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tv   KTVU News at 5PM  FOX  April 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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now at 5:00. at months of "will she or won't she?" >> hillary clinton made her announcement for her bid for the presidency. >> >> and details about a melee outside of berkeley high school this weekend involving as many as 500 people. good evening. i'm ken pritchard in for ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes.
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hillary clinton announced her second run for the white house in a two minute video posted on social media. >> i'm getting ready to do something, too. i'm running for president. >> clinton is the first democrat it take on the challenge and is already facing some criticism from republicans and her potential gop opponents white house correspondent, ed henry on the tone of clinton's pain and reaction interest both sides. >> it's official, hillary clinton is in the race for the white house. the announcement of her second presidential campaign made on social media. the video had a twist. it started with real voters and the candidate jumping in. >> every day, americans need champions, and i want to be the champion. >> reporter: in 2008, the race was all more about clinton, not about the middle class. which she says will be the focus. she is receiving praise from
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high places. the person that beat her in 2008. president obama. >> she was an outstanding secretary of state she is my friend -- >> but some big names in the republican party are speaking out, already trying to stop clinton. >> this whole story about her having erased all of her e- mails even though they were subject to recall and review by congress, i think that's people remember with the clintons, it's always something. >> reporter: attack adds are already coming as well. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. >> reporter: republican senator and presidential candidate rand paul releasing what his campaign says is the first official anti-clinton add. >> the thing about the clintons, there is a certain sense they think they are above the law. >> reporter: it's shaping up to be a big week of presidential politics in miami. we are expecting marco rubio to announce his intention to run
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and in iowa, we expect clinton to begin her face 0 face one-on- one contact with voters. in des moines, ed henry. >> >> among the many every day americans featured in clinton's video, same sex couples, and the video features people talking about a new phase in their, a mother returning to work. spanish speaking brothers, applying for a business. >> >> a police pursuit in richmond ended with a man dead. the victim was the husband and father of a three-year-old girl. >> reporter: the older brother and cousin of anthony came to the crash site to see where the loved one had spent the final moments of his life. a cousin struggled to describe her grief. >> when you leave loved ones behind, it's hard to say. >> reporter: nugent, one of the
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passengers in this honda civic. 9:30 last night, he and his friends left a community center a few blocks away within their car was struck by a corvette. it is estimated it was going 60- 65-miles an hour when it blue into the civic, crashing it and sending it to the other side of the street. >> i was sitting at my sister- in-law's house and i felt the impact. >> nugent died at the scene. police say one of the other passengers was thrown from the car and critically injured the driver was also injured, but is expected to survive. just before the crash, police tried to pull over the corvette for speeding. >> that corvette failed to yield to the officer's emergency light. pursuit was initiated. >> the police chase stopped when the officer lot sight of
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the corvette on 23rd street, a short time later and a few blocks away, the corvette crashed into the civic. the driver was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. >> i view the whole thing as tragic. the simplest thing for that gentlemen to have done was stop. >> reporter: people who lived near the scene who didn't know nugent lit candles and said prayers for him. >> it could have been prevented, when you put i lot of things together, it could have been prevented. police pursuit this conference call. a 42-year-old woman killed as she walked in san francisco's financial district by a car, fleeing police. coming up. we talk to san francisco's police chief about questions surrounding the case in what is a congested area of the city. >> >> a napa man behind bars after police say he attacked his
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father with a knife. officers responded to a report of the stabbing yesterday afternoon and arrested 33-year- old anthony y they say he stabbed his 57-year-old father multiple times in the back and arm in a backyard shed. the father was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. anthony was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and resisting arrest. >> >> at least five students were arrested friday when a massive fight broke out near berkeley high school. 300 to 500 people. safety officers responded to some 15-20 fights that broke out in the area. officials say the fights involved berkeley high students, students from berkeley technology academy. students in oakland and some adults. at least two berkeley technology students and high school students were arrested.
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>> >> it was a mostly mild spring day. mark tomeo is here with a first look at today's temperatures. >> kind of a rollercoaster in the weather pattern. last week, we had the cold thunderstorms out there. this weekend, a nice rebound of the temperatures, here's our live camera looking out, some of the boats coming in. you can see a little chop as well. winds around 10-2515-miles an hour, a lot of sunshine across the bay area. look at these warm numbers, right now, 81 in livermore. a string of 79's. san francisco, 68 and santa rosa in the upper 70s. as we widen the satellite, you can see is system up here. we are going to cool things off for monday and into tuesday. once the system passes, temperatures will be warming up quite a bit in the extended forecast across the entire bay area. but especially inland.
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look what happens tuesday. warmest locations in the low to mid-70s. we'll gradually warm the numbers back up into the 80s. more 80s showing up on the thursday forecast. we'll take a look at the extended five-day forecast coming up. also a sneak peek of the joints home open opener for tomorrow. >> >> there are questions tonight about what it will take to bring back an oakland creek after the massive cement spill several days ago. cleanup crews have been working to suck out all of the cement that spilled into glenn echo creek. some subcontract others accidentally turned about the wrong way. allowing it toughly into the creek. a spokesman from fish and wildlife said a half mile of the creek was virtually destroyed. >> creek restoration plan is working on it.
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>> cleanup crews will be out for at least several more days. they are working with the city of oakland to make sure the sewers in that area are also okay >> in oakland, the fifth anniversary of a weekly sunday protest outside of the cathedral of christ for light. anne is live in oakland after speaking to the man that was been there each week rain or shine to make his voice heard. >> the time tim used to spend in church, he spends outside of it. today, to mark the anniversary of his protest, many of his friends stood by his side. today marks the anniversary. every sunday for the last five years, tim has stood here in front overlock land's cathedral in protest. >> i was a priest for 25 years. i would much rather be in church many >> reporter: instead, he is out front. he calls this a voluntary exile an he said he won't be back until policies are changed.
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>> since then, i have been out of a job. i have dedicated myself to supporting the three groups of people. >> reporter: some days, he is out here by himself. sometimes, others join him. >> nothing happens if you don't do something. here we are. >> other issues have taken center stage like controversial morality clauses in teacher contracts. >> i'm appalled with the contracts for the teachers. to me, it feels like a witch hunt. >> reporter: those that attend services at lock land's cathedral don't mind passing the protest on the way out, but hope the popular vote testers understand everyone sees it their way. while he continues to advocate for change, he said he doesn't always feel like he is being heard. >> optimistic, that would mean like i feel like there would be change in my lifetime, i don't think so. >> reporter: he said after five years, he is not ready to give
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up. >> i keep getting motivated to come back. who knows? maybe there is a better way for advocacy. >> >> reporter: he said he is not sure how much longer he can keep this up. but he plans to be back out here next week. >> >> gas prices are easing up a bit as retailer battle it out for business. today, lawrence funderburkeberg said the price of a regular gallon of gas dropped five cents in the past two weeks. san francisco bay area has the most expensive gas, according to aaa, san jose is $3.08 on average. san francisco is $3.28 a gallon >> free dental checkups, in an effort to prevent talan torriero decay. screenings were part of the streets event that was held today in the bayview
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neighborhood. we just wanted to come here an set up screenings for kids woe normally have a dentist and obtain the care they need. this is what we could do as part of the health care community. >> dentists say tooth decay is common among children and teens. by age 17, more than seven percent of children have lost a permanent tooth to tooth decay >> a disturbing story of a quadraplegic male in the woods, abandoned by his own mother. the charges the mother is facing. >> >> details on the new push to get rid of wood burning fireplaces, here in the bay area.
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prosecutors in fix plan to charge a woman with endangerment for allegedly leaving her quadraplegic son in the woods for five days. he was hospitalized for dehydration and other injuries. more on the investigation. >> reporter: there is a male walking down the block he sees the wheelchair, he goes to look at the wheelchair and sees the kid lying on the ground and does the right thing, calls the police right away. >> >> reporter: a horrible discovery, a young man, severely disabled quadraplegic, in a wooded area. perhaps more disturbing the victim's mother left them with a blanket and bible on monday. >> it's heartbreaking to see another human, especially, your mother, treat you like that when you had all of the opportunities to turn the kid over to the family member that want to cake for them. >> reporter: police say the victim's mother left
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philadelphia to be with a boyfriend in baltimore and when she was questioned by detectives and family, she said her son was with her. >> it's awful, i think that somebody who is a mother would feel they would have the need to take care of their child regardless of the situation. you know? it's the hand they were dealt and they need to take care of them >> reporter: police say the young man is incapable of caring for himself. he has cerebral palsy and has been disabled since he was an infant. >> there is absolutely no reason to do what she did with this child >> it's still your child, somebody you need to take care of. i can't imagine the motherly bond not being there. >> reporter: police tell us other relatives and family friends were here to offer their help. meantime, authorities are preparing charges begins the victim's mother. "fox news." >> >> a san francisco park overrun with criminals is once again popular with families. san francisco -- steps up the
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presence at garfield park in the mission district. apparently, it's making a difference. today, community resource fair with games, face painting. police must be involved in the community to be effective officers. >> >> another meeting is planned to discuss a possible ban on wood burning fireplaces in bay area home. air quality district wants to require owners that sale or rent their properties to replace the fireplaces. meetings have been held in several counties. tomorrow's meet something set for 6:00 p.m. at san raff-year-old city hall. raphael city hall.
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>> >> a lot of 70s, even a few lowle 0s showing up inland toward concorde andlymore. most of the clear conditions looking out toward san francisco bay there is golden gate britain in the distance. some haze, i think we'll have fog later tonight into tomorrow morning. a few changes developing as we head into monday's forecast, weak system approaches northern california and the pay area. very nice sunday as you can see the live camera. live satellite showing you this, clear skies over the state. one circulation developing. mow hope of significant rain for us, a few sprinkles, a few light showers approaching parts of the bay area, late monday into early tuesday morning. right now, you can see the satellite. we are looking for the rainfall, nothing to show you with live doppler radar. as far as the winds, we talked about the warm temperatures earlier. actually weaker than yesterday, but a little breeze out there.
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winds 10-15-miles per hour. sf o, stronger winds, the particular location picking up the stronger wins, sea breeze kicks in at 18-miles an hour. our live camera looking out. this evening, mostly clear skies, tomorrow, partly sunny skies. mid-to latter parts of the afternoon and extended forecast, everybody warms back up. warmest inland areas back up easily into the low to mid-80s. nice to have this back in the forecast. home opener tomorrow, giants, we are expecting partly sunny skies. toward the last few innings, mostly clear skies as well. temperatures in the lower 60s, winds will be picking up out of the west at 20-miles an hour. otherwise, weather looking okay, home opener for the joins at at and t park tomorrow afternoon. >> >> temperatures will be in the
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40s to right around 50 degrees to start out your monday morning. time line throughout the day, tomorrow, temperatures on track to reach the mid-to upper 60s as we head into your monday afternoon. tomorrow, will be cooler than today in the response to the area of low pressure. the cold front will be marching closer to the coastline. the winds do pick up around the bay, 25-miles an hour, if you are looking out towards the ocean, you will probably see awhether the a lot of white caps developing. tuesday, not much of a rebound of temperature, but later in the week, wednesday, thursday, friday, we are talking about a warmup. back up into the 80s. here's our forecast models, monday, partly to mostly sunny skies. the weak system moves across the region, late monday night and tuesday morning and then it's awe wednesday, you can see this, alot of clear conditions out there.
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that will be the day we'll warm things back up. forecast high, a lot of 60s out there, lower 60s near the immediate shoreline. san jose, 68, morgan hill. 60 degrees. five-day forecast, temperatures warming back up wednesday, thursday, friday. warm to hot for day five. coming up, a look at your weekend forecast and we'll let you know if it continues. >> >> a historic moment. now, the political fallout from the face to face meeting between president obama and cuba's raul castro >> details on the talks -- high ranking senator that implied that john kerry is less trust worthy than the leader of iraq.
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>> breaking news, a motorcycle accident in antioch in which one of the motorcyclists involved crashed and then plummeted off the antioch bridge. emergency crews responded to a call a short time ago at 4:30 about several motorcycles apparently speeding on the bridge. officials say one of the riders slammed into a car and was thrown from the bike over the railing and into the water as you can imagine, this is causing traffic delays in that
5:25 pm
area. sig alerts have been issued in both directions of the antioch bridge. emergency crews are on the scene and say drivers can expect some major delays there, but again a motorcyclist plummeting off the antioch bridge after an accident a short time ago. >> >> historic meeting between president obama and cuban leader raul castro coming under fire by some u.s. leaders. critics say mr. obama missed the opportunity to make a real change inside of the island nation. >> reporter: this is the first time a sitting president has come to the cable since the u.s. broke off diplomatic relations in 1969. both leaders acknowledging it will take time to rebuild a trusting relationship. president obama said since the ties became severed long before he came into office, he is not interested in keeping the relationship cold. secretary of state john kerry met with the cuban foreign
5:26 pm
minister in panama and called the mighting a show of progress. >> belief is very powerful that by beginning to engage, by beginning to have greater travel, greater ability to move, greater ability to visit. ideas and opportunities will grow that the cuban people will have the opportunity for expressions, change of views, that's what will promote transformation over a period of time. >> reporter: critics argue the administration should be march wary over the relationship. >> i think the president has a misguided calculation that if you open your hand to dick indicators, they will unclench their fists. there was a real opportunity to create change inside of cuba, then you should have gotten something significant in return. we got nothing in terms of the people of cuba. >> the u.s. has not removed cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, but the
5:27 pm
president is reviewing it. the trade embargo remains in place, only congress can reverse it. >> >> secretary of state john kerry is defending himself against an attack by senator john mccain. the arizona republican criticize him for his handling of the iran nuclear deal saying kerry was less trustworthy than iran 's prime leader. >> i'm going to let the facts speak for themselves. i will be consulting congress, tomorrow, the house and on tuesday, the senate >> john mccain claims kerry is at fault for a dispute over how to interpret the new deal with iran, calling kerry "delusional." >> yesterday, the president blasted john mccain saying he should leave kerry alone.
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>> it is necessary and indeed a duty to honor their memory. when memory fades -- it allows evil to the successor. two innocent bystanders killed in police chases over the weekend. what police are saying about the pursuit and how the safety of the public plays a role. >> >> a busy san francisco intersection shut down, hear why crews had it closed and within u when it's due to
5:29 pm
reopen. >> >> a terrifying ordeal for a toddler after a mother dangles him over an exhibit at the ohio zoo. why would she do that? how people reacted and an update on the boy's condition.
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5:31 pm
two different police pursuits over the weekend ended in the death of innocent bystanders killed by suspects trying to evade officers. tonight are we take a look at police pursuit policy, questioning if they should have been called off sooner. christine that randone is live in our newsroom. you spoke with the san francisco police chief who is
5:32 pm
defending his officer's actions. >> reporter: he called friday's incident tragic and said he is trying to find out the people who hit the woman with their car. he is proud of the police -- police chases start in a split second, like this one on the streets of san francisco friday night. police say almost immediately, the suspects hit and killed 42- year-old bridget -- they go on to hit another pedestrian, crash into a group of people -- >> it's a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: we asked the police chief if the chase should have been called off. he said officers had just turned on their sirens when the the armed robbery suspects drove three blocks down a hill. >> now, they are homicide suspects. >> reporter: the case is
5:33 pm
similar to an insy department in richmond where an officer chased a corvette for speeding. minutes after the pursuit was stopped, the person crashed into a car, killing one and injuring two others. >> it appears the officer followed guidelines and was within policy as far as the pursuit is concerned. >> richmond police said the officer showed good judgment in stopping the chase. now, it is under review by the police and chp. friday's incident is under review and cording to policy. they only go after the most dangerous criminals in pursuit. >> these guy guys did three armed robberies that night. we don't know how many more they might have done. we don't know if firearms would have been discharged. >> saying because the men are responsible for the woman's death, investigators are doing what they can to honor the requests of her father. >> he wants us to catch the people responsible for the
5:34 pm
death of his daughter. we'll get these guys. >> reporter: police policies reviewed. officers can pursue, when it becomes aparent there is an unreasonable risk to the public, the chase should be called off. >> >> after several days on the run, finally, police caught up with a man suspected of killing his girlfriend in front of her children in san jose. andrew butler was arrested in monterrey yesterday. charged with killing 33-year- old kendra gonzalez and pushing her body of the the car on tuesday. family and friends in sacramento are holding a fund raise tore help pay for funeral services. >> >> overnight, closure in a section of 8 0 in oakland. cal-tran is planning to shut down north and southbound lanes of instate 880 between 23rd and 29th avenue. traffic will be detoured on the
5:35 pm
city streets. closures will take police every day from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 am through thursday morning. >> >> in san francisco, the intersection is expected to reopen this evening. it has been shut down since friday night. construction crews are building a tunnel. this weekend, they installed the framework friand ground work schedules to take place. the intersection is scheduled to close an april 24th so crews can finish up the work. >> >> bart has been carrying people for 40-years, now, before that, there was a system that ran commuter trains on the lower deck of the bay bridge, carrying people around the east bay. in a preview of second look. we go back to 1984, george watson filed this report on the key system. >> it was born and grew up with a three and one quarter mile pier built into the heart of san francisco bay. there is not much left today,
5:36 pm
but in 1903, it was considerably more substantial. operating under a series of different names over the next 20 years. this was the birth of the key system. first train rolled out to meet a connecting ferry boat in october of 1903. the hookup was 20 minutes shorter than the southern pacific run and 20,001,903 commuters decided the key was the way to go. for the first time, serious transit competition. the key system pier rebuilt in 1916 probably reached its peak in 1924 when 800 trains aday were past the ferry boats. southern pacific and the key system often ran down the same street with a third key system local train on a third set of practices, all on the same route. they stood up the competition
5:37 pm
admirably. big red cars were introduced. southern pacific was a giant conglomerate, but the key survived and flourished, but it disappeared -- tracks have long since disappeared. ruins of the concrete passenger platforms are barely visible. from 190 3-1941, it's hard to tell now, marine county had a marvelous system. it didn't last for the simplest of reasons. it didn't make money. marine didn't have the people to sustain such a large system. marine's population didn't really take off until after 1950 at which time, it was already a distant memory.
5:38 pm
>> >> it was a drain on them and it probably just was built too early. probably -- the frustrating about the marine county operation was that when they didn't need them. they had them. now, they need them and they will never get them built. if it's going to happen again, it happened too soon and by 1939, 1940, it was obvious -- it wasn't that many riders, nowadays -- >> but for for those that road it, it was a great experience. whether you road it from san raphael or all the way to the ferry boat. >> for a more in depth look at the key system rail line, tune in for a second look, right after the 10:00 news. >> >> a two-year-old little boy, lucky to be alive after a very close call at the cleveland
5:39 pm
zoo. now, officials say the boy's mother -- i don't really under stand, but for some reason was dangling him over the railing of the cheetah exhibit when he fell into the pen. i'm not judging his parents jumped in and pulled him to safety with the help of bystanders. >> >> a bun of the men, my son and i ran up there and we tried to pull the father out. we couldn't get him out of one side. he had to jump up, grab our hands and we pulled them out of there. >> the cheetah stayed away and didn't go near the family, thank goodness. the boy was taken to the hospital for injuries to his leg. >> more than a few unanswered questions. >> >> a piece of bay area history is back. why the clock at the golden gate toll plaza was missing. >> >> mark tom patch eo will be
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good evening, everyone, welcome to the early sunday edition of sports wrap. we begin with a record score. that's the way things ended for
5:49 pm
jordan spieth. he -- tiger woods started the day back -- tiger hurt his right hand when he hit a roof during his swing. he limped home, but it was not a factor. saying he would take time off before he hits the road again. spieth made birdie on 10, he was 2 under and had the record for most birdies in a tournament with 26, he gets 28, michelson, three time winner shot a 69 and ended up within four strokes of the lead. michelson was tied with justin rose. rose, part of a string after three straight birdies, but spieth never opened the door. after he bogeyed, here's what he did on his second shot of the par -- i puts the shot on the green. his lead was back to four strokes. then, at 15, he made another
5:50 pm
birdie. at this point, spieth, 19 under par, the first layer in master's history to reach that number. with his family waiting for him at 18, he got to make the vic towerious march up the 18th fairway knowing he would be the winner. spieth bogeyed 18 happen had to settle for tieing tiger for the all-time record rather than holding it for himself. that's really little to get worried about when you win your first major. bubba watson presenting spieth with his green jacket and he joins a very unique group. >> to put on this jacket is incredible. it feels great. i plan on not taking it off for quite awhile. this was the ultimate goal in my life and to be able to accomplish it at 21 and still have a lot of years to go. i didn't really expect that. it's time to get excited to join bubba as two-time challenge. that would be the ultimate
5:51 pm
goal. >> final leaderboard, spieth at 4 and michelson, roary mcelroy, another two strokes back all alone in fourth. one big swing of the bat for the giants. after losing three straight games. sunday is armed services day in san diego. joins got brian back into the lineup. he produced with his rbi single. 2-0 giants. third on the hit, but was stranded there. the blow that hurts. padres load the bases. jake, backup catcher, nieves makes him pay with his first career grand slam. giants chip away. justin maxwell all the way around from first.
5:52 pm
tripping, 4-3 game it was 5-3 in the. joe panic just popped into a double play to clear the bases. making this homerun by buster posey hurt. posey's second homerun of the year pulled the giants to within a run. bottom of the 7th, deny down the right field line. 6-4, the final. jeeps, first seven games, three and four as they come home for the first time tomorrow. >> >> it was the long ball that was the undoing of the ark's today. -- a's today. ike days. triple 3-0, oakland. mariners tied it and took the lead. robinson drives to right, finds josh, can't make the play for a two-run error. jessie didn't survive the
5:53 pm
inning. seattle took a lead. in the -- the a's, the ball make it is to the wall. two-runs come home, 7-5 game. still, nobody out. a's scored another run, eric hilt a soft liner to left, scoring the tieing run, it looked like we were in for another happy ending at the coliseum. -- seattle gets the 8-7 win. a's win -- head to houston for the first of three tomorrow. >> >> still to come on this early sunday night sports wrap, indy car circuit debuts on the bayou. we'll be right back.
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for for a couple of weeks. warriors have a few more games. the next one in memphis. warriors had a 17 pippitt lead, slipped to one in the fourth. closing it out. currie to with the assist to andrew -- warriors win for a record 655th time, after the game, currie was asked if he learned anything about keeping a team engaged when there is nothing at stake >> we had a good week, a lot of entertainment. a lot of creativity, a lot of things to prepare for this game an the last couple of games, like i said, we won. that's the first goal every night and that's good and we have 65 wins, which is just
5:57 pm
amazing. our guys have been phenom fall all year. and i just think they are -- they are ready for the playoffs. >> >> a new system on the indy car circuit. some races are determined by time rather than number of laps t was the case today in the inaugural grand pre. here as what happened with seven minutes left in the race. simon goes off the track. due to the wet conditions he come sliding back on. wrong place wrong time for ryan hunter. feelings hurt, everybody okay after the exchanged insurance information. the crash brought out yellow and froze the field. that meant james coasted to a win in a race where he "madtv" own one pit stop. that will do it for this early sunday night sports wrap, we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> >> all right, see you then. >>
5:58 pm
>> cupping up on the 10:00 news. we are following much more on the breaking news on the antioch bridge where a motorcyclist crash and apparently went over the railing into the water. >> >> officials joining in on the search. we have learned northbound, the lanes have reopened. southbound, still closed, new develop machines tonight alt 10:00. >> >> we hope you will join us, then, we are posting updates on twitter and mark and scott reese will be here. -- we'll be out there tomorrow for the home opener, see you at 10:00. good night.
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