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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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it right there. some drivers got out of their cars and confronted the demonstratedders. ktvu's david stevenson -- demonstrators. ktvu's david stevenson is live with more. david? >> reporter: the rallies began around noon and stretched into the 6:00 p.m. hour with protesters focusing on a police station, city hall and the freeway traffic. >> seattle, washington. >> today's black lives matter valley began with a list of cities that have seen officer involved shooting. protesters aim to highlight shootings of police of color and call for reform. >> for us, soldiers in iraq, if you do something like that, shoot when you are not supposed to shoot, you are getting stripped of your rank, going to military jail. >> reporter: protesters took to the streets, picking up more matchers. officers ordered people off the
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sidewalk after protesters tagged the station's walls and doors. >> reporter: marchers commandeered a security desk. a glass door was broken. a half dozen people marched on to a freeway ramp at fifth street attempting to shut down traffic. many protesters were students who walked out of classes to participate. >> i feel like young people are targeted. >> we need it put an end to this immediately. it is effecting all of us. >> the san francisco school district didn't have numbers on those absents. and they warn teachers shouldn't be taking students out to the protests. >> all right. david stevenson, live in san
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francisco, thank you. we want to show you live pictures from sky fox. shaky there with the camera. a march. happening now. protesters are heading north, away from the police station. we will follow this situation on this day of protests. more tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. and today in the bay area and across the country, we asked oakland's mayor about her expectations for the police force. >> i would hold them accountable for the most professional behavior and performance. >> tonight we catch up with the mayor on her 100th day in office to get her thoughts on police-community relations and what she has to say about crime in the city and keeping the raiders and a's in oakland. a accident that killed two b.a.r.t. workers in 2013 puts the blame on b.a.r.t.'s safety.
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the approval for giving workers access to the tracks was the cause of the contra costa county accident. under the policy the workers were responsible for their own safety. it happened during a b.a.r.t. strike. the operator who was training hit a red emergency stop button and shouted no, no, no before the empath. an increase in -- impact. an increase in suicides on b.a.r.t., b.a.r.t. is placing this sign at its stations. it reads suicide not the route and has the number of a suicide hot line. since 2013, 18 people died on suicide on about the tracks. five year -- b.a.r.t. tracks. five this year alone. most people have a moment of doubt on whether or not to follow through. san francisco mayor ed lee
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and a supervisor introduced amendments to an -- amendment to an ordinance. all short term rentals would be capped at 120 days a year. the current rules allow for 90 days a year of temporary rentals but residents in their homes can rent out a room 365 days year. the amendments call for the reaction and funding of a new city office to enforce the rules. east bay mud board of directors is making good on a promise to make the hard conditions as the drought worsens. ktvu's tom vacar was at the board meeting i they voted -- where they voted for more water cuts. . >> reporter: east bay mud gets a lot of water from the snow melt. last few years have been a
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disaster. >> 2013 to 2013, the top four year is 2012 to 2015. >> reporter: july 1 bills will be surcharged 25%, the average bill of $48.60 goes to $60.25 and customers will have to cut use by 20%. since the average house uses 246 gallons a day, a cut of 20 more gallons a day is needed because the reservoirs are depleted. >> continue to drop. 2012, 13, and 14 and this year. >> reporter: if your house exceeds 984 gallons a day you will suffer higher rates through penalties and fines. flow restrictions and water cut offs offs and they reserve the
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right to enact more restrictions. the only way the increases can be reversed now is if more than half of the 400,000 rate payersage to it. otherwise -- payers object to it. otherwise they are in place. penalties, once they are passed, they stay in place. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the contra costa county water district board will discuss its plan tomorrow for reducing water use by 25%. to achieve that goal limits may be placed on watering and they are considering a drought rate increase, a public hearing will be held on june 3. new at 6:00 p.m. affordable housing in a community is at risk of being lost. there is only one mobile home park in palo alto and the owner
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wants to shut down. the mobile home park. ktvu's noelle walker is where a meeting is underway right now to discuss the fate of the residents there. >> reporter: that meeting started at 6:00 p.m. it is a continuation of a heated public hearing last night where residents came out, they are concerned their about to be thrown into a housing market they can't afford. >> reporter: the mobile home park is nothing fancy but it is a one of a kind gem for the 400 people who live here. it is not just a house, it is home. >> you know what home is, home is paradise. >> reporter: it could be paradise lost. the property owner wants to close the only mobile home park in palo alto. >> sucks. that is the word. sucks. >> reporter: this cultivated a community over the generations. she lived here most of her life. there are touches that make it
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home. her son is growing up here now. >> it is like perfect for us. >> reporter: but he worries about things most 8-year-olds don't. >> i don't know. like, maybe we would be homeless. >> residents have been offered a buy out. she would get $23,000 but that won't pay for a place in palo alto. >> the rents are too expensive. this is the most affordable. >> reporter: and then there is the thing she can't pus a price tag on. a -- put a price tag on. a palo alto education. >> have the same opportunities. >> reporter: her mother lives four lots down the lane. her sister and brother live in the park too. it is the american dream for generations of families. >> very, very tight family. we all know each other.
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we know what we need. >> and they worry if a buy outscatters them, they will lose home and -- out scatters them and they will lose a home and a c'mon. >> reporter: what the city counsel has to decide what the owner offers the residents is adequate. there is no decision expected tonight. >> any word on why the owner wants to close the mobile home park? >> reporter: no. but it is his decision. he has every about to oclose it. it -- to close it. it is what happens when he closes it. they said they wanted to ban together and be able to buy the property from him so that they wouldn't have to move. i don't know that that is still on the table but there is a lot of moving pieces in this. people trying to make something else happen. >> noelle walker in palo alto
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tonight, thank you. oakland mayor marking 100 days in office. >> the first 100 days have gone by very quickly. >> coming up next we sit down with her about what she accomplished and her challenges. >> and san jose takes its fight against major league baseball to the supreme court, the efforts to bring the tuesday the south bay. >> the -- a's to the south bay. >> i will let you know how hot it will get in your neighborhood -- >> the tuesday evening commute. 880 in oakland. the coliseum on the right. it is moving along tonight. >> another view now. interstate 80 in berkeley, near the university avenue exit. not too bad towards the bay bridge. we will be back with more in adjust moment.
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milestone for oakland mayor. 100th day in office. a busy 100 days. crime, and keeping the a's and the raiders in oakland. ktvu's brian flores spoke with her on what she accomplished. >> reporter: does it feel like 100 days? >> it has gone by very quickly but i feel great about the foundation that is getting built. >> reporter: building that foundation will take longer than 100 days but she still has the enthusiasm that got her elected in the first place.
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>> there is just a blossoming of energy, optimism, excitement, of people wanting to invest here, of people discovering our secret soses. how cool we are. >> keeping that momentum will be the challenge. handling oakland's crime, she fully backs the police chief, remains steadfast in the community police model and growing the department that is under staffed and over worked. her support for police didn't sit well with some. some voiced their frustration on her first day of office. >> i have high expectations of them. i would hold them accountable for the most professional behavior and performance. >> reporter: she says changes are ahead, including adding more officers. >> this year we will add time with helicopters, which really help enhance office safety, we
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will deliver the radios so that not just our police officers but our firefighters have reliable communications. >> reporter: another one of her priorities is keeping the a's and raiders in town. and keeping public money out of building a facility at the coliseum site. >> we are at the starting line. what is great is the players are speaking to each other. >> reporter: the next milestone is in july when the developer wants an agreement with the raiders. >> if that doesn't happen we would be back to the drawing board as far as how to move forward but things are going well. >> brian flores, ktvu fox 2 news. >> in the coming days she will release her budget proposal. this year the city has an $18 million funking gap. -- funding gap. san jose will turn to the supreme court to move the a's. they claim major league
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baseball is violating antitrust laws. they give major league baseball an exemption and the giants blocked the a's move claiming rights to the south bay. san jose says it is outdated and the rules should apply. a california department of finance audit is accusing some departments of manipulating payroll. some are failing to eliminate vacant jobs and by keeping them on the books they are able to hold on to money earmarked to pay workers. a investigation estimates they are holding on to tens of millions of dollars. >> i am frustrated to see city million -- $80 million misapplied. it is terrible. we ought to do everything we can to get at that. >> departments say by keeping the vacant positions they are
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able to complete important projects quickly. another beautiful day around the bay area. temperatures are going higher as we head towards the weekend. windy too. bill, is the wind going to continue? >> yeah. tonight into tomorrow and die down. winds today, up there, gusts up to 30 miles per hour along the coast. blowing sand along the great highway. pollens. windy conditions stir things up. in san francisco right now. you can see the flags blowing. san francisco giants flag. u.s. flag. winds died down a little bit. out here, not as white capped as it was earlier. we will continue to see winds into the next, well, next few hours. as we look at the winds right now, gusting to 23 miles per hour at santa rosa, at the airport. 24 miles per hour at oakland airport. that is up there.
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down from a few hours ago. a big gust, san francisco international airport 33 miles per hour. that doesn't change runways around because they are used to those winds in those locations. it is still breezy. there it is. jet stream is to the north. wherever that goes, typically, not always, typically, that is where the weather is. here, here. drops down here. jet stream is creating a early spring, winter condition for them. we are under this ridge of high pressure that keeps us dry and will warm us up. temperatures warmer tomorrow. today was warmer. tomorrow will be 10 -- 7, 8, 10 degrees warmer. over night lows tonight, low 40s. fog not an issue. frost not an issue. tomorrow morning, no coastal fog. too windy. that time of year but it is too
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windy. tomorrow fog free. and temperatures warm into the mid-70s. maybe upper 70s. and maybe a couple low 80s tomorrow. that is the beginning of -- started today. you will notice it tomorrow. and then friday, thursday and friday, could be thewormest days. -- the warmest days. 70 in san francisco. downtown. san jose, warmer spots tomorrow, 77 degrees downtown for a high. less wind tomorrow. breezy. 82 fairfield. may be pushing it. wishful thinking. some neighborhoods are touching on 80 degrees. after that they warm up. mid-80s. you will see that in the five- day forecast thursday and friday. 70 san francisco.
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air quality, not bad. unhealthy air, particulates, too stirred up. air quality real nice. the five-day forecast, no rain but we anticipate something breaking loose in a few weeks. >> really? >> no. [ laughter ] -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i anticipate. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> thank you. well, wildlife officials had a time trying to evacuate a mountain lion near los angeles today. it spent hours underneath a home over night. it found a crawl space that it liked and it wouldn't leave. officials tried using tennis balls and pokers to get it out but it wouldn't budge. when they tried this morning they discovered cat had left -- discovered the cat left on its own. . californians are getting creative in finding ways to beat the drought and use the
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water we have. chris brown devised a water system that acts like a ditch for his yard that will catch rain water. it has drought resistant plants and he set up a gray water system. >> what we are doing here is taking the water from our alaundry into the land -- roundry into the -- laundry into the landscape. >> he uses the water for his gadden roof that -- garden roof that keeps his house cool. the golden state warriors know where they sit for the nba playoffs but they still don't know who they are going to play. we will hear from the head coach on the challenge. joe fonzi is coming up with sports. >> now to the news room, gasia mikaelian with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. the presidential candidates are
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the golden state warriors have one more regular season game tomorrow before the playoffs begin. the team put up new banners today. one features steph curry. and another shows andrew bogus. >> this has been a dream season for the golden state warriors. >> it has. you got to win it all for it to end but that is some doing. one thing left to be decided for the warriors in the regular
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season, that will happen tomorrow night. they won't have anything to do with it. they practiced today after last night's win over memphis. the warriors play new orleans or oklahoma city in the first round of the playoffs but till those teams wrap up their regular seasons tomorrow the opponent won't be determined. last night klay thompson got hot in the 2nd quarter. 26 points in that quarter. 8-10 from three point range. the warriors ran into a big lead and had to hold on in the 4th quarter. a win tomorrow would give the warriors 67. but the slate gets swiped clean when the playoffs start. >> like a new beginning. feels like the first game of the season. you know, you are excited. there is a renewed energy. a sense of urgency. the best spot possible. won a lot of games.
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won home court. >> the only thing lacking at at&t park yesterday was a win. the biggest problem in their 2- 0 loss was the inability to get hits with runners in scoring position. the giants wasted bases loaded two out situations. 0-7 with runners in scoring positions and stranded 12 runners. after the game there was a feeling that they are close. >> we were one or two hits away today. had a lot of guys on base. you know, we need to get that hit. once we do, flood gates will open up. it is encouraging we are giving them a lot of traffic on the bases. >> giants lost 4 in a row. they try ostop that streak to stop -- to stop that streak with colorado in town. the a's are in houston. see you at 10:00 p.m. coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, smart phone for the
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homeless. the program helping get people off the streets and how companies are making it possible. that story and much more tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you so much for joining us. enjoy your evening everyone. see you later. >> good night.
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