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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we are live in san jose where investigators are looking in to what caused a deadly house fire. we'll tell you what firefighters encountered. >> more than 100 prominent catholics are asking the pope to remove the arch bishop of san francisco. we'll tell you why they say he has to go, also have a response
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from the archdiocese. >> from ktvu fox 2 this is mornings on 2. >> and good morning to you it is thursday, april 16, i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. >> and i'm brian flores. >> notice a warm up. >> the interesting mark tamayo in for steve. >> the trend will continue, 70s and the warmest locations approaching the low to mid 80s right now, you can see our live look in oakland, basically showing you, calm kntdz out -- calm conditions out there the entire state is in the clear warmer today here's the eventual temperature trend warmest locations around 84 85 degrees and we'll take a look at the current numbers out there kind of a big spread with the
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napa 46 but san francisco relatively mild at 58 degrees hayward 55 san jose checking in 50 i mentioned the clear skies as our forecast model showing you clear skies up and council doun the state -- down the state, lots of 70s that yellow con tour and the orange con tour links up with 80s, more 80s coming up in the forecast for your thursday, here's the temperature timeline for your thursday 8:00 this morning in the upper 40s right around 60 degrees, mild at lunch time, mid 60s to the 70s and by 3:00 the eventual temperature range 70 to 85 degrees a good five, 10 degrees, santa rosa 83 the 77 degrees in san francisco a look at the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes sal is standing by, a few minutes ago you had no jacket on and now it's back on. different look. >> well, that's just behind the scenes brian -- i mean, not brian, mark. brian. >> sure, we're good friends.
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[ laughter ] >> good morning everybody. right now we do have traffic that's going pretty well if you are driving around the bay area, if you're getting up early and trying to get a good commute, you've done pretty well for the most part, this is a look at westbound bay bridge, it looks good getting in to san francisco, no major delay on the way in to the city, also looking at a commute on interstate 880 where oakland traffic is looking good here, in front of the oakland coliseum or the airport and getting up to downtown, or the other way around, we had some earlier road work in some of the spots and that has been picked up, we're looking at 580 now there are some early people out here on 580 westbound as you're driving west of 205 coming over the altamont past but not reached dublin still good west toward castro valley, let's go back to the desk. in san jose, firefighters battling a house fire discovered
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a body. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega is live now and you have more details. >> reporter: yeah, we're here in a neighborhood near mclaughlin and story road, last night our crews were held farther back but now that emergency crews have left we were able to get closer and you can see, some of the charred remains here in the back, the house still standing but you can see there is broken fence here it appears the windows have been boarded up, most likely broke during this fire, now fire officials tell us they received a #12k34r9 call just before 7:30 last night about this fire, when they arrived they found a man who told them he was in the garage when he smelled smoke in the house and quickly got out he told firefighters someone else was left in the house, the flames were coming from the back of the home in one of the bedrooms firefighters did a search while knocking down the flames. >> firefighters going in there and performing a thorough saefrl while -- search while fighting the fire, and finding someone
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deceased, not something us as firefighters you know, look forward to. >> reporter: once td body was found in one of the bedrooms, police blocked off the neighborhood so arson investigators could come in at this point we don't know if the deceased person was a man or a woman or the relationship between the two people who were in the house, we're going to be following up with fire officials this morning to try to find out what may have started this fire and what was the cause if at all if it was suspicious but usually standard procedure for the arson investigator to come out here, especially when there is a fatality dave? >> janine de la vega, we'll talk to you later. a new call for the catholic church to remove the archbishop of san francisco comes after a month of victim over the doctrine, terry moriarti tells us many of the people involved well-known in the community. good morning tara. >> reporter: well, good morning, yes, and you know, san
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francisco is a valley of open liberal mindedness, arriving on scene, rumbling would he be shaking things up ask the answer is yes he did but now prominent catholic have answered back with a full page ad running in a san francisco chronicle today. now, that ad, we'll take a look at it right now entitled a respectful appeal to pope francis from the catholic community of san francisco. holy father, it says, please provide us with a leader true to our values and your namesake, please replace archbishop corteleoni why it's unhappy with him schools to sign a morality clause that characterizes sex outside of marriage and homosexuality as gravely evil, changing the handbook as mean spirited and sets a term that is closer to persecution than evangelation
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the director of catholic charities, bryan cayhill and gerardo as well as the father of new england quarterback, tom brady all on the list, the archdiocese they say that signers presume to speak for the catholic community of san francisco, they do not. coming up we're going to tell you why the group also says that women are under attack within the diocese of san francisco. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty, back to you. four students are under arrest for robbing an alleged drug dealer at gun point according to the contracosta times three of them are football players and one is considered the team's star player, harrison setd new -- set new team rushing records for the school, he and others are being charged as an adult with robbery, arraignment scheduled a week from today.
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the san jose giants, very first opener, the first pitch by brian stowe he's a lifelong giants fan was brutally beaten four years ago outside of dodger stadium, suffered traumatic brain injuries. tonight will be the first time since 2011, stowe has been to municipal stadium since the time he served as an e.m.t. during dpaims and events. the pre-- game and events, the pregame festivities start at 6:30 tonight. san jose police wapt your help as they investigate the severe beating of a san jose man, on september 14, peggy says her son left home to go to a store near win chester and pane and he never came back. the 36-year-old father of two was found in a coma, the next morning near the taxco apartments his skull and jaw were fractured hospitalized for months and police believed he was robbed and beaten for no reason. >> right now he's aware of what he has lost so it's, you know,
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he's going through grieving, and unfortunately, i am as well. i apologize for this but i have, i can't help but be emotional when i see what's happening to him. >> now, miss kathcard retired to take care of her son his memory and eyesight, cloudy. meantime investigators say they only have one small clue in this case this cell phone photo of a vintage car taken by his son. police hope the owner of that car may remember something. if you have any information call san jose police. well, people with bicycles who are bumped off cal train due to overcrowding issues can can final complaints online, asking the rider for information on the train, boarding station and direction of travel when the form is used on a hoebl de-- mobile device the information is sent and posted on twitter account @bikesoncalstrains to determine which are at capacity and boarding trends. time 5:09, this is something
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you don't want to see especially during a record drought thousands and thousands of gallons of water gushing out of a fire hydrant what happened overnight that caused this major water mess. but next a small aircraft lands on the lawn of the u.s. capitol, there you see it, why the pilot said he did it and the serious security concerns it raises. good morning we are looking at a commute where traffic is off to a decent start now as you come up to the bay bridge, tell you more about this straight ahead. and our warming trend remains right on track in fact more 80s in the forecast for today coming up though a few changes we'll be talking about by the weekend.
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san francisco police hope surveillance video can find suspect in the city's latest smash and grab robbery take a look at the video because one of the thieves used what appears to be a slingshot ha broke the glass of the store on valencia street yesterday morning the store sells furniture, jewel sxri collectibles, the thieves raced in, grabbed what they could, it took about four minutes the store's owner said he lost as much as $5,000 in the just jewelry alone. >> just trying to clean up my mess and start all over. things we'll have to take a look at it if they're copy cats,
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getting this idea or relate to do a larger organizational crime spree? >> so far no arrests have been made however the surveillance video does show some of the burglar's faces anyone with information about this is asked to call san francisco police. well if you want to take a closer look at the surveillance video we posted it to our website at right on the front page under featured stories. time now 5:14, new this morning, ceremonies in south korea here, remembering the victims of one of the nation's worst disasters. today marks one year since 304 people died when a crowded ferry boat sank off the coast of south korea. most of the victims were high school students. memorial services are being held today to mourn for the victims that sunken ferry boat by the way is still at the bottom of the sea one year later. relatives of the victims want the government to bring that ship up to conduct a thorough investigation in to what
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happened. meantime, malaysian officials announced they're going to double the search area for the missing malaysian airlines jet if it's not found by next month, that jet disappeared with 239 people onboard more than a year ago. by next month the searchers are expected to finish covering a 23,000 square mile area of the indian ocean off malaysia, they'll extend the area by an additional 23,000 square miles if not found. a florida mailman said he landed his one man gyrocopter in a high profile call for campaign reform postal worker doug hughes was carrying 530 letters one for each member of congress, arrested him late yesterday afternoon, the secret service was familiar with him going back a year, in fact he's made no secret of what he was planning. >> and i'm going to land on the capitol in front of the capitol building. >> he wanted everybody to know,
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he wanted the media to know, the authorities to know, he was live broadcasting this, live streaming it so that you could see where he was. >> a friend of his also says he called the secret service to let them though he was on the way fearing his friend might get shot. still, many in washington are questioning how he's managed to get inside restricted airspace so easily. time now 5:16, strict new water restriks in contracosta county a step closer to taking effect, the contracosta approved the plan, mandatory 20% water reductions the water guzzlers would be hit with higher rates plus penalties. the board is due to adopt the new rates on june 3 unless the majority of the district's residents file protests against it. the restrictions would affect water users in concord clayton pacheco, clyde pleasant hill, walnut creek and martinez. going to take deep pockets
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but someone will get to have a special lunch with apple ceo tim cook off the fundraising website charity buzz the current high bid is $165,000. the winner will get to have lunch with cook and [ indiscernible ] and also get two vip passes to an apple keynote event the auction ends on may 6 logging in now the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rights i'm sure you're fighting sal now bidding war very interesting luch -- lunch, absolutely. sal, i know you're busy watching the commute. >> yes you have a lot of friends on highway 20, highway 24, they love you. >> what about me, sal? they don't love me? >> you and me, claudine are not as high as dave. >> well, yes i keep getting that memo. i keep getting that memo! [ laughter ] >> good morning everybody
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let's go out on highway 24 westbound, as you head out to the door right now traffic is doing well, there's a little bit of bunching up in orenda but nothing major get your commute until 6:30 this xhoo -- commute is no major delays unless things happen let's take a look at the bay bridge and then at 5:30 when they turn the metering lights on at the total plaza one area not so shy on back ups is 580, the ultimate pass, a lot of red road sensors here, always seem to have a minor crash or two in the area, so it's just kind of normal, it's par for the course in golf speak once you get to dublin though, it looks good and it continues to look good over the hill to castro valley. 5:18 nice weather let's look at mark ta m ayo. >> yeah, great forecast, temperatures will be approaching
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lots of 80s this afternoon so we're talking about it noticeable warm up yesterday we'll continue with that idea right on in to your thursday forecast, showing you the numbers from yesterday on, you can see 80 at santa rosa, 66 san francisco, concord 76 and san jose 73 degrees everybody warmer lots of 80s showing up in the forecast maps right now we are in the clear not only here in the bay area but across the entire state and down toward southern california, increasing fire danger so they still have that fire weather warning in place until 5:00 p.m. this afternoon with those gusty dry offshore winds. as far as the current temperatures here in the bay area, lots of 50s out there in fact a big range look at 46 degrees in napa, but 61 in fairfield. san jose right now 50 and san francisco actually pretty mild, stepping outside the door probably feel like 59 degrees. now the beaches beautiful weather for today but you just want to be extra careful if you are heading to the coast, an increase in swells for today and in to it tomorrow, here's a look at some of the current buoy
5:20 am
conditions just offshore, not a high surf advisory but swells building five to seven feet by late this afternoon and then especially for tomorrow, so just be extra careful the beaches will be a popular destination over the next couple of days and the waves unfortunately will be building and it could be, create some hazardous conditions out there. high pressure building out here in the pacific a warm thursday the sinking air that is warming this past week, with that our warming trend will continue the eventual temperature range with the 80s and then the beaches in the mid 70s as far as the giants forecast for later on today, we are expecting this with the diamondbacks coming to town we do have mostly clear skies, temperatures in the 50s at&t park later on tonight as far as temperatures, lots of 80s, santa rosa, fairfield and vacaville, look at all these warm temperatures from san jose, morgan hill and gilroy, santa
5:21 am
cruz 81 degrees you know it's a warm day when san francisco is in the 80s 77 degrees shave off a few degrees coast side for friday in to the weekend minor changes although next week we could be tracking at least a slight chance for showers here in the bay area, wednesday or thursday still too far out calling it science fiction at this point. >> just something to throw out there. >> any small chance of rain we'll take. >> yeah, we'll take any drop we can. >> all right, mark thank you. well, slip up during a changing of the guards ceremony in front of buckingham palace coming up in 20 minutes the embarrassing moments making waves on the internet that gives new meaning to the term "royal pain ". but first. an infringement of my god given rights. >> a heated debate over childhood vaccinations at the capital, the surprising outcome and the significant announcement concerning the measles outbreak
5:22 am
that could come at midnight.
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this is not ice cream. this is not ice cream in an this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man.
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this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man in san fran. this is not san fran. this is not a tall man it's pam and dan. this is not an ice cream cone it's a frozen custard cone. and this is not ice cream, it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard... ...a different kind of delicious. new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. well no new cases of measles pop up today, california health officials will declare the outbreak is officially over, the measles outbreak originated back in december in disneyland and went to several states and countries, in order for the outbreak to be considered over, two back to back incubation periods totalling 42 days must
5:25 am
pass without any additional cases being reported. now, while that period ends on friday public debate sparked by the outbreak continues. this morning a highly controversial state mandatory vaccination bill inspired by the outbreak is stalled with no votes until at least next week. >> let's begin please. >> tensions ran high as hundreds of parents showed up to testify against the bill at the state capital in sacramento, requiring children to get vaccinated before they enroll in school and eliminate a loophole for parents to opt out because it conflicts with their personal beliefs saying it's unconstitutional and tramples on human rights. >> i'm in fear of this law i don't want the government telling me what to inject m my child. >> it supports risks because of
5:26 am
other people's choices. >> citing personal beliefs and religious exemptions the senate committee delayed the vote and now scheduled to revisit the issue next wednesday. claudine, 5:25, for the first time in 15 years, the giants were swept their home opening series rockies started off with a bang, nolan hit a three homerun off lincecum in the first inning, one of the few giants highlights was duffy's first career homerun right there in the 8th inning, again the rockies beat the giants 4-2 tonight the giants host the arizona diamondbacks, madison bumgarner making his first start, lowry three runs last night for houston including this two run homer in the first astros beat the as, 6-1 even a spectacular run by reddic, look
5:27 am
at that, piece of cake. couldn't save the as from losing now to oakland city for the first game since the royals since the last inning 12 card game ended in a 9-8 kansas city victory. 5:26 the odds of oakland keeping the raiders appear to be getting worse, why the nfl doesn't seem too impressed with oakland's latest prose -- proposal for a new stadium. and opening for the new san francisco police department but concern this will leave officers fighting traffic before they can fight crime. good morning the san francisco commute doesn't look bad, seeing northbound 101 approaching the 80 split off to a start tell you more about getting here from the east bay sxwre our warm up remains on track coming up the neighborhoods easily in the afternoon, changes in our
5:28 am
weekend forecast.
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well, good morning to you welcome back to mornings on # -- 2 live with you this morning, san jose, this home was boarded up, this is where there was a deadly fire last night and ktvu's janine de la vega out there, she talked with a neighbor, she'll tell you about what that neighbor had to say, coming up in two minutes stay tuned right where you are. thursday morning april 16,
5:31 am
i'm dave clark. >> good morning to you i'm claudine wong in for pam cook your time is 5:30 and going to start you off if you're just crawling out of bed with a look at how your day is shaping up and the sun will be up oh, when? couple hours? yeah couple hours. >> i just wonder what it's like to not know anything about the waerlth, i have to track it, you don't know if it's 40 degrees 60 80. >> well, if you don't like it, it will change in a couple days. >> exactly but yeah today more 80s. >> don't wear a wool sweater to work? >> i guess not. unless you learn to be very uncomfortable, you do. more 80s in the forecast temperatures up a good five to 10 degrees over yesterday's readings you can see all the numbers from yesterday, we'll get to that in a little bit after our camera looking out toward the eft estuary your bay bridge, winds not too much of a factor breeze picking up, five to 10 miles per hour, the temperatures from yesterday 80
5:32 am
in santa rosa, 73 san jose, everybody back up at least most of the bay area back up in to the 80s even san francisco in the upper 70s. so it will be warmer for today 70 to 85, you can see this with, great, the current numbers out there, kind of a big range napa 46 degrees san francisco 59 but pretty mild out toward fairfield the last check 61 and san jose 50 degrees. futurecast showing you this, we are in the clear right now actually lots of clear skies throughout the afternoon hours the yellow con tour is 70, the orange contour back in the 80s today, all reflected in your forecast beginning with this morning, mostly clear skies the temperature toeum line throughout -- time line by 3:00 70 to 85, see the numbers temperatures only in the low 60s, low 70s a big recovery for today, livermore 83 and san rafael with big changes a few changes in your forecast in a few minutes, sal standing by,
5:33 am
hopefully no big problems on the roadways. unfortunately mark, couple things to talk about good morning to you the east shore freeway a look at interstate 80 between the car kin [ bleep ] carquinez bridge they may swif the lights on -- switch the lights on because of a span the bay bridge back up, you can also see the traffic in fact let's go right up to the bay bridge suspension span, we found the stalled truck on the suspension span, westbound as you come through on the suspension span, right there in the right lane and the traffic is going to be busy, as you drive from treasure island, you can see the lights here, chp just getting here, this could become a big problem for the bay bridge you might need extra time, we'll keep following it for you. let's take a look at the
5:34 am
freeway, hayward, that traffic moving along okay as you drive through, give yourself extra time on the bay bridge, san mateo and dunbar, decent alternates right now 5:33 back to the desk. >> thanks, sal. firefighters in the south bay searching for answers in a deadly fire after they extinguished a fire last night they did find a body in a san jose home and ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose with the investigation and reactions from neighbors. janine? >> reporter: claudine i spoke with a woman who lives across the street she told me she couldn't sleep last night because this fire really shook her up you can see it happened here in the back of the home you can see the fence there is all burnt and broken and the windows there had to be boarded up fire happened just before 7:30 at a home located in a neighborhood near mclaughlin and story road this happened last night firefighters say the man who lived there called it in to 911 telling them he was in the garage when he smelled smoke
5:35 am
when he got out somebody was still left in the home he told that to firefighters, the flames were coming from one of the back bedrooms as firefighters knocked it down they did a search and found a body an arson investigator was called which is standard procedure they are still investigating the cause of the fire so at this point we don't know if it was caused by someone smoking or candles electrical or if there's any reason to mrefb this is -- believe this is suspicious, i asked a neighbor she said there were two men living in the home but the gender or identity hasn't been released we're going to be asking questions to fire officials and neighbors as the morning goes on, claud clien -- claudine? >> checking back in later thank you janine. repairs could come for a water hydrant ripped from its foundation by a car crash thousands of gallons of water gushed out of the gameing hole by that hydrant at the kosher of gary boulevard -- corner of gary boulevard and 11th avenue, at
5:36 am
least two cars involved in the wreck and two people hurt, the fire chef said the water flow for more than half an hour an estimated 75,000 gallons of water were lost. time now 5:35 happening today san francisco police will officially unveil their new home! however, police officers could run-in to serious draw backs alex savidge joining us live in san francisco to show us how flifrs could get stuck -- police officers could get stuck in gridlock during an emergency. >> reporter: the new public safety meeting is here in the bustling mission bay neighborhood and traffic according to a lot of neighbors backs up and we saw it yesterday backs up on third street especially when there are games happening nearby at at&t park let me show you the scene following yesterday afternoon's giants game with cars at a virtual stand still heading towards king street and in the middle of all that back up we saw a number of san francisco
5:37 am
police officers trying to leave the new headquarters and southern station, the problem? as officers pull oft -- out of the facility's underground garage they can only make a turn on third street sepding them -- sending them in to gridlock we saw some waiting in the lane and turning around as officers searched for for another way out the mta admits the situation here sets a problem for police but a spokesman tells ktvu it won't interfere with officers responding to emergencies. >> our officers are constantly going out on patrol, going from one call to another call, so they're for the most part they're not going to be inside the station. >> reporter: and on top of that officers schedules are staggered to avoid long lines of police cruisers waiting to leave the station and in an emergency dispatchers can send officers from any of the other nine
5:38 am
districts, meantime the mta exploring options to ease the traffic troubles near the new facility but changing this intersection is not as easy as just restriping the lanes there's a concrete barrier that separates the muni tracks from the lane so a lot of traffic would have to be done to realign things in this area and ease the traffic concerns but that's just one sort of issue that has arisen here at this new facility getting set to open, the official grand opening certify moan ji is going to happen at 11:00 for the new public safety building behind us. >> alex savidge in san francisco, talk to you later thank you. 5:38 meantime police in san leandro and oakland investigating a shooting that left a woman injured happened yesterday at 4:30 on 105 avenue near interstate 880 in east oakland, oakland police saying officers from san leandro
5:39 am
conducting an investigation in oakland when they saw a car that had been reported stolen, a woman driving the car a man as a passenger when police tried to pull her over she reportedly tried to drive away hitting several parked cars and a fence. then police say she rammed the car being driven by san leandro police officer and that officer opened fire the woman was injured taken to the hospital, the passenger was questioned by police. now, oakland police say as they get more information they'll be telling us and releasing it to the public. certainly want our community to know what happened, why it happened and that is an important piece but want to make sure that we report information factual. >> so far police have not released any details about the woman other than she's in her 20s the alameda county district attorney also planning to investigate. now this is a second shooting in the last four months involving san leandro police and
5:40 am
a stolen car in east oakland back in december shooting guadalupe ochoa of union city after she rammed the stoeltden car -- stolen car in police cars she died two days later in the hospital, apparently officers getting threats from a gang that had ties to ochoa several officers being followed home, that investigation still going on. family and friends struggling to deal with the loss of a young father killed in a crash, anthony wynn died on saturday the driver who crashed in to him was arrested for manslaughter, richmond police say their policy allows officers to initiate a pursuit to arrest drivers for traffic violations, police had tried to pull the driver over for reckless drivering but lost sight of him, and it's a chain of events that angers his family. >> my son not die. >> because of his actions that's what caused the accident,
5:41 am
not the fact that we were chasing him. ultimately the fault rests on him. >> nguyen was married he wanted to open up his own shop in las vegas. world war ii veterans will climb on board a plane for very special all expenses paid trip, it's called the honor flight, now the mission of the honor flight foundation to fly world war ii veterans to dc so they can visit sites and memorials connected to world war ii, just about two hours from now veterans and their guardians will start gathering at sfo the flight is scheduled to take off at 9:20, donations are paying for the costs the lodging and the meals for those veterans. it appears the nfl is losing patience with efforts to build a new stadium for the raiders in oakland according to the bay area news group an nfl executive
5:42 am
an executive vice president paid a visit to the raiders yesterday to get an update on development plans now after that meeting scott haggerty told the paper it was productive but admitted the vp needs convincing that progress is in the bay has told a san diego radio station oakland has failed to produce a clear plan to finance the new stadium, the league does not want projects that rely on additional development to help pay for the stadium which is ai corner stone of oakland's proposal. still ahead a 5-year-old girl grabbed by the neck and pinned against a wall in san francisco's marino district, the arrest made by police and what they called a shocking random attack. we have some bridge troubles to show you, westbound bay bridge there's a stuck truck right in the middle of the span here they're trying to get it out but traffic is already backed up at the bay bridge total -- toll plaza and this
5:43 am
could aib bad one for the bay bridge. the weather forecast for today, pretty mild lots of sunshine the weather not be interfering with your commute clear skies and temperatures warming back up coming up the neighborhoods in the 80s. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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5:45 am
a homeless man behind bars accused of attacking a 5-year-old san francisco girl for no apparent reason, 32-year-old crosby charged with several charnls,ed gubd -- the girl and her mother walked down the street. >> placed her on the side of the building. >> kosdi booked in to jail the
5:46 am
child treated for minor injuries to her neck and throat. >> time now 5:45, local history buffs angry the marin museum plans to sell artifacts to an uks auks company, announcing because of money problems the museum will close in august. yesterday the board issued an e-mail saying it had started selling its collection of artifacts and journals, a group of 10 people now come together asking the museum to stop selling those items. but the board says it has the right to do it. all right your time now is 5:46 and yes we are officially on round two of the royal baby watch. st. mary's hospital in london, it's preparing for the large crowds expected to come welcome the next prince or princess, parking has been suspended in front of the hospital for the next two weeks. the palace is also telling media crews that they cannot camp out near the hospital. last year prince william and his
5:47 am
wife kate middleton announced they were expecting their second child due this month, prince william second in line to the throne making his children future heirs. and it was an unfamiliar sight during the changing of the guards ceremony in front of buckingham palace in a video post to do youtube one of the queen's guards switched and fell on a man hole, it is unusual to see those guards break stride, often trying and failing tourists try to get them to react, a man who recorded the fall said a lot of people watching, you can hear them shocked in the background this, true to form however the guard got back up as if nothing had happened. >> wow! you never expect to see that. >> no and, you feel bad for him, you know. >> he's back up. >> people are recording and then it just gets on youtube and endlessly watching. >> well, you know, back here in the bay area, a big traffic problem, still looking at the bay bridge, right? that's right, let's go right to the bay bridge, dave and
5:48 am
claudine this truck stuck on the span is being moved off and there it goes, finally it's gone or almost gone you can see it here coming across the span, so it's almost going to come out of our view here, but this truck was stuck up there for about 25 minutes and there you go, pulling it off the bridge right now, you can see it to the right hand of the screen, the damage i'm afraid is a little bit, well i wouldn't say done for the whole morning but we definitely do have some slow traffic there as you come up, you're watching a live picture of them getting that truck off the bridge finally, good thing it wasn't there for much long, let's go to the toll plaza and show you the back up is pretty severe, barely moving because they switch those metering lights to extra slow as this happens to allow traffic on the bridge not to become a nightmare and going to take a while to unwind, 20, 25 minute delay, that's early for that kind of delay, if you're driving to san francisco, please give yourself extra time. all right, let's talk about the freeway and the offshore freeway
5:49 am
and all the east bay freeways getting busy, 580 especially slow on the altamont pass and 670 slow -- 680 slower concord not the earlier accident 680 and 442. let's head to mark in the weather center. >> 70s and lots of 80s in the forecast maps for your thursday afternoon right now we are in the clear the big headline the warming trend will continue across the bay area, tracking fire danger especially towards southern california that fire weather warning remains in place until this evening or this afternoon, 5:00 p.m. as far as current numbers out there we do have a big range i should say you could see napa only 46 degrees, definitely chilly, santa rosa 15 san francisco in the mid range 58 but look at fairfield, 61 degrees at the last check so cool numbers up in parts of north bay but up toward the delta numbers as well, san
5:50 am
jose checking in at 50, microclimates, up the coast near 60s and 70 degrees the swell building later on today but especially for tomorrow, the surf heading up as you make your way inland and find more 80s by about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon and the warmest location approaching the mid 80s out there out toward antioch and brentdwood later on -- bentwood later on this afternoon, high pressure in command of our weather the sinking air that's a warming air basically overhead right now so with that the air column here a meteorologist class today, warming up above our heads you'll notice that down to the surface, the warming trend will continue highs in the 70s all the way to the mid 80s this offshore flow weakens as a result of friday and saturday, cool things off coast side, looking for rain chances and not going to be the short term and possibly next week could be tracking some rain showers out there, timing possibly a wednesday or thursday of next week keep an eye on that.
5:51 am
temperatures out this afternoon lots of 80s oakland 82, hayward in 80, san jose 82 degrees santa 80s and san franciscos in the upper 70, 77 look ahead your five-day forecast, very warm across the entire bay area, minor cooling beginning coast side for tomorrow and cooling trend kicks in, the neighborhood lots of 80s thursday, friday, saturday then cool things off down to near 80 degrees on sunday. i have a correction do make. >> what's that? >> earlier claudine asked when the sunrise was i the monk was -- morning was going by so fast i said two hours actually just in an hour. i feel silly but i have to admit it. >> i didn't hear. >> you know what, that's -- okay. >> 6:33. >> wait for it. >> all right. yeah. you ready? well, an antique store ransacked by a group of thieves, coming up in 20 minutes what was stolen and the unusual item the thieves used to get inside. plus, i'm not pointing
5:52 am
fingers but do you snore? may be more than just a nuisance, after the break how breathing problems during sleep may hurt your mental health.
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5:54 am
outsided golden bull, someone was shooting at someone else down the block nevares and another loved one were gathered. >> he was living his music living his dream had a good job as sound engineer, playing with his band, having a good time. >> the benefit was to raise money to provide instruments and music lessons for children who
5:55 am
can't afford. time now 5:55, marijuana will stay the federal government list of the most dangerous drugs, a u.s. district court judge ruled marijuana will continue to be classified as a schedule one drug, the schedule one drugs include heroin, and lsd, they're defined as drugs with no accepted medical use and high potential for abuse. now, that puts state governments like california that have legalized medical marijuana in conflict with the federal government's laws. and in some cases that has led to raids on legal growers and dispensaries. the best team in the nba geared up for the playoffs as one more win last night. [ cheers and applause ] and to curry and it's a three he scores! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's good the warriors wrapped up the best regular season in team history by knocking off the denver nuggets 133 to 126 the warriors won despite sitting starters like
5:56 am
steph curry and klay thompson for the second half of that game. with 67 victories, the warriors now head in to the playoffs with the best record in the league. >> i just got stephen curry's autograph on the front of this jersey, i'm excited to be here, i used my own allowance to come. >> very, very cool. all right the number one seed in the favorite warriors begin their playoff run saturday at home against the new orleans pelican geez if you -- if you snore, it could be doing more than affecting the quality of your sleep and keeping your spouse up at night abnormal breathing patterns like snoring and sleep apnea can affect your memory at an earlier age than normal and early onset of alzheimer's experts say 90 million americans are affected by snoring and more common among men. all right. calls for the pope to oust san francisco's archbishop the
5:57 am
steps some prominent catholics are taking this morning and the response from the archdiocese. plus, a very special home opener for the san jose giants, the role that brian stowe will play in tonight's ceremonies. doing a bridge check because of earlier troubles on the upper deck, a little bit slow coming in to san francisco we'll tell you what happened. how about making it work. by getting the most out of what matters to you. it's called maxximizing. and we help you do it, everyday. at t.j.maxx! with brands you love at prices that work for you. maxx family. maxx home. keep your standards high and your spending low. maxx what matters most to you. maxx life! at t.j.maxx.
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san francisco police officers stuck in gridlock during emergency we'll tell you the traffic concerns outside the city's new zones. >> from ktvu fox 2 this is mornings on 2. well, good morning to you it is thursday april 16 i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> brand new day i'm dave clark, weather and traffic good thoughts as we go over to mark tamayo in for steve. >> yeah, clear skies temperatures you can walk outside and enjoy the nice temperatures lots of 80s for this forecast, we start to do warm things up yesterday that's a trepd we'll continue for today, take a look at the numbers, a noticeable change with san francisco especially from 66 yesterday, all the way back up in to the upper 70s this
6:00 am
afternoon. so warmer today that's the eventual temperature range 70 to 85 degrees, current temperatures showing you cool numbers it across parts of the area napa cooled down to 45, san jose 48 and fairfield #40i6 degree -- 60 degrees because of a breeze, winds out of the north, 15 miles an hour, the rest of the bay area, wind not as strong but a breeze around 5:00 basically three to five


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