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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 21, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

9:30 am, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people a robber tries to hold up a jewelry store. but a hero is close at hand. >> how he lets his feet do the talking. a group of motorcycle riders trying to catch a lost dog but. >> he is a slippery little sucker. >> see the video showing every step of the rescue. >> that doesn't mean anything. >> you can sweep the room. >> i can. >> an update on the principal who took a student's phone and wouldn't give it back to dad. >> i'm trying to meet you halfway. >> now hear the stunning
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development involving his school and the daughter. >> i'm furious because it's a terrible situation. >> plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. why running for the subway never sounded so good and how being 37 weeks pregnant can't stop this mom from getting her hool-a-hoop on. >> a jewelry store in russia senses something bad about to go down. bad guy tosses the bag on the counter. wants the jewelry store worker to toss something into it. he doesn't get away with it long. >> dude kicked in the head and almost took it off his shoulder! that person was at the counter first when the video starts. when this guy ups it he kicks. here's the sad thing that happens after it. the guy goes into convulsions
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and the same man that kicked him drops on the ground and provides aid to this man while the store clerk is calling 911. >> that was one heck of a kick. it's like he separated his spinal cord. >> he was turned over to police and the e.r. doctors. >> this video was submitted from a right this minute viewer in san jose california. imagine her fear. she notices somebody is lurking around her house. she has four minutes of video on her security system that had multiple camera views of this guy trying to get into her house. there you see him tearing into the door. this guy is able to get inside the house. >> is she at home at the time? >> nick she is at home. she's looking at the video on her phone app. she is hidden inside the house. she is on the phone with police from the time she called it takes them five minutes to get there. imagine the violation while
9:33 am
you're in the house and the terror. right here he bangs something and gets spooked and just runs out of the house. police tell us they were setting up a perimeter and he slipped through their net however days later a 17-year-old was arrested for burglary in this case. >> a who had determination caused their ride for real and we have quiet the tale to tell. performing a rescue on the highway for a fella that looks lost. his leash attached and obviously has run away from his owner and is on three lanes of highway with cars bikes and everything speeding by. >> i hope it doesn't cross the fengs and go in the opposite direction. >> that's a real danger. everyone out here on the road obviously dog lovers teams
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together and catches the dog. >> it might have one to two ounces of greyhound. he decide to put his foot down literally. he manages to get his foot down on the leash of the dog. yea bikers. >> cameras are everywhere.
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>> very early morning after a saturday evening of having fun. win winstom-salem, north carolina. they all just kind of pile on. the guy's already on the ground. >> oh my gosh. this is really vicious. that other guy just stomped on one of those guys heads. >> this all started with a guy yelling and screaming. they've already arrested three guys in relation to this fight. those guys face charges of disorderly conduct. but police looking for three more guys.
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the guys you can barely see in the video. the dude there with the black cap and tank top and the guy there with the white pants and pinstriped shirt and the other guy with the jeans and navy blue shirt. those guys may also face charges. >> you think? it's brutal. >> hey everybody. it's just about time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you're going to need tuesday's buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal resident. >> coming up in a bit. >> stay tuned for the rtm ipad give away. >> this video of a dad talking to a school principal generated a lot of conversation on the show and online. it's about a man whose daughter's phone was taken from her at school. the dad is like i paid for it i
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want it. >> you made a rule a parent can't come get property? >> we contacted the school. we have yet to hear back. the only statement was through a spokes person who said all students are given the rules and student handbook and it tells them you cannot bring phones or electronic devices. we wanted to hear more about the story. we have the dad via skype. we want to know what's the update? have you gotten the phone back? >> actually i did get the phone back. the full outcome, my daughter was transferred to another school and the principal wasn't given a phone back and transferred to another school. >> who ordered the transfer? was it your choice or the school's stipulation? >> the school made us transfer. it would have been a weird situation if my daughter would have remained in the school under the same administration.
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>> why did you go to the school in the first place because when i was a kid if the teacher took something from me my mom would say your fault. >> that's a very expensive phone. i came up to the school and tried to reason with them. i said i understand. she was wrong. i need to have that cell phone before i leave this building. >> why do you think this touched such a nerve online? >> i believe many parents have been in the same situation before with their back against the wall and see this video and it probably brought memories back. >> looking back on this. is there anything you would have done differently? >> no i'm glad i pulled my cell phone out because nobody would have been able to understand if i would have explained how this principal would have acted. >> it's a shocking execution when this dude decides to pull
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over. see if this prank works on his girl friend. >> oh my gosh. >> a subway ride with a free show. >> this is actually the quietest. >> the performance that will leave you wondering. >> what line is this? when i go to new york i want to know. >> i want to check this out. ririchch, , dadarkrk c chohococolalatete cocovering soft centers. flflavavororeded w witithh exexototicic f fruit juices. itit''s s chchococololatate e anand d frfruiuit t flavors lilikeke y youou''veve n neveverer exexperienced before. didiscscovoverer b brorookoksisidede.. woworkrkining g onon m my y fefeetet a all day gave me pain here. in my knees. bubut t nonow,w, i i s stetep p onon t thihis machine and d geget t mymy n numumbeberr whwhicich h mamatctchehes s mymy d dr.r. s scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate e rerelief from my foot pain. mymy k knenee e papainin. . fifindnd a a m macachihinene a at t [ [ scscrereamamining g ]] raratete s sucuckekersrs!! [ [ bebellll d diningigingng ] ] yoyourur c carar i insnsururanancece g goeoes up bebecacaususe e ofof t theheirir b
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not sure what they were going to see and getting this great performance. this is actually the players club. turns out these guys performed at the white house and made it to the semifinals. these guys are legit and get the show for free. >> what line is this? >> i know i want to check this out. this is great. [ applause ] j. >> i have the definition of love and hate in these two videos. this is beautiful lamborghini parked right in front of this restaurant. watch what happens. >> that did just happen. >> the reaction is everyone's
9:44 am
reaction at home. >> what? >> i want to jerk. >> the other was posted on instagram. perhaps the rider we don't know makes opinions and comments of people being like you big jerk. >> that's just so rude. >> it is respectful. somebody's worked hard to have that car. it's an extraordinarily expense expensive car. >> it looks planned because where was this camera? >> especially. you can see the hashtag there. maybe leave the car. >> this is what you're going to love. this guy sitting on a seat probably removed from a vehicle. even had a little steering wheel. on his way he gets into an accident. >> have you never been on the internet to watch these videos every time these guys end up with a spine two inches shorter than at the beginning.
9:45 am
>> she doesn't hear anything because there's nothing wrong with the car. he's about the execute a prank on his girl friend. he wants her to think something's wrong with the car. he's going to pull it over and pretend to get an electric shock. >> he pulls the car over and stopsment stops. he has an electric cigarette. he's going to puff on it and make it look like smoke. let's see if this prank works. >> oh my gosh. let's see if she believes it. >> this one. >> there's a camera on the side
9:46 am
of the road. he obviously set that up. where was she when he was setting up the camera and her acting. >> right here where she feels like she's about to call the paramedics she's revived. >> yeah the old pizza order to tell her she's okay. >> i appreciate the effort he went through to try to sell it but nothing about it. >> a real prank. >> being skeptical about all of this video. >> these might be the cutest thieves you've ever seen. >> this bah boone is in there 30 seconds. >> stay tuned to see what it comes out with. >> that moment he looks back as he's getting priceless. >> and the tuesday buzz word for a shot to get your hands on an ipad mini.
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exotic sky locations in north carolina and photograph before it's too late. our hope is that we will inspire and educate people to get out there and look up and recognize what an incredible resource the night skies actually are. >> it's awesome when you get to that place. what's the one thing you know? look the universe . >> that would be cool. if you could get that view from living in an urban area and get the stars. >> individuals can fight go make a difference stand up and make the small changes required to protect these resources not just
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for grand children but the great, great, great grand children and beyond. >> a concept caught on camera but the perpetrators claim they were just monkeying around. one of which is about to jump in the back of that toyota pick up. >> i like how to guys in the truck are laughing. >> he comes out the back with all kinds of snacks. let's go let's go. >> master skaens. >> look at this guy. he's got five or six pockets. i'm sure they stuffed themselves silly. >> that moment where the bah boone looks back as he's getting away is priceless. >> the next one is titled "this is why i'm single ". i'm sure when the video gets out he's going to be single forever. >> oh.
9:52 am
>> awe, look at that. >> then he ends up what would you expect? >> let me break this down for you. this guy is going to get a date because number one he's cute, number two he loves horses and it's clearly obvious he doesn't do that because as soon as the horse did it he was sitting up. >> obviously, not an every day occurrence. i don't think there's anything wrong with this video. >> even if it doesn't happen all the time why does he do it this one time. >> okay. >> time to give away another ipad mini. then head over to right this and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word and you
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>> this beautiful couple is celebrating their 10-year on verse anniversary and doing this video wanting to win a trip to aruba. you're going to be a dad. >> in the middle of their contest submission video she breaks the news to them they are pregnant. they've been married 10 years. this will be baby number one. >> they've been infertile for five years and that was a surprise to both of them. completely natural pregnancy. it just happened. he had no idea until this moment
9:57 am
on camera and watch his reaction. they're both just in shock. they ended up not winning the trip but they don't care because they have a much bigger joy coming their way. >> yeah they're still winners. >> this girl is showing us just because your pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop working now. >> that's a new one. >> in this case she's using it to hool-a-hoop dance. she's been dancing for three years and decided just because she was pregnant and her belly is growing she doesn't have to stop. >> that's good for her and the baby. she's getting exercise and moving around. seems to be low impact. watch this move when she has one leg up. >> that's incredible. >> pretty amazing. >> that's going to do it for us on right this minute. thanks for joining us everybody.
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we'll see you next time. we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy.
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this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any? live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." corey hardrict and eric hill jr.
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is here telling us about "brotherly love" and sandra lee is here to tell us how to make cocktails. now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> tada! [ cheers and applause ]


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