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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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people taking precautions. >> the workday is winding down. that means more and more people are out here and wherever people are, this is the day when they have careful to beat the heat. >> this kind of weather is uncommon in the city by the bay. >> it's beautiful, it's hot. really hot actually. >> and for most people it is welcome. >> the weather is so good, it's not terrible. >> nick has the tough task of hauling others around in his cab. >> it's a lot more sweating and a whole lot more water to drink. >> in golden gate park it's the blue grass festival. tens of thousands of people, many trying to find shade. >> i have sunscreen, i'm wearing a hat, in the shade and covering up as much as possible. >> i'm on vacation. >> this is san francisco. there are no -- through the heat, including this man wearing yes, a santa suit. >> this is a magic suit.
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it's the same degrees all year round no matter where you go. >> at the rock medicine tent the water was flowing freely. >> it's just making sure everybody is taking care of themselves, making sure they are hydrating. preparing the night before for the next day. drink some gatorade. >> we met a school group. >> it's really hot. >> they had left the music festival and stopped for the drink. >> it is a little challenging because the weather gets everybody really hot. but they are doing a good job. >> all over the city the temperatures have seemed about the same. without a hint of that common cool ocean breeze. a reminder here, you can get realtime weather updates by downloading the -- app to your smart phone or tablets. the giants beat the
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washington nationals in game one of their best of 5 series. boy, giants look good. >> somebody said prior to the guy the giants have a lot of guys with slow heart beats, meaning they just perform. they have won 9 consecutive games and the killer ps were out again, posey, peevey and the kid. first giant ever in their history to get 5 hits ever in a playoff game. and gets the giants going with an rbi single. had a 3-0 lead at one point and here peevey, the ground ball, panicked, crofford. you think jake pv is a little pumped up right now. we go to the 9th. giants now protecting just a 3- 2 lead. with a one, two, three 9th
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inning. they put away the nationals, a team that dominated them during the regular season. but final score, 3-2. same two teams will play tomorrow but the continuing story with regard to this team, guys who weren't even on the roster when the season started continuing to contribute and at the top of that list would be the rookie joe -- and he's much of joe fonzi's report, what have you got, joe? >> mark, yeah, that's exactly right. this thing has a very familiar feel to it. it's a come beings of veterans. you only have to go back to 2010 to remember when posey was that guy. he like all the other giants have great appreciation for what joe panic has appreciated so far. >> it's fun to watch a guy that's confident, he understands what type of player
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he is. and it looks to me like he's got one of those swings that's just highly consistent. >> since he stepped up it's totally changed our season. and we needed it and he's been really fun to play with, really fun to watch and we have thrown him into some fire. so we have had a tough stretch. battling to get into the playoffs and he's stepped up in all the great moments. >> here's another place where it all feels familiar. you can call the giants i guess the road warriors. they did it in pittsburgh and they did it here. now they have the home field advantage going in game 3. they would love to get another one tomorrow. but getting out of here with a split. they have already done that and it has a familiar feel to it. more coming up at 6:00, for now, reporting live, joe fonzi. it's all about the even
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years, 10, 12 and now 14. and jake peevey, he was acquired at the early season stages of this year and people were like, whatever. he wasn't doing very well with the boston red sox. had his best ever post season performance today and he's a former cy young winner. >> thanks, mark. to new developments tonight in the -- case. her family has released this new video. they say it shows she is alive. she was declared brain dead following complications of tons i will removal. her family fought to keep her on life support. how the family plans to use the video to make their case. >> if the court agrees with the family it would be unprecedented but they say they have proof she is not brain
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dead. the attorneys and family of 13- year-old -- say this video shown is proof the girl was misdiagnosed as brain dead and should be declared alive. >> she responds so i said she can't be brain dead if she's responding. >> the county issued a death certificate after she suffered a -- her family fought to keep her on life support. lawyers for the family says eeg and mri tests show her brain has not liquefied. >> she's had a severe brain injury but her brain is there where -- said her brain was rotting. >> the family is now seeking a court order declaring the teen alive. in a statement the chief medical officer said quote,
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>> mcmath's mother said she has never given up hope for her daughter. >> yesterday i asked her to move her thumb and she moved her thumb for me. >> we reached out to several bay area hospitals all of whom declined to speak specifically about this case. the family hopes having her declared alive could mean moving back to california which means the state would pay for her care care. a teacher at an elementary school in morgan hill is under arrest, accused of abusing a student in a classroom. arrested after receiving reports that he molested a female student during class. investigators also say that it
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happened more than once during the past month at pair paradise elementary school. he faces 5 charges, including molesting a child, lewd acts with a child and dissuading a witness. coming up at 5:30 we will hear why a former student wasn't surprised to hear about the allegations. there are new developments in the case of lee land lee and -- chow. learned chow was moved from dublin to san francisco. his attorney tells us he will have more access to his client. >> he will be able to spend 40 to 60 hours a week reviewing the evidence and helping us prepare his defense. >> today was the deadline for more than 200 to have their cases severed from each other.
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face multiple charges. well, talk about a heartless thief. a woman who is accused of assaulting a man and then stealing his wheelchair. police say the woman, described as about 35 years old attacked him and then pushed him out of his wheelchair. the woman then jumped in the wheelchair and rode off. police are searching for 2 young men who beat two people who were walking. explains why one of the victims couldn't call for help. >> the back-to-back robberies happened around 8:00 last night just next to the green way, a biking and walking path that runs throughel sur eat oh. one was beaten and robbed. the other was shot in the leg after refusing to cooperate with the robbers and police say
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that gunshot made it impossible for the man to call 911. >> the officer was shot through his cell phone and why he ran for help. >> an officer found the shooting victim a block away. he is expected to survive and so is the man that was assaulted. police say the 2 victims don't know each other. they just happened to be walking a few feet apart when they were both held up. investigators say the second victim seems to have interrupted the initial robbery. >> we had a second victim that walked in, likely unexpected and complicated the situation for them and when things get complicated and the man changes then sometimes things like this happen. >> a lot of commuters use this path. some told us what happened last night is an important reminder to stay alert. >> try to avoid maybe early or
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late night. if somebody is following you you should know. >> i don't walk alone on the path after dark. i'll do it with my husband or with a friend. >> investigators are now going over video from surveillance cameras hoping it can help them track down the 2 teenage boys behind last night's shooting. this troubling crime was the latest in a series of robberies along this pathway and police are planning to increase patrols in this area. alex savage. a neighborhood overtaken by gushing water for 4 hours straight. >> unbelievable. i've never seen nothing quite like it before. >> the trail of damage. plus this police officer is living rent free and his neighbors are grateful for it. >> it does mean a lot. >> how this special arrangement is is linked to a dramatic drop in crime. and several cases of
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paralysis in children nationwide. we get information on the precautions families can take.
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we have learned of more cases of entero viruses in the bay area. the new ones today are from san francisco and santa cruz. that's up from the 3 cases we reported on yesterday. john fowler live in walnut creek and one expert calls the outbreak alarming. >> well, that's right. and at this hour in -- county there are no officially reported cases but the health department here says it's only a matter of time. >> health officials today said known cases statewide almost doubled overnight. that some children get severe lung infections and about 35 over 2 years have been
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paralyzed. including one more today. >> what do you do, wash their hands more? what can we do? >> abby and matt had their first baby 6 days ago. >> no vaccine? wow. that's scary. >> this one will be at home for a little bit so she will be well protected. >> state health officials say all 14 cases confirmed so far were hospitalized very sick children. at least another 40 cases have tests pending. >> it's always alarming when we start to see new cases. >> says this virus has been around off and on for decades but this outbreak is very different, including as in this berkeley girl, apparently more cases of what's called flaccid paralysis. >> right now it appears it is the cause. >> it seems to be peaking later
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than ever, is worse in children with asthma. >> we're wondering if we already had it. we don't know because my daughter and i have had this horrible cough. >> this year the virus has exploded in the population. why? >> something about this virus and its relationship to us is different and that's what i really want to find out. >> doctors say there is no effective medical treatment for this virus but the good news again, no one really knows why, kids who get it seem to get nothing more than a cold, most kids, that is. doctors say to prevent it, just like the cold, wash your hands. practice good basic hygiene. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu. on we posted a list of signs and symptoms of entero virus. the unemployment rate is now at a 6 year low. today the bureau of labor
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statistics said the jobless rate dropped. this is the first time that unemployment has fallen below 6% since july of 2008. figures also show that september was the 48th straight month of job growth. businesses added 248,000 new jobs to nonfarm payrolls. the figures were released as president obama is taking his economic message on the road. >> this progress that we have been making, otherwise been hard. it goes in fits and starts. it's not always been perfectly smooth or as fast as we want but it is real and it is steady. >> the president said that the economy could make more advances if congress would authorize more spending for education and other areas to help expand the middle class. republicans say the government has already spent too much money under the obama
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administration. students and teachers are battling what's -- last night refused to back down. it plans to review courses to make sure -- students, teachers and -- plan the board is trying to sanitize u.s. history. people in several states cleaning up tonight following storms that brought heavy rain and storms to the south. winds were clocked at more than 90 miles per hour in parts of louisiana. the gusts even tore the roofs of a few buildings. several hundred people were without power. we could sure use some of that rain here. beautiful weather and rose mary, man, it's hot today. >> you're right, it's a scorcher. today is going to be the hottest day.
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i think we begin to see changes as early as tomorrow. it's also going to help improve our air colt. today we do have a spare the air day, but not for tomorrow. so that is some good news there. as we go into tonight, mostly clear skies. and we begin testing minor drop in temperatures as early as tomorrow. away from the coastline another heat -- i do expect a weak sea breeze to return as early as tomorrow. temperatures right along the coastline beginning to cool back just a little bit. half-moon bay, 81 degrees. we have upper 80s still in oakland and a lot of 90s out there from the north bay into the west bay. san jose at 90 degrees as well.
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58 degrees as we get going tomorrow. a lot of 50s along the bay. under mostly clear skies. again a very weak sea breeze will be moving in for the afternoon. we will have plenty of sunshine. 80 degrees in san francisco so a drop of temperatures expected for you tomorrow. we'll be back into the 90s for our inland communities. 96 in liver more. so still quite hot for our inland communities. in fact tomorrow we'll probably feel a lot like today. but on sunday we all get into this -- i don't really want to call it a cooling trend but at least temperatures moving in the right direction if it has been a little too hot for you. by honed -- monday temperatures continuing to fall. low 70s at the coast. back to you. we're learning more about a
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5th grade teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student during school hours. plus a gushing tower of water nearly 4 floors high. and coming up new at 6:00, a new federal law. but california isn't ready yet. your phone can text 911 but why can't any of these dispatchers receive that text. the pluses and minuses of trying to bring emergency operations to your smart phone. and police arrest a man in one of 3 sexual assault cases at uc berkeley. what the university is saying tonight about keeping kids safe on campus.
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take a look at this. quite a scene today as south of market neighborhood where a 40- foot tower of water was gushing into the air. officials tell us a large big rig backed right into a fire hydrant on new month groomry. he said that the fire department responded immediately and shut off the hydrant keeping water loss to a minimum. the hydrant is expected to be replaced in a few days. now to the latest on the ebola outbreak. the number of people that had contact with the first here was fewer. at this point we are being told 50. that's down from 100. we're also learning that an american working as a freelance
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camera man in liberia will be flown back to the u.s. for treatment. today said the u.s. will not issue a travel ban. reports from dull us airport where some passengers are concerned about the risk in the air. >> jim travels every week for work. his wife begged him to wear a face mask. >> she told me just to wear it for this flight because you're going into dull lose, you don't know what's going on. >> last month thomas duncan flew from liberia the hardest hit country. he flew into dulles airport. the airline is telling passengers that were on duncan's night to contact cbc officials. >> duncan spent hours here. the airport tells me they are operating normally but a tsa
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worker told me their agents here are taking extra precautions. >> some travelers say it's time for the faa to ban travel to and from stricken countries. >> i think for sure. because it can spread very quick here. >> jack kinston isn't calling for travel restrictions but said the president needs to put one person in charge of the ebola response. >> we need to have a schematic saying who is responsible. >> he's waiting before he changes his habits. a teach are handcuffed and accused of a crime against a student. tonight we are learning more about the 5th grade student. what allegedly happened inside
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. a 5th grade teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student and officials say it happened in the classroom. police arrested 52-year-old john lloyd at his holster home yesterday after that student came forward to the principal. they say the molestation happened in morgan hill. live now with more on this 52- year-old teacher who has been arrested. >> well, the latest incident happened this week. the other assault happened within the last 30 days. both inside his classroom here at paradise valley where he's been a teacher for 6 years. >> officials were called out at 1:30 yesterday afternoon after a student reported to her fellow classmates and then to the principal john lloyd
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sexually assaulted her. >> she absolutely did show bravery and some trust in her friends and bringing this forward to have justice for her and for any other potential victims. >> police would not go into detail about the assaults other than it happened in the classroom and that it happened more than once. the school district called parents this afternoon and had a letter posted on the district website about the arrest. >> every single incident that comes to our attention we take very seriously. we acted as swiftly as we could. >> lloyd has been a teacher for the school district for 13 years and oversaw the newsletter. prior to teaching here he taught at -- the school district said he passed a background check. >> he was kind of friendly. >> she was one of lloyd's
5:32 pm
former student. her father is upset. >> these kids should be protected at all times and if this is the kind of behavior that this teacher is going to subject his students to, he's in a better place right now and that's in jail. >> again, police don't know if there are any other victims. they are asking parents to talk to their children if they know this teacher. all next week the school will be offering counseling. his first court appearance is scheduled for tuesday. live in morgan hill. breaking news out of livermore. a minor earthquake has just been reported there. east of livermore. this again is happening in the far east, just a 2.9, not getting too many reports of people feeling it. but if you felt something small at about 5:15, it was indeed an
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earthquake. retaliation of engineers who raised concerns about construction on the eastern span of the bridge. it began after some cal tran engineers testified about alleged reprize ales for raising questions about faulty we welds by chinese contractors. also looked into whether some were reassigned. the investigation found poor internal communication and management practices created distrust and confusion leading to speculation of improper activity of some entries. the report also recommends that cal trance improves communications. one east police officer chooses to live in one of the more crime ridden apartment complexes. on how the arrangement is being credited with a dramatic drop
5:34 pm
in some crimes. >> hercules the dog may bark but he knows his neighbor. his neighbor is well known. he's a police officer but also lives in this crime ridden apartment complex. >> my role is to live here, mingle with the neighborhood. help foster crime prevention. >> it's the program that arranges for officers to live rent free in certain areas. they attend community meetings. >> police are never the solution to everything. >> that does mean a lot because he can live anywhere he wants to. >> the consensus seems to be that having a police officer as a neighbor that had a positive impact but no one can speak about that topic than the young man above him. >> you have to like it because it's a cop staying right under you. it's cool. >> say in the 3 years before he
5:35 pm
moved in there were 54 shootings in the area. in the 3 years since there have been 6. >> your property is on the line as well as your life so you're not just driving in, driving out. you live here so you care. >> andrew is also on the program. he's the school resource officer at -- high school and he lives at the bella vista apartments where some of his students reside. >> they are able to come to him easier because that's a person they can talk to. >> on top of that officer says crimes at his apartment complex has dropped dramatically. >> there were as many as 7 to 8 a mobile month and the average now is 1. >> can go to fostering a better relationship between the police and the community. arraignment has been delayed with 2 charged with raping and killing 4 women
5:36 pm
while they were wearing gps tracking monitors. they were indicted yesterday in san santa an anna. they were linked to the deaths. both men were wearing the tracking devices and were on probation because of previous sex crimes. it is a warm day in san francisco and some people have been without water for hours. the huge water main break that sent water into their homes and mud on to the streets and a look at all the damage that water left behind. one of the bay area's most desirable neighborhoods is rapidly becoming uninsurable and this could be only just the beginning, plus new developments involving those protests in hong kong. protesters were driven from the streets but it wasn't by police. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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police in santa cruz have arrested a man who was wearing a clown mass when witnesses say he deliberately drove into a bike rider. he is charged with suspicion of attempted homicide. witnesses say he intentionally drove into a bicycle rider. some believe he mistook the rider for someone else. the bike rider is now fighting
5:40 pm
for his police. witnesses tell police the suspect was wearing a clown mask at the time and he swerved right into the victim. jp morgan chase is warning people to keep a look out for fraud. says it has not seen any evidence of fraudulent activity and it is not offering credit monitoring but people could be at risk forth -- for a fishing scam. >> we have got legislation that's been languishing in congress to address these issues and we're saying we have got to move forward. this is the latest in a major security breach. violence broke out today in hong kong as pro dem okay real estate protesters clashed with
5:41 pm
pro government supporters. hundreds of supporters of chinese rule stormed tents and ripped down banners belonging to the demonstrators. many of them were forced to retreat. police formed a human chain to try to separate the two groups. says the business leaders must speak up and help end this week long stand off. >> well, we apologize, having difficult there with the sound but we can tell you that because of today's violence the protesters called off planned talks with the government about possible election reforms. make tell giant -- has agreed to pay a 653,000-dollar fine for allegedly jamming wi- fi forcing them instead to pay for the resort.
5:42 pm
says marriott jammed personal wi-fi networks. charged guests to use the hotel wi-fi service. says the practice insures that guests are protected from hot spots that can cause degraded service. people without water for hours on this one of the warmest days of the year in san francisco. a look at all the damage after a broken water main sent thousands of gallons of water flowing. a vintage harley returned after it was stolen deck decades ago. how it was recovered and the special memories it holds for the owners. i'm tracking temperatures for the start of your weekend. i'll tell you who should expect cooler temperatures on saturday. coming up. ♪
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homes and a lot of wasted water. what we're learning about a major water main break in san san francisco area. ktvu rob reports the cause of this break is all too familiar. >> on one of the hottest days of the year in san francisco david wang was among some 20 owners in the bay view district that had no water. >> it sucks. i had to go to my friend's to
5:46 pm
take a shower today and use the bathroom because there's no water. >> the reason behind the problem happened just after midnight a few blocks away. a water main burst at key avenue and king street that sent water gushing on to neighborhood streets for hours. the force so great it knocked a bumper off a car. >> it was all gushing out. >> water flowed into basements and garages of about a dozen homes. the san francisco public utility utility. >> these things happen, we have to deal with water loss in the system occasionally. >> crews were busy at the flooded home. the city is on the hook for damages caused by the break. the san francisco puc says the broken pipe was more than 60 years old. >> we have got 1200 miles of pipes in the city and they have
5:47 pm
been putting in overtime. we are in the process of renovating as we go along. >> the city hopes to have it repaired by the evening but they have shut off water for three blocks. david says he's had enough. >> i'm actually going to the beach. plenty of water at the beach. >> wang had no water today. this neighborhood had too much. in san francisco, rob ross. as rob mentioned 2 million balloons gallons of water spilled this morning. about 2 1/2% of the city's daily water use. a federal judge in sacramento has dismissed a suit regulating the egg industry. the law was passed by voters in 2008. it set new standards requiring more space more hens laying eggs. prior to that many of the hens were crammed into tiny cages
5:48 pm
where they couldn't even flap their wings. in 2010 lawmakers extended the requirements to eggs that come to california from out of state. six states have joined the lawsuit saying the law will put them out of business. animal care officials said 8 suspicious meatballs found around the dog park did not contain any poisonous material. they were found on west 3rd street. the discovery had many dog owners concerned. officials say tests at a uc davis lab determined the meatballs did not contain anything harmful but they did remind pet owners to keep a watchful eye. a harley davidson is back where it belong. it was stolen from edgar
5:49 pm
johnson's backyard way back in 1972. but just last month border authorities tracked down johnson's son to return it to him. edgar, jr. said it is like having a piece of his late father with him again. >> i remember being on it at school. he would come pick me up at school and it's the only harley i've ever been on. >> the bike is valued at $24,000 but obviously worth so much more than that. agents say the bike was on the way to australia when they discovered it. edgar's dad died 4 years ago. it's a nice looking bike. let's talk about our weather now. bring in rosemary and hot out there. >> a lot of 90s out there today. and i think for many today is going to be the hottest day. take a look at some of these
5:50 pm
numbers from the afternoon. 95 morgan hill, along the pen peninsula, low 90s, downtown san francisco, 92 this afternoon. and this is the reason why we have that heat advisory out there because a lot of upper 80s and 90s in areas that aren't used to that type of heat. right now temperatures holding strong as we go inland. 93 still in concord. around the bay, temperatures still in the 80s and 90s as well. 93sfo. i'm noticing a very weak breeze. so temperatures are falling off for some of us. 85 in san francisco. i just showed you a moment ago, topped out in the low 90s this afternoon. temperatures beginning to fall here. half-moon still 82. and 95 95 in santa rose a. >> not a lot of change going on
5:51 pm
for tomorrow. subtle changes especially along the coastline and in the way of a very weak on shore breeze. notice we wake up plenty of clear skies, sunshining, just after 7:00 but notice this little patch of fog right here. as we get into a afternoon it's going to begin to work its way down the coastline just a bit and by the second half of the  day the sea breeze is going to turn on and that is going to help improve our air quality as well. we will have a heat advisory away from the coastline so it's going to be warm to hot once again away from the coast. upper 50s to low 60s and for the afternoon, upper 80s to low 90s expected. 81 in napa. to the east bay where temperatures will range in the 80s to 90s.
5:52 pm
livermore at 96 tomorrow. 87 for sunnyville. along the peninsula tomorrow, 87 in san bern even oh. thankfully it won't be any worse than today and temperatures will continue to fall with the bay area always in view. as we get into the workweek, monday, tuesday, wednesday, finally back to the seasonal average. a risk that no one wants to take. the concerns that the drought could be making it more difficult for people who live in the east bay to get fire insurance. we will hear from one woman who says her bill went up thousands of dollars over the past 2 years. coming up 3 new cases in just a few days. the allegations of female students being sexually assaulted on a bay area college campus. about to become as simple ascending a text, but there are
5:53 pm
some draw backs. >> they are trained to listen to background voices as well. >> what you need to know about this high-tech option to call for help.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
oakland wrapper 2 short is in trouble after tsa screeners found a loaded gun inside his luggage. it happened yesterday in
5:56 pm
burbank. the 48-year-old rapper's real name is -- he ran from the scene but then returned the next day. he was cited with handgun in a public place and then released. new at 5:00, the drought is taking a financial toll on some people hue who live in one of the most desirable areas. some people up in the hills are now considered uninsurable perhaps because of the fire danger. >> oak lands' month claire district is definitely upscale and definitely desirable but because of its zip code it's rapidly becoming uninsurable. >> they want to get out of the area because of fire danger. >> connie didn't want to put her real name on camera. she said she fears losing her
5:57 pm
new hard fought policy after sent her a shocking renewal bill. >> last year it went up to 1400. we came home from vacation and it was 6000. >> calculates the potential for wild fires. >> plug in your address and zip code, no one is accepting new policies. >> connie said every company but one turned her down. an independent walnut creek insurance broker who represents many companies. >> if you're lucky to get your policy renewed, the rates may be higher but at least you are getting your policy renewed. >> many companies are not selling policies in drought fire. >> if your neighbor hasn't
5:58 pm
cleared grass it's still an extreme fire danger. >> get together with your neighbors to lower your risk. fire crews expect to have full containment of a fire. a 37-year-old man is accused of starting that fire. he faces felony arson charges. grounded the blue angels last year but the roar of those hornets is back. the blue angels are in san diego this weekend at -- air show. last year the air show was canceled because of federal budget cuts but the blue angels are back in the air. they hit speeds up to 700 miles per hour, in some cases just 18 inches apart. >> these are real maneuvers
5:59 pm
that real. >> an estimated 11 million people see the blue angels across the country. the blue angels are set to perform at fleet week next weekend. the blue angels are scheduled to fly at. police make an arrest in one of 3 new sexual assaults reported at a bay area university. the steps administrators are being taken to protect female students. the san francisco giants win game 1 against the nationals. we will also tell you about the playoff record. especially if there's a home invasion or something like that you might as well text. >> what you need to know about when you can text and when calling is still best.
6:00 pm
this is ktvu channel 2. there are new allegations of sexual assault tonight at same bay area university already under investigation by the justice department. >> julie has tonight off. a uc berkeley student is behind bars facing felony charges for an alleged sexual assault on campus. police say he is linked to 3 that happened last week. kristina is in berkeley. >> well, we are learning that the student's name [name redacted due to court finding of factual innocence] and he was arrested last night at the delta u house and it is a uc berkeley affiliateed house. >> a cloud of controversy is hanging over the greek system at uc


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