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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 22, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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get outside, guys. >> a hero risks his life to save others in a burning building. >> there are students still inside this house. it's 3:00 in the morning. >> the frantic push to get people out before the whole thing goes up. >> her dance video's going viral because she has serious moves. >> meet the amazing lady who is helping her sister battle cancer by doing the doggy. >> in my head i'm jumping timberlake like that's the answer. >> if there is football, there's
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tailgating. and unfortunately, fighting. a batch already party. the high jinks are nothing compared to what's about to be revealed. >> scary footage right from the beginning. from ohio state university. it's a house fire. >> get out. >> as the video starts, you see the fire is full-on raging. there are students still inside this house. >> 3:00 in the morning. people all mobilize to try to get people out. this first video. >> outside. everyone get outside. >> you see how the fire is already coming inside. it's out of control. theresmo inside. people start screaming.
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>> i haven't seen anyone running out. >> people are slowly waking up. you see the guy coming out the front door gets hit by the wave of the heat. >> get outside now. >> this is also posted to the student paper. the fire originated on the couch sitting on the front of this house. three witnesses had seen a caucasian man running away from the scene. years ago a similar situation where a fire started on a couch. everybody got out. >> he risked his safety to try to win everybody up.
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>> get out. fortunately, everyone is okay. >> the things that get caught on security cameras. look up at the top of the corner. black car stopped by police. police believe that car has tens of thousands of dollars in fines attached to it. there is an officer creating a backup. the car does not care about authority. off it goes. there is a police officer clinging to the windshield of this car. it oddly comes back the opposite direction. >> this is exacerbating the problem for you. now it's vehicular manslaughter and endangering a police officer. this is so weird. >> the officer not injured. as you might expect, the driver facing morphine fines.
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>> that is a tank this dash cam is behind. look at this brilliant idea. the tank wants to catch up with the rest of the convoy. tries to pass this truck. goes nearly head-on with another trunk. >> if you are in a tank, you are not going to get hurt. >> it's tank versus truck. >> according to some reports, the driver of that truck was not seriously injured. >> it appears this next video from the same exact road, i assure you it's not. watch what happens as a patch of black ice. the truck gets out of control. you see a car off to the side. two of them in fact crash. >> how crazy that guy, that pedestrian has to run for his life.
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>> today is round seven of chemo. >> this is jennifer. she is about to do a little performance to teach me how to dougie. >> if you feel like it, get up and do it with me. >> she learns the choreography and she adds her own flair to the move. >> the very beginning you did hear her saying this is round seven of chemotherapy. it was her sister diagnosed with ovaria cancer. it sounds like she's been doing a video for every round of chemo. >> kick cancer's ass today. i love you. i admire you. >> the hardest thing is keeping your spirit up. it had more than 50,000 shares, more than 1.7 million views. and that's just at the beginning. >> never underestimate the power
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of the dougie. >> we have jennifer via skype from pennsylvania. welcome to the show, jennifer. >> those are some serious moves you got, woman. >> in my head, i'm justin timberlake backup dancers. >> tell me where the dancing for your sister came from. >> she was going into surgery when they diagnosed her for ovarian cancer. i put on dance music. she loves to dance. i made a video and sent it to her. it makes her life. >> the dougie video has blown up. >> i'm getting requested from random people. when i reached 1,000, i thought i'm not that popular. it freak immediate out. >> tell me about your hair. >> i went to visit my sister. she got her hair cut super short. she looked amazing. i'm embracing my short hair.
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>> what would you say? >> she inspires me to be a better person. my wonder woman. >> i imagine it touches other people dealing with cancer one way or another. >> i've been an emotional basket case since friday reading these comments. people who never met me sharing their story. my son michael is 16 years old and my daughter is 19. they just go along with me. >> if we play a song will you break some moves for us? >> that song all about that bass. >> i will do that one. >> we'll dance with you and you dance with us. >> shut up. ♪ >> that's for your sister. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> where there is a college football game, there is tailgating. where there is tailgating, unfortunately, there is also fighting. university of arkansas at little rock. these are the young men of the fraternity fighting against the young men of another fraternity. police are already on the scene. >> that doesn't seem to stop the fight.y dlize the police are there. >> this is what happens when you're in college and tailgate. you get into a fight. >> few people were taken into custody.
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we reached out to police. they did not get back us to by deadline. these are younger folks. maybe they didn't know better. >> same game, same university. >> you think it's over, right? it was not over. >> it's been shared thousands of time. police in little rock were at 100 different locations. they did not take anyone into custody over this incident. you hear a woman screaming, he's bleeding. the police officer said no one was taken to the hospital. >> they get a pass. >> it's just a day.
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>> it's just saturday. >> a woman goes berserk with a license plate by smashing the heck out of the vehicle. what sent her into a rage. >> and the surprise twist revealed at one man's bachelor party. >> is he really getting married? whwhatat i if f yoyourur m moro. weren't so routine introducting one a day vitacraves chewy bites... .....c.comomplpletete e mumulth nutrients like... .....b.b v vititamaminins.s....n d... n hahardrd s shehelly chewy bites. nenew w frfromom o onene a y
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all logic goes out the door when it comes to any type of competition on the road. this first video in singapore, this guy with a dash cam driving on the road honks his horn. the guy on the bicycle decides, why are you honking at me? hits the brakes on his bike. picks up his bike and throws it on the hood of the vehicle we are riding in. clearly upset. >> if you are going to share the
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road, move open. >> he wasn't even with that guy. this guy says he honked at a taxi driver in front of him. the guy in the bicycle thought, you honking at me? he decided to retaliate unnecessarily because the beef wasn't with him. >> like a temper tantrum from a 6-year-old. >> in china that, white bmw hit a bicycle. apparently she got really mad. ended up ripping the license plate off the car and used it to smash the heck out of the vehicle. she's already broken the windshield. tries to go around to break the side windows. she takes her hand and starts breaking off the side view mirror. >> you know what's weird about the internet, we find out how many angry people there are in
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this world. there is so much anger online. >> i'm mitchell downey. today is david's bachelor party. >> one of the most exciting moments in a young man's life is asked to be the best man. mitchellal responsibilities here and about his buddy david. >> what's the deal with the ring? that's not what i think it is? yeah, we're getting married. it's super exciting. i was like skeptical because this guy is a liar. >> mitchell is skeptical about this whole wedding plan. he can't believe his buddy david is getting married. over the two months this bachelor party has been planned. mitchell realizes, okay, maybe he is not such a liar. >> starting to realize maybe he was wrong about david, who he fundamentally was.
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>> plan is to wake david up early in the morning to get all the guys together, get him all riled up and go for an early morning hike. >> that looks fun. all these students from james madison university. >> a lot of guys might be wondering why we are on top of this mountain. the real reason we are here, david, we want to celebrate him because, you know, met him last year and i feel like he's a brother to me. you are a really great guy. >> that's really nice. a really nice thing to say. now it's david's turn to respond. >> this is all fake. >> what? >> the entire crew of dudes have been keeping a secret for more than two months. they have all lied about their buddy david getting married, including the girlfriend alex. she wore a ring. she lied about it, too. all to goof on mitchell here and
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lead him to believe his good buddy was getting married and he was the best man. >> that's way think of your prank. >> i don't even know what to say. >> they are little mushrooms known as the -- >> wolf part puff balls. >> why that name suits them well. >> and this dude is going to kick this door in half. >> right in half. >> why it's more of a hi-yow.
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i have extreme, inappropriate hatred for mushrooms. fungus. it grows on my feet. but people eat it. now mushrooms are attacking -- look at this. >> dust rooms. >> must be an east coast thing because i've never seen one of these. >> i've never seen one before. they are shooting out spores. apparently, it requires m mechanical manipulation. >> then the spores are everywhere and more grow and you throw more at your friends. we had a whole yard of this. >> did you eat them?
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can you cook them? >> they are edible but only if you catch them at a very, very specific point, which for me is way too risky. for those who are interested, they are the pirate form or the wolf fart puff ball. >> if i had known they were called wolf fart puff balls when i was a kid, i would have been hanging these from my ears. >> people love to film themselves doing cool athletic stuff. this one from california, nice little game of disk golf. this is whole number 18. look what it requires. nice swing. you got to hop on that bind and swing across the forest and toss that disk into the baskets. can this fellow do it?
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sure. yes, he can. hole in one. >> a >> it's darn cool and darn impressive they made it. >> this guy calls himself a karate master. big fan of this show. this is trending. has nearly 50,000 views. people are loving it. he is going to kick this door in half. >> all right. terry dwight coleman. he is a fan but i'm calling him out on this one. i'm calling it fake. terry set this one up. made me chuckle, but that's fake. >> i think he knew everyone would think it was fake. you can't kick the door in half. he had that nice board set up. i would like to point out he did break that in half.
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>> that hurts. humbugger. you'll be okay. you'll be able to protect yourself. >> they are telling foodies they are eating organic snacks, but really it's mickey d's.
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>> it is weird. >> everybody at every tailgate will think about it. >> the power of suggestion is alive and well and living in the netherlands. these are funny folks from the life hunters tv youtube channel. they have a prank. heading into mcdonald's to buy some of the most popular items. a chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets. you see them cutting it up into bite size bits. they are headed to a food fair full of self-proclaimed foodies.
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they are saying these are organic snacks to replace the fast food that you are used to. tricky trickerson. again, the power of suggestion. >> they were duped. >> they start chasing this organic alternative. this is great organic food. melon tastes like melon. >> i give them a bye on that. >> nice and firm. has a good bite. tastes like fish. all this flowery language describing mcdonald's. nobody said it doesn't taste great.
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they love it. >> they ask them, if you have to compare this to mcdonald's, what's the biggest difference? >> tastes better. the fact it's organic is a good thing. >> it tastes richer. >> you can tell it's more pure. >> this has a lot more taste than mcdonald's food has. we never see the moment they tell the folks. that is getting a lot of attention because these folks have the reaction they have. that's going to do it for us here "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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. >> announcer: live, from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, nicolle wallace is here talking her new job and new season of "the view." and find out this year's hottest halloween costumes. plus, mariah and nick's feud. you won't believe what they're fighting over now. now, here's wendy!


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