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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 24, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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it's the viral video of a man counting down. >> what was he counting down to? >> the bizarre act that landed him in police custody. >> oh! >> you could have easily broken a leg. >> looks like monkey wants some company. but, no. >> i just want you to rub my tail. >> the story behind one unique arrangement. you wanted to hang with these guys you had to climb hard. >> she's featured in an amazing documentary about the culture of climbing. >> the story of lynn hill. >> now she talks about making the first free ascent on the nose of el capitan. what did the guys say when you
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complete this had climb? >> i don't know. they wouldn't tell me to my face. plus get the buzz on your shot at a new ipad mini. see these brothers who are celebrating and one who is definitely not. just plain uncalled for moment caught on camera. first in barcelona. check out this well-dressed man. he looked as if he's counting down to the camera with his fingers. watch what he's counting down to. >> what a jerk! >> this poor woman doesn't know this man, had no idea what was coming. he just runs in, takes his leg, just sweeps her leg. watch her ankle. >> oh, jeez! >> did he break her leg? it looked like he could have easily broken her leg. >> he did injure her. this is a 48-year-old woman. did he sprain her ankle. this video was posted online quickly went viral.
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the woman, as you can imagine, pressed charges. police for a while, were looking for this guy. but, of course, people started coming forward saying i know who this guy is. fast forward, he he actually turned himself in. >> well good. >> just some really really bad choices. and choices that he will now have to pay for. this next video, i don't have words for this. >> and everybody over here know it and then you want to come up here and try to destroy my home. >> he's walking up to this house, handing a baseball bat to his mom. he's sitting there, smiling, shooting this selfie video. now you see this woman behind him. that reportedly is his girlfriend. >> you want to destroy my house? [ bleep ]. >> what's even more disturbing verbal and physical argument takes place, the guy in the blue hoodie is smiling and laughing. [ bleep ] >> you know what these two
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ladies should do? stop fighting with each other, take the bat and the phone and start beating up him because he doesn't deserve either one of them. [ screaming ] spring is here. things are thawing out. especially rivers. look at the ice breaking up in this river in quebec. as can you see, the ice is breaking up. it looks like a big old nasty slushy. it looks even nastier here. imagine if you were caught in this. >> wow! >> slowly going over this damn. it speeds up. it's breaking up. you can just see the water boiling and toiling. you doesn't want to be anywhere near that especially if you are these people behind that gated fence. >> that's freaking awesome. >> you could sit there and watch it for a long time. let's jump over to perth and new brunswick. it looks like there is -->> submarine. >> submarine under the water.
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look at that. it is just churning up. this is the st. john river. this river was so swollen and the ice breaking up so much that 300 people had to be evacuate friday it. >> no way! >> check out this video. >> it's actually beautiful. if you didn't see that bridge and have proper perspective, you would think you're looking at a bunch of migrating glaciers in alaska. >> look at the power. that's amazing. >> the earth is magnificent. you know i've always wondered why when you're driving on the road and you come to a tunnel there's a sign that says don't overtake. now i understand. from a tunnel in a province in eastern china. that four-wheel drive decided he wanted to overtake this truck. lost control. in front of the truck, take it is with him. before finally finishing off leaning to the side.
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>> the problem wasn't really overtaking but the problem was the driver not knowing what he's doing. >> almost like he panicked. >> no injuries were actually reported. the aftermath right here quite lucky escape for everybody involved. speaking of aftermath i have a second video, aftermath of absent accident which may be the most australian video i've ever seen in my entire life. >> hey, mate. >> hey, mait! [ bleep ] [ bleep ] that way and you'll end up -- >> i know! >> still trying to figure out what happened. i was facing that way but now i'm facing this way. >> we understand every word and it's just funny. speaking about a car accident is funny. >> sounds so happy.
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he sounds happy. >> well it could be worse. the australian approach. hey, everybody, it's just about time for to us give away another ipad mini. you have to be at least 18 years of age, legal u.s. resident and, oh yes, the friday buzz word. friday's buzz word is coming up in a bit. stay tuned for the ipad mini give away. last year vizio got a lot of attention. a lot of people not happy with what the person in the video was doing to this infant in a pot. do you remember this? >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> there's a new very similar video out there. it's of course getting people talking. this time it's a baby in a pot covered in chocolate. >> oh, that's as cute as heck. >> at first glance you can't say oh that's kind of cute chocolate, not harmful. baby in a pot. a lot of comments under the
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video are very negative. most people very upset at what these people have done to the child. some people not upset about it thinking -- well you know no big deal. but a lot more people upset than finding it funny. the child is very young. i don't know if she's old enough that she should be having this. >> this is the happiest looking baby i've ever seen. >> i would love to be that baby. who wouldn't want to be in a vat of chocolate? >> the worst part about it they have to clean the chocolate off the baby. a dude offends a monkey. watch what the monkey does back. see how monkey shows man he ain't having that. >> oh! and -- ♪ >> -- an adorable history lesson gets songified.
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>> here at "right this minute," we love the full gambit of videos we get to enjoy. valley uprising yosemite valley in california it covers 50 years of history with regards to climbing. it's an amazing documentary. it covers all kinds of fascinating stories. >> base jump something illegal in yosemite. >> he has taken free soloing to a new level. >> death defying. >> pulling bails of soap out of the water. >> the story of lynn hill. >> you just have to go for it. it was definitely a macho
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culture. >> whoa! >> oh! >> lynn hill takes the world cup. >> it wasn't even a question of keeping up with the guys. it was going past them. >> i wanted to be the first person to make an all free ascent on the nose of el capitan. >> lynn thought she would be the first person to make a free ascent on the nose of el capitan. this is a big deal. >> all the climbers kept going after it. they wanted it. >> here is lynn. she crushes it. >> oh, my god! >> el cap can be free climbed. >> amazing. >> it would be amazing if you just spend a moment talking with someone like lynn hill. >> yes, it would. >> coincidentally we have her right now via skype. lynn welcome to the show. can you just tell us a little bit about this particular ascent and how important it was for you? >> it just required a lot of patience and confidence.
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i was surrounded by all these macho guys and i was proving that girls could do it too. >> what did the macho guys say when you completed this climb? >> you wanted to hang with these guys you had to climb hard. i don't know, because they wouldn't tell me to my face. i think it's changing now. in the sport you see a lot of young kids that are amazing, and especially young girls and older girls. i mean a lot more women are climbing now because they realize it's such an amazing sport. >> in your climbing career do you think this was the biggest feat or was there something else you consider your greatest accomplishment? >> this was my greatest just because of the fact that yosemite is a magical place, kind of unprecedented for a woman to do something before the men and, of course takes a decade for somebody to do it. >> ground breaking earth shattering and it was a woman. >> we could talk to you all day. thank you so much for joining us on the show. we look forward to seeing this
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whole film. >> thank you. >> catch the incredible documentary in full it's all part of discovery's elevation weekend on discovery channel saturday april 25th, 8:00 7:00 central. a tale of two monkeys. we'll start with the worst of monkeys. >> monkeys? >> yes. watch this guy. this guy on the street. he sees something and out it pops. little movengy. watch what the guy does and watch what the monkey does back. >> oh! >> did you see that? he flipped that monkey off. did you see what that monkey did? technical knockout i would say. >> i didn't know monkeys knew that was an offensive thing. >> you can't fake that y'all. >> this monkey did not like this dude from the beginning. >> he flipped him off! >> he's like you flip me the bird, i've got you. >> the worst of times with monkeys to the best of times. i want you to meet chica, that monkey right there. she puts her tail through so goska can rub it.
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this woman is known to this monkey. she has had lots of experience with his animals. she was volunteering at this center. this monkey knows her, used to get in the kanlcage with her, play with her. but chica is like i just want you to rub my tail. its ability to put its tail through that hole is amazing. then chica says you're not going to get all the love. chica loves a rub on the back. so if you ever volunteer down there, you know to rub chica on the back and rub chica's tail. >> yes, please. i volunteer. why a new music video has us all riled up. >> men, we are what we are. accept it. >> next "right this minute." still to come guys hit the jersey shore to do some surfing. >> look at these waves. >> see why you don't need warm weather to catch some major waves. plus, we'll reveal friday's
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toto f falall l asasleleepep f fasast.t. ununisisomom.. a a ststreressssfuful l dadayy deservrveses a a r resestftfulul n nigightht. oh, yeah. starting to warm up a little bit. the surf is coming up. it's beat time. it's surf time. gold coast california maverick. how about the north shore in hawaii? let's not forget about the jersey shore. guys out there, sending this video to "right this minute." youtube channel. they're fans of "right this minute." surfing the jersey shore. look at these waves. it's awesome out there. it's just fun to watch. you don't think jersey has great waves but they do as proved in this video. >> kicking it. really well. >> at the same time you wouldn't have to wear any sunscreen. pretty cold. >> it does look a little chilly.
9:20 am
this is obviously early in the season. not quite beach weather. guys look like they have heavy suits object to try to keep them warm. atlantic looking a little angry on this day, giving them a great ride. [ bleep ] >> i'm so glad they post this had video. east coast not necessarily known for their huge waves. the east coast does have a lot of great surfing. >> it's true. i'm a jersey boy. grew up there. spent a lot of time at the jersey shore. great to see these guys showing us some love. >> martin luther king jr. day today. can you tell me what you learned? >> yes. >> "right this minute" superstar hannah ban anana. that's what we like to call her. the gorgeous daughter of one of our awesome producers, joanne. our little hannah banana got songified by danielle bryant.
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♪ changed stuff around the world and made white people and black people go to school go to school ♪ ♪ wheneverrever they want to they can go to school wherever they want they can go together ♪ >> it sounds beautiful! >> it was wonderful. ♪ >> daniel post this had and said to show my appreciation to joanne sending me "right this minute" videos for remix songified. ♪ just doing their thing
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it's not an easy thing to do ♪ >> really good back and forth move. what were we doing? >> we practiced. >> are you one of those idiots ollie pettigrew? >> yes. ♪ success there we go we did it ♪ ♪ ♪ just dropped a couch on a little boy's head everybody is very very happy ♪ >> you sound less british when you're songified. all right, everybody. it is time for us to give away another ipad mini. you need to be at least 18 years of age, a legal u.s. resident
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depends on your skill and practice. >> thanks hard core science. sprinkler fight. ♪ >> here is the deal.
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you will know if it's a boy or a girl when you bite into your cupcake. >> we see grandma and grandpa over via facetime via skype. and three big brothers to be. mom is pregnant. will they be big brothers to a baby sister or baby brother? >> what does the pink mean. >> what does the pink mean? >> what does the pink mean? >> little guy in the middle is like i don't care. let's have cake. >> we couldn't believe it either. >> they also revealed to the other side of the family as well. [ screaming ] >> it's pink inside. everybody screams. everybody's happy. people love it when there's a brand new baby. except for logan here. logan, i don't think, is happy
9:28 am
any longer. >> oh! >> never do that man. never do that. >> like oh -- >> spit it is out of his mouth. >> you want to see the whole thing, go to, click on today's show. that will do it for us here at "right this minute," everybody.
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it's a spectacular close to the winter sport season. >> the base jump snowmobile combination. >> the story behind one legendary leap of faith. >> no way! whoa that's suicidal. go pro on a battering ram and -- and powering down the door. >> the unusual view during one intense raid. the baby duck gets stuck but mom duck is a great mom. how she turned a curb into a teachable moment. plus the buzz word for the new ipad


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