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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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an hour ago. highway patrol officers say a work crew hit a gas line while using heavy equipment, leading to this massive fire ll. >> pg&e serves the area and says on twitter they are investigating the circumstances of what happened and are working closely with first responders in the area. one person is quoted as saying that all of a sudden it was raining fire. another person said the flames were three stories high. again, we know at least two people were critically injured as a result of that explosion and there are reports several more were injured. >> pete martinez is on the phone right now, representative for the fresno fire department. can you give us the latest numbers on how many people were hurt and how badly they are hurt? >> yes, at this time, there was 13 to 14 individuals who were assessed at scene, then transported. i don't know the exact extent of their injuries. i'm not sure if some were transported precautionary measures. some of the individuals who were injured are actually part of the work crew, inmate crew that the fresno county
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sheriff's office utilizes to take care of that facility. >> so they were doing work, hit a pipe carrying natural gas. i'm sure you know about the fire and explosion we had in san bruno a couple years ago. much has been made about the pg&e shutoff valve. from a firefighters perspective, pete, can you tell us, was it shut off quickly? did it take a while? tell us about that. >> the last report, it was still going to take approximately two hours for them to shut it down. yeah, obviously we know about san bruno. luckily for us, this was an area isolated from any homes. the fire was still going with the tractor nearby working in the area, which caught on fire as well. that fire started a grass fire. so at this point, we've surrounded the grass fire, contained it to the area that burned and now we're letting the gas line burn until officials can shut down the
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line. >> just to be clear, the gas is still flowing right now? >> as of last report, yes, it is still flowing, but they are working diligently to get it down. having the gas line burn is a lot better than having multiple ignition sources available with the gas line. so we're actually in a safer area with it continuing to burn at this point. >> and as we share these pictures of the fire ball there in fresno, it looks extremely dry. i'm seeing an awful lot of dry grass, dry brush. we know it's very, very dry. there has been very little rain. what are your concerns looking ahead in the hours to come, this being such a heightened fire danger situation? >> well, one of the concerns is the fact that we're in a river bottom. so we have a lot of wind coming in, depending on the time of night. so as it shifts, we're going to be watching it, keeping crews in the air to make sure we don't have any ignitions of grass fires in the area. at this point, we're keeping crews on scene to not only be around for the gas shutoff, as well as the event that we have
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a larger grass fire. this is the area where the fire occurred is in a river bottom. there is a lot of dry grass in the area. so we're just making sure that it doesn't get any larger than it already has. >> pete martinez with the fresno city fire department, thank you for your time and that late information. we're staying on top of this developing story here. ktvu's tom vacar will join us from the pg&e angle of it all. again, the gas is still flowing, but it does appear the immediate danger is over. more at 6:00. a $14 million marijuana operation was uncovered in benicia, the second major bust in that city in the past three months. the most recent bust happened yesterday on stone road. that's where authorities found nearly 5000 plants. ktvu's john so saki, live from benicia, where people were stunned to see so many police responding.
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. >> reporter: it was green view home solution. >> it's an interesting name. clearly not a legitimate business. >> reporter: the solano county sheriff's office and the fbi moved in on thursday morning. >> i said, wow, it is something really going on! sheriff pulled up with a trailer. i said that looks like a drug bust going on. >> reporter: he was correct. deputies and agents found a huge marijuana growing operation with millions of dollars worth of product. >> there was over 4800 plants. there were several pounds of processed marijuana confiscated or seized during that search warrant. the street value of the marijuana was over $14.5 million. >> reporter: now in the window is a document from a law office in oakland that orders the tenants out because of the cultivation of marijuana. >> this is the second one in six months. think something needs to get
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stepped up out here. >> reporter: in fact, this bust came after a similar raid of this house on east second, half a mile away. >> very similar to the same type of operation, just on a smaller scale. so, you know, clearly it was related to it. >> reporter: investigators say the previous bust came after a benicia police officer responding to some other issue noticed something suspicious. it netted more than 800 plants and $2.5 million in processed pot. >> i don't think it's an isolated incident to the city of benicia and the industrial area of benicia. i think its statewide, if not nationally that these grows, being grown outside are now growing inside. >> reporter: and that bust helped lead investigators here, where one man was arrested. 34-year-old tuoy den of heyward. officials are looking for more people involved. gasia, back to you. >> john, thank you. well, excitement is building for the golden state warriors' first playoff game tomorrow afternoon. the team's flag is flying over san francisco.
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you can see it there right on top of a high-rise. tickets to the warriors' playoff games right now are the hottest ticket around. i looked on stubhub. someone is asking $4600 per ticket for courtside seats. hey, at least that includes a parking pass. the warriors had an incredible season. they have the best record in the nba and what's really amazing, they only lost two games all year at oracle arena. >> lot of people think they could go all the way to the finals. sports director mark ibanez is here. expectations are pretty high on this. >> usually when had the warriors do make the playoff switch over the past 20 or 30 years, it's been a rare occasion. they are just happy to be there. this time, i can tell you, first time in 40 years the warriors are, if not expected to, they are pretty much thought to be one of the favorites to go all the way. this is practice footage from the team they will be playing, the pelicans. admittedly, they are a team that not a lot of people know about. anthony davis, you're looking at the guy many call the uni
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brow, sensational young star. lot of people think he'll be probably the best player in the nba within a couple of years. but he knows that the pelicans are in tough with the oracle fan base. they will be in his ear and the rest of his teammates, too. his reaction to playing in oakland tomorrow afternoon. >> i mean, we love playing like this. we've been in situations, you know, the whole year, whole season. we made it this far. we're not looking to go home yet. we know it's a tough environment. this is a tough environment without the playoffs. so it's a great place to play and really looking forward to it. >> he's definitely unique. just how long and agile he is. most guys who are that tall, they are not really that fast. you can use speed against him. he is long and very agile, quick as anyone at that position. he presents his challenges, but it is what it is. >> i think the warriors will
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have plenty for him. the challenge for the warriors is to be confident, but not cocky. they did have is the regular season best record, which means absolutely nothing right now. >> charles barkley says he doesn't think the warriors can win. >> first of all, lot of what he says is tongue and cheek, my favorite basketball analyst to watch. but the thing i would like to say is probably a long shot for charles barkley is watching right now, but i would like to say, charles, if you're out there, you never won a title as a player! how can you tell us what it takes to win a title? he's a great analyst, but the bottom line is, warriors do have all the ingredients. doesn't matter what charles barkley thinks. like i say, lot of what he says is just to get a rise out of people. he's been kind of pranking on the bay area for a long time. >> he's gotten a rise out of a lot of people. >> great to prove him very
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wrong in about a month. >> let's do it. thank you, mark. see you at 6:00. coming up later in this newscast, a look at a new high tech feature that may be headed to warrior games. tonight, the robot that was cruising the halls and helping fans and no one is controlling this robot. we'll show you how it works. and the san francisco giants playing their first game tonight out at the ballpark. it's a beautiful night. mark tamayo is out there right now at at&t. we've got good winds at the coast, a little bit of fog showing up. what's it feeling like at the ballpark? >> reporter: we've been lucking out, bill. looking at the temperatures, 61 degrees. last time i was out here, it was during the world series and all the excitement. people trickling into the park right now. game's not till after 7:00. taking a look at weather conditions out there, zooming off, we'll show you the clear skies and a bit of a breeze. winds around, have been picking up around 15 miles an hour. but the weather looks great. the forecast for this evening,
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we do have this, partly cloudy skies. temperatures will drop back down into the upper 50s, but still great weather for the game. the first orange friday game of the season. also, we have good news to share with my new friends steve and william from martinez. i let them know, we have fireworks tonight after the game. are you excited about that? >> oh, yes, definitely. didn't know it was going to be tonight. i'm very excited about it. >> reporter: and you were at the opening day, right? >> yes, opening day. yeah, it was really crowded. >> reporter: excited about tonight and possibly the first win here? >> yes, we want the giants to win tonight. my son william is an avid fan. >> this is my first game of the season and we're hoping to end that losing streak tonight. >> reporter: definitely, we're all excited. have fun at the game. it's going to be a great time. coming up during the 6:00 show, of course we'll talk about the forecast for both saturday and sunday, because they actually have the ring ceremony for tomorrow. we'll have that forecast coming up during the 6:00 show. bill? >> mark, they are your new friends. they didn't seem like friends, dude. didn't seem that tight.
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i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> reporter: still bonding right now. >> oh, maybe they are friends. [ laughter ] >> reporter: is that proof? [ laughter ] >> i'm giving you a hard time. we'll be back to check in with you at 6:00. this isn't their first game. it's the first friday night game. back to ng from a and gasia. well, it's a unique new place to play. >> it is like a dream come true. i don't have to tell my boys, sorry, i can't do that one with you. >> this is pretty cool. coming up, the playground designed specifically for kids with disabilities, even kids in wheelchairs can use it. >> also, not what some people were expecting during a trip to the grocery store. what we now know about a car that plowed into a trader joe's today. >> and concerns that golden gate park is going to be trashed. the upcoming event and why some people are worried about what's going to be left behind.
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. a driver in redwood city today lost control of his car, slammed through a fence and into a home. the highway patrol says the car was on edgewood road when it went off the road and plowed into the garage of a home near alameda. the chp says no one inside the house was injured. the 40-year-old driver was treated at the scene. it's not clear what caused him to lose control of his car, but investigators say it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were involved. that wasn't the only car that went into a building today. another driver slammed right into the front of a trader joe's this morning in los altos. the santa clara fire department tweeted pictures of what happened. you can see here where the car came to a stop right there at the front door. we're told six people were taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. here's another look. you can see firefighters, how
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they blocked off the area. we don't know why the driver crashed or if the driver is one of those who was hurt. finally, here's a picture taken from inside the store. you can see the actual frame of the front windows and glass doors was literally ripped right out of the wall. a new first of its kind homeless services center launched last month in san francisco to a lot of fanfare. it's different because it tries to place people living together in encampments into housing together. rob roth went to the navigation center today to see how it's going so far. rob? >> reporter: well, gasia, there are 40 people now staying here at the city's new navigation center. many will be moving into housing for the first time in years. the homeless encampment that sprang up underneath the freeway at 5th and brian street is mostly cleared out now. more than a dozen of its former residents are now here at a new center designed to move entire homeless encampments from the streets and into housing.
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moving here with those at her encampment and with her dog sparta was key for this woman who has been homeless for years. >> even though we're homeless, it's still like a neighborhood, you know. everybody watch's each other's property. >> reporter: the best part is next week when she will be able to move into the apartment case workers found for her, her partner and sparta and she will continue to receive help. >> i got my own door keys! you know, yeah, i can go inside and shut the door and actually lay in an actual bed. >> reporter: the city-run navigation center opened about a month ago. it's the first of its kind in its country, a one-stop homeless services center designed to help entire encampments. >> everybody who is here has agreed to participate and is signing up for benefits, participating in case management. we feel it's going well. >> these people told me we guarantee that we can help you, but it may take a little bit more time than what they
5:17 pm
thought. but still, they can help me. >> reporter: homeless advocates support the concept, but wonder where the city will find enough affordable housing. in some areas, we found new camps have sprouted up in the same places vacated by those now at the navigation center. still, the homeless people here say so far, so good. >> segregated, degradated, put down, treated like i'm less than what i am. and i believe and hope that this place will give me back my humanity. >> reporter: we're told this is a program other cities across the country are watching closely. gasia? >> i bet they are. thank you, rob. new figures show home sales in the bay area rose sharply last month. real estate tracking firm core logic says in march, home sales in the bay area saw their 36th consecutive month of year-over- year price increases. the median price for a bay area
5:18 pm
home jumped to $623,000, up from $565,000 in february. sales of new and existing homes totaled almost 7000 last month. that's up about 46% compared to the previous month. figures show statewide the numbers -- the number of homes sold was also up, with a monthly gain of 38%. a minute ago, we saw mark tamayo getting hit by a breeze near the water in san francisco. let's go to dheef meteorologist bill martin. did you have to arm wrestle for the assignment? >> he had big plans. he had a boat lined up. he was going to be out there. >> right, yeah. >> fun to be live from a boat. he's standing there. got an idea now looking at our 101 california camera, looking down on at&t park. a beautiful night for a ball game, but i'm going to put my cursor in. where is it, do you see it? you don't see it. this is just -- there it is, right? no, you don't see it. you guys are taking it live. i was going to take it live on my computer.
5:19 pm
there it is. so see right here on the street corner? see the clock? mark, if you're watching, the next hit, i want you to get your little buns down here. see where the arrow is? next hit, see if we can locate you and you can wave to the camera high atop 101. beautiful night for the ball game. lots of fog at the coast now, but that's where it remains. right at the coast. right at the coast. it's not really pushing very far inland. that's why temperatures inland, pretty warm today. we had numbers today in the mid- 80s, upper 70s, mid-80s. winds are relatively light, fog residing at the coast. that's where the cool area s you see the 82 in fairfield. 81 in walnut creek. tomorrow looks just like this. sunday looks just like this. the tree pollens look just like this for the weekend. we're talking grass pollen's coming up. weeds are around, but not a big deal. but grass is sort of really coming up. trees have actually dropped off a little bit, but ash, mulberry, pine and oak are sort of the big players right now.
5:20 pm
there's very few people walking around the newsroom, we talk about who is being bothered by allergies who aren't. i would say 50, 60% of the newsroom has got some form of tree allergy or pollen allergy. i assume that's the general population is something similar to that. so it's an issue this weekend. tomorrow morning's fog gets over the, over the hills, over to the san bruno gap, gets out to the fremont area. i think the fog's going to be right around the bay. burns back, then you get a day tomorrow a lot like today, with temperatures certainly warmer than they have been, or had been the last couple weeks or so. a nice-looking weekend ahead, with bay area five-day forecast showing warm on saturday and sunday. then just kind of teetering down. now, there is a chance for something on wednesday night into -- wednesday into thursday afternoon and evening. we might see a sprinkle. something's changing in that pattern. that's why there's clouds in there. maybe something changes up and we get a little rain going.
5:21 pm
that's down the road. weekend looks great, though. >> doesn't sound like a lot of rain. thanks, bill. just ahead, a pretty expensive lunch. how much someone is willing to pay for one hour plus lunch with apple's tim cook? >> now to julie haener in the newsroom. >> coming up, memories of the great 1906 earthquake in san francisco. some are fading away literally. the efforts tonight to restore historic photographic negatives more than a century old. >> also, the state's warning about a new invasive species of mosquito. how it could pose a threat to your health. >> plus, more on that breaking news out of fresno, where several people are injured after a large explosion this afternoon. it's all coming up at 6:00. plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day.
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. we are waiting for a key state report tonight. it will list the water agencies that have to cut the most to meet the governor's overall goal of a 25% reduction in water use. ktvu reporter tom vacar has a look at the bay area water agencies expected to suffer the most. >> reporter: water districts will be rated on a sliding scale as to how much they will have to cut. the cuts will be from water used in 2013 before the drought really bit in. the maximum cut of 35% for some districts assumes the drought will get no worse. a wishful assumption at best. >> i think it's a great idea. people should be penalized if they are using more water. i save water myself. >> the regions and water districts that are asked to do
5:24 pm
more are the places that have not done more up until now. >> everyone has to do their part and conserve, and this could really become a catastrophic event if we go on another year or two. >> reporter: hillsboro, the bay area's biggest per capita water user at 281 gallons a day will have to reduce that by 100 gallons a day to reach its 35% reduction target. also facing 35% cuts, vacaville, morgan hill, and bear gulch. >> they should cut back, too. >> the pressure is on the water districts to reach whatever targets are set. they have to figure out how to work with their consumers and their water users to reach those targets. >> reporter: by contrast, because of its vision of creating hetch hetchy, its long- held water saving ethic, and the cloudy and wet location, san francisco will have to cut
5:25 pm
no more than 10%. >> we have -- san francisco has done a lot of water conservation already. >> reporter: if water agencies don't comply or if residents don't pitch in their water bills will rise sharply. >> there's now the ability to levee fairly significant fines on the water districts who have failed or who fail in the future to meet these targets. >> reporter: 14 other bay area districts have to cut by 25%. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2news. apple ceo tim cook is the top attraction on bidding for one hour lunch at apple headquarters is $165,000. there is still a week to go, so the bidding could go higher. the winner gets two passes to an apple keynote event and all the money goes to the robert f kennedy human rights
5:26 pm
foundation. we'll tell you what's being done to deal with the problems left behind by the 4/20 crowds. >> and a man slips and falls off of a train platform. >> also, a san francisco neighborhood has seen a string of dangerous pedestrian accidents. now a new plan to help keep straits safer and it starts with children.
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. we are continuing to follow breaking news in fresno. 13 to 14 people have been hurt by a pipeline explosion and fire and at least two of those people are in critical condition. >> the blast sent a giant fire ball into the area, sparking a grass fire. it happened on north weber avenue, near highway 99. it's a major route down to southern california. >> highway patrol officers say a work crew hit a gas line while using heavy equipment. we now know it was a 12-inch gas line and the fresno fire department has surrounded a grass fire that started nearby. they have also just tweeted out that the gas line has been shut down. reporter erica cervantes was at the scene earlier and is on the phone now. erica, can you tell us what it looks like at the moment? >> reporter: well, frank, right now the gas line has been capped. the fire is also under control, so the big black plume of smoke that people were seeing for
5:30 pm
miles away is not there anymore. it's completely clear. right now they are working on investigating and clearing the sheen. they say they have no idea how this worker drove over or might have hit this gas line, but they are saying that 14 people were injured. one person has critical burns, air lifted to a local hospital here. what they do know is it was a fresno county roads worker operating that heavy piece of equipment. they say they haven't had a chance to interview anyone because it was a very chaotic scene. so that's why they are unclear about exactly how this might have happened. if the gas line was sticking out or how it was hit. of the 14 people injured, an inmate crew actually working at the range where it happened, they also have burns. right now, they are really clearing the scene. southbound lanes of 99 are reopened. northbound is still shut down right now. >> that is certainly good news. i'm curious, how close did you
5:31 pm
get? i remember covering a gas explosion like this at one point and it was the sound and the heat that stuck with me. were you close enough to hear the sound and feel the heat of this? >> reporter: no, we were not. there was heavy traffic around. major streets and highways in fresno were shut down. took us about a good half hour to get there. once we arrived, we could see the smoke, but couldn't feel the heat. i spoke to some on the scene and they said you could definitely feel the heat. there was sand falling from the sky because there is a sandy area near where the explosion happened and it threw all the sand up into the air. >> erica cervantes, we appreciate the recap on the situation. a gas pipeline explosion down in fresno. for a while, it shut down highway 99. the good news now is that the gas has been shut off and it doesn't look like these
5:32 pm
pictures anymore there, getting the situation under control. unfortunately, several people were injured and at least one of them is in critical condition. more breaking news now, this time here at home. a major police operation is under way in oakland, as opd is looking for a violent offender near seminary and 580. this is in east oakland near mills college. sky fox is doing a good job of showing us a number of police cars lined up here in the neighborhood. we know the seminary exit off 580 eastbound is closed. that is the commute direction. at this point, we are in the very height of the evening commute. the bad news, if you're on 580 heading eastbound, there is no good alternative. 580 is way backed up, to 35th avenue. 13 south which feeds 580 eastbound, also backed up well onto redwood road. sky fox giving us a picture of some of the slow lanes of traffic. again, westbound 580, not affected. eastbound is. that is the commute direction. that is where seminary is shut down. again, people living nearby being told to stay inside, lock
5:33 pm
their doors, as police are looking for pa violent offender. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more information as soon as we get it from police. san francisco is preparing for an event monday that draws a lot of people smoking a lot of marijuana in golden gate park. it's called 4/20. it obvious brings with it a certain set of problems. david stevenson is in the city with what san francisco officials say they are trying to do to address complaints about this annual 4/20 event. david? >> reporter: frank, the main concerns this year are traffic, trash, even teenagers at the marijuana festival. this afternoon, we learn what's being done to deal with all of that. for medical marijuana dispensaries, it's probably the biggest day of the year. >> oh, my gosh, it's going to be packed. 4/20, we'll have a big party here, bunch of freebies, testers, a little bit of everything. it's going to be fun. >> reporter: monday marks 4/20, the annual international marijuana celebration that usually sees clouds of smoke hovering over hippie hill in san francisco's golden gate
5:34 pm
park. police estimate 15,000 people came out for last year's event, which happened to fall on easter sunday. merchants say they lost a lot of business when police closed down nearby streets. >> nobody could enter with a vehicle into the ashbury district. the merchants were not very happy about that. we were not warned about it. >> traffic is going to continue this way. >> reporter: officers at the sfpd park station told residents today they hope to keep street closures to a minimum this year. >> our focus is going to be on any type of violence, any type of unruly behavior that affects the merchants, the neighbors. >> reporter: the aftermath often leaves the city's park department with a hangover. last year, 20,000 pounds of trash were left in a single day here. the department spent $23,000 for cleanup and park patrol. >> we want people to enjoy the park, but we also want them to clean up after themselves and take their trash out or throw their trash in a trash bag and do everything they can to protect the park. >> reporter: there are signs that message is getting through. the bloom room dispensary is
5:35 pm
asking its clients to come back to the park once the party's over. >> we'll be there at 8:00 a.m. to clean up on 4/21, just to leave a better name for ourselves in the community. >> reporter: and city officials say there are numerous reports last year of minors at the marijuana festival. this year, there will be a number of probation officers and undercover officers out, juvenile probation officers to make sure the teenagers aren't a part of the marijuana 4/20 festival this year. frank and gasia? >> david stevenson, live in san francisco tonight, thank you. california health officials say the measles outbreak in the state is now over. the measles scare originated at disneyland back in december and spread to several states and counties. 131 people in california were infected. many of them were not vaccinated, setting off a debate over california's personal belief exemption. in order for the outbreak to be considered over, two back-to- back incubation periods totalling 42 days had to pass
5:36 pm
without any additional cases being reported. east bay regional park district today announced the purchase of a new property, one that promises to help connect acres of open space, miles of trail and wildlife corridors in eastern contra costa county. the park district says its new 260-acre property is located on the eastern side of mt. diablo and includes lush woodlands and expansive meadow. the property is bordered by mt. diablo state park and part of the reserve. the park district purchased the property with the east contra costa county habitat conservancy. the warriors are testing out a cutting edge robot at the arena and it comes bearing gifts for fans. we'll show you how it works. >> plus, what does nearly half a billion dollars worth of illegal drugs look like? what searchers say was the key to this mission's success. >> and a place to play for all children. >> where are those children using a wheelchair, children using a walker, a blind child, where are they going to play? >> the unique playground and
5:37 pm
how one bay area mom was determined to build it.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
. a benicia plan is behind bars for recording people in the bathroom of a starbucks. 40-year-old jacob turner was arrested at his home yesterday. police seized evidence that could reveal more victims. detectives say turner
5:40 pm
secretedly recorded an hour of video at the coffee shop on locust street. it was initially discovered by a customer. police say there are at least 13 victims, maybe more. investigators say the camera recorded customers on friday afternoon, february 6, and this past tuesday between 2:00 and 3:00. california attorney general kamala harris announced a statewide training program that is designed to reduce any bias by police officers. harris said this comes after the shootings of unarmed people by police across the country. she said law enforcement officers need to treat members of the community with respect. as part of her program, california department of justice special agents will be outfitted with body cameras similar to the ones used by a growing number of police departments. lessons on pedestrian safety that go beyond the basics, now being taught to students in san francisco. the group walk san francisco is offering the safety curriculum to children enrolled in after- school programs served by the chinatown ymca. as part of the program, children are taught to do more than just look both ways and
5:41 pm
stay in the crosswalk. >> the program goes beyond that because it actually takes children out to their neighborhood streets, whether it's their school neighborhood or community center, and it teaches them how to look at the street and see if they are dangerous by design. >> students are also encouraged to come up with solutions for improving safety at intersections by proposing changes to a mock transportation safety board. a massive joint operation seized hundreds of millions of dollars worth of drugs on the waters of the pacific ocean. $424million worth of cocaine sitting on a dock in san diego. the drugs were seized during a six-month operation that included the u.s. coast guard, customs and border patrol, navy, even the royal canadian navy. the patrols were in the eastern pacific ocean and customs say team work was the key to the mission's success. >> team work makes the dream work. i mean, this is a team. you put more ships and aircraft in the area, you get more drugs on the table.
5:42 pm
>> the patrols took in more drugs over the past six months than they did in all of 2014. the first of its kind inclusive playground for children and parents. >> my boys will be able to see a different side of me. >> a bay area mother determined to build it. >> plus, terrifying video of a man pulling off a train platform. the innocent bystander pulling him to safety. >> right after the break, we're tracking your bay area weekend forecast. got up to 86 degrees today in santa cruz. tomorrow will be another warm one. i'll tell you the spots that will be the warmest. see you back here.
5:43 pm
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. new at 5:00, something really interesting here. it's a new playground being called one of the most innovative and inclusive anywhere in the country. it's a playground designed for kids with disabilities, even kids in wheelchairs can use this playground. ktvu takes us to the magical bridge playground in palo alto before the ground opening tomorrow. >> reporter: every bit of design, thought out and built with purpose. >> they are going to enter this playground and for the very first time feel very safe, very secure. >> reporter: a vision six years in the making. the mother behind it, who would
5:46 pm
pay $150 so her child with developmental disabilities could play on a swing, a drive that got her thinking. >> where are they playing? where are those children using a wheelchair, children using a walker, a blind child? where are they going to play and be part of their community? >> reporter: so she did something. after much research and planning and raising $4 million, most of it privately funded, the magical bridge playground in palo alto was born. a playground with a magical laser harp, where music is made simply by plucking imaginary strings in the air. >> whee! >> reporter: swings big enough, slides wide enough for all ages and sizes, not to mention a two- story tree house with a stage and bridge so anyone can play at an elevated height. >> check out this really cool feature. someone who is bound to a wheelchair like emily here, can easily go on this merry-go- round, strap her in securely and you can enjoy the ride. >> typically children with
5:47 pm
disabilities are playing on the sidelines. they are not in the center of things. here at the magical bridge playground, we want them to come out, want them to celebrate and to shine. >> reporter: it's not just for children, but adults in wheelchairs. for mother emily mcqueen, who has four boys, she calls it a dream come true. >> they get to see me as their taxi and their meal maker, provider, and all these things that a mom does, but here i get to play with them and they get to see me being silly and having fun and being adventurous. >> reporter: a place where everyone can be themselves. the hope now, opening this playground will open up a national conversation all playgrounds should be built this way. in palo alto, ktvu fox 2news. >> good for you, mom. >> and it's so interesting. it's something that i think would never have been on my radar and how great is that to be inclusive and everyone can play there. that's a wonderful idea. let's go now to chief
5:48 pm
meteorologist bill martin. for those of us going to the baseball game tonight or hanging out at the neighborhood park, it's going to be a great weekend. >> are you going to the game tonight? >> no, i'm here. >> mark tamayo is out at the ballpark right now. we'll see him at 6:00. there's the flags blowing. this is san francisco, the wind's blowing. not as windy as it has been the last couple of days. winds have died down. that allowed temperatures to come up a few degrees, especially inland. antioch, 84 degrees, right? 84 in livermore. temperatures around the bay, almost 80 in fremont. san jose just touched on 79, coming up on 80. tomorrow, just like this. those numbers, press them into saturday. press them into sunday, except right along the coast where it's going to be a little cooler because of this. a little bit of patchy coastal fog. it's not a deep inversion. that means it's not getting up over the hill. you can see where it is. this is kind of a neat feature of stenson beach. lot of folks go to stenson this time of year. it's a northwesterly wind, kind of blowing the fog away. fog gets peeled away so you get
5:49 pm
clearing and sunshine in a beach like this, when the prevailing northwest winds blow, not offshore, but in this area, it is offshore. the landmass faces south a little bit. that's why the beach weather will probably be good up there this weekend, too. a little fog in the morning, but winds will blow off. at the ocean beach in san francisco and pacifica, winds are blowing this way, but there's no topography. in the sunset district, richmond district, moving into san francisco and cutting off just right the other side of 19th avenue. but the fog will push inland tonight, into the san francisco bay and over into the east bay hills on these winds, but it's not going -- shouldn't have a big push into, say, san rafael or a big push into livermore valley. i think it's going to stay around the bay and the coast. 16 mile-an-hour winds at sfo, what you would expect this time of night. 71 in napa right now. 82 in fairfield. you can see there's already a seabreeze set up, light seabreeze. there's the cool, there's the warm. what's that look like?
5:50 pm
that's a late spring/early summer temperature footprint, which gets the winds going, helps the fog. it's a feedback loop. when this warm inland cool coast circulation goes like this, winds come onshore, upwelling occurs. temperatures coast side, cool. temperatures inland, warm. happens all summer. that feedback loop's happening right now, just starting up. 79 tomorrow out in some of the warmer spots of the berkeley hills. back into the mid-80s. moving through the bay area micro climates. tomorrow, 86 degrees. 87 degrees in the warmest spots. vacaville, 84. the five-day forecast, nice- looking weekend. nothing wrong with this one. the weekend looks good. the pollen counts are up. we talked about that. maybe, maybe, maybe tonight at 10:00 -- well, i'll be back at 10:00, but maybe the models will flop around so that wednesday and thursday event may juice up a little bit. i'll be talking about that certainly at 10:00 tonight. >> okay. thanks. dry conditions caused by the drought have created more fuel for wildfires, but the drought is also causing another
5:51 pm
challenge for firefighters. fire crews are having to get creative to find water to fight the flames. this week, calfire held training in calaveras county. trainers demonstrated how crews recycle water while fighting wildfires, even using small creeks in some cases to pump water into their engines. >> crews will have to take more time finding water sources available. >> more than two dozen fire, law enforcement and emergency response agencies came together to train and prepare for the fire season today. warriors testing out high- tech hospitality. >> it's crazy, right? >> yes, how this robot knows where to go, even though no one's controlling it. >> back again to julie haener in the newsroom with what we're working on new at 6:00. >> coming up, more on the breaking news out of fresno, where a large explosion has injured several people. >> controversy at the golf course. the latest in the battle between the fairway and the
5:52 pm
frogs. >> also ahead, memories of san francisco's great 1906 earthquake fading away. the new efforts to restore photographic negatives and preserve a part of bay area history. these stories and more, coming up at 6:00.
5:53 pm
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. uc berkeley police are investigating a report of a sexual assault at a from a territory this weekend. the female stunt reported it to
5:55 pm
a campus employee, who in turn contacted uc police. the woman apparently knew her attacker. a man risked his life to save someone who fell onto the subway traction in philadelphia and it was all caught on camera. you can see the man who misses a step right here near the edge of the platform, falls right down onto the tracks. within seconds, 2-year-old charles collins jumped down onto the track and helped lift the man back onto the platform. >> i was looking the other way and i heard people scream and i turned around and saw him down, so i jumped down, picked him up. two other guys picked him up and got me out. >> good for collins. he did suffer a minor leg injury. but the man he saved had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries that he suffered from that fall. the warriors are setting new standards of excellence on the court, no doubt, but not stopping there. scott reiss shows us how the
5:56 pm
team is offering fans a futuristic way to enjoy the game a little bit more. >> reporter: it's next generation high tech hospitality. >> come check out this robot! >> reporter: the warriors preparing for playoff crowds by auditioning a potential new employee. relay the robot, charged with delivering free goodies to luxury suite patrons. >> when the opportunity came up for us to actually have a robot move along our concourse delivering some act of kindness, we had to try it. >> reporter: the brain trust behind it, savvy oaks, marketing the technology to hotels. why not a basketball arena? >> this environment isn't exactly like a hotel, but it's similar. there's all these suites and people answer the door. so the same program basically works. it's also this kind of delight and novelty that people like to see robots. >> reporter: relay is
5:57 pm
completely preprogrammed to its destination. never fear, the robot is feisty, it will find a way to make sure items are delivered. >> pretty cool. it's r2d2. >> really, dad? >> reporter: and relay was on time, every time, with reaction from unsuspecting fans varying from bewilderment-- >> i don't know what's going on, but it's cool! >> reporter: -- to exuberance! >> nice! >> reporter: to guarded skepticism. >> not stan. we like stan. he's our guy that delivers everything to us, but the robot was cool. >> reporter: rest assured, stan's job is safe. the plan is not to replace personnel, rather to maximize fan experience. >> we are delivering unbelievable experience on the court. we are delivering right now an unbelievable experience in the show around the show that's happening on the court. if there are ways we can improve that experience on the concourse, mezzanine level, or even out in the parking lot, we'll look into that. >> all right, good-bye! >> reporter: in oakland, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2news.
5:58 pm
. an explosion off a major california highway and tonight we have learned several people are hurt. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a gas line exploded in fresno this afternoon at 2:30 at the county gun range at highway 99. northbound lanes are still closed. southbound lanes opened about two hours ago. ktvu's tom vacar has been monitoring the situation from our newsroom. tom, what have you learned? >> reporter: though the cause of this explosion is apparently not pg&e's fault, its response will not go down in the record books as one of its best. in fact, a fresno county worker, road worker somehow dug into a rupture -- or ruptured a
5:59 pm
high-pressure pg&e gas transmission pipeline running through the county sheriffs firing ranges. that set off an explosion and a fire ball that reached 100 feet high, injuring at least 14, one with serious burns. this is what a spokesperson told us about an hour ago. >> last report, it was going to take approximately two hours for them to shut it down. now we are waiting for pg&e to shut down the line. >> gas has been shut off. >> reporter: i called pg&e and nothing was offered of substance until about 20 minutes ago. >> gas has been shut off as of 3:56 p.m. >> reporter: why did it take from 2:30 to 3:56 p.m., hour and a half to turn off the gas? >> we're currently investigating all aspects
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