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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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one of the strangest stories and it keeps getting stranger. >> reporter: the home on the 500 block of kirkland where the kidnapping happened has something in common with police headquarters, no one is talking at either place. he lives across the street and says e-mails sent,have him concerned. >> -- sent, have him concerned. >> we are worried. >> reporter: what come to light is e-mails from someone claiming to be denise huskins' kidnappers. he says he wants to clear denise huskins' name. >> like a bad thing. why would they want to do something like that? kidnapping is not a joke. it is a serious matter. if they are playing like it is a kidnap, they are wrung for that. >> reporter: -- wrong for that. >> they are demanding policepologize to denise
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huskins for say -- apologize to denise huskins for saying it was a hoax. this started march 23 when denise huskins' boyfriend called police that she was kidnapped. two days later she showed up unharmed. >> why would they put them out? >> reporter: they have secured attorneys. residents don't know what to believe. >> we want to know who are the criminals. that is it. we want to see the end of the story. >> reporter: police are staying quiet all day long and we have been hearing some officers are laughing about the claims, whatever happened here, this case is now an fbi cyberinvestigation. knack to you. >> thank you. -- >> thank you. the governor of indiana wants to fix the religious freedom act to clarify it
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doesn't allow businesses to discriminate. and there was no greater criticism than a headline today, it said fix this now. in white letters. they said indiana's reputation is now at stake. the back lash is growing as indianapolis will be hosting the ncaa final four. what lawmakers in indiana are likely to do about the controversial law. >> a firestorm of attention focused on indiana, as law makers are forced to defend a new religious freedom law. critics are worries it legalizes discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community but the governor said the law has been mischaracterized.
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>> it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear the law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone. >> full repeal is unlikely. >> they may not have a plan, we do. we have the language to repeal the bill and we have language which would bolster our civil rights civil rights act to cover all individuals in the state of indiana. the wave of negative attention comes as it prepares to host the ncaa final four tournament this week. several other states are banning official travel to indiana. just last night local leaders in marion county and indianapolis passed a resolution opposing the legislation 24-4. several say they are worried about the state's bottom line. >> we feel it is our job to make sure we are fighting back and to let the world know indianapolis is a welcoming place. >> reporter: similar religious freedom laws is in effect in 19
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other states and it may spread to arkansas which is expected to pass similar legislation this week. in chicago, fox news. san francisco mayor ed lee says it is not surprising indiana is moving to amend the religious freedom act. >> of course they are back tracking. this is on the basic thing, not only unreal but unfair. >> mayor ed lee ordered a ban on employees traveling to indiana on city business using taxpayer money unless it was for disaster relief. and this afternoon oakland mayor added herstories the opposition -- herstories the op- - voice to the opization. not to -- opposition. she said the ban would stay in place as long as law is in effect. . a tougher penalty proposed
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against pga for the san bruno pipeline explosion. the blast killed 8 people and devastated the neighborhood. the president of the c.p.u.c. proposed a fine against the utility. the mayor says they want more over sight. >> we are insisting on a independent monitor to over see the utilities and the c.p.u.c. >> pg&e doesn't think is necessary. they will take up the issue april 9. san francisco police are investigating a collision involving a police officer and another driver who may have run a red light. the two cars slammed into each other on 8th and harrison before noon today. the officer was taken to the hospital. officials say he was not seriously injured. the other driver was also okay. witnesses say it was that driver who ran the red light. investigators are trying to verify that and determine who
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had the right of way. new information about a deadly accident. police say a woman was hit and killed by a car while out for a jog. ktvu's ken wayne is in the news room with more details on the victim. ken? >> reporter: the jogger was crossing the street when she was hit by silver dodge. she was identified this afternoon as a 23-year-old. she had gone out for a jog around 6:00 a.m. speed does not appear to be a factor. neighbors say they are angry because there is no stop sign at the intersection and it is the same spot where a 9-year- old boy was killed by car 5 years ago. >> if there was a stom in the corner -- stop in the corner that would help for others. for future. >> reporter: the driver of the car did stop immediately after the collision and was
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cooperating with officers. friends tell us she worked at the a nearby clinic and studying to buy a hours. >> thank a house. >> thank you. in southern california, a wildfire is threatening homes and evacuations are underway. the fire is burning in the area of mohave narrows regional park. the flames burned 60 acres. there are no reports of injuries or damage. the video shows the fire burning right up to several buildings. firefighters are also expecting the wind to pick up tonight which will make it more difficult to put out the fire. community members in san francisco tonight are discussing a proposal to move the site of the alcatraz ferry. the national park service is considering a move to fort macefen it can't reach the deal
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with the port of san francisco for a 50 year lease. people are concerned about the potential prevent impact. -- potential impact. >> to come up with a plan that says we will build the housing, put them into housing. get them off the streets and then everybody wins. in the current situation everybody is losing out. >> advocates say the situation is worse since the city dishandled the jungle. -- dismantled the jungle. tonight is the last night winter shelters are open. >> they need to give us housing. you know? because what are we going going to do when we get kicked out? . >> the mayor is looking for locations where houses could be built but there are building codes. the mayor wants them built this year. it appears a child custody
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battle may have been at the heart of a shooting that left both parents dead. he shot the woman. employees were running out of the building. inside they found the body. the suspect shot and killed himself. the woman who was killed had 7 children. 5 of them with the suspect. an out of control truck plows through a wall and into a bedroom. >> threw me across the room. >> hear what the boy had to say about the crash and how he escaped with minor injuries. >> tracking breezy conditions in the bay area. the neighborhoods that could expect the winds to continue and when temperatures will rise back into the mid-70s. >> coming up, an er with unusual patients, how bruceing up your yards is putting baby
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animals -- sprucing up your yards is putting baby animals like these at risk.
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big rig accident on interstate 680 blocked the north bound side for 45 minutes today. it happened uth of highway 4 when -- south of highway 4. officers say 5 or 6 vehicles were involved here. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are investigating a deadly home invasion robbery at 9:30 p.m. last night on sutter avenue. investigators say a 62-year-old man was fatally shot. no one has been arrested. police believe multiple people were involved. east bay mud received hundreds of complaints that
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water smelled or tasted bad and while they say water is safe to drink, they admit it may taste different. cara liu shows us it is because of a change blamed on the drought. >> reporter: the tap water was off when she returned home after the weekend. >> looks yellow and coppery. >> reporter: she tasted it while we were there. >> kind of like a penny. it definitely has -- doesn't taste like it normally does. >> reporter: drinking tap water at another home. >> it was gross. i couldn't drink it. it tasted bad. it was, like, a really change taste. >> reporter: they say it is not their imagination. 1million of their 1.3 million customers from berkeley and
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oakland to san ramon may be getting water that tastes or smells peculiar. >> all water is safe to drink. meets all state and federal guidelines. >> the reason for the issues, last week they started pulling water from closer to the surface of the reservoir. >> we like it pull from deeper in the reservoir where it is colder and the water is of higher quality. right now what we did this week was pull water from higher in the reservoir and at that point it is warmer. there is more sun light and more algae. >> reporter: she says even though the algae gets filtered out before it reaches home they leave behind taste and odor compounds. >> there was this effect and it was more widespread than expected. we found a short term solution but if the numbers continue dwindling, this situation might reoccur.
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>> reporter: they were trying to preserve cold water for later in the season when it is required to release it. >> that was cara liu reporting. they say theoder and taste may linger -- the odor and taste may linger till the end of the week. amazon moved the testing of its drone delivery system to canada. they are frustrated with the slow approval process by the u.s. and they put together a team of experts that include a former nasa astronaut to conduct flights in canada with the blessing of the government. they had been limited to indoor testing in washington state. we found something unusual on google maps. so many people go to for driving records. i pulled up our ktvu studios in oakland and if you look at this
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square over here. you tap it. and you turn on the audio. you can hear a sound you haven't heard in years. hear that? recognize it. >> pack man. >> pack man. you turn on the audio and you can turn you map into a game of pac man. i am going to use up and down arrows. 20 years since i played. >> you got it. >> 20 years. been a while. the fun is, you can take whatever map you create, you can play this as long as you want. they made the audio turn off and turn on. if yao that office -- you are at the office, you have to activate the audio. not the first time they have done something like this. this year it is pac man. last year it created the pokemon challenge. with google maps. in 2012 you could give it a
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classic video game look. google has a lot of these hidden fun features. we created a list, you find them on our ktvu facebook page. looks like a lot of fun. good memories. all right. outside our doors this afternoon, cool and breezy for many. giving you a look at -- well, the headlands. you can see from the water there, very choppy and the wind is blowing. we have systems that are rolling through, washington, oregon, not bringing us rain but green on the screen to the north. for us, clear skies. but it is the wind and the cool conditions that we are experiencing here and this will stick around for wednesday as well. some of the winds. santa rosa, 31 miles per hour.
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napa 28. fairfield 20. concord 25. again, very breezy out there. oakland 21. the winds died down earlier today but had picked back up. livermore 13 miles per hour. sfo 39. and the south bay, 22 miles per hour around the airport. these will continue around the evening hours. what to expect through the evening hours. clear skies. tonight into tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning will be a chillier start. as we start the day another front beginning to move in to the northwest corner of california, oregon. this will reinforce the breezy weather, the cool conditions. again the first day of april will be like the last day of march. over night lows chilly in some areas. cooler than this morning. cool and breezy tomorrow. and a change coming into the weekend. with a chance for rain come easter sunday. temperatures right now, 69 degrees walnut creek.
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62 novato. low 60s sfo. 66 mountain view. 66 san jose. livermore 71. and napa 70. 74 in fairfield. temperatures not too bad. again, if it is breezy it could feel cool. 48 oakland tomorrow. low 40s santa rosa. 43 redwood city and san jose 44. afternoon highs tomorrow, like today, upper 60s to near 70 degrees over the north bay. east bay, 67 hayward. 70 danville. santa clara valley, upper 60s. 69 san jose. 71 los gatos. peninsula tomorrow, temperatures around 69 redwood city. 69 san francisco. low 60ss for pacifica, half moon day. we get past this cool weather on wednesday. thursday and friday a bump in temperatures. cooling down for the weekend and a chance for rain for
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sunday. >> thank you. a spring tradition that is tough on wildlife, especially the babies, why they are showing up at a local wildlife hospital and how the hospital says you can help. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> new developments in the killing of a mother who was trying trying to protect her children from gunfire. a 4th suspect appeared in court. what prosecutors say he is accused of. a truck crashes into the bedroom of a home where an 11- year-old boy was sleeping. hear what happened in the boy's own words. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
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two european periodcolorize reporting video of the final momes of the germanwings plane that crashed into the french alps. they say cries of my god, are heard in several languages. it was taken from the back of the plane. investigators say the reports of that video are wrong. also today the airline admitted it knew that andreas lubitz suffered a sear i had episode of depression in 2009 in flight school and that is raising questions about why he was allowed to become a pilot. kentucky is planning a argument for its law banning
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same-sex marriage. a brief filed says the law is not discriminatory because gay and straight people are barred from marrying people of the same gender and therefore the ban should be up held. kentucky and three states will argue their cases on april 28. an attorney for six gay couples is calling that absurd. one group is urging you to put off trimming till the fall. >> this is the beginning of baby season. we treat 200 skirls a year. >> reporter: -- squirrels a year. >> they have been getting care because the tree they called home was cut down. they get patients, birds, squirrels and other wildlife every day because they lost their homes and their parents' care after their nests were cut
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from tree branches. >> cutest, ugliest babies. >> reporter: the group is asking everyone to hold off on unnecessary tree trimming till the fall. >> put things off into later on in the year when it is safer. this sometime crucial for the birds. we try not to do certain things this time of the year. >> reporter: if you see an animal hurt, don't try to take care of it yourself. >> do not feed any food or liquids to any animal that you find. it is important that we keep them healthy and safe and sometimes the wrong food can kill. >> waiting to trim your trees protects the animals and birds and it is better for the trees. because autumn is when they enter their dormant phase. coming up, a boy taking money out of his piggy bank to help a local store stay in business. >> reporter: when you found out
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the store was going a close, how did you feel about it? >> sad. >> he did it without telling his parents. ahead, how his donation was just the beginning. >> san francisco takes opchange to tour bus operation -- up a change to tour bus operations. >> and support for ellen pao after she lost her gender discrimination case. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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tighter rules for those tour buses that show so many visitors around the city. leaders are proposing a new ordinance so they can't narrate their own tours. the goal is to make the streets safer. ktvu's david stevenson reports, some companies say their bottom line will take a real hit here. >> reporter: the legislation comes the city of san francisco is highlighting april as national disracketted driving month. -- descanted driving months. -- distracted driving month. >> reporter: it is the best way to see san francisco according to many tourists. >> fun music. kept us laughing the whole way.
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>> reporter: they rely on funny guides to keep passengers entertained. >> let's goof around. >> reporter: now san francisco is looking to muzzle some drivers to keep their attention on the road. >> if you are the operator and you are multi tasking you would be distracted. >> reporter: they took up a proposed ordinance to ban bus drivers from narrating. it is part of the zero vision plan that aims for zero traffic fatalities. last year 18 pedestrians were killed by motorists. including a woman luck and killed by tour bus -- struck and killed by a tour bus. >> we think it is important they commit to hiring two staff members. one to narrate and one to drive. >> reporter: some already have two staffers aboard. others say it is not necessary. >> the first priority for
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anyone is the safety of my guests and the people around me. >> reporter: he plans to fight the proposed ordinance he says would put him out of business. >> hiring another person wouldn't make financial sense in my situation. >> reporter: supervisors expect to vote a week from today and if it is passed here, their hope is to take it statewide. >> i am sure a lot of the guides will say it is not that i am having a conversation with my riders, they have their pattern memorized. right? >> reporter: they do tell me that. they can look ahead, talk about the sights they are passing and not be distracted. they admit it is tricky. their first priority is keeping passengers and keep on the streets safe but they believe they can still do that and keep up a conversation with
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passengers. >> thank you. the sheriff's department say deputies arrested a man on drug operation during a sing operation. he was arrested in roseville on friday on suspicion of selling drugs. his arrest came after a decoy asked him to buy a six pack of beer. he said no, but instead police say he offered to sell them illegal drugs. this is a picture. they had a large amount of mushrooms, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana and scales and $1,500 in cash. ellen pao lost thergender discrimination case -- her gender discrimination case but won support of others. this is an add taken out and reads, thanks, ellen. they didn't know ellen pao
5:32 pm
personally but her story ezuginates with them -- resinates with them. not often 5-year-old can start a movement but that is what a boy did after he used his money to help keep his favorite toy store from closing. ktvu's rob roth shows us how his donation launched a fundraising campaign. >> reporter: at the golden apple learning center there was one last story time today for some of the store's best customers. >> she might do some day. for 36 years they specialized in educational toys and games. when news spread the store was going out of business, the biggest fans took it hard. >> sad. >> he is a little man of few words but he did take action. without telling his parents he reached into his bank. >> i got some money and put it
5:33 pm
in my pocket and my mom drove us here. >> reporter: he handed the change to the owner. it totaled 95 cents. >> overwhelming feeling to have him say i want you to have this. >> reporter: the owner launched a campaign to raise $63,000 to reopen downtown where rents are less expensive. he pulled in $9,000. much from parents. >> hard to find quality toys. especially for a younger age group. >> reporter: he doesn't feel he has done anything special but his parents are proud. >> nice to know that i have a child that is thoughtful and, you know, thinks outside of the box. >> the store realizes the efforts may not work out but then again -- >> it will work. >> the deadline is april 15. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
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200 acres of undeveloped lands. a look at the plan and why neighbors are divided on the issue. >> and new research, why researchers say there are a number of rare paralysis cases in children that could be linked to a respiratory infection and the firefighter who was injured after this terrible fall over the weekend.
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respiratory infection an over turned truck is blocking mission boulevard right now. the truck tipped over when the driver tried to turn on to stevens boulevard at 10:30 a.m. this morning. a contractor has been cleaning up fluids and caltrans crews have been cleaning up scrap metal. the road will be back open by 7:00 p.m. tonight. the driver suffered minor injuries. firefighter who suffered very serious burns fighting a house fire on sunday is showing slight improvement in the hospital. the fire department released this video which shows the exact moment, watch this, where the firefighter fell through the roof of a burning home. he suffered burns over 75% of his body. the chief of the fire department says he is still in critical condition. but he recognized family
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members this morning and is responsive. he will undergo his first of many planned surgeries tomorrow. san francisco police announced the arrest of two men in the killing of two teens. the victims were gunned down while they sat in the playground near the crocker amazon park. they arrested them last thursday. they are 21 years old. police haven't released details on the motive. president obama is at odds with republicans in congress over unions. the president vetoed a resolution, called a memorandum of disapproval. it would have blocked new federal regguleses that would have -- regulations that would have made it easier for unions to organize. >> one of the freedoms in the united states is that if they choose it join a union they should be able to do so. we shouldn't be making it impossible for that to happen.
5:39 pm
>> even though republicans control both houses of congress it does not appear they have enough votes to over turn the veto. a research team linked a respiratory infection to cases of paralysis. hundreds of children across the u.s. became ill last fall, many in california, and colorado. in a handful of cases some children experienced paralysis. in those cases they discovered a new strain. doctors say this study was a small one and that further research is needed. big plans for one of the last large pieces of undeveloped land in oakland. a look that proposal and why they are not planning on restoring the old officer's club. >> dangerous consequences of new speed limits. why big rigs are going faster than their tires can handle. >> a cool breezy day, how long
5:40 pm
before warm weather will return and tracking the possible of rain for your weekend. i will detail that coming up.
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new at 5:00 p.m. one of the last big pieces of undeveloped land in the bay area. the hospital site off 580.
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tonight neighbors are meeting to discuss the developers plans which will change the way things are now. >> reporter: since the old naval hospital was imploded it has been quiet on this 187 ache site. it is one of the last big undeveloped pieces of land in the near east bay. the developer calls it spectacular and unuttized. >> our -- under utilized. >> reporter: they bought the land in 2005 for $100 million. their bankruptcy froze plans for development and then they bought the site for $76 million. now the development is back on. with plans for a 935 homes, and apartments. along with a village and parks, trails and open space. >> would be nice to have a
5:44 pm
park. >> reporter: she grew up in the neighborhood and is now raising her family here. >> since the naval base closed it has been like this desolate space. >> she welcomes the development. we gave her a look at the plans. >> it looks dense, however, i think that the fact the retail is accessible from mountain boulevard, that is a plus. >> reporter: some neighbors fear mountain boulevard is going to be a mess. >> in the mornings it is bad already. >> reporter: he moved here 40 years ago. >> i can't see how it would be positive. >> reporter: he has concerns about increased traffic and he is upset over the plans not to save the club. a mission style building that served as an officer's club. >> dollar was a -- there was a
5:45 pm
time when it was spectacular inside. i remember the pieces and all the trim and the hard wood floors. >> reporter: when they took us inside -- >> this was a full blown kitchen at one point in time. >> graffiti, drug use and other illegal activity. restoring it would be too expensive. almost $15 million. >> reporter: if you decided to keep it, would residents be forced to give up something else -- >> yeah. that is fair. every development is a trade off. >> they are holding community meetings on the development and neighborhood groups are meeting as well. they expect construction to start in two years as soon as plans are approved. >> what do you think the houses will sell for? >> they wouldn't give us a price tag. they said they expect it to fit win the neighborhood that is already there. the homes close ta580 -- to
5:46 pm
580, those are 5 to 700. on the top of the hill, a million plus. . >> all right. okay. our weather now. another spectacular day. what do you know? our chief meteorologist is off. windy. beautiful. >> rain shower night. the wind brought us -- it was widespread. gusts from 20-30 miles per hour. the winds are going to continue, giving you a look at the choppy water on the bay. small craft advisory till 9:00 p.m. there. no surprise there. temperature wise, oakland 66. 69 livermore. 60 degrees san francisco. breezy, cool one for you.
5:47 pm
san jose 66. sun sets 7:30 p.m. evening hours, all the way through tomorrow, little change in the forecast when it comes to the wind. 20-30 miles per hour gusts reported. sfo 40 at this hour. into the evening hours, 10:00 p.m. or so, notice a lot of the same. tomorrow morning we get going. clear skies tomorrow morning. it will be a chillier start and the winds will be with us. a second system that will ride over the north of us. it will reinforce what is already going on. the cool weather and the wind. 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon and notice the winds are still blowing strong. should last into wednesday night. into thursday, friday, we warm up a little bit and into the weekend, a chance for rain. the weekend, and then we will talk about tonight and tomorrow. again, through tomorrow, clear skies. there is the next system that will bring us the cooler air and the wind.
5:48 pm
thursday and friday we warm up. saturday changes coming our way. the system here, over the pacific, off the west coast, bringing us cooler weather saturday. still dry on saturday. sunday, easter sunday, the chance of showers moves closer to the bay area. right now it is 20% chance. we will watch it between now and then. the here and now, the cooling trend continuing, wednesday being the coolest day. a look at temperatures for the over night. 48 oakland. 44 san rafael. santa rosa 42 tomorrow morning. if we have the breeze with us, it will feel chillier. 44 san jose. 49 degrees for pacifica. afternoon highs tomorrow, like today. 67 san rafael, petaluma. upper 60s for sonoma and 70 degrees for napa. east bay, numbers like what i showed you.
5:49 pm
69 oakland. 70 danville. low 70s in antioch. the valley, into the afternoon, 73 gilroy. 69 san jose as well as santa clara. upper 60s in santa cruz. 68 degrees sunnyvale. the afternoon highs along the peninsula, 69 redwood city. mid-60s san francisco. low 60s pacifica. the extended forecast with the bay area weekend in view, there is the bunny. hopping along. may need an umbrella come sunday. chances are going to be slim. not going to be a lot but it could be enough to get us wet. >> we were following a fire in san bernardino county this afternoon, when you talk about winds, good things temperatures aren't high. >> sure. the winds drive the fire too. >> thank you. let's look at the evening commute. this is 80.
5:50 pm
the universities over crosissing there in burke -- crossing there in berkeley. it is slow going. moving to oakland. interstate 880. the coliseum is to the right here. the commute direction, the cars towards you, pretty normal commute. and to the grade, 680, cars towards the camera are going north bound, and looks like it is a slow commute on the way home tonight. still ahead here, concerns lawmakers aren't doing enough to prevent blow outs on big rigs. why trucks are going faster than their trucks can handle and it is all legal. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a test of technology in the east bay and it could shape the future of driverless cars. >> behind these fences may soon become silken valley north. >> a close call, a truck plows
5:51 pm
into a bedroom where an 11-year- old boy is sleeping. we will hear from the boy and his father about their terrifying moments. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. b.a.r.t. police are trying to identify a body found on the tracks over night. the body of a male was discovered after 1:00 a.m. in richmond. he was hit by a train.
5:54 pm
police plan to review video to determine how the person got on the tracks. new at 5:00 p.m. concerns that big rigs are going faster than their tires could handle and causing dangerous blow outs. they aren't supposed to be driven faster than 75 miles per hour. in some states speed limits are going up but the rules on tires aren't changing. >> reporter: a gamble on the nation's highways. 14 states, mainly in the west, now have speed limits of 75 miles per hour. 85 in parts of texas. the problem, 75 miles per hour esis the maximum speed all truck tires are dined to handle. . >> states base speed limits on a political decision. regardless of what happens when vehicles crash. . >> reporter: they uncovered the disconnect after national
5:55 pm
transportation safety board probe concluded excessive speed, not tires were the cause of blow outs involving certain tires. something that didn't come as a surprise to this driver. >> you hire 40,000 pounds, 45,000-pound, rolling 75, 120 degrees, you know, you know you are going to have problem. you need to stop and let the tire cool down. >> reporter: experts say costs are prohibitive for manufactures to make tires that could handle higher speeds. regulation to require devices that would prevent trucks from going over 75 miles per hour, which many companies already use. >> they are governed at a speed limit at 68 miles per hour. so we never get to go the
5:56 pm
posted speeds. >> reporter: officials in three states that allow trucks to go 80 miles per hour or faster have disregarded tire safety regulations, wouldn't answer questions about them or said they were unaware of them. >> all the decision making and accountability is separated. and it should be brought together and that should be the leadership of department of transportation. >> why groups blame the states they agree the drivers should be aware of tire limitations. something they are considering. requiring maximum speeds to be listed on the walls of all truck tires. associated press. >> there are some rural free waist in california where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. -- freeways in california where the speed limes is 70 miles per hour. more than 100 farm workers mark today with a rally and
5:57 pm
march in san francisco. therapy here to urge -- they were here to urge the board to approve -- [ indiscernible ] >> he introduced the resolution. >> this specific fight has been going on for 25 years years and we wanted it to come to an end and we want san francisco to stand with farm workers. >> it supports the farm workers right to unionize. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. more fall out tonight over indiana's religious freedom law. people, businesses and cities in the bay area and beyond now refusing to travel there and tonight the governor is vowing to fix that legislation. >> was i expected this kind of
5:58 pm
back lash? heavens no. >> good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> indiana's governor wants new legislation on his desk to make it clear there will be no discrimination as part of the new religious freedom law. new developments from ktvu's ken wayne. the boycott efforts continue tonight. >> few hours ago, this afternoon, oakland mayor said she directed the city administrator to ban all official travel by oakland to indiana. from the bay area to seattle to new york, the fall out over the new religious freedom law continues to grow. even as the governor says the outrage is a big misunderstanding. >> a tough week here. >> reporter: that is an understatement. he is trying to extinguish the firestorm that engulfed indiana. >> was i expecting this kind of
5:59 pm
back lash? heavens no. >> reporter: many believe the religious freedom law would allow discrimination against the lgbt case. >> i believe this is a clarification. but it is also a fix. it is a fix of a bill that threw mischaracterization and confusion come to be misunderstood. >> reporter: he says the law is similar to federal legislation. today the white house said indiana's law goes further. >> the law in indiana doesn't just apply to interactions with the government, it applies to private transactions as well. >> reporter: boycott efforts spread to another state today. new york joined connecticut and washington in banning official travel to indiana. san francisco mayor ed lee was among the
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