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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 21, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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when a guy parties a little too hard, his friends pitch into help. they pick up their buddy. see why it's the next step that may be a problem. >> head first! >> tourists get too close to nature. what happens when a wild elephant ride turns on them. it's an ordinary shopping trip. >> watch the woman in that blue t-shirt. >> she got the five finger discount on one pricey item. >> dude is not happy. >> something's in his ear and he
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can't get it out. >> see if you can guess what took a swim in his canal. >> i win! >> seems to be a great idea when you're partying with your buddies. these guys, a couple of australian dudes up in canada say they on a bit of a bender. their one buddy passed out on the couch, pants around his ankles. it doesn't work. they get the great idea. let's lift him up. >> how far do you have to be where you forget to get your clothes? >> they pick up their buddy. clothes? >> they pick up their buddy. his lifeless body doesn deck here. you don't want these guys as a friend. they lift him up and toss him over the balcony. watch this. >> they throw him off the balcony right.
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he goes head-first into that snow drift and pulls his head out of the snow. the video has been pulled down from social sites. this guy could have been killed. he landed on his head. could have broken his neck, his back. according to some reports there is a police investigation related to this video. >> they really could have killed him. >> nobody was thinking of the consequences here. >> you must be stupid to have this idea. shave his eyebrows off like everybody else does. >> when i see a video like this, i think somebody is going to get their neck broken. >> the guy was not injured. >> there is nothing boater than looking at wild animals in the wild. there is a reason they call them wild. these guys came across a huge elephant. suddenly, he notices them and gets a little pissed.
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>> no wonder he is standing his ground. he is standing there with a big giant rifle. >> the rifle is in case of emergency. >> i'm not, i'm not -- honestly, after that second, i would have been out of there. see you. >> he is big. it looks like he is standing on a hill. >> absolutely enormous. that's the thing. everybody is trusting the people who took them out there. they stay calm. we go over to sri lanka. they are in a jeep. they are on a road. they are outrunning the elephant. the people bake more noise than the elephant.
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oh, my god! >> you know the driver is going just fast enough to really get a rise out of her. >> maybe her next trip should be an all-inclusive in cancun where she can chill. no close encounter. >> one thing criminals do not get is that they are probably being caught on camera if they are in a public place. let's start in this public store in florida. pay attention to the woman with the sweatshirt. in that basket a michael kors purse. watch the woman in that blue t-shirt. she gets the five-finger discount and takes the woman's bag. does anybody recognize her?
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that's who police are looking for. she took that woman's purse. she didn't even run out of the store. she casually walked out. >> it's not like that was premeditated or planned. she glanced. terrible. >> that sucks to see that people are so disgusting around you. >> callous. >> they have no scruples. >> have you heard of catnapping? not like this. somebody woke up and saw a decorative halloween cat had been stolen. he has a surveillance camera on the front of his house. he saw a guy drive up in an suv, proceed on to his lawn and you see him taking down this inflatable cat. >> people are so disgusting. >> if you can't afford it, just go without it. find other creative thing to do with your kids.
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>> this happened at 11:30 at night. there aren't a lot of people around. nobody was driving by. >> he doesn't have to dress up for halloween this year. he can go as a jerk. >> these guys were out there diving in the water. watch this sea lion here. i like you in my space. >> it opened its mouth immediately. >> it was actually roaring. >> fortunately, everybody was okay. just a little scared. check out these baboons. they are out to get some goodies. they definitely do.
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this one goes in the window of that suv and basically does what he wants in there. the door is still open. watch this little opportunist here. >> it's funny until it's your stuff getting nicked by a baboon. >> getting a slice of pizza is good until he slaps him in the face with a piece of pizza. >> saucy to straight up serious. >> and two armadillos found stuck in the pit of an old gas station. tourists bust thome out. atat c chihilili's's, , frfres. nonow,w, t thahat't's s a. anand d nonow w yoyou u cacan o when you're ready. nonow,w, i isnsn't't t thaha? ththe e nenew w luluncnch h r fromom c chihilili's's l lunu, starting at 6 bucks. frfresesh h isis h hapappe.
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confuscious says it's good to get old and wise. >> this guy slaps him with a piece of pizza. why would you do that? it's late night and they sound inebriated. >> why waste that on some dude's face. these guys sit down. they are all a little bit cocky. laughing, joking. bleep, bleep, bleep, swear word, swear word, swear word. >> that hurt more than the pizza slap. >> this guy is out cold. why would you turn your back on a guy you just slapped in the face with a piece of pizza?
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why would you do that? that was a bit of a sucker punch, which is never cool. but you saw it coming. he was prepping here, hold my jacket. i'm going to deck him. >> you don't do that. he sucker pizza slapped the other guy. i hate to say it, but -- >> back here with age and experience over youth and we've got this great video. grandpa is clearly short other than this guy. >> poor grandpa has bitten off more than he can chew. >> i was hoping that would happen. >> when i saw this, i didn't expect it to go this way.
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>> armadillos aren't the cutest, cuddleiest creatures, but they deserve to be rescued. these two are stuck in the pit of an old gas station in argentina. they couldn't get themselves up the stairs. two nearby tourists were having a picnic. heard these critters running around and decided to postpone their picnic and rescue these two. they believe they had been down there for a while. these things are super happy to be out of their tomb. they set them free and the tourists continue to follow them as they scurry off back into the wild. there they go. thankful they didn't have to die in that pit. >> look how fast they move. i think about them rolling into a ball rolling away.
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no hissing, no biting, nothing? >> they were just happy to be free. >> that was very nice to see that. they are very lucky about those tourists. >> once you see this video, you will decide nothing is more epic than a grocery run. this is the epic living youtube channel, mom is making out the grocery list, dad and son are sitting there. epic when they jump into their tennis shoes. they run out to the tepic car. right now they speed off to the grocery store. if you are going to do an epic grocery run, you head off to
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walmart. >> this must have been fun to make, come up with the concept, and make this video. >> the irony is they weren't doing any chores. >> now it's time to make it back out to the van just in time to load the groceries. would like to show you that they do load the eggs the same way they loaded the milk. >> i don't know if they made that home in one piece. >> toss them right into the back of the car. slings the bag over the top of the car. dad catches the groceries. the chores are done. back to the couch for more broing out. 17 months in the making. the ultimate proposal video. >> i hope she says yes. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, two extreme activities make for a fun weekend with the boys. paintball, motorcycle mayhem, next. >> how one little dude takes a
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daring plunge.
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>>. >> this looks like just a fun weekend with the boys. you get the bikes going, get your paintball gear on and you just rage through this place called miketown. this video put together by pimp
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star clothing, a small independent clothing line designed for action-minded guys like these. >> i love it, man. they just go nuts for a whole day running around, popping wheelies. shooting each other with paintballs and having an all-out blast. motorcycle and paintball guns. >> and colored smoke so they could all look cool. >> that's brilliant. >> the slo-mo shots are heroic-looking. the guys diving and sliding and taking cover. the gratuitous burnouts on the dirt bikes. all of it. i want to do every second of this. the thing about this video, if it's one we show where two bikes crash into each other, we would be talking so irresponsible. this is like, yes! awesome! let's do it.
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>> what makes the okay, these guys are off the streets, they are not in public. they are in a place designed for mayhem and fun and that's what's going on. >> thank goodness for the innocence of kids and their crazy, crazy innocent minds. thanks to that we have these videos. this little boy has his very been ball pit. watch his entrance int pit. >> no way. he posted up. face first. that's spectacular. >> you can hear the dad laughing, as well. mom's not there. okay, do it again. >> i have a feeling this guy is going to be an extreme space jumper when he is 15. this girl learned about george washington. except she thought one day she would actually get to meet george washington. >> can you tell me why you're
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crying. >> i wanted to see george washington. >> oh, baby. george washington, he was our president 217 years ago. >> i want to meet him. >> i'm sorry. >> bizarre, so bizarre. we should just be flying the american flag. very patriotic of her. >> it really is except for the part where they ask her don't you want to meet president obama. >> maybe we can see our current president, president barack obama. >> no, no. >> you don't want to see barack obama? >> no. >> why? >> george washington. >> someone grab the squeezers for this guy. something is in his ear and he can't get it out. it's in there. >> what is it? >> the unexpected visitor about to get the boot.
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that. >> i like him. >> small things in life like gravity. >> it's clearly obvious this eagle doesn't understand in golf, he's not supposed to get involved. he hears eagle, birdie, oh, they are inviting me to take the ball because that is what this eagle does. >> playing with my golf balls. >> he's going after the ball. >> he played with it like it was soccer, he kicked it. then watch what he does. >> no kidding. >> i think you get a mulligan if this happens, right? >> only where the eagle drops it. >> you can't play it where it lands. it might land in utah. >> according to the golf rule book 18-1, you just put a ball where an outside agency, in this case an eagle, takes your ball. >> put the ball down. the eagle just took my golf ball. >> then there is this little guy. this little guy is the pumpkin bandit. you see that orange thing right
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there? that dog is trying to get at it. they set this camera high up above so you could see all the things this dog goes through judge just to get that pumpkin toy. >> you think your dog is being quiet, sweet, napping at home, waiting till you get home. no. the dog is up to no good. >> i love they name this dog indy like indiana jones. he's on a mission. he's searching. this is an adventure. for him, the pumpkin is the holy grail. >> finally he does get the pumpkin. >> how you doing, brother? >> ah! >> how you doing, brother? >> the video starts with this rather large dude lying on the floor what's happened to him? is he drunk? was he hit?
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something's in his ear and he can't get it out. >> what's going on? >> moth flew in my ear. >> oh, god. >> there it is, it's in there. >> what is it? >> it's still moving around in this guy' head. >> he's got a ti >> oh, my god. >> think about what that must feel like. it must feel like it's eating your brain. >> oh, my god! where have you been? >> this guy needs to clear his ears more often than clearly he is doing lately. >> we've got a torch. we can burn him out. >> go to the doctor, dude. why are you laying on the living room floor with tweezers and an iphone? go to the doctor. >> i win. >> that is so weird. if it was a moth, why didn't it fly toward the light?
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they pick it up. it was living inside your head for a while. it seems to be okay. this just ruined my morning. >> do you want him? >> throw him on the ground. >> that's our show, everybody. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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when a woman is trapped in a car, rescuers have to fight flood waters. >> and look at the stuff coming down the road at them. >> why one near miss does not lead to another. >> two scared dogs living in a junkyard full of -- what finally coaxed them out into a happy ending? >> a jilted boyfriend comes up with a novel plan that's crazy if there is a love connection. >> how he is auctioning off a trip for just the right lady. >> and a guy proves -- >> when you're grown


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