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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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2011 he went on trial for making false statements. a jury dead locked on three charges but he was convicted on obstruction of justice for whatever experts called an evasive answer. the court said the answer before the grand jury was not material the government's investigation. the court said his conviction and sentence must therefore be vacated and he may not be tried again on that count. mark ibanez is here now. covered barry bonds for two years now -- for 20 years now. >> going to be interesting to see how it rolls out. i covered barry bonds since he was signed by the giants in 1993, became acquainted with him and i can tell you it is one word that bothered him and that word is felon. and that is the reason he fought so long and hard, spent so much money trying to make
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this day become a reality. after you can tell by his comments he was relieved saying this has been a long and strenuous period, i look forward to moving beyond it, i do so without any ilwill storts anyone and i am -- ill will towards anyone. he was at last night's giants and dodgers game and maintained a relationship with his team and it is getting stronger. he hinted he would like the play a bigger role, perhaps coaching, as he did at spring training last year and from all public remarks, the giants seem open to that. a good year so far for barry bonds. his record is wiped clean.
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no longer a felon and next month he will be inducted into the bay area sports hall of fame. a good step. and we will see more of him, i imagine publicly. >> how would this effect his future in getting more jobs? >> i don't think that stigma of being felon effected him at all. i think it was his choice not to take on a full time job of any sorts. he is getting himself in physical shape again. i believe he had a hip operation. i don't think he has been concerned about being employed by anyone. i don't think it will have much of an effect on whether or not he goes into major league baseball's hall of fame. >> speaking of that. if you had to vote for major league baseball hall of fame how would you vote and would what happened today make a
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difference? >> i can tell you today would have no bearing on the way i would vote, i would 100% for barry bonds to go into the baseball hall of fame, the things he accomplished prior to when everyone suspects he was using performance enhancing drugs. i will help induct him into the bay area hall of fame next month. [ talking at the same time ] >> john sasaki has been talking to fans, we will hear from him later on. thank you. search is underway for a teenager who has been missing for 28 hours. his parents said they want him to come home. the 17-year-old was last seen monday morning at school and classmates and parents are helping to search for him right now. this afternoon his parents
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spoke tamike mibach -- to mike mibach, i can't imagine what his parents are going through right now. . >> reporter: every parent's worse nightmare. parents are emotional, as are many volunteer whose are out there right now on the street shanding out flyers. searching -- handing out flyers. searching for him. the command center right here in the campus and we had a chance to speak to a couple of his coaches -- they describe him as a solid young man. >> reporter: on campus one second, minutes later nowhere to be found. >> if you can hear this message, you are not in trouble. we love you. please come home. >> reporter: on this day had 17- year-old's parents -- the 17- year-old's partes said he had a great spring -- patriots said he had a great -- partes said
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he had a great spring break -- parents said he had a great spring break. >> she a -- he is a respected leader. he doesn't have a vehicle. we don't believe he has cash on him. >> reporter: he left his house 7:00 a.m. monday, went to a couple classes and was last seen at 10:00 a.m. on campus. >> the fact of not knowing where he is or -- it is torturous to the community and family. >> reporter: volunteers are searching near campus and beyond. the sheriff's department said his cell phone has been turned off. investigators do not believe a crime has occurred. >> it is suspicious because it is out of character. he never ran away before. >> reporter: his parents say he is a determined young man, a great student and they are perplexed as to why or how he
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would vanish. >> i just want him home. i just want my baby home. >> reporter: volunteers say they will be searching open space areas nearby where they likes to go on runs and deputies checked win hospitals in the area and again so far so sign of the 17-year-old. >> mike mibach reporting live, thank you. disabled teenager who went missing earlier this week is back home safe with her family. we told you about the 16-year- old last night. her family says she has the mental capacity of a child and needs medication. on sunday she was found in a parking lot of a boston market. police took her home and then she left again. her family says she was found safe this morning. in sacramento a bill requiring all children to be vaccinated passed a vote today. they passed the measure by vote of 7-2. it would eliminate the
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personal beliefs and religious beliefs exemptions. one woman said her god son died after being vaccinated. >> all we are asking is let's look at the issue, we all have the same goal, we don't want to bring back mealsles but we want to protect our children -- measles but we want it protect our children. >> if it passes it will gee the state assembly. earth day saw everyone from children to the giants baseball children getting involved to clean up the city and raise awareness about global warming. ktvu's david stevenson is live. the mayor unveiled a plan to cut green house gas emissions. >> reporter: he did. the events in the city focused on global warming in the context of the state drought. >> reporter: san francisco
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brought out a big crowd. one of several bay area earth day events. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: efforts to fight global warming. 2,000 plants were given away today. >> grow nice and tall. taller than me. i am short. >> reporter: with 5,000 people it is the largest turn out in the 5 year history with an emphasis on educating children. >> i get to learn about fossil fuels and i get -- at the same time i get to learn and have fun. >> reporter: mayor ed lee joined school children to plant a tree. earlier at at&t park he unveiled the new zero 50100 campaign. it sames to -- 50, 100 campaign. >> earlier this year i
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announced our reduced green house gas emissions, 23% below the 1990 levels. that is something to elbrate. >> the giants -- celebrates. >> the giants are asking to keep the stands clean to cut down on power washes. >> 4,000 pounds of peanut shells were found on -- in the remnants of the 41,000 that were here and they are all going going to be compostable. >> reporter: governor jerry brown said the state will aim to reduce petroleum use in the next 15 years. at 6:00 p.m. the new plan unveiled in san francisco. >> from patrol tape-- petroleum to peanut shells. an act of kindness went viral. see what happened when police officers connected with the woman who wrote it. >> i don't know how to say
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thank you. thank you. >> and did a dooroon plane open -- door on a plane open midnight, how the airline and the faa don't agree on what happened. >> and the technology to have a green lawn without using too much water. >> more sunshine today but today in the five-day forecast i have showers to talk about. see you knack here -- back here. [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters
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the giants will take on the dodgers at at&t park and a lot of giants fans will be talking about barry bonds. as we told you a court wiped barry bonds' record clean. he was convicted on obstruction of justice for an evasive answer before the grand jury investigating steroid use in
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major league baseball. john sasaki found out what people think so what did you find? >> reporter: this is a huge day in the eyes of giants fans, one that was long over due. the use of performance enhancing drugs was a issue for years throughout the league with barry bonds and alex rodriguez and roger roger clemens taking the brunt of the blames. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: everyone including one dodgers fan is pleased with the decision and they said it is about time barry bonds makes it into the hall of fame. >> it is great because he -- a lot of people forget he is one of the best players that played the game. doesn't matter if he took performance enhancing drugs, what matters is what he brought to the game and the city of san francisco. >> what was accomplished?
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he -- i don't know if they will have -- if he gates the hall, for what -- gets to the haul, for what? >> i think he deserves it. >> no reason why he shouldn't be in the hall of fame. no reason. he was never convicted. first of all of using performance enhancing drugs and second of all, what they got him for is gone. so -- should have been a hall of famer. >> reporter: the attorneys who represented him in court released a statement, it is no surprise that barry bonds, the greatest home run hitter of all time has been vindicated. we look forward to congratulating him when he is inducted into the hall of fame. i talked with willy mays and he said he hadn't heard the news yet but he said good for him. . >> jason s, live -- john sasaki, live, thank you. a simple account of
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kindness that went viral. -- act of kindness that went viral. today ktvu's azenith smith spoke to the woman who showed us what happened when police officers met her. >> reporter: when a police officer came across this note on his patrol car he immediately thought this can't be good. when you read it it was the opposite. the note said: dear officer, i am from san jose, california and we lost an asset to an amazing team last week. thank you for risking your life every day for my safety. you are important and i am super thankful for you. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. god bless. lauren. >> i was like, you know what, you should tell him. just tell him thank you. >> reporter: the week she wrote that note the police department lost an officer, shot and killed in the line of duty. she tells us she left church one morning and got inspiredspired when she parked
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next to a patrol car. she hoped to make an officer's day and it did. >> the way she said thank you, we wanted to return it and say thanks back to her for thinking of us. >> reporter: for weeks police took to social media hoping to find her to thank her. then they enlisted the help of san jose police. it had special meaning for him since she mentioned the officer. >> an asset. that is deep. >> we had an interview with her and she amazing. from san jose. >> reporter: today we connected her with san jose police via face time. surprising both of them. >> this is lauren who wrote that note. >> lauren, how are you? i am glad that we got a chance to meet right now via face time. right? you know what, thank you so much. you are awesome. the entire san jose police
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department is grateful. >> reporter: so appreciative this officer for once was at a loss for words. >> touching me. i can't imagine how it is touching mike's family and the rest of our department. you know? i don't know how to say it, thank you. thank you. >> reporter: proving you never know what kind justture could make -- gesture could make. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> best uses of fice time i have seen. >> see -- phases time i have seen. >> seeing him -- face time i have seen. >> seeing him makes you get choked up today. i took a shower in the bucket and carried it out to the plants. >> there you go. there you go. >> how much water -- >> you are standing ibp it -- in it. i have been in too long, past my ankle, i tried to stop it before the ankle. i am going to soap and turn it
5:18 pm
off. >> amazing how fast it fills up -- [ talking at the same time ] >> heavy. >> good for you. >> funny, in the 1970s, we would do that -- >> absolutely. >> we would do this, lather up, and turn the water off -- >> i hated doing that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we are getting used to it. we should be doing this anyway. a look at the fog outside. the marine layer is deep. not bringing deep but it is deep. sky line, right, i will draw an arrow. when i talk about depth of marine layer, that is what i am talking about. the inversion, the same thing, not the same thing, same depth. we are talking bute 2,000-foot deep marine layer. you are get -- about a 2,000- foot deep marine layer. you are getting -- even though it did warm. you can see the sun up here. the mountains you can see the
5:19 pm
showers. and thunderstorms occurring. look at this. grass valley. that is going off. pretty country up there. beautiful. getting thunderstorms right now. we could see a few showers in our forecast into the five-day forecast. i will show you that in a second. over night lows for the over night lows tonight. looks like last night. 46 santa rosa. fog forecast tomorrow morning, like that. interesting. it is deep enough as the low moves out it will be low clouds. plenty of it in the morning. burns off quickly. look at this, back to the hot spots, 80s. we haven't seen that in a few days. 70s to san francisco. upper 60s. along the coast, 60s. fog clears from the coast tomorrow. the low moves out.
5:20 pm
the inversion. it goes away. no kapton. goes up and mixes where the atmosphere -- with the atmosphere. san francisco thursday, 63 degrees. start off cloudy but end up sunny. san jose tomorrow, we will make it to 72 degrees for a day time high. nice looking day in san jose. more temperatures, 76 brentwood. warmer. nice day today. enjoyed today a lot. like seeing the blue skies. yesterday was a bummer. so gloomy. hate to use the word gloomy but it was gloomee. today the sun -- gloomy. today the sun came out. birds singing. saturday chance of showers. when i get back i will show you the model -- looks like real rain to get the lawns wet. might be nice. >> thank you. ahead here, an audit of california's prisons. why more inmates are being released and the group that is getting out. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, 2 investigates
5:21 pm
returns to a bay area hotel with a long list of problems. those problems have been fixed but that is not what we found. and a growing debate over the right to try, the bill that could approve the use of experimental drugs drugs for the terminally ill. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. ♪ ♪
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google is offering wireless service that will give users a break on their bills. the new project fi. it costs $20 a month. data costs an additional $10 per gigabyte but you tone e only -- you only pay for what you use. right now the service is by invitation only and it will only work with google's smart phone. facebook is rolling out changes that could be good for users. one change will put content by friends higher up and push other content lower and another will hide posts to show what your friends "liked" or commented on. the third change could be good for media groups. it allows users to see more posts in a row from the same source. the parents of a kidnapped boy
5:25 pm
plan to file a complaint against the police department over mistreatment. paul and suzanne guzman said they were treated like criminals as soon as police arrived to their home moments after they discovered their son was taken. when police got there they saw what they thought might be blood on the carpet of their home. it turned out to be nail polish. suzanne guzman refused to let police into their house. police released body camera video of suzanne guzman as officers handcuffed her for interfering with their investigation. >> oh, my god. >> can you get -- >> stuff resisting us. >> i can't breathe. >> they question why officers spent time at the home questioning them instead of looking for their son. police say their concern was bringing their boy home but
5:26 pm
that one of the basic steps in a case like this is to search areas are where the child might -- areas where the child might be hiding. an audit shows a 37% increase in the number of county jail inmates released over the past three years. this is the effect of the realignment program where the state sent low level offenders to county jails. then the jails released many early. last june 14,000 jail inmates were leased in one month. nan crease of 4,000 before realignment. taxpayers looking for help calling the irs didn't get great service according to a panel. they found the system hung up on 8 million taxpayer. they blame the cut from the budget. one republican said the irs could have saved money by
5:27 pm
eliminating bonuses and the use of private debt collectors but a democrat said congress should have funded the irs. a woman and her son pulled from their burning home from an off duty police officer. >> i didn't get his name but he is a hero. >> tonight she talks about the moments before the rescue. >> plus the technology that could help keep your lawn green and help you avoid fines and penalties and it is helping one school district. >> this is not a photo you see every day. how this sea lion hitched a ride back home.
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look at this. cell phone video of a fire in martinez today. an off duty police officer ended up rescuing a woman and her son from the second story of the burning building. >> i saw my life in front of me. i thought i was going to die. >> the woman is calling the officer an ingeal and we learn -- an angel and we learned the building is a total loss. ktvu's noelle walker was with that woman when she went back in. >> the fire spread quickly. they lived on the second floor.
5:31 pm
she said she is alive today because an officer ran through smoke and flames to save her. >> reporter: this morning she was facing death. this afternoon looking at what is left of her home -- >> i was so desperate. >> reporter: she faced her fears. >> i thought i was dead. [ crying ] >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this was her apartment this morning. engulfed in flames. she and her 14-year-old son trapped inside on the second floor. >> we have to figure out what we are going to do. >> reporter: they escaped with nothing. snow shoes. -- no shoes. >> never been in a fire before. was so scary. >> reporter: we talked to them outside the hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation. >> i thought this was it.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: flames and smoke everyone. she tried to unlock the front door and couldn't. she looked for another way out. the window. >> i was about to jump. i didn't know what to do. we were just standing there. please, somebody help. please. >> reporter: she says she told her son that god would send an ingeal to help. their -- an angel to help. theirs -- >> i saw a police officer running as fast as he can, he kicks open the door. >> he is a hero. >> reporter: seen here sitting on the back of the ambulance. today the gutted apartment is fenced in and boarded up. a total loss. >> reporter: it could have been worse if their hero hadn't saved the day. >> saved two lives today for sure. >> reporter: investigators know that the fire started on the balcony but they don't know
5:33 pm
what caused it. the only thing they know is it is not arson. >> she is alive and so is her son, thankfully. they have nothing, what are they going to do? >> reporter: a friend picked them up from the hospital and brought them here. but they will stay with friends right now and trying to find another place to live and things to fill that place with. they have nothing. i gave her flip-flops i had because she was walking around with no shoes. >> listening to her, the emotion in her voice, noelle walker, live, thank you. firefighters put out a house fire today. the fire started about 4:00 a.m. this morning. the home was engulfed in flames. no one was home at the time. it took firefighters an hour to get the fire under control. a fire marshal says there is are noindquations the fire was
5:34 pm
-- no indications the fire was gliberately set. >> reporter: a man responsible for three attacks on women in 9 months. monday afternoon, a woman was assaulted on a walking trail. last july another woman was sexually assaulted on a path and in february a woman started her jog when a man grabbed her. police released a sketch of the man. white, in his 30s. 6 feet tall. the victims say the man appeared stun when they tried to fend him off. >> i know that we have a pervasive mental health issue here. it makes me sad to know he is without resources. but i feel horrible for the victims. >> there was substantial physical contact in each case, enough to qualify the attempted
5:35 pm
rape. $2,500 reward is offered. major league baseball players will have to leave their tobacco at home when they play the giants at at&t park. they have approved a ban on ecigarettes and chewing tobacco at athletic venues city wide. they said there are too many children at ball games. it needs final approval and would go into effect the first of next year. questions tonight about what caused a sky west flight to make an emergency landing in new york. the faa says the plane lost pressurization after a door opened and a passenger lost consciousness but sky west said a passenger needed medical attention but nothing with the door. 1 million trek bicycles under investigation after a
5:36 pm
accident left a bike bicyclists paralyzed. it is possible to position the level so it becomes caught in the break. trek says it has been linked to three accidents with injuries. bike owners can get a free replacement at retailers. the debate over san francisco's budget. will first responders get more money? they are getting closer to but still missing an important goal. >> and a safe broken into. the hoist that sounds like hollywood scrip and a ruling that could cost the nfl $1 billion.
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a driver suffered minor injuries in a crash in west sacramento over night that left four dead. the accident involved a wrong- way driver on highway 50 before 2:30 a.m. this morning. the california highway patrol says three cars were involved. a car was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes for 5 miles before it collided head on with a truck. the woman driving the car and the men in the truck were killed. the driver of the third car is from mountain view. the california highway patrol says the driver couldn't avoid the wreck and hit the truck
5:40 pm
causing it to burst into flames. >> a fire ball like 10 feet up in the air and then i move over to the shoulder and 911. >> investigators say it is too early to know why the car was going the wrong way or if alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. electricity rates could go up because of a new proposal from investigateulators. the rate -- regulators. you pay less for kilowatt hour if you use less. the new proposal could cut the number to 2 tears and that means bills will go up. they say they have to raise rates because right now they pay less than the utilities pay to supply them. san francisco is cracking down on abusive tweeter. the company wrote it will prohibit tweeting that promotes
5:41 pm
violence. the previous policy placed limits on specific threats. it would allow for the account to be locked for specific period of time and they are testing a feature that identifies abusive tweets. a julie heist that sounds -- jewelry hoist that sounds like a hollywood script. britain's largest robbery ever. 7 thieves waited for the east holiday weekend and they used a powerful drill to get through a cement wall that you see here that was six feet thick. took them two days to drill the hole. then then bent the steel bars and they did this during a holiday weekend when no one was working for four connective days. -- connective days. they went through 72 safe- deposit boxes. police think they made off with an estimated $300 million worth
5:42 pm
of gold, jewels and diamonds. san francisco fire chief tells ktvu fox 2 news the response times are improving but to reach the goal they need more money. some say the money would be better spent elsewhere. >> a spot reserved for bad guys. how a sea lion hitched a ride in the back of a patrol car. >> love how they put the seatbelt on him. we have clouds throughout now and a chance of rain in the forecast. i will have details next.
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a judge approved a billion dollars settlement between the nfl and thousands of former players over concussions. the players accuse the league of hiding what it knew about the risks of concussions. the nfl denies that claim. the deal could cost the league a billion dollars over 65 years. the settlement would pay the players $195,000, although some could get millions. the nfl expects 30% of retired players to suffer some form of dementia. the city of san francisco begins its debate over dollars and cents. the board held a hearing today and ktvu's rob roth reports the police chief and fire chief were all lobbying for first responders. >> reporter: ambulances in san francisco have been getting to the scene of emergencies 2
5:46 pm
minutes faster on average than last summer. that is what the data shows over the past two months. >> over the surm 13 -- summer, 1314 1314 -- 13, 14 minute. now 11 minutes. >> reporter: but it is short of the goal of 10 minutes. the fire department is taking criticism over slow emergency medical responses. the chief is hoping the 40 new technicians expected next month will improve response times. >> 40 people graduating next month. we will continue a see that drop. although it is challenging because like i said we have seen a call volume increase. >> the numbers come as they appeared before the committee looking to increase funding for next year. >> we want to get more fire investigators. >> the police department is looking for funds to pay for
5:47 pm
three academy places that would put 150 additional officers on the streets. >> we would like the see the money reinvested in the social safety net, into housing, treatment, mental health care and see an increase of our alternatives to incarceration. >> leaders say there should be plenty of money to be spread around. >> we need a strong social safety net, good healthcare access, good human services and we need public safety in the city. >> reporter: it is still early into budget battle. any final decisions aren't expected till late june. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a tradition took shape in san jose today on a city hall ledge where three falcon chicks are nesting. this is video from the falcon
5:48 pm
cam. he was putting bans on the legs today. they will track the chicks once they leave the nest. it is off to get to the nest. they had to rappel down the side of city hall. they are holding a contest to name the three checks. -- chicks. the deadline is friday. frank, bill and gasia. >> there you go. >> the mom and dad always freak out. you are watching this story with us -- >> i didn't know they were that big -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that was large baby bird. >> right. >> fast, too. >> yeah. so fun to watch. >> my favorite bird, swallow. barn swallow, tree swallow -- >> why? >> i love the way they fly. they are like jet planes. glide and flap. you have seen them. they love catching bugs.
5:49 pm
so far off subject. >> interesting. >> me and what i -- okay. outside fog and low clouds. more sunshine today. remember yesterday, i showed you the same shot, here is the bay bridge, you couldn't see it but tonight you can. that is interesting. right there. a jet or a blimp? i think -- there you go, airplane. i got you. 76 fairfield. those temperatures increased today 5-10 degrees. warmer today. you knew that. yesterday was chilly. highs in vallejo yesterday was 50 degrees. san francisco yesterday 55 degrees. thunderstorms in the mountains. good news, heavy rain around grass valley, sierraville, quincey. susanville. showers. for us we have a few clouds. but we are seeing clearing now at the coast.
5:50 pm
yesterday as i said, ocean beach 55 degrees all day. today in the sunset you have sunshine. which i know the folks are loving right now. they love the fog too but it was gloomy everywhere yesterday. they have had their share of fog. this low-pressure system is the mechanism for all the cloud cover and the windy conditions yesterday. it is taking off. south and east, the high pressure comes back. and thunderstorms will continue in the mountains into the next couple days. thursday and friday, tomorrow and friday, partly cloudy, sunny and mild. to warm. low and mid-70s. nice looking period. friday cool downs and saturday won't that be nice? this could go down -- i have been hinting at some stuff but it could go down. 8:00 a.m., tomorrow morning, clouds. and then tomorrow afternoon, see the shift?
5:51 pm
right? everything is coming this way. the flow changed. more progressive. here we go. here we are friday morning. friday afternoon. what is that? look at that. saturday -- hello? won't that be nice? mountains snow. is this a big deal? no. maybe. 10th of an inch. and then translates out, saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon. monday back into the mid-80s. mid-70s tomorrow. warm like today or nice like today. tree pollens are high. coming down. grass pollens are low. but coming up. five-day forecast, a chance of showers saturday. hoping for it. it helps pollen sufferers and my lawn. >> i didn't want to say anything till i checked, but falcons could go 60 miles per hour and when they dive, 200
5:52 pm
miles per hour. >> amazing. >> incredible. 200 miles per hour. >> going down, it is like newton's law -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you can only go so fast based on weight. interesting. >> thank you. keeping grass green. listen to this. cutting the amount of water you use. >> right information to the right person. >> the technology that is helping a school district save a quarter million dollars. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> 2 investigates returns to a bay area hotel a long -- with a long list of problems. the problems have been fixed but that is not what we found. >> why people who live there tell us they could lose their homes. new developments involving the so-called mrs doubtfire bank robber. authorities announce an arrest. a look at the suspect without the costume. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. pg&e capped a gas leak that prompted a high school to shelter in place. from sky fox you can see police officers had willow road shut down. pg&e says a digging crew hit the gas line about 12:30. students and staff at the high school were ordered to shelter in place till it was capped.
5:56 pm
it was capped 2:45 p.m. and at that point travel restrictions were lifted. see lion pup -- sea lion pup hitched a ride in a patrol car. they found him on highway 1. it was tagged and learned it was reloosed in southern california. -- released in southern california. so they drove it back to the ocean. new at 5:00 p.m. here, can technology keep your lawn alive during the drought? 47 john fowler -- ktvu's john fowler found one company to help you keep your lawn green. >> the grass is green but they are still saving lots of water at the high school.
5:57 pm
smart water technology saves the district $250,000 a year and cuts water use by 30% but the lesson is priceless. >> we show the kids how important it is to make a change and difference when it comes to planting and using water. >> reporter: this technology can optimize for the weather, the types of plants, the soil and for the slope of the field to maximize the use of water. >> the next step is about data. gaining the right information at the right time. >> the company created these watering controllers. each data linked by radio to offices where computer programs blend real time neighborhood by neighborhood weather data. humidity, soil moisture and other factors. fine tuning watering amount and length to each customers yard and hour. >> you can set up the profile
5:58 pm
and then maximize and optimize your water use. >> reporter: they now stay green. other users like it. >> run off. things happen that shouldn't be happening, you can get a fine up to $500. >> reporter: the companysies thousand homes already -- company says a thousand homes already have this technology. it pays for itself in three years. john fowler, ktvu fox 2 news. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> people call it a house of horrors. 2 investigates returns to a bay area hotel with a long list of
5:59 pm
problems. a city inspector says the problems have been fixed. that is not what we found. >> i didn't see that. >> and despite that evidence residents tell us they could lose their homes. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> 2 investigates uncovers more problems involving a code enforcement nightmare. people living at the towers are being threatened with eviction. this comes after inspectors signed off on repairs. today 2 investigates went back to the hotel. ktvu's eric rasmussen is here now. you found more unsanitary conditions even though the city gave the all clear. >> reporter: it was hard to believe but that is what is in this letter and a dozen others. management says the city signed off on all repairs but that may no longer be the case after
6:00 pm
what we witnessed today. >> reporter: a tenet worries that is raw sewage flowing down the walls. he first shared cell phone video of the problem after getting a letter from management over the weekend saying a city inspector signed off that all repairs were completed. >> they sent us the video but we had to see it for ourselves. he says it has been like this since january. >> doesn't others got letters telling them to pay up or get out. >> reporter: has everything been fixed? >> no. no. >> reporter: 2 investigates uncovered problems at the towers in january. while the city now insists most violations have been fixed tenants say something sinks. >> you are saying you never seen this? >> i didn't see that. >> reporter: we showed the video to


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