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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 25, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a driver trying to escape but this dude jumped on the car and held on. >> see how it all started over a debt. >> did he get the money? she's stuck in knee-deep water with a nice purse. the woman who doesn't want to just walk out of there. >> what are you telling me? [ laughter ] >> surprise! a couple makes baby news in a big way. what sent friends and family over the edge. [ screaming ] and a prankster pretends he hit a car in a store parking lot. >> i didn't leave a note.
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i don't have any moan so -- you see the moment that the guy who owns the car clues in. >> see the awkward confrontation in the canned fruit aisle. >> i didn't hit -- it's your car? [ laughter ] a couple videos of people making really bad decisions. this first one from singapore. check out what's going on on the front of this champagne-colored car. we're now going to guess the story behind this. the driver was in the car with his wife and child when a fellow on the hood of the car approached him, saying hey, sir, you owe me money it's about time you pay me back. instead of paying the guy back or having a discussion about it drove off. who was owed money jumped on the car and held on. >> did he get the money? >> no word on whether he got the money. this was back in october, however, the driver of this
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shame pain-colored dar pled guilty and paying a fine of about $1500 u.s. dollars. and he can't drive for nine months but did avoid about six months in jail. another bad decision caught on camera. this guy in london. he's driving along, a not very busy road. things seem to be going okay. this car turns out into the road right in front of this guy on the motorcycle. >> heads up. >> he's paying attention. >> the guy in the car does not seem to be paying attention, but he's going to start, in all the wrong ways. >> 9 motorcyclist that just got caught up goes around him. you first hear the car honk. that evidently does not sit well with our car driver. now the car has pulled up alongside our motorcycle rider. >> what's the problem? >> he starts yell at the
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motorcycle rider and then cuts him off with the car, stops and gets out. he starts physically attacking this motorcycle rider. luckily we see in the video, he does grab his camera, and is able to get up. well the good things is that license plate was in clear view. if he turns that over to police they shouldn't have a hard time if tracking that idiot down. >> this video comes to us from south africa. we can see the light aircraft coming into land with a very experienced pilot. not long after he took out. he realized there was a problem with the landing gear. there was still a problem. he try toss release it with the lever inside of it. a hard impact touchdown to try to bang the front wheel out. what we're about to see is a crash landing. what we're about to see, guys is perfection from this pilot.
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they are missing the note wheel. both his wheels down cuts the engine and keeps the nose off almost the entire length of the roadway. that is how it's done ladies and gentlemen. >> i want to hear from this guy. how did he keep his cool? >> i love it. i have another awesome video. for my birthday buy me this. this comes from mike murray he hang out with guysy the yankee air museum. it's a flying porsche, one of my favorite planes ever. >> >> i just want the experience. >> you are on the wrong network, we don't have that kind of money. >> beautiful, really great footage. >> that's actually scary.
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>> these guys have taken the old aircraft around the country and let people ride them and get the experience and understand the history behind the aircraft. pliz, please, can i do this this ? this woman's day just sank right to the bottom of this canal, quite literally. >> this is a high maintenance rescue. the guy that's rescuing her is standing knee-deep in the water. >> so he is throwing a rope over to it. it looks like a lifesaver right beside them that they're not necessarily using. she grabs onto the rope grabs what looks like her tablet a purse. >> this is a high maintenance rescue. >> and she's being rescued out of her mercedes benz. >> how did she get in the canal? >> this is the best part.
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she doesn'tly got herself there. it was not an accident not that it was rain not swerving to avoid an animal. it was her doing that to herself. >> she was probably texting on her tablet. >> forget which one was the bra ec? >> yeah definitely a bad day. >> she finally manages to hop over her car and gets on the ladder. that gentleman helps her. watch her car as it finishes sinking doub. >> that's a lot deeper than i thought. a few videos of people just fed up. >> a couple guys sitting at the bar, the hostess standing right there. waiting for the next customer to walk in. it looks like the guys at the bar get her attention. she walks on over with another menu. the guy gets a little frisky for this girl's taste, trying to touch her. >> whoa.
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>> she pushes him back. he grabs her rear and she decks him twice. >> yes! >> she cleaned his clock. >> knocks the guy off his feet for his rude behavior and he's down. look at these other guys trying toigts him up and out of there. >> you never now how powerful a woman is. down to mel bounce australia, this guy very upset. [ bleep ]. >> quite upset with the media that's gathered outside the courtroom. his brother just sentenced to five years in prison for running over a man while speeding through a swimmers only area on his jet ski. the man that was killed, 51 years old, the no wake zone the story goes that this man's brother came speeding through on a jet ski and hit and killed
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♪ ♪ oh, you know just another day at the aerial office for the b.a.s.e. jumpers. these guys in france of course you know how pilots love proximity flying they get very close to some of these rock formations some of these mountains, flying low and close to the snow in this case. >> that's like somebody with a helmet on.
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>> man, too close for comfort. >> too close for comfort for sure. watch this angle right here. there's a lady at the bottom on the snow as the pilots are coming she decides it's a good time to flash them and distract them a little bit. >> whoa! >> she ends up having to dust because they were too close. >> that is taking -- >> isn't that amazing? >> eventually they game some altitude they pull their chutes and land safely. >> the folks at cot mo policy they're celebrating that "magic mike xl" will hit theaters soon. and they are celebrating i think in brilliant style. average guys re-enacting magic mike. >> that's priceless. >> it's awesome. we need to celebrate average
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guy, the guy with the hairy chest, maybe he doesn't have man muscles. maybe he's just kind of thin. >> they're re-creating the posters. magic mike. >> isn't it so good? >> he actually had moved. >> yeah he's relatively fit, too. >> he has a little fore-pack going on. >> i wouldn't cost average here. >> no not at all. >> chang tatum moment just pointing at the floor. >> the floor? >> i like how the guy imat a time him. >> this guy is my favorite the hairy chest, and a little happy trail down here. i really like this guy. >> i love house his hairy chest shows up in black and white. it's good. >> no matter your body doesn't matter. get out there in front of the cameras, and rock it like these guys did. >> i think they should have gone for -- >> i agree, they could have
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gotten even more averages. >> i want to introduce you to michael and mandy. they are huge "right this minute" fans, and i love it. they are expecting, so they decided, you know what? we've got to do a good reveal to our family and friends. they did it differently for everybody. so we're going to starred with grandpa. he said you know dad? lately i've been hearing this funny noise in the attic. what it was was a recording of a heartbeat. >> yeah. >> hmm. >> i think we figured it out, though? >> oh? >> dad, that's you as a grandpa. >> oh? oh! all right! [ laughter ] >> and they have some cards they made up to share the info. >> that's me in the toilet. >> you in the toilet. >> and that's mike. [ laughter ] >> but it gets better.
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[ squealing ] >> my god. that's mike throwing up in the toilet right now. >> they are having twins. they did it different for everybody. here mand,is showing her son ogram to frienab two babies. >> what? [ squealing ] >> mom and grandma got quite the surprise because they gave mom her card. [ laughter ] >> you know this is for grandma. >> oh, really? >> this is grandma. oh! [ laughter ] >> oh, really? wow. >> here another reveal. >> surprise. >> amy? >> yes. >> it's so wonderful. i wish them all the best happiness and lots of sleep now,
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>> that's pretty cool. obviously real. >> real, real. >> yeah. >> we call that -- that was very impressive. this bad is named broccoli samurai. this is like a trick i need to learn. ♪ >> oh! >> oh, wow. >> oh, i love him. >> you can't get lots of lady. >> look at that. with a stretch. what a cool talent. >> real, real. >> last video. >> is it working. if you don't have a booty, is it
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twerking? >> i'm going to go with fake on this. >> you know fake -- >> fake. >> we're in agreement today, guys. we can do it from time to time. we also love to get along. what can you say? >> thank you, matt. >> bye. see you guys. >> there are people out there saying that -- this young nerdy girls go into a fight gym, and self-bitten off more than she can chew but she does at the same time wants to get involved. she's like hey, guys can you maybe help me out? just maybe? >> c'mon. i don't think you will hurt me. >> i have a feeling we have "million dollar baby" action here. look at the muscles in her legs. there's no way she doesn't work
9:52 am
out a lot. >> that's the giveaway. her thighs are like tree trunks. >> a bit of a breather. she has some water. she is a champion fighter from malaysia. the guy decided he wantedo she comes back swinging. >> this is a good way to prank those dudes that think they're all white -- >> and just -- what's going on? >> what's a great lesson to learn? you never know who you're up against. so smart lesson. >> i love this because it change the whole thing of fight like a girl. >> this is what it means to fight like a girl. >> she's awesome, though.
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>> doing it with some pink shorts. this prankster takes it a bit too far. >> this is the paranoid car damage prank see the reaction of his victims. >> at that point you may want to kill somebody, because it's just so rude. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.t. wewe s smomoososh h itit.. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a a s s''more... yoyou u mamakeke i it t spspececiaial.l. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m minine,e, y youoursrs our chocolate. atat b booook k clclubub they were asking me what you'r'ree dodoining g now, janice. bloggigingng.. yoyourur b blolog g isis just pictures of you in the mirror. itit's's c calalleled d a a fafashshioion n blblog todd. wewellll, , i'i'veve b beeeen n hehelplpining people save money wiwithth p prorogrgresessisiveve's's d disiscounts. flo, can you g getet j jananicicee
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♪ ♪ it's become all too common a thing. your car gets hit in a parking lot, you never know it happened until you get back to the car. the person is way long gone. now pranksters are getting in on it. >> this is the paranoid car damage prank. when they get out car, i'm going to be writing down the details. once inside i'll have a conversation right next to them. >> here's the first victim. >> another accident and that was a red commodore executive. >> you see the moment that the guy who owns the car clues into
9:57 am
what this conversation is about. >> i didn't leave a note. i don't have any moan so i just -- >> he looks like a murderer. >> at that point you may want to kill something. that's just so rude. >> what are you talking about? >> the car registration -- >> i wasn't talking about any car rental strays. >> the prankster is going to let it go right will you so. >> you said you backed into a car. >> i just made all of that up. >> now our prankster starts acting real squirrely. >> i can give you some -- >> all too polite. >> other people not so kind. >> this guy is a motorcycle owner. >> what? >> a scratch? >> i just made that up. it's all good. >> really? how about we go have a look? >> i was waiting for somebody to leave with him. i wouldn't be able to finish my shopping under i check.
9:58 am
>> this better not be trouble -- >> very kind warning. >> and keep following him wherever this guy goes. there's one more victim. this guy doesn't even wait for him to finish the phone call. >> what? >> that's my car. >> what are you talking about? >> this is the only one we get to see the reveal that it's a prank. you see the relief. [ laughter ] >> exactly my feelings. >> i'm sorry i set you up. flot ♪ that's going to do it for us here at "rit this minute." thanks so much for joining us.ti
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bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, get ready to dig in to a full plate of juicy "hot topics." and you'll never believe what tyga did to prove his love to 17-year-old kylie jenner. brian balthazar with the shocking move. plus, we're in the kitchen with tia mowry finding bout her family life and new cooking channel show. now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪


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