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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, a deapedly crash in the south bay claims the life of a teenager. why investigators say the driver involved did not stop immediately. a young oakland mother is dead after oakland police are calling this a deadly road rage incident. and the san francisco giants on their way to kansas city for tomorrow's game 6 of the world series. why preparations are also underway here in the bay area. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a terrible story in the south
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bay. a teenage bicyclist is killed after a collision with a big rig. it happened on mcclellan road in cupertino. ktvu's janine de la vega is on the scene and joins us live to explain what happened. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. it's a very tragic accident. mcclellan road here is closed for a mile from bub to telling while sheriff's deputies investigate. we just learned that sheriff's deputies think they have a possible identification of this teenaged boy but they are still trying to notify his parents. sheriff's officials say the boy was riding his bike to school on mcclellan at around 8:00 this morning when a big rig traveling the same direction hit him. investigators say he was thrown off the bike and rig ran over him and kept driving. paramedics responded to help the teen but he was pronounced dead at the scene. he was wearing a helmet. those who witnessed collision tracked down the big rig and he
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stopped. >> investigators say he was shocked that he was actually involved in an accident. once he learned of that, he's been very cooperative with us. we're still trying to determine what he saw. what damage is on the truck, what evidence is on the truck that will lead us to a clearer picture of what transpired. >> the driver is being interviewed by deputies. his big rig is from moonlight express in carecy. we called the company they didn't want to give a statement yet. it doesn't appear that drugs and alcohol played a role in the incident. but they are trying to figure out what caused him to hit the teenager. earlier we spoke to a father who says his 3-year-old son was riding his bike in the -- rides his bike in the area. >> a bicyclist. when we tent continue know who it -- we don't know who it is. i wanted to make sure -- my son
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was planning to visit us. i couldn't reach him most hikely he's at work. i'm worried. >> deputies have within visiting several schools in the area. they were going to question to see if anyone is unaccounted for. this is how they possibly have an identification. but the body is still here. the coroner has not arrived. we'll have more coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live from cupertino, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. eakd police are investigating the killing of a mother of three. 30-year-old perla avina hn her husband were driving -- and her husband were driving home from the grocery store when someone shot at their car. they were involved in a confrontation on 98th avenue. someone pulled out a gun and
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started shooting. avina was hit at least once. investigators are asking the for public's help and hope to find surveillance video of what happened. >> we're asking anyone who lives in the surrounding area of 98th avenue between the 400 block and 600 block or even some side streets, check your video, your surveillance video may have captured the before, during or after which would show the suspect's vehicle or the suspect. >> police don't have a description of the shooter or vehicle. there's ale it 0,000 reward -- there's a $20,000 reward being offered. oakland police are investigating the death of a baby girl. however, they have not said if foul play is suspected. emergency crews responded to a 911 call yesterday morning involving an unconscious home at a home near 66th and flora. they took the 9-month-old child to oakland children's hospital where the baby died. police say they have talked to the baby's parents but so far, no other details have been
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released. the san francisco giants are now headed to kansas city, where they hope to clinch their third world series title since 2010. we have ktvu team coverage with brian flores in kansas city. but we begin with tara moriarty live at at&t park where the team buses just took off. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. we felt a little bit like the paparazzi. not a whole lot of people know when the giants leave but those who came down were not disappointed. >> we're all set to go. >> reporter: we saw the entire team arrive. pablo looking sharp. travis pulled in, brandon, sergio romo just to name a few. many had their girlfriends and wives and kids in tow. we saw hunter pence give a wave. >> good work out there,
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madison! >> obviously, he's a man child and has so much experience at a young age. what's he gonna to when he grows up? he's an amazing pitcher of our time, really. >> reporter: one fan said he was a bit superstitious and afraid to change his outfit. >> we had a routine going on. he kept wearing the same sweater. hopefully it will give us a good look this coming trip. >> win this thing. their mind is set. they are ready to go. it's in the bag. i just want to know when the parade is gonna be. that's all. so i can be there for it [horns honking] >> reporter: one hour ago, the buses filed out one by one lead by a police escort. the giants boarding a plane. they will probably land around 4:00 kansas city time and tomorrow night we have game 6.
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in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and preparations are already underway in kansas city. that's where we find brian flores who arrived early this morning, joins us live as royals' fans and the crew gear up for the big game. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hi, tori. afternoon to you. yeah, crews here in kansas city getting ready for game six as well. we've seen crews sweeping up the parking lot setting up that championship here at kauffman stadium. we're getting ready for game 6 tomorrow night. it will be a sea of royal blue. it's going to be a packed house. the royals looking to stay alive while the giants looking for their third world series win in five years. all over kansas city there are signs showing their support with the water died blue and banners. the royals have not been in the world series for 29 years. so this is a big deal for a team starving for a championship. we did sop by the royals' team store at kauffman stadium where
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business has quadrupled since the team made the postseason. and what the giants mean to the question of san francisco in the bay area, the same can now be said to the royals here in kansas city. >> it's just been amazing. the city has not -- it's just -- has not come together like this in a long time. everywhere you go, people are in blue and just royals' gear and restaurants have specials and it's just -- it's just -- i think it's been a pig boost for the city. >> reporter: now, we tried looking for any giants' fans here in kansas city but didn't see any. but we assume that many will be arriving today. if they do decide to come out. when the series moved to san francisco over the weekend, many royals' fans were hoping the team would end it there. but speaking to the royals' faithful they hope being back home for game 6 and possibly a game 7 will give them the boost to win the first world series in years.
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>> i have lived back here for eight years. the changes that have happened the last eight years are sensational. theater, food, coffee, and now in our sports teams -- sports kc, a fantastic team we've all been excited about. chiefs are great. i think everybody is excited about the royals. kansas city is coming into its own. >> reporter: now, the royals arrived back in kansas city and at coughman stadium after 5:00 this morning local time. you just heard from tara moments ago that the giants left san francisco. they will be arriving here in kansas city in a matter of hours. the royals are expected to take the field at 4:00 local time. the giants are expected to practice as well from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and then they will be headed back to the intercontinental hotel for much-needed rest before game 6. i do want to mention that in the past half an hour or so, the weather has got be really windy here in the
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kansas city area. we've seen a couple of lightning strikes. but rosemary orozco will have the full forecast for game six tomorrow night. we're live in kansas city, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. well, san francisco will be hosting a public viewing of tomorrow's big game outside city hall as it did two years ago. the city is et setting up a jumbotron screen in civic center plaza to broadcast the game live. it will be a family-friendly event. alcohol will not be sold or permitted. san francisco police and park officials will be on hand to enforce the zero-tolerance policy. if you aren't traveling to kansas city, you can catch all. action right here on channel 2. our pregame coverage starts tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. first pitch is just after 5:00 and then stay with us for our postgame show right through the 10:00 news. after the break, the latest on ebola in the u.s. including why a nurse who was supposed to be in quarantine after returning from west africa was just released from the hospital
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while a 5-year-old now being monitored for possible ebola. plus a minor warmup is in our forecast. but that could all change when the trick or treaters come out for halloween. the new headaches caused by a hawaiian volcano that's been erupting for over 30 years.
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a 5-year-old boy who recently visited west africa with his family and now has a fever is being tested for ebola in new york city. health officials are still trying to determine if the boy was in contact with anyone who has the virus. the boy was taken to new york city's bellevue hospital where he is in serious but stable condition. as peter duchy reports, this comes as a nurse just back from west africa who was supposed to be in quarantine for 21 days, she's now going home. >> reporter: a maine nurse quarantined in a new jersey hospital is now being discharged after being detained of a newark liberty international airport last week. she was working in sierra leone was taken into isolation despite showing no symptoms of ebola. in accordance with the new state policy calls for a mandatory quarantine of any medical worker who had contact with ebola patients overseas. >> we think that the policy is
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overly broad. >> reporter: her relief numbers one day after new york announced changes to their three-day-old mandate which called for mandatory 21-day quarantine. now workers are being asked to remain in their homes during the incubation period. >> we're tried to balance aid to west africa and protection and the public health. new yorkers. >> last week, four states announced mandatory quarantines, drawing sit criticism from the white house and health officials as being counter pro-- being counterproductive. >> if we don't have all people volunteering to go over there, then you will have other countries who won't do it and the epidemic will continue to roar. >> reporter: private transportation is being arranged to turn the nurse to her home state of maine. according to a statement, officials of maine have been notified of her aran
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arrangements. health inspectors are investigating the source of a foodborne illness that made several people sick at an upscale hotel at the hospital. many got sick at the sofy tell. they were treated for dehydration and have been released. san mateo county health officials confirm that they ate something that made them sick but they are still trying to determine the source. >> i wouldn't expect it, no. certainly wouldn't expect it. it's obviously an upstale hotel. you would think that they would have their stuff together. >> the hotel issued a statement this morning saying the source of the illness appear be unrelated to the hole it. we have a report -- to the hotel. we have a reporter working on this. investigators in san jose say about 70 peeks were damaged or destroyed in a fire at a motorcycle dealership. it started shortly after 5:00 yesterday afternoon at gp sports on camden avenue in the
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city's cambrian park neighbor. firefighters were challenged because they had to roll out 1,000 feet of hose to reach the nearest hydrant and had to remove bars on the store's windows before they could get inside. it's an emotional day for students and teachers at city college of san francisco as a hearing gets underway concerning the school's future. we were outside of the san francisco superior courthouse this morning as a rally took place in support of the college. the suit was filed by dennis herrera against the accrediting commission for community and june yore colleges. it accuses the commission of treating city college unfairly in its review process. some people at the rally tell  us they are worried about how the loss of accreditation could affect the whole community. >> this is a vital means for many people's future, and we
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have to show support in terms of keeping this college and institution arrive, for all. >> the trial is expected to hast until friday. today, 130 recycling workers with waste management have walked off the job in the east bay. [chanting] >> this is a look at the strike line early this morning outside of waste management's facility on davis street in san leandro. workers are also picketing outside of the company's headquarters in oakland. union officials say the picketing is in response an incident where they claim a manager retaliated against union members. >> we file charges with the national labor relations board. we're hoping the company will sit down and finish dwoeshations and that they will -- negotiations and they will put everybody back to work. waste management says service not affected and service will be restored later
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today. some people on hawaii's big island may have to evacuate as early as tomorrow because of a slow-moving lava flow. the stream began its crawl from the volcano in june. it stopped last month but the rock is advancing again at a rate of ten or more yards an hour. it's headed straight for some homes in the town of pahoa. crews have been going door toker to to give people advance warning. it's been erupting slowly but almost continuously since 1983. your weather over the bay area this afternoon, we have mostly sunny skies. at least over the central and south bay. high clouds streaming in over the north bay. giving you a live look there across the bay and the golden gate bridge. the high clouds yoef head today linked to a system that won't bring us rain. we'll remain dry. we have a warmup coming our way in the days ahead. we have storm tracker 2 on. no rain to speak of but there
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are those mid and high level clouds i told you about right over parts of the north bay. in and out of these clouds it has to do with a system that's riding over the north of us. this is going to stay put, at least for the time being. for the next few days, we have dry, mild weather in the forecast. it will switch, though. it looks like it will switch in time for halloween. i'm going to run you through the next several days. i want to show you this will stay tat north of us until it begins to sink. we're into thursday morning. it's beginning to move closer to california. by friday morning we have rain in california up along the northwest corner of california, all the way into the bay area. it's 4:00 a.m. on hall hoe wean. it looks like the second half of the day and into the evening hours, rain and scurs remain in the forecast. we're still a few days out. it could change up some. but i want to give you a fair warning if you have trick or
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treaters. before we get to friday, we have tuesday and we're talking world series game 6 in kansas city, where we have nice weather in store. partly cloudy skies. low 60s in the forecast with a west-northwestly breeze. 10 to 15 miles per hour. let's come back and talk about what's happening right now. we have temperatures in the 60s under ns m. a very chilly start. but we're pea twinning to see the numbers turn around. here's what you can expect for the afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s. 66 in san francisco, 69 for oakland. get into the south bay. it's a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies. 70 degrees san jose, 72 for morgan hill and 69 degrees for santa cruz. the exended forecast showing you the nice warming train by tuesday into wednesday. high clouds will increase by thursday. that chance for rain moves in as early as friday morning. it looks like it could linger into saturday morning and then we dry out. temperatures will remain on the mild side and as we know coming upping to sunday morning, time to fall back. >> fall back. extra hour of sleep.
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energy sector down 2% and energy companies tugging u.s. stocks lower at as the price of oil slips below $80 a barrel. the dow, back up in a positive territory. up 4. the nasdaq down 1 and s&p
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down 4. cvs is one of the latest drugstore chains to stop accepting the brand-new apple pay service. move by cvs follows the lead of rite aid which shut down apple pay. the reason appears to be a conflict between apple's system and another mobile payment system called current c. other retailers including best buy, walmart, target and darden restaurants are partners in current c which already works with existing terminals. apple pay requires businesses to buy its equipment. tesla has a new leasing policy for its updated model s sedan. buyers in the u.s. can return the car within three months and the remaining lease ongation will be canceled. but once a car is returned, a driver cannot immediately lease another model s. tesla's ceo also announced drivers who lease through u.s. bank can qualify for a lease payment that's 25% lower than in the past. starting today, b.a.r.t. riders who park at the concord
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station will have to start paying. the new parking fee is a dollar a day. that is the lowest rate in the entire system. many riders oppose the fee but others say they knew free parking would not last forever. >> i can understand it might be a struggle for some people who typically park their cars at the garage. but in return, i believe that b.a.r.t.'s responsible for kind of showing us how the money is being used. >> b.a.r.t. says some of the money will help pay for station imprompts including adding more bike parking. concord is one of the last four stations to start charging for parking. next month, north concord, hayward and oakland kol low she yum stations will start to charge a dollar a day to park. a form google engineer and another individual are coming up congestion with traffic jams using the net. they say google do something similar to make sure too much traffic does not crash
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websites. the pair believe that same idea can be applied to traffic on the roads. the san francisco giants just one win away from their third world series title in five seasons. tonight on the news at 5:00, we have live team coverage from the bay area to kansas city as players and fans get ready for game 6. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at have a great day. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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we've got a new vacation destination -- space. - we're going to be flying people to space. - [emily] but fair warning: these trips can get a little pricey. - the mission is a $300 million mission. - [emily] from rockets to space planes to even balloons, space tourism is taking off on xploration outer space. (dramatic music) welcome to xploration outer space. i'm emily calandrelli. we're here in the mojave air- and spaceport in california.


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