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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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never before has this kind of passion this kind of innovation, engineering, design and performance... been available... for this kind of price. the 2015 cla from mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. a 7-year-old child wounded by a stray bullet after at least two gunmen started firing on a street in vallejo.
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good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that 7-year-old is in the hospital tonight. we're told the stray bullet hit his aorta, and the shooting is life threatenk. the shooting happened at the intersection of 5th and cherry streets. heather holmes is at the shooting scene in vallejo. >> reporter: just about 20 minutes ago, police wrapped up their investigation here. throughout the night, we watched as they were taking photographs, around marking the area, all collecting evidence for this investigation. this shooting happened just down the hill from where i'm standing, outside of a house here on 5th street. i talked to several people at the scene. they tell me that dozens of people had gathered at that house to mourn the loss of a family member who suddenly passed away in his sleep overnight. as they were grieving, gunfire,
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and that 7-year-old boy was hit. hours after witnesses say at least two gunmen unleashed several rounds at a house near 5th street on cherry, the area remains blocked off. listen to one man, fearful to show his face, describes the moment. >> i'm sitting here, barbequing for the family and everybody. you know, see if they do approach, which i'm thinking is more friends, and loved ones. i see a guy win out a gun, started shooting at the crowd. >> the shooters approached and started firing. >> there's no rounds coming in the other direction. they were shooting at people. >> everybody thought it was firecrackers. >> reporter: he says he watched as the parents of of a 7-year- old rushed him away after he was struck at least once. >> no, it's not happening, no
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it's not. they took the boy away. we don't know how he's doing right now. >> reporter: now i asked those relatives if they had any update on how the little boy is doing. the last they were told he's in surgery. police say they continue to look for the suspects, but they also tell me they did find evidence that two different handguns were used in this shooting. >> all right, our thoughts and prayers with with that 7-year- old boy. there was also a shooting in san carlos. a man shot and wounded a relative inside the home. it happened just after 4:00 in the afternoon. investigators say the 66-year- old suspect apparently thought he needed to defend himself from a family member and opened fire, shooting a 33-year-old man multiple times. the victim was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. authorities haven't said whether they arrested the older man for the shooting, or if it may have been self-defense.
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there are new developments in barry bonds legal case that has been playing out for more than a decade now. today an appeal's court reversed his conviction for obstruction of justice. they ruled barry bonds meandering to questioning was not material to the government steroid investigation. we have team coverage, starting with ken pritchett live at at&t park, where fans say it was a waste of time and resources. >> reporter: frank, at the ballpark tonight. there were plenty of fans happy to hear about this news and barry bonds expressed his relief and gratitude that this particular legal chapter as closed. almost eight years since he last played, and bonds jersey is still a favorite among fans at at&t park. >> he built this stadium. without him, we wouldn't have this beautiful ballpark. >> reporter: bonds left a permanent mark on this ballpark
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in right field, the sign, 756 home runs, august, 2007. >> every time he batted, you just tipped your glove and wait. >> reporter: the mark on bonds criminal record was not permanent. his conviction on obstruction of justice overturned by a federal appeal's court. >> we shouldn't have gone after him in the first place. >> they didn't have a strong case at the beginning. >> reporter: barry bonds released this statement saying in part, today's news is something i have long hoped for, and this has been a long, and strenuous period in my life. i very much look forward to moving beyond it. bonds was wrapped up in a steroid's scandal that landed him in court in 2007. today's ruling leaves prosecutors completely empty handed. but what about bonds' future? does this clear the way to the hall of fame? >> i think that may be more
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tricky because of the steroid cloud over it. >> he should be in the hall of fame, what are we waiting for? >> reporter: there is no appeal of this decision, bonds' legal troubles in this matter are over. ktvu, channel 2 news. sports director, mark ibanez joins us now. you have followed bonds' career for years. where does this leave him now? >> it's going to be interesting to see what unfolds in the coming months and coming years. of course, having covered barry's career since the giants signed him as a free agent in 1993. i can tell you with full confidence, it was one word that bothered him. that one word is felon. he didn't like it it. but now that he is in the clear, so to speak, the two most common questions seem to be, now that the obstruction of justice conviction has been reversed, will bonds have a better chance of getting into the baseball hall of fame, and secondly, will this clear the
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way for him to return to baseball on a more regular basis? perhaps as a full time coach. his relationship with the giants appears more solid. he's made more appearances at the ballpark lately, like last night, and asked larry barra, perhaps the team plans to offer bonds a permanent position. >> he had a role in spring training last year. we're talking about a role now. it wasn't dependent on this ruling, but in some ways it might emotionally make it easier for both sides to put seth together to have a relationship with the giants like his godfather does. >> one thing i can tell you, he will be going into the bay area sports hall of fame come may 11. that's a start, i'm sure. as far as cooperstown, we'll wait and see, but i really don't think this will have an effect at all on the voters who vote for the hall of fame. they will always have that
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cloud, i think where they're thinking about whether he's used performance enhancing drugs. >> do you see him gets 75% at some point? >> not anytime soon, unfortunately. i think he was a hall of famer even before he was accused of the performance enhancing drugs. i don't have a vote though. i think eventually, he will get in, could be as much as a decade ahead. >> mark, thank you. state with ktvu for continuing coverage on air, and online we will bring you any new developments as they happen. the chp is asking you to be on the alert for two young girls who are missing tonight. uracel is 6, her sister is 9. the chp says they are likely in
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danger. right now, they are looking for the girl's mother. they say she does not have custody of those two girls. she's likely driving a white, 2003 honda civic, with california license plate, 5cqe005. investigators say they maybe headed to mexico. in six minutes, the search mounted today for a south bay teenager who went to school monday and hasn't been seen since. the archbishop says he will not attend this weekend's march for marriage in washington, d.c. he spoke at last year's march against same-sex marriage, and was widely criticized by a number of san francisco leaders, including lieutenant governor newsom. mayor ed lee, and house leader, nancy pelosi. he has decided to attend to the pastoral needs of the church.
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voting 7-2 today to require california school children to be vaccinated. the measure would eliminate philosophical, and religious exemptions by parents. the legislation was amended to allow families with unvaccinated children to join together and home school their children. the bill still though, has a long way to go. the next stop is the state senate judiciary committee, then the assembly. it's been called a house of horrors. 2 investigates returns to an apartment building with a history of problems, and also confronts city numberers with what we found inside. >> a nice looking day today. more sunshine than we've had the last couple of days. going into the weekend though, more clouds, and a chance of a shower. i'll let you know when you can expect it. >> we're just really broken. >> up first, the wife of a popular radio host opens up about his unexpected death, and his wish that will now go unfulfilled.
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help us regain our peace. >> new at 10:00, a tearful widow tonight, speaking publicly about the death of her husband. wesley burton was a popular staff member. he was a father of three, and was killed in a car crash over the weekend when he was hit by a hit-and-run driver. ktvu's amber lee is at opd headquarters after speaking
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with burton's wife, and also hearing for her ask for someone to step forward. >> reporter: oakland police told me they haven't arrested anyone yet, but are asking anyone with information to come forward. family and friends want answers. >> and you're listoning to 94.1 in berkely. >> reporter: a present as berkely's kpfa radio for two decades. now silenced. a void inside the broadcast studio, where he worked as a dj, sound engineer, mentor. his wife struggling to come to terms with the impact of his death. >> we're just really broken. we're just picking up pieces. and just, just devastating to us. >> reporter: early saturday morning, burton was driving his silver mercury home from work,
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when this white car crashed into it near the berkely/oakland city line. police say the hit and run driver fled the scene on foot. burton was just blocks from home. >> i'm missing my backbone, you know? yeah, just turn yourself in. anybody to speak up. >> reporter: very also works at the radio station and met burton here 16 years ago. every space filled with memories. now a memorial in the lobby. >> it was not just a job. it was a way of life. >> reporter: his love for his work only surpassed by his love for his family. three children, ages 4 to 9. >> he was a genuinely amazing person. >> reporter: burton didn't have a father growing up. now his dream of raising his own children will go unfulfilled. >> making sure that they have a
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father. he was very passionate about that. >> reporter: as she makes funeral arrangements, she says she has faith that police will solve this case. >> yeah, we're still working out all the details. we lost our rock, you know, he was our stability, our strength. help us regain our peace. help us get our answers, our questions answered. >> the time is now 2:00 p.m. up next, voices of the middle east, and north africa. >> that was burton's last broadcast shortly before he was killed. hoping his legacy of giving a voice to others lives on. he was 34 years old. >> amber lee in oakland tonight. thank you. a man suspected of dressing
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in drag and pulling off the mrs. doubtfire bank robbery is now behind bars. he robbed a u.s. bank branch on april 3. they had previously released a surveillance photo, showing him wearing glasses, and dressed with a purse. police made a traffic stop and discovered several items connecting him to the robbery, including a wig and a necklace. tonight, he is in the santa cruz county jail held on $600,000 bail. in silicon valley, the search continues for a teenage boy who has been missing now for two and a half days. 17-year-old connor sullivan was last seen monday morning at cupertino high school. his parents have an emotional message for their missing son. >> reporter: mystery at monty
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vista high school. >> if you can hear this message, you're not in trouble. we love you. please come home. >> reporter: on this day, the 17-year-old's parents embraced friends on campus, they said their son was looking forward to going to track practice this week. >> connor is a leader. he's a leader without being boisterous, and being in people's faces. he's a very respected leader. >> we believe he's still in the city of cupertino. he doesn't have a vehicle. we don't believe he has any cash on him. >> reporter: investigators say the 17-year-old left his house 7:00 a.m. monday. they say he went to a couple classes, and was last seen by school staff on campus at 10:00 a.m. >> the ambiguity of not knowing where he is, or, it's just torturous to the community, and more specifically to his family. >> reporter: volunteers with the cupertino response team are searching near the campus and beyond. the sheriff's department says sullivan's cell phone has been turned off. investigators say they do not
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believe a crime has occurred. >> it is suspicious, because it's out of character. connor has never run away before. >> reporter: sullivan's parents say he is a determined young man, a great student. with that, they say they are perplexed as to why or how their son would vanish. >> i just want him home. i just want my baby home. >> reporter: despite searching city streets, volunteers are also going into some open space areas where connor liked to go on runs. deputies have checked into hospitals, so far no sign of the 17-year-old. fox 2 news. in daly city. a teenager who went missing earlier this week is back home with her family tonight. we told but 16-year-old destiny peoples last night. her family was worried, and told us destiny is developmentally disabled. they say police found destiny this morning at the home of a friend in the east bay. tracking a lot of low cloud out there right now. we've got clouds throughout the
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bay area. you can see from the map, there's some showers still lingering up around lake tahoe where they had thunder showers today. a lot of clouds this morning, they burned off. daytime numbers got up there. a big warm up today. then it stays there, and it cools off. the current situation around lake tahoe, just a few scattered showers, no problem there. there's some fog along the coast, but it's mostly low clouds, it's breaking off as that low moves out of the area. sort of breaks up that inversion. we set up with a much better weather pattern in terms of sunshine, and slightly warmer. i've got some patchy fog. overnight lows tonight are going to be in the 40s, maybe a little cooler tonight, less cloud cover, and in the model, this is tomorrow or tonight, and tomorrow morning, you'll see the fog and the low clouds. not as much as we had this morning. the last two mornings, it's been fog pretty much everywhere. the highs tomorrow. you're going to start to see oranges show up. those are 80s.
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a little warmer tomorrow as well. fog, patchy fog right along the coast, forecast high in san francisco tomorrow. you start off mostly cloudy. look for tomorrow to be a lot like today with more sunshine. friday, we've got some changes, and in the five-day forecast, we've got a chance of rain into the bay area weekend. this time it looks like we might see it, when i come back, we'll lay all of that out for you. >> thanks bill. ahead tonight, tenants say there is raw sewage running down their walls. 2 investigates why people who live in this residential hotel could lose their homes despite persistent problems. >> it's been more than 100 years since 1 million armenians were killed. a telling her father's account in a language she could understand.
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tonight, 2 investigates discovers more problems in a code enforcement nightmare at a residential hotel in the east bay. now people who live at the imperial towers in downtown oakland are being threatened with eviction. ktvu's eric rasmussen uncovered more unsanitary conditions. even though an inspector recently signed off on repairs. >> reporter: a tenant worries that's raw sewage flowing down from a wall of his room at empyrean towers. >> he says it's been like this since january. >> reporter: at least a dozen other tenants say they also got letters telling them to pay up
10:24 pm
or get out. >> has everything been fixed in your room? >> no, no. >> reporter: 2 investigates first uncovered problems back in january, while the city now insists most code violations have been fixed, tenants say something stinks, and it's not just the mess on this wall. >> so you're saying you didn't see this? >> i didn't see that when i was on my inspection. >> reporter: we showed it to the inspector and his boss. >> we're dismayed to hear about that we missed this one, and we'll get right back on it immediately. >> i'm not a big conspiracy nearist, but at this point, seeing that, and seeing that you signed off on the room, it sure seems like something fishy is going on. >> you may have your opinion on it. it wasn't intentionally, believe me. >> reporter: he says the view of this area was blocked during his last inspection. a hotel worker called me into the hallway during our visit today, but he wasn't happy to see our camera. >> i was minding my own business, and you asked me to
10:25 pm
come over and talk to me. we're a package deal, what can i tell you. >> reporter: he certainly didn't want to talk about what we just witnessed. late today, a plumber came out to the hotel, so did the city inspector. other tenants hope he'll take a look at their rooms too. >> if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. just email 2 investigates at or call us at 510-874-0222. an east palo alto group who helps the needy is in need of some help itself tonight. a thief broke into the hunger program yesterday morning. employees say a man cut a hole in a fence and headed straight for the van. surveillance video shows the man rifling through the back of one of them. the vans are used daily to pick
10:26 pm
up donated food, clothing, and furniture for the more than 1500 people, the program serves every month. >> it makes me really sad. it's really upsetting to think about everything that we do in the community, and all that we give back to the community. we've been around for 40 years. >> east palo alto police are reviewing the surveillance footage. they also recovered some of the tools the thief left behind. a sears store has donated two new batteries, but the non- profit thinks it needs between $1,502, -- $1,500, to $2,000 to fix the broken windows. first, a surviver of the armenian genocide is finally having his story shared. the harrowing tale as spoken through his daughter's voice. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment,
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this friday marks 100 years since the armenian genocide. >> while the world is marking the centennial, it's also very personal for one east bay woman. gasia mikaelian is here now with her story. >> julie and frank, there have been many events honoring the 1.5 million lives lost. but one woman in alameda is paying tribute to her father who survived the genocide. before she could tell her story, she needed to unlock the secrets written on back of the photograph. >> this is my mom and dad on their wedding day. >> reporter: this photo captures a young couple on a very happy day, so unlike the years of tragedy and horror they lived through during the armenian genocide. >> genocide contates a total destruck, and that's what they did. >> reporter: the subject of her
10:30 pm
book, delhi circus, the scars he carried. she remembers her father telling him about the armenian genocide, and how he was forced from his home in turkey. >> we were put in cattle cars. thaws how -- that's how we were sent to the area here. >> reporter: our women were in a state of panic, and handing their babies to arab and kurdish women to save them. >> reporter: death marches, starvation, rape, robbery, and massacre. turkey to this day denies the killings constitute genocide. saying there was no campaign to wipe out armenians, but sarkis was a witness and surviver. >> so many of our men and boys
10:31 pm
died, and then the girls were taken. this was a very bad, bad episode for him to remember. >> she had his story, but after his death in 1995, he was left with photographs with armenian writing on the back. writing she couldn't read. >> i needed to unlock the mystery of who these people were. what was said, what were they saying and what were the emotions of their message. >> reporter: she turns to a professor who translated the writing for chestnut. at lest she knew. >> you probably know this man. you have the good fortune of living with him for a long time. let's see if you remember. >> reporter: with the secrets unlocked, they begins to unwrite her father's story. others are continuing to teach
10:32 pm
the western armenian dialect. >> i'm about 5. >> reporter: was never encouraged to speak. >> they spoke to us in armenian, and we would answer them in english. >> reporter: chestnut says some 7 million people spoke armenian, now just 1 million. as the world pauses on april 24, chestnut says she is grateful to be able to tell her father's story, and keep his memory alive. when chestnut was growing up in san francisco, the focus was on assimilation, now she's proud of keeping their ancestors stories alive. we always joke about how tight
10:33 pm
armenians were. the professor chestnut seeked out was my mom. what a gift to be able to tell her those notes that were tucked away for so long. >> how does your mom feel about it? >> it's her life's work. for my mom to teach at a place like cal, the students who are so willing and eager to learn, then to get requests like this from ellen, like i said, it's her life's work. >> nice story. a retired hayward police sergeant is facing nine felony counts on charges that he stole more than half a million dollars from a mentally ill woman he once arrested. saying michael beale convinced a woman to jointly invest in buying a home. investigators say the woman made payments up until this month, but beale never used the money to buy a house. they say beale convinced her to invest when he learned she had more than $300,000 in an investment portfolio. beale was arrested on monday,
10:34 pm
he's been held at santa rita jail. guests had to be evacuated from the lodge at pebble beach in monterey county this morning. a security guard reported flames coming from a second floor chimney at the lodge just after 4:00 a.m. cal fire posted these pictures on its facebook page. firefighters said it took about an hour to put out the fire because it was difficult to locate in the wall and chimney space. fortunately, there were no injuries, and the resort only suffered minimal damage. symantec is reporting half a million more data hacks than this time last year. the report says hackers often target large companies by tricking users into downloading a software update. it also claims 17% of the apps in android stores are malware. wall street posted gains today. the dow rosed 88 points. nasdaq gained 21, and is now
10:35 pm
just 13 points away from its all-time high. the s & p added 10:00. visa, mcdonald's, and american express were among today's winners. google is introducing a new wireless service called project buy, and costs just $20 a month for the basics, including talk and text. data costs an additional $10 per gigabyte and you only pay for what you use. the service uses t-mobile, sprint, and wi-fi for calls, and only works with googles nexus smartphone. for now, it's invitation only. international travelers riding at sfo are getting through customs a bit faster and easier. the airport has installed new auto matched passport control kiosks. the machines can scan passports and customs declarations and then issues a receipt. the process should only take about 90 seconds. if there's a red flag, a
10:36 pm
customs agent should intervene. international traffic grew 5.5% at sfo last year. a woman and her son pulled from their burning home. their terrifying ordeal today, and the person they're now calling an angel. >> the sun came out today. plenty of blue skies and temperatures increased. i'm going to have details on when you can expect showers for the weekend weather. see you back here. >> if you live in an apartment complex, you probably don't know how much water to conserve, because chances are, you're not getting a bill. a state lawmaker wants to change that.
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across the bay area, people did their part today to celebrate earth day. about 5,000 people turned out for bart's event in san francisco. it is the blue sky celebration at justin herman plaza. plants were handed out today. organizers say the turn out was the largest in the event's history. also today, san francisco's mayor, ed lee unveiled the 0 to 100 campaign. it plans to have 100% renewable energy available for homes and businesses at some point in the future. the mayor also announced millions of dollars for new
10:40 pm
electric trolley buses, and biodiesel hybrid buses. has a complete earth day section. look for the link right on the front page. >> this earth day comes in the middle of an unprecedented drought in california. but because many people don't have water readers, many people don't have a financial incentive to conserve. >> reporter: you'd be surprised that there are many people, if you live in an apartment, they don't have a water meter, so people don't know how much water they're using. a bay area senator wants to change that by requiring all newly constructed buildings to have a water meter so each tenant knows how much water they're using. like many californians, darren lives in an apartment. he says he loves to do his part to conserve water, but the only problem is, he doesn't know how much water he uses, because he
10:41 pm
doesn't get a bill. >> no, i don't get one. i know water is included with the rent. i don't know how much my water is. >> reporter: he's not alone. almost half of californians live in multifamily housing. >> our landlord gets a bill for the duplex. >> do you know exactly how much you pay? >> no idea. it's included in our rent. >> reporter: she wants to change that. she introduced state senate bill 7 which will require all newly built multiunit structures to include water meters. it would allow a tenant to know how much water they're using. >> it would benefit a lot of people just to see what kind of impact you have. >> i think that would be the fairway to do it it. >> why is that? >> then everybody knows exactly how much they need to pay. >> reporter: at a time when every drop of water counts in our state, san francisco's puc and others agree, sub meters
10:42 pm
are a good idea. >> more transparency for how water is being used, because there are discrepancies where people are doing a great job conserving water, and some people may not be doing a great job. >> i think people are overusing water, so actually knowing how much you're using, and being charged for it is a good idea. >> it might make people use less water too. >> reporter: now next week the bill goes before the appropriations committee. if it passes there, then it's onto the senate floor. >> paul chambers in oakland tonight. thank you. two of the top pitchers in baseball face off tonight at at&t park. and it turns into a nail biter. giants and dodgers go to the bottom of the 9th and it just ended. >> plus, bill martin tracking wet weather in our extended forecast. i'll show us exactly how it could impact the weekend.
10:43 pm
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in martinez, it was a terrifying day for a mom and her son. they were trapped by a fire in their apartment this morning, and they didn't know if they were going to make it out alive. that's when a police officer came to their rescue. you can hear by the emotion in her voice just how lucky she feels to be alive. >> reporter: this afternoon, looking at what's left of her home she faced her fears. >> i said i was dead. oh, my god.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: this was toni a's apartment, engulfed in flames. she and her 14-year-old son trapped inside on the second floor. >> we have to figure out what we're going to do. >> reporter: they escaped with nothing. no shoes. >> you have each other. >> reporter: just the clothes on their backs. we talked to the pair outside the hospital where tanya was treated for smoke inhalation. >> i really thought this was the end for me and my son. >> reporter: flames and smoke everywhere. tonia says she tried to unlock the front door, and couldn't. she looked for another way out, the window. >> i didn't know what to do. my son and i, we're just standing there. please, somebody help, please. >> reporter: tonia says she told her son god would send an angel to help. theirs swooped in, not with wings, but with a badge. >> i see a police officer running as fast as he can, and he kicks open the door. >> he's a hero.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: that hero was officer dustin mayberry, seen here, sitting on the back of the ambulance. today, it is boarded up, a total loss. >> how does it look up there? >> reporter: it could have been worse, if their hero hadn't saved the day. >> he saved two lives today for sure. >> reporter: fire investigators know the fire started up on that balcony, but they don't know what caused it. the only thing they do know is this was not arson. in martinez, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. it was a warmer day today. we saw more sunshine near san francisco. it was a cool night at the ballpark. mark ibanez is going to talk about that in a minute. the fog is all the way up into berkely. obviously, albany, up into the napa area. these are the highs from today. they're warmer. they're about 5 or 8, or even
10:48 pm
10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. remember yesterday? it was kind of a gloomy, cloudy, windy day. scattered showers up around the lake tahoe area. those have died down. we've got the clouds out there now. if we look at lake tahoe, we did have thunder showers up there. this time, it will shift farther south towards mammoth, and we've got our situation now with some clouds. overnight lows are mainly in the 40s. this low pressure system which brought us this kind of cool, moist weather is going to kick out. as it does, the high pressure briefly sets up. briefly. so tomorrow, a nice day like today. friday, slightly cooler. look what happens. this is significant and good. low pressure wants to move in. this is saturday morning. i think it's going to rain saturday morning. a tenth of an inch, quarter of an inch. 5:00a.m. tomorrow morning, there we are.
10:49 pm
watch the sierra nevada. lights up a little in the afternoon. thursday afternoon. here we go, friday morning. a little bit of activity. that should be it for the mountains. at least for friday. you see this system. the last one went like this. this one is going to come right through like they're sossed to. it's a weak system. it has the potential to deliver some showers. as we go into saturday morning, bam, right? that's saturday around 6:00 a.m. when i say significant for this time of year, that's good stuff. maybe a quarter of an inch of rain in some spots. a tenth of an inch. going to help pollen sufferers. saturday afternoon, it should start to clear out. then sunday looks like your best day on the weekend. what happens? tomorrow, a lot like today. friday, slightly cooler than this is tomorrow. saturday morning showers. saturday, sort of clearing out in the afternoon. sunday is your best day on the weekend. the five-day forecast coming around the corner, as you look
10:50 pm
at forecast highs. you've got the morning fog. friday cooler, there's your saturday shower. good news there, we've got a little something going on that could, with the plants a little bit, knock some of the pollen down. >> that's what we need. bill, thank you. we have a quick update to a story we told you about earlier. two missing girls from sacramento have been found in long beach. they are safe, and their mother who does not have custody is under arrest. the chp put out an alert when the girls didn't return to school. the chp thinks the mother was on the way to mexico with the girls when theywere found. victory to talk about. >> on both sides. the a's and giants. for san francisco fans, life is good. you beat the dodgers a cup of times. last year's mr. everything and more, as advertised. kershaw and bumgarner show off
10:51 pm
their talents on the mound. neither are around for the final decision. matt duffy with a little dunker to center field and they're not able to make the catch out there. chris heisey can't come up with it. brandon crawford in. that was all from kershaw. he wasn't going to give up. rock solid from then on out. pinch hitting for kershaw, alex guerrero, a two run homer. you see madison trying to contain his emotions there. bot bottom of the 9th, giants load the bases, joe panik, delivering a fly ball deep enough. the speedy greger blanco will just jog across, with what was the game winning run for the giants. 3-2, they've beaten l.a. two in a row. final game of the series tomorrow afternoon. it was supposed to be a pitcher's dual down in anaheim. didn't turn out that way at all.
10:52 pm
that's just fine for the a's. their ace preveals. they turn the table on the angels tonight. one thing that was the same, billy butler. second homer in as many nights. two run shot in a 5 run 7th for the a's. sonny gray locked it down. he outdeals jered weaver. 7 innings, 7 strike outs. 1 run. he's got a 1.91 e.r.a. in 4 starts. 9-2, a's easy. if you're a fan you can't get enough of this. highlights coming. here are some of the warriors getting off the plane as they prepare for their first road game in the playoffs. you'll hear from them. sports part 2.
10:53 pm
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the postseason discovery process continues for the warriors, now we get to see for the first time how they react to a frantic crowd all screaming at them. not for them. golden state did have the best regular season road record, but it's a whole level of aggress, come the postseason, as the warriors practice a bit earlier today down in new orleans. pretty clear, they know what they're going to be up against and what they need to do to combat that. >> not trying to look ahead or anything like that.
10:56 pm
everything starts with game 3. we're definitely approaching it it that way. a very important game. and can really take control of this series with the win tomorrow. this was a game tonight. all the intentionty of a conference final. clippers and spurs in the west. all signs to a 7 gamer, overtime tonight. former st. mary's star patty mills. watch him. gets the outlet pass from leonard, and put it down. playing for the injured tony parker. he had 18. gave them a 4 point lead with 1:20 left. nice to see mills doing well. serious now 1-1. first road win of any team so far from the playoffs. grizzlies threatening to put portland away click. in the east, atlanta struggles, but they also go up 2-0 in their series against brooklyn. that is the sporting night for wednesday night. tomorrow, the warriors looking to 3-0 it against the pelicans. >> two more wins. >> they win that one, they
10:57 pm
pretty much have it wrapped up. thank you for joining us. our next newscast, begins at 4:30 a.m.
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