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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the san quentin prison exit. it hit the center divider and caught fire. the lanes have been closed since 5:30 a.m. this morning. this is a live picture. backed up all day. moving very slowly. barely at all. another look that traffic in the area on our traffic map. it is all red on 80. from san francisco, across the bay bridge, green through richmond, once you hit the richmond san rafael bridge it is all red. ktvu's tonv is out there now. >> reporter: take a look. just 60 seconds ago they started routing cars over the area that has been closed. there were reports it would be till 6:00 p.m., it just happened right now. we saw the police direct the first cars over and they are moving. that doesn't mean things will
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remain calm and steady. there may be anxious people, who knows if we have another fender bender. at the moment they are starting to trickle across. that will be a relief to people. some who have been on the bridge for a very, very long time. it is only been able to take one exit. but now it is opening. the traffic is very, very slow. here is what happened earlier. >> reporter: at 5:30 a.m. this morning the westbound big rig swiped the divider for 400 feet. that ruptured the fuel tank that started a fire that consumed the trailer and packages. the busy bridge, especially westbound in the morning commutes, quickly became a basket case and quickly from a trick tool a dead stop. >> absolutely -- made it worse.
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both directions blocked because the bribe is into the -- big rig is into the other lanes. they have to get the fire out. >> reporter: took them most of the day to clean up the mess of charred and burned packages that littered the freeway. the eastbound lanes opened after 2:00 p.m. 9 hour ordeal. but the westbound lanes where the truck was destroyed, along with another trailer pull of packages damage by heat, smoke and water continued to challenge the clean up crews. and so after 11-1/2 hours the westbound lanes are finally open. again, the traffic is very, very slow. the bridge is literally fender to tail light across the bridge, back to the tolls. it will be that way for a long time. if you can avoid this area you are doing yourself a favor because this is an initial work in progress. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is good we saw that as
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it happened. that is had direction from richmond into san rafael. the commute direction has been opened. i am wonder figure that is slow because people are looking that activity. >> reporter: good that you ask because we drove through san francisco, up the 101 and got off so we could come across san quentin. it was a very easy commute. we had almost no traffic whatsoever except on the golden gate bridge. which makes me think a lot of people seeing this this morning said i am not going to mess with this and stayed home or do stuff in the city, whatever, i can tell you, normally that is a bear getting across to the eastbound into contra costa county. but today if you take a look, you will see the traffic is
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moving quite well. while it is stacked up, it is not as usually stacked up tonight. >> still going to take a while to clear out. good news is, it is open. thank you. san francisco sheriff took on two issues today. an escaped inmate and algigation of staged fights in county -- allegations of staged fights in county jail. >> we want to make sure the public understands our commitment is something we can't breach. >> he is waiting for word from the attorney general on whether the state will join in. four deputies are accused of staging fights and put on paid administrative leave. a $5 million arrest warrant has been issued for an inmate and the deputy involved in that is
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facing a severe punishment. >> there are policies and procedures and protocols in place, that escape should have not happened and that deputy is facing possible termination. >> he said they are moving to implement more restrictive guidelines for inmates. the public defender said that he is pleased the sheriff will have the fbi investigate. the deputies that forced inmates to fight and eliminating this brutal conduct starts by leading an investigation that isn't tainted by conflict of interest or misplaced loyalty. our coverage continues online and on our app, hear more from the san francisco sheriff talking about the allegations. it is worse than we thought. that is what fish and wildlife officials admitted about a concrete spill in oakland. ktvu's cristina rendon is live there now. officials say they missed part of the spill because they
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didn't look up stream. >> reporter: that's right. they didn't think to look up creek because they were focused with the damage down stream. what they over looked was 200 feet of concrete. this is a piece of it. it is light. very fluffy. also pores and this is the stuff that is clogging the new portion of creek that is damaged. >> reporter: the sound of water flowing in the creek has been taken over by workers chipping away at concrete. 150-200 more feet was found in the creek. >> severe. >> reporter: they checked out the damage. >> not too much water tin right now. but it -- tin right now. but it looks messy. >> reporter: a woman notified
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them of the discovery and they admit to over looking the damage yesterday. >> we were focused on getting that cleaned up because that is where residents were, we didn't do a great survey. we will do better next time. >> i can see how it would be easy to over look it. on the other hand you think somebody would have a map that showed where it is. >> reporter: officials looked at maps today and surveyed the half mile span effected and this is similar left to the one opened that caused the spill. it shuts off when turned to the left instead of to the right. >> no one would want to do it. must be an accident. but i am surprised they didn't follow up on it to make absolutely sure how far it went. >> mistakes happen. >> it can be cleaned up. >> reporter: there is a big
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impact here to the wildlife. there are tons of insects that were killed. not to mention the two birds we talked about yesterday. one was found dead, another taken to a museum where it had to be euthanized yesterday. and the clean up efforts will continue throughout the weekend and into next weekend. right now they don't have a line time on when it will be -- time line on when it will be finished. >> cristina rendon, thank you. two bats have tested positive for rabies. they were reported during the first week of the month. one of the infected was found in subast pool. they are the first in theitant to test positive this year. -- in the county to test positive this year. officials say pet owners should make sure animals are vaccinated against rabies and
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seek help immediately if you come in contact with an infected bat. rabies is serious and contagious and almost always fatal. two tornadoes ripped across the mid-west last night. the national weather service says one had winds of 200 miles per hour. not much is left of two small towns in illinois where two people are confirmed dead. the tornado said were heart -- tornadoes were part of a weather system that packed more than powerful winds. now people are left to salvage what they can and start their lives again. the devastation. >> reporter: from missouri to michigan people across the mid- west are dealing with the after math of a major storm, flooding, power outagesages and down trees as the storm continues to move east. but the damage was greatest in chicago where it appears two tornadoes hit over night. devastating two small towns and causing damage in others. >> all i hear is rumbling.
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i don't know what to think. >> reporter: 30 homes damaged. most beyond repair. it rolled through the center of town. >> we went to work and helped the people that needed help and i got there this morning, 5:00 a.m., to see my house was gone. >> reporter: fairdale, the town wiped off the map. every building sustaining major damage. >> went down in the basement, 12 of us. >> reporter: now as research and rescue continues the community is coming together, helping with food and shelter. officials warning it could take a long time before the town is back on its feet. >> a devastating incident. the hardest part is -- is just things don't get done quick enough. >> reporter: air travel is now
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back to normal. in fairdale, illinois, fox news. i want to bring in meteorologist mark tamayo for a look at how strongs were. >> they are over -- strong the storms were. >> they are doing surveys and fine tune the intensity estimates with the strong storms. going back toyesterday. you can see thursday -- to yesterday. you can see thursday the radar. wic, illinois. -- wisconsin, illinois. that is the thunderstorm responsible for producing one of those very strong tornadoes. in terms of the strength, they used the enhanced scale, from ef0 to ef-5. the strongest one yesterday is an ef-4. that is the estimate so far with winds of 180-200 miles per hour. that is the intensity with that
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tornado yesterday. the strongest one. right now, different story. nothing showing up on the radar. still have tomorrow said developing in the south and -- thunderstorms developing in the south and deep south. more on our weather with the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. drivers in san francisco are having to navigate around the closure of a stretch of van ness. most traffic will be rerouted and that is creating delays on streets. muni and golden gate buses will be allowed to pass through. it will allow crews to big a pedestrian tunnel. it will connect the new cpmc hospital that is stilled? correction with medical offices across the street. -- connected with the medical offices across the street. brighter day for a department dealing with loss.
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>> i wanted to help people. that was my goal. >> how the new class of san jose police officers is getting ready to hit the streets. >> joe biden in the bay area. pushing for jobs for veterans. the formal event and the casual all american life. plus -- >> music is helping a teen who moved to a new country feel at home in the bay area. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a college basketball player who inspired the nation died this morning. lauren hill had a brain tumor she knew would kill her but she was able to play a game for her
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college team. she helped raise $1.5 million for cancer research. lebron james sent tweets that said till we meet again take care and continue to be that leader we love. >> such a sad story there. president obama spoke today with cuban president raul castro by phone. it is the second time in 50 years the leaders of the u.s. and cuba are known to have spoken. president obama toured the panama canal. both will later attend the summit of the americas where all eyes will be on the two presidents. the two leaders will meet during the summit and then privately for talks on restoring diplomatic ties. tonight we want it introduce you to a 16-year-old student at a san francisco high school. when he is not in school he is on the streets performing. ktvu's claudine wong introduces
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us to this young man whose love of music helped him feel right at home here in the u.s. >> reporter: this sound -- [ music ] >> reporter: -- is something that has been with the 16-year- old for almost as long as he can remember. [ music ] >> reporter: it seems to him as little else does. [ music ] >> reporter: a year and a half ago the rhythm of this 16-year- old's life changed. [ music ] >> reporter: he moved to a new country. [ music ] >> new school. [ music ] >> a new home. >> reporter: he started playing in elementary school. [ music ] >> reporter: he is often described as the chinese violin. a few months ago while walking in san francisco china town -- china town he heard a familiar sound.
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[ music ] >> i saw a bunch of musician, they play all kinds of music. >> reporter: since then he has been coming here. riding the bus after school. and on weekends. sometimes playing alone. [ music ] >> reporter: often playing with the other street musicians. >> two months ago i play with them. [ music ] >> reporter: only school work keeps him from coming more. [ music ] >> reporter: he comes because he loves to. >> because i enjoy the music. [ music ] >> the music itself it is calming. >> reporter: as it calls to strangers on the streets.
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>> simple. >> reporter: simple notes. the two striction bridge what he -- striction bridge what he knew -- springs bridge what he knew with what he knows. it is his past and his future. [ music ] >> reporter: in san francisco, claudine wong -- [ music ] >> reporter: -- ktvu fox 2 news. >> always fun to walk around china town. never know what you will see. if you want to do it this weekend let's check in with mark tamayo. >> great weather all weekend long. lots of sunshine out there. talking about 70s. get ready. few days ago we had the thunderstorms here in the bay area, the heavy town pours. that system is long gone. clear skies. you can see on live storm tracker 2, a few high clouds approaching southern california. also up to the north. we are in between systems. sweeps trying to detect the rainfall but right now there is
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not much to show you right now. there is a chance of a shower up in the north coast saturday morning. current temperatures, a look at those. 70s towards fairfield, concord, walnut creek. san jose 68. oakland mid-60s. santa rosa nice, 69 degrees. here is our live camera towards san francisco. across the bay. chop on the bay waters. tonight, clear skies. this weekend, fair skies. wild to warm. a dry weather pattern. as far as over night lows tomorrow morning, they will be in the 40s. coolest spots in the 30s for napa, 36. san francisco 49 degrees. temperature time line in hayward tomorrow, starting out in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees and into the afternoon, back up into the upper 60s for saturday. partly cloudy skies saturday. a few high clouds first thing tomorrow morning.
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there is the frontal system up here but not a rain producer for us. we are out of luck in terms of rainfall here in the bay area. lots of 60s. lots of 70s in the weekend forecast. it will be dry. next week it looks like we will have a weakening system approach the north bay. that could send in high clouds for monday and tuesday. for tomorrow, saturday, partly cloudy skies. and then into sunday, looking good as well. have outdoor events, festivals to attend, pretty great out there, sunny skies. and temperatures still on the mild side. lots of 60s and 70s for tomorrow. santa rosa 74. san francisco 67 degrees. san jose 72. half moon bay 65. the look ahead, your five-day forecast, temperatures not much chain into sunday -- change into sunday, partly cloudy skies monday. a breeze by tuesday. quiet weather pattern. watching it for the giants home opener next week. typically, seems like every
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year the weather, there is always storm that approaches for the first few games but next week looks great. >> fun. break out sun block. >> thank you. you can try it on but can't take it home. alabama apple watch -- apple watch orders started today. one store, the high profile visitor that stopped by. >> and new at 6:00 p.m. developments in the police shooting in the south bay that left a suspect dead. new video of the after math. >> plus -- >> the earthquake early morning system you may be holding in your hand, how your smart phone may help predict ground shaking.
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the apple watch made its debut today. for the first time customers could try them on in stores but couldn't take them home. they are only available for preorder and won't ship till may. to mark the big day the ceo stopped by the store and fans flocked to the store and rushed around cook as you can see. one of many pictures posted to social media today. one fan got a look at the custom stainless steel watch he has been wearing.
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reaction has been extraordinary. another picture. the mop of fans around -- mob of mans around cook. the watch became available for preorder today and sold out online within hours. the search continues for a driver who leddorses on a chase in -- led officers on a chase and crashed with a woman and baby into a car. the suspect crashed into power lines at 1:00 a.m. this morning. the driver then ran off and left a baby and a woman inside the car. they were hospitalized with minor injuries. the chp says officers tried to pull the driver over because he threw out a lit cigarette and for false registration tags. an investigation is underway in southern california after deputies were recorded kicking and beating a man. they caught the incident from the news chopper. yesterday following a chase where the suspect road off on a
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stolen horse. he fell off of the animal and officers tased him and you can see they kicked him 17 times. and they punched him 37 times. the san bernardino county sheriff's office launched an investigation. >> i am disturbed and troubled by what i see in the video. it does not appear to be in line with policies and procedures. a portion of it. i ask that you allow us to conduct that investigation and i assure you if there is criminal wrong doing on the deputies or policy violations we will take action. >> the man involved has been identified as a 30-year-old who was hospitalized with injuries. two of the officers were treated for dehydration and a third officer was injured when the horse kicked him -- new officers for the san jose police department. >> this is the ultimate achievement for anyone into
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public service. how they are a bright spot. >> plus -- [ music playing ] >> good news. great news for fans of the grateful dead. what is bringing them back to the bay area. >> and a new way to protect your wallet from high gas prices. how gas insurance works and is it worth it? ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪
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back new developing news. part of 580 is closed after a ups truck caught fire. earlier we said all lanes are open but the two westbound lanes on the bridge will remain closed till 6:00 p.m. tonight. vehicles are getting by on the shoulder in the westbound direction heading from richmond into san rafael. here is a pick of the -- picture of the back up. since 5:30 a.m. this morning. barely crawling from richmond towards marin county. another look on the traffic map. once you get into richmond it is green. but red on the richmond san rafael bridge. we will go back live to tom vacar at 6:00 p.m.
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and we will have an update then. to the south bay. the san jose police department graduated 19 new recruits this afternoon. the police chief says they will bring new energy the department needs especially after the shooting death of an officer. ktvu's azenith smith was at the graduation and live at police headquarters with how they are looking to rebuild. >> reporter: while it was a celebratory mood the death of officer michael johnson weighed on the minds of all those who attended today. [ music ] >> reporter: a good day for san jose police. 19 new recruits graduated from the police academy. it was a lifelong dream for him. >> when i was growing up i wanted to help people. >> reporter: the new officers joining the force when the force is mourning the death of michael johnson. the first officer killed in the
5:32 pm
line of duty since 2001. >> gut check at the time. officer safety. most important thing for all of us. we keep that in mind. and we remember michael johnson. we hope to be half the officer he was. >> reporter: the mayor touched on the dangers officers face every day. and he alluded to the staffing shortage. >> we know there are many challises here in san jose -- challenges here in san jose. we are at a time when our officers ranks are very thin. >> reporter: they have 900 active on duty officers. at the peak it was 1200 strong. even this academy that could hold 48 recruits graduated only 19. the chief is optimistic with talk surrounding pension reform and benefits continue. >> i wish our numbers were higher. as time grows and i know our union with city leaders are in
5:33 pm
the process of negotiating. that is a big step for us. >> hopeful the numbers will turn around. in the meantime all are grateful for the new officers. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and their sacrifice and service. and the officers underwent six months of training and will now endure 16 weeks on the field before they are out on their own in mid-august. >> all right. such a time for celebration for the new recruits and a time of reflection. thank you. two men arraigned for -- people arraigned for running a scam against the elderly. they were arraigned on 10 felony counts. the district attorney said they ran a scam in parking lots across san jose and santa clara. the district attorney said one would slap the vehicle and then take an injury and make an insurance claim against the driver. evidence shows they were paid
5:34 pm
$18,000 for their faked injuries. vice president joe biden in the bay area, visiting a job training center that helps veterans. ktvu's mike mibach reports he stopped for a grilled cheese sandwich. >> reporter: lunchtime came to a halt as vice president joe biden rolled in. his order a classic grilled cheese, two soups and a shake. >> he complained about because it was so good he drank the whole thing. >> reporter: he sat with him for 30 minutes. >> talked about jobs. we have hundreds of employees and the employees come from middle class families. this is giving them a chance to learn management, be hard workers. >> reporter: joe biden was in oakland at pg&e's service center. he thanked the company for its efforts to hire veterans. >> you are providing americans who served their country and
5:35 pm
those who continue to serve in other ways a shot. >> reporter: he met with this group of veterans enrolled in pg&e's initiative. it program is designed to teach vets the skills needed for jobs. >> same thing why i joined the military to help others and now i have that opportunity again. >> being in the military is giving me the basic scaffolding that i could persevere. >> reporter: he said american needs to modernize its infrastructure and the u.s. needs skilled people like these vets to make it happen. >> as the president said you shouldn't have to risk your life life -- [ indiscernible ] >> and then come home and fight as hard to get a job. >> reporter: he said the best place to invest still the united states. he thanked him for starting his company and having pride in his
5:36 pm
employees. >> i think he sees this kind of business as an example. >> reporter: he said middle class jobs are indeed needed but he is confident they will arrive saying americans never let their country down. in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. a new website claims it can protect you from paying more for gas if prices spike. we will explain how the gas insurance works and see if you think it is worth it. and hillary clinton is expected to announce her campaign for president this weekend. the challenges she could face on the campaign trail. >> and it is official, the grateful dead is going to reunite for concert in the bay area. why band members say playing here is so important.
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grateful dead announced two shows in the bay area. [ music playing ] >> the members of the bands announced two shows at levi stadium june 12 and june 28 part of their farewell tour. it marks their last ever performances together. we set up a link to buy tickets on there is a new way to protect yourself from a spike
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in gas prices. gas insurance. is it worth it? how it works. >> reporter: drivers who are worried about a spike in gas prices have the option to purchase insurance. love my gas price says it will shield drivers from higher gas prices prices for four bucks a month. lets people put a cap on their gas expenses. are gas prices going to spike? this summer you will pay the lowest price in six years. a gallon of regular will average $2.45 through september. compare that to $3.50 last summer. so is gas insurance worth it? >> is this money down the toilet? it looks like that. even the forecast were bullish on forecast and we had
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tobacktric. -- to back track. in california the insurance covers $3.75. i would rather save my money. >> reporter: they say it will return, it is just a matter of when. siting prices jumped between 50 cents and $1.10 a gallon. in three months. they aren't the only player in the market. my allows customers to pre-purchase gas online and lock in the current price. fox news. a bill on vaccines so controversial the author had to add private security. why a history museum in the north bay is closing. we will give you a look at the treasures inside,, the another day of sunshine in the bay -- another day of sunshine in the
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back now a developing news. part of 580 is still closed after a ups truck caught fire this morning. they pushed back the opening time to 6:30 p.m. originally they said they would be open at 6:00 p.m.
5:45 pm
traffic is getting by in the westbound direction by going on the shoulder. a live picture of the back up. bad since 5:30 a.m. this morning. backed up all day long. traffic barely moving. another look at the traffic. traffic map. slow going across the bridge. westbound direction. eastbound is traveling well. that is the commute direction. live to tom vacar at 6:00 p.m. for an update on the situation. new bill triggered heated debate over the issue of a airport's right to choose when it comes to -- parent's right to choose when it comes to vaccination. the measure would remove the personal belief exemption. the author of the bill is a doctor. he says he introduced the measure in response to outbreaks including the glaad
5:46 pm
disneyland measles outbreak. -- disneyland measles outbreak. >> you can talk about parental rights, the rights of the parents who choose not ovac su- - to vaccinate. what about the parents who choose, should they have to be subject to the danger? >> the measure cleared its first hearing this week and faces several more hearings before a vote on the senate floor. the wait is almost over. hillary clinton is planning to announce this sunday that she will run for president in 2016. it would be the second campaign. the report on what is known about the announcement and her chalazia head. -- challenges ahead. >> don't you want to see woman president of the united states of america. >> reporter: hillary clinton will announce she running. sources tell fox news she will
5:47 pm
use video and social media as she kicks off her second shot that white house sunday and her steam trying to form an unconventional campaign with plans for more personal events as she tours early voting states. >> there will be a lot of pressure on her. >> reporter: she will have to answer plenty of questions on what kind of president she would be, she will have to defend her record as secretary of state, including the use of a personal e-mail server. >> everything old and new again. >> reporter: she lost the 2008 contest to president obama for the democratic nomination and will look to avoid a repeat. she is expected to raise a massive war chest that could scare off rivals. vice president joe biden could get in the race if she stumbles early on although he has taken
5:48 pm
few steps to prepare. martin o'malley is boosting his profile. >> look, we have work to do as a party. we have work to do as a people. >> despite her advantages, hillary clinton has well over a year of hard campaigning ahead. already in the race, ted cruz and rand paul. fox news. remember last month's argument, the color of the dress. this month, the cat. going up stairs or down stairs? it has a #cat stairs. people are divided on which way the scat -- cat is going. >> which way? >> i am down. you? >> i don't care. i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> i don't care if the dress is blue or gold.
5:49 pm
sorry. are you into this, mark? i don't get caught up in these things? >> i remember being in a meeting with you and you expressed your feeling of the dress. we got side tracked. let's just move on. >> now we are side tracked by the cat. [ talking at the same time ] >> we will investigate that more. as far as our weather today, lots of sunshine in the bay area. these numbers well defined. lots of 60s and 70s. san jose 70. san francisco 61 degrees. outside right now, towards san francisco bay. chop on the bay wattthers -- waters there. on the satellite. we have a weather system to the south, towards southern california. a few high clouds there. even rain showers touching up -- approaching cape medocino.
5:50 pm
as far as our local numbers, 60s in san jose. 68. livermore 61. 61 san francisco. 69 in santa rosa. as far as the wind speeds. nothing too extreme. winds 10-15 miles per hour. we will look at more reports for you. sfo, winds at 17. and san jose 15 miles per hour. as far as over night lows, once again, no big changes here. coolest spots back down into the mid-30s. lots of 40s for san francisco, mountain view and san jose. our concord forecast tomorrow, temperature time line throughout the day. 7:00 a.m. upper 40s. 70s by the afternoon hours. by 3:00 p.m. and by 4:00 p.m. high clouds first thing tomorrow morning and increasing sunshine for the afternoon hours. here is the wider perspective again. a cold front producing rainfall to the north and no hope of rain for us. the storm remains to had north.
5:51 pm
lots -- to the the north. more 60s and 70s this weekend. temperatures going up and then going down. as far as the rainfall forecast, looking for the rain, it is up here, to the north, monday. a slight chance of a sprinkle tuesday morning. maybe a tiny chance in the north bay. as far as significant rainfall not showing up in the forecast. as far as temperatures for tomorrow. lots of 70s out there for fairfield and vacaville. oakland 70. livermore mid-70s. san jose 72. and temperatures will check in at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. san francisco 67. the look ahead, your five-day forecast, no big changes into sunday. a few clouds monday and tuesday. no rain drops expected. interesting, the forecast models long range, 21, 22, suggesting more rainfall. maybe things aren't shut down. we will see.
5:52 pm
>> thank you. saying good-bye. why a history museum is closing and the future for its collection of treasures. >> and coming up in minutes at 6:00 p.m. the secret to predicting characters could -- earthquakes could be in your pocket. the technology on your smart phone and police reaching out to a community rattled by crime, the event in the east bay right now.
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the meioses california's two largest -- mayors of california's two largest city are calling for water cuts. governor jerry brown orders water use to be cut to 25%. in response san diego and los angeles anounced new stepped up policy -- announced new tepicide up pall -- stepped up policies. the mayor of los angeles launched a public awareness campaign, reinforcing his order to cut water use by 20%. shutting in marin county because it ran out of time and money. pam cook shows us the museum's treasures. >> reporter: the history museum sits on a beautiful spot in san rafael. but the location has been a blessing and a curse. >> this park gotten to a -- had
5:56 pm
gotten to a park where it was unsavory. and it was difficult for us to contend with this. >> the park has been cleaned up but that is just part of the problem. >> to run the museum on a minimal budget we are looking at $350,000 a year. >> a cultural organization doesn't always attract donations and the operating budget is the rent if the climate controlled warehouse that holds the memories and history when it is not on display. a guitar signed by the members of journey. [ music playing ] >> reporter: signed lyrics. old photographs. furniture. journals. >> people think it is george
5:57 pm
lucas. lucas valley dairy. their milk processing plant and fractory on 4th street. >> the question -- factory on 4 4th question. >> the question, what happens to all of this, 150 years of marin county's past. >> please, even if you come with our own board of directors that would want to take over, we would welcome that. >> reporter: the collection may be to be broken up and distributed to museums and back to the donor family. the decision will come from the state attorney general office. where hopefully history will be preserved. pam cook, ktvu fox 2 news. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> we start with concerns over a creek after officials admit a concrete spill is worse than originally thought because they didn't look up stream. >> didn't do a great survey. i can tell you we will do
5:58 pm
better next time. >> good evening. i am heather holmes. >> i am ken wayne. officials say clean up at a creek contaminated with concrete will take longer than expected. a neighbor notified officials about a section of the creek they hadn't checked. ktvu's cristina rendon has more. >> reporter: they didn't look up creek which is why they over looked this. they were focused on the area down stream and that is where they were cleaning yesterday and because of this error they over looked 200 feet of concrete that solidified in the creek. >> reporter: the sound of water flowing in the creek has been taken over by workers chipping away at concrete. over night 150-200 more feet of
5:59 pm
the compound was found solidified. >> severe. >> reporter: they checked out the damage. >> not too much water right now. >> reporter: in a backyard. >> looks messy. >> reporter: they say a woman notified them of the discovery and they admit to over looking the damage yesterday during clean up efforts. >> we are focused on getting that cleaned up because that is where residents were we didn't do a great survey. we will do better next time. >> i can see how it would be easy to over look it. you think somebody would have a map that showed where this was. >> reporter: officials surveyed the entire span effected. they say this is similar to the non-standard one left open. it shuts off turned to the left instead of to the right. >> no one would want to
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