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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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behavior may merit the loss of their jobs. san francisco -- racist and messages that shaken the department. >> high ranking as a captain, was particularly disheartening. >> 14 officers in all were the subject of an internal investigation. suhr says eight sent messages sickening enough to warrant firing. the texts surfaced a couple weeks ago after ian furminnger texts were shared. >> there is a lot of pressure to put the circle in trust. someone at the hub of this and everyone knows that. >> in a statement, the president of the san francisco police officers association said these officers need to be afforded their due process. if these allegations are proven to be true, there is no place for this type of behavior within the san francisco police officer's association or the
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sfpd. >> we have the vet officers. we don't have officers that hold racic views. that will endanger not only themselves, but the public, and also provide training on unconscious bias. >> suhr said the department offered a racial profiling class and plans to examine personal history questionnaires for warning signs. >> you have to assume there could be more. so, we're going to look at their personal history questionnaires to see if there's some commonality occurring that we hired somebody that we should have known we shouldn't have hired. >> reporter: and hearings before the san francisco police commission could begin as soon as next week. frank and julie. >> so david, would there be a decision relatively soon on whether these officers are going to lose their jobs? >> well, in previous cases, we have seen it play out as long as a week, two weeks or so. but it's really unclear. sometimes these hearings, frank, are held behind closed
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doors. closed hearings. we are not always privy to what the decision is going on behind the doors until a result is announced a week or two later. >> outside the hall of justice in san francisco tonight, david, thank you. most people who use fast track know just how convenient it can be. but apparently that is not always the case. we met a san francisco woman who doesn't have fast track and as ktvu's john sasaki tells us, a clerical error led to thousands of fines and an impounded car. >> this is a trip to dmv that benton never imagined she would take. >> i had to transfer my car title to my friend's name because fast track and the d many, v has me in such a crazy bind. >> it started last year when the san francisco resident got a job as a stylist in marin. without fast track, she was crossing the golden gate bridge which has automated toll taking. you can pay the toll online or an invoice is sent to your address. that's where the breakdown
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happened. she moved two years earlier. >> i changed my address with the dmv and fast track numerous times and they kept sending my invoices to the wrong address. >> we have a couple issues. one is is the fact that computers are stupid things. >> benton never received the invoices. she tried to pay, but they compounded with fines. >> it appears for whatever reason, that through her work with the dmv, that that registration data base had not been updated with her new address. >> so, when i called and went in, it was already too late and it was $4,000 worth of dmv charges. >> some she cannot pay for a problem she said she did not cause. last week, her car was towed. since benton couldn't afford to clear the fines, she decided to take that different route. >> i gave my car away. i can't afford to get it registered. >> on paper only.
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together the women were able to get benton's car back, but it cost her $2200. >> this is an unusual, but not unprecedented situation. >> john goodwin says this kind of problem shouldn't be hard to resolve. >> when dealing with the fast track customer service center, that folks know they have an opportunity if they are not receiving satisfaction right away. asked to have the case escalated to the management. >> e-mail the manager back and forth a couple of times and they put another manager, they want to e-mail another manager and no one is helpful. g because managers were no help, and because this ordeal costs so much money and because it's unresolved, benton is considering filing a lawsuit. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. now to the weather and we actually have a real storm that is on the way. mark is here now and mark, we were talking just a couple minutes ago, and you think we could get some heavy rain? >> april we get potent storms
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in the bay area. that's typical for this time of year. that's nice to talk about a storm that will be productive here in the bay area and snowfall in the sierra. you can see live outside right now, looking out toward the golden gate bridge. haze out there and also some chop on the bay waters. right now, as you can't see on storm tracker 2, a few high clouds. but look at all that cloud cover here. the broken cloud cover, that's a sure sign of cold air that will be pushing into the region. the first system, it's not going to be a major one, but will produce rain showers first thing sunday morning for your easter and a stronger storm. that moves into the region as early as monday night. the main impacts will be tuesday. here's our forecast model tomorrow. completely dry. partly cloudy skies. here we go with the first round of rain showers first thing sunday morning. 9:00 a.m., we could be tracking rain fall amounts on a tenth of an inch to .2. that stronger storm will be moving into the area as we head into the tuesday forecast. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. >> mark, thank you.
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california's water policies will require a lot more consumer involvement if we're ever going to reach our short- term savings mandate of 25%. ktvu's tom vacar is live at the louisiana fayette reservoir with small and big picture considerations. tom. >> well, at least until the drought breaks and probably far, far beyond. the five big goals are going to be conserve, divert, capture, delawn, and evolve. conserving means learning to live using less water, especially outdoors. >> our earth is getting warmer. we have to change our thoughts about lawn and flowers and the use of our water. >> one easy option, use mulch on or around everything you can. >> it adds beauty to your yard and keeps weeds down, but it helps the water retention. >> divert means using gray water from your washing machine not into the sewer, but to your
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lawn and garden. a washing machine only system does not require permit and runs about $2500. sink and shower systems require permits and more money. >> it might be hard for me and most. it's not inexpensive. >> capture as much water as you can if it rains. consider installing a rain catchman system before the next rainy system. >> a friend of ours has a huge piece of property, a huge tank that catches all rainwater. uses no new water to water plants and garden. >> small systems can be installed for $1800 to $2500. bigger systems require more money. >> we'll be looking for those types of incentives. >> delawn, the state is considering financial incentives for folks to remove part or all of that you are lawns. the state considers helping people financially to take their turf out, helping them put artificial turf in. >> we must and can evolve. >> once people are learning
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that there are other options and that there are things they can do and the plants can still look good and still have a beautiful yard, they are becoming more open to that. >> it would take awhile, but i wouldn't mind it. i like the look. as a population continues to skyrocket, the california desert could become a trendy new way to live here in northern california. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it will take saving and planning. tom, thanks very much. some people have criticized governor brown's mandatory water restrictions as weak on farmers. they are exempt. but farmers say the damage is already done. has already been done after four years of drought. farmers use 80% of the state's water for crops and livestock. they say they will struggle again this year because they won't be getting any water deliveries from the federal irrigation project. as a result, farmers say they are cutting down orchards, leaving more than 400,000 acres
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unplanted and causing people to lose their jobs. >> for those folks that say agriculture hasn't been impacted, i would disagree. explain to a farmer how they will pay their bills. >> and farmers who get supplies from the state water project will receive only 20% of what they requested this year. students at san jose state gathered today to celebrate the life of the late form labor leaders, cesar chavez with a day of service. our chief photographer shows us how they honored his memory. thank you for joining us. >> you are doing a good job. >> you guys could switch off, too. >> in celebration of cesar chavez's birthday. >> close to 200 students involvedded in community service. working in the local area around san jose state. it was really important for us as we were planning the event that we focus on communities that were close to campus, that we had a close connection with that population or the organization.
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>> he helped folks get better wages, better rights for labors. >> it was far reaching. it was bringing people together. bringing people from different communities and finding a common interest in sitting down, breaking bread, and really getting to know each other and having a stronger, larger community as a result of that. >> even just like tending the garden and being able to go to the food bank and, you know, sort things and this is an impact. this will help people tomorrow. >> turned out to be this really important leader that we still recognize today. i felt like the stuff he did was for his community and i felt like he didn't exclude just that -- he didn't just go for one, he went for the whole community. >> i feel like he would be very proud. even though this might seem like a smaller scale. one person that is not hungry tomorrow is amazing. >> experts say there is a new
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surge in the whale population. why conservation efforts are the contributing factor and bay area whale watching tour guides say now is the best viewing they have seen in years. also, oakland a's fans can expect a major upgrade when they return to the coliseum this season. we'll show you the new score boards that were just unveiled today. >> and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. pretty crowded there in some of the lanes. those are the pay lanes. one reason, probably game two of the bay bridge series at at&t park. i want to show you another live look. this is the traffic conditions along interstate 8 880 in oakland. it is moving pretty nicely for this friday night.
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a lot of cheers today as the oakland police department welcomed 35 new officers today. graduation ceremony for the 171st academy was held this morning. the new officers now boost the department's numbers to 724 sworn officers. >> we have a lot of senior officers that are making their way out and working their way towards retirement. we have officers that get injured along the way and end up medical retirement. >> when i found out he was coming to the academy, the worst of the worst, but he can handle it, you know. he's done four years in the service and he went through his boot camp. so, he's going to be fine. >> the new officers will now begin their training out in the field and the department gears up for its next academy class. federal officials today asked us to alert bay area boaters to be cautious around
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whales. there's a boom in the whale population that hit the waters both inside and outside the golden gate. ktvu's john fowler reports now on this remarkable rebound, plus how you can see whales up close and personal. >> right now and easily seen from shore, spectacular evidence of nature's resilience. a new surge in the number of whales. >> you see a baby and its mom is like -- there are no words. >> we're aboard san francisco whale tours boat, just outside the golden gate. 31 year veteran of whale watching. >> we have never had a year like this. i mean, literally whales everywhere. >> getting close to our coast, gray whales are in the mid of their 10,000 annual migration. peek season is right now. >> naturalist, jason blaire, says males and single females
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swim north faster and farther offshore. >> our experience is enabled by the slow calf accompanied with its mother. this is the best time to see the great whales in california. >> texas computer engineer took his eight-year-old daughter out of school for this. >> to see the whales come right up close to us like that, to see a mother and calf, just fabulous. we're so close to that nature that is just incredible. >> a little over a decade ago, whale numbers crashed. climate change dwindled their food sources. conservation efforts are paying off and also the whales adapted. >> they are exploring different food resources. their numbers are rebounding. they are going back to normal. >> mary jane, whale expert at the marine sanctuary says if you're lucky, you might see what we did from our helicopter. bus-sized whales frolicking in group breeding. the bay area seems to foster romance. john fowler, ktvu fox 2 news.
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so graceful. >> always exciting to see a whale, especially out on a boat and what great weather today for whale watching. things are about to change. we'll go over to mark in the weather center with the latest on rain that is heading our way. >> lots of clear skies today. get ready, talking about stormy conditions over the next few days. not so much in the short-term, but in our five-day forecast, a few rain clouds. at least the forecast headlines, a much cooler headline. two systems. the first one is not a strong one at all, but that will produce a few rain showers and on tuesday, that will be the one that warrants attention with some heavier rain, possibly some thunderstorms and gusty winds. cooler with temperatures only in the mid 50s and the sierra will pick up snowfall with possibly some winter storm watches kicking in for the mountains and it's cold enough that we could have a dusting of snow here in the bay area up above 500 feet. that will be for tuesday. you can see this is the signature of cold air that speckled cloud cover in the pacific. if you want to wake up early
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tomorrow morning, you can see this. a lunar eclipse. the partial begins at 3:16. the total eclipse starts around 4:54 all the way until 5:06 a.m. it's a short window. and we'll have a few clouds until midnight, 1:00 a.m. i'm thinking the clouds will break up enough to get that neat sight of the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. partly cloudy for your saturday as an area of low pressure approaches the region just a little bit. first front moves into the area on sunday with rain showers likely for easter for the morning hours and then temperatures will really cool things off for the second half of the weekend. as this area of low pressure drops in from the north, this will increase the rain fall rates of chance of rain showers on monday, especially up in the north bay. but then on tuesday, rain fall rates do pick up and definitely some sierra snow. as far as the easter forecast, we talked about the first system moving in on sunday. we have rain showers likely, mainly for the morning hours. still a chance by 12:00, and a sun, cloud mix as we head into the afternoon hours.
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in fact, you can see the totals are not very impressive through early monday morning. look what happens into tuesday. the rain fall rates do pick up and cold air will push into the region and as a result, we'll introduce the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms as well. so could be pretty active by tuesday. here's our forecast model. just showing you this. partly cloudy skies for your saturday afternoon and then into sunday, sunday morning, here we go with that first band of scattered rain showers pushing in across the region. then not much coverage during the afternoon hours. so the afternoon, more breaks in the activity. still a chance of a shower. looks like the main action moves in just for the morning hours. here we go temperatures for tomorrow, beginning to cool thingses off. the first half of the weekend, san jose 66. half-moon bay 59. santa cruz 67 degrees. pretty active weather pattern headed our way. sunday is not going to be a big deal, but a chance of a shower on monday, but tuesday, get ready for that. and a head's up for the tuesday morning commute, it could be messy out there with heavy
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downpours and possibly some hail. we're heading back toward winter. >> how much rain do you think we could get? >> a safe bet. half an inch to an inch through tuesday. that can go up with heavier downpours. >> it's a decent storm. >> we haven't seen it in awhile. mark, thank you. today the oakland a's showed off the newest features at the oakland coliseum. one of the biggest changes is a major upgrade of the score boards. the a's replaced tiny old 23 by 31-foot score boards with ones that now measure 36 feet by 145 feet. >> our fans are amazing. they came out no matter what and they cheered and they looked at that board and they loved what they saw. the fans in right field went crazy for it. but now when you see yourself in full hd and you can see the smallest detail of a runner being tagged out at third base. you can see, you know, you're going crazy. you can recognize that it's you. fans are going be amazed. >> there are also new ribbon boards and the team showed off the new president's suite.
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a's fans will get their first chance to see the changes tomorrow when the bay bridge series moves to oakland and the a's home opener is scheduled for monday against the texas rangers. i remember going to a couple games last year and those score boards were really tiny. it's great to have those big score boards. >> very, very nice. well the giants are making some big changes today involving their management team. also, is tiger woods in or out for next week's masters? mark is coming up with sports. >> time to check in with gasia. she's in the newsroom for what we are working on for 7:00. >> coming up at 7:00, california's tough new water restrictions are putting the spotlight on the controversial practice. also, two actresses at a hollywood nightclub. how their show of affection for the megahit fox tv show, empire. working on these stories and more coming up at 7:00 on tv 36.
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well continuity is what you want on great teams and the giants have some great continuity going here. >> stable and hard to argue with anything about the way the giants do business these days. certainly in the last five to seven years. and they make sure things are stable down on the field. you ask why do they keep resigning old guys? something works and also in the
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front office, making some news today. there's a list of some of the chores they were taking care of over the last several days, i'm sure. the manager, bruce bochy, three world series titles under his belt, extended his contract through 2019. brian sabean is the executive vice president of baseball operations. he'll be moving all over the world, literally, to scout out talent as one of his jobs. bobby evans with the organization going on 22 years, promoted to general manager. >> privilege to be able to stay in an organization with such great people and i'm not sure why they chose to do this in an odd year, but i'm trusting it was well thought out. but i'm very thankful for the opportunity and appreciate their trust. >> yeah, the odd year, of course, eluding to the fact that seemed to win the world series in the even years. bobby now entrusted with breaking that so-called jinx.
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you can imagine the network has to be thrilled with the fact that yeah, tiger woods announced he will play in the master's coming up next week. he hasn't played in about two months. he's had various issues. and he has been working very hard on his game and is ready to compete. remember he would not play again until he felt he was ready to win. we'll see how that plays out. speaking of playing out, how about down to the final seconds last night, warriors working out today as they prepare to take off for dallas, but revisit it as clay thompson, harrison barns. the muscle move and the final second of the game. they wind up winning and the coach is good to get pushed every now and then. >> the buffer game was good. it was a road game and it was a good simulation for what we're going to see, and then last night, terms of having to execute the final couple of
6:27 pm
minutes. had a timeout, feel that pressure. feel the need to get a shot to go in or make a stop. yeah, can't hurt. >> all right, you realize that the warriors win the rest of their games, which i realize that push they would tie the bulls for the best second best record of all time. >> one of those seasons. phenomenal. >> thanks, mark. and thank you for joining us. see you later, everyone. >> have a great weekend. good night.
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