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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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turning tragedy into hope. the parents of a bay area girl who killed herself settle a lawsuit after receiving an apology from the men who tormented her. >> pott was assaulted, a week later audrey pott took her own life. today her parents settled a wrongful death lawsuit and it includes a payment of nearly $1 million. the young men accepted
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responsibility an apologized for the first time. we get these developments from azenith smith. she is live at saratoga high school where potts attended school. >> reporter: and part of the apology included potts receiving a posthumous diploma. >> i think it's good that this comes on good friday, a day of forgiveness. >> reporter: audrey's parents are looking to put this behind them. her parents settled the civil lawsuit with two of the teens involved after the boy's openly apologized for committing the crimes and sharing half naked photos of audrey on their
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phones. >> they offered sincere words of apology in open court to the family. and it was well received by everyone in the room. and we just hope they can move on with their lives to do something positive. >> reporter: the settlement agreement calls for a $950,000 payment. in addition, the boys must also give 10 presentations to local high schools and youth organizations on topics that include sexting, sharing and soliciting photos as well as the use of alcohol. >> it's something we have to take immediate action on. >> reporter: sexual assaults are happening more and more among young teens too often under reported and can be amplified on social media. >> research is showing us that 76% of youth can identify an imagine that was shared without their consent. so we know that social media
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can be used to revictimmize, retraumatize individuals. the paradigm is shifting. it's a whole new world. >> reporter: in this new world, the pott family was hoping a turn would happen to their daughter into a learning lesson. the settlement came down at 1:11 this afternoon. a telling sign since the number one is a number audrey's mother associates with her only daughter. >> when the terms were being read. looked at me and whispered, it's 1:11, audrey is here, she made this happen. >> reporter: an agreement calls if -r the boys to support the audrey pott foundation -- an agreement calls for the boys to support the audrey pott foundation. >> you can go online to read the full settlement on our web page. police have made an arrest on a violent attack against a homeless man. surveillance video shows the
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victim sitting on a bucket. a man walks by and with no warning strikes the victim on the head with what police say appears to be a metal pipe. officers arrested 35-year-old arthur lee jones of fairfield late last night. he was taken into custody on the same corner when police say he returned to the scene of the crime. the homeless man remains in the hospital tonight. >> i know the victim personally. i've dealt with the victim. my partner and i used to work the foot beat out there and he's not the kind of person that would be aggressive or violent in any way. to see such a heinous crime like this take place where somebody struck him in the head like that is uncalled for. i'm just very glad that we're able to apprehend him. >> reporter: the victim is at san francisco general with a head wound that needed more than 50 stitches to close. the suspect is now behind bars facing a charge of attempted murder. in san francisco police chief greg suhr says it makes him sick what happened and now he's coming down hard on
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officers who sent and received racist and homo phobic text messages. ktvu's david stevenson tells us a captain and seven others are being suspended and the chief is recommending that the chief fire them. >> reporter: chief greg suhr says the case is sickening. >> even talking about it now it's just sickening. >> reporter: 14 cops in all were investigated. >> they references to white supremacy. repeated use of the n word, talked about burning crosses. >> reporter: suhr says eight including a captain sent messages sickening enough to warrant immediate suspension and firing. >> certainly to have a member as high ranking as a captain was particularly disheartening. >> reporter: the text surfaced a couple of weeks ago after a former officer was sentenced
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under federal corruption charges. an officer is quitting. >> michael salas is announcing that he will be resigning. >> he understands that the texts are incompatible with continuing his work as a san francisco police officer. >> reporter: suhr says texts sent by six other officers including a police sergeant don't quiet warrant an immediate call for termination but their cases are being referred to the police investigators who can then warrant a decision. a judge spared former santa clara prisoner from serving jail time for particular mail fraud. from court today he apologized. >> i can't tell you how much i apologize and i regret. i should be at all times protecting my community as i said earlier. and i didn't do that. so for that i apologize.
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and i accept -- >> reporter: shirakawa was sentenced to 45 days of community service and three years probation. he admitted he sent fake campaign fliers insinuating magdalena carrasco was a communist sympathizer. she won last year. carrasco released a statement about shirakawa saying i'm hopeful that he learned his lesson. he will never be able to hold public office again. now to the weather, the been a warm week but we're expecting a change this weekend with showers forecast for easter sunday. and then early next week, we're going to get our first real storm in a while. >> meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the changes now in the weather center. >> that first system for easter will open up the doors and set the storms up. the winter weather patterns not over just yet. we have a few high clouds approaching the neighborhood. all this is in advance of that circulation that area of low
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pressure and all those clouds. the specking cloud cover here that is cold air that will be diving into northern california over the next few days. the first system does move in. a first thing sunday morning for easter that could impact your easter egg hunts then a stronger storm on tuesday that will produce heavy rains the chance of thunderstorms, gusty winds and possibly a dusting of snow in the bay area hills up above 3,500 feet. here's our forecast model tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. here's what happens first thing sunday morning. 8:00, scattered showers. that will set the stage for stronger storms to come into our region. stay with ktvu on air and online for the very latest on the conditions. our new weather app is available for download on apple and android devices. new water restrictions
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issued by governor brown are being released. cara liu is live with one company that's advising people how to save. >> reporter: a company says they're seeing a huge increase in companies wanting to proactivity reduce leaks at their homes and save water. >> this is just a pressure gauge. see what we actually have for the pressure. >> reporter: technician burough is examining outdoor faucets. >> high pressure is what causes these to drip in most cases that or hard water. >> reporter: he says one of the most common culprits of household water waste that can go unnoticed. >> what we're checking is if any leaking, beyond the flapper. >> reporter: our toilets. >> you don't think it's much water. it's just a slow seeping. no problem. it's 24/7. constantly running water and
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matter of a day you're running five, 6-gallons of water a day easily per toilet. >> reporter: scott mccoy says he'll be making a few changes. >> apparently my hoses need to be changes a little more often than every 10 years. i think they're just minor things i can be looking out for. maybe not ignore the dripping. >> reporter: he hopes this tune up will help save money and conserve a precious resource. >> i have a 7 -month-old daughter so it's important to me that six, 10 years down the road that she has every opportunity to have the same resources that we have. >> reporter: the general manager of cal plumbing says he started seeing a spike in demand about six months ago. residents increase in consciousness. >> i think there's notifications of water rates rising and the drought being such a big issue in the state of california. >> reporter: he says that's when they decided the price of their home water saving inspection from $179 to $39. >> we just knew that we needed
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to lower the barrier to get into customers houses. we are trying to do our part in the drought as well. >> reporter: and they say sprinklers and hoses are some other common culprits of water waste. julie. >> all good things to know. cara, thank you. thousands of californians who have been shielded from water reduction because of 100- year-old old water claims could face new restrictions going forward. the state's antiquated water rights system protects water claims made before 1914. now that we're in the fourth year of a drought. the state water board is saying it may place restrictions on those farmers, homeowners and cities for the first time. the governor exempted the rest of the state's farmers from his mandatory 25% cut. environmentalists say one way to save water will be to ban fraking in california. environmental groups accuse oil companies of wasting water through fraking. governor brown says there are
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already tight regulation on fraking and doing more won't help the drought. when automated pole taking gross wrong. the errors that left a woman with an impounded car and a huge surprise bill. >> $4,000 worth of fees and charges. >> whales off the coast. >> we have never had a year like this. literally, whales everywhere. >> reporter: what's behind a remarkable surge in the whale population. and the latest on the investigation. the witnesses describe what they saw and heard right before the plane went down.
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new development in a plane crash that left a pilot dead. people saw the plane go down around 12:30 this afternoon. it crashed into a field off freights road just outside the petaluma airport. debora villalon is there now after talking with witnesses and the ntsb. deb, it appear it is victim was based there. >> reporter: his name has not yet been released but based on the tail number and talk here at the airport it appears he was a local man. from sky fox, a look at the plane crash on which the pilot died instantly. >> we're conducting the
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investigation itself. >> reporter: the ntsb arrived shortly after the crash. its fixed wing single engine very lightweight and classified as experimental because an enthusiast can order a kit and build it themselves. word of the crash spread. >> pilots are always very sad about that. but i think we, there's risk in everything we do and we've all kind of accepted that risk. >> i don't know who it is. i'm very, very sorry to hear that. >> reporter: cafe owner dan kelly says ultra lights are popular at petaluma's small airports. he would fly in one without hesitation. >> sure i would. just close to being an issue. >> reporter: this is the view from the cockpit of a quick silver ms2 like the one that crashed. not much structure but the open visibility is good for sightseeing. it flies low and slow compared
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to heavier planes. and very responsive to the pilot. >> you have a weight tip it's like a hand glider. it has a bar. what you do is shift your weight. isn't it beautiful. >> reporter: why this plane went down in pastureland alongside grapevines on a calm afternoon remains a question. some witnesses say that one of the wings appeared bent. >> everybody saw the plane go down. >> reporter: did people run to it. >> some people tried to help. we couldn't do nothing. >> reporter: the ntsb would not speculate about a cause. but they say the aircraft provides little protection. >> there's no protection at a wind screen but you're some what out in the open air. >> reporter: investigators say he will be reaching out to at least half a dozen solid witnesses who saw the plane go down. and faa records indicate the current owner bought the 30- year-old plane just last year.
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julie. >> so sad. all right debora villalon reporting tonight in petaluma, deb, thanks. a 90 member committee is recommending that members approve the tentative -- the five year contract covers 20,000 dock workers at 29 ports up and down the port. union leaders are recommending approval. results from a secret ballot will be counted on may 22nd. a mayor expansion is in the works for the bay area's bike share service. a pilot program in san francisco and the south bay is so successful they're planning to add thousands more bikes. and as ktvu's cristina rendon reports they want to expand to the east bay. >> reporter: plans in the works to roll out up to 7,000 more bikes in the bay area bike
10:18 pm
share program. a big increase from the 700 bikes in the pilot program now. >> i have an annual membership. >> reporter: peter rumsey has a membership and says that more bikes are needed. >> there's not a lot of bikes in berkeley. >> reporter: the san francisco pilot program was so successful the metropolitan transportation commission says more bikes make sense. it won't cost taxpayers a dime with a private company called motivate behind the push to get the bay area going. >> the private guys are going to come in. they're going to find a name sponsor. that's going to sponsor the bikes. you will see advertising on the bike and bike stations but as a return, we get the bikes and stations. >> this would give us the density and convenience that the system really needs for it
10:19 pm
to be successful. >> reporter: at just $9 a day or $88 for an annual membership, the bike additions will provide a major form of transportation getting you to places that buses and trains can't. >> it's such a nice way to interact with the cities. compared to getting in a cab, or getting on a bus. i love it. >> reporter: the mtc will consider the expansion next wednesday and vote on it later this spring. if approved more of these bikes will begin being installed. in san francisco, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. finally an active weather pattern developing offshore. as you can see on the storm tracker 2. a few high clouds approaching. right now though partly cloudy skies as that band moving into parts of mendecino county. a bit cool out there. right now it's 53 degrees in san jose. walnut creek mid-50s. already the 40s in nevado and
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up toward napa. here we are in the overnight low another cold start for your morning. temperatures in the cooler sports in the mid-30s. widespread 40s for san francisco. san jose, 44. and antioch 43 degrees. so saturday, we'll call it the transit day with partly cloudy skies. we will begin to clear things off. no rain drops expected for tomorrow. those cool numbers then into the afternoon hours we have been cooling off steadily a little bit beginning today. that cooling trend continues for tomorrow. there's the eventual rain. we'll track that bouncing bunny there. also we will talk about the storm set to move back into the area.
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that will be in the tuesday forecast. there is some severe weather in other parts of the country. several tornadoes touched down last night and this morning in oklahoma and kansas and thunderstorms brought heavy rain and hail. high winds are blamed for the death of a woman in kentucky. she was hit by a falling tree. tornado watches were in effect today in parts of arkansas, missouri, tennessee, kentucky and indiana. she didn't use fast track but now she owes thousands of dollars. >> we have a couple of different issues here. one is the inescapable fact that computers are stupid. >> see what happens when automated toll takers go wrong. the error that left a woman trying to clear a huge bill. and a group of thieves caught on camera. an atm ripped right out of the ground. a closer look at this surveillance video that could lead to an arrest.
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veteran whale watchers say they've never seen anything like it. a boom on the whale population right off the golden gate. in fact, there are so many whales that boaters are being told to be especially cautious right now. >> reporter: right now and easily seen from shore spectacular evidence of nature's resilience. a new surge in the number of whales. >> oh my god. >> to see a baby and its mom it's like, it's, there are no words. >> reporter: san francisco whales tour the kitty cat just outside the golden gate. 31 year veteran of whale watching captain joe masard. >> we have never had a year
10:25 pm
like this. literally whales everywhere. >> peak season is right now. >> reporter: jason blare says males and single females swim north faster and farther offshore. >> our experience is enabled by the slow calf accompanied with its mother. this is the best time to see the great whales in california. >> reporter: john watters took his 8-year-old daughter out of school to see the whales. >> we're so close to nature it's just incredible. a little over a decade ago, whale numbers crashed. but conservation efforts are paying off and also the whales adapted. >> they're exploring different food resources. so their numbers are rebounding. they're going back to normal. >> reporter: mary shlan say s if you're lucky you might see
10:26 pm
what we did from a helicopter. whales frolicking in groups. 35 new police officers are about to hit the streets in oakland after graduating today from the police academy. >> the ceremony took place this morning at the scotish rite center. there were a will the of proud family members and friends in the audience. >> when i found out he was going to the academy to go into oakland i thought, oh my gosh. the worse of the worse. but, he can handle it. you know, he's done four years in the service. and he went through his boot camp. so he's going to be fine. >> reporter: this was oakland's 171st police academy class. the new officers will now begin field training. the police department says with this new class there are now 724 sworn officers in oakland.
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bay area drivers paying more for gas. but just how much depends on where you go. >> why is gas under $3 a gallon here and nearly $4 a gallon just across town? we asked some experts about the psychology of gas pricing and the unusual situation in san francisco. at 10:45 an 8 -week-old chihuahua. apparently tortured then left at an east bay animal shelter. tonight how the puppy is doing and the search for who did it.
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take a look at this surveillance video. it shows three suspects stealing an atm from a service
10:30 pm
station. the driver in that ford pick up hits the gas and rips the atm from its mount. the suspects then take off in the truck. drivers all know that the price at the pump can vary depending on where you fill up but usually it's just a few scents here and there -- cents here and there. but not so in san francisco where stations are charging dollars more for a gallon. >> reporter: frank, many people know this arco station as being one of the cheapest places in the city. people line up to get it at $2.89 a gallon. but we wanted to know why some places were able to charge so much more and still get business. >> reporter: getting gas is a regular routine. any habit drivers have their reasons for waiting in long lines. >> i come especially to get
10:31 pm
gas. >> reporter: even if you have to wait in line? >> yeah, it's worth it. >> reporter: or stopping at specific stations. >> usually i try to get it where i know it's going to be cheap. >> the convenience, usually prices are pretty similar. >> reporter: usually similar but not know. >> look at next door at the shell station, it's 40, 50- cents more expensive per gallon. so we notice those kind of things. we may have money but we're not stupid. >> reporter: even those who normally shop around and drive a few miles just to save a few cents are seeing dramatic differences in prices within the city limit. our price check found an arco charging 2.89 $2.89 a gallon for regular. why the huge spread? one obvious reason is location. >> right in the downtown area is where you often see the high prizes are higher, because the
10:32 pm
land -- high prices are higher because the land is higher. >> the gasoline like chevron and shell claim they have additives that will help your car. the evidence of that is nil. >> reporter: there's also another driving factor you don't often hear about. psychologist. >> when prices fall people tend to say, this is great and just buy from the first station even if it's not the best price. >> reporter: meaning gas stations don't have to compete as hard. but when prices are on the rise. >> people do shop around. they're more worried about gas prices. >> reporter: either way, savvy prices are just hoping they can ride this trend out for a while. >> $45. quite a difference. >> reporter: bottom line it can expect to continue seeing these big price differences until the price of oil changes then these people might be saving just pennys instead of dollars when they fill up. >> a great example of why you
10:33 pm
should always shop around. jana katsuyama in san francisco to be the. jana, thank you. the federal government issued it's monthly jobs report today and it fell short of expectations. economists blamed cold weather in much of the country and the decline in prices. now here are the numbers the bureau of labor statistics say employers added 126,000 jobs in march. that's the lowest number in more than two years since december 2012. economists had been expecting twice as many about 250,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate held steady at 5.5%. a woman who commutes across the golden gate bridge is now facing thousands of dollars in fines. as john sasaki tells us she blames it on a clerical error involving fast track and the dmv. >> reporter: this is a trip to dmv that chereese benton never
10:34 pm
thought she would make. >> i had to transfer my car's name to my friend's name. because ntsb has me in a crazy bind. >> reporter: she was crossing the bridge which has automatic toll taking. you can pay online in just days or an invoice will be sent the your address. but benton moved. >> computers are stupid things. >> reporter: benton never received the invoices so she never received the tolls. she tried to pay some of them a few months ago but they had already compiled with fines. >> it appears for whatever reason that through her work with the dmv that that registration data base had not been updated with her new address. >> so when i called and went in, it was already too late.
10:35 pm
and it was $4,000 worth of dmv holds and charges. >> reporter: a sum she cannot pay for a problem she says she did not cause. last week, her car was towed. since she could not afford to pay, she had to make that decision. >> give my car away. >> reporter: john good win says this kind of problem should not be hard to resolve. >> when dealing with fast track customer service center that folks know they have an opportunity if they're not receiving satisfaction right away, ask to have the case escalated to the management. >> i e-mailed the manager back and forth a couple of times then they put another manager. they want to e-mail another manager and no one is helpful. >> reporter: because even managers were no help and because this ordeal cost her so
10:36 pm
much money and because it's still unresolved benton is now considering filing a lawsuit. john sasaki, ktvu news. a break from our long dry spell. how much rain we could get this holiday weekend. >> plus celebrating holy week. the good friday message from pope francis in roam. -- pope francis in rome. at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu."
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today pope francis presided over the good friday procession in rome. this year he focused on the suffering of christians in the middle east and africa. people from syria, iraq, egypt and nigeria all took turns carrying a cross just like the bible says jesus did on his way to the crucifixion. on saturday, the pope plans to celebrate mass at the vatican. and pass over was celebrated like jews did some 3,000 years ago. people gathered for a traditional meal called the
10:40 pm
sader. >> tonight is about reimagining freedom and it's about contemplating people who are oppressed today. >> tonight's dinner was a sell out with 300 people attending. it's the 36th year the jewish community center has hosted the dinner for the community. federal prosecutors and homeland security investigators have brought new charges of child exploitation against a bay area man. he's accused of possessing images with children from all over the world. a new indictment charged him with transporting minors and production of child pornography among other crimes. investigators have identified 30 possible underaged victims but estimate there could be more than 300. gun control advocates sarah brady died today from pneumonia in virginia. she was 73 years old. brady became deeply involved in the cause after her husband jim
10:41 pm
brady was shot and partially paralyzed in an attempted shooting against president reagan. a woman who gives free haircuts to the homeless ended up getting a big surprise. danica o' leary is a local stylist but once a month she takes her things and goes to a park to give haircuts to the homeless. >> we have something for you. >> thank you. >> it's a check for $10,000.
10:42 pm
you deserve it. >> how about that. oleary tells us she's overwhelmed and grateful. she says it is amazing the transformation of someone who looks like they've been homeless for years and all of a sudden after giving them a haircut they look like a 25- year-old kid. nice to see her getting recognized for that. >> all the good work she does and helping people. it changed her life. it's amazing what one haircut can do. gives them a fresh start in life. a little chihuahua with a long road to recovery. >> the dog is in extreme amounts of pain. somebody did something really awful. tonight the search for the person responsible and the search to find this puppy a new home. and mark tamayo has your complete bay area forecast for the easter weekend and the storm we're looking at next week.
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
the injuries on this 8 -week-old puppy are tough to look at. burns to his ears and stomach. the people who rescued him say he was tortured. and because of those burn injuries, vets say the puppy will likely have to have his ears amputated. >> they've named him fireman and if everything goes as planned, he could be up for adoption in four to six weeks. but mike mibach tells us, they're still looking for the person who mistreated that dog. >> reporter: curled up in a wicker basket, a pup named fireman. >> the puppy is in pain. somebody did something awful. >> reporter: the puppy is hurting and is under medication. >> someone tried to light his ears on fire.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: as you can see here, fireman's name is on the board and he's slated to have surgery soon on his ears. she was not found in a street or dark alley he actually was located at antioch animal services in a dog run that is surrounded by a 6-foot fence. it's not known if the person who dropped him off was the person who tortured him or someone who found him. >> come here, buddy. >> reporter: signs that he's scared. >> another reason i think he may have been tortured because he goes into like a defense mode and he starts to bite as soon as i pick him up. >> reporter: she's teamed up with umbrella of hope. an organization that helped
10:47 pm
thousands of dogs last year. the chihuahua will have to have his ears amputated. >> i can't figure out because it's his ears and under tummy. if he were to stand or fall in a chemical it would affect his paws and his paws are not affected. i feel someone tortured him. >> reporter: the chihuahua should be able to live a great life despite his injuries. >> you have to wonder about the people that are out there walking amongst us that would be willing to harm an animal. let alone a tiny baby animal. >> reporter: mike mibach, ktvu news. big change in the over all weather pattern right now. we have a scattered rain pattern. not here yet but will be coming
10:48 pm
our way. that will gradually inch close tore the region begin -- closer to the region beginning tomorrow. we have scattered high clouds moving into parts of mendecino county. 3:16 the partial exist begins. you can see in a few minutes begins at 4:58 p.m. i think we will have a few scattered clouds between now and 2:00 in the morning. cooler pattern, a series of systems approaching the reason. first one set for easter. second stronger one that's going to be tuesday. much cooler out there and we're talking about sierra snow. here is the easter forecast. as you can see, i will step aside. by 3:00 probably just partly cloudy skies. tomorrow is our transition day
10:49 pm
to this guy. we'll cool things off with those readings only in the upper 50s to 60 degrees. this is the storm we'll be watching for the tuesday morning commute. moderate to heavy rainfall and some sierra snow. this is not going to bring us the inches we need in terms of rainfall but you can see the expectations. heaviest snow up here. we can pick up a half an inch to an inch of rain. a winter weather advisory in place. the sierra on sunday. snowfall will be in the order of 2-inches. monday the chance of, i should say decreasing shower chances on sunday then monday we could be tracking the chance of showers and main event moves in as we head into the tuesday forecast. lots of 60s, we're going to cool things off for tomorrow. the cooling trend continues
10:50 pm
into easter sunday. warner locations 60 degrees. a slight chance for monday. and get ready. it could be the real deal on tuesday morning. >> i loved your little easter egg hunt. >> thank you so much. >> out on the field there. thanks mark. let's talk about the bay bridge series, all tied up and ready for the next step. >> and matt cain had a spectacular evening. and they turned the round table, not the round table pizza kid. he's enjoying himself. the first for posey. posey's first of the exhibition
10:51 pm
season. 3-run shot. the biggest story may be cain's performance. nice play by joe panic as the a's get a couple of men on. then the giants adding to their lead. joaquin arias a little bouncer with a couple of men on. get back there. safe he is. and maybe the giant's tightest game of the spring. they win it over the a's 4-0. the embattled coach had no stronger supporter than steph curry. warriors star defended his coach to the hills. yesterday jackson was asked who he thought the mvp of the nba was this coming season. and he said houston's james harden. today it was obvious curry was bothered when asked about jackson's comments. >> it's surprising. it didn't really hurt my feelings. it's not like he was casting a
10:52 pm
vote. but, you know officially, but just very surprising. i was defending him last season when things were rumbling outside of our locker room -- but it's his opinion and we'll roll with it. >> kind of obvious it bothered him a little bit. give the sharks credit. it might be a long shot but they're giving it the best shot trying to get into the stanley cup conservation. another strong outing at the tank. sports part ii next.
10:53 pm
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an e-mail everyone has written the sharks out of the cup script. everybody except the men in teal themselves. they've noun won four out of the last five. that little kid sharing his popcorn. not overly doing it but doing it. three different guys score all three goals. couture with a nice shot there. 58 seconds into the game. 1-0. patty marleau put it on joe pavelski next. beautiful number 37 for him. sharks go up on phoenix 2-0 at
10:56 pm
the tank. great individual effort by matt nieto. back netting the puck to put it in. the sharks three points out of the final play off spot with just four games to play. so they do have a shot. the masters at augusta tournament that stands on his own of course. you think the network and all the sponsors of that event didn't have a little skip in their step today when tiger announced that the hunt on his website he plays in the major next week, yeah. now tiger has not participated because of his issues with his back but says he is now he'll think and has worked hard on his game. tiger has won the masters twice way back in 2005. 10 years since he won the masters back then. >> he's coming back. >> but you know everybody is saying, he's playing. >> they love it when tiger is there. all right. >> that's the sporting life for
10:57 pm
a friday night. have a good weekend. >> and our coverage continues on >> have a good weekend everyone and a fantastic easter. we'll see you later. >> good night. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the
11:00 pm
most important of the day. ay, finally! look who's wearing her itsy bitsy bikini. (jay chuckles) he can comment because he's gay. he was talking about lily. so was i. ay, cam, you make her look so pretty. guess who's not coming for christmas. and the spotlight shifts. mom. she cancelled. (claire) what? in a voice mail, no less. unbelievable--and by that, i mean believable. why isn't nana coming? i don't know. something about her new boyfriend whisking her away on a cruise. i just got my gift. (claire) what boyfriend? carl the cruise ship captain. it was in her holiday newsletter. oh, i can't read that whole thing. no. yeah, after two pages about the bird she rescued... and by the way i don't think you can say you rescued something if it dies. it died? she wrote a poem about it. a little too free with the free verse for my taste, but fine we'll call it a poem.


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