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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 18, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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a car blows through a red and stops. >> only because of a light post. >> see why this one could have been so much worse. >> everything okay? dude jumps into tub beauxrbulent waters. >> waves are knocking him around all over the place. >> what happens when the sea gets angry? >> i'm freakin' out. >> hiring dancers for her husband's party. look closely and you see -- >> impossible! >> the story behind the crazy funeral trend. and -- >> what's wrong?
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>> i -- i -- >> you heard him. he doesn't want cookies for a snack. >> when have you ever heard that come from a child? >> why you'll never guess what theo wants instead. >> ah! look out! >> what? >> behind you. >> motorcyclist pulling up to a red light two cars ahead. take professional riding course they tell you keep your clutch in keep it in gear and keep your eyes on your rear-view mirror. this is why. >> ooh! ah! -- >> whoa! >> that was -- what was going on? >> that car out of control swerved behind the motorcyclist hops up on to the median crossing a busy intersection not hitting anybody there and stopping only because of a light post the guy ran into. the guy riding the motorcycle parks up on the median goes to check on the guy driving this
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car. an elderly gentleman. >> everything okay? feel all right? you sure? >> seems to be just fine. the air bag went off. other good samaritans coming to his aid as well. sit him down on the curb. police show up and speak to our guy with the helmet cam. >> saw him move on to the median. >> i got everything on camera. that of course is going to help police figure out exactly what happened in this instance. >> be glad he didn't run into the back of the bike. >> right. >> and didn't hit the other cars. >> so close. this next incident similar. cars start to show brake lights. this car on the left also with brake lights on but -- >> ah! >> oh. pedestrian wasn't hit? >> nope. a near miss. what's happening here? sneaky pedestrian crossing signs in russia. blue and white ones. no lights to alert traffic that it's a pedestrian crossing. >> i want to start a gofundme page to get traffic lights for russia just for the cross-walks.
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>> you think all the differentou say, hey, maybe we should put a light up, paint the street or something. and in australia, a huge destination for people who want to do something fun. >> don't go yet! >> where these guys are in this video. but you see the water moving the way it's moving. do you jump? >> no. you don't jump! look at that. the seal looks angry and like it would wash you directly into the rock. >> stop! >> well he decided he was going to jump. >> oh, [ bleep ]! [ scream ] >> when the camera pan over you see pat is in the water -- >> oh, my god. you guys now i'm freaking out. >> waiting for his buddies and realized this is not good. you can see the waves are just knocking him around. all over the place. as he's trying to swim, somewhere, to get out of the water -- >> where are you going?
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>> there's only one way he could really swim to try get out of the water, because on the other side which we don't see, is a very flat cliff. apparently climb out of it, so he has to try to get back to the rock where he just jumped off. >> he's getting carried away and then -- the current is terrible looks like right here. >> why would anybody ever jump off this rock? >> generally the water is very still. the water was very turbulent and these guys didn't realize until it was too late. here you see pat trying to climb up on to the rock. this actually happened back in 2009. the video just posted and pat, the swimmer, did survive, but they didn't realize that the water was not in its normal condition. >> you've got to respect the ocean. >> yeah. >> pat oh, my god! oh, my god! there's a time and a place for strippers and that time is here and now. >> what's the occasion? >> this video is actually from taiwan. see if you can figure out why people are so surprised.
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>> oh! >> this is a funeral and they are gyrating on the coffin of the deceased man whose wife hired the strippers. >> wow. did he een strip club or something? >> no. actually the way it kind of works is in taiwan the more people that turn up to a funeral, the more sort of honor that is placed upon the person. people are saying this is actually a way of getting people to come to the funeral. >> i've got to say, there's something really crazy but cool about this. >> a bit of fun. people do other things. here singers. sometimes it's the only life-end statement people get. another video of a woman singing, scantily dressed as well. best part, read the subtitle. ♪ ♪ >> was that his favorite song? >> i don't know. this guy is being sung off at the same time i hate you.
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i detest you, i will hate you for all of my life you detestable man. >> can't imagine they earn much in tips with that. sounds like eating dog food -- cats finicky, they like tuna, and leech, if you have one for a pet, you know what they like. blood. >> who has a leech for a pet? what a weird pet that is a pet leech. >> some people use them for sort of medical purposes. >> there's no need tore bloodletting anymore. go to a hospital but this guy has a pet leech. they can grow up to be 16 inches and the more blood they consume, the bigger they get. this one not missing too many peoples, you can see from the size of it you making the owner looking like he's doing a lot of intravenus drugs. >> where do you buy a leech for a pet? looks like he wants blood? >> you can buy these online and have them shipped to you. the thing is you don't normally see a pet leech sucking somebody's blood like. >> do want to see a pet leech? do you? >> what do you do with a pet
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leech? >> it's slimy, and gross. >> blood-sucking. >> yes. >> you can see in this other video posted by spider huntsman i wonder what else that guy's got in his hour with that name. sitting in the water, like your fish. put him in water like a smak snake. that thing is not small. >> that thing is huge. >> eating a lot of blood and whatever else it gets fed. >> savality of money on pet food. >> a nice close-up shot. a lot of iron in this diet. >> that is unbelieve al. who would want something sucking its blood on a regular basis? i wonder if the guy is super healthy. i never get sick. i have a regular leeching. he is trying a scary back flip. >> win or fail? >> see what he's trying to do on this one. >> oh! >> and a teenager is transformed by -- >> quite a bit of plastic surgery. >> the story of her internet stardom that seems to be all about a boy. >> she's 15!
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all right guys. we're going to play a game koched "win or fail." first one, video, this guy on top of this rock calmed a potato chip. lining up doing something impressive. win or fail. >> fail. >> fail. >> two fails? where you going? >> i'm going, win. >> win. let's see what happens. lined himself up. >> whew! >> named it. pulled off back flip with his own camera set up there. everyone in the crowd very impressed. round of applause. well done. next up, guiseys. coming down hits the rail? >> fail. >> fail. >> watch this one. >> oh! >> that was big fail. >> overshot that a bit. >> a monster fail. in fact when he landed this is a quote basically he broke his arm off. he's okay. everything else was fine's in this survey a longboarding
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video. and this is robert kessler. win or fail? >> fail. >> fail. >> i see a wobble. >> honestly longboarding isn't that fun to watch -- unless -- sorry. >> i'm going with win. >> ah! >> he landed on the soft part of his head. >> looks like he actually bit the concrete. like he bit it. >> lost a tooth or two in that one. >> if you watch again, taken the fall the way he was falling he'd have been fine. >> that move only works for cats. [ laughter ] [ baby talk ] unexpected reactions from children. this first one little theodor is trying. not really unexpected it's what he's krieg over. >> what's wrong? >> i -- i -- don't want a cookie. >> when have you ever heard that come from a child's mouth? what does theodor want?
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>> no cookie? >> yeah. >> what do you want for a treat? >> i want -- beef broth. >> he wants beef broth for a snack! >> i don't like cookies for a treat. . you want beef broth. >> yeah. [ crying ] >> he likes savory stuff. why not give him some beef broth? >> little brother sitting there chewing on a cookie. >> little brother has, like an oreo. >> i'll take his. this next little baby krieg. the reaction we've seen a lot from little babies but what's makes this child stop crying that's pretty unusual. [ crying ] >> you hear some music start playing in the background. what could it be? ♪ word up ♪ >> "word up" why cameo. >> wow. really just calms the baby right now. >> stop crying immediately.
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>> '80s were awesome. this kid obviously knows it. last child, most don't love bath time. this child, colton loves it. >> i'm going to poor and egg on your head. bah! i'm going to pour an egg on your head. bah! >> ah! >> loves every second of it. can't get enough. [ laughter ] >> generally you're right. babies don't like to get water. this swun having a blast. >> thinks it's hilarious. stirring up a lot of conversation online because of this girl. she's 15 years old. from china. as you can see, she looks very pretty. very cute girl. right? except in order for her to look like this she apparently has undergone quite a bit of plastic surgery. >> wait. how old did you say she was? >> i did say she is 15 years old.
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>> what kind of surgery? i mean corrective surgery? someone who fixes -- all just burly aesthetic, just because? >> her goal is to look like one of those human dolls. >> she's doing everything to look like one of those dolls with the tiny lift waist and the really big, browned eyes. >> she does kind of have that plastic look to her, but i'd be curious to know what she looked like before her surgeryiessurgeries. >> we have several photos of her. most are of her looking already more like a doll. >> get this. reports say that she's doing this because she wants to get her boyfriend back >> where on earth are her parents? >> that's the mentality of a teenage girl. somebody's not providing her with the right guidance. >> she's 15. do you know how many more boys she's going to date after that. >> not only that. 15 you're not stopped developing until 24. her face, body change everything change and now she's going to mess it up. >> hopefully she finds the right kind of guy that teaching her
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how to love herself just as she is. being the downstairs neighbor always leaves you thinking -- >> what is going on upstairs? >> the explanation for the sounds you might have experienced. >> their ceiling is our stage. and we're dancing across it. plus what if you grab friends and a bunch of fireworks and -- >> you just go bananas! >> the grand if afinale from one great tr.
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ununisisomom.. a a ststreressssfuful l dadayy deservrveses a a r resestftfulul n nigightht.. what does being an upstairs neighbor to you? >> it means we make -- sound. >> this is a hilarious video from the above average guy's -- >> answers the question for you kwhashgs is gawk on upstairs? >> people think of neighborly noise as a nuisance but we think of it as an art form. >> we want the sounds to be different. but completely unrecognizable. >> all we see, david and julia, how they go about creating all those completely weird random sounds we've all, all heard. >> sounds like bowling balls. that can't be what it is but that's what it sounds like. sounds like bowling balls. >> bowling balls. >> is it a metal barrel? you never know because sometimes we get metal barrels. [ laughter ] >> you knew we twisted, though. [ laughter ] >> julia, definitely the true
7:50 pm
artist. [ scream ] >> she's so creative. >> oh. their ceiling is our stage. >> uh-huh. >> we're dancing across it. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> how do they explain the moaning that comes from the upstairs? >> ah. >> unit? >> ah! >> ah -- love to feel your body all around me. >> oh! >> see, she thinks that we're having sex, but things aren't whaulz they appear to be oenchts, yeah. when we do have sex, it's actually very quiet. >> very creative. >> unbelievable. >> if you want to see the more than above average, avid yo head to and use or mobile app. it's work. it's worth it. and this looks like a bunch of fun. get a bunch of friends together sony action cameras head into the difrt withesert with $1,000 worth
7:51 pm
of -- >> food. >> doritos. >> fireworks. >> i'm going to be here and watch all this crap go offened everything better get cleaned up or everyone's getting a littering ticket. >> you go bananas capturing it on on-camera for everyone to see how much fun you had. >> after they shoot each other with the roman kandcandles it's beautiful smoke they're blowing into the air. >> all kinds of stuff. roctsz rockets, mortar bombs. >> a private fourth of july show all to yourself way front-row seat. >> looked very dry. like i said -- >> did they have hot dogs? >> no hot dogs. >> did they clean it up like the man said? >> i like to think so. >> i like that part. the action cam on the really big rocket. how do you get it back? >> of course the finale shot on the drone to capture it all from overhead. fun! >> telling you, the better place to be camping on the other side of lake pup get to enjoy the
7:52 pm
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ow, all the way down. sometimes animals get themselves tied up in curious ways and they need human interaction to help get them free. that's what happened in this first individual quo i'm showing you. there you have a deer caught up in fencing but you have two guys that want to help this deer out. they've got pliers and when they approach the deer, doesn't much look like it wants help but they're going to help it out anyway. >> it wants help. definitely wants help. look at that poor leg. >> they don't have to work hard. cut the wire and get this thing moving. >> they got the right tools and the deer at this point isn't fighting. for a second, looked like he'd given up. >> how exhausted. >> you think it's exhausted until it gets up.
7:56 pm
>> in the wild. he'll get the hang of it. >> in this nix video, these ducks don't need human help but they do node some help in getting along. these two are wrestling like nair a high school wrestling match. >> yeah. that was -- >> no no, no no. they're not doing that. they are wrestling. >> i'm no biologist fop me it looks like a male and a female and they're doing a little courtship. >> yeah. it's a courtship dance. >> exactly. >> but here, it just looks like a fight. >> as you can see here the fight is over after the black one starts picking at the wing of the other one. then just takes off. walks off. >> the other one flies off and they get back in the water like nothing happened. got to love you for wanting this so badly to be g rated. it's a beautiful day, but not for my mom. >> natalle will absolutely no limits to who he will prank.
7:57 pm
his next victim is no other than than his very cute mom. >> what happened? >> [ bleep ]. >> so she gets in the car and they're having a nice little casual conversation. but watch what happens when they pull up to this stop signants really? where? >> suddenly they've hit a cyclist. the guy goes over the hood falls on the ground. he's incredibly hurt. wants nothing to do with have a naturally vitali who just hit him with his car. >> are you kidding me? cops and everything? >> a cop car. >> i didn't do anything sir. >> he didn't do anything. >> the cop proceeds to arrest him. mom is so confused. things get out of control when the taser comes out i. told you not talk to me. distract me. >> ah -- >> oh my god. what are you doing? stop! [ bleep ] stop! he didn't do anything. stop please!
7:58 pm
>> mom dk. >> back off. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] -- >> mom has an issue koching down in a heated situation like this and then the big reveal. >> it's a prank! [ laughter ] >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me? >> the victim gets up and says, hey, everything is all right. and she just -- drops to the ground. >> yeah. she's obviously grad and relievedrelieve edrelieve -- glad and relieved it's a prank. >> [ bleep ] are you kidding me? that's if for the here at "right this minute" everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.
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(clink) if i could just have everybody's attention real quick. um, on this wonderful occasion-- our daughter leaving tomorrow for college... (mitchell) oh. if i could get everyone to raise their glass as i quote from one of our nation's great fathers-- jefferson. george jefferson. "i never dreamed that one of my own "would be going off to a university, "but here i stand, a proud black man, knowing that all those hours i put in at the dry cleaner--" phil. not now, weezie. where was i? quoting that president. okay, if she's the future of america, we should start using chinese money now. (scoffs) we already are. my arm is tired. to haley. to haley! (glasses clink) and before everyone puts their glasses down, uh, uh, we're also very proud of lily. tomorrow is her first day of kindergarten. to lily. (gloria) oh, lily. (phil) to lily. to lily. and you'll be impressed to know


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