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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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at the house to so us the damage. >> reporter: it is a sight. the homeowner says it looks like a tornado hit her backyard. i want to show you the roots, came out, the bottom, the tree came barreling down, taking everything in its path. >> i am okay. i am okay. could be worse. my car could have been in there. someone could have gotten hurt. >> she is shaking her head after discovering her neighbor's tree fell, destroying her garage and was close to wiping out her home. >> i was shaking earlier. >> reporter: around 11:00 a.m. this morning she was at work when she got the call from emergency crews. the tree, 50 feet tall on her neighbor's property snapped. luckily nobody was home and her dogs were safe. she had an eerie feeling the tree would come down and warned her neighbor. >> to be honest, that tree
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bothered me for a while. and i have talked to him about it, saying, you know, it is big and hanging over my property. >> reporter: the tree is surrounded by homes, how it fell is a big question since it wasn't windy at the time and the tree didn't appear to be in distress. >> like somebody driving a truck with lumber on it and the lumber rolling off it. >> reporter: her neighbor describes what he heard. >> a shock. but at the same time it -- it -- it is mother nature. >> reporter: he suspends it grew too big for its spot. he takes full responsibility and will pay for the damage. all of them are just thankful no one was hurt. you never know when mother nature's wrath will hit. >> reporter: the focus now is getting this mess cleaned up. cutting the tree into pieces.
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the fencing has been put up. they are supposed to tell us what went wrong here. >> you can't use that garage, what is going on tonight, is she staying there? going to a friends'? >> reporter: there was no damage to her home and they have athleticricity up and running -- electricity up and running. she will be there tonight and everything else is okay. >> a mess but she okay. thank you. who did it and why? those are the questions people in a neighborhood want answered. this after a 7-year-old boy was shot and injured in a drive-by shooting. at the time he was in a crowd of people mourning a death of a neighbor. ktvu's noelle walker is at children's hospital. what do we know about the boy's condition? >> reporter: he is 7-year-old.
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he is at children's hospital, but the family is not allowing the tonight release anything. we know from police earlier this morning that his injuries were considered life threatening. >> reporter: on the service today looks like any other day. but look closer. >> shooting. that was it. >> reporter: bullet holes. >> my car was messed up. >> a shattered window and a sense things are not right. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know why it happened. i don't know nothing. >> reporter: this is where a 7- year-old boy was shot. >> terrible. terrible. i don't know who would shoot a 7-year-old kid. makes no sense. i don't understand it. never will. >> crowd gathered to mourn the death of a neighbor on the street, that is when a car drove by and two gunman fired into the crowd. evidence tags where blood spilled. the 7-year-old caught in the
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cross hairs. >> at this point the condition of the child is the same as far as i know. serious and life-threatening injury. >> reporter: police are asking for the public's help to find the suspect. he says he doesn't know who fired the shots and says anyone who does -- >> talk to the police. >> reporter: won't talk. >> lose your life. >> reporter: he is one of few in the neighborhood who would talk to us. >> that is why nobody wants to talk, nothing of that. consequences for everything. that is how it is growing up like this. >> reporter: there are other kids in the neighborhood on this very street. >> another shooting or something. retaliation. >> reporter: if no one talks, what is to stop the next child from being shot? >> well, that is a good question. >> reporter: with no good answer. police say they are looking for
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five suspects. all described as african american. they fled in a dark colored vehicle. and they are asking anyone with information to call police. >> you can understand some people are concerned about their safety, why they are hesitant to talk. the gentleman, was he concerned for his safety at all by talking to you? >> reporter: she said it was dangerous that he was talking to us. that is why you are not getting a lot of people talking to you because it could get you killed if they see you talking to reporters or police. but police are saying to solve these crimes that is the only way it will get done is if people who know something come forward and that is the only way you will stop it from happening again. he talked about, they are retaliatory shootings. >> and you can leave an
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unanimous tip. noelle walker, thank you. president obama offered apologies for the death of an american hostage and an italian hostage. the report on the president's apology. >> i regret what happened. on behalf of the u.s. government i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> remorseful president obama for the u.s. accidentally killing two hostages. dr. warren weinstein and giovanni lo porto. for a january drone strike in afghanistan and pakistan. the president said there was no reason to believe either hostage was inside at the time of the strike and ordered an investigation. >> one thing that makes us exceptionself our willingness oo -- exceptional is our willingness to learn. . >> reporter: the family of american hostage blamed the
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death on the terrorists. saying those who took him three years ago bear ultimate responsibility. dr. warren weinstein was contractor working in pakistan when he was kidnapped in 2011. the death of the two hostages are raising questions within the intelligence community. >> we have to acknowledge the intelligence was just not good in this case. >> the white house also revealed that ahmed farouq, an american al-qaeda leader died in the same operation. california native died during a separate january operation. the deaths is the first known incidence in which the u.s. accidentally killed hostages during a drone strike. fox news. a bill that would protect residents who let their lawns
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go brown. the bill would prohibit penalties. california's rules limiting water use and restrict watering. now the bill would go further. nba playoffs. the warriors about 90 minutes away from taking the court against the pelicans. up 2 games to none but tonight the game is in new orleans. >> mark ibanez for what we should be looking for. >> it will be interest. this is the first time the warriors played on the road. only lost twice in oakland. we will see how they do away from home. they are up 2-0. game three privatal in deciding a series -- pyruvatal in deciding a series -- pivotal in deciding a series. and seeing how it baskets and rims work out down there. the warriors have the best home record, and they do like the us against had world feel -- the
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world feeling too. [ audio difficulties ] >> that is it. so be able to buckle down, compete it out is a great feeling. more fun in the locker room afterwards when you can celebrate winning in a hostile environment. >> like that. 6:30 p.m. our time for the tip. we had fun at at&t park this afternoon. the san francisco giants came in. the dodgers had a 7 game win streak rolling, they leave with a three game losing streak. bottom of the 10th. 2-2 game. down the left field line. a run scores and the giants who have been playing terrible baseball losing 9-10, sweep the dodgers and all is well in
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the world with the giants. a long season. >> going back to the warriors. you don't want to get ahead of yourself, i can't see the warriors losing to the pelicans. >> yeah. this would be the upset of the nba season if the warriors did lose the series. interesting thing to note about the nba playoffs, only one team won a road game. last night, san antonio beat the clippers in los angeles. the only team that won a road game. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. >> thank you. ahead here, an investigation into a company. the questionable behavior our hidden cameras uncovered and a city launching a first of its kind traffic app. it will count down for you when a light is going to turn green. >> and this is not what skiing is supposed to look like.
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the message behind it had painful looking video. >> checking on a chance of showers as we head towards had bay area weekend. rain in the forecast. i will have the specifics after the break.
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search teams were looking for a teenager who hasn't been seen since monday morning. the 17-year-old went to cool that morning -- school that morning, went to one class and disappeared about 10:00 a.m. volunteers spread out across the city searching for conner. they split the city into a grid and assigned teams to different areas. >> we feel a tight wound to the community and to the high school -- bound to the community and the high school.
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we volunteer because it is part of our community service that is important. >> the sheriff's deputies say he doesn't have a car or money and they say his cell phone has been turned off. tonight an investigation by ktvu has the state taking a look at questionable business practices of a bay area garage door repair company. ktvu's eric w is here with -- eric rasmussen is here with the shady behavior. >> reporter: you call out a repair man who you don't know to your house, is he licensed, does he know what he is doing or looking to see how much money he can get out of me. we set up three hidden cameras. what else he didn't know is he word from customers who complained. they told us they wanted to do work they didn't need, couldn't
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prove therapy licensed and charged exceptionally high prices. listen to how he peppered our question before he gave her a quote. [ indiscernible ] >> big problem. [ indiscernible ] >> you love a challenge? >> reporter: at that point we had questions of our own for this guy when he couldn't show us proof of a license, we stepped in. tonight at 10:00 p.m. you can see what happens when we confronted him. we should point out another license contractor helped us set up our program. the issue was so easy to fix we could do it ourselves. five months arshe was nominated the senate confirmed loretta lynch for the next attorney general. 10 republicans voting for her. loretta lynch will be the first black woman to be attorney
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general. she will be sworn in on monday. republicans had held up the vote over an unrelated matter. loretta lynch is taking over for eric holder. trying to get a message across about climate change in a dramatic way. [ music playing ] >> the video shows a skier in california. [ audio difficulties ] [ indiscernible ] >> the group's conclusion is climate change is real. all right. our chief meteorologist bill martin. and probably didn't have to look far for too many hills
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without snow. >> probably shot it last weekend -- [ talking at the same time ] >> snow is drying up pretty quick. we get a chance for more snow. maybe. up there in the mountains, towards the bay area weekend. that is the headlines right now. today's temperatures where they were yesterday. more sunshine. inversion, the fog bank got mixed out. tried to come back, patchy again tonight. won't be as powerful as the next system comes in on saturday. it keeps it broken up. fog will be around. there is the system to the north of us. you can see the flow now is like this. right? things going in this direction. sierra nevada getting activity. patchy fog along the coast. by half moon bay. moss landing. fog. the fog and low clouds patchy tomorrow morning. highs today in to the 70s. right now we are in the 60s.
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68 walnut creek. 71 out there in the fairfield area. over night lows in the 40s. and tomorrow, as the system gets closer temperature comes down. the system moves in, saturday morning, late friday night, early saturday morning, we will get rain. good news. half inch, in the coastal hills. .10 to .30. mountains, 12 inches of snow. it will help your garden. pollens. not going to help with the reservoir stuff, as you know, because it will soak into the ground. most won't run off. but it will wet things up and saturday afternoon and athenian roads will be wet. -- sunday evening the roads will be wet. today we had lots of yellow. 70s all over the bay. tomorrow we will see 70s to the east. as this system gets closer to us. it will set us up with showers.
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san jose 66 degrees tomorrow. cooler. clouds. not fog. clouds. high clouds move in as the system approaches. over night thing. late friday night. 3:00 a.m. saturday morning. late friday night into saturday morning. and looks like rain. really does. quick mover. saturday afternoon should dry out. over night thing by noon time most of us will forget it happened. good news there. good for the folk whose suffer from allergies. good for the mountains. 12 inches on the higher peaks. >> are people still going skiing -- [ talking at the same time ] >> there is a couple places still open. yeah. it is done. >> okay. thank you. a nightclub in san francisco has to close. and it wasn't just flames crews had to fight at house fire.
5:20 pm
what caused explosions. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, an uber driver accused in a road rage attack appeared before a judge, coming up the developments in the courtroom and why he won't be on the road anytime soon and a surprise for whoever owns this python found near a school. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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nightclub, the elbow room's lease expires in october and they won't renew lease. it is in the mission district. the club's owners posted a message on facebook, they plan to build a new condo complex in the to spot. -- in the spot. they are looking for a new location. neighbors rushed to a house to help but they couldn't get inside. it wasn't just the fire that keep people from getting to the man. >> reporter: that popping is exploding in this home. the cell phone video taken after 3:00 a.m. this morning, you can see flames coming through the roof. inside a man was trapped. >> i thought about trying to break the door down, i started banging banging and yelling. the window broke and then at
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that time the smoke came billowing out. black, thick smoke. when i saw that i knew there wasn't anything we could do. no way i could go in there. >> reporter: firefighters arrived and immediately started attacking the fire and searching for the man. they found him where he was pronounced deceased. neighbors say only one man lived in his home. >> he is a friend of ours. and to our family. so, yeah, it is heart breaking. >> reporter: neighbors say the reason why there was ammunition in the garage is because the man enjoyed target shooting. >> it would do professional competitions. he would shoot old style guns is fancy guns. >> reporter: firefighters do not believe the ammunition was the cause of the fire. that is because the fire began in the rear of the home and not
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in the garage. investigators found the worse damage down to the back. they will get help from the arson task force. police are looking the lead on the investigation and will work with fire officials to determine a cause. they say this doesn't appear to be sufficients but they need to be cautious because a man here died. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. a city launching a traffic app and it gives you a count down before the light turns green. why the city says it could improve traffic in the future. >> the secretary of defense visits the bay area and lays out a plan to keep the u.s. safe from cyber attacks and includes the idea of preemptive strikes. and youtube celebrating its 10 year anniversary, the first video ever uploaded.
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we have been there. sitting behind someone at a stop light, the light turns green but they don't move and you just sit there. now there is an app for that. ktvu's john sasaki reports from walnut creek on a solution. >> reporter: stop lights,
5:29 pm
drivers occupy themselves themselves. >> that never happens. >> reporter: those distractions keep drivers from proceeding when the light turns green. >> honk. >> reporter: the app unveiled in walnut creek tells drivers when the light is about to change. >> there it goes. [ laughter ] >> when is the ach going to be -- app going to be ready? >> now. there you go. >> cool. >> reporter: it gives a count down a the light change and it will -- down to the light change and will tell you if you make it next light. >> it gives you the time for each one. >> reporter: if enough people use it traffic will flow more smoothly. >> we anticipate the delay time. the distracted driver and you
5:30 pm
know how it is, it is one driver distracted -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: unless you are going to stair at a count down on your phone you will be safe using it because it will tell you without looking at it when the light will turn green. >> this is part of a technology we will see coming forward that will make cars safer. >> reporter: does it sound like something you want to use? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: why? >> i would find it distracting to be on my phone. >> reporter: i talked with a chp officer, he said anything other than driving is a distraction but he said the auditory cue sounds like it could be useful. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the technology cost $22,000 to city. the money came from a grant. so we want to give you a sense
5:31 pm
of how the app works. you are looking through the windshield of a car driven by john sasaki. the app is running. i will pause and i don't hear the sound. john just made it through a green light. he showed us what the sound effect is. the audio cue. it is another green light. wouldn't you know it. the one time you drive through -- >> and you hit all the lights. >> some drivers like it, others say i am fine tapping my horn if the guy in front of me isn't going. if you want to continue on this journey with john sasaki -- >> another green light. [ talking at the same time ] >> we are streaming it on head over there and click and drive with him live.
5:32 pm
in missouri the parents of michael brown filed a lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. the family made the announcement this morning. the 18-year-old was shot last august by a former police officer darren wilson. authorities ruled the shooting was justified. a woman is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after being shot by sheriff's deputies. investigators say the 46-year- old led them on a high-speed chase and rammed three officers with her car. the incident happened before midnight. deputies were responding to a car that was driving in reverse on highway 101. she hit speeds of over 100 miles per hour. authorities say the woman got off the freeway. she turned into a parking lot and as authorities closed in she backed her car into them, knocking three deputies to the
5:33 pm
ground and that is when they opened fire. investigators say she is a transient but not known to frequent sonoma county. the deputies are placed on administrative leave. in made in the bay, we are learning about a company that found a way to take humidity out of the air and convert it into water. representatives visited siv to look -- silicon valley to look at the technology. ktvu's rob roth is live. >> reporter: imagine creating water out of thin air, that is what a retired tennis professional showed us that it can be done. >> very simple concept. sucks the air in. >> reporter: may look like a water cooler but it could make water out of air. he is a former professional tennis player and a co-founder
5:34 pm
that makes automatic water generators. he showed us how it works. >> sucks the air in. it freezes the humidity out of the air. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the humidity thaws, runs through filters and comes out ready for drinking. it sells for $1,300. he says the technology will not solve california's drought but it could help. he has machines that produce 1200 gallons of water a day. >> we can help. >> reporter: he met today with representatives from unicef that is looking for ways to solve the shortage of clean water in third world countries. they say it is impressed by the conseptember. >> no one -- concept. >> no one solution but solutions from different places connected together can make a huge difference. >> reporter: he won a medal for
5:35 pm
doubles in the 1992 olympics became interested in the technology after he retired from tennis. he says he spoke to the california farm industry as a possible solution to replace water in wells but they say it is too expensive. if drought continues on, expensive water may be better than no water at all. right now the machines are powered by electricity but they are looking into ways to find renewable resources and that would make operating them more cheaper. >> all right. thank you. made in the bay, we have a submission form on an update on a one of a kind cello that was stolen and now the crime has been partly served. the hand-off in a bar in san francisco. >> and a creative instreit the prom -- invite it the prom went
5:36 pm
off track. >> earthquakes have been quiet for a while. scientists saying that could be bad news.
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♪ ♪ ♪ have a day to remember. it's easy with a free red velvet cake
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with a 10 piece meal or larger. a look at the thursday evening commute. look at that. interstate 80. the lanes on the right, that is the commute direction up towards berkeley, richmond. the lanes on the left towards the maze and the bay bridge.
5:39 pm
it is jammed up in both directions. to 880 in oakland. the commute direction is the left lanes heading south towards hayward. the other direction heading into downtown oakland and that is lower than -- slower than it normally is. and we have a reminder for drivers in san francisco, van ness will be shut down tonight. construction work will close at midnight and it will stay closed till sunday. traffic will be rerouted so expect delays. the closure is needed for the construction of an underground tunnel between a hospital on van ness and medical offices across the street. there was a similar closure two weeks ago and one more closure is planned for september. the classic today in daly city and ktvu fox 2 news tara moriarty was that golf club where players with bay area ties will be competing.
5:40 pm
many are talking about the role women play in the sport. >> reporter: she teed off before 8:00 a.m. this morning. the event show cases top play players. we caught up with tiger woods' niece this morning. >> i am here in case anybody withdrawals today i will be able to play. i am hoping for an opportunity to play this week. such a great event. great to be here in san francisco. a great event for women. and to get women involved in the game and grow the game of golf. >> reporter: last week we tweeted i hope the masters will consider a masters soon. >> i feel like there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to. 2015, you know, i think that, you know, augusta and the
5:41 pm
masters and everybody with that event they want to grow the game so badly. >> support pros say is rapidly evolving for women. >> all different now. for years i thought golf would go the way of gymnastics. i think we will keep seeing younger girls that will get to that tour level when they are 18-year-old. >> reporter: tickets are $25 a day. it runs through sunday. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a high school student suspended because of how he asked a girl to the prom. he wanted to go big when he popped the question. he got up on the cafeteria stage holding the sign here but look around his waist. wearing a vest with fake explosives. the principal quickly grabbed the vest and escorted him to
5:42 pm
the office. he wassed for 5 -- was suspended for 5 days. >> i said i know it is late but i am the bomb, will you be my date to prom, i had a paint ball vest. >> the principal says even apons could undermine officer to make the school feel safe. -- school efforts to make school feel safe. a cello reunited with the owner. the turn of event at a bar in san francisco. >> youtube, the first video ever uploadedloaded and the video that has more views than any other. >> after the break, rain for this weekend. i will let you know when it will impact your weekend and which day will be the nicest.
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the u.s. defense secretary layed out a new cyber security policy today. he unveiled the new strategy that puts an emphasis on the military's ability to retaliate. he says it is clear the same technology that contributed to society can pose a risk to the
5:46 pm
governments it serves. it includes preemptive strikes -- [ audio difficulties ] >> it will help deter future attacks. >> the strategy comes a day after the house passed a bill. a stolen cello, $8,000, has been reunited with the owner. san francisco police say an anonymous person had instrument with him when he walked into a bar and handed it to the bartender telling him to give it to the police. investigators say the cello was stolen from a car in a parking garage earlier this month. the suspects were caught on surveillance video but so far they are still on the loose. we have been there, right, go to youtube to watch a video, and then an hour later you are
5:47 pm
still on youtube. no doubt it changed the way we watch and share videos and today youtube is 10 years old. ktvu's mike mibach who never wastes time on youtube is live with more. >> reporter: a decade of growth, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. google knew how big youtube could be in 2006 so they bought it for $1.6 billion in stock and if you don't remember the first video posted, well, let's take a look. >> here we are. they have really, really -- >> reporter: that is youtube co- founder. he uploaded the video april 23, 2005. he is talking about the elephant at the san diego zoo. this video has been seen 20
5:48 pm
million time. people share personal announcements, engagements, and other emotional messages like this video of twin brothers coming out to their father. it has been viewed 18 million times. youtube has become synonymous with tutorials. you can learn to do anything by watching a video on youtube or catch up on television and don't forget the silly cat videos. cats versus bananas. already has a half million views. pretty much anything you can find out there on youtube. which video has been watched the most? here it is. [ music playing ] >> that's right. gangnam style viewed more than any other video.
5:49 pm
2.3billion times. the singer was the first to pass that one billion mark. the video was done july 15, 2012 and it is still holding the top spot. [ audio difficulties ]. >> report, says it is an asset for goog. it gen-- google. sen grated 4-point -- generated $4.7 billion in revenue. . >> [ audio difficulties ] >> i went to youtube and looked for all the other videos you shared with us. wasted a little time. >> thank you. our chief meteorologist bill martin now. interesting to think about, hasn't been out that long, 10 years ago, no iphone, no google. can you imagine -- [ talking at the same time ]
5:50 pm
>> it was so new, nobody understood. and google knew what they had. i use it so much. genius if you want -- i had to run cable from one room to another -- [ talking at the same time ] >> a great tutorial on anything. changing break pads on your car. you name it. amazing resource. something we never had. you can find all this stuff on youtube. temperatures today, warmed up. they were warmer in places like antioch, 76. 75 livermore. nice looking day. similar to yesterday. not that distance from yesterday. more sunshine today. there is the system i am tracking. to the north of us. as it moves in here friday night, not friday, friday night, we will increase the clouds, it will make for a cooler day on friday now because as it gets closer to us it will create an onshore flow
5:51 pm
and keep temperatures in the 60s. low 70s. cooler tomorrow. there is the system i am tracking. a cluttered pacific. the winds shift and by friday night, 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., saturday morning, if you will, raining. we could see .10 of rain in some places. the winds blow -- not howling winds saturday as the system moves through but breezy saturday. saturday showers in the morning. breezy and clearing in the afternoon. tomorrow morning, not bad. clouds. and tomorrow night, here comes the system. i will stop it at 1:00 a.m. right? 1:00 a.m. starting to rain and showers move through by 7:00 a.m. i am getting out of bed here. plants are watered.
5:52 pm
sun is coming out. breezy saturday afternoon. pollens knocked down. 67 livermore tomorrow. temperatures tremendous down. breezier tomorrow as well -- trend down. breezier tomorrow as well. a chance for -- maybe, 6-12 inches of snow at the higher elevations. every little bit helps. perfect timing. my yard, i haven't had to turn the sprinklers on. it will keep ourself greener. >> bring on the rain. thank you. we are always bracing for the big one, earthquake experts say they have identified new patterns and there is a greater sense of urgencies. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, evidence of water wasting in one city. >> estimate like 50 gallons a minute. >> the project that has neighbors outraged and why the
5:53 pm
city says it is necessary. and new statistics on binge drinking. why women are drinking a lot more these days. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters because the tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses. then i'll get to choose $300 in pillows, sheets and other free gifts. on top of that, up to 48 months interest-free financing! hurry! mattress discounters' tempur-pedic bonus event ends sunday.
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an effort this morning to build a new playground in six hours. 200 volunteers put the
5:56 pm
playground together that ymca. they started at 8:30 a.m. and plan to be wrapped up by 2:30 p.m. but there is plenty work that is done ahead of time. >> cool thing we do is guarantee a playground built in 6 hours. in order a organize the event we have to do 10 weeks of planning. >> playground was built with the help of blue cross and blue shield and a sepbrasion will be held on sunday -- celebration will be held on sunday. earthquake experts say the so-called big one could hit the bay area sooner than we think. ktvu's john fowler found out why there is a new sense of urgency. >> we live in earthquake country, it has been quiet recently but that may change soon. >> one fault will rupture and that puts stress on another fault. >> reporter: he says new data from faults in southern
5:57 pm
california reveal worrisome cycle in earthquakes. clusters of large quakes sepbrated by quiet. -- separated by quiet. the napa quake, even the 1969 earthquake were small compared to the large number of earthquakes hit before the big one of 1906. >> after 1906 that quieted down. enjoyed a nice, peaceful time. >> in the bay area the fault that runs through this east bay hills has been quiet for over 150 years. scientists now say it could wake up vintly at any moment -- violently at any moment. >> i am not ready for the big earthquake. i don't know what will happen. >> reporter: people told us they have been lulled into complacency. >> i am in the mind set of expecting something like that. >> reporter: bay area fault
5:58 pm
strain is about the same as it was before 1906. a 70% chance of a large earthquake the next 30 years. highest risk, the hayward fault. >> unfortunately a lot of people and infrastructure are on top of the fault. it is a concern because of that. the risks are significant. >> reporter: this news should encourage everyone to get prepared right now. john fowler, ktvu fox 2 news. a dangerous volcano in chile is erupting for the first time in 42 years and forcing thousands a evacuate. this is time lapse video of the volcano when it first erupted yesterday about 600 miles south of santiago. authorities evacuated 4,000 peopleane 12-mile radius around the volcano -- people in a 12- mile radio around the volcano. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00
5:59 pm
p.m. starts now. 10s of thousands of gallons of water a day being wasted. all part of a project to build new homes in the bay area. and tonight neighbors are outraged. >> that is a huge waste of water. we could use that water. every lawn on this block could be watered. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> 50 gallons a minute. that is how much water officials estimate is going down the drain in palo alto on purpose. and neighbors say that is unacceptable. especially during a drought. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's cristina rendon in palo alto. why is the water being dumped out? >> reporter: homes are being built so crews have to dig into the ground to get the water out. what makes it frustrating, today in the mail they got this notice and it says water rates are about to go up.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: h horrified -- horrified. >> reporter: the sound and sight of water gushing through pipes pipes and into storm drains on purpose during this drought has residents upset. >> every time i turn on the news, every time i open facebook, twitter, save water. save water. save water. >> reporter: she said that is not happening. we traced this pipe to a construction site. >> that is huge waste of water. we could use that water. every lawn could be watered. running non-stop 24/7 for six days. >> this is happening at three sites so we went to the city. >> it does look bad. >> reporter: he says property owners are pumping out the water from an aquifer to build basements. >> an estimate is 50 gallons a empty. >> reporter: that equal -- a


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