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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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a construction worker killed on the job in the north way. how a highway widening scene is the death of a investigation. good afternoon. i'm mike mibach. the deadly accident happened along highway 101. paul chambers has more about the investigation and what he's learning about the victim. >> reporter: for most part of the morning -- for most of the part part of the morning -- part of the morning, investigator have been out
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here. the family came to the scene, understandably heartbroken and holding one another. investigators tell us around 7:30 this morning, 28-year-old jarret overfield of novato was working on this hillside above highway 101 when a large pipe broke away. investigators say that when entried to stop the pipe -- when he tried to stop the pipe but was unable to do so and it crushed him. a coworker called 911. when crews came on the scene, they pronounced him dead. we spoke with his younger brother and stepfather who were heartbroken. >> best brother i've ever had. i'm gonna miss him. really hard. >> nobody should have to lowz anybody that says i love you
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all of the -- have to lose anybody that says i love you all of the time like he did. we're gonna miss him. unbelievable. his poor mother. >> reporter: now, we'll be out here for the rest of the afternoon and have more at 5:00 and 6:00. we're waiting for investigators to give us information. when we have that we'll pass that along on my twitter and a battle over minimum wage is finding its way into some bay area fast-food restaurants. fight for 15. that's the name given to a worldwide demonstration. tara moriarty was right there in the middle of it all [chanting] >> reporter: two workers at an open mcdonald's walked out on the job this morning. 34-year-old mother of four closed out her cash register and joined the fight for 15.
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>> translator: i'm joining the union for $15 an -- and a union. >> reporter: she's one of many fast food workers fed up with the wages and the lack of a union. >> translator: the reason i'm joining the union, at this time, i have no rights. if i get sick, and i call out, i get suspended for calling out. >> reporter: this is one of 240 protests nationwide. workers have staged demonstrations in tokyo and new zealand. >> it's a fight about morality and decency. about dignity. >> reporter: earlier this morning, they stormed into a mcdonald's in san francisco. about 100 workers hungry for higher pay. >> people around the world are joining hands together and
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saying enough is enough. corporations have to pay people enough to be able to lead a decent life. >> this is the fight that will help change things. it has to continue and go on. >> i make 12.25. it's pretty rough. it can get hectic. >> reporter: this college student works at mcdonald's. >> having food sometimes is an issue. we try to make sure we manage our money and what we can last us a week, make spaghetti. that lasts a few days. >> my mom works and target. i work at mcdonald's. it's a struggle. >> reporter: in san francisco, voters's probed a rate rig to $- - a -- voters approved a rate hike to $15 over three years. this woman may have lost her job but has gained respect among this crowd. >> that's why i want to join
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the union because i want to be protected because a lot of rules have been broken at the shop. [ cheers ] >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a new restaurant rating system will be used in san mateo county. restaurants will be required to display a card that shows the result of food safety inspections. county board of is ups approved the -- the county board of supervisors approved the plan last night. green indicates passing. yellow indicates violations are being corrected and red is for restaurants that will be closed until unsafe conditions are corrected. there is a new push to speed up the trial of the man accused of -- of killing sierra lamar. the mercury news reports the prosecutors have filed a motion to only one judge to hear the case. they say the move is meant to stream line the proceedings.
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a decision on the request is expected next month. 15-year-old sierra ra mother disappeared -- lamar disappeared in march of 2012. her body has never been found. police have been collecting data on traffic stops and categorizing drivers by race. figures in july of 2013 through june of 2014 show 59% of the people stopped were african- americans. among other groups, 17 were latino. 14% were white. >> i was targeted for no other reason that i was a muslim of your black muslim bakery. >> we do know -- we need to know this is happening. >> the chief insists the department is making progress.
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le protesters against police brutality vowed there will be more nationwide demonstrations like the day of action protests. there were protests in berkeley, san francisco, oakland and san jose. about 200 demonstrators marched through the mission district calling for a stop to police killings of unarmed mine anotherties-- unarmed minorities. police recorded no major incident. starting next year, the city of oakley will officially have its own police department. right now oakley uses deputies under a contract with contra costa county sheriff's department. last night the city council voted to create its own police department. >> we're happy with the police services and everything but the prices continue to go up and
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when they continue to go up, we're not able to add more police. >> oakley pays contra costa county 8.6 million for law enforcement services but it could save about $700,000 a year with its own police force. if all goes according to plan, the new department could be in place by july of next year. it is a mystery on a beach in pacifica this noontime. why a dead whale almost 50 feet long washed up on the shore. it was spotted first at morey point. alex savidge has more about the efforts today to find out what happened to the whale. >> reporter: as the tide came in this morning, the carcass of this anotherly 50-foot long sperm whale was pounded by the wave. with the tail rising into the air at times. the massive mammal stuck in the sand turned into quite an attraction here in pacifica. >> i have never been this close to a whale before.
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i was expecting it bigger and it some big. >> i made a special trip. i saw it on the news. sad for the whale, but it's really cool to be able to see it this close and get up and have a good look at it. >> reporter: the whale washed ashore sometime yesterday at the south end of shark park beach near morey point. experts believe this is an adult whale. even though the size is impressive, biologists say the whale is actually emaciated. members of the marine mammal center are performing a necropsy hoping to find out why the whale died and why it was so thin. >> if they are unable to find a lot of their food source, they may get thin. if there are things going on with the gastrointestinal track, that can prevent them from absorbing things. >> reporter: we don't know how long the whale has been dead but every so often, you get a
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whiff of it and it does not smell good. the odor out here will only get worse. we're in the middle of migration season as whales still north toward alaska to feed. a lot of them have been spotted swimming past the area. >> it's interesting to see the sea life we're used to seeing on the waves actually in so close. >> reporter: during today's necropsy, biologists will collect samples to look for anything abnormal and try to figure out what cautioned it to wash ashore -- caused it to wash ashore and then there is the issue of what to do with the carcass. sometimes they are buried and then towed back out to sea. there are new developments in the ongoing bat toll keep the only mobile home park open. the owner wants to sell the property and has offered buyout deals to the residents who were
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mostly low-income. at a packed meeting, they want the owner to make changes to the location package, they say. the council wants the homes to be preappraised so -- reappraised so the schools in the area are takingen into account when determining the value of the properties. homeowners are encouraged. >> the reason i thought that, they would have said this is just cut and dry. but they didn't. they said, no, we made changes to the -- to the closure process to safeguard us, especially the kids. the kids are -- that's palo alto's future 0 our kids. >> schools in the area don't need to be included when determining price, they said. no official decision was made regardth closure. instead the issue will go before the city council. if adjustments are made to the relocation packages, residents have six months before having to move. still to come -- he was once a rising nfl star. now he's a convicted felon.
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what happened today in a massachusetts courtroom during the aaron hernandez murder trial? and a lot of sunshine outside right now. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here to tell us about a warming trend and possible record temperatures in the bay area forecast. the tax filing deadline is hours away. if you need help with complicated tax questions, you may be in for a wait. coming up the problems facing the tax man. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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the city of boston is marking the second anniversary of the boston bombings. mayor walsh unveiled a banner along boylston street where two bombs went off near the finish line. three people were killed. more than 260 were wounded. survivors and first responders
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join the i maror for the early- morning ceremony. now to developing news out the washington, d.c. where there's been another security breach. u.s. capitol police say a one- man guy blow copter landed on the west -- gyrocopter landed on the west capitol about 90 minutes ago. the pilot was taken into custody. he's identified as a 61-year- old florida mailman who wanted to deliver a statement about campaign finance reform. this comes after several high- profile breaches at the white house have led to a shakeup at the secret service. former new england patriots star, aaron hernandez will spend life in prison for the shooting death of a friend. >> guilty of murder degree. >> de -- guilty of murder in the first degree. >> prosecutors say he planned the murder and then helped cover it up. the victim was a friend who was dating the sister hernandez's fiancee. though the exact motive for the
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killing was never clear, jurors say they are at peace with their decision. >> we followed the court's orders and assumed the man in that seat is innocent until he was proven guilty and that's what happened. >> he was sentenced to life in prison without the po be -- possibility of parole and also faces charges for a drive-by shooting in 2012. about 150 million americans file taxes each year. it's estimated about 13% of tax payers put off this task until the last minute. another 12% of filers either ask for an extension or submit their returns late. the irs says the vast majority of us are now filing electronically but if you are trying to get last-minute help filing returns, good luck. as joel waldman reports, the government eight top taxman
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says budget cuts have seriously hindered his agency. >> reporter: as the irs collects $3 trillion from payers, some say they cannot reach an agent by phone. the commissioner admits the customer service is poor. he told a senate hearing the problems are a direct result of nearly $350 million in federal budget cults which has led to a loss of about 13,000 irs employees. >> on bad days, fewer than 40% of the calls were able to reach a live assister. that was after a 30-minute wait or longer. >> reporter: his hiring freeze continue to plague the irs. lawmakers want to know how the irs is spending the money it is getting from the federal government. according to reports, the agency spent more than 8 grand on new exercise equipment, a drop in the bucket compared with more than $4 million on market research and public polling and another 4 million on new office furniture.
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not to mention an unspecified amount thought to be in the thousands on decorative and giveaway items like stuffed animals and other toys for employees. the irs's questionable spending comes as the agency is charged with assessing fees to those americans without health insurance. around the news keeps getting worse. it says it will lose another 1800 tax collectors because the attrition and will do 46,000 fewer audits because of the budget cuts. back to you. the contra costa water district will water mandatory 25% reductions today. this follows the decision by east bay m.u.d. east bay m.u.d. customers will pay a surcharge starting in july. customers will have to further cut water use from the current 15% to 20%. customers who use exhad sessive
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amounts of -- excessive amounts of water will face higher rates and fines. >> we're hoping for a very wet winter next year but we're planning for the worst. every gallon saved this year will put us in better shape if next year is another dry year. >> contra costa's distribute district is considering temporary drought rates by 50 cents. running a sprinkler can use anywhere from 300 to 1,000 gallons of water every hour. mark tamayo, my children are disappointed i turned off the sprinklers. >> yeah, but maybe take a trip to the beach. we have nice beach weather. a lot of sunshine with fog-free conditions. our live camera looks like this. a few high clouds paying us a visit. temperatures for today mid-60s
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coastline. warmest locations around 80 degrees. we have clear skies over the bay. but increasing fire danger statewide but especially here down towards southern california where a fire weather warning is in place until 5:00 p.m. on thursday. they have the strong offshore winds in place. the low humidity. it's typically a pattern we have in august or september. that will be the concern for southern california right on through tomorrow. bay area temperatures right now, they are warming up. we have a cool start this morning. but right now, it's pleasant 70 degrees in walnut creek. san jose, 66. san francisco 64 and santa rosa, 69 degrees. the temperatures already right now warmer than the highs we had yesterday. a bit of a breeze kicking in here locally. fairfield you can see winds. this is sustained 18, gusting to 25 miles per who ur. some more reports around -- per hour. some more reports, san jose has a wind gust of 18 miles an hour. here is the overall trend.
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yesterday, call it mild. thursday, will be very warm across the bay area because we have this -- high pressure developing offshore. this is strengthening the sinking air that's warming us. we'll warm things up 8, 12 degrees over yesterday's readings. there is the temperature range. tomorrow as the offshore flow starts to strengthen. the beaches back up in the 70s in the forecast. giants' forecast for this evening. mostly clear skies, lower 60s. a bit of a breeze kicking in around 10, 20 miles an hour. as i mentioned, warmer than yesterday, that means a lot of 70s in the forecast maps this afternoon. warmest locations, you see a few low 80s out there for antioch or brentwood, san jose, 77. cupertino in the upper 70s as well. san francisco topping out in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees and right near the immediate coastline the readings in the 60s. a look ahead to your five-day
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forecast. warmer temperatures for thursday. once again the winds pick up as well. friday we'll begin to cool things off coastside. but take a look at the inland neighborhoods back up to the mid- to upper 80s even a few spots could be approaching 90 degrees. so this is the time of year we go on the roller coaster with temperatures. it was cold and then we'll go back up. >> spring in the bay area. zblge -- >> yeah. >> thank you, mark. everything looks okay on liftoff but wait until you hear what happened on the landing.
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ringing in the opening bell, representatives from the tribeca film festival. a lot of green on the board today as we speak. the dow, nasdaq and s&p, all up on this wednesday with the dow right now trading at 98 points up on the day. s&p 13. nasdaq 38. energy the highlight. earnings numbers better than expectations. a program being run in the south bay is giving smartphones to the homeless. the goal is to help them with basic needs. the community alliance helps them. so far 120 smartphones have
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been given to homeless people in san jose. they pay democrat 30 a month to -- they pay $30 a month to use them. they can get alerts about job fairs and bad weather and can get information about jobs. the falcon 9 had a success f.m. takeoff from from-- had a successful takeoff from cape canaveral but fell. reusing the boosters and it is set to arrive on friday with the supplies. the final bird sickened by a strange gray goo on the shore lines of the bay will be released back into the wild. tonight we're asking why there are still so few answers. and that is our report today at noon. thank you for joining us. have a great afternoon.
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- [voiceover ] in this episode our planet is a land of extremes from raging forest fires to frigid fields of ice. ice. - yep - has that much power to carve stone. join me, philippe cousteau as we explore fire and ice
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on awesome planet. on planet earth, fire and ice co-exist in complex and interconnected systems often having a significant impact on one another even across long distances. for instance, when massive forest fires blaze out of control the resulting pollution in the atmosphere


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