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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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-- hope it will be peaceful and over with. >> the brown family is saying they want their son's death oo lead to positive-- to lead to positive change. small groups of demonstrators gathered outside the police station, chanting and blocking vehicles while calling for justice and reform in police conduct. several arrests were made but the protest remained mostly peaceful. the naacp says it is a case that hits close to home for many people. >> we have a generation of young people who perceive themselves in a middle of police misconduct. >> reporter: really here over the last hour we have seen a pick up in police presence at the command center in ferguson as well. we have seen a fleet of 10-15 state highway patrol vehicles
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that just zipped out of here to respond to some of the protests that have been growing and of course, this is everyone waiting for this next hour to see what happens after that decision comes. >> often times if there are going to be problems with protests they happen at night, why would they make this announcement at night? why not wait till tomorrow morning? >> reporter: yeah. it is interesting. 8:00 p.m. central time is around the time where these protests have been starting, that is when they have been picking up and growing, so the fact this is coming at the same time is interesting. they haven't explained why that is. we know that police, they have been worried that all this grand jury made its decision that word could leak on the decision before police had a chance to fully prepare for it and respond. so by announcing it tonight they are able to do it under their own terms when they are ready rather than leaving it to
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chance that word spread by a grand jury member. >> we are getting news now that a major intersection in ferguson, not at the apartment complex, but two miles away from there has many protesters and at this point is now shut down by police. it looks like police are being proactive. >> reporter: yeah. that is where the police cars were taking off to in the last 15 minutes. the crowd, about 60-100 folks, they blocked off the roadways. police said this afternoon they are going to let protesters block the roads temporarily. they will make them move along, they can brock as long as it is not permanently and they say that is a difference from back in august that they are hoping will make a difference. >> following up on that, there is some school of thought that sometimes just the nature of police being there in riot gear can help to inflame the crowd,
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will they be backing off while the protests begin? >> reporter: we have seen the last few days there has been more towards that direction that they allow the protests to happen without the riot gear we saw in august. so that is what they have been doing the last few nights, especially, but realfry the last week -- really, for the last week. there has only been a handful of arrests. that is hard to tell based on the crowds but so far that worked for them. >> live for us, thank you for all that you bring from ferguson, missouri. just so you know the parents of michael brown are not planning to expect out immediately after the decision, they will speak out tomorrow. >> a big concern is the grand jury decision could lead it
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protests in the bay area, especially in oakland and san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco tonight and tell us the sense you are getting from the city. >> reporter: take a look behind me. at the corner of mission and 24. you can see demonstrators. they just set up within the last 7-10 minutes. they plan to protest, or demonstrate, depending on what the announcement is. they tell us we should see a larger crowd about the time when we are expecting the announcement. the san francisco naacp and the police department earlier today said they expect people to speak out and to do so peacefully. >> if we exercise our constitutional right for assembly and protest, it should be peaceful. >> we don't expect violence. people will protest peacefully.
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>> reporter: again another live look at the protesters who are out here waiting to hear what will come out of ferguson. police say they had time to prepare with officers in patrol and specialized units. police are emphasizing this evening for now they expect any demonstrations to remain peaceful. we will speak to the folk whose just gathered across the street and bring their reaction at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. >> and we will have continuing coverage throughout the next 90 minutes. again, we are expecting the decision involving michael brown and the officer who shot and killed him at 6:00 p.m. our time and we will carry it live. also coming up at 5:30 p.m. live coverage from oakland where there is expected to be protests. now to a big story at home. it is official. pablo sandoval is leaving the giants and going to the red
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sox. ktvu's mark ibanez is here. pablo sandoval is a ridge young man. >> reporter: we are back to the business end of baseball. and it is official, pablo sandoval is a boston red sox and the news of that, well, it started leaking out last night. probably if not the most popular player the giants had in san francisco, one of them. he came out last night, reportred by agents that fans -- reported by agents fans are disappointed he is leaving. ktvu's noelle walker will have a report but it is a 5 year deal, $100 million. 11:00 a.m. this morning giants officials claim it was not yet a done deal but san francisco's efforts for a late change of heart by equally the red sox officer prove disappointing to
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the giants organization and their fans as well and pablo sandoval in a phone call this afternoon let the giants know that he was going to the boston red sox. the giants issued a statement claiming that pablo sandoval has been a key member of the giants since breaking into the majors in 2008. we wish him nothing but the best in boston. of course, for many reasons this will be a tough move for giants fans to accept but there is a business aspect of this and you got the feeling once his agent and he spurned the offer back in spring training and claimed they were disrespected with the $40 million offer you felt like the giants were playing catch up in this and remember last year they made a preempted strike to make sure hunter pence stayed with the team. once pablo sandoval was visiting other cities you had the idea the giants giants were
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behind the 8 ball. >> the money was close. going from a world series team, going from that to a team that finished in last place. why? >> reporter: yeah. i think that is a great question. the deal, the money, the same, the years the same. as best we can say, at one time he said he was disrespected. the other thing, he said he wanted a new challenge but also the fact that in the american league he will have a chance to be a designated hitter in the later stages of the 5 year deal. as designated hitter you don't have to play the field and you have nobody getting on your case with regard to weight issues. i think that was a big deal with pablo sandoval. if you have been following twitter and looking at social media, you could see a lot of the fans, you know, talking about those things. he just wanted to be a
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designated hitter so they won't harp on him with regard to his weight. >> how much influence did that have? >> reporter: i think it was huge. talking to you guys during the world series saying in kansas city, david ortiz was the ambassador for the red sox organization. he dime kansas city and -- came to kansas city and wanted to recruit him. he respects the boston red sox in a great way. it wasn't a accident that they sent him out there to tell him about the great things organization could offer and david ortiz well loved in boston for many reasons and i am sure he had an influence on his decision. telling him how great he would fit in. >> the key question is, what do the giants do? losing one of their best players at a key position, third base, what are they going to do? >> reporter: i am sure that
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they have had time to work out plan b, plan c. one of the names we are hearing is a free agent with the new york yankees. third basement. goes back with bruce bochy, chase headley. those are the things that is giants are going to miss. we will have to wait and see. right now they better start working on plan b because the plan a is no longer available. we will have more later. joe fonzi is in san francisco and we will have an interview or two. >> people putting the panda hats back in the closet. >> yard sale. >> yeah. >> cheap. >> pablo sandoval was always one of the most popular players on the giants and a lot of fans really disappointed now that he is leaving. ktvu's noelle walker is in san
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francisco. fire sale now on panda hats? >> reporter: not a panda hat to be found around here. just a few t-shirts left with his name on the back. it took $100 million to do it but the panda in san francisco is now ex-tinct. >> they finally -- extinct. >> they finally made the hat. >> reporter: if fans had one holiday wish it seems the grinch stole it right from under the tree. >> he is good but i think he made the wrong idea going to the red sox. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago hunter pence was calling for a new contract for pablo sandoval. >> i understand he had to go for the money. >> reporter: the theater is showing the world series film closed for a private event so giants employees could have a
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movie day field trip. the steam under construction -- the team is under construction. >> reporter: at the dugout at at&t park panda gear is nearly gone. >> pablo sandoval will be missed. his defense is as good as his offense. >> the store put pablo sandoval on sale. just in case the contract ran out. >> sad. but, you know, for him it is the right thing. >> he will get booed when he comes back. >> reporter: all those panda hats -- >> thank god i never bought one. >> reporter: they are collectors items or hindling. the tour buss that go by, one of the guides yelled save the panda. that guy who said he would boo
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him, summed it up. disappointed fans but still a lot of love. >> i thought he would stay. i guess everyone wants new challenge. noelle walker in san francisco. calling for change under the big top. >> using this type of cool training is unacceptable. >> the proposal that could keep the circus out of one city. >> the retrial of a teacher charged with molesting his students. what we are learning about the key differences as he face as jury for the second time. >> the face of the 10:00 p.m. news for decades, dennis richmond on his life now and the most memorable moments of his career. hey! welcome home! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. hey mom!
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[ music ] in 1958 the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu channel 2 news was
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founded on an original idea. lead don't follow. >> for many he was the most popular broadcaster in bay area history. dennis richmond ruled the air ways for decades during his long career here at ktvu channel 2 news. there is a part of dennis you might not know about, he was always the professional but there were times when he was effected by his work. ktvu's den w stat down -- ken wayne sat down with him. >> reporter: we worked with him for a while, i worked with him for 16 years and the were some surprising revelations. >> good evening. i am dennis richmond. >> reporter: dennis richmond spent 40 years at ktvu. 30 as anchor of the 10:00 p.m. news. he says being in the studio didn't shield him from the emotional drama outside. such as the 1991 oakland hills
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firestorm. >> we were on the air constantly throughout the day. and into the evening. and news director told me to go home and get rest. you can't rest in situations like that. i went home. showered. lay said. i got up -- layed there. i got up, went back to work. >> reporter: projected calmness on the air but sometimes inside his heart would bleed. >> mudslide hit a house and there were children in there screaming. their father had one girl by the hand and the mud ripped the girl out of his hand and we had it go on the air and somebody was going to do a remote from the scene and we lost power so they had to do it from the studio. i had to do it.
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it was very emotional. you know, just about the time we went on they found the girl's body. it is still emotional. >> reporter: one thing some viewers didn't know is he suffers from the hiccups. >> reporter: did you ever get it on the air? >> once. once. one hick. no up. and the only person who noticed it was my daughter. she called me. dad, i heard you hiccup. >> reporter: and four co- anchors. starting with barbara simpson and then dennis and elaine. >> we were together for years. great co-anchor. she was all business. she knewknot what she was talk -- she knew what she was talking about. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one night they
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were taping a news tease. >> good evening. 34 people survived an iraqi plane crash today. [ laughter ] >> he is making me do this now. >> i didn't do nothing. >> that happens. that happens every now and then. and the harder you try stop the harder it is to stop. [ laughter ] >> i can't do this. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there are no more deadlines but he will always be a news man. >> he gets his newspaper, and if his newspaper isn't there, this is not a good thing. >> layed back, life looks good for the man. >> how do i say good-bye to a job i love? >> reporter: last time he put on a tie was his last day at ktvu. >> i won't wear a tie anymore. now i don't have to worry about it. >> reporter: speaking of
5:20 pm
fashion, we have the old '70's stuff. >> the not was so big it covered the shirt. that is when i had the afro. the big hair. >> reporter: that look is coming back. >> not for me. [ laughter ] not for me. i won't be back into that. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it looked great. you wore it well. >> it was good then. it is all over now. >> reporter: no more ties, no more afros. they are enjoying their retirement. one that is well deserved. >> amazing how often his name still comes up. >> on the streets. >> absolutely. always just dennis. first name is all you need. >> do you think he misses the business? i know he is having fun being retired but we live and breathe the news, do you think he misses it? >> reporter: absolutely. but not enough to come back. on election night and president obama was elected that was had
5:21 pm
night he wanted to be in the news room. >> i know we heard health issues he had, didn't come out in the community, you asked him about that. >> reporter: that is what he talks about tonight at 10:00 p.m. he had major surgery. you could see he appeared to be wobbly. trying to get back to 100%. still has recovery to go through and there were moments when he was talking about that where he woke up an entire hospital trying to escape. >> really? >> reporter: yeah. for 8 days he didn't know who he was. >> wow! >> reporter: talks about that tonight. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. yeah. miss seeing him around here. we all do. for tomorrow, a spare the air day alert. not horrible but we are seeing sinking air. the morning and afternoon
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commutes aren't getting cleaned out. the winds are blowing off shore. temperatures are so warm. numbers in the 60s. and we will see numbers into the 70s as we go through the next few days. there is rain out there in the five-day forecast. highs or over night lows, 36 napa. this gets us patchy valley fog in some inland locations. these are chilly numbers. right? santa rosa 38. east, santa rosa, 35, 34 and frost too. high pressure ridge is there. everything goes over the top. dry through thanksgiving. but from friday afternoon on things change around. this is a significant weather maker that will bring rain friday, saturday. friday night, saturday and sunday. so forecast for rain coming. 70 pleasanton.
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70 livermore. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, you got the spare the air day tomorrow. and then you have thanksgiving. look goods. we need rain and snow into the bay area weekend. and yeah, i was here the night dennis left. i worked with him for a long time, almost 20 years. he was unique. we all were interns and he is that guy. don't see guys like that anymore. >> i was an intern in the 80s. i got to watch the 10:00 p.m. news and he was throughout. i remember thinking, wow! sheer den -- he is dennis. >> there is dennis richmond. 20 years. each day. >> thank you. getting ready to go back to the outside world. >> just a great thing they are doing here. >> how a jail is making sure to make sure inmates stay on their feet and don't reoffend. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00
5:24 pm
p.m. >> coming up, crowds are gathering right now in ferguson, missouri as we wait for the grand jury decision on the deadly police shooting. whether darren wilson should be charged in the killing of michael brown. live pictures at protesters in missouri. chanting indict that cop. at 6:00 p.m. drones are proceeding images of news events but new rules could limit who can and can not fly them. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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hundreds of students at university of california at berkeley skipped class and took to the streets to protest tuition hikes. >> students walked out as did thousands of students across the state. a rally took place after a march through downtown. last week the uc board of regents voted to incruse tuition for the next -- increase tuition for the next 5 years. >> in the state of california the state funds $7,463 per student. however, per inmate in the state of california, $48,214. >> protesters have been camping out for six days to protest the hikes. they say if they don't roll back tuition they will declare
5:28 pm
a school strike in the spring. the san francisco sheriff's department hosted a job fair for inmates. several non-profits and organizations all set up tables with everything from information on jobs and healthcare to sober liver and wellness programs. organizers say the idea is to offer inmates a link to services so they could make a successful transition to life after incarceration. one inwants to get -- inmates wants to get a job to support his son and make his life better. >> i appreciate this because it is changing people's lives. >> how will it change yours? >> keep me out of trouble. stay away from the wrong people and keep my life straight in the right direction. >> this is the second year they held the job fair. organizers say last year 40% of the inmates stayed out of jail for at least one year. an hour to go before we learn whether or not the police
5:29 pm
officer who shot and killed michael brown will face charges. and tonight the bay area is bracing for protests. >> yeah. we are also live in downtown oakland where this crowd is gathering in response to the decision from the grand jury in the shooting. a live report coming up next. >> up for sale, inside the mansion that belonged to the late robin williams and the features that it has. >> new clues after a window washer falls 11 stories and survives. we asked how that is possible and learn it may have been a few fractures of a second that made all the difference here. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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[ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. in half hour we will know whether the officer whashot and killed had been -- who shot and killed michael brown will be facing charges. a grand jury reached a decision. the attention is focused on ferguson, missouri. live pictures tonight. we see here protesters already gathering. people holding signs. we got reports of an intersection that was shut down
5:33 pm
by police in advance of protests expected to happen tonight. we are 30 minutes away from what we expect to be hearing the decision on whether or not the officer who shot and killed michael brown will be facing charges. >> the family of michael brown are calling for 4-1/2 minutes of silence after the grand jury report is read. that 4-1/2 minutes respects the 4-1/2 -- represents the 4-1/2 hours that michael brown's body lied on the ground after he was shot and killed. you see a large crowd. there is concern that the protests have the potential to get out of hand. we hope that isn't the case tonight. >> as we have been hearing from michael brown's family so too have other national leaders chimed in. what revian jesse jackson had
5:34 pm
to say. >> the violence must stop. the justice must do its job. we learned to live together. but more and more that is our challenge. we survived the part, we must learn to live together. >> protesters taking a the streets. and here at home it is a tense situation. michael brown's parents are not expected to speak till tomorrow. but they are at home tonight waiting to hear about the decision. they are said to be in a state of silence. >> michael brown's dad said in the past hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. no matter what the grand jury decides i do not want my son's dying be in vein. in oakland they plan to march tonight in solidarity with the people of ferguson after the grand jury decision released in 26 minutes. >> cristina rendon is live in
5:35 pm
oakland. people are already gathering behind you. >> reporter: yeah. this crowd is growing by the minute. you can hear them chanting. they gathered here. there is a strong police presence out here already in anticipation of the protest that is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. >> we got obe down here. we got to be in the -- we got to be down here. we got to be in the streets. the country has to shut down. >> earlier today we heard protesters gathered here at frank ogawa plaza and police are beefing up security in anticipation of the event that is expected to grow in size. down the street on telegraph we found a bar boarded up. they have had windows busted out during protests in the past. and other shops say they are unclear whether or not they are
5:36 pm
going to close early tonight. it is an area that saw violent protests and had fires started when michael brown was shot in august. >> we hope the protest will be peaceful. >> reporter: back out here live, this crowd is growing by the minute. even though the protest doesn't begin till 7:00 p.m. and police are prepared to respond if protesters get violent or start vandalizing. they plan on creating a peaceful environment and the city just opened up -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: facilities are being offered where people can -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we are going to continue our coverage here. we will bring you that announcement live as it happens and we will have it on there you can see our coverage of the events and protests that
5:37 pm
led up to the decision and join the conversation using erguson. we have other news. it is almost unbelievable that this man survived. we ask how a window washer was able to fall 11 stories from a building in downtown san francisco and survive. the one thing that may have saved his life. >> a tradition may disappear, why the circus may not come back to oakland. it has to do with a new proposal being considered by the city. >> and back on the market. a look inside the estate that belonged to robin williams and why it is now for sale at discount.
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a former elementary school school teacher was back in court today on molestation charges. she accused of touching his students in the classroom. this is the second time he has been in court for some of the same charges. and ktvu's allie rasmus explains why. >> reporter: this is a picture of joseph martin. now the former elementary school teacher is in court again on trial for many of the same charges. he is accused of rubbing the chests of male students. in august a jury acquitted him of 21 charges. the jury was hung on 95 counts. >> when it is a kung jury --
5:41 pm
hung jury it is common you will get a retrial. >> reporter: usually when a trial ends with a hung jury the attorneys will interview the jurors afterwards. >> you learn something from talking to the jurors that allows you to reshape the case. >> reporter: he is facing 24 counts of molestation and this time around the prosecutor struck a lighter tone in his opening marks. saying there is no real debate here. he set an example on how much energy it takes into being a teacher. his attorney told the jury there was no sexual intent. he seemed optimistic about the outcome of the retrial. >> my heart was in the right place and there was no sexual
5:42 pm
intent and i believe i will be acquitted. >> reporter: there is no new evidence. many of the witnesses and the information are the same as the original trial. he says external pressure can influence a decision to retry a case. >> you have the parents of children who are extremely upset about this and it may be that the district attorney's office is responding to that pressure to say let's try it again. >> reporter: there is a gag order in the case so none of the attorneys are allowed to speak out to us. we asked why they decided to retry the case and they didn't comment. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the circus has been coming to to oakland for decades, the new ordinance that could prevent the circus from coming back. >> and it wasn't a flash mob, it was a flask mob. the crowd that gathered in the bay area and the idea behind
5:43 pm
the dancing, drinking and fireworks. >> after the break, talking about your holiday week coming up, thanksgiving around the corner. there is rain on the 5 day. the specifics on what you can expect.
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5:45 pm
robin williams' 648-acre estate is back on the market at a discount. in 2012 he tried to sell it for $35 million. he said he couldn't afford it after two divorces and now a
5:46 pm
few months after his death it is back on the market but this time they cut the price by $9 million. it is listed at 26 million. the estate features a home theater and art gallery and a 65-foot pool. a vigil is scheduled in 45 minutes for man that was shot to death during a robbery. officers taped off the intersection after midnight. investigators say that is where three men were confronted by five people. one of the suspects was armed with a gun. the armed men opened fire striking one of the victims. >> then about a minute later i heard another gun shot. and then i heard the other fellow, i guess it was the other fellow, screaming help. help, help, help. >> police say the five suspects
5:47 pm
drove away in a dark sedan. the man was taken to san francisco general hospital where he died. authorities have not identified him. new at 5:00 p.m. in oakland the circus may not be coming to town due to abordinance being taken -- an ordinance being taken up. ktvu's rob roth has more. we should warn you the video you are about to see may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: advocates say this video was shot at the ringly brothers circus in 2009. it shows a trainer using a bull hook to get the elephants to obey. >> one point at the top and a hook. >> reporter: the zoo stopped using them 20 years ago. >> it is a cruel tool. it is used to cause pain and
5:48 pm
discomfort. >> the zoo uses a target pole that has a soft edge and does not inflict pain. today a city counselman announced on ordinance that would effect circs. los angeles passed a similar ordinance this year but it won't take effect till 2017. >> we are not banning the circus. we are not banning the activity that comes with the management company that over sees the circus. we are banning the instrument that is being used to discipline and motivate elephants. >> reporter: the circus says it has been coming to oakland every summer for 90 years. an executive says bull hooks are an accepted practice not inhumane and without them there would be no elephants. >> it is the only approved tool
5:49 pm
for working with the large animals. [ indiscernible ] >> the greatest show on earth is not the greatest show on earth without the elephants. >> if the only way they could be in oakland is by causing pain and suffering there should be oak circus. >> reporter: a vote that could determine whether the circus ever comes to town again. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a monthly meet up called a flask mob that got wild and crazy in san francisco last night. 2,000 photographers jammed into union square with cameras, alcohol around 8:00 p.m. last night. it was organized to provide photographers a chance to network and take pictures. police gave businessessa warning ahead of -- businesses a warning ahead of time. all right. our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill
5:50 pm
martin. just like you called it on saturday, i was at the cal game, cleared up just in time. >> worked out really well. we have more rain coming. showers don't get here till late in the week. we have a spare the air day tomorrow. you see that, it is not raining around here. spare the air day, that is an indication of strong high pressure that is not budging. the jet stream, the clouds, that is where all the rain will be for the next few days. as we get closer to the weekend, friday afternoon, clouds increase. and then a significant weather system drops down that will bring us multiple weather system with chances of rain starting friday night, saturday, sunday and monday. that is good. a good shot of stuff. maybe snow in the mountains. over night lows in the 30s. patchy valley fog shows up in napa, santa rosa.
5:51 pm
all the inland spots. not tons of it. this is the pattern. moist ground, cool nights and not a lot of win. neck and win -- spare the air night is conducive to fog. high pressure, everything to the north. through thanksgiving. nice looking period through thanksgiving. low 70s. friday night, this thing lines up. sits down here and proitates for 72 -- rotates for 72 hours. that will throw moisture at it us. it looks like it will transpire. hard to say how much rain. friday night, see, starts to rain. that is on monday. kind of sits there. we will watch that. hopefully that is how it goes down. highs tomorrow as well as on wednesday and thursday will be like this. lots of low 70s. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view then,
5:52 pm
there it is. things deteriorate -- well, get better. we need rain. rain starts to show up friday night into saturday. thanksgiving day. there is your five-day forecast. sunday for you. you get a feel. more showers there. it is good. >> thank you. a window washer falls 11 stories and survives. new video of the after math and we ask how it is possible and we found out it was a few fractions of a second that made the difference. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> the crowd of protestsers growing and chanting -- protesters is growing and chanting in ferguson, missouri. this is a live look at ferguson, missouri. we should know in 10 minutes if the grand jury believes the police officer should be charged with murder and also at 6:00 p.m. they provide a view of major
5:53 pm
events, now new rules could put limits on who can and cannot operate drones. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. member of the san francisco 49ers joined the fight today help beat hunger this thanksgiving. he was that second harvest food bank this morning. he signed autographs for people
5:56 pm
dropping off turkeys. it has a goal of 13,000 turkeys. it has 4,000 to go to meet its goal. it says the need for food and help continues to grow despite the improving economy. >> we, you know, we -- america -- i don't believe anybody should be hungry. you know? all the resources we have here. >> always good to help the less fortunate. we try to do something every year for, you know, thanksgiving. and christmas. >> second harvest also accepts monetary donations. they are hoping for $15 million in donations to help families throughout the year. now to new information on a story of a window washer who survived survived an 11 story fall. he is doing better but more
5:57 pm
than that the family is expressing their gratitude for those who rushed to help. ktvu's john fowler is live in san francisco with how he was able to survive 11 stories. >> reporter: a man is fighting for his life but all the talk in san francisco is about how incredible it is he is alive. >> reporter: he was preparing to clean windows on this building. >> as soon as i saw him he was mid-air and then he fell. a split second. >> reporter: he shot this video with his cell phone. a nurse helped till paramedics came. he fell on a car driving by on california street. >> amazing. i mean, so lucky the car was there. >> reporter: people in the financial district still can't believe it. >> a miracle. good look. faith. >> the family said he is 58 and has three daughters. he is a stubborn strong man
5:58 pm
fighting for his life after several surgeries, doing a little better and now opening his eyes. >> it is amazing how infrequently that happens. >> the man was in harness but not secured. depend thong kind of equipment -- depending on the kind of equipment used might not have to be. fell for 2.7 seconds. hitting the car at 59 miles per hour. surviving because of fate and physics. >> the roof of the car collapsed underneath him and extended the time at which his body accelerated and reduced the force. >> reporter: that is the same principal air bags protects drivers. the window washer union is setting up a fund for the family. reporting live in san francisco, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m.
5:59 pm
a grand jury has decided. now the nation watching and waiting to find out if a police officer will face charges in the shooting death of michael brown 467. >> pablo sandoval is -- >> pablo sandoval is heading to the red sox, and what the giants said about the move. >> and new rules on who can fly drones. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. >> breaking news tonight in missouri. any minute now we are expected to learn a grand grand jury's decision. at ixue whether a -- at issue whether a police officer should face charges in the shooting death of michael brown. a live look at ferguson, missouri. the crowds gathered in anticipation of that announcement. tonight the governor of missouri is calling for peace, respect and restraint. >> 18-year-old michael brown
6:00 pm
was shot and killed on august 9 by officer darren wilson. the shooting has ignited racial tensions and the debate over police tactics. and tonight a grand jury decided whether charges should be filed against the officer. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu channel 2 news crews are in san francisco and oakland. and we are monitoring the situation in ferguson. >> here is what we know right now. the grand jury reached a decision and the governor called in the national guard protect facilitys including fire houses, police stations and -- facilities including fire houses, police stations and schools will be closed tomorrow. michael brown's family asked protesters to


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