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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 2, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a pair of crazy crashes. one of them -- a pair of crazy crashes one of them. a totally avoidable about. >> see why the other one wasn't. >> high on the side of that building you see a child, a 6-year-old girl. what rescuers found out when they finally reached her >> i wonder if homeless people go to heaven. >> they're reading mean tweets about homeless people >> i hate when it gets cold out
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because then all of the homeless people get on the bus. how to turn your face into a bunny for easter. a bride posted pictures of her big day, but one problem >> her family not at the wedding. >> the elaborate april fool's day hoax. >> they thought i went crazy. >> i think it's fair to say we qualify as experts i'm going to put it to the test to see if you guys can spot the danger. >> the dash cam owners. this guy is not paying attention
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in the truck when the he decides this is a good time to go. >> he had the breath knocked out of him. he just had some bruises but a totally avoidable ridiculous accident. >> this one from russia. there's a car, there's a straight road. there's a blue sky. >> out of nowhere. boom. fortunately, it just basically disintegrates in front of a car. rescue workers were
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urgently called to the scene in china. you won't believe what they find when they get there. what a child, a 6-year-old girl resting on what looks like a window sill right next to an ac system. >> one of the fireman gets hooked up to a harness and picks her up and brings her back down. >> how did she get there? those were thick security bars. >> she climbed out from that window apparently, she was left alone in her home while her parents were out working. >> why you leaving me at home? >> she does look like she's sitting there in protest. hey, i need some attention. >> china authorities are trying to make a point with situations like this and asking parents to not leave their kids under 10 years old at home.
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>> this child is stuck this 18-month-old child got its head stuck in this pipe they had to cut her head out of this pipe. no word on how it got stuck there, but she's being held by her mom. those little pliers aren't getting it. look at the size of these pliers >> that has to be scary for the child. >> scary for mom too. >> the child is released from this piping in the end. better hope you ordered a double drink prior to landing here in germany. strong winds, the perfect storm basically creating this cross-wind effect. about 60-plus miles.
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the youtube channel spent 7 hours at the end of the runway. touching down and deciding not a good idea. >> took off. aborted and went back around. plane after plane after plane struggling to land on this day. >> that's when you do this to the person you're sitting next to. >> when the planes come in, you can see, it's called crabbing they try to point their nose into the wind and then straight and out and trying to touchdown without too much trauma to the passengers. >> you see the wings bouncing do you think that the people inside -- >> oh, yeah. a testament to the pilots of these planes to put them safely on the ground time and time again. >> on this day, take a train. >> you're already up in the air, you have no choice. rely on the pilot skill. >> we feel like we can get our feelings off of our chest and tweet them out or send them
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out. a lot of people not thinking about the effects that they have on other people. mean tweets about homelessness and the people reading them, the tweets that are real tweets read by homeless people. >> i hate the homeless, i don't feel sorry for me. if you want change, let me throw at you as hard as i can at your face. >> heart breaking to hear. you see the names of these homeless people and how long. >> i hate when it's cold out because then all of the homeless people get on the bus >> i wonder if homeless people go to heaven. >> i'm pretty sure they do, because jesus hung out with them. >> look at the emotions as they read these cruel words. maybe if they took care of
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themselves we would help them. >> what's the point of making them read this hurtful stuff >> this whole reason was that our conversation about homelessness needs to change. it was to raise awareness and make people aware of what is said in public about the homeless population. this tweet here and paul's response to it. >> i like when the light turns green. >> it won't make it go away? >> hopefully they saw that response. >> a reminder to lock your doors even when you're home. >> they're inside their home. you would think they would be safe. >> the spine-chilling video put out as a warning plus, an unexpected visitor
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two different surveillance videos that are going to terrify you the first one from malaysia. two people sitting on the sofa, a woman reading a book what look like a young boy sitting there with her. two different videos that will terrifying you. two people on a sofa. they're inside their home. you would think that they would be safe unfortunately, they have left
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this door opened and they're safety gate unlocked. two men armed with a ma machetes jump over their wall and into their house. there's a man also armed on the other side of the wall you see the two on the sofa, terrified. they're so scared. they force the woman to take the necklace off she's wearing and then force them into the back of the house to get any valuables that might be back there. that's when the third armed robber comes in and goes through all of the drawers in the living room area. >> that's awful. >> officials in malaysia saying it is scary. it's put out as a warning for people, if you're inside, lock your doors this from rio in brazil.
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this man walking to the car minding his own business is faced with these two evil, awful guys they are going to try to rob him watch happens. >> he does, because he is an off-duty police officer he shot and killed one of the guys attempting to rob him the police came and arrested the other guy. he touches his head because a bullet grazed his head. he has a minor injury. >> it was like his instinct kicked in. >> i think the hair on his neck was already up when he saw them coming down the street, because he had that weapon
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>> one of the great things about camping is telling scary stories. when you get in the tent, you wonder what is making a sound outside. >> the cougar national park. this came creeping into the tent. that's a monitor lizard. >> that's a dinosaur walking towards you. >> there are people inside the tent and they don't know what's coming oh, you missed the shot. that's why you zip your tent. rescuing this bee swarm what are we doing today, george? >> we're going to rescue this bee swarm on this hedge. >> a monitor lizard into your tent might scare you, so would
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a swarm of bees in your arm. this has been in his yard for about 4 or 5 hours, so he called his friend. he's a film maker and a beekeeper because it's a swarm, they're full, that's why nobody's been stung. to get them down, he clips a few branches took him about 10 minutes but wow. with easter coming up this weekend, there are bunnies everywhere. this is a cool bunny. what's happening? >> i'm trying to figure it out. is it someone's face? >> the person's face, that's their nose and their cheeks and
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their mouth. >> is it? or is it like a belly? >> >> it is weird when the artist from london opens her eyes and shows us exactly where on her face she painted the bunny they're right under her own. >> did she paint this herself on her own face? or did she have an artist come in >> no, she is the artist, she did it herself. it shows what she looks like without makeup and the picture of the bunny she painted on her own face. >> yeah. >> the ear. sucks you in. >> it's so cool i love it.
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i think it's one clever woman. he turned a white winter into a rainbow of color a ski video like you've never seen before. >> it looks like the skis are shooting flames >> these employees are testing out a recipe. see how this prank gets their mouth fired up. >> that's going to burn on the other side.
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all hot. they put a camera in the fridge where they kept the milk. and this when milk starts to pour out of their mouths because they can't control the heat. the guy in the blue sweatshirt, he can't get the milk in fast enough. >> he doesn't like hot stuff. >> that's going to burn on the other end. >> what a great promotion for their chili cook-off. >> it's a promotion for the lancing bw chili cook-off. it happens on june 5th we need to book our tickets >> i want to be a judge. i can take the heat. pecting that kind of heat. >> as you can see from their reaction, they were not expecting that kind of heat.
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>> winter is kind of known to be a bit gray, colorless like you see this this snowy video. a four-time alpine skiing champion, getting ready to make a run. you never see a video like this. check it out. >> coming from the gate. >> each one of them packed with different colors. exploding each one as he plows through the gate, the winter coming alive in a rainbow of color. >> looks like the skis are shooting flames >> isn't it fun to watch? >> suddenly, there's a plume of color. >> big smile not everyone can do this color run. >> neat too to look back up the mountain and see what you
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created >> they made sure they did this in the most environmentally responsible way. this guy, if you're going big, commit. on a snow mobile, the throttle is down. up, up, up. starts to nose dive. >> he landed it. he didn't stay on. >> picture-perfect wedding only missing one thing >> the family not at the wedding they see the photos and freak out.
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macgyver, everything's going to be a-okay. >> there you go. >> these gorgeous photos from a wedding in franklin, tennessee, taken by these gorgeous photos, thank you for joining us for the wedding, we hope you enjoy the ceremony here's the gorgeous bride herself, they're just spectacular photos she's a fashion and jewelry designer there's one big problem here, her family not at the wedding. >> wow. >> we're talking mom, dad, the family, the people who matter, right? the people who want to see
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their daughter get married. they're seeing the photos fly by. they don't know what the heck happened, how this is possible. >> what are you up to? what day was yesterday? ahh. >> then there's this photo. i love this. here's a photo of the entire group april fool's jumping in the air. we got how the family reacted, how it went over. we have kathrine, from nashville, tennessee, welcome to the show. okay, so you're family seeing the photos, they don't get that this is a prank at all. what do they say? >> they were horribly devastated. rightly so. they had no idea what was going on. i just announced a relationship with this guy like a week
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before although we were friends and they bought it. they thought i went off of the deep end, i just got married and it was crazy. >> how did they miss the picture at the end that said april fool's that was not included until this morning. >> was there ever a moment as you were doing it that even as the first reactions came in that you had that post-prank regret. >> i felt a little bad when i realized how hard my mom took it. i would do it all over again, i would just not let them believe it as long. >> you're not married to alex heart. >> we're just friends. >> seemed like an intimate kiss you shared. >> the pastor made us do it to make it look real. >> i want to go to that church. is
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minute." we'll see you next time.
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