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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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case. >> reporter: that is because this elderly woman found in her home and her car is they want the public on the lookout because of suspicious conditions in the home. the violent crimes unit is heading up the case now. surrounded by sprawling pastors, this residence is a home that has been in the family for years. neighbors never thought it would be the site of a horrific crime. >> if you like something strange went on everybody knows everybody, you don't expect that around here. there are good people around here. >> the 80 for -year-old was found dead in a chair on thursday morning by a man who came to the house. deputies were shocked to see blood in the home and items strewn about. >> it was not the customary kind of mess. it was in disarray.
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they shouldn't be doing that sort of thing anywhere, but especially not in a nice peaceful area like this. it is sad. >> she lived there for decades with her brother. he was not home at the time of the crime and has been cleared of suspicion. >> i've known him for 30 or 40 years. they are good people. i'm not sure what happened. >> her car is a red lexis, similar to the one in this photo, and it is missing. it's a two door car with the following license plate. >> i hope it leads to the perpetrator and they get a just reward. >> authorities say if you happen to see that red lexus, do not approach the person inside of the car, they want you to call local authorities. so far know motives or suspects in the case. >> are authorities saying anything about whether or not this was planned or just random?
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>> reporter: right now there is no indication from deputies whether or not this was random or planned. they are interviewing several people who they have known the family or had interactions in the last few weeks to answer that question, it's a good one. >> thank you christina. >> the cooldown has begun and wind is here, but we do not see real rain yet. bill is tracking when we will see some rain. >> brings have changed and today, temperatures dropped 10 degrees over yesterday. this is how the day looked with clouds moving in, strong wind as well, breezy on the bridges and on the bay. it's kind of a return to february with this weather dropping right write-down from the polar regions, it is already impacting us and northern california. severe thunderstorm warnings have been dropped for the area.
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we have not seen any showers around here, but as we go into tomorrow, this activity is we have social this activity is drying out. you get the idea. unsettled in the area with a chance of thundershowers tomorrow and cold weather continuing and into the mountains, a few inches of gold last couple of days. a call to with february weather. and i will laid out for you on saturday and sunday. >> farmers in the valley will not be getting any federal water. that leaves them with two options. look for other sources or leave fields on planted. federal water comes from the reservoirs at right now, they are at 80% of the historical average for the water supply.
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it can irrigate up to a third of california's agricultural land. this is not a surprise but it is devastating to the farmers and the state economy. >> we have a vibrant economy in california and this will rip through our communities and find it's way to the storage and price of food. >> it they gave 15% of the water that they requested for the year, more than last year. but it is still a meager amount compared to what they asked for. >> another act of vandalism at dolores park. construction was targeted and tons of fencing has to be replaced because of glass in the sandbox. this was deliberate. >> it was and you can see that they are at work clearing that sand away. beer bottles were smashed a few feet away from the trash can. it shows the contempt that vandals have for everyone else
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in the park. >> reporter: a sunny day meant plenty of playtime in dolores park and a favorite part of the playground is now off-limits. the park worker laced warning signs and caution tape. someone drinking here last night smashed beer bottles along the wall. the shards cannot be simply sifted out. 20 tons of sand must now be replaced. >> this is beyond comparison at this point. >> the cost of the vandalism is unclear but the sandbox will be shut down for a week because the parks department needs to order ace- -a clean supply of sand. >> this is our favorite place at the park it's sad. >> vandals broke in last week to a construction site and they damaged new turf and irrigation systems. it delayed the reopening of the
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north side by a month. >> we are having any responses with the park rangers to see what we can do. we want to figure out the best time to be here to try to catch people in the act. >> the playground was closed this afternoon. they began to shift the sand ahead and they tried to cart it away. disappointed kids watch the work. the atmosphere here needs to come to an end. >> we are going to end up with a different feeling here, more enforcement and more police presence. >> the layout make it difficult to spot vandals but crews have recently received- -removed tarps from fences, and they are making it easier for officers and the public to stop people doing things they shouldn't be. >> do they think it is the same person or group doing all these
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acts? or is it just random people coming in and trashing the place and getting out? >> reporter: they have not indicated if it is the same group of people, this park attracts up to 10,000 people on the weekend. there are a lot of different people here a small number of people are causing headaches and damage to this park. >> thank you david. >> burglars are added again in at it again in san francisco this morning and this time the target is a store that sells high-end audio and visual equipment. they backed a pickup truck here at 4:00 this morning. the burglars stole several boxes of merchandise and caused hundred thousand dollars worth of and- -worth of damage. >> there is at least one suspect and maybe more. we don't have a full description but we are looking in the area to retrieve video
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evidence and we do not have that at this point. >> here is a surveillance picture of the suspect and his pickup truck. it is silver and most likely it has major damage to the rear and. this is the fourth smash and grab in san francisco this year. >> entered the boy died this morning in his home. he was three years old. he is best known for his role as mr. spock. he had an acting and directing career as well it spends nearly seven decades and he was also a photographer and an author. we will look back at his life. >> space is the final frontier. these are the continuing voyages of the starship enterprise. >> reporter: actor, director, writer, photographer, this icon will be immortalized as mr. spock. the son of jewish and ukrainian immigrants, he was born in
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boston in 1931. he picked up the acting budget- -acting bug at 18. he kept acting, leaving college during his first year to pursue his hollywood dream. in los angeles he paid his dues playing small roles in small films. he got his first lead training a boxer in a 1952 boxing movie. during this time he's met sandy, they married in 1954 and had a couple of children. throughout the early 60s, he appeared in many popular tv shows. he also was in the outer limit. his big break came guest starring on the lieutenant and he met gene roddenberry. he was soon cast as mr. spock. the half broken science officer.
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the show ran from 195-62-1969, but he would always be mr. spock to his fans. along his- -among his other roles, the master of disguise and mission impossible. thanks to reruns his character became a cult figure. he re-created the old role in a series of movies, directing to of the films. he took on other projects, the most famous is three men and a baby. he embraced photography with a passion, creating an amazing collection. he released autobiographies not spock and i am spock, his identity crisis reflected. he avoided being typecast but he embraced the role later and the lessons learned from those
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times. live long and prosper he would say to earthlings and that is exactly what he did. >> in outpouring of condolences and love for leonard me my. the hashtag is 20 on twitter. you can see the cast of star trek in front of the enterprise and he is in the center. also his costar william shatner weighed in, i loved him like a brother, we will all miss his humor, talent, and capacity to love. and we hear from wow wheaton. he tweeted we stood on your shoulders and would not have had a galaxy to explore if you had not been their first. thank you, rest in peace. and the last note is from him himself. if i can get it to scroll down here we are. this is him on sunday evening.
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he writes a life is like a garden, perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. he live long and prosper. >> google in vail's an ambitious pan - - an ambitious plan to expand. they have to compete to make this a reality. >> world floors that give off dangerous fumes, test results not a class action lawsuit. >> a 14-year-old girl hit and killed by a train. >> it is hard to not have her. >> how her loved ones are honoring her by helping other families.
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>> four, three, two, one! [ cheering & applause ] >> a new home officially opened. the 18000 feet stadium located next to the san jose. the fan was a- -to be the largest outdoor bar on the continent. you we are commemorating a permanent home for soccer in silicon valley. when we are commemorating the day that san jose became cool. [ cheering & applause ] [ laughing ] >> the state was privately financed. we'll host the galaxy and it will be a test to see how the stadium handles traffic and crowds the bay area saw a new bern
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alert in effort to reduce pollution. we are taking look at how many complaints were filed and how inspectors followed up. >> reporter: 23 spare the air days. this began in november. the air quality is unhealthy and in no bern alert is issued. >> clean-air is supported. >> residents here say it is something to pay attention two. >> if there is a no bern day, people need to abide by it. we comply when we can. we don't have fires in the fireplace or anything like that but it is nice when we can and we understand that it has an impact on everybody. >> they had tens. the air days and 28 violations were issued. there were nearly 5100 complaints and
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200 in 627 violations. last month, they fielded nearly 2400 complaints. >> today, i am following up on some complaints that came in yesterday, the allegation was that they were burning trash. >> paul was conducting the investigation saying that today is not a no bern day and the home is exempt because they have no other source of heat. residents are still updated to have clean burning fires with minimal smoke. >> if it is too thick, and not clean burning, they can get a ticket. >> the inspections are similar. he will follow up of 250- -follow up on up to 50 complaints. >> if there is a complaint we will document the address, take
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pictures and mail citations. it is all about public health. >> reporter: the season ends officially tomorrow. >> we feel the change in the air. i thought of you in the grocery store, the checkout lady said it is going to rain, i feel it in my bones. >> yes, barometric pressure changes and some people feel it, and if you grew go up on a high-rise california or san francisco, that change in elevation gives you a significant pressure change more than you would find at the surface. people don't complain about going up and down in buildings. i did not answer your question. people believe what they believe. i thought you're going to bother me about the twinkies. so, back to the weather. severe storms north of the valley. the warning has gone down and
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that one is in view county. that activity is a possibility tomorrow. i have the model loaded. i will show you what to expect in a few minutes. here is what is happening right now. let me redo this. it's moving this way. it's dying down and we have more showers and moisture moving around lake tahoe towards placerville. snow in the mountains as well. 50 and 80 and chaining up in the next few hours. the wind has been blowing around and look at that wind with a 35 mile-per-hour dust at napa. it is blowing hard. 38 mile-per-hour trusts in the airport. it is windy and it's ushering in a new pattern which dropped our temperatures by 10 degrees over yesterday. this system could bring spiegel tonight and most likely tomorrow. rainfall accumulations are to a quarter of an inch and in the mounds it will be productive, they could see a foot of snow between now and sunday morning. as we look at the model, here
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we are tomorrow morning. check it out by san jose and mission peak. a lot of this stuff will be triggered as shower activity. here is mount hamilton, mission peak bound diablo, those areas tend to get enough lift in clouds to create something. i'll buy mission peak you can see the showers by 5:00 tomorrow. some sprinkles in san jose and oakland and may maybe a thunder shower on sunday. it will be sunny with a chance of showers and sprinkles. the forecast highs, san jose 60 61 in gilroy, those are the highs for saturday and sunday will be nice and breezy. a chance of a thunder shower as well with the high trending down. it got cooler today and it stays cool and mild in the end of the weekend and warms up a little bit we could
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see some scattered showers and none of it is going to move the needle. in the mountains, a foot of snow that will help. >> speaking of rich, the beginning of a foot of snow. this is a winter weather advisory, tonight we're showing you pictures from sugar bowl at the bottom of the express list looking at mount disney, which has artie started to snow. >> a key decision in the last few hours. congress is involved in the department of homeland security with a boat pitting republicans against each other. and a device to break into a car without a key. and something stolen worth $15,000 inside of the car. >> we will show you what we're working on at 6:00. the future of the convention center is in question and and it could put hundreds of jobs at risk. >> we are worried. the economy is not great.
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homeland security could shut down in a matter of hours after republicans failed to pass their own short-term funding bill. but there is still maneuvering going on.
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mike is in the newsroom with more. mike? >> they gave the green light for funding the department with the house of representatives. but they put a stop to it. the boat was 200 in 24-203. many tea party republicans said they were upset because the legislation had been stripped of changes. on top of that, democrats opposed the bill because it would've only funded the department for three weeks, instead of a full year. leaders from the senate and the house are expressing frustration before the development. >> the security of our country is the first responsibility. we don't need to inject more uncertainty. i'm saying to the speaker, get a grip.
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>> this legislation would protect our democracy from the egregious overreach in september. it deserves broad support in my view. >> much of homeland security is expected to remain open even if funding expired. airport security would be staffed and air marshals would do their work and postcard controls would continue. out of the toner and 30,000 employees, 200,000 would remain and work because they are deemed essential or pay comes from things unaffected by congressional spending disputes. they said president obama would have signed the funding bill, and here we are now with a few hours remaining before that deadline and it is unclear what leaders are going to propose. we are watching this story and
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if something pops we will let you know. >> it's unlike a long night in washington. we we're getting word that the senate has passed a bill to ensure full funding for one week. there is one side and back to the other side. >> like me, back in our newsroom tonight. turning now to a tragic death. they are trying to turn into positive change. how they are honoring her memory and run of the things that they love most about her, her smile. >> a deputy wounded his leg in a motorcycle accident. >> i never really think about the fact i lost my leg. >> his determination for the job that he loves. >> new plans from google a- -the expansion that could cost other companies in silicon valley.
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it has been a year since in hq - - since an eighth grader was killed on the train tracks. she was trying to pick up her phone on the tracks. her fellow students are asked to wear pink to commemorate her. a charity is helping them to fill the void.
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this home is filled with love for each other and for one who is no longer here. >> she loves you 100 percent. >> she was killed by a train last march. >> when i say love over and over, it was how she was. >> her best friends were her sisters, a 12-year-old and a 10- year-old. >> we always want to be with her. it's hard not having her, just like not seeing her every day anymore. >> it seems like she is larger- than-life. singing in the car or goofing around. she was clearly the class and family clown. >> she was fun to be with, she was always making jokes and sometimes they word funny, but she was the funniest and here is her making fun of her mom.
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>> she was our spark plug. she would share her smile with people. >> they created a new foundation for those who experienced similar losses. >> we want to bring hope and strength to those who have experienced the same tragedies, to offset hardship. >> they are raising money for her smile. >> it opened our eyes to the fact anybody can die at any moment and it is important to not take the people you love for granted. >> also on monday a fundraiser at the high school that she would now be a fundraiser - - a freshman. the students are encouraged to wear pink, her favorite color. >> she really did have a
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beautiful smile and her smile foundation has helped eight families who have gone through their own tragedies, including a woman whose husband died leaving her to care for the children. and to families that lost their breadwinners. and another teenager it and killed by a train last spring. >> police are investing a fatal shooting that left one person dead and two police officers on paid administrative leave. this happened in the mission district. those officers responded to reports of a man threatening a bicyclist with a kitchen knife. he is trying to steal the bicycle and officers told the suspect that he dropped his weapon and he refused. >> the victim told the captain himself that he was coming after me with a knife this big. the knife was not that big, but
5:34 pm
it is large and he then too them and said you guys saved my life. >> they found showcasing to at at the scene. the man killed is not been revealed. there will be a meeting next week to discuss what happened. >> a deputy is working hard to get back on the job after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident. he worked at the jail for three years. amber spoke with him and what stands out about his story is his attitude and his smile. >> reporter: putting on his prosthetic leg, when his right leg used to be there. it is his new normal. he said there is discomfort and pain but he does not look back, only forward.
5:35 pm
>> mainly i just want to get back to work. >> he says his nature has served him well. >> i never think about the fact that i lost my leg, i am not depressed. i don't work that way. >> reporter: he lost his right leg and injured his left arm in a motorcycle accident on his way to work from home in stockton. >> i can move my hand, but not completely yet. still he lost control of his motorcycle. he said he has no memory of what happened, but his wife- -his life was intact. >> i said don't tell my wife. >> three months in the hospital surrounded by family, friends, and deputies to help him deal.
5:36 pm
>> i'm glad that he is with us. he could have died. we are just glad that he's okay. >> they have a tendency to go that way. >> full mobility is needed for his job, so he goes over through physical therapy. he does not plan to work behind a desk again. he wants to return to full duty, walking the jail and overseeing inmates. >> i want to get their fast. >> his progress is unusual. he's described as an optimist and and realist. >> that makes him different. >> in the five months since the accident, he is pointing - - spending more time with his family and has learned to appreciate the fragility of life. >> so many people came out to show that they cared and i don't know how to say thank you enough.
5:37 pm
>> he hopes to return to his job at the jail in april or may and his friends and coworkers are holding a fundraiser to help with his expenses. >> new plans to expand google in a big way. so lightweight they can actually move around. google is going at our does with other companies in dallas. >> surveillance video of a truck being stolen from a hotel parking lot and inside, and nascar race car with- -worth hundreds of dollars. - - hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> and a big game almost a year away.
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a giants - - a giant communications company is trying to sue apple for patent infringement. this of they stopped paying fees on patterns on apple phones. they said they are charging too much for those fees that are not essential. >> oakland has been back up and running at regular speed for a few days. containers are starting to be delivered to businesses waiting for weeks or even months. >> they were working night shifts at the same time when they got back to work. there is such a bad that it seems like nothing is happening
5:41 pm
on the shipping side where the ships are still waiting but we still have a lot of cargo, but not enough yet. >> they received for containers, and are still waiting for 17. angel is still waiting for three containers. they received one. they are waiting for three of them. italian harvest has received none of their containers and several company's are in similar situations. >> not every day, someone stole a nascar that was going to race this sunday. his racecar was stolen this morning from a parking lot in a hotel. look at the video, someone walks out and gets into the truck and they drove off with the car. his team is forced to withdraw this sunday. he said wow, anyone near atlanta
5:42 pm
find my car, let me know. it's unreal. i wish i had lojack on it it's estimated that the car and the truck are worth 350 up to $400,000. >> the question asked around the world, what color is the stress? this photo was taken by a woman in scotland. it took the internet by storm. some people see gold and white and other people see it as blue and black. why does this dress appear different to different people? there are various theories from the resolution of your screen. the dress looks blue and black on the left but wait and go on the right. experts are calling the photo in- -as a rare idea of color and contrast. >> i saw blue and black. >> white and gold.
5:43 pm
>> you thought it was white and cold? >> absolutely. >> we have been talking about this all day. >> bill is chiming in. >> i was white and go but you saw her and that was blue and black. it depends on how they shoot it but it is amazing that everyone processes the shot differently. >> okay. imagine an office building that can actually be reconfigured depending on the project you're working on. this is the plan that google released today. we will tell you who will lose if it becomes a reality. >> and a thief out into a car without breaking anything and without a key. >> we are back after the break. look at the wind. gusts up to 40 miles per hour at the airport. we will track the wind and talk about shower possibilities for the weekend.
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today cool summit of the plan for major expansion, with cutting-edge structures laced with low walking paths and grassy areas. their plans are so large they may keep other companies from getting a piece of the area. >> reporter: this is a big proposal involving redeveloping for sites in this area. but google is not the only company looking to expand.
5:47 pm
there is not all of them. the future home may look like this. images released today showed the company hopes to build in mountain view. this is the first time that they have designed new structures and they pushed architects to think outside of the box. >> it needs to be a flexible space for it to work. >> reporter: these canopies would cover lightweight boxes that could be moved around. the workspaces could be reconfigured and tailored to the people using them. >> like the lincoln logs when we were kids. we could assemble them differently with no new materials. >> they would be redeveloping for the offices. >> reporter: permission to proceed is the challenge. >> the city staff is going to be swamped. >> reporter: they took proposals from all of the but is looking for extra space in the area.
5:48 pm
that will, linkedin, and others. >> how they fit in and benefits they bring to the table. >> reporter: competition is stiff. there is 215 million square feet of space, it with the proposals- -but with the proposals, could they fit all that? >> we expect requests that exceed the square footage. >> reporter: the proposal will likely take up all of the available square footage with no room for other companies. the officials will have tough decisions on the hands. >> we expected to be challenging. take it one step at a time. >> reporter: they will sift through the mounds of paperwork and plans to see if google will get the green light to move traffic and housing are big concerns. but there is always a chance that mountain view would
5:49 pm
consider authorizing more square footage in the area or ask companies to down - - duties proposals. - -to reduce proposals. a high-tech device to steal from car's. this burglary was captured with these pictures. the man is described as a 25- year-old able to walk a car using some kind of electronic device. he then stole a bicycle inside of the car worth $15,000. he stole other personal belongings and drove away in the 21,122,014 - - eight 21122014 christ >> don't change your plans. >> i won't change your plans.
5:50 pm
but not enough to shut you down. whatever you have planned. here is that flag out there. the wind is out there. look at that flag in san francisco. look at the flag, going straight out. you can look at it and estimate the wind speed. flying straight out it has to be up to 30 miles per hour. it is at least that out there. if it hangs you go to 10 miles per hour. the wind is high and the day is moving. temperatures are plummeting and it will get cool tomorrow. we drop by 10 degrees today. we are tracking those thundershowers popping up in the valleys. i'm looking these areas because this is the stuff that could happen in the bay area tomorrow in the afternoon in the south towards livermore. a severe thunderstorm is moving up
5:51 pm
towards paradise with more showers and snow in the mountains. and we will be going within an hour of chain requirements. what is happening? it is a week hermas. we have a lot of cool air coming over the area creating instability and these areas are getting the most moisture, as it comes in it stops and doesn't own thing. and the basic features of the bay area, hamilton and indianapolis, tomorrow, the
5:52 pm
same thing, they are not as big, but they have the ability to lift some of that moisture on the strong wind, creating some thundershowers. and cloudy conditions for saturday. mainly the south and east bay right now. a low pressure center. march or april, you would be looking at severe weather. we could see it tomorrow. it is not a moist system. it is cold. you can tell by the clouds in the images. supercold. the snow levels are down 4500 feet. the models are continuing to keep us cool. just be prepared for a sprinkle. it is arching up. when it starts to turn up like that, it's up to 40 miles per hour. you can guess. >> it is windy. thank you. >> good basic materials contain
5:53 pm
toxic locals? >> the level- -toxic chemicals. >> it could cause problems. a lawsuit claiming toxic flooring is on store shelves in california. and what the manufacturer is saying about the allegations. >> we are working on it at six, he lived long and prospered. we are remembering the actor with a look back at his interview. >> he started acting back then. >> told us in the 1960s about the beginning of his career. also, security confirms a kindergarten classroom was ransacked. these stories coming up at 6:00.
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families trying to put new floors are now caught up in a court battle. it is all over environmental lawsuits last year over a discount flooring retailer. they are expanding with the remodeling season in high gear. >> all he wanted was a nice and economical wood floor to match the house. he chose lumber liquidators who sold him a board shaped
5:57 pm
product. but what he bought didn't make- -did not make state clean-air lofts. >> it could cause problems with the formaldehyde. >> reporter: it can cause respiratory problems and it is a human cancer-causing agent. they asked about that. >> i got an e-mail saying that the product is fine and it is a fall!. >> no surprise to an environmental activist who announced his organization tests showed many of the products while in california law. >> the levels of formaldehyde exceeded what was safe by quite a bit. a group of attorneys hired labs to test dozens of samples. they sued the company on the
5:58 pm
thousands of californians who bought the flooring. >> we have received dozens of results that are all above the state limit for formaldehyde admissions. >> they deny all he felt- -all of the allegations and they have a huge section talking about safety on their website and compliance with the regulations. >> are folks can walk in any time and take samples. we do random testing of every product that we sell. we go to the highest industry standards. >> every batch of products we tested has been labeled saying that it complies with formaldehyde emissions listen- - limited for the state. >> the judge and jury will decide in all cases. >> 50 weeks of super bowl 50 wrapping up with prize
5:59 pm
giveaways. >> the host committee. they are heading out gift cards, credit, gas cards. >> we could engage people and people are surprised and delighted. there's not very many times that people are handing you this kind of credit. >> is part of a celebration and a kick down to super bowl 50. - -it is part of the celebration. bring closer rolling into the area and after a dry weather we are about to see some rain. been doing- -good evening. >> hears live oak of conditions in san francisco. it is windy and the warm weather has turned into cold weather. finally, it appears we are going to get some rain and snow in the serous. bill is trackingthe changes.
6:00 pm
>> every drop counts. we have some snow in the mountains and maybe a foot up there. the story is, the wind is out there and the temperature drops today. if you degrees cooler than yesterday. these systems are coming from the north and we have been talking about it all week. it is not a big rain. it's coming in with strong wind and a severe thunderstorm in the area. a severe thunderstorm in this area up in the foothills. channing up on 50 and 80 in the next few hours, snow levels are down by 5000 feet. look how widely scattered everything is. that is the problem with these storms. it is not a real front, it is wide


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