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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>reporter: frank that's right. we learned this investigation began last december with the conviction in federal court of a former police officer and the release of evidence in that case to the san francisco police department. at -- four officers have been reassigned from dealing with the public. >> the department is conducting an investigation into officers showing extreme bias and this is biased not conducive with being a police officer. >> it's unclear whether the public was the target of that alleged biased behavior, but we're told the four were reassigned after ian was convicted in december on corruption charges and ktvu learned that investigators turned over evidence that includes transcripts of text messages from the four officers. an investigation is under way. >> when it occurred on or off duty, no bias has a place on the
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police department. >> half of the 2,100 officers are color and some are open lgbt. >> 20 years ago they would be comfortably saying this at the station now go to text messages because this is no longer acceptable. >> the names of the reassigned officers have not been released, but we heard other officers could be called by witnesses by eternal affairs office and it could go to the -- it could determine the fate of those four officers. frank and julie. >> david stevenson outside of hall of justice. the community is rallying around three children who lost their mother. sheemer picked her children. her youngest was at daycare. she was a volunteer at vincent academy where two of her children attend school. that academy set up a website to
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collect donations and the money goes directly to the family. a celebration of her family held 2:00 tomorrow night outside of oakland city hall. five teenagers have been charged with murder following a dry by shooting last week that claimed the life of a 20-year-old man in san jose. san jose police released the names of suspect charged as adults in the case. and they're 17 jacob lapades and garcia, 15-year-old michael ani and 17-year-old ruiz and 17-year-old jasmine. prosecutors also added gang enhancements to the charges for all five of those teens. the dry by shooting happened last saturday in the 200 block of oak street. 20-year-old juan luna was killed and another man was injured. the area has a history of gang problems.
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san highway -- san jose and the fbi raided a home to pirated music. it's costing the u.s. academy and the music industry billions of dollars. >>reporter: billions of dollars every year. the entertainment industries hopes it took a big bite out of that illegal trade. it happened on whitten avenue. agents from the recording agency along with the fbi and the chp and san jose went to the home looking for a pirate music. they left with boxes of trucks. they had boxes wrapped in sell feign. we talked with a professor from a law school who specializes in the property. >> consumers can be hurt if we see less of a production of the types of things we come to love in our entertainment industry, the artist can be hurt if they
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can't find enough outlets and people willing to hire them and the entertainment industry and the content industry is hurt. >> here are shocking numbers. every year, piracy cost the economy $12.5 million. american workers lose $2 million in wages. all that translates to 70,000 lost jobs and those are losses of song writers and the list goes on. some might think that piracy is a victimless crime, but it's not. >> thank you john. one of the notorious sdee graick toro owe one of the notorious zebra killers is dead. he was known -- the span of a 6 month period in the 1970s. 14 people were killed and 7 others injured in san
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francisco. simon was serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole. governor jerry brown blasted reaps today who are attempting to block president obama's immigration plan. the governor this is him in file video, made the remarks following a meeting at the white house. he said that reap, quote delight in undermining the president. he accused of republican of declaring war on millions of people. the obama administration is seeking to spare millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation but the plan is on hold after 26 states filed a lawsuit. alameda nancy tells us she's going to go clear -- >> on monday, i'll be with the vice president and he's very strong at promoting law enforcement to test those kids. >> omali says there's a half million rape kits nationwide
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that has not been tested. $41 million is in the federal budget for testing. and omali says that testing is critical because it can track down rapist and exonerate those in prison. those who like whiskey can taste their whiskey and buy the. the proposed legislation will allow disilleries to sell up to 3 bottles a person. the law creates a three tier system separating retailers has been the law of the land in sacramento county. they say changing the current law would allow them to get their product directly to the consumer. >> we're not going to run to the bank with money bags, but it allows people to actually make a
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condition with their low distilleries. a bill protects online website ss. some cities in california like san diego and san francisco collect a fee from air b and b host. the tax is called a transient occupancy tax. the supporters argue those rental sites need regulation. they say short term rentals lead to housing shortage across the state, but they say it discouraging those from stimulating the economy and using their home as they see fit. >> those looking to rent out their home on a short term basis, they shouldn't be hassled by the government. they should enjoy the rights that they should have from their property. >> if passed, they'll outlaw taxing short term rental and
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this applies to -- the public utilities community want to increase the p and g explosion. that explosion five years ago killed eight people and wounded many more, and devastated a neighborhood. the proposed fine is $1.6 billion. $200 million more than had been recommended last year. a final decision on pg and e punishment could come during the april 9th meeting. now to the weather as we take a look at the conditions outside our studios in oakland. jack london square. a lot of clouds but expecting to be a -- temperatures could reach the 80s in some places. >> bill martin on top. >> oakland had mid-70s but in the last couple of hours -- watch my hair, it's blowing this way. the winds are kicking on shore which is the first time
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they've done that. this is a very spring like pats earn so temperatures in the mid-70s has dropped because where is the wind coming from? it's coming off the ocean. it feels like summertime. you see folks around here in jackets. we check the bay area. cloud cover over. i love this shot. there's the golden gate bridge. you're looking toward s the richmond district and the sunset district out towards twin peeks and you can see towards the panhandle. the cloud cover and the fog is filling in tonight. we're going to be warm tonight. let's look at the live camera. the weekend is going to change around as you see underneath there. a warm weekend in store but at this hour, you want these clouds coming in and you see at the base at the cloud you can see it, and walt is trying to pick it up, you're going to see a little bit of clouds coming. you can see that edge. it's trying to rain a little bit and
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that's evaporating before it his the ground. not a powerful system but an indication there's a weak system to the north. what does it mean? it means tomorrow warmer than today. we had 80 in morgan hill. warmer tomorrow. tomorrow we get something with a little more push. when i come downstairs, we'll talk about that. >> your hair is a wind barometer for us. thank you bill. check the ktvu weather app for your weather apps while you're on the go. it's available for download on the apple and i-phone devices. a teenager attacked for no reason after a trip to the mall. >> it's difficult seeing him like this. it's not what you remember your son as. >> a plea from the boy's father and the efforts to find his attacker up next. a bay area gas station charging almost $8 a gallon.
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what the owner told us after we asked him about that outrageous price. this is a look at the bay bridge plaza. it's crowded and a lot of people try to go get into san francisco at this hour. that is interstate 880 in oakland and it's jammed up especially in the commute area. the headlines are heading south. it's just to the right of the screen here.
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a south bay teen in intensive care tonight after a trip to the mall ends with an attack in a nearby parking lot. and tonight the boy's father is making a plea to find his son's attackers. these are two thugs who thought nothing of beating up a kid who had nothing to do with them. >> investigators say the teen
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was followed as he left west field valley fair mall in san jose on wednesday. >> ann reuben spoke with the teenager's father. >>reporter: it was supposed to be care field night. and rasner had gone with his friend. >> they did what teenagers do and window shop and looking at things they can't afford. >> what happened next, his father can't understand. christian and his friend were approached by two strangers asking if they were in a gang. they said they are not. still the two were followed out of the mall and attacked in a nearby parking lot. >> it's not a simple, you know, oh kids will be a kid. they got into a fight. these are two thugs who thought nothing about beating up a kid. >> christian an honor student was punched twice and falling and hitting his head on the ground. he's in intensive care
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and in a drug induced coma following a three hour surgery. >> they didn't think he would make it through the surgery so that was a long three hours for a parent. >> while the attack wasn't captured on camera, san jose police said the mall video did provide the suspect. >> the description is they were asian, and mid-20s. there were surveillance video from the mall entrance and we collected that. >> rasner's family is hoping that the suspects can be caught. >> i would be hurt if i found out they did this to someone else or right after because we got away with it, we can do it again. >> doctors plan to bring christian out of his coma slowly and assess the severity of his injuries. the family is trying to stay optimistic. >> it's all prayers and hope. >> the mall put out a statement saying they're cooperating with the police in incident that took place nearby. authorities say they would like to speak to anyone who was at the mall
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around 8:00 wednesday night. an ruin fox 2 news. new at 6:00, officers with the san francisco police officers were promoted and two female officers who made lieutenant. >> our first lieutenant is heather randall. >> you may recognize officer randall. she was the two female officers promoted to lieutenant and she's also the spokesperson for the department. san jose has under 900 officers and the new lieutenant are among the highest ranking female officers. gas prices are way up. way, way up at one gas station in south solido and the owner says it's no mistake. today gas prices dropped under $5 which is well above prices at other stations. we asked the owner of that gas station why his price was so high. he told us, quote solido has a lot of complainers and people will complain of a
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2-3 cent. so i raised the prices to $8 to shut up the complainers. it worked. it worked. that's the owner, not us. someone says they're still buying gas from there. >> i don't know why someone would pay $8 for gas. >> maybe they filled up and then realize, oh. >> the weather. let's go to bill in the weather center. he's with us and your hair is looking good. >> thank you. is it seriously? >> yes. you're not wind blown like you were upstairs. >> it's crazy with the guy with the gas station. who is going to pull in there. >> if you're in a hurry i don't know if you didn't check and start pumping. >> it's hard to miss seeing $7.99 a gallon. it's so startling. >> that's brutal. so the weather, it has turned around because the clouds and the on shore wind. tomorrow we warm up again. these are the highs we had today.
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pretty impressive. 80 in fairfield, 77 in aniarky. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow. these warmer are -- places like morgan hill and redwood city will see 80s. it's a warm day. moisture that i pointed out on the roof, you see this area right here, that's just -- it's a little bit of a lift and there's a little drizzle trying to fallout in front range. it's moist out there and you noticed it. it will fly through tonight and it starts to clear up tonight. it's mostly -- today started out mostly clear and then got warm and the clouds came in and the clouds are sliding through. tomorrow, partly cloudy. it's pretty warm. santa rosa in the mid-to upper 70s. saturday for the saint patty's day downtown san francisco, 73 degrees for a daytime high. be warm. we talked about this as well in oakland.
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it can be warm around the lake. 76 for a daytime high and in san jose, you're going to be warmer. it's going to kick into the low 80s because you get to the santa clara valley, you don't have the sea breeze. the sea breeze keeps it cooler here, but south bay you have less air. 78 in clear lake. 80 in pittsburgh. and nice day. hayfever, i know this is mines today. i haven't noticed. tree pollen, moderate to high. i used to list the trees but it's whatever out front of your house or your office. you can see what's happening with the blooms. tree pollens are -- 5-day forecast and maybe something here. kind of what we're experiencing now. would you change your plans based on what's happening right now? no. sunday, it has more clouds kind of like it is right now with a
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slight chance of a sprinkle some something week on tuesday. ahead, saturday, julie and frank, saturday is the best time to get out. sunday still nice. a few clouds and some sprinkles. >> thank you . california wild life officers saved a surgeon that a fisherman posted of the 66 inch sturgeon in the sacramento river. it was in the back of his pickup truck last week. they pulled him over and put the sturgeon back in the river and moving water over its gills. after 20 minutes the fish was strong enough and swam away. sturgeon are native to california. sturgeon can live up to 100 years old. the 49ers and raiders they're shaking up their rosters in the offseason.
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the new move is happening today. joe fonzi is coming up with sports. it's time to check in with gasia with the news at 7:00. coming up at 7:00, the bay area -- it has a high tech security system. how teachers can protect their students from a gunman with a push of a button. tmz is reporting that singer miley cyrus is getting ready to walk down the aisle and sources say her future husband has very famous parents. this is coming up new at 6:00.
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run to the starting line. >> san francisco's kezar stadium open after undergoing a $3.2 million renovation. local middle students were the first to make their way around the new track which has a fresh running surface and an additional lane. the old track had 8 lanes and the new one has 9. it was paid from the city's general fund. >> that looks nice. joe is telling us about moves happening in the nfl especially with the 49ers and raiders. >> not quite as big as earlier. nfl players march on.
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the 49ers continues with the decision by free agent chris culler to sign. he had a four year stay marked by antigay remarks in 2013 and an arrest on felony hit-and-run charges. the dallas cowboys have decided to take a chance on the raider running back who had a hard time staying healthy in his 7 seasons in oakland. daren mac madden, the fourth overall pick in 2008 is set to join the cowboys for a two year deal sort of $6 million. dallas -- murray signed with the eagles. christian palmer signed a 1-year dear with oakland. he was minnesota first round pick, but became a back up to teddy bridgewater. he follows the -- he held the same job with the viking and the raiders announced
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they have signed james dockry. one pitch cost the giants a pick. joey was all the scoring in a 3-1 win by the rangers and -- it was the long ball that caught the a's and their split spot game with the royals. pair ez hit a runner off christmas et. he's apart of a four-run kansas city -- the other half of the a's playing right now against the cubs and the warriors tonight in denver, five players who get regular playing type are sitting this one out if the it's a coach's decision. they probably get the number one seed clay, and curry andgetting rested. >> watch them win tonight. >> thank you. we're following breaking news right now. a shooting investigation is under way in the city of napa.
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sky fox took these pictures a short time ago in the area of spring street and hill avenue. that's not too far from highway 121. initially reports suggest that police opened fire on a suspect and that person was taken to the hospital. we're now working to learn more from police on the scene and we'll have that for you coming up on ktvu news at 7:00 and later on the 10:00 news. >> have a great evening everyone. good night. >> good night.
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[ telephone ringing ] okay. i'll -- i'll get that. [ beep ] hello? manny's getting his outfit together for the dance tonight. i was just taking some supplies out to the car. isn't this exciting -- the boys' first dance? greatest day of my life. does phil have a green pocket square for him? teal! [ exasperated ] teal. i don't know. i don't think phil's really a pocket-square kind of a guy. wow! wow. why don't we conference in mitch? ay! look. this might work. well, except that it's turquoise... oh, and a bra?! do you think the kids in my village had pocket squares? here we go with the village. dad, are you still there? unfortunately, yes. please ask claire what time do i need to be at the school to help set up. gloria wants to know --


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