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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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taking drastic measurings -- measures because of the
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drought. an area of the bay area has decided to ban green lawns in front of new homes. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. debora villalon live in american canyon with that city's new ordinance and what it means for new homeowners, deb. >> reporter: if you have your lawn you can keep it although watering is restricted as it is in most places. but new construction here on american canyon will have to forgo the grass. it's a sound we don't hear much anymore. water keeping a lush green lawn alive. >> it's ours. it's ours. >> reporter: the homeowner put it in 20 years ago. >> we think it's very precious to us. we have seen other lawns come up around here and we cherish what we have. >> reporter: in american canyon and across the bay area. front lawns are endangered. torn out and tarped, stressed by too little water, too many weeds. >> we're not requiring anybody to do anything other than in
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new development. >> reporter: now comes the zero front lawn ordinance. the last new construction here before the market collapse will be the last one to offer patches of grass in front. new builders will have to offer alternatives like the drought resistant landscaping at this councilman's house. >> let's not have lawns in the front or the sides. we're leaving it in the back because people, that's where kids play and all that. >> reporter: this city of 20,000 is in worse shape than most because it has no reservoir and depends entirely on the state for water. an allocation that's now down to 5% of what it might be. american canyon has to shop around for water. but it's still planning a new developer center. 300acres, a park, school, and 1,500 homes, townhouses and apartments. residents already scrimping on water is wondering if that's wise. >> what about every single unit
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you're adding, how is that helping our drought issue? because you're adding more. >> reporter: because anything is built here, hard questions must be answered. >> until we resolve those issues or until we can say here's where the water is coming from. yeah, i don't think anybody wants to bring it to a vote yet. just because it's an unresolved issue. >> reporter: though some residents keep on watering. figuring if the city can build during a drought they can preserve their own investment. >> the first thing people see is their home as well as a yard. we're not trying to impress anybody, just take care of what we know belongs to us. >> reporter: with governor brown adding a 20% cut on water use. outdoor watering is expecting to get a lot more expensive. and the no front lawn idea at least for new houses may very well spread. >> it certainly may. after four years of drought i guess this is one of the options, all right, thanks deb. traffic is moving again
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across the ridge. after a fiery crash tied up traffic for four hours. you can see traffic moving just fine. hardly any traffic at all but that was not the case all day today. traffic started backing out at 6:00 and didn't clear up until 7:00 tonight. the crash happened in the exit for san quentin around 5:30 this morning. a ups truck was heading west into marin and just finished crashing the ridge. the trailer and hundreds of packages inside were destroyed. it took the crews several hours to pick up the debris and repair the roads. the packages were mostly headed to san rafael. if youd had a package on that truck you're covered up to $100 unless you chose a higher
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insurance plan. you should check your package tracking numbers for updates. ross mikarini has asked an investigator to look into the case of officers staging fights between inmates. last month several inmates came forward to say that the deputies hat not only arranged the fights at the county jail but bet on them. >> it appears isolated but i'm not leaving anything to chance. i'm not leaving anything to chance as it might pertain to four deputies or moving up the complete chain of command. the sheriff said the internal investigation should be wrapped up in a couple of weeks. jeff adachi is pleased that the fbi is going to investigate. he says quote, eliminating this sort of brutal conduct starts by leading an investigation
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that isn't tainted by conflict of interest or misplaced loyalty. it was adachi who made the initial allegations public. a funeral was held for walter scott. he's the the man shot by a police officer. a sheriff department in south california are in trouble after being caught on a video beating a suspect. ken pritchett is here to tell us about a proposal. >> reporter: the aclu is
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backing two bills before the state legislature that would require police to track and collect data, racial data on who they stop, arrest and also to report on significant use of force incidents. that data collection is voluntary now. chase of a suspect on a horse, 30-year-old francis pusac tais had been kicked and punched repeatedly for san bernardino. >> i am disturbed by what i see in the video. it does not appear to be in line with our procedures. >> this is as bad or worse than what happened to larry king. it went on and on. >> reporter: under california law this use of force incident would not have to be tracked or reported to the state.
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>> under the current system there's no state requirement to collect and share data on the use of force with police unless it causes death. >> reporter: aclu northern california executive director abdi sultani says his organization is backing two bills in the state legislature that would require police to collect data based on race of who was stopped, searches or the subject of a serious use of force. sultani says some large police departments in the state do collect that data. >> it's shown that african americans may be stopped at very high numbers, but it yields very few arrests compared to whites. >> reporter: currently he says use of force incidents in a state are difficult to track and what data is collected is not accessible to the public. >> the fact that we do not collect this information and make it public in the year 2015, it's something that needs to be corrected right now. >> reporter: passing
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legislation to require police departments to collect racial profile data has actually passed before that legislation but it was vetoes by governor gray davis way back in 1989. the arguments were increased cost and usefulness of that data. >> any word how long this will take. >> it will be the fall before he would either sign or veto the legislation. >> thank you, ken. >> thanks ken. the oakland police department meantime hosted a block party this evening in hopes of building a better repore with the community. the event along campbell street and west oakland gave people in the community a chance to interact with officers and also discuss ways to improve safety. this is the very same neighborhood where 30-year-old shamile pierce was killed last month as she trieded to shield her children from gunfire.
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people who live here say that block parties are a good way to break down barriers between citizens and police. >> right now we have a lot of people who don't trust the police in order for them to trust the police we have to have a two way communication. we have to have a fellowship with each one of them in order to know what's going on with each other. >> today's event included music, food and games. the hopes is that police and resident -- the hope is if police and residents get to know each other personally, they can build a better community. hillary clinton has made it official to be the first democrat to enter the presidential race. she's going to make the big announcement on social media. >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> reporter: hillary clinton is said to officially announce she's running for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination. sources tell fox news clinton will use video and social media
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as she kicks off her second shot at the white house on sunday. and her team is trying to form an unconventional campaign with plans for more personal events as she tours early voting states. >> there's going to be a lot of pressure on her from the left flank of the democratic party to really lay out an agenda. >> not only will she have to answer questions about what kind of president she would be, clinton will have to defend her record as secretary of state including the use of a personal e-mail server while in office. >> in a presidential campaign, everything old is new again. >> reporter: clinton lost a bitter 2008 contest to then senator barack obama for the democratic nomination and will be looking to avoid that contention. vice president biden could get in the race if clinton stumbles early on although he's taken few steps to prepare for a
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race. meanwhile, martin o'malley is boosting his profile. >> we have work to do as a party, we have work to do as a people. >> reporter: clinton has a year of campaigning ahead. already in the race on the republican side, senators ted cruz of texas and rand paul of kentucky. in washington, joe womack, in la. and we're tracking a weather system to our north. we're talking saturday clouds but also pretty warm temperatures. >> part of one of san francisco's busiest streets is closed all weekend long. the construction already creating problems for drivers.
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vice president joe biden greeting supporters and posing for pictures in san francisco today. the vice president is spending a second night here in the bay area. today he visited a job training center that helps veterans in the east bay. then the vice president made a stop for a sandwich. ktvu's mike mibach road along in his motorcade. >> reporter: one time at the melton san francisco financial district came to a halt as vice president joe biden rolled in, aviators on, $20 bill in hand. his order a classic grilled cheese, two tomato basil soups and a chocolate shake. >> that he complained about because it was so good he drank
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the whole thing. >> reporter: kaplan sat with vice president biden. >> we talked about jobs and the market. >> reporter: biden was in oakland at pg & e oak port. he thanked workers. the vice president met with this group of veterans enrolled in pg & e path way initiative. the work force helps veterans learn new skills to get jobs. >> now i have that opportunity to do that again. >> being in the military has given me that scaffolding to persevere. >> reporter: biden says america has to modernize. >> as the president said in a
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different context a while ago, you shouldn't have to risk your lives abroad if only 1% of the population has been fighting these wars. and then come home and have to fight as hard to get a job. >> reporter: biden says the best place to invest is still the united states. for kaplan, he says biden thanked him for his investment and having pride in his 600 employees. >> i think this is a look at what can help the middle class. >> reporter: he is confident and americans have never let him down. the mts is going to start using a new train car control system. it will allow for so called double berthing at underground stations. the new system allows for two trains in a station at the same time and to speed up loading
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and unloading of passengers during peak commute hours. the public utilities commission gave the go ahead for this new system this week. double berthing could begin as early as next month. the newly combined supermarket chain of safeway and albertsons robert miller. he's now in charge of albertson and safeway. albertson's bought safeway in a deal worth more than $9 billion. the new group has 2,200 stores nationwide. safeway still has 250 stores in northern california. wall street ended the week on the upside. the dow gained 98 points to close above 18,000. nasdaq rose 21 and is shy of 5,000. and is s & p rose two points. this is the second week in a row that the markets have advanced. people in the midwest spent the day cleaning up after dealing with that severe weather. in northern illinois two women who were neighbors and friends they both died when a tornado
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destroyed much of their town. mike chobin shows us the devastation left behind. >> reporter: from missouri to michigan people across the midwest are dealing with the aftermath of a major storm system. flooding, power outages and flooding reported in many areas if the storm continues to move east. but the damage was greatest in the suburbs. devastating two small towns. >> all i hear is rumbling and i didn't know what to think. then finally when it was okay, the house was gone. >> reporter: in rochelle illinois 30 homes damaged most beyond repair. the storm targeting both officials and civilians as it rolled through the middle of town. >> we went to work and went to help the people that needed help. i got there this morning at 5:00 to see that my house was gone. >> reporter: here in fair dale, the town virtually blown off the map where the twister hit. just about every building sustaining major damage. >> when we went down to the
10:19 pm
basment, there were 20 of us in the basement. the community is coming together. helping with basic needs like food and shelter. local officials warning it could take a long time before the town is back on its feet. >> it's a devastating incident, the hardest part is just things don't get done quick enough. >> reporter: air travel is now back to normal after 800 flights are cancelled at chicago's airports due to the bad weather. mike hellgren, ktvu news. you can see there's not much in the way of severe weather coverage but still rain showers and a few thunderstorms moving off the eastern seaboard at last check. we do have this across california. scattered slow clouds moving into southern california. also watching a batch of low clouds as you can see toward eureka. moving toward parts of mendecino county. these high clouds will continue to approach the bay area
10:20 pm
through the overnight hours. showing you 50s across the region. san francisco 53. look at it already cooling off. first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, high clouds. except the coolest spots will be in the mid-30s especially toward napa. san jose in the upper 40s. here's your forecast for your saturday. starting the day off with partly sunny skies. temperatures at 7:00 a.m., upper 30s to the upper 40s then a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. there's the evidential temperature range 60s all the way to the mid-70s by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. but the winds do pick up around 22 to 25 miles per hour. baseball for the oakland a's, 1:05 first pitch. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. the winds do pick up into the afternoon hours. coming up at 10:45, we'll see a
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closer look at your sunday forecast. we have 80s to talk about on the long range weather maps. new concerns about an east bay creek contaminated with concrete. the spill that crews admit is much worse than originally thought. >> we frankly didn't do a great survey. we'll do better next time. >> up first, late word of a threat targeting a bay area college campus that's prompting a warning tonight and a larger police presence tomorrow.
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new at 10:00, cal state ebay police on alert after someone threatened to visit the hayward campus tomorrow and start shooting. the university posted that warning tonight on its website. saying that campus police are investigating the threat. the school says that someone overheard the threat mentioned in a conversation. campus police are working with other agencies and say if you plan to be on campus tomorrow, to be sure to stay aware of
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your surroundings. meantime a 16-year-old milpitas high school student has been arrested for calling in a bomb threat to the school yesterday. police say the student left a phone message warning the school to evacuate before the explosives went off. students were sent home for the day. the santa clara county bomb squad searched the campus but did not find anything suspicious. concerns are growing tonight over an east bay concrete spill. as cristina rendon reports, it was a resident that alerted them to an area they did not check. >> reporter: the water has been taken over by cellular concrete. and overnight more of it was discovered. 200 to 250 more feet in fact.
10:25 pm
>> there's not too much water in it right now but it looks a bit messy doesn't it. >> you had a camera take a picture. now it looks like debris, just waste of some sort. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. and the department of fish and wildlife says a woman alerted them of the discovery. >> we go where the biggest problem is and start cleaning. >> we frankly didn't do a great survey. we'll do better next time. >> so behind me -- >> reporter: officials say a half mile portion down to the clairmont golf course is affected. they also say this valve is like a nonstandard one. it shocked when turned left instead of traditionally to the right. >> we're dismayed that this happened in this neighborhood. we're working on the clean up as fast as we can so we can
10:26 pm
move back to the restoration of the creek. >> it is a nice clean. all of this stuff looks like it's cleanable. >> this is a close up of what this is. very porus and very light. this is what killed insects and two birds. they're going to continue to clean up for days and when they're going to finish is something they're still assessing. cristina rendon. apple's latest gadget is now in stores. at 10:45 we asked curious customers if they plan to order the apple watch. how long they may have to wait for one and the issue with that. >> it's all bright lights and big construction machines on this section of van nuys -- van ness avenue. the closures that will have to go through the weekend.
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and traffic in san francisco this friday night was worse than usual. construction crews have closed a busy block of van ness avenue for the weekend so they can start building an underground pedestrian tunnel between geary and post. jana katsuyama is live with what you need to know about the work being done there. >> reporter: they are not wasting any time getting to worse on this project, because it's a tight time frame right here. they're drilling holes for that 20 feet pedestrian tunnel under van ness. this work is going to be going on nonstop day until monday morning. it doesn't matter if you were in a car or a taxi, riding a munni bus or walking down the street. >> i just have to cross there and walk up there. >> reporter: the closure of just one block on one of san
10:30 pm
francisco's busiest streets on a friday created extra chaos on surrounding streets and all the way downtown. >> i don't know how to get to the place where i'm going. i'm going to a restaurant. now i have to go the other way. yes, it's terrible. >> there's traffic everywhere on market. it was crazy, so i had to make a u turn. i don't care if i get a ticket. >> reporter: tempers were short, lines were long. people just wanting to get out of the gridlock. >> today it's taken my two to three times as long. it's bumper to bump you -- bumper out here. >> this morning the traffic was just terrible. i was 15 minutes late, having left 10 minutes earlier. >> reporter: and traffic control officers and about 20 flaggers were brought out for the detour zone. all that ran up and down franklin street and down goth
10:31 pm
street. and pedestrians face a detour with one sidewalk completely closed. >> it's kind of annoying because when the crosswalk is on for you to walk you actually can't walk because there's cars going through. so we discovered that when we were walking. it's annoying. >> reporter: annoying for some residents too who might hear work and noises in the middle of the night. that's because construction crews are facing their own challenging. cramming trains and big drilling machines into a small space and a small window of time. >> you can see by the machinery, they are very close to each other. we can only get two drilling riggs in at one time. that sort of limits the schedule. >> reporter: the crews say right now everything is on schedule and the plan is to cover over the holes they make with large metal plates. those will be in place until their next closure on april 24th. >> good idea to maybe go around that area by a few blocks. all right, thank you jana. san jose police are hoping for tips on the whereabouts of
10:32 pm
a man wanted for the death of his son. police say butler shot and killed 33-year-old kendra gonzalez during an argument. they were in a car on baskin road. her body was left on the street. the victim's family said her infant son was in the backseat along with a teenage daughter and that they are lucky to be alive. >> understanding he tried to shoot the kids. but something happened with the gun. thank god. >> gonzalez' sister says she didn't want her face showed or name used because butler is still on the lose. the couple seemed happy, said the family, but now they know that was just a front. the santa cruz drug department seized drugs packaged for sale. the bust happened earlier this month and residents on cayuga
10:33 pm
street. 32-year-old esteban ruiz was arrested. the action allows california pharmacists to provide meloxin hydrochloride without a prescription. deaths involving prescription medications have increased 16% since 2006 with more than 7,000 related deaths. meloxin is described as a medication that can quickly reverse the effects of an over doze from heroin or oxicotin. >> they can't breathe, and rise almost violently from the take.
10:34 pm
but they may be a little upset but they're alive. >> pharmacists must undergo training before they distribute the medication. the gps device could help give a few seconds warning before a quake. it's a concept being worked on by scientists at the usgs. >> reporter: there's power in numbers especially in numbers of smart phones. particularly the gps function that helps us know exactly where we are. the concept is surprisingly straightforward, scientists say exploiting the one thing that cell phone gps does extremely well which is to know exactly how far it has moved. >> we can use phones to detect that ground has moved and thus to say that earthquake has happened, where it is and how big it is and use that information to send a warning
10:35 pm
to people who haven't felt shaking yet. >> reporter: geophisisit found that crowd sources just 5,000 cell phones would have provided early warning of this shaking and tsunami almost as well as a network of high tech size -- sizemomethers and a lot cheaper. >> reporter: maybe it's only going to be a -- maybe it's only going to be a moderate amount of shaking and it isn't the big one and don't worry. >> reporter: they're about to try this in chile. they only have to download the app. the only problem is the gps can
10:36 pm
times reduce the information to keep from confusing you. high clouds moving in and how it will impact your neighborhood this weekend. >> two more shows, the grateful day confirms two farewell concerts here until the -- here in the area. >> we will bring breaking news. details of a wild chase tonight in san francisco.
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10:39 pm
breaking news at this hour from san francisco where police took part in a wild chase in the downtown and south of market areas. we're told the suspects car hit a pedestrian near california and kearny. no word on how serious that person is hurt. at least two other vehicles were struck, police told us they lost the vehicle on the ramp to the bay bridge. two bats have tested positive for rabies. the cases were reported to the department of health services just last week. four rabid bats were found in alameda county in the last couple of months. pet owners should make sure
10:40 pm
they're vaccinated and people need to seek help immediately when they come into contact with the bats. rabies is a very serious disease. health officials say it is almost always fatal. isn't it true information is coming to light last sunday we told you about a body found. it was believed to be that of an elderly woman last seen five years ago. now the san francisco chronicle says that house will be
10:41 pm
auctioned and according to one estimate it could go for as much as 2-1/2 million dollars despite its condition. the san jose police department held a graduation ceremony today for 19 new recruits. these officers will bring energy the department needs especially after the death of veteran officer michael johnson just last month. and what was a celebratory mood the department's loss weighed heavily on the minds of just about everyone who attended today's graduation. >> we've put it out of our minds momentarily. obviously it's going to be something that's going to linger throughout our careers. >> reporter: currently the department has about 900 officers. the department was 1,200 strong at its peak just a few years ago. dead heads have one more chance to celebrate the grateful day here in the bay area. >> a little touch of gray there from the 80s. the remaining members of the
10:42 pm
band will announce they'll play two shows at levi stadium this summer. the concerts are set for june 27th and 28th. the reunion will mark the original members last ever performances together. they're also playing three shows in chicago but say they have to play one last time in the bay area. where the band members first met back in palo alto a few years ago. we set up a link to buy tickets. >> of course they have to play here in the area. san francisco market street is looking more like a modern art museum with thousands of public arts exhibits on display. it's all part of the prototyping institute. there's exhibits for people to enjoy then you can vote on your favorite. the 10 that receive the most positive response can be used as a permanent display right there on market street.
10:43 pm
a new record at the masters by one of the youngest golfers on tour. >> our meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking temperatures that should surpass 70 this weekend. see all that and the extended forecast. >> customers got their first up close look at the apple watch. we'll tell you what they have to say coming up.
10:44 pm
♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers
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making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. the new apple watch hit the stores today. shoppers can't buy one just yet but they can check them out and see if they might want to put one of them on their wrist. christien kafton is at the apple store in palo alto with some early reviews, christien. >> reporter: customers got a chance to see those watches up close, they even got a chance to hold them they just can't take them home yet. >> reporter: serious customers got their first look at the apple watch today and the reviews are coming in.
10:46 pm
>> it's very cool. >> reporter: some say they're ready to buy one. >> i'm going to definitely get one. it's a great toy. >> reporter: rob ederly says the release of the apple watch is much like the release of the first i pod. and once they're ipods, there'll be tweaks for people to get their hands on them. >> the ipods did not move very well until their third version. >> reporter: app developers, even apple he says are all seeing how consumers will use them. >> it gives you an idea of what people like and what people don't like. >> reporter: and customers tonight who say they will get the watch have an idea how they will use it. >> i think it's nice to have it on your wrist. to look at it. you have all your contacts and looks like it'll be very
10:47 pm
portable. >> i like the movement tracking. i think it's kind of neat. >> reporter: the watches ranges to $349 to $17,000. now if customers want to take that apple watch home they have to wait until april 1st. a lot of the models are already back ordered until june. some are back ordered as far as august. >> $17,000 and you have to wait for the watch. all right thank you. the weather forecast we're talking about weather temperatures as we head into your weekend. temperatures have been trending up over the last few days. you can see 61 in san francisco. 70 in san jose. lots of 70s for concord, antioch and livermore. we have higher clouds down toward southern california. you can see here and we also have the weather system up here approaching the north coast. that will send in more cloud cover over the next few hours. here's a live look, no rainfall
10:48 pm
to show you. just some high clouds moving into parts of mendocino county. here is our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge over san francisco bay. fairly quiet out there for the evening. showing you this, mostly clear skies for tonight. this weekend it'll be mild to warm and the extended dry weather pattern and definitely a warmer weather pattern showing up as well showing up on the long range weather maps. in the south bay showing you this. san jose 7:00 73 degrees. we'll call it partly sunny for your saturday especially for the morning hours. a decreasing clouds into the afternoon hourless. you have to wait for this cold front to push through the region. high pressure still in charge of our weather with that it'll be warm this weekend. 60s and 70s. and as i mentioned it'll be dry with the rain staying to the north of the bay area. here's our forecast model
10:49 pm
showing you high clouds on the approach for tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. and then more sunshine for the rest of the day. as we continue to put this into motion for sunday, we are in the clear but look what happens monday there's this weak system up here, this could send in high cloud once again. another round by monday night and into tuesday. with the passage of that system temperatures do come down just a little bit. 70s for santa rosa, napa, fairfield we go 74. more neighborhoods, oakland 70. livermore 75 degrees. brentwood 76. these temperatures will check in right about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. in san francisco 67. a look ahead your five day forecast and temperatures not much change for sunday. maybe a degree or two warmer and then we'll cool things off a little bit more fond with partly sunny skies. you can see all those temperatures trending up tuesday and wednesday of next week. and the part i'll be thinking about over the next few days
10:50 pm
i'll be reflecting on is we could be talking about 80s beyond wednesday and maybe a few spots, this may sound strange approaching 90 degrees. so that's going to be my mind the next few days. >> ponder. >> exactly. scott reiss with sports action and not much offense going on in san diego. >> not so much. we have both local teams with divisional rivals this weekend. you want to make timmy smile just plunk him down on the mound in san diego. five of them against the padres including a no hitter. his first start of 2015 offense at a premium. lin -- lincecum was terrific. seven scoreless for timmy, allowed just four hits and getting help from aoki. aoki good range, nice catch. i'm tim lincecum i approve that play. jeremy affeld in and will myers
10:51 pm
this is troublesome. off the wall. here comes clint barmus and not only is he going to score but he's going to nearly take hector sanchez arm off in the process. sanchez banged up he would be okay but the pads do win it 1- 0. then you have the a's who are world beaters every other day. tonight the whopping on the mariners, even that guy probably had three hits in this game. first-inning, ike davis. a little bingo. yeah that will play. ben zoberson it's 2-0 a's. have a week why don't you. the cal product with his first major league home run. what he's done is go seven-14. his first week in the majors not supposed to be that easy. the rout is on. davis again, 2-run double he had four rbi. the a's pound out 16 hits.
10:52 pm
by the way, drew pomeran had five solid innings. and golf's next superstar puts on another incredible show at augusta national. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3
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1997, 21-year-old tiger woods wins at augusta and subsequently owns the golf world for the next decade plus. 2015 history repeating itself quite possibly. round two of the masters, it's beautiful and so was this. tiger for bird on seventh. no longer owns the golf world but he did shoot a 69 today. he's number nine on the tournament but that's nothing compared to the new fenom, jordan spieth. he shoots a 66, 130 over two days that's the best 36 hole total ever at augusta national. he already has a five stroke lead going into the weekend. the 49ers looking to move away from all of the drama.
10:56 pm
today's work out saw kaepernick, the quarterback took a lot of heat last season but his coach said there's really nothing to fix. >> we didn't have something that was broke. collin kaepernick was not broke. none of us had a good season. we have one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the season. he took good and made it better. that's what he did. >> tim tomsulo a little defensive. may be a sore subject. we still have a baseball game going on in the east coast. red sox and yankees are in the 9th inning. >> and it's coming on 2:00 in the morning. >> i'm going to go watch it. >> find us online any time on twitter, facebook, and our ktvu app, have a great weekend everybody. >> go red sox.
10:57 pm
i don't like the mets.
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l) councilwoman dunphy how do you respond to allegations that you look super sexy in your new suit? i haven't been elected yet. come on, kids! we gotta vote! honey, come on. please stop filming. i'm just excited! after today, you are going to be a councilwoman and i am going to be a first husband. and if you don't stop filming you're going to be my first husband. all right, everybody come on! do you know what you're doing, kids? you guys are manning the phone banks. alex, you're in charge of that. why is she in charge? and what's a phone bank? (claire) hmm. that's why. phil. i got it. i will be driving 50 of our finest senior citizens to the polls assuming, of course, that they remember that i'm coming for them. where you at? (laughs) high-five. old people occasionally forget things. okay. everybody, let's go. let's go. wait! real quick! sorry. everybody get in there. jump in there.


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