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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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highway. what's behind his mysterious message. >> [ bleep ]. >> what? >> an elephant terrorizes some tourists and he is -- >> not done with his game of intimidation. the moment he's fed up with the safari. dare devils rappel down the rocks and ski between them. >> no room for error. >> what it's like doing 80 down one wicked run. what's it like to be a woman
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in a wheel chair. >> i'm not going to lie. >> the funny lady who is answering questions and confessing all. there was a woman one time at a bruce springsteen concert really getting on my nerves. did i kind of ram into her ankles a little bit? it's always good to keep your camera close by because you don't know what you're go toll catch. what you're going to see. in this case on the roadway, a guy with his wife returning from whole foods when they saw this guy just riding done the highway. >> this happens more often than we think. i'd think we would see a video like this one in a blew moon but it's once a week. >> everybody has a camera, so everybody's recording these moments. >> get it the poster caught two videos. >> i didn't put the [ bleep ]. >> what? >> play it again. >> do it again. >> i didn't put the --
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>> i didn't put the sugar in the tank. >> i really want to know what's going on. >> we know what's going on. he didn't put the sugar in the tank. >> i didn't put the sugar in the tank. i didn't there we have another video, a dash cam. because you have a forest doesn't mean you can drive it well. >> oh! >> oh i feel sorry for car. >> he takes off, loses control, starts fish tailing, tries to get it back together and ends up over thatly little medium. >> that car shouldn't be treated like that. wow. >> road was wet. and the driver probably at least 12. >> at least 16. >> you know when you go on a safari you want to have animal encounters that are cute and cuddly but that doesn't always
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happen especially when you have a herd of elephants. sounds you're hearing are from humans. humans are on a safari they're in a tr prefight dance. come on bro. >> things are going to get more dicey because the elephant not done with its game of intimidation. >> hey, hey, hey. >> hey, hey, hey. >> whoa! >> it was amazing, huh? that's good stuff. >> in this juken video, we have an animal that does want a close-up. >> it's an owl. >> a woman opened her door and that was standing outside. >> an owl? >> that is an owl. >> i can't believe it. >> they're trying to figure out if it's seeing their reflection or seeing them. >> you think he's looking at himself. >> are you looking at yourself
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or are you looking at us? >> that is the cutest little owl in the history of owls just hanging out on the front porch. i feel like they should offer him a cup of tea. >> what would your react be if you opened the front door. >> i'd go who's there. >> i never have been this close up. >> i haven't either. the right way and the wrong way let's start with the right way to ski. these guys rapelling down into this very narrow 1900 feet. they slide themselves in there, completely stoked to do this. no room for error here. none. near chirac wall. either side of these guys. you can only shave off so much speed as you tact down the mountain. >> you can only see so far because you're going down cloud cover. >> 45 to 50-degree angle. spectacular skiing done here.
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what's the wrong way, nick? >> this guy. tentative on his skis. one on his sled behind him. hey there. >> it's like he was ready to go to the north pole he had the same thing, he's like totally ready and he doesn't get 12 feet before he eats it. >> poor guy. >> waving bying i'm off on my adventure. >> worst part is it was caught on video. >> the best part for us. >> i got that one on camera. >> i finally ate it in the end. i'm all for carpooling it's great, saves the environment. but this video, which has over 1.5 million views in few days from florida is taking it to levels which are, let's be honest illegal. it's video shot from inside a pizza joint. you can see there's a white car and a whole group of people.
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this guy counts them gets up to ten. >> the reason the lady behind the camera is capturing this when they turned up she noticed ten people get out, four of them getting out of the trunk. >> which means they're getting back in the trunk. >> really putting all of them in the trunk so everybody can fit in the car. >> throw the kids in the car? >> kids getting into the trunk. one gets in there, getting over the left-hand side and another one starts getting in here. looking to see if anybody recording them. yeah we recording you all. >> this is when the guy wearing the number 2 shirt is actually caught these people videoing and starts holding his hands up. yes, many people noticed. this video made uploaded to facebook. many many more people noticed. the poster of video, you can see one of the first comments like the guy came in and the larger woman also came in tried to start a problem and the manager of the restaurant had to get them to leave. we spoke with john harrell from the florida department of children and families and what
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he was saying is this is really dangerous. and the thing is when you're seeing something like this happen if you're getting it on video, report this because what he found strange is that 1.5 million people saw it before it got around to them. a formal investigation has been launched by this video. dude takes his chair on a cross-country trip. >> this is not an easy task. >> right. >> why the commitment is well worth it. and firefighters brave the flames. >> but as the firefighters get ready to start putting this fire out -- >> the moment they know it's time to back off. ♪ [ [upupbebeatat m mususicic] ] ♪ dedefifianancece i is s inin o ourur b bononeses. dedefifianancece n neveverer g grorows old. cicitrtracacalal m maxaximimumum.. eaeasisilyly a absbsororbebed d cacalclcium plus d. now in a new look.
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honestly sometimes the only thing preventing us from getting up crossing the country, seeing the world we can't be bothered to get up off the couch. this guy has taken that idea and crossed the country because this guy came out of 008 k, heading from ontario, west canada one man, one chair, one video camera. this -- ♪ >> this is not an easy task. >> right. >> every shot he has to carry a chair into. this is like moving furniture into every place you want to get a cool shot. >> an easy chair not easy to get out of the back of the truck.
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>> i imagine him hanging out, not doing this for one second shot. how awesome to be by this creek and be comfortable. instead of having to sit on a rock. commitment of this guy. >> that's the thing that really becomes clear. he picks up friends now and again. you see him seeing giant things giant dinosaurs, coke cans geese, a pooh bear he crosses saskatchewan british, columbia clean the chair because it's picking up road dirt. he's pulling it in. >> i love it that it's a rocking chair, too. it makes every place he's sitting seems homey. >> normally in a place like this you got maybe a camp chair, if you're lucky. but here oh yeah i could just imagine this right now. >> cool part of it is at the end when you see him, he sits down destination, and quickly, throws it into reverse and see the entire journey in just a few
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seconds. firefighters in china blasting towards this fire. brave souls. whoa not so brave. back pedal a bit. firefighter laid out a hose and retreated a bit because of two minor pops there. but as the firefighters get ready to start putting this fire out, all right, get closer, guys. there's another pop. one of them ran away. >> yep, one's like i'm out. i'm out. three small pops usually followed by a big pop. okay. you know what? let's back off a little bit. the last boom though you can see even what appears to be like the captain or the official. that last one goes off, he's like hey, okay.
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>> all right. maybe you guys are right. that's one car fire. this, a garage full of 30 cars on fire. >> this is terrible. >> stockholm sweden massive fire fueled by lots of rubber gasoline and other toxins inside this garage. >> you can't fight this. you've got to let it burn until there's only ashes left and then everybody cries. >> thank you, firefighter vera. you know in a way you're right because that's a tactic of firefighters let the fuel burn out. you don't see a lot of firefighters actively fighting it it's too dangerous. tires often make screeching sounds. this time they're making quite lovely music. >> music? ♪
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>> wow. >> i -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i love the creativity of some people. incredible the talent to think of at different sounds and somehow know how to put it together. >> to find music in a tire, in this october. ♪ >> this is the musician, and he's using tires, intertubes, wheels. to make all of these sounds and music. he's sponsored, so there are a lot of people supporting him in his creation of these crazy music because he uses a lot of different elements. >> nice. >> this video happens to be sponsored by a tire company in denmark. they did make a tv spot out of this video which is obviously doing really well. >> good for him. i love it! ♪
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♪ water hoover board, basketball trick shots. >> legendary status achieved. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- team devin supertramp takes a camera to the holy land. >> and the foot amountage that he captured beautiful. >> why the gorgeous video is part of a bigger story. plus -- >> bad dog. >> see how some dudesious a dog and power of suggestion to pull a prank on the beach. >> no way. >> saw your leg. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-free money from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe e momoney to pay off your
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a prank on the beach you know you're in trouble. >> my god, bad dog. >> it's simple but the power of suggestion. >> exactly. a simple prank they fine people sunbathing face down not concentrating, come up give them a quick spray with the water gotle and suddenly. >> my dog peeed all overyou. i'm sorry, i think he has a bladder problem. >> no way. >> saw your leg, he's urinating. did you see that? >> everybody seems to be okay with. once the prank's revealed everybody's pretty chill except of course this guy. he peed on you. >> your doggy? why you doing that. >> initially irritated, he's on the phone, you can tell by his blurred face it's going to get more. he comes up and starting having a go at this guys. >> why are you doing this?
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>> he might not have got it, but everybody else did. >> i'm alexandra, i desperately need a us in office chair. it's surprisingly hard to find. >> i will find you an office chair! >> wow. >> she is cute. >> she is the fashion news editor for this video on vogue's youtube channel, looking for the perfect office chair because she wants something that promotes good posture. >> please tell me she found it because i want to know. >> this video's all about her search. she's so adorable. trying out every chair. it's like goldly locks this is too big, this is too small. >> perfect chair, the red one. >> i don't think you'd get any work done. >> i feel like i could sleep like this. >> look at options from things that look like lounge chairs to stools. >> why is it so hard to find a claire? >> but does she find the perfect desk chair? >> tell us troutman.
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>> the human scale baller chair and i'm so happy i did because my posture's like 1,000 times better and i'm way more comfortable all day. >> looks like a giant dumbbell with padded ends. >> yes. >> supposed to mimic the fitness ball that is recommended you sit on because it helps with balance, posture, because it's always in motion and so it senses your core. >> i found my chair. we're happy together. >> get one for the price of $300 to $400. >> i'll get the ball. >> typically, devin supertramp videos are fun. this is very beautiful. devin supertramp went to the holy land to do some filming for a project called the livingstones another man is writing that about christians living in the middle east. but devin had his cameras along and the footage that he captured absolutely beautiful. he went to jordan mount of the
9:22 am
beatitudes jerusalem, images from the whaling wall and the church of the holy spec ul ker. >> so many places have rich history, connected to so many different faiths. >> that's kind of where the living stones project comes in to play. the guy writing that and creating that documentary heard somebody say once, are you here to see the stones or the stones between the stones the living stones people who live here? do you want to learn their story. >> that should be an interesting documentary. this time of the year is when you want to release this because a lot of christians make pilgrim pilgrimages to the holy land. >> what a privilege to shoot these different spots. >> check out the behind the scenes footage, just getting to petra and jordan not easy. had to ride animals interesting what they went to. at one point in israel they started to smell something and
9:23 am
the guy's like it's burning my nose. the guy's like that's tear gas, it's about a mile away. wow. >> beautiful images he was able to capture. >> talking about life as a woman in a wheelchair. >> yes, it is offensive when people stare. >> see how she's answering questions and telling it like it is. >> don't touch my mellow, traininger. >> a great point. ining g readady was now teeth whiteng is! with tithb plplusus w whihiteteniningng p penen. jujustst b brurushsh whwhititenen, and go! itits s ststayay-o-on n foformrmululaa deeply whitens for whiter teeth in 2 days. opoptitic c whwhititee totootothbhbrush plus whitening pen. brbrusush,h, w whihiteten,n, g go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hehersrshehey'y's spreads. brbrining g ththe e dedeliliciciouous s tatastste of hershey's chocolate toto a anynyththining g -- evevererytythihingng.. wiwithth h herershsheyey''s s spsprereadads,s, ththe e popossssibibililititieies s arare e dedelilicious. ohoh, , i i loloveve g gamame night. ooh, it's a house and a car! soso f farar, , yoyou'u'rere h hororririblblee at this, flo. yeyeahah, , nono t talalenentt fofor r drawing, flo.
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ting with the bathroom. >> bathroom floor, very clean.
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>> therapy just ain't into it. ♪ >> the folks at buzzfeed ask their many fans to send in questions they would like to ask a woman in a wheelchair and they got hundreds. and then they made this video. >> i'm an actress, i'm a writer i'm an improviser. i speak only on behalf of me today. >> santina decided to answer 8 of the hundreds of questions that came in from buzzfeed fans. does it feel like people are going out of their way to be nice? sometimes it does. i'm from new jersey. i have a [ bleep ] meter. does it bug you when people ask if you need help with anything? >> i wonder you open a door for a woman. i feel like maybe i should help. >> it bugs me when i say no
9:27 am
thank you and they keep asking me like i can't handle it or i couldn't understand the question or possibly couldn't do it myself. if you want to be a nice person like i'm not here to discourage anybody from being a nice person. >> here's another great question that i think people probably have. >> i get upset when it's the first question people ask me because i don't know that's kind of personal. my story's a little tragic. i'm out at a bar or shopping and i'm like having a feel-good day, don't push my mellow stranger. >> there's more to her than the wheelchair. get to know her first, maybe go there. >> how awesome is she? she ends the video with great advice for other women who might be in wheelchairs. >> if you're a young girl in a wheelchair i want you to know you can have dreams and you can follow those dreams and you may need to make adjustments to
9:28 am
those dreams but don't assume you can't do it. you just might have to do it a different way. >> that's if for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more.
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give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people just by the way this dude's creeping around -- >> you know he's up to no good. >> see how a shop owner and his posse put an intruder in his place.
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it's cart racing done by professionals. >> watch what happens here. >> why the pros can make a rookie mistake. >> a dude take as wild deer to the zoo but -- >> they gave the deer back to the guy. >> the story behind his backyard buddy. plus -- construction site job goes south. >> uh-oh! >> and an airman's coming home. >> and -- >> see


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