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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 27, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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two riders bust out the tricks for -- >> motorcycle madness. >> why the third time is not a charm. a mother and a teach ergo all wwe. >> guess what they're fighting over? >> the reason for all hair pulling, that's mind-boggling. >> yeah if you do that that would be great. >> something stuck near the engine. you're thinking kitchen, but nope see why it's furry with teeth pluses the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini and pretending to lift a heavy box. >> you see what's about to happen? >> the fake move with a real
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injury. motor psych the madness, a couple guys putting on a free-style motorcycle show at a temecula mall. two guys come out of bust out their moves. the third? >> oh! >> ouch. >> and a little deep on the landing ramp, gets out of shape. no big deal. they're used to the kind of passion, no word on any injuries to that guy. moving on to this next video, a couple guys on a desert ride called rip to cabo. cutting corn corners is all part of racing. he caught a corner a little too it close. >> no! [ bleep ] what the [ bleep ] oh!
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[ bleep ] no! oh! >> it's everywhere -- oh! >> those things hurt like a hmm-um. >> oh, my gosh. >> his buddy is down. you can clearly see big hunks of the contact us stuck in his leg and his arm. >> oh. >> holy moly. >> i feel like i got hit by a mac truck. [ bleep ]. >> they have to go in and tack each needle out one by one. each one is probably the most excruciating pain. >> he turned himself into a human pincushion. a tough day on how not to turn a corner. >> oh [ bleep ]. i think cctv assistants for
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caught causing trouble of various varieties. sure there's an extra word there, but caught causing trouble, that woman in the printed seari, was going on there? that's the parent of a student in a private school and she's upset with the teacher. guess what they are fighting over? >> grades? >> no. >> cell phone? >> bingo. >> seriously? >> once again we have a parent upset with the student's phone being confiscated. this parent got violent. she's like i'll take you all on. >> that woman did speak to india's headlines today, and she said yes, i am at fault. she also told them that police are looking into it more cctv badness. police are looking for these jokers they are taking power equipment. as a matter of fact they say they took a large number of pieces of power equipment.
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weed whackers change saws and is it. >> you can see it's new zealand, flip-flops and no shirt, even when they're stealing. >> the only thing to steal. >> maybe they want to start a landscaping business. the a "right this minute" rescue time. we are not goods to rescue anything but we're going to watch these folks do it. it looks like they're on the side of the road. it looks like they have the hood of their car up. what they're about to rescue. can you guess? >> kittens. >> no that was my first thought, too. >> raccoons? >> a giant -- >> no not a snake. snow not a bird. wait until you see what it is. >> here it comes. here it comes. >> awesome. >> it's a possum. she looks angry. mama opossum was stuck in this
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compartment with her six babies. luckily these all survived this trip in this car. the next rescue of course a cat in a tree. >> that's a cougar. >> he's been up there for a while. >> the cat seems to be maneuvering around quite well. we see the cat spin around try to go the other direction, almost a little slip-up. >> he's going to try and jump. >> you think eventually the cat will find its way down. you see the cat turn around and start crawling down the branch and toward a smaller branch but the rescuers have a better idea. they use a blanket. they spread it out, hoping that the cat will see it and think this is the perfect place for me to jump. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh! >> onto the concrete as well. >> and the cap falls right through. didn't realize how heavy that cat was.
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a big congratulations goes out to kashanda moultrie she watches you in greenville, north carolina she's other latest winner. we're giving away another one later in the show. >> you need monday's buzzword 18 years of age, and a legal u.s. citizen. you want to win? keep watching for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. unexpected flooding that then led to this. you can see that under this pavement there's basically nothing left just a river of rushing water. people hanging out, watching this but then watch as the video progresses all of these little cracks that start showing up on what's left of the road. >> yeah. road right in front of those
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people. they start finally backing up. fortunately looks like everybody was okay. >> but they realized they needed to get back to the other side. >> they probably did. also unexpected this parking job by a police officer? right here see this? on a road a very busy road if you notice but apparently according to the poster of this video, that officer decided to park the car right in that lane blocking traffic behind it. >> and with no lights no flashers nothing to indicate that he was stopped there, or go around or anything like that? nobody's going to honk? >> is the officer in the car, hop out and head over to mcdonald's for a big mac? >> funny you should say that beth because it sounds like that's what happened. >> no! he parked and went to mcdonald's? >> well they speculate. the poster of the video
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speculated that maybe that is what -- it's odd to see the car without the lights on. firefighters arrive to find a beautiful home up in flames. >> they've got a lot of work to do and a lot of stuff to try to salvage see the interior attack to contain the blaze. >> and please prepare yourself. >> you're about to see one of the cutest things ever. >> it's just the most -- yes! >> that' the spot. o. you've got it. sneezing... ...and itchy eyes. ththeyey a alslso o brbrining g totougugh h nasal congestion. so you need clclararititinin-d-d.. itit s statartrts s toto w worork.k..... n jujustst 3 30 0 miminunutetes. inin f facact,t, n notothihingng w wororks faster. soso b blolow w awawayay n nasasalal c conongestion, fast, with claritin-d. flflo:o: h heyey, , bibig g guguy.y. i i hehearard d yoyou u lolostst a a close one today. lolookok, , jajamimie,e, mamaybybe e wewe w wererenen't't ththe lowest rate this time. bubut t whwhenen y youou s shohow w pepeopoplele their progressive direct rate anand d ouour r cocompmpetetititorors's' r ratates yoyou u cacan'n't t wiwin n ththemem a allll.. ththe e imimpoportrtanant t papartrt i is,s, you helped them save.
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huge flames breaking through the roof of this enormous house. it's a sad sight to see, because the home is gorgeous firefights just take four-alarm fire. they've got a lot of work to do and a lot of stuff to try to salvage. you can see the upper floors of this home already completely engulfed in fire. it's up to the job of the guys to try to salvage this beautiful home. >> fire department is anyone in here in. >> probably priceless ar on the walls. pristine inside. >> you can see embers and starks raining down to the lower floors. they guys have to work quickly to make sure this fire doesn't spread to the entire house. >> dao we know how the fire started? >> no but we have a clear video of how they put this fire out.
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all electricity still on. yet a lot of water damage. now the interior tame with nair -- just shooting up into the upper floors trying to cool this whole scenario down. >> can you imagine what the homeowner feels lie? >> watching everything that you identify so much with where you live watching that go up in flames. it must be horrible. >> this is what you are hoping and waiting to hear. >> fire's out. >> real good work. they put this video out to show the public and other firefighters what they go through to fight fires like this. sadly, though fire getting ahold too quickly for the fighter department in jersey
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pennsylvania. >> oh, my god [ bleep ] get back get back. >> man, this is a very, very closely built named. >> they do their best to quickly get water on the fire by using the hose mounted to the truck. as soon as they fire up that water cannon they are earp to knock down the bulk of the fire. >> unbelievable. >> that enables the rest of the crew to start working with the hose line to get inside to try to salvage this. >> oh, my god. he lost everything. ladies please prepared yourselves. i thought immediately of you. don't worry, it's amazing. >> like we should hold hands? >> just the most -- >> o.h!
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>> i love you forever. it's the most aendorse things. >> is that a kitten? >> i don't know what it is. it might be gizmo, a kitten i have no idea. >> it looks like an ewok. >> it is tiniest, and wait donnell stop it just keeps going. that things is perfectly precious and sweet and cute and you want to hold it. >> the most adorable thing i think i have ever seen. >> also very, very cute. this one is a pug. >> just -- this pulling is being blown away by the wizardry of this tablet. watched. oh almost like he's watching
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tennis a bit. the omega tower, once australia's tallest mandmade structure. this thing took at 1410 feet and some change so why isn't it the taller anymore? >> yeah you can see all those wires attached to it but they use explosived to down that thing. it came down like a perfectly crafted democrat. >> it used to be used for submarine navigation so it belongs to the department of defense, but recently somebody decided to base jump off of t i'll bet you there's a bunch of base jumpers around the world looking at it. >> a base jumper did jump off this and he perished. the department of defense said we're doing this as a proactive happens, it's going to cost them money when that happens to people so they decided to tear it down. now they're going to clean up the land and sell it.
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what to take to pull off a wing suit video? >> you really get an indicator of how much effort you put in. >> i have one word helicopter next "right this minute." and still to come bringing some major horsepower to the center of vienna. >> if you do nothing else but burn some rubber for the krob. >> definitely a sight to see. >> this is pageantry. >> plus a chat to win an ipad mini f. the buzzword is coming up.
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do nothing else but burn some rubber there. it looks like a beautiful nascar almost. >> the europeans love their f1. >> that's danny ricardo, but that's the car from the 2012 championship. you can't go to vienna and have culture, or go and have all the that culture and smell burning rubber. >> they're having a good time. there's screaming engines, everything you could ever want. rusty loves grannie. >> say "i love granny." >> i love granny
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i know you love granny. is that your granny? go see her. is that your granny? no that's not granny right now, is it? you love granny? say "i love granny." >> this might have been video is awesome for all the ladies. all the lazy boyfriends. you can imagine what it's all about about. ♪ lazy boyfriends ♪ >> it is the -- but it -- >> i can tell you what it's not b. ollie and i. >> yeah hoo-rah. >> yeah girl friends pointing out all their boyfriends shortcomings. >> never made reservations. >> he clips his toenails. >> that's disgusting.
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>> i kind of like this because it's taking a dog-shaming trend and turning it through the humans. >> the little boy and little girl. he likes to wear velcro shoes. the older couple still wears -- >> they're convenient. >> i'm on board with the steven seg al seggal. >> hopefully these are ideosin crazies that the women love. >> exactly. it's time for us to give away another ipad minner. >> all you need is the buzzword be 18 years of age and be a u.s. legal resident. entered buzz entered monday's buzzword is -- ultimate. >> get over to, and entered
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monday's bud . d later this week it's bonus giveaway day. >> two winners, one gets an ipad mini and the other a flat-screen tv. good luck everybody a scaffolder takes break to nail a stunt. >> he goes in the jump about to hit the end of that board see why this stunt nails him instead. >> oh!
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you can see the lines from the molds. >> that's so cool. she's losing it. [ crying ] i can't stop! [ crying ] i have a couple videos just for you guys and the other boys out there who love to watch boys having fun. these guys in scotland these are scaffolders, it's what they do when they're not doing their job. >> yeah you see what's about to happen, right? >> it's a hard hat. genius. >> come with me. i believe in you. >> yeah you've got this. >> yes.
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>> oh! >> well we always knew there was a 50/50 chance of that one happening. [ laughter ] >> now, this next video you will find quite painful, yet quite hilarious, unfortunately. this fella is working on a motion capture project, and he's moving an imaginary box. [ screaming ] >> exactly. this guy blew out his knee moving an imaginary box. >> i mean it's an imaginary box. >> that's embarrassing. >> that's ridiculous. >> isn't that hard to watch this guy reportedly tore a ligament in his leg? >> lift ago pretend box. that's going to do it for us
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here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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were really concerned. > seep>> see why they had good reason to be.p going to go going to go for a walk. >>r >> a>> a dogp >> a dog owner>> a dog owner is going path to farm. p >> and watch the>> and watch the cow >> and watch the cow, it's coming for them. >>r p >> see the enforcer intense r >> i'm really scared p the the downstairs neighbor is at it again. p >> picking some>> picking some bamboo, and just bangingbanging on the ceiling. >>p >> what>> what happens >> what happens when she's finallyfinally confronted. >>r >> plus


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