han ran up near the skyline, cooler weather and earthquakes. things are back to normal. well we will take the former over the latter. we do have low clouds and fog. see right there. around the altamont pass. 50s and 60s. not those 70s. my goodness. temperatures have come way down and double digits for some. as much as 10-11 degrees for many. you combine that with more of a westerly breeze or wind and it's a big difference here. system to the north will take this system and move it out. any of that cloud cover, thunderstorm activity gets pushed off toward the east. we have a lot of low clouds and fog. still some thunderstorm activity for the sierra. low clouds, sunny. breezy. fog will be near the coast. most of the day.
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and that means 80s for many that were in the 90s yesterday. 60s and 70s coast and bay. all right sal what do you have for us here? >> bart is back to normal. we are doing okay. all the tracks were inspected. things are back to normal. trains are moving as scheduled. let's go out and take a look at what we have with the commute on the golden gate bridge. it looks good. traffic is moving well from san rafael all the way down to the toll plaza. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a backup here. we're also looking at a commute in the livermore valley. it's a little bit slow. nothing like it was yesterday. 680 looks good from san ramon to fremont. at 5:32 let's go back to the desk. >> we continue to follow that developing news. we are talking about the earthquake that shook the bay area early this morning.
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ktvu fox 2 reporter janine de la vega is in fremont which is very close to the magnitude four quakes epicenter. janine. >> reporter: every person we stopped to talk to said they felt this earthquake, it woke them up. it didn't have enough force to actually cause any serious worry but still didn't stop people from calling police and asking about it. fremont police reported they got a lot of nervous phone calls but there are no reports of damage. chp posted a picture of the patrol cars checking on the freeways which were not impacted. this shake map shows thousands of people reported feeling it. the strongest tremors in the east and the south bay. the quake originated from the hayward fault which runs from san pablo bay in the north to fremont in the south.
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>> rude awakening. very, very big jolt. usually you feel certain wave and then the jolt. i knew immediately it was right under us. >> i thought it was my fan. so i didn't even realize it was an earthquake at first. >> a lot of rattling? >> honestly i was asleep. so maybe a little. it did wake me up. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about this on our facebook page. reported feeling it in san francisco all the way to san jose. a lot of people talking about how it felt as if someone was pushing them out of bed. some reported things falling off the wall. the convenience store here that with are near says they didn't have anything really fall off their shelves. we will continue to talk to people about what happened inside of their house. pam. >> sounds like everybody is pretty savvy out there.
5:35 am
okay i've felt it back to sleep. >> yeah they are used to it. oakland police busy trying to determine why a car crash into a funeral home late last night killing a teenage driver. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is there at the scene. tell us about what happened. >> reporter: good morning to you. oakland police are out here right now. they have a number of sweets. they believe the sedan that was involved here was speeding south on telegraph when for some reason it lost control, jumped the curb, and then slammed right into the front of fouche's hud sop's funeral -- hudsons funeral home. the teen died at the scene. they identified the man as 17- year-old desean labon.
5:36 am
chp officers were the first to respond after this accident. witnesses tell ktvu that there were passengers in that car. as many as four people possibly. who were seen running off after the crash. oakland police are working to track down all of those people that were in the car. we talked to a witness of this crash who said he tried to help the driver. >> i immediately got sick and i couldn't do anything but you know walk towards it and see if anybody needed help. once i got to the car i just realized that that person was probably dead. >> reporter: relatives tell ktvu the victim in this crash was set to be a senior in oakland coming up this fall. the oakland police department called out their major accident investigation team to gather evidence here at scene. they are doing just that. they've been doing thatceps thins accident just before 10:00 last night. we should probably point out to
5:37 am
anybody traveling in this area that telegraph avenue remains shut down because of this crash investigation. we're also following developing news from oakland where a house fire is being investigated. it started early this morning at a home on montclaire avenue. six people were home at the time. everybody was able to make it out safely but one person said she and her boyfriend woke up to quite a scary sight. >> he's like what is that? he got up and opened the door and then there was all of a sudden flames and smoke coming into the door. >> firefighters say the fire started on the first floor. they were able to prevent it from spreading to other homes. our time is 5:37. construction worker recovering from injuries after the roof of
5:38 am
garage he was working on collapsed. this happened around 11:15 yesterday morning on a home on west fourth street. firefighters used air bags and wooden blocks to lift and support that roof so they could get him free. it took less han 30 minutes to get him to safety. police in san mateo hope newly released surveillance photos will help identify robbery suspects. they say that each man walked up to customers sitting at different tables and stole their laptops. you see the pictures. if you have any information call san mateo police. investigators in tracy trying to figure out what caused an armored truck to explode in the parking lot of a busy shopping mall. this happened within feet of a home depot store yesterday afternoon. by the time firefighters got
5:39 am
here the truck was completely engulfed in flames. when the fbi was investigating the case. now they say the owner of a taxi school would collect $100 bribes from driver applicants and turn the money over. he faces five years in state prison when he is sentenced in september. investigators still trying to figure out a motive for last thursday's mass shooting of military personnel in tennessee. the 24-year-old shooter accused of opening fire at the two
5:40 am
military centers killing five service members before he was fatally shot by police and a federal official told an associated press that writings were found in his home that could shed light on a possible motive. his relatives say he was treated for depression when he was just 12 or 13 years old. the military has directed recruiting centers nationwide to step up security in the wake of the shooting. a spokesman for the california national guard says a security review of recruitment centers in the state is already under way. east bay congressman says a plan needs to be put in place to address threats to facilities. >> i think we need to look at bullet proof windows for recruiting centers. perhaps having a security presence there. but i think we also have to be smart about it. we are not north korea. we don't have our military in the streets carrying arms. >> while the issue of arming
5:41 am
military personnel is being pushed by some members of congress. the governors of at least six states have ordered national forward members at recruiting facilities to carry guns. some oakland restaurant owners are furious because their composting bills have more than doubled. that is after the city of oakland switched trash collection services to waste management. one owner says his compost bill went from $500 to $1500. he says it's such a spike he will stop composting and put everything into the regular gang. >> they are higher than trash rates. it impose completely against the intention of the original contract. >> certainly we knew rates would go up some. what we heard today is people being charged beyond even what was approved. >> waste management says it's willing to negotiate. they have offered to reduce the compost rates. however the city council is
5:42 am
asking the city administrator to do some more research. right now it's 5:41. fremont police shot a man they say was armed with a knife. coming up at 6:00, the dispute involving roommates that brought officers to that man's home. >> also up next drivers abandon their cars on a freeway during a big fire only to be hit with high towing fees. what those towing companies now say they will do after the chp stepped in. >> good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute and right now on the sunol grade it looks good on the fremont approach. you can see 680 on the right there. southbound is moving very well. >> low clouds are back. still a few high clouds but they are moving off to the east. 50s and 60s on your temps. not the 70s we had at this time yesterday.
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 5:44. engineers in southern california say that bridge that washed out by severe flooding over the weekend could be back but it was just within limited use within a few weeks. that bridge is located on interstate 10 in the california desert just about 50 miles from the arizona state line. now it is a main road between the two states and traffic is now being detoured. sudden flooding eroded the ground underneath the the bridge causing it to collapse. two people inside the truck were trapped. the passenger was able to get out but the driver had to be rescued. forecasters say the storms brought more rain than the entire month of january. on saturday the rain broke records in at least 11 locations. >> i heard water gushing and i
5:46 am
came out and looked and that went over just knocked that whole fence down and all of this water was gushing in. >> people in le mesa trailer park says water carried away their belongings. some southern california towing companies say they will reimburse drivers that had -- drivers on interstate 15 in the da hone pass had no choice. they had to run away from their cars from this. the chp received several complaints from those drivers about high towing fees. the chp can't ask a towing company to tow cars for free but they do put a cap on the rates they charge. 20 vehicles were destroyed in this. ten more were damaged. two state lawmakers want new restrictions to keep drones away from wild fires. if a drone is spotted, fire officials say fire fighting aircraft have to be grounded which will put lives and
5:47 am
property at risk. cal fire ran into is that problem last week with that big fire. officials say five hobby drones were in the air space which delayed the fire fight. the bill is being considered would allow emergency personnel to destroy a drone, increase fines, it could also mean jail time for drone users. bay area firefighters got a bit of a break from mother nature while they were battling a couple of grass fires in alameda county. fire crews responded to reports of two fires about a mile apart along interstate 680 around 10:00 yesterday morning. the flames were threatening homes and some people were evacuated. almost 100 firefighters helped get the flames under control in about an hour. the battalion chief says the high humidity helped slow the flame. he says the fire may have been started by a vehicle that was traveling down 680. >> cigarette or any spark. a chain dragging or a break
5:48 am
issue or something. it's being investigated right now. >> about 40 acres burned. the firefighters say this is a wakeup call. a reminder to keep some defensible space around your home. it is now 5:47. so we want to check in with sal. a lot of people start heading out the door about now. or thinking about it. how does it look? >> now why would they want to leave us? >> i don't think they want to. [ laughter ] they are like me they want to sit in bed with their coffee and still watch. >> if they're like me they would still be asleep. >> yeah that too. good morning everybody. you know what, pam is absolutely right. you have to get going out the door. i know that is the way it is. let's go to the east bay and start there. traffic will be okay here if you are driving on interstate 880. it is not really that bad. the traffic continues to be okay here in oakland both directions. we can also look at the toll plaza from our emeryville camera. it is backed up. this is a 15-20 minute delay if
5:49 am
you are paying cash. no problems get into san francisco. we've been looking closely at yesterday's area of doom. 680 and 580 today. it's actually very nice. you can see i'm drawing this line all the way down to fremont here. it's a nice looking drive. 580 is a little slow on the altamont pass but after that it looks good. and the east bay commute is just moderate which is what we will find. and today the weather is even a little better than it was yesterday. >> it was tough the last couple of days. we had the tropical clouds. we had some in june. we had the monsoon clouds earlier this morning. it's not like they haven't been here before. they came back in a big way. it was hot and humid and now the low clouds return. there is still high clouds around. the low gets kicked out of the way. katrina says thank you steve for giving dolores the boot.
5:50 am
and the humidity. she's been making it impossible to sleep. i would agree with that. got to love those western winds. so yeah. they are back. still some clouds sneak back from the valley here. 50s and 60s. not the 70s we had yesterday. huge difference compared to 24 hours ago. anywhere from about 5-10, almost 15 degrees cooler. west at oakland. west, southwest concord. west, southwest fairfield. had gusts to 33 last hour. west at napa. there is west at sfo and livermore. this is the remanes of dolores. area of low pressure but it is moving because that system to the north is coming in and it bumps it along. it's also going to develop a pretty cool little trough is what we call over us as we go into the next couple of days. thunderstorms did erupt over mendocino county and lake county. they have collapsed and i don't
5:51 am
think that will happen today. there is just not the die mammallics -- dynamics in place. 45 up in truckee. another round of thunderstorms for the sierra. south lake tahoe 53. blue canyon 63. but the afternoon thunderstorms kaboom there they go again. it favors areas on the east side. it will be close for another round of thunderstorms. and for us the fog and low clouds firmly entrenched here. it looks like it will take most of this activity well off to the east. but still a few high clouds. fog will be near the coast and it will be cooler for most as well. 80 ann 90s. 60s back to the waters edge or 70s. temperatures getting back to near normal or slightly above. the cooler pattern continues wednesday and thursday. >> that was a little hot. i bought a ceiling fan for the
5:52 am
broom but it's still sitting in a box. so it's not helping. >> not yet. it's not doing much. >> no, it isn't. last weekend's angels game in anaheim was postponed because of all the heavy rain. coming up in 25 minutes the extreme measures they took to make sure that field was ready for a double header the next day. >> but first a household name is now available in your car. a look at the north by's newest restaurant that has vegetarians driving miles to order their next meal.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. this story is for pam cook. there is a new fast food restaurant in the north bay gets a lot of attention because of its vegetarian menu. it's called amy's. it's a spin off of the popular amy's kitchen food brand of organic frozen meals. this new restaurant offers similar meals on its menu including vegetarian burritos and burgers and dairy free milk shakes. >> it was so much better for you. so much out there and it tastes much better. i love it. >> amy says their prices are comparable to other fast food restaurants. the company plans to expand to other bay area locations. dunkin doughnuts is expanding here in the bay area. the massachusetts company announced plans for several new
5:56 am
california stores including nine in the bay area. 17 in the fresno area. that is in addition to ten stores already operating. one of california's largest wine makers is expanding again. they have made a deal with treasury wine estates of australia. treasury all lease back land at the vineyard that has traditionally grown fruit for its luxury wines. gallow not saying how much it's paying but experts say it could be worth $25 million. the grape harvest actually begins tomorrow. mum napa will be the first to tech and process process for
5:57 am
grapes. they say this years crop has quote great quality potential. i went wine tasting on saturday and talked to them about the detroit drought and the effects. they actually say stress on the vines is good. >> it helps. >> maybe they will have fewer frames but more ever concentrated. but the ground was shaking in the bay area. we had a 4.0 quake followed by several after shocks in fremont. what people are telling us about a rude awakening at 2:41 this morning. >> and this is san francisco's ugliest yard. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that seems pretty good. bart just reported a new delay. it has to do with that earth look we spoke of.
5:58 am
>> for it will be cooler today. we'll show you how much.
5:59 am
earthquake jolted the bay area early this morning. we are live in fremont. we'll tell you how strong it
6:00 am
was and how many after shocks have happened since. >> sanctuary city policies take center stage on capitol hill. in just an hour from now, the parents of the woman shot and killed on a san francisco pier will push the senator for change. thank you for waking up with us it's tuesday morning july 21st i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we had the earthquake but it's mild. >> still a few clouds hanging on. a little to the east bay. beautiful sunrise. joe johnson is so special. still a few high clouds and there is a big fog bank out there. the westerly win has kicked in


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