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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 15, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ if a pair aglider goes up on a tow line and forgets to release it. the moment he realizes it's all gone on. >> he may have interrupted his famous stand up act but what happened to adam newman to make him a household name. >> dolphins raise a fishing boat but you know that phrase all aboard, see the big one that took the invitation. >> how this rainbow cake could lead to the greatest birthday
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party ever. >> the secret ingredient to make kids say. >> holy crap there's a un acorn on the cake. >> it's pretty easy to say pair agliding is a pretty safe sport. >> he's got a vehicle up ahead and he's being towed up to altitude. immediately you see him drift left and get away from that car and get in trouble frpretty quickly. >> i don't think i've ever heard a more appropriate use of the phrase. down he goes right into the ground and you hear the pilot. >> how much pain are we talking about, man? >> broken pelvis in two places. could have been much worse because he was back on his feet four weeks later. he said as soon as he felt like he was in trouble he should have released the tow rope and tried
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to drift a little bit slower. >> yeah. as soon as he started drifting left just leg it go brother. >> still not sure what happened to cause that accident. >> this next guy paira gliding with a bunch of friends. not ideal weather for that. it looks lick oke our buddy spi down on purpose to get away from this weather. as he gets closer to the ground, it looks like he's getting some wind affect from this storm. watch what happens. he's lookingcanka canopy and you see it start to collapse. he's struggling and fighting. you see his canopy open down in front of him. he's getting close pretty quick.
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>> come on if you're going to go paragliding. there's a thing called a weather report. maybe check it before you go out. >> fire fighters had to come and rescue this guy and pluck him out of the tree like a stuck cat. >> learn some proper english. that is the issue. learn some english because this is australia and i can't understand you. >> this is on a train in australia. the guy that's being recorded just goes off on a racist tirade. the security guard had asked this man to remove his feet from the seat. that is what started this entire
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incident. >> nobody comes in my country and tells me to take my feet off the seat when my feet are -- you black dog. >> he's on camera and the video has gone viral and now he will know what it feels like to have hate directed at him. got off the train man. >> police have now charged the man behind the camera, the 18-year-old creating a nuisance on the rail way. the man behind the camera has been charged with assault and bodily harm among other charges.
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here we are aboard captain rick's charter fishing boat just off the coast of florida. here you see dolphins keeping up with that boat going pretty quickly. they are on both sides the boat. you know that phrase all aboard? one of the dolphins took it seriously. >> you think what happened? there's a dolphin in the boat. >> oh, there's blood. >> well, he says i thinks the dolphin cut his tail on something he had in the boat. the dolphin was okay. you can see here the dolphin is trying to get out. the dolphin mistakenly jumped in the boat. he tells one of the passengers to move out of the way but eventually they do call in a mayday. >> come over here and give me help? >> what the heck do you do you now? it's not like you can pick it up. this thing is huge. >> he says four other passengers
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helped to get this thing back in the water. they grabbed his head and tail and put a towel in the middle of him and put him back in the water. >> it's so bizarre to see this caught on video but it's also heart breaking because that poor dolphin was playing in the water, didn't realize he w to l. >> the rest of the poll kept going. >> here is the cool thing. once the dolphin got back in the water, all his dolphin friends were waiting for him. 1,200 pounds of pumpkin awesomeness about to drop on this delivery van. >> oh, wow. >> on purpose? >> oh, yeah. most definitely. >> ten, nine, eight, seven -- >> the count down begins. six, five, four, three, two,
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one -- >> that was big. >> i didn't think it would do that much damage. >> i do. a pumpkin is pretty heavy especially if we're talking about a 1,200 pounds being dropped from that high. >> that's a lot of distance. >> these people are awfully close. >> i was thinking the same thing. this thing broke into a million pieces. and it did go flying. granted nobody was hurt. it's something they do at the pennsylvania pumpkin festival every single year. >> i love it. it is completely pointless destruction. >> do you want to see something else that's completely pointless. you've got five beers that need to be owned up but why do one at a time when you can take a chain saw and do five at once. amazingly, it works.
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>> that wasn't pointless at all. that was actually pretty awesome. i thought he was going to try to saw the tops off, the bottleneck. he actually popped the top with a chain saw. >> that's incredible. that's a way to get a party started. a father photographed special moments of his son. but it's not just the photos capturing the hearts of people seeing them. it's the story behind the photos. learn how a near death skpe experience inspired this dad to pick up a camera. >> and it's a race between quad copters. see them in action from a first person view. nonow,w, t thahat't. anand d nonow w yoyou u cacan o when you're ready. nonow,w, i isnsn't't t thaha? ththe e nenew w luluncnch h r frfromom c chihilili's's l lu, starting at 6 bucks. frfresesh h isis h hapappe.
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we have a child you want to capture every moment like this video. this is 2-year-old emerson.
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there's more to the story. it's not just a video that has captured a video in emerson's life. look at these videos shot by emerson's dad, adrian murray. you want to capture those moments of innocence. that's what these photos are making people think about. >> it looks like emerson was lucky enough to be born into a photographer family. >> adrian murray is actually a dental student. this is his first time ever taking photographs. >> wait a minute. he got lucky enough for bambi to show up. it's not the photos but it's the stories behind those. >> when emerson was ten months old, his parents adrian and michelle found him unresponsive. after months of tests, doctors determined that emerson had a very rare seizure disorder. it was that brush with death that inspired adrian to pick up a camera and start capturing
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these moments of innocence. emerson is doing fine and is off his medication. we have adrian murray from skype right this minute. >> you really weren't a photographer. >> i always had a camera but i had never done anything professional. >> is that emerson we're hearing in the background. >> nap time for him. >> are people calmiling you to take pictures of their kids, too. >> yeah. >> i still want to be a dentist but this is a fun hobby. >> how did you take these pictures? i know they weren't set up in any way. >> that's the funny thing. the photos were kind of composed while at the same time they were not. i had emerson in a big balloon. it was a mix.
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put him in an environment where i thought he would interact with it. there's a moment with him feeding a deer. i had to be ready for it. >> what is it that you're capturing in his photos. >> childhood. we all have this ideal picture of what childhood is.bye, emers. any time there's some sort of new technology or craft or vehicle people will figure out how to race it. these guys are now racing mini quadcopters, drones. they are using spv goggles, first person view. the pilots of these seeing what the drones see. they are flying with a pure line
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of sight. it is pretty fun to watch. the course, it is not easy. eventually going off into the woods trying to avoid branches. these guys are passing each other. listen to each other. it sounds like a swarm of hornets. >> do they modify them. >> these guys are definitely built for racing. you can tell some of the pilon. some of the crashes and on st e obstacld to have done this. sites up. this is in slow motion with the helicopter buzzing around and boom, victory. took the helicopter right out of the air. >> that was a nice shot.
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>> i agree. >> it isn't your average rainbow cake because this one -- >> comes to life. >> what you need to sprinkle on some fantasy. >> there's a un acorn on your shoulder. >> there is? >> see how one kid is claiming his 15 minutes of fame? >> he's like if this is my opportunity --
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if you're live, the show must go on. we start at the upright citizens brigade theater. that is adam newman. he was in the middle when the police showed up. >> looking for somebody. >> those are their flashlights so of course he's distracted. the audience is distracted. >> did they just tell him to shut the -- up? >> they did. basically he's heckled by lease. >> they really must have someth come in the middle of a comedy club. >> according to a local news report, police were looking for a robbery suspect. >> put a heckler in their place,
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i can do that. >> we contacted the nypd to find out if those are really cops but we did not find out by our deadline. >> that was very weird. i think i got to go now. >> the show is still going on in las vegas. it's the opening of a new shopping mall. watch out this female reporter moves to the side. i want you to pay attention to this young man in the crowd. >> he looks like he's auditioning for a madonna video. look at him. he's moving the whole time. he's got moves, hair. he's working it, y'all. this is your opportunity. >> that's my favorite move. >> look at the little girl next to him. >> she's like oh, hell no, i can't compete with him. >> oh, i love this kid. he don't care. >> he's like this is my
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opportunity. >> my, my, my. the camera does weird things to people, doesn't it? what did birthday cakes and augments reality have in common? i'm about to show you right now. let's make a rainbow cake. rainbow cakes are awesome. you create your batter and color it all the different colors of the rainbow and layer it one on top of the other. now you have to color the outside of the cake so you make it all different colors of the rainbow and put cool little dots around the cake. the top will be shredded do coconut. >> looks like grass. >> this is where the augmented reality comes in. did you see the print out of the unicorn print out on top. you put that over the print. you capture the image and it comes to life?
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>> are you serious? >> suddenly there's a unicorn on top of the cake? >> yes. mind blown. holy crap, there's a unicorn on the cake. >> greatest birthday party ever. >> yes! >> you can even take photos. >> i pointed out the unicorn but i'm going to try to say that now that i have the app open, i do this. it immediately recognizes it and before you know it, there's a eunuunicorn on nick's shoulder. >> there is? there's a unicorn on my shoulder? >> there we go. now -- >> stop. >> you're putting your finger up its butt. >> oh -- >> look at that. how cute is that? >> that's unbelievable. >> there's a dragon on your shoulder. >> look. it's coming out to play. >> he's going to hold his head.
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>> and a dragon sitting on your hair. >> that is awesome. >> you're eating a dragon. >> he's a popular youtuber who recently shared his story about his cancer diagnosis but now, i think we should really get some great news from furious pete. >> see how he pulls his girlfriend into his latest surprise. >> oh --
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while hasn't it. >> technology. >> yeah. >> break away bunny. >> serious pete is a very popular youtuber. huge friend of our show. recently he's gotten some really difficult news recently diagnosedtesticular
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cancer. he's putting out positive news. >> today is the day i'm going to do it. >> serious pete is proposing. look at the ring it's gorgeous. >> the diamond was handed down to me from my mother when i was 25 years old. it belonged to a czar princess. >> you really love somebody, that rich in family history. >> of course it's his long time girlfriend melissa maldiva. >> what's going on everybody? it's serious pete joined by the lovely melissa maldiva. we're always up for an adventure. >> yes, we are. >> i wanted to know if you'll join me for a lifelong adventure. >> melissa, i think about you right when i wake up and i think
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about you every time i go to bed. i want to spend the rest of my life with you. will you marry me? >> i really don't get this. this is scaring me because it is so meaningful. she's obviously been there. >> i love this. >> she said yes! >> that's our show everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of right this minute.
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>> it's keeping parents up at night. and has the nation on high alert. the enterovirus. with more than 500 infected all across america, how can you protect your kids? dr. oz breaks it all down. who's most at risk? how is it being spread? the warning signs to look out for. what you need to know to keep your family safe. coming up next on "dr. oz." dr. oz: there's a big health concern experts say is not getting enough attention. it's a virus called enterovirus d68. it's being called the flu on steroids. and the most at risk are the most vuln


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