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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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>> now at noon, ed lee is outlining his plan for the up coming year. the issues involving the middle class and the homeless that he says is his top priority. >> the climbers are now speaking about the historic climb of el captain. >> it's surreal that we completed it. >> what they say it felt like to reach the top. >> a surprise announcement from pope francis involving the founder of california's mission. >> complete bay area coverage
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starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon i'm tori campbell san francisco mayor ed lee wrapped up his state of the city address. he explained how he plans to keep the middle class in san francisco and support the homeless. good afternoon sal. >> reporter: a lot of messages and housing and he detailed his recent successes. he took the stage after 10:15 this morning at a brand new warehouse in san francisco. he laid out five areas where he said he will focus his energy with housing education and transportation being the big three. >> we must acknowledge too many of our residents have not yet fully shared in the growing success of our city. for too many young families and
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long time residents alike i understand these times of prosperity is a time of anxiety. they're worried about affording to stay here. >> reporter: he talked about homelessness and empowering women and how to help renters from being evicted and finding income. he promises to make muni more reliable. most of san francisco's leaders past and present were in attendance. willie brown said he had some policy advice for the mayor. >> the city really needs to break through the incredible delay associated with producing living space housing we have had the same rules and
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regulations applicable to residential housing as for high-rise buildings. you only build those when you think it can be profitable, that's not the way it should be for housing. >> reporter: as we look at all the buildings going on downtown, you know that he was referring to that. this had all the markings of a campaign speech. the mayor wants to be held accountable for all his successes and mayor. he announced he will be running for mayor again. sal castaneda, ktvu. tori let's go back to you. now the climbers are explaining how they made it to the top over 19 days, kevin and tommy have become the first climbers to scale the don wall
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using a rope only for safety. their friends and family celebrated after they completed the climb. they spoke about the surreal accomplishment 6 years in the making. >> i never thought rock climbing could garner so much attention from the world. it's kind of crazy and a little uncomfortable. i love to turn all that attention right back around to everyone that's inspired by this project and encourage them to find their own don wall. >> he is showing off his finger tips which he said were in pretty good shape despite the 3 week climb. he spoke about his emotions when reaching for the top. >> when you grabbed that last hold, you could feel all the hope and desire and stress just drip off of you. you are just hanging there in silence, relief, and joy and it's the coolest feeling.
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mantling up on the top was the same. there was nowhere else to go. >> the climbers said they spent a lot of time training and had plenty of ibuprofen on hand. now the 49ers are going to introduce jim as their new head coach. he first joined the 49ers in 2007 and in his football career, he coached high school, college and the pros. he's most familiar with the defensive line, he's popular with the entire team. they call him a tremendous mentor that conducts himself with great class and integrity. he won the game as the interim coach in 2010. fairfield police say a person was injured when one of their officers opened fire this morning. police were called to a disturbance just before
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8:00 a.m. where the shooting happened. we're waiting to get more information on the circumstances and the condition of the person that was shot. fairfield said the investigation is continuing, no officers were hurt. in san jose, the police department is reassembling a specialized unit. the chief decided to make the change to fill in the gaps left by 20 officers who are retiring and several others that are resigning. over the last couple of years police officers have been leaving san jose for better pay in other cities. >> i think the public will lose out, but unfortunately that's the way the city wants to play the budget. i think if you want to make a change you have to show up to city hall meetings and they can't expect our government to do the right thing. >> some of the units losing
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officers are robberies gangs and missing persons. the change will begin in march. the weekend shooting at a chris brown shooting. now the fiesta nightclub has had their entertainment and alcohol permits suspended for 60 days. a concert friday has been cancelled. five people were hurt during the shooting. police are still searching for the person responsible. bart is warning riders about a plan protested or morning that could disrupt the commute. the demonstrators want charges dismissed against the people arrested during this protest against the ferguson grand jury decision. people chained themselves to trains at the west oakland station causing major delays. they will have officers on hand to facilitate the demonstration tomorrow but will be ready to enforce the law and ensure public safety.
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a man is accused of setting his condo on fire. it's on ash wood drive south of highway 4. firefighters rushed to that location at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. flames and smoke could be seen for miles. 52-year-old david boil set the fire damages are estimated at hundreds of thousands of dallas. one neighbor lost most of his holiday keepsakes and decorations. >> it meant a lot to my wife. she writes all the christmas cards and she had relatives writing them back and forth during christmas. she would do all the writing and i would do all the decorating. >> boil was being evicted from the home he lived in since the 1990s. he was chased down by police with one officer using a stun gun. no one was injured?
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any of the fires. in concord, 8 people, including 5 children will be staying somewhere else for a while after their home was damaged by a fire. it started in the garage of a duplex on saint phillip court. the flame spread the the two units. the cause of the fire is under investigation. fire officials say it may have been sparked by something electrical in the garage. macy's in newark will reopen after a car crashed into the department store leaving four people injured one of them critically. it happened just before 5:00 last night south of interstate 880. the blue honda smashed through the front door dragging one man from the sidewalk. firefighters treated half a dozen people. four of them had to be taken to the hospital.
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we spoke to one macy's employee that rushed to the mall. >> i was nervous i didn't want to lose any of my friends and i'm scared for the people that were in there. >> officials believe it was a 63-year-old woman that had some sort of medical condition. a concord schoolteacher charged of child molest station is at his retrial. joseph martin is facing cross-examination. he's being retried on charges that he molested several male students. he's facing 22 counts in his first trial which ended in a hung jury, he faced 95 charges. if convicted to all counts, he could be sentenced to life in prison. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. he's being held on $10 million bail. 6 new maes l case are traced
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to disneyland. the new cases involve 5 in los angeles and 1 in san diego county. they saying there could be more cases in san diego where several people showed up in a clinic with measle symptoms. we're getting word of a surprise move by pope francis to make the founder of california's missions a saint. he established the first catholic missions in california in the late 1700s. it includes san francisco mission delores. sara remains a key figure in california history. >> coming up, the man who risked his life to save others during the paris terror attack is now getting some help from the french government. >> a weak weather system is
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getting ready to move into the bay area. we're going to be here to tell you if it will bring any rain. >> new rules for americans getting ready to travel to cuba. we'll tell you how it affects bringing back alcohol and cigars.
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he risked his own life to save others from terrorists at a kosher market in france. he's now about to become a citizen. he filed in july for zip and the government says his application will be expedited. after terrorists bursted into the market, he lead 15 customers into a walk-in freezer and turned off the lights and told everyone to stay calm. funerals are held today for those killed at the office. kerry is supposed to meet with the french president to show the u.s. support. pope francis says there are limits when it comes to religion. >> you cannot provoke you cannot insult other people's
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faith, you cannot make fun of faith. >> the weekly paper since the attack has been sold out for the second straight day. a terrorist cell in belgium. officials held a emergency press conference following the rage. they were on the verge of committing a major terrorist attack and they opened fire on security forces. the raid was part of an investigation of extremists returning from syria. a ohio man that's been on the fbi's radar. the changes the father noticed about his son in the past few weeks. >> christopher lee cornell planned to bomb the building. he was under surveillance since
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last summer. authorities are tracking him after the 20-year-old talked about carrying out jihad. his father said he recently converted to islam. >> he just started that within the last 6 to 8 weeks. to where he really committed himself to islam. >> federal authorities say the public was never in danger. cornell met with an fbi informanipulate and when he tried to buy high powered rifles law enforcement took him down. >> he is a talkative guy. nothing really out of the ordinary about him at all. certainly nothing that would indicate that he was involved in something of this magnitude. >> the plot comes days after another ohio man was hatching a
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plan to kill john boehner. >> meanwhile on the ties of multiple security breaches, the secret service announced personnel changes. several top officials have been reassigned and no one has been fired. in washington, joel joel, fox news. once they're there they can use credit and debit cards for the first time and legally bring back cuban rum and cigars. last month president obama announced this major shift. he eased restriction on trade and travel that's been in place for 50 years. once again starting out the day with low clouds, fog and
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some haze to reduce your visibility. we're tracking a weak system. there's a change in the overall pattern but we're not going to get the significant rainfall we need. still some haze out there but some sunshine breaking through in the south bay. here's our satellite and rain showers not in the bay area, but up to our north, parts of humble county, and we have a big deck of high clouds over the northern portions of the region. those darker shades of gray represent low visible. as far as current numbers it's pretty chilly in fairfield. san jose is 57, san francisco 56 and santa rosa is 50 degrees. it's been a dry start to 2015 with the first half of the month basically dry. there's a chance of a few light
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showers in north bay. the dry weather pattern may continue but the last week of the month, there is a chance we could be talking about a system moving in from the north. at least over the next 5 days, this is what's happening a big break down out there with nearly 5 inches of rain by the north coast. dry for most of the bay area, but there is a chance of a few scattered light showers up in the north bay including northern sonoma county. high pressure is keeping the storm track up to the north. a fairly warm system moves in tomorrow. this forecast model here is updated, not so optimistic. tomorrow morn, there's the cut offline. enough moisture here we could squeeze out some light showers from santa rosa to the knot and into the weekend a mix of sun and clouds and that will continue into sunday. no significant rainfall at least in the next 5 days and longer
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than that probably. forecast highs this afternoon in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. san jose 62, and here's a look ahead with your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. more clouds tomorrow, maybe a few light showers i think the technical term will be spirits tomorrow. some of the forecast models hinting that rainfall may be ahead in the end of the month. >> we're in the middle of the month so hopefully things change in the last half of the month. >> okay, so which films are in the running for best picture and the noticeable snubs.
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disappointing results from bank of america. stocks are down, and the s & p 500 is down. the dow is down 76, and the nasdaq down 57. oil prices have been on a roller coaster, prices for u.s. crude are at 46.93 down 3% after they jumped more than $2.5 yesterday which is the biggest jump in a single day since june 2012. prices are down about half a
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cent from yesterday. average is $2.66 around the bay. now target announced they're shutting down their is 133 stores in canada, impacting 17,000 employees. target decided business there would not be profitable in the long run. the closing canadian stores will remain open during the liquidation process. 80 restaurants from 20 different neighborhoods are taking part. they say that oakland is the place to be. >> okay, san francisco and berkeley, we're the underdogs and to make oakland what they're suppose to be and be number one. i'm glad to be part of that. >> more than 300 restaurants have opened in the city since
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2013. she is looking for ways to bring more restaurants to oakland. for a full list of participating restaurants as well as menus for the event go to and look for the web links section. much of hollywood woke up early as the oscar nominations were announced. >> american sniper. >> clint eastwood's american sniper received 6 nominations. birdman, boyhood the grand budapest hotel selma whiplash, the theory of everything also got nominations. gone girl, the lego movie and jennifer aniston in her role in cake. the awards will be presented next month. now a remarkable phone call, their dog that was stolen 3
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years ago was found in the east bay. the family and their beloved dog will be reunited. how the dog was found and the reunion tonight. thanks for making ktvu your choice for news. you can follow us on twitter and facebook and we're always here for you online at have a good day.
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up next on "eco company." >> life without electricity. in some parts of the world, people face that challenge every day. >> we can start from the ground up and really provide these people with fundamental access to energy and power. >> students working to bring sustainable power to african villages. then a power station in the ocean? high school students floating a new idea for creating electricity. >> it's an aquatic generator. what that really means, it's essentially floating on water, similar to a boat or debris. >> inventing a new way to harness the energy of the sun. plus a camera he's shooting videos to bring about change. >> you know they're really fun, and i make a point to make
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