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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  April 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i think so. i already a. we can look at live cameras and show you the traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound. you can see traffic is looking good. westbound coming into san francisco. no major problems there. also looking at the san mateo bridge it's a nice look drive heading out to the the high- rise and the the peninsula. if we are looking at 280 northbound in san jose, that traffic looks to be good. and stays that way into the cupertino area. it's 4:30, let's go back to the the desk. high speed chase ends with a violent crash. the most disturbing part a child in a car seat was found. alex savidge is also at the scene this morning. alex, they still looking for the driver? >> reporter: they are still look for the driver. as far as the child goes, we want to point out here the child was in a car seat we
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understand and was not transported to the hospital. so that is the good news out here. a lot of damage done at the end of this pursuit when that car crashed into two power poles and you can see the streets still blocked off here as pg&e crews do repair work on those poles. after the driver lost control of that car, he got out and ran off leaving behind a young child in the car. chp officers came in and searched the area for the driver but he does remain on the run this morning. thousand this pursuit began just after 2:00 this morning when chp officers pulled this mans car over on 880. the driver initially stopped but then sped off and eventually lost control and crashed. now it's unclear what sort of violation the man was stopped for or why he ran. the chp has been in touch with
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the child's mother and they are making arrangements to return that child to his mother. >> alex savidge reporting live this morning. thank you very much. san francisco police responded to reports of a shooting near a popular neighborhood sports bar over night. it happened near the abby tavern just after midnight. a member of our staff went to the scene and shot this video. there were several police cars outside the bar with officers interviewing people and gathering evidence. police have not yet released any details about the circumstances of the case but we placed calls to get more information. we'll bring you an update when we get one. joe biden to the bay area this morning to highlight the importance of job training programs and mentor ships. our cameras followed the vice president's motorcade. vice president biden took part to raise money for democratic congressional candidates. he will visit a pg&e service
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center in oakland to focus on work force development and investing in job training. the vice president's wife dr. jill biden in the bay area this weekend. she has a doctor rat in english and teaches at a community college in virginia twice a week so this morning she sat down with students at de anza college. >> that is why we came to see what you are doing at your college and what makes you special and different from other colleges. we have heard so many good things. >> we value collaboration verses competition and thinking ourselves as global citizens. >> de anza has 23,000 students and has become known for its innovative community and civic program. hillary clinton will announce she will run for president this sunday. clinton will make the announcement through social
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media. a british newspaper says she will report a message twitter. we'll track the announcement. clinton is also expected to campaign in the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire following her announcement. a stretch of san francisco's busy van ness avenue is shut down for a major construction project. the closure is between geary boulevard and polk street. the closure will allow crews to dig a pedestrian tunnel under van ness avenue. the tunnel will connect the new cpmc hospital that is under construction. this is the first of three weekend closures planned for the year. south carolina authorities released dash cam video of the traffic stop that ended with a
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white officer killing a black man. christien kafton has more on erika garner's visit to the bay area and the change she is hoping to see. >> reporter: south carolina's law enforcement released this video. capturing the moments before. he pulled scott over for a broken taillight. you can see scott get out of the car. slager orders him back in and moments later scott runs away from the scene. the images that follow are by now familiar. slager fired eight times and scott died from his injuries. >> my initial reaction toward it was deja vu. >> reporter: for erika garner
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the video brings back vivid memories of her father's death last year. also captured on video. eric garner repeatedly said he couldn't breathe after a new york police officer put him in a choke hold. >> but we took this as him being the sack official lamb. >> reporter: a new york grand jury opted not to charge the officer in the garner case. >> i've been getting a the lot of questions like do you see a difference? or do you see a change come something do we have faith in the system now? and my answer is no. >> reporter: garner told her story in downtown oakland cat brooks. the deaths of eric participator and michael brown in missouri may have played a role in the quick arrest. >> listen, they don't want this on their doorstep. the last thing any city official wants is uprising or
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rebellions. >> void owe semipowering both in terms of the practical utilization of it. but the validation i can't be called a liar anymore. >> that was christien kafton reporting. the situation in south carolina and across the country shows the growing number of officer involved shootings are are being captured on cell phone video. on wednesday a sunnyvale police officer shot and killed a man police say was carrying a knife used in an armed robbery. that shooting was captured also on cell phone video by a man who says police took his phone as part of the investigation. judge ladorese is the independent officer for san jose and says you do not have to hand over your phone to police. >> that video in your phone is
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your property. that is your property. sot police have no right to tell you that you can't show it to anybody, put it on youtube. that is your right. >> one says cop watch will up load your video automatically top -- to youtube. the fbi and san francisco police department are hoping someone will recognize a man they say is suspected of robbing three banks in san francisco. the robberies happened at bank of america, citi bank, and u.s. bank in the past couple of weeks. surveillance cameras have captured these photos. he's been dubbed the clean cut bandit. investigators say in two of the robberies he had a knife. there is a reward for information leading to his arrest. the fbi says he should be
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considered armed and dangerous. you can order apples newest watch but you have to wait several weeks to get it. within an hour some of the watches were seeing high sales and wait times up until june. three models are available. they are the watch sport, the standard apple watch, and higher priced apple watch addition. time is 4:39. coming up severe weather in the midwest. this tornado traveled 150 miles on the ground. what we are learning about the trail of destruction left in its wake. the dangers of distracted driving. mike mibach gets behind the wheel to learn the lesson firsthand. >> look at the morning commute where it's taking out the east bay, traffic looks good. also the north bay commute you
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can see here on the golden gate bridge they are changing the lane configuration. >> it's like a quiet pattern we started the week off with rain. but we are ending it with lots of sunshine. what about the weekend? any change? we'll have that coming up.
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investigators say the whole incident began when the the suspect kidnapped a woman at gunpoint. the guard saw them fighting in a car. when he approached them, he was shot and killed. the gunman then led police on a chase which ended in a shootout that wounded both the gunman and police sergeant. >> get down. everybody get on the floor. we saw the wave of people starting with the people closest to the window off of their chairs, laying on the floor, curled up on the floor.
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huddling behind. lots of yelling. >> the d.c. police chief says the suspect was conscious when he was take ton the hospital but police sources say he had a gunshot wound to the head. the woman who was kidnapped was not hurt. 47 victims of a mass shooting at a texas military base will receive purple hearts. in november of 2009a gunman killed 13 people and wounded 34 others in a shooting rampage at fort hood, texas. the shooting was classified as workplace violence. more than five years later the defense department and congress redefined the shooting. all eyes will be on president obama today during a summit in panama. he arrived last night for the summit of the americas. it's an economic and security conference with leaders from north, central, and south america. cuba which had previously been banned from participating is
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being allowed to take part this year. while no meetings are scheduled, there is a good chance president obama will run into cuban president raul castro. east bay family is looking for answers and wants help finding an east by driver that struck and killed a motorcyclist. investigators say a car hit pack and pushed him into a concrete barrier on the connector from highway 101 to eastbound 92. he fell 60 feet over the edge. pack's daughter is asking the driver to come forward. >> just please do the right thing and give my family the closure that we need. give my father the respect that he deserves. that's it. just please help us. >> investigators say they don't have much to go on. they are asking anyone who may have websited the crash to contact them. april is distracted driving awareness month and the chp is
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shifting its campaign to stop the dangerous practice into high beer. ktvu fox 2 michele 2 mike mibach did a test. >> interstate 80. 680. highways 101, 24, you name it chp says distracted drivers are everywhere. chp officer shawn welcomed me to text and drive. and in this controlled setting we set up a driving course. here's the scenario. i'm leaving work. i'm late. my wife is wondering where i'm at so i will text her as soon as i leave the gates. round one straight away into a right turn at 15 miles an hour. again while texting. >> you knew you were going to knock over all the cones. once you started focusing on
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your testing it was very obvious. >> reporter: round two same scenario with a twist. he tossed in a cone that i never even saw. >> so you missed the child but you hit everything around. >> there was a flying cone. >> i didn't even see the flying cone. >> reporter: next round another text and another flying cope. >> that teem i did see the cone but i saw it late and there it is. back right wheel underneath. >> reporter: in 2013 3,154 people were killed. >> when we talk to people, everyone admits it effects your drive. >> reporter: and on this day it
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effected me. final round we straightened out the course and hit the gas a little harder. reaching 35. >> so that time i wrote hey bav -- i don't even know what i wrote. >> i just kept hi made down .3 seconds. >> the average time it takes you to unlock a smart phone, you travel the distance of a football field. >> reporter: look up and look out. a new enforcement campaign under way as officers are on the hunt for distracted drivers. mike mibach ktvu channel 2 news. >> we make fun of mike when he texts but he talks about a very serious tropic about distracted driving. we see it all the time. especially in the early morning
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hours. i had to call 911 one time because of drivers weaving in and out. >> that was a good piece. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have on this friday morning. we are doing okay. this is a lack at highway 4 as you come up to the willow pass grade. this is a good drive. 680 nearby looks good from concord to walnut creek. westbound 24 traffic is doing okay as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. no major problems. once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic is light getting into san francisco. we are off to a decent start. it's also going to be one of those lighter than usual days and some people, some people told me they have spring break time. we'll see what happens this next week. this next week with the traffic volume. 4:49 let's go to steve in the weather center. next week it's spring and i have a break but i'm not on
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spring break. 30s and 40s for lows. lots of sunshine. any fog will burn off pretty fast here and there is hardly a breeze up there. anything going on. no, it's pretty quiet there. i could have done this in my pajamas at home. in my meteorologist pj's i could have done this. it was lovely yesterday. you almost like today. temperatures a few low to mid 70s. but over all, very quiet. we have a little time to kill so if anyone tunes in at 4:30 someone heard us we were going to hit the tennis ball. we did go out. we hit but we didn't play. >> i thought we played. >> well we weren't keeping score. >> i have to tell people. mr. paulson is a fantastic tennis player. caught me off toward. >> i could tell you were rusty.
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but when you get it together, he's got that power serve. [ laughter ] >> we should play again. >> we will. we are continuing to track the cleanup efforts from that major cement spill into an east bay creek. the reason the drought actually may have helped in this case. but first. warriors get back on the winning track. steph curry has one for the history books.
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13 veal boy is dead. an eight-year-old boy remains in grave condition. rescue divers pulled both boys from the car which landed upside down in 30 feet of water. they were rushed to the nearby hospital where the older boy died. with adults were also in the car but were able to get out on their own. it's not clear what caused the car to plunge into the water. but witnesses say they heard brakes screeching just before the incident. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will update the department. four sheriffs deputies were accused of organizing and betting on inmate fights.
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in a separate case a mistake by a deputy led to the mistake of a man that was indicted on drug trafficking charges. and last december video surfaced of a deputy choking and arresting a patient at san francisco general hospital. a marin county lawmaker is pushing a plan to create a third lane on the richmond san rafael bridge. to streamline the environmental review of the project has passed its first committee vote. the plan is to turn what is now a shoulder into a third eastbound lane during the evening commute. which has gotten increasingly congested. the plan would create a new lane in the westbound pedestrian. he hopes the lanes could open as soon as next year. bay area transit agencies are calling for congress to get moving. stand up for transportation events are being held across the country. this one was in san francisco yesterday. organizers say the national highway trust fund is almost exhausted and the current
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federal program is set to expire at the end of the month. commuters will feel it if congress doesn't act soon. >> eventually the buss will stop running if we don't get federal money this year and most transit agencies are not sure they can make it through the rest of this calendar year. >> cortez says stopgap measures that only last for months or a year put transit agencies in a bind. time is 4:55. a san jose nurse is on a bit of a winning streak. california lottery officials say ruth botall has won $750,000 from a scratcher ticket. she bought it at the easy market in san jose. impressively this is not the first win she's had this year. she also won $1,000 a few months ago. she is pretty lucky. surprisingly she says she plans to keep on playing the lottery. the warriors back from two
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straight losses and steph curry broke his nba record. he has 276 three pointers on the season. breaking his old mark of 272. they host the minnesota timber wolves tomorrow night. coming up from homes ripped apart by tornadoes to a house hit by lightning, the trail of devastation left behind after a series of severe storms that sweat through several states. >> youth soccer groups crying foul. their dispute with the 49ers over a soccer field. >> good morning. right now we are looking at the east bay commute and you can see traffic here is looking good on interstate 880. we'll tell you a little bit more about the morning commute. >> yesterday's weather we are going to million it in.
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and construction on the bay area may impact your morning commute. i'll have the details just
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ahead. good morning. you are looking at repairs under way after a car involved in a chase crashed right into two power poles. the driver ran from the scene. coming up in just two minutes, ktvu alex savidge will have more on the shocking discovery police made in the backseat of that car. thank you for joining us it's friday, april 10th i'm pam cook. >> pam cook day. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, you're not aparade of today -- you're not afraid of today's forecast. >> never. we have a cool pattern for some. there are a few upper 30s. but nothing like 32 or 33. there will be lots of sunshine today. temperatures inching up. not a big jump but there will be a few mid 70s. one to the north and one to the west, southwest. but they are not visiting us any time soon.
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temperatures will be in the upper 30s for a few. sunshine niece to warm today. a little bit of patchy fog in the morning. also sfo and the north bay will keep an eye on that. 60s and 70s. near average to slightly above. especially if you move inland. all right sal let's hope it is friday light. >> it is. traffic continues to move along very well if you are driving through the area. the traffic is doing well if you are driving to the bridges. we will start there and take a look at bridges. it continues to look good to the toll plaza. if you are drying to the san mateo bridge, track that traffic


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