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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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third largest fourth quarter comeback in nba playoff history. >> boy, it never gets old. dub nation responding to the big win for our warriors. coming up, we're speaking to fans about our warriors --
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coming up. >> reporter: we're live in antioch where police say a stranger tried to lure a 15- year-old into his truck. we'll tell you what the school's principal is doing about it. a new development in the story we've been following all week. a south bay teen missing since monday is back home this morning. we're live in antioch this morning, where parents and students are being told to be cautious. a fifth grade boy said a strange man tried to get him into his truck twice yesterday. tara moriarty is there and coming up she will tell us what the school principal is saying about the potential danger. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's friday, april 24th. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic and steve, you see things coming our way? >> tonight and tomorrow we'll get rain. it's windy and chilly. temperatures will be below
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normal. we had a little bit of low clouds, high clouds and drizzle. other than that, it's a lovely morning. you can see the cloud cover on the increase. mostly cloudies later. it won't take long. isolated late rain showers in the sierra. big thunderstorms. some of that turned to snow last night about 10:00 a.m. to 2:00. we're focusing our attention. this is the system that will start to move in. it's not organized yet. it will be up there. that's going to give us rain. it should be gone by 9:00 in the morning on saturday. oakland west 25. fairfield, best 17, novato has gusts to 23. sfo 16, hayward gusts to 21. 15 livermore. it will be a windy day. 40s and 50s on the temps. the system is poised to move in late tonight, tomorrow morning, i think we'll get .10 to main .50 to .75 in some of the wetter locations.
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santa cruz being ones. a lot of 50s, 60s and very few 70s. sal, i haven't heard anything big yet unless something has changed? we haven't had a lot of big issues. we've had slow traffic to be sure. let's start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. it's about a ten-minute in the city. no major problems on the bridges. let's talk about the oakland commute. 880 northbound and southbound looks good. trying to catch a flighted a oakland airport, it's a -- flight at oakland airport, it's a nice drive. and the livermore valley, westbound 580, looks good. it's not usual that we have this. it's lighter than usual, not only on 580 but also 680. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. the warriors, they can sweep the new orleans pelicans out of the playoffs tomorrow night after really an
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incredible comeback win in game 3. >> curry's got it. curry, gets it go. comes up short. and hits the 3! >> that was ridiculous. that three--pointer -- three- pointer sent the game into overtime. overtime ended. the warriors won, 121-119. >> that was only the second away victory for the playoffs for this round. that was a big deal. >> back here at home. fans are going crazy. brian flores is live in pleasant hill talking to some members of dub nation. are they awake after the cheering last night? >> reporter: i'm gonna go out on a limb and stay for the dub nation fans, they are exhausted from the cheering. i was one of them. i didn't get to see the game. but i didn'tly heard about it. we're live in front of a dick's
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sporting goods. they were excited. you see the signs that say 2015 playoffs, go, warriors. i was speaking with a couple of employees, they have a video board inside and had the game on last night as well. they were treated to a special win by this very special team. of course, the big shot was by steph curry, the nail-biting 3 to send it into overtime. still don't know how he did that. a lot of places to watch the game here in oakland, we were at arrow lounge to watch game 3. warriors' dance team showedded up to bring extra exitment to the party -- excitement to the party. one woman we spoke with didn't see the game but was still excited hearing about the game through social media. on social media was it crazy? >> yes. everyone was like oh, my gosh. a lot of capital letters. it was like oh, my gosh. what's happening right now? i had the car radio on the sports channel. i was trying to get home.
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by the time i got home, it was over. >> phenomenal. they do it every time. steph is amazing. his three-pointer was unspeakable. i was choked up on the phone and i was screaming at my daughter and she was cracking up because i was going so crazy. >> reporter: there's a lot of places to watch the games tomorrow. you can watch it at home if you want. if you go out, arrow lounge will play 25% of your tab. it looks like they will be paying more of the tab for the fans. they will be shaying the game -- showing the game. warriors go for the sweep tomorrow. we're always warriors' fans back in the newsroom. this is sid's gear right here, our photographer. he said brian, what time is it? i said i don't know. around 7:30. he said no, it's warriors' time. it's warriors' time. definitely sid excited about
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that. i'm excited. after i'm done, i'm gonna go into dick's sporting goods and buy some warriors' gear. >> way to go, sid. >> okay, brian. thank you. our coverage of the nba playoffs continues for you online. you will find a section of just dedicated to the warriors. just look for the sports tab at the top of the home page. coming up at 7:45, sal will sit down with our warriors' experts. he will bring us up to speed on what the fans are talking about. it's 7:07. we continue to follow breaking news out of east palo alto this morning. firefighters battling a blaze at the old chemical highway made a disturbing discovery just a few hours ago. they were called there for a trailer fire. but after they put it out, they discovered a body in the debris. police have now taken over the investigation. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. but early signs indicate the victim may have been a transient. we have a crew on the way to the scene, we'll bring you more details as we get them into our
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newsroom. antioch students and parents are being urged to be on the lookout this morning after an elementary school student says a stranger tried to lure him into his truck. the incident was reported by a fifth grade.who said he -- fifth grade boy who said he was approached while walking to school. tara moriarty joins us live where the principal there is taking action. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the principal here at bellshaw elementary will be beefing up security. he is also telling parents to remind their kids not to the talk to strangers or get in a car with strangers. this incident happened at 8:40. it happened as he was being dropped off near class. the.describes -- the boy describes the man as driving a
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red two-door truck. this week, monday a student in brentwood said she was approached by a stranger when she was walking home from school. the suspect description is different. a white man, 20 to 30 years old. short, brown hair in a green standard toyota pickup with a receiver ball on the rear bumper blocking part of the license plate. that child also escaped unharmed. we know school has not started but we're hoping parents will be dropping their kids off and we can ask them about this particular case. live from antioch, back to you. >> thank you. a teenager from cupertino missing since monday is now safe at home. police say 17-year-old connor sullivan came home late last night but didn't go into any further details. he was last seen at his first period class at monta vista high school but missed the rest of classes and didn't go to
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track practice. hundred of volunteers went out for searching for him. at this point, there's no word on where he was or what he was doing while he was missing. 7:09. a shocking end to a high school musical. ♪ >> in 20 minutes, the terrifying moment that turned a musical into mayhem. mysterious doctors call for my removal from columbia medical school. >> we'll talk live to dr. oz. we're looking live at the san mateo bridge and the peninsula from skyfox. you can see -- this is -- my bad. this is the dumbarton bridge and-- and the peninsula. traffic is slow on westbound 84, making that turn onto university. a lot of low clouds in place. higher clouds and rain on the
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way. it won't be today. tonight more likely into tomorrow. we'll talk about and what's in store for the rest of the weekend.
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i know i've irritated some potential allies in the quest to make america healthy. freedom of speech is the most fund mental right we have -- fundamental right we have as americans. and these ten doctors are trying to silence that right. >> dr. oz is fighting back after he's being accused for promoting "quack treatments" for financial gain. this was an excerpt from yesterday's show. the doctors are asking columbia school to remove him from the faculty. dr. oz says he never promotes
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treatment for his own financial gain and the goal is to provide the best, most current information, multiple points of view and diverse information. dr. oz joins us now this morning. good morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning, tori. >> why do you think these ten doctors sent this letter to columbia university? >> it's sort of interesting if you look at the broad allegations. there is one link to an article about arctic apples. it's a genetically modified other gannism. i've not -- organism. i've not on an issue with that. the company came on the shoate. we had a good dialogue about it. i think we should label the foods so people know if there's gmos in the food. the debate didn't want to have -- the authors didn't want to have this debate.
7:15 am
some of these companies make pesticide, some of these companies, that i've been critical. this whole issue of how gmos and pesticide work together has been a topic that makes people uncomfortable. >> the original letter was not from columbia. but there was an on the ed that -- opt ed that from said, odd is a good doctor but his unscientific distortions mislead the public and claim you have a disclaimer at the beginning of your show. how do you respond to that? >> i love the fact that there is a constructive thought there. i think for people who watch the show, they pretty much show when i shift from a hard-core medical topic to something that's alternative, if i have someone talking about prayer or
7:16 am
acupuncture, it's going from cancer -- it's different from cancer. it's not so much a benefit of just putting one big disclaimer in there, although i'm gonna talk about it with my folks at the shoate -- folks at the show. but the bigger issue is broad lifestyle issues. i want the show to be a broad endorsement of health. i want people to seek the best health they can find. that will will bringing some of these ideas into the doctors' offices. i want to support the knowledge so they go to the doctor with the information. >> your guest said this was not just an attack on you but all healthcare professionals who don't take a standard party line on medical care. so why do you think this is a concern for the average american? >> we want to be in a country where people can provide the best services possible to make you feel better.
7:17 am
traditional medical wisdom is fantastic. i'm a western trained doctor. we have strong proof for a lot of it. not all of it. unfortunately, patients don't come to the offices reading those textbookses we've -- textbooks we've read. sometimes alternative approaches can help there. i don't want this ever to get in the way of the conventional treatments that are offered. but if you can throw an idea at them that's worked in another part of the world for generalrations, why not? i believe there's value there. >> what's next in all of this? are you gonna make any attempt to try to reach an agreement over the disagreements with your detractors? >> i don't think it's about reaching an agreement because a loot of the allegations are not based on facts. i think people have never seen the show. they've seen hijacked clips of medical weight loss products. they think that's me.
7:18 am
that's interfered with my experience trying to expose people with what they need to know and i've never mentioned in the last year a weight los product again. i don't want to be in that environment. there's ideas, constructive insights that i would love to hear from people to make the show better. >> you can watch dr. oz at 2:00 p.m. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> very interesting. let's get you to where you need to go. how does your commute look? >> not bad. we've had -- i was talking to steve off camera and he alerted moo he to gusty wind -- me to gusty wind conditions. we'll watch the airports. that could effect flights coming in and out. steve will be in a moment to expand on that. but as far as traffic goes we'll go right out to 880 and you can see traffic is moving along well. steve said it would be gusty. haven't seen a lot of wind on this camera but it might take
7:19 am
you by surprise. if you drive a small car, prius driver, i'm speaking to you, be careful out there. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge as you come up on the maze. it's backed up for 10, 15 minutes. we haven't had a lot of backups today. it seems to be a touch lighter than usual. 580 westbound is looking good from the altamont pass to dublin from the castro valley. that's unusually light. 7:19. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you didn't have to use that right away but appreciate it. we had gusts of 33 at the oakland airport. sfo, gusts to 30. most locations had a good breeze. mostly sunny, partly cloudy and then we'll go mostly cloudy by this afternoon. temperatures rather chilly this morning. the water temps dropping. a huge deal. that's allowed coastal temps to go in the 40s. water temps have been above normal since june of last year.
7:20 am
incredible. finally seeing some upper 40s and low 50s. that's been a long time since that happened. clouds increase. rain overnight into saturday morning. it will be warmer on sunday and much, much warmer on monday. i'm getting ahead of myself. early rain. there will be some rain to the north. .25 to .30. .30 might favor higher elevations or the santa cruz mountains. sierra nevada had thunderstorms and rain. turned to snow. things have calmed down. it's coming out of the northwest. that's good. has tas lassen -- shasta lassen. our system is up there, it will start to work its way in giving us a lot of cloud cover. some drizzle. the main front isn't until this evening. west napa at 10. that's the direction the wind is coming from. 17 miles per hour at fairfield and 14 gusting to 21 at hey fard. there's 16 and livermore 15. due west. 50s on the temps.
7:21 am
napa airport, 49. 49 -- san jose is 51 also 51 half moon bay. take your pick. temperatures will be struggling here. this is the key, 49. bodega bay. 50 at san francisco. i don't know why i keep showing 53. 34 up in truckee. 45 arcata. and then the higher clouds will be on the increase. we'll turn cloudy by this evening and then rain late tonight. today is windy and cooler. highs in the 60s. tomorrow we'll get the rain. it's out of there. sunday looks better. partly sunny, windy, cooler. below normal temps. below normal to above in 48 hours. 50s, 60s to a low 70s. there's some sun. it will just be in the afternoon when we start to cloud it up. that will take us into saturday. sunday, monday look good. >> okay. we can handle it. >> all right. 7:21. well, it's what of is talking about this this -- it's what
7:22 am
everyone is talking about this morning. >> steph curry. another one. >> wow! big night for steph curry. he got what? 40 points. >> yeah. >> in 25 minutes, more on the incredible come back and what they will need to do if they need to sweep the first round. and a well-known man in napa in a medically induced coma after being beaten in a robbery. how the community is rally to help his family.
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a huge crowd in indianapolis watching in moror as a stage at a high school musical collapsed and more than a dozen students were hurt. they just disappeared out of sight. this happened last night during the final big finale of the musical. 12 students were hurt. one of them critically. you can hear the parents screaming for their kids as they rushed to the stage. the cause is still under investigation. back here at home, there's been an outpouring of love and support for a napa man who was in a coma after a jewelry store robbery. police say two 17-year-old boys trying to rob napa valley jewelers in downtown napa monday afternoon. one of the employees 55-year- old bob porter, had a heart attack while he was being beaten with a pair of pliers.
7:26 am
the owner managed to end the attack. the teenagers, they were caught at a nearby parking garage. a go fund me page -- a gofundme page has been september up for the family. they are well known and well liked in the community. >> we work well together. he's ease yes to get alightning with. he has a great personality. >> porter was a baseball star at napa high. he played two seasons with the braves in the early '80s. he's married with three adult children. his wife is a nurse in the hospital where her husband right now is in a medically induced coma. 7:26. attention, muni riders. you are in store for big changes. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you how service will be difficultant the impact -- different and the impact -- impact it will have on riders.
7:27 am
we're looking at that south bay commute. northbound 101 right now. not too bad. a little bit of slowing. getting up to sunnyvale is a little easier. >> it seems the breeze is picking up for almost everybody. some locations downright windy. it will be cooler today as we wait for the front to move in. more on that and your weekend forecast. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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breaking news in the south bay. ktvu knocks 2's janine de la vega has just arrived on the scene of a fatal fire at the old chemical refinery in east palo alto. she's talking with firefighters about what they suspect happened and will bring us the latest in minutes. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's friday, april 24th. i'm tori campbell. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. you readry for -- you ready for rain? >> i am. >> i know people on saturday, do you have to rain on saturday. >> i know. a lot of low clouds in place. higher clouds on the increase. the wind has cranked up for many. maybe not for all. clouds on the move as we wait for our system to get its act together fought north -- its act together for the north. unless you are in the sierra, everybody will be fine.
7:31 am
it will be an overnighter. the clouds begin to enhance and move in. there's been shower activity. light snow, light rain up in the sierra nevada. our system is on the north coast. it might make an inpath -- make an -- make an impact. west, fairfield, west-southwest concord. west oakland, 25 gusts to 33. sfo had gusts to 35 early this morning. west hayward, west livermore. it's southeast at san jose. butter otherall, the clouds are on the move. they are continue to give us from partly sunny to mostly cloudy here. the next few hours of the a little bit of sun in the -- the next fee hours a little bit of sun in the -- next few hours a little bit of sun in the area. northbound 280 at 17. the traffic is moving along
7:32 am
slowly as you cross the intersection. there's a little bit of slowing. but it has been lighter. if you drive this commute every day, you will see slowing at the choke points. that's about it. as you drive over to the commute on 580 or 680 or the sunol grade, that's commutes have been fine. i've been looking around for any sign of stop-and-go traffic. we have a little bit. san mateo bridge on 92. it's kind of slow. dumbarton bridge not that bad. pockets of slow traffic. hayward union city and fremont. it's better than it normally is. as we go to the toll plaza, the traffic is backed up for 10, 15 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. don't forget there is a major on van ness avenue in san francisco. a six-block stretch between ellis and pine is shut down as crews work to dig an underground pedestrian tunnel. the area will be closed until late sunday night. public transit and emergency vehicles will be allowed through the closure. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow breaking news out of east palo
7:33 am
alto. firefighters have made a disturbing discovery at the scene of a fire at an old chemical refinery. janine de la vega is at the scene and janine, they did find a booeddy in the debris -- a body in the debris. >> reporter: yes, they did. police and fire officials don't know if this was a man or a woman found in this rubble here at the refinery plant. it's been abandoned for years. they had to lock the gate up here because this is still private property. so let's go to a picture, a live picture from skyfox showing you this property. you should be able to see some trailers, single trailers. next to it is a burnt-out area. that's where a double wide trailer was. there is a lot of twisted metal. we have video from the ground that shows the damage on bay road. it's an industrial area where somebody was passing by. they reported seeing a column of smoke after 1:00 this morning. when firefighters arrived, they
7:34 am
found a construction style office trailer engulfed in flames. after they put it out, they found a body. fire officials say there was no power to this trailer. >> it's a vacant site. nobody should be out here but we do have an issue with the homelessness out in this area. there is a possibility of that. >> reporter: fire officials suspect the victim was a transient using the trailer as shelter. the arson investigator said at this point, they don't have any reason to believe this was suspicious. it looks more like an accident. that arson investigator said there is a homeless encampment in this area known as coolly landing. they are leav -- leaning more toward that direction. back to you. >> thank you. muni is rolling out some
7:35 am
major changes to routes and bus shelters in san francisco. it all starts this weekend. alex savidge is at a bus stop right now. so what's new? good morning, alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. well, first of all, muni rolling out of a series of service improvements. part of what's new are the bus shelters. this is near geary and leavenworth. and they have new signage on them, new decals and the new maps that muni says will be easier to read and help riders get to where they need to go. also, we can tell you that muni is launching the rapid network. that means the mta will stop using the word limited to describe express buses. riders should be looking for rapid routes. muni has changed the number of bus lines as well. keep that in mind. this is all part of a muni forward initiative and all together these improvements are expected to boost service for about 165,000 el daily -- daily
7:36 am
riders. another aspect of this overhaul, buses will be showing up more frequently. in some cases, a number of stops have been eliminated from certain routes, all in an effort to stream line. it's probably a good idea to take a closer look at the new maps and schedules that have been put up at the shelters just to get familiar with them. the mta says this is the most significant sers in terms of service -- series in terms of service. about 11:00, there will be a news conference here at this bus shelter where we are to talk in more detail about these changes. >> i hope it all goes well. alex savidge in san francisco. thank you. 7:36. we have breaking news coming in from british columbia. there was a 6.1 earthquake. it just hit. it hit about 6:56 this morning. a few hundred miles northwest
7:37 am
of vancouver in the middle of the ocean. while it was relatively strong, they only felt it on the mainland part of canada, closest to the epicenter. no tsunami alert or warning was issued as of right now. we'll keep you posted. more information about an officer-involved shooting in sonoma county. we brought it to you live yesterday morning. police say the person shot by sheriff deputies is a 46-year- old woman, karen jenks. this incident started yesterday morning. police responded to reports of a car going in reverse on highway 101 near windsor. police tried to stop her. but she sped away -- away going more than 100 miles an hour. they say she got off the freeway headed to sebastopol. at one point, she drove into a parking lot and deputies started to close in on her. police say that's when she backed up her car into three deputies knocking them to the
7:38 am
ground. they opened fire and hit her multiple tines. she was taken to the hospital. we don't know her condition at this point. the three deputies they were treated for minor injuries. a bill to protect people who let their lawns turn brown during the drought is on its way to the senate. there are some homeowners associations and some cities that will fine homeowners if they don't keep their grass green. the new legislation would prohibit those fines. the bill was passed by the state assembly yesterday. some people in palo alto say it's not right during this drought for thousands of gallons to be flushed down the drain. people who live near parker avenue and newell road say they've been watching the water daily going down the drain. a spokesman for palo alto public works says property owners are pumping water from a sal slow -- from a shallow aquifer to build basements for
7:39 am
future homes. that water -- that water eventually ends up in the bay. people say this is unacceptable, especially during a drought. >> every time i turn on the news, look at facebook, save water, save water, save water. >> palo alto publix works says about -- public works says 50 gallons of water a minute is going town there. people can also come by and fill their own containers. but the city says that water can only be used for irrigation and not for drinking. a short film appearing online is trying to get a message across bts drought in a rather dramatic -- about the drought in a rather dramatic fashion. ♪ >> the video shows skiers
7:40 am
attempting to go down snowless mountains in california, navigating rocks and boulders. the film is by arrow films. the group's conclusion, climate change is real. 7:39. well, an east bay couple arrested for robbing a man that they met online may now be linked to other victims. officials say the man contacted katherine stump april ath through an -- april 5th through an online ad. they agreed to go back to his apartment. she showed up with another man. police believe the couple may have targeted other people along the 680/88 corridor who may be reluctant to come forward. >> we're finding more about a drive-by shooting that critically injured a 7-year-old
7:41 am
boy in durango. that boy was shot wednesday evening. police say a gunman fired into a crowd that gathered on 5th street to mourn the death of one of their neighbors. police are looking for five or more suspects who escaped in a dark vehicle. 7:40. new this moesh, comcast has announced the deal to merge with time warner cable is -- morning, comcast has announced the deal to merge with time warner cable is off. they are moving on and looking for other opportunities. this deal would have united the two largest cable operators and reshaped the video and broadband markets. the collapse is expected to have widespread ramifications on wall street today. a close call is serving as a reminder of stranger danger. the scary situation at an east bay elementary school that prompted a warning to parents and teachers. well, the low clouds and the high clouds are on the increase. it's a precursor to rin on the
7:42 am
way. we'll -- to rain on the way. we'll talk that and a cooler friday forecast. warriors' fever is running by -- running high. what the close games may mean for the long-term outlook for the championship experts -- coming up. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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warriors take game 3 in overtime. now they just need one more win over the pelicans to move on. die-hard fans and those jumping on the bandwagon have a lot on their mind. we pulled together our own experts with sami, matt and sal castanedo for more. >> well, i had already made notes about how the warriors blew it, how this game was gonna be a re-tuneup game and they game up and had the ball and the best players -- in the best players' hands at the end of the game. >> you texted me with about six minutes left and said it looks
7:45 am
like we have something to talk about. i said not so fast, they can score a lot of points. curry is unbelievable. the shot he made at the end of regulation is -- he's having an mvp season. that's an mvp play right there. >> it is. why you yelling your head off? >> i lost my mind completely. >> i was watching it in bed. i had to be work at 1:00 this morning. i was expecting a chance to end it with a free-throw. >> i tweeted something out earlier. i said the warriors cannot -- and i told you -- they cannot play like this against a better time. when they advance -- it looks like they will play against the grizzlies. they can't play like this. >> no. but i think they are playing to the level of exe sigs a little bit -- competition isal lit. competition a little bit.
7:46 am
i think one thing that's interesting, they came out and weathered the storm. there was so much emotion. they managed to hang in there. a lot of times in the regular season, you get down 20 points. you give it up. not in the playoffs. they were able to come back. >> it was amazing. i agray with -- agree with you 100%. the warriors know they are a better team and get sloppy and try things they wouldn't. >> let's talk about steph curry. he has a couple of rituals he does before the game. what are the rituals? >> he was does a dribbling routine before every gail. it's about 15, 20 minutes. behind the back, across the legs. but then before he goes into the locker room before the game, he will usually try some kind of trick shot from the hall way or as you walk toward
7:47 am
the tunnel. it's only about a 45-minute shot. >> one you got in your back poth -- back poth -- back poth -- pocket. >> i do that all of the time. david lee, he's the highest paid player. is he gonna play at all? will he be back? >> he's under contract. he may be back. this is all about green. he's turned into a great player. one of the best defensive players in the lead-- in the league. david lee, you still see him on the sideline clapping, roots on his teammates. >> no doubt. green seized the injury to david lee an played so well, you can't take him off the kurt.
7:48 am
that's made him a high -- off the court. that's made him a highly paid cheerleader. >> okay. three quarters of brick, one quarter -- >> that's what you need to be a champion team. need to be able to come back. >> good stuff. our coverage of the playoffs continues online. you will find a section of dedicated to the golden state warriors. check it out. lack for the sports -- look for the sports tab. >> the golden states sports has the headline, david lee all but for forgotten. >> all right. we'll continue talking about the warriors. we want to check in with steve about the weather. we have rain coming in. >> yes. and it will be decent too, .25,
7:49 am
.50. it will be cool. the wind has picked up. a couple of reports. people say it's windy. pam out in oakland said it's windy. sfo and oakland airport had gusts 25, 30 miles an hour. saturday rain, early saturday. i think this will work. i think it will work. >> it can do it. i know it can. >> have i told you about the -- no. [laughter] >> there it is. >> yay! >> early rain here. april rain early saturday morning. maybe .25 to .23. i think some of the higher elevations, santa cruz mountains and a foot of snow in the higher peaks. kelly in bridgeport said we've had more weather in the last three, four days than all winter long. i heard from tracy here earlier. we know tracy. it's cold this morning. it is. temperatures near the coast have cooled down finally. we had some 40s showing up. the water temps plummeted back. that's helped coastal locations
7:50 am
cool off to where they should be instead of the warm ocean temps that kept them very mild for the past eight months. there's the cool bodega bay at 49. 30s in the mountains. our system is up here. it will take a heil to get here. that -- a while to get here. by about noon, it should be done and we'll start to see warmer weather. mostly cloudy, windy, cooler. below normal temps. 50s, 60s, 70s. some sunbreaks. rain tomorrow. maybe a 20-degree jump in temperatures. >> i did duck out. >> and? >> beautiful sunshine. >> enjoy it while you can. >> okay. we've been warned. things got really tense during that royals and white sox
7:51 am
game. >> he says something to eaton. >> coming up in 23 minute, why the players cleared the benches. a pledge for homelessness for veterans on the streets. how city leaders plan to do it. check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy? get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you. it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand.
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7:53 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's 7:54. a public forum in an hour in
7:54 am
santa clara county will be all about finding homes for the homeless. now, according to the 2013 census, 7600 people in santa clara county are homeless. 10% are veterans. at the forum today, officials will talk about how to provide temporary transitional housing for the homeless and ways to get them access to county services. the task force will meet for ten months coming up with feasible solutions. the forum today at 9:00 a.m. will be in the county board of supervisors' chambers. seven santa cruz county sheriff deputies will begin testing body cameras. they will wear them for the next two months. the department says it's trying to identify the best body camera system that will be purchased by the department and worn by all deputies. on monday, we showed you the body cameras that livermore police are wearing. the department has identified eight types of interactions where the officers are supposed to turn on the cameras.
7:55 am
they include 911 calls, probation searches and traffic stops. the cameras record video and audio. the video is stored for eight least three years unless it's a homicide or sex crime. in those cases, the video is kept indefinitely. >> wufnt big stories of the bay -- one of the big stories of the day. sal, you are my warriors authority but you know about my traffic, too. >> we've had a decent day. i'm happy to say. this commute has not been all that bad. if you drive five days a week, friday has to be your favorite day. but the commute is lighter. let's take a look at northbound 101. there is slowing. this is right near mckee. you will see slowing as you pass 880, it gets better after that, into sunnyvale. it has been light into mountain view and also light on 280 and 85. there are a lot of ways to get around slow traffic in the santa clara valley. westbound bay bridge has been backed up for a 10, 15-minute delay, no major problems
7:56 am
getting on the bridge. if you wait around judging -- you wait around judging this for a while, if you wait around, you might have less traffic at the toll plaza. the nimitz freeway has had a bad week. today we have slow traffic on 880 near union city and near from montfor the most part, it's -- free mont, but for the most part, it's light -- fremont, but for the most part it's light. we don't have any major problems with flights or public transit right now. as i said it's a pretty decent friday morning commute. back to dave and tori. >> all right. thank you, sal. a police investigation is underway after a deadly early- morning fire in east palo alto. want to show you some live pictures from skyfox which is over the scene. break the break what officials think may have caused the blaze at the chemical refinery.
7:57 am
>> reporter: we're live in antioch where a man tries to lure a fifth grade boy into his truck. we'll have a suspect description and hear what one parent has to say. we have a cold front on the way. there might be a little bit of sun in the morning. we'll go from partly sunny to mostly cloudy. the wind is cranked up. we'll talk about thatand the timing of the -- and the timing of the rain. ha, you better have a jet pack under there turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go! later road kill. huh, huh. on your left, coming thru! hmm. plot twist. woo hoo! who's your turtle? (huh?) introducing the hair-raising power and performance of the mercedes-amg gt. it's no fairytale.
7:58 am
7:59 am
a deadly fire at the old refinery. skyfox is live over the scene right now. coming up in two minutes, the new details we've just learned about the possible cause. these are live pictures we're showing you now. there is a warning this morning for parents with kids at an east bay school. coming up in just a couple of minutes. tara moriarty, she will tell us about the attempted kidnapping that's raising some serious concerns. stay tuned. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it is friday. it's april 24th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. want to have a check on weather and traffic and steve, not a bad day today but a little bit of change coming. >> it's already coming. not bad this morning. the wind and the cool temps. that's the comments coming in. low clouds, higher clouds.
8:00 am
rain will be late tonight, tomorrow morning. it may linger into 9:00 or noon. the wind and the breeze has opinion the big story. cassie jean in el granada right by half moon bay said the sun is really trying to come out. breezy also. almost everybody has said it's windy or breezy, cold. there's been pretty good thunderstorms. a little bit over donner summit. had good thunderstorms near truckee last night. for us we're waiting for the system to move in. it has aways to go. 50s on the temps or 40s. they will be cool today because that breezy is cranked up for many. a breezy, blustery day. 16 miles per hour due west. the thunderstorm activity, heading over truckee which turned to snow. this is from an owner. he said i saw some big
8:01 am
thunderstorms in truckee 11:00 to 2:00 a.m. and then the rain turned to snow. there's more coming in. the system will linger for much of the day up there. for us, it will be gone by noon. sal, on your interview with matt and allen, brad gilbert treat tweeted -- tweeted out. >> he watches us and likes you. i've spoken to him. i know he watches us. >> can i ask him a quick question? >> my forehand shot seems to be going long. what am i doing wrong? >> we'll see if he responds. >> good morning, everyone. put a smile on my face. steve is a good tennis player. brad, slightly better. this is 880 northbound as you pass the coliseum. the traffic will be slowing down finally. in this 8:00 hour, people who had opinion waiting around perhaps watching us on television, drinking coffee,
8:02 am
when you get to the toll plaza, it will be a 10-minute delay. i want to run down a couple commutes. on 80 from hercules to richmond, we're beginning to see slow traffic. but 580, though, 580 westbound, a little bit slow through dublin. not bad and slow traffic in castro valley. it's 8:02. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. fire officials believe a fire by a treansiant may -- transient may have sparked the plays at the refinery that killed one person. skyfox is over the scene live right now. you can see some charred remains there. fire crews were called for a fire at a trailer on the property. but after they put the fire out, they discovered a body in the debris. police have now taken over the investigation. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. but fire officials told our janine de la vega 30 minutes ago that there is a nearby homeless encampment and early
8:03 am
signs indicate the victim may have been a transient. students and parents in antioch are urged on on the lookout after a -- on the lookout after a student says a stranger tried to hour him into a truck. tara moriarty is live from the school where she has just talked to a parent. good morning, tara. >> reporter: the parent said the situation is scary and that a lot of parents are rattled. she said she always walks her son into the school when she drops him off in the morning. doesn't leave him at the corner. she wants to make sure he gets to class safely. these are a lot of the discussions that parents here at bellshaw will be having because of this incident that happened yesterday morning. a fifth grader said a stranger tried to lure him into his truck twice. the boy ran to the school front gate and was okay. he describes the stranger as a clean-shaven asian man in his 30s, driving a red two-door
8:04 am
truck. >> i tell my son, don't walk to anybody -- talk to anybody you don't know. even if they say, your mom works with me, it doesn't matter. the only people you should talk to is principal, anybody in the school or you know your grandma and grand a paw -- grandpa. that's it. i went to school with your mom, no, i don't think so. >> reporter: this is the second incident in the area this week. monday a student at bristo school said she was approached while walking home from school. that suspect is different. a white man 20 to 30 years old. short, brown hair in a green standard pickup with a receiver ball on the rather up -- rear -- on the rear bumper blocking part of the license plate. that child also escaped unharmed. back to you. >> thank you. a teen from cupertino missing since monday is now home safe.
8:05 am
police say 17-year-old connor sullivan came home last night but gave no details. he was last seen at his first period class at monta vista high school but missed the rest of the classes and didn't show up for track practice. hundred of volunteers searched the area trying to find him. no word where he as or what he was doing while he was listed as missing. new information about a drive-by shooting that critically injured a 7-year-old boy in screal-- boy in vallejo. the boy was shot wednesday evening. police say a gunman fired into a crowd that gathered on fifth street to mourn the death of one of their neighbors. police are looking for five or more suspects who drove off in a dark vehicle. a big surprise for a woman in petaluma who woke up from a nap in her home to find a stranger sleeping on her sofa.
8:06 am
the woman called 911. the woman was told to run out of the house. that's when the man woke up, ran out of the back and right into waiting police. authorities say the 44-year-old has a history of arrests for being under the influence of drugs. apparently he ate frozen tater tots while in the home. the state voted to rename the waldo tunnel after robin williams. thousands of people signed an on-line petition supporting this idea. he was born in chicago but raised in marin and spent most of his life here in the bay area. parents in westfield, indiana watched in horror as a stage full of high school students collapsed during the final number of a musical performance. pam cook is in the studio with the shocking video and reaction. >> yeah, the video's
8:07 am
unbelievable. the end of this high school performance. you see the stage. dozens of kids are on it sinking into a pit. >> the look on everyone's face was pure shock. >> 12 students were injured and taken to the hospital. but school officials say this morning that the injuries are minor and that no one was seriously hurt. now, investigators still don't know exactly what caused the stage to collapse. but the school's superintendent says the part of the stage that collapsed actually has a removable floor over an orchestra pit. >> i saw moms scream for their kids down there playing. everybody started to call 911. i was on the stage and it collapsed. i fell into it. as soon as it fell, i just didn't know what happened and then i saw that people's feet were stuck under a lot of wood and i lifted a lot of wood off a lot of people.
8:08 am
>> well. school is in session today -- >> well, school is in session today. counselors are there as well to help the students and parents deem with this -- to deal with the incident. many are meeting to talk about what happened rather than attend regular class schedule. the print pal wanted the way -- principal wanted the day to be as normal as possible for the students so they could support each other. >> can you imagine being in the audience? >> you are watching and not knowing. as you watch it -- >> just sinks down. >> so frightening. >> luckily, nobody was seriously hurt. good news. >> thank you. >> thank you. 8:08. still ahead -- big changes for muni and it starts this weekend. coming up in 27 minutes we'll tell you how the new service will affect thousands of riders. and up know you are still talking about the game from last night. we're talking about the big
8:09 am
warriors comeback last night. we're talking to dub nation out here in pleasant hill. we'll get the reaction and how people are preparing for the big game tomorrow. we're still looking at a lot of slow traffic in this 8:00 hour on 880. there's good news tied to some of this traffic. it's not very deep. we'll explain -- coming up. the breeze is picking up. windy an cooler for everybody today in advance of a system that will be here for rain. we'll talk about the timing for that.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
the warriors have a chance to sweep the pelicans after a comeback win last night. >> curry has it. for three. he's in. curry hits the three. >> that play was just ridiculous. gotta be one of the plays of the year. and he was fouled, too, by the way. that three-pointer sent the game into overtime and that was after the warriors came back after being down 20 points in the fourth quarter. the game ended with a 123-119 overtime win for the warriors. well, back here at home, fans are going crazy and ktvu fox 2 reporter brian flores, who is a
8:13 am
big warriors fan, too, joining us live. you are in pleasant -- pleasant hill. you are still pumped up and so is dub nation. did you say you want to play for the warriors? >> i want to back up steph curry. >> reporter: that's a tall order. [laughter] >> reporter: good morning. we're talking to dub nation this morning. i'm sure many of them are excited, also exexhausted from the game -- exhausted from the game. we continue to be here from dick's sporting goods. a couple of workers had a huge video board up there inside the store and had the game on last night. but boy, were they treated to a special win from this very special team. now, fans, as you can imagine, jumping out of their seats with a victory after the three- pointer. still don't know how he did that. he had 40 points.
8:14 am
the warriors dance team was also there. they brought extra excitement to the party as well. a lot of smiling faces talking about the game. one woman said she didn't even see the game. she was following it on twitter. on social media, was it also crazy? >> yes. everyone was like oh, my gosh. a lot of capital letters. i was like oh, my go. what's happening right now. i had the car radio on. i was trying to get home. by the time i got home. >> i was in the car listening -- lferning to it in the -- listening to it. i thought there's no way they can come back but they did and surprised a lot of people. >> reporter: they did especially during the morning show. a lot of places to bach the game tomorrow. if -- watch the game tomorrow. if you go back to arrow lounge, they will pay 25% of your tab if the warriors win. they will be showing game 4
8:15 am
tomorrow night. warriors will be going for the sweep tomorrow as well. in front of dick's sporting goods i've gotten several requests from ktvu -- basically, alex savidge asking me to buy him a shirt. i might do that considering he's having a bad hair day. a lot of excitement for plenty of dub nation. >> good friend and good recap of the game. brian flores. thank you. it's day two of the lpga swinging skirts tournament. a familiar name is on top of the leaderboard. last year's champion led it, lydia coe. julie ingster started off strong yesterday. michelle wie is a bit further back. paula creamer had a really rough day and is in second to last place with a score of 10
8:16 am
over par. the kansas city royals and white sox played in a long extra inning game last night. but several players didn't hang around to see the end. >> back to ventura. says something to eaton before throwing it to first. and here we go. >> it turned into an oh, now didn't -- oh, no, you didn't. benches were cleared. players were kicked off. tensions started early in the game. royals' pitcher hit a player with a pitch. mani, the boxing great is in a big fight with a las vegas hotel over a prefight tradition. he's set to fight floyd mayweather may 2nd at the mgm.
8:17 am
but he plans to skip tuesday's ceremony marking the formal event. the two have been embroiled over millions of dollars in tickets. mani said he will only go for the final prepress conference, the weigh in and the fight itself. the dispute over those fight tickets has been settled. ,000 were made available to the public yesterday. many are being resold on websites for as much as $140,000. >> that's more than last year -- that year's super bowl. the tickets were being withheld from public sale because the grand and the boxers were in a dispute over how the proceeds would be split. >> i think they are each making millions of the dollars. >> they want a little more, i guess. >> okay. they will get it. 8:18. we have sal right now. you are wrauching our commute.
8:18 am
you -- watching our commute. you have the chopper. >> yes. the chopper has found something. we'll start at the toll plaza to let people know what it is like to get on the bridge. the bay bridge is what i'm peeking-- speak of. 15-minute delay. i see gusty wind. it might affect a small car osh the bridge. skyfox has found a stall vehicle on the nimitz freeway. it's a box truck northbound on 880. it will be slow getting up from the coliseum. as you can see, they have to get this thing out of there so the traffic is going document slow behind -- traffic is going to be slow behind it. and the actual 880 freeway will be okay southbound but northbound is going to be slow. this looks like it's near the brick wall area. the traffic is going to be busy. let's take a look at the commute here on 580 westbound as you drive through castro valley area. slowing in dublin but lighter
8:19 am
than usual otherwise. 8:19. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> we have rather blustery conditions. most locations have a pretty decent breeze showing up. windy and cooler. clouds on the increase. low clouds are already moving in. higher clouds, many partly sunnies to mostly cloudy. rain overnight into saturday morning. by about 6:00 in the north bay, 89:00 everywhere else in the morning. >> it is should be gone. it will be warmer on sunday and much, much warmer. some temps may jump 20 between saturday and sunday. .25 to .30 of rain. i would think favors to the north. there will be some pretty good snow? the sierra -- snow in the sierra. some of that turned to snow. a lot of cloud cover streaming over us. it will be a cool day today.
8:20 am
temperatures in the os for many -- in the 60s for many. very low 70s. had a few 40s this morning. now a lot of 50s. these will be slow to barm up -- to warm up. oakland had gusts to 33. i think at 6:00 this morning. fairfield, 17, west-southwest, west at novato, west at napa, west at santa rosa. don't always see that. west at sfo to 24. hayward gusts to 16, 18. livermore and even san jose, i mean -- it's unanimous, usually there's one or two outliars but that's not the case today. coastal locations have dropped. water temps have been above normal since june. 49 in bodega bay. it's sustained itself for two days. 36 in truckee. 54 in monterey. system is still up here. today and tomorrow look for
8:21 am
pretty cool conditions. been some drizzle this morning. we'll get rain tonight into early saturday and then it will kick out of here pretty kick but today it will be 60s. we'll rebound pretty fast sunday/monday. mostly cloudy, windy and cooler. low and high clouds. it will turn cloudy by tonight. below normal temps. there's a couple of sunbreaks there. we'll cloud it up. by about 9:00 in the morning, should be on the waning side of it. clears out sunday and monday. >> big jump in the temperatures as you pointed out. it's been so cool. >> january/february that doesn't happen. >> did you line what you are seeing in the sierra? >> yes. >> they need it. >> thank you, steve. coming up onle:22 -- on 8:22. a cello worth more than $8,000 is back with its owner.
8:22 am
the secretive way it was returned and the search for the people who took it. i don't like to fight these battles in public. >> tori talked live this morning with dr. oz about an hour ago about the growing controversy surrounding his credibility. of a after the break what he said about -- avthe break what he said about critics who say he's a quack.
8:23 am
8:24 am
dr. oz responds to critics who says he provides request treatments for financial gain. >> freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as americans. these ten doctors are trying to silence that right. >> this was an excerpt from yesterday's show taped in response to a letter sent last week by a group of doctors to columbia university. they are asking the school to remove the tv doctor from the school faculty. i spoke live with dr. oz about this just over an hour ago.
8:25 am
>> i've always been a person looking for else is good out there. when i started to do the show, we -- we do a lot of eastern medicine alternative approaches. we'll have prayer. we'll talk about the nutrition and how it can change. with you wellness -- your wellness. these are things that are not discussed in a doctor's office. i understand the tug-of-war but it makes sense for the viewer and that's who i'm trying to support. >> dr. oz said i expect and respect the criticism of colleagues who struggle with my approach and i try to improve the show accordingly. he's received criticism before for endorsing a dietary supplement unregulated by the fda. if you want to see the complete unedited video, it's on the front page of our website,
8:26 am
>> great interview. comcast has made it official. a deal to merge with time warner cable is off. in a statement released this morning, comcast said it's moving on looking for other opportunities. that $45 billion deal would have united the nation's two biggest cable operators an reshaped the video and broadband market. the deal was facing a very intense scrutiny from regulators. the collapse now is expected to have widespread ramifications and impact on wall street today. stay tuned for that. 8:27. startling new stats on binge drinking. coming up after the break, the reason researchers say women in silicon valley, you are at risk. we are live in east palo alto where a burned body was found at an abandoned site. we'll tell what you police and fire investigators are saying about the investigation. and the south bay commute northbound 101 you can see
8:27 am
traffic is going to be a little bit busy as you drive up to 880. you will see a little bit of slowing also on 280. rain is on the way but not until saturday morning. until then, it's windy, very windy. the association made it famous adding its signature touches ♪ >> love it! uhhh, it is a little awkward being on the market again... but uh, i...oh...i actually tried the online thing... which uh, i dunno. i, i guess i'm just hoping for a caring and nurturing relationship, you know, one that's going somewhere. uh, like i, i take them where they're going and they buy me chevron with techron. i mean, yeah, you know, what can i say, i'm a, i'm a romantic. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. alright, now i just look desperate. ♪ we came in station wagons, campers,
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8:29 am
iz. firefighters made a grizzly discovery after putting out this fire at a chemical refinery. they found a body in the bushed
8:30 am
rubble. janine de la vega is out there now -- burned rubble. janine de la vega is out there right now. we're right outside of the gates of the plant. coming up, she will tell us why this locked gate is a major part of the investigation of that fire stay tuned. i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is telling you how things are changing and will be changing. >> pretty fast. >> windy, started it this morning. now the cloud cover is on the krien -- is on the increase. we'll go mostly cloudy. the breeze and cooler temps, kind of the main story. you can see the cloud cover on the increase. this system will move in. could be light rain, mendocino county, lake county. but more likely later tonight. our system is up here. it's going to make it. it looks like .25 to .50. there will be snow up in shasta/lassen and also into tahoe. that's a good sign. 50s on the temps.
8:31 am
we had upper 40s, now it's 50s. the big news has been the breeze, west, west, west. west-southwest, west at san jose and mountain view. usually they are different. but west, west, west. you get the idea. it's a west wind. that's a cool breeze. water temperatures have taken a tumble. that's increased the fog along the coast. mostly cloudy, windy, cooler, below normal temps. the rain is on the way for tonight into tomorrow. sal, i think things have been okay. >> yeah, we do have a late commute right now as we look at our rue from sky -- or view from skyfox. westbound bay bridge, there is a little bit of a wait there. you look on the metering lights. that's the final hurdle to get through. but if you look to the left of the toll plaza, there is quite a wait here. westbound, about a 10, 15- minute delay total time. you will notice that the top lanes are the carpool lanes and
8:32 am
the bottom ones ening out the toll plaza -- edging out the toll plaza. out to interstate 880 nearby, you can see slow traffic. definitely a late crowd getting into downtown oakland heading northbound. if you are on 580 westbound through castro valley, we've had a couple of minor incidents. it's slow and northbound 880 is going to be slow after you get past 238. 8:33. back to the desk. we do -- i forgot. there is a major cloesh our on van ness -- closure on van ness avenue, a six-mile stretch between ellis and pine is shut down as crews dig an underground pedestrian tunnel. the area will be closed until late sunday night. public transsent and emergency -- transit and emergency vehicles will be allowed through. they will close it in september to finish it off. back to the desk. in east palo alto, now there is a police investigation underway after a deadly fire at an old chemical refinery. a body was found this morning
8:33 am
in a mace where no one -- a place where no one was expected to be. janine de la vega is there in east palo alto. so what happened? >> well, we're here on -- >> reporter: well, we're here on bay road. behind me is the refinery that's been abandoned for years. i'm told nobody should have been behind these gates especially at 1:00 a.m. from skyfox, you can see an areaial view -- aerial view. it was a construction trailer that caught fire. someone passing by reported seeing a column of smoke just after 1:00 this morning when firefighters arrived, and they found one of the trailers engulfed in flames. after they put it out, they found a poddy in the burned -- body in the burned out shell and debris. arson investigators suspect a transient may have been using it as shelter. >> we still have to see if there's any witnesses, history around here. based upon once we find other information we'll be able to
8:34 am
help determine that. >> anything to make you believe this is at all suspicious. >> not yet. >> reporter: fire officials say there was no power to the trailer. they suspect it could have been a warming fire that got out of control. it's too early to tell and more investigation needs to be done. the coroner has taken the body for examination. it's still unknown if the deceased is a man or a woman. >> all right. thank you. we'll talk to you later. new this morning, there was a magnitude 6.1 earthquake. it hit off the coast of british columbia. it hit about 6:56 this morning a few hundred miles northwest of vancouver in the middle of the ocean. it was pretty strong. but it was only felt on the mainland part of canada. closest to the epicenter. no tsunami alerts or warnings have been issued. no word of injuries or damage either. we have more information about the officer-involved shooting in sonoma county. we told you about it live yesterday morning.
8:35 am
police say the person shot by sheriff's deputies was 46-year- old karen jenks. now, the incident started early yesterday morning. police responded to reports of a car going in resers verse on -- in reverse on highway 101 near winder. police tried to stop her but she sped away going more than 100 miles an hour. she got off the freeway, headed toward sebastopol. at one point she drove into a parking lot and the deputies started to move in. that's when police say jenks backed up her car into three opportunities, knocking them to the ground. and that's when they opened fire, wounding jenks several times. she was taken to the hospital. we don't know her condition right now. those three deputies, they were treated for minor injuries. 8:36. >> police in fremont searching for a man who they say tried to rip a necklace off a woman's neck. this is the suspect. take a look. police say the woman was
8:36 am
walking to her front door wednesday afternoon when the man ran up, tried to steal her necklace. she defended herself and the man ran away. this man is described as -- in his 20s, between 5'6" and 5'9", he has dark hair and a mustache. police say he was driving a gold four-door honda accord from the early 2,000 -- 2000s. it had tinted windows and spoked rims. no front license plate. muni is rolling out major changes starting this weekend. alex savidge is at a bus stop to show us what is new. >> reporter: muni is trying to offer people a smoother ride with a series of service improvements. one of the things i think a lot of people will notice when they come to take the bus is these new shelters that muni has put in place. they have new signage, new details and some people have
8:37 am
noticed the new maps that are out here as well meant to make it easier for riders to figure out exactly where they are going. also we want to point out that muni is launching what's called its rapid network. mta says it will stop using the term limited to try to describe express buses and riders should be looking for rapid routes. muni has changed the number of bus lines as well. be aware of that. it's all part of the muni forward initiative. all together these improvements will boost service for about 165,000 daily riders. another aspect of this overhaul, buses will be showing up more frequently on a number of routes and also quite a few stops have been eliminated from certain routes in an effort to stream line the system. now, today if you use muni, probably a good idea to take a closer look at the schedule and the maps to make sure what is going on. the mta calls this the most significant series of improvements they put in place
8:38 am
in decades. they are hoping riders will appreciate the changes and later on this morning at 11:00, mta officials will be here at this bus shelter, geary and leavenworth and will hold a news conference to talk further about the changes. >> more on on the website and at noon as well. thank you. 8:38. some people in palo alto say it's not right during this drought for thousands of gallons of water to be wasted. people who live near parker avenue say they've been watching the water daily going down the drain. a spokesman for palo alto public works says property owners are pumping water from a you a qi if he -- aquifer to build basements. that water is being pumped into storm drains and ends up in the bay. people say this is unacceptable. >> every time i turn on the news, every time i open facebook or look at twitter, save water, save water, save
8:39 am
water. >> palo alto public works says about 50 gallons of water a minute is being flushed down the drain. that works out to 72,000 fallens a day and is -- gallons a day and is being done at three construction sites in the city. a new study that says binge drinking is on the rise in santa clara county. it's one of the highest in the country. a lot of women are doing it. the constudy defines binge drinking for women as four or more drinks on a single occasion. for men, it's five or more. the study found wong women binge drinking has increased -- among women binge drink has increased 36%.
8:40 am
one woman attributes it to pressure. >> there's a lot of pressure to feel good, look good, exercise, raise your kids. they want to let their hair down. >> the study was conducted over a ten-year period from 2002 to 2012. researchers examenned information on -- examined information on ages 21 and older. the experts say to reverse the trend, women and men need to find a balance in our lives. >> and cannot keep up with men in drinking. different body types. a in-depth state pie state study on the most -- state by state study on the most popular words for dating. the word hopeful couples in came use the most. started hitting him here. >> a prayer community coming together -- brave community -- a bay area community coming
8:41 am
together. we'll tell you the help a well- known man in napa is getting after he was attacked during a robbery? as we look at the bay bridge, you can see for yourself that traffic is a little bit slow. this is the late crowd. we'll show you where the backup starts. that's coming up. well, it's windy out there. it's cooler. rain is on the way for late tonight. more likely tomorrow morning. but looking over near lake merritt, the breeze will keep temperatures down. we'll have those forecasts coming up.
8:42 am
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police say two 17-year-old boys tried to rob napa valley jewelers monday afternoon. an employee, 55-year-old bob porter suffered a heart attack while he was being beat within a pair of pliers. the owner managed to end the attack and the teens were caught in a nearby parking garage. a gofundme page has listen set up to help the family. >> we work well together. easy to get along with. >> great personality. >> he has a great personality, yeah. >> porter was a baseball star at napa high and played two season with the atlanta braves
8:45 am
in the early '80s. here is mareried with three -- parried with three -- married with three grown children. starting today, body cameras will be tested on santa cruz deputies. the department there is trying to determine the best body camera system they can buy that all of their deputies can wear. on monday, remember, we showed you the body cameras that list in livermore are wearing. that identify department -- that department has identified eight instances in which they are supposed to turn on the cameras and those cameras order audio an visual. the video is stored for three years unless it's a homicide or sex crime. in those cases, the video is kept indefinitely. a stolen cello worth $8,000 is back with its owner. an anonymous person walked into
8:46 am
a bar on grant street, hand the cell le to the -- cello to the bartender and said to give it to the police. he ran out after that. police are looking for a man and woman seen on surveillance video in san francisco taking the cello from a car at the ellis o'farrell parking garage. the first customers who preordered those apple watches, you should start getting them today. in coordination with the arrival, apple updated the website to read the watch is here. some international customers, they've already said there are getting their watches in the mail. apple is only selling the watch online, not in its stores. but some high-end boutiques in los angeles, tokyo, london, paris, berlin and milan, they are offering them for sale. 8:47. want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. hasn't been too bad. >> no, it hasn't.
8:47 am
>> i want to -- i want to show you the toll plaza. i will she you that the backup -- i will show you the backup is at the metering lights. as we fub back farther. there is a backup at the toll plaza but it doesn't extend too far past the toll plaza. once you get underneath the 880 overcrossing, it is -- that's where it slows. you can see the traffic there is not all that bad. if you are driving to the toll plaza, that's where the backup begins just after the 880 overcrossing. let's talk about 237 westbound. we see the traffic there is moving along okay as you drive through. there are no major problems here. you know what? i normally don't do this. guys in the control room can we go back to the chopper show the. i want to show you. there you go. this is the shot. they were getting into position. this is the shot i wanted. westbound. it slows before 880 actually and goes to the metering
8:48 am
lights. this shot gives you the information you need to know. one last thing, 880 southbound is cleared out. it's slow northbound as you pass 238. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. good morning, everybody. control room had a funny comment -- thank you. i will be very, very accommodating. i won't ask for anyone. windy and cooler, clouds increase. saturday morning rain. what? yes, it's on the way. sunday looks okay. monday will be barm, maybe 80s. tomorrow, -- warm. maybe 80s. rain, .23 to maybe .75. a foot of snow possible in the higher peaks. they had snow there. thunderstorms turned to snow. now they are getting it from the northwest. most of this week has been crazy? the mother lode and sierra. the first couple of batches were from a low in southern
8:49 am
california. this is has -- has -- this has had two different patterns. we're waiting for the front. 50s on the temps. the breeze is the big story. it will be breeze, cool, and then we'll cloud it up and then the rain tomorrow. oakland airport, 33 this morning. concord, fairfield, napa, novato, santa rosa, that's the direction the wind is coming from. west 24. west 10 gusts to 21. west 12, gusting 17. and almost west-southwest at livermore to. bodega bay bay 49 degrees. finally. got the warmest temps since june. oaks temps have come back to where they are supposed to be. that means the lows overnight near the coast and in san francisco have been cold for many. the system will produce very light rain to the north. but it's later tonight and tomorrow. and then by 9:00 we'll be on the back side of it. sunday looks much better. mostly cloudy, windy, cooler.
8:50 am
low and high clouds. a lot of 60s. a couple of low 70s. not too many. there will be a few in there. there are a few sunbreaks. but it will cloud up here pretty fast. we'll have mostly cloudy, windy, cool. and late tonight, tomorrow morning rain but sunday/monday look pretty good. >> thank you. >> speaking of the rain, there are still a few events happening around the bay area. >> if you are looking for something to do, mike mibach has a few ideas in this weekend's weekend watch. >> reporter: what's going on? mike mibach here about your weekend watch. why not take a trip out to treasure island. $3 gets you into the first of the season. opens from 10:00 to 4:00, features hundreds of vendors. the food trucks will be there to help with your appetite. children aged 12 and under are free. pets always welcome. sunday marks opening day on the bay if you want check out the sites of the blessing of
8:51 am
the fleet that is at noon at christie field. in the north bay, the butter and eggs day festival in petaluma. besigned the parade at noon at 10:00 a.m., there's also a cow chip throwing contest. the ing swinging skirts -- the swinging skirts tournament continues out in daly city. great opportunity to watch the best female golfers in the world. the. the warriors' game 4 in new orleans on saturday. the alameda theater is evening its doors. free admission for anyone who wants to pop in and cheer on golden state. and rain in the forecast for saturday morning. the giants are
8:52 am
there is a short film appearing online trying to get a message out about climate
8:53 am
change in a pretty dramatic fashion. ♪ >> this video shows skiers trying to go down snow lifts -- snowless mountain lifts. they are on rocks and boulders and then they fall. this movie is from arow firms -- abe row-- arrow films. the fast and furious movie franchise will continue after the death of its -- one of the stars, paul walker. furious 8, it will come out in 20817. now, the most recent -- 2018. the most recent moved out this month. it's become the fastest film ever to bring in $1 billion at the box office after only 17 days in the theaters. if you are online dating in california, you might want to stock up on some sunscreen. took an in-depth look
8:54 am
at dating profiles tate by state and looked to see which word got used most often. it turns out of the most popular word in dating profiles is desert. >> desert. >> people want to hang out in the territory. >> in new york, it's museum. in texas and oklahoma people mention oil. in oregon, kayaking, colorado, snowboarding. in hawaii, no big shock, it's all about surf. i was kind of interested in michigan, wisconsin and alaska, cabin is the most popular word to use. >> i believe michigan. >> secret language we don't know about? come to my cabin. yeah, right. okay. i will come to your cabin. [laughter] let's go out to the traffic. >> secret word. >> secret word, traffic. listen [laughter] >> 880 northbound slow as you pass the coliseum. this is the late crowd. we have slow traffic up to the brick wall. people -- i would like to think these people were just watching "mornings on 2" and decided to
8:55 am
hit the road later. look at 237. i thought it was gonna be lighter. people decided to get on the road late this morning. if you are driving in castro valley, you have a couple of minor incidents. san mateo bridge is slow. we're having a late commute. some commutes, like livermore valley commute, 580 has been doing very well. today's forecast with steve. >> if you have a cabin -- [laughter] >> you might get snow if your cabin is in the mountains. it will be gone by saturday afternoon. >> i enjoyed the talk you had about the warriors. what do you think about tomorrow night? do you think it's a shoo in or -- or that you -- >> they are gonna have to work. but i think they will win. you know, especially after that demoralizing loss for the pelicans. i can't imagine being a new orleans' fan and having to go through that. or the players, they don't want to go out like that. might want to come out and make
8:56 am
a statement. >> we'll be watching, too. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch the news at noon. we'll tell you about major construction work that bart is doing and the key station that will be shut down as a result. we'll follow that story all day and have updates. ♪ everybody is working for the weekend ♪ >> 1987, they want their song back ♪ everybody's going on the deep end ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
it's the viral video of a man counting down. >> what was he counting down to? >> the bizarre act that landed him in police custody. >> oh! >> you could have easily broken a leg. >> looks like monkey wants some company. but, no. >> i just want you to rub my tail. >> the story behind one unique arrangement. you wanted to hang with these guys you had to climb hard. >> she's featured in an amazing documentary about the culture of climbing. >> the story of lynn hill. >> now she talks about making the first free ascent on the
8:59 am
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