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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 1, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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noon,. plus in walnut creek are reminding people to be vigilant after a thief was caught on camera stealing credit cards right out of another woman's purse. the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. has now been identified. what we're learning about his condition and the hospital's handling of the situation.
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the family of a woman who was hit and killed in a pedestrian accident in san francisco's chinatown are pressing city leaders to increase safety at one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. good afternoon, i'm torrey campbell. brian flores is live on the corner of stockton and sacramento with the call to action today. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hi, torre. good afternoon. there were a couple of close calls of pedestrians almost getting hit by cars here but the latest fatality happened less than two weeks ago. now the family members of the victim as well as chinatown community leaders say enough is enough. >> slow down. >> for chinatown. >> let's make it right. >> change the lights. >> reporter: chantds, prayers and a call for action --
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chants, prayers and a call for action rang loud. community members along with city leaders urged for changes at the deadly intersection. the most recent tragedy happened on saturday, september 20. 78-year-old, a grandmother of eight and former music teacher was killed by a driver who was turning left. >> in my humble opinion, she's a saint. although her beautiful voice was silenced, the tragedy should rebehind us how dangerous this intersection is glsh just days -- >> reporter: just days after her death, another person was hit and injured at the same intersection. community leaders asked for a scramble light which stops all car traffic in all directions for pedestrians.
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those lights are installed at all intersections along stockton except this one on sacramento. the mta says they're looking into that solution as well as short-term ones. >> there are some things we can do in the short term while we identify what the long term solution is and if the long term solution is a scramble, we'll do everything we can to get it in place as fast as we possibly can. >> reporter: they'll look at enhancing crosswalks here at the intersection. the goal is to secure funding for a pedestrian scramble and also look at how this will affect car traffic. although short-term changes should be taking place within the next 30 days. we're live here in san francisco's chinatown, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the one group that had been silent on san francisco fire chief today came out against the embattled chief. the san francisco fire chief association says it delivered a letter to mayor ed lee's office this morning requesting he remove hayes white as head of
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the department. the letter says in part, quote, while the current ambulance crisis is very public and quite easy to see and measure, there are countless other crises within the department which are equally damaging and dangerous, just not as visible to the public at this time. the mayor has said he plans to make a decision on the matter by october 14. we have new details on the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. currently in a dallas hospital. the associated precedent identified him as thomas eric duncan, a native of liberia. he flew last month and got sick a few days after his flight. his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious and also learned today the hospital claims doctors did not know the patient had recently returned from liberia so he was initially sent home.
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>> the personnel at the emergency room did not check his history. if they had, they immediately would have suspected ebola, instead of just a bad case of the flu. >> the patient's sister said he did in fact tell hospital staff that he had just returned from africa, but was still sent home. authorities say the ambulance crew who transported the man and members of his family are among the 12 to 18 people being monitored after exposure to the man. so far ebola has killed more than 3,000 people in africa. a number of bills were signed in a state law by governor brown just before last night's midnight deadline, including one that expa indicts and ensures rape kit testing. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland where the assembly woman who penned the bill is speaking out. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. there are nearly 2,000 rape kits in alameda county alone that are sitting on shelves waiting to be tested now thanks to this new law, all of that
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could change. >> testing every rape kit pulls away the free pass for offenders. >> reporter: they called this a huge victory. she and the alameda county district attorney's office as well as victims' advocates gathered at the state office building in oakland earlier this morning to celebrate the victory. the new law requires hospitals to submit rape kits to forensic labs within five days of collecting d.n.a. and forces the lab to process the kits within 120 days. ktvu spoke to a rape victim who told us she waited two and a half years for her rape kit to be processed. >> i'm told that my rape was not a good enough rape and being told my funding -- there was no funding for me. >> that was incredibly traumatizing, disempowering event after going through the horrors of being drugged and raped and having a rape kit down which is also a traumatic experience. >> reporter: she said her rapist was never caught but she
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hopes this new law will help take serial offenders off the street. skinner says funding for the testing should come from federal funds that president obama has earmarked. the department of justice estimates there are a hundred thousand rape kits at public crime labs waiting to be tested. live from oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. governor also signed another bill called audrey's law which increases criminal penalties for teenagers convicted of certain sex crimes named in memory of a 15-year- old saratoga girl who died two years ago. she was sexually assaulted while she was passed out drunk at a party by three boys who later shared photos of the incident with classmates. she then committed suicide eight days after the assault. the three boys later received sentences of 30 to 45 days in juvenile hall. police say surveillance video of a thief in action is a
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stark reminder that jeff one should be vigilant of their surroundings. it shows the crime as it happens on monday around lunch time. you can see the thief sit down next to a woman. then reach down into the victim's purse and steal her wallet. she rifles through it, steals credit cards. then returns the wallet to the victim's purse. >> she's probably very good at what she does. so she knows she's confident you she can go in and pull it off and counting on people not to pay attention. i'm not surprised. >> police say that thief went on a $3,000 spending spree immediately after the theft. anyone who recognizes the thief in the video is asked to contact police. investigators are trying to track down two people responsible for setting two fires this morning in a san jose elementary school and our cameras caught one of the fires in progress as well as the
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suspects. jeanine joins us. >> reporter: the investigators are examining our video and sharing it with police. we're in the back of simon's elementary school, the same spot we were this morning where we saw the fire. you see the yellow tape and those picnic tables. >> reporter: it was around 5:00 when we spotted an orange glow. two people standing close by were watching as this fire grew throwing items into it. they quickly left. we called 911 to report it. >> there's a media photographer taking photos of the perpetrators. >> reporter: firefighters rushed to the school and put out the flames before they reached one of the buildings. it was several orange cones, pile lons and -- pylons and garbage that had burned. a vodka bottle was found nearby. firefighters had come to the same location earlier for another trash fire. that is what originally brought
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us to the scene. >> it appears like juvenile vandalism. the video you shot, it would be very helpful. we'll pass it on to the arson unit. >> reporter: police arrived and started searching the area near the school but couldn't find anyone on foot. while it didn't damage any structure, the unified school district has experienced numerous arsons in the past that caused extensive damage. >> it's frustrating. just from the reof resource part of it because -- resource part of it because it's money that could be used toward the classroom and things for the kids and it gets spent on vandalism and we do get a lot of that in our district. >> reporter: students at simons elementary were not affected by the fire. that's because school is not in session this week. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a warm-up is under way and this is just the beginning. steve paulson will be here to
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tell you just how hot it will be where you live. >> plus, the reward now being offered to find whoever broke in and clubbed more than 900 chickens at a foster farm shed in fresno county.
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there's a $5,000 reward for information about an intruder who slaughtered 920 chickens at a foster farm shed. someone broke in on september 20 and used a golf club or some other instrument to beat the chickens to death. detectives are calling the intruder pretty sick and the behavior alarming. a reward is being offered by the company that says it has an expressed policy to treat the birds as humanly as possible and with compassion. we're learning more about a man killed in a shooting at a downtown oakland nightclub early this morning. what led up to the gunfire and what neighbors are calling in response to this violent crime. >> reporter: an argument outside bela ultralounge in downtown oakland led to a deadly shooting just after 1:00 this morning. police say 27-year-old connie solls from berkley was hit by
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gunfire and died at the hospital. the victim had been in the club with friends. then at some point he got into a physical fight with another man outside the club. >> we know there was some sort of physical altercation between the victim and the suspect. at some point our suspect pulled out a firearm and fired at our victim. >> reporter: witnesses say the club was crowded when the shooting happened with well over a hundred people inside. a cook at the lounge told me he heard screaming and saw people running after shots were fired. >> we had security. this block, i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: homicide detectives spent the morning out here gathering evidence and talking with witnesses. there is a surveillance camera right above the entrance to this nightclub and a number of other cameras in this area. investigators are now going over video trying to identify the people involved in this deadly shooting. and people who live nearby say this morning's killing was the latest in a string of violent crimes connected to this club.
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we talked to one neighbor who was worried about showing his face. he told us he wants the city to crack down on bela lounge. >> i wish we could say we were really shocked but this has become a pattern around this neighborhood and particularly this club. >> reporter: before this morning's shooting, several neighbors called police to complain about noisy crowds in the street. officers dealt with that disturbance but not long after that, there was gunfire. this was the 52nd homicide of the year in oakland, although the city has seen the number of killings drop by 30% so far this year compared with last year. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for potential victims after arresting a man for sexually assaulting a man -- [ inaudible ] -- attacked at least one girl multiple times over the last two years. authorities say the assaults
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happened during sleepover parties. however, they did not say what his connection is to victims or why children were sleeping at his house. police say there may be more victims. police in the south bay are warning about a rash of robberies in which gold chains are being snatched right off of people's necks. in the past five months, police have investigated 21 chain snatchings in sunnyvale and 14 in santa clara. while the robberies occurred in different locations and at random times of the day, the one common factor is that awfully the victims are of indian descent. >> they snatched the gold chain from her neck anded other one was waiting -- and the other one was waiting a little further. he sat on the motor bike. >> reporter: police say they believe the suspects drive down the street looking for victims. police have released photos after suspect and getaway car. the suspect is described as african-american and n his 20s,
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roughly 6 feet tall, thin build and may be working with a group of men with similar descriptions. a fund-raiser is planned across the bay area today to mark 21 years since 12-year-old polyklaas was abducted -- polly klaas was abducted from her home. a man with a knife kidnapped the 12 exrearld from her -- 12- year-old from her bedroom while she was having friends over for a slumber party. richard allen davis was later sentenced to death for her kidnapping and murder. today pasta pomodoro will raise money for the klaas foundation at all 19 of its bay area restaurants. the foundation was created in polly's honor to help the families of missing children. the family of a 9-year-old boy who was reportedly slapped by a fremont schoolteacher has now filed a lawsuit against the teacher and the school district. it alleges negligent hiring, negligent supervision, assault, and battery regarding the incident at patterson elementary school back in
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april. investigators say teacher fred burg became angry and slapped the boy aft third grader made a mistake on a math test. he was placed on paid administrative leave but later returned to the school. it's too bad that the giants and the pirates aren't playing tonight at at&t park because it would be absolutely ideal baseball weather. we have a little bit of a north, northeast breeze. it's almost as warm in the sunset district and ocean beach as it is in the mission and along the embarcadaro and san francisco and probably where you are. half moon bay airport 79 degrees about 45 minutes ago. so the coast is clear and temperatures are warming up. it was kind of cool for some this morning but it didn't take long for others to warm up fast and because of that, we have a heat advisory now. it does not start till noon thursday and goes until 9:00 p.m. friday and it also includes san francisco. not today. it will be tomorrow and friday when i think some of the warmest to hottest temperatures
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will settle in. record setting maybe but probably it will be close for parts of the coast. very dry air is coming in behind our system. high pressure is built in. so let's take a tour around and see what we can find. 58 santa rosa. 84 napa airport. that's warmer than fairfield. that's warmer than concord. livermore, san jose 79. 78 san francisco. half moon bay is 81 degrees. we have 84 in hillsboro. petaluma 80 degrees. a lot of these sometimes are wind driven. warmer in san ramon than brentwood. i don't know when i've seen that this time. year but that's what's happening today. windy towards vac ail and parts of eastern -- vkville and parts of eastern solano. down towards the south bay some 80s as well. san jose state university 80 degrees. 80 in gilroy. they were 49 this morning. so they may top out around 90 degrees. on the peninsula, menlo park was 51 this morning. they're now 80. 81 in belmont and close in the
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las altos hills and foster city is 79. i believe i saw patrick check in with a tweet that said 75 in redwood shores. gusting to 28. concord turns northeast 12, gusting to 20. that's the direction the wind is coming from. oakland downtown is really weird. they have a little bit of a westerly breeze but i've seen 81 to 83 coming off piedmont and montclaire. there are parts of oakland are very warm. others not so bad. to north san jose, northwest san jose 14 to 17. livermore is due east and that's why half moon bay is 81. they're 10, gusting to 21 straight out of the east. that's an off shore breeze. 75 in monterey which is warmer than l.a. and san diego. come on now. sacramento about 80 degrees. 57 up in tahoe. almost 07 in eureka. no problems tonight. a lot of fog in pittsburg. looks like the fog is burning off. game time temp upper 60s to 70 but staying clear. mostly clear. for us we are severe clear as
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we like to say. because of this off shore breeze, high fire danger. the next couple of days things could get a little dicey here. the end result is also spectacular weather by the beach. ocean beach was # 9 degrees. -- 79 degrees. north, northeast wind direction. bow day go bay, monterey looks really nice. sunny and warmer. where is the fall weather? hang on. by sunday we'll get there. the next couple of days it will be warm to hot. in fact it may be warmer closer to san francisco than clear lake, fairfield or vacaville the next couple of days. upper 80s for some. mid-80s for others. close to the coast and bay, this kind of a pattern, it's my old girlfriend there, tori. >> off shore flow. >> definitely back in town. she's going to be here for a while. a lot of 80s and even this is that time of year where the coast is just really warm. i don't see any change till maybe the weekend. looks like cooler by sunday. >> okay. always get that last burst.
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thank you. free access to wi-fi now available in dozens of public spaces throughout san francisco. we'll tell you where. >> and san francisco giants fans gearing up as the team gets ready for tonight's all or nothing natural league wild card game.
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stocks have been negative all day but the selling accelerated after a closely watched index measuring u.s. manufacturing was weaker for september. airline stocks are also down as investors fear the news of the
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first ebola case in the u.s. might discourage travel. the dow down 253. the nasdaq down 81. the s&p down 29. starting today there are 32 public spaces throughout san francisco that now offer free access to wi-fi service. today's rollout comes more than a year after google announced that $600,000 donation to implement the system. the public spaces where users can now get free wireless internet service includes several city parks and rec centers as well as civic center plaza, justin herman plaza and union square. we have breaking news. it's now being widely reported that secret service director julia pierson has resigned following the recent white house security breach. high ranking lawmakers from both parties have been urging pierson to resign following her poorly received testimony yesterday about the white house break-in last week.
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once again breaking news, the secret service director has resigned and we'll have more on that coming up in our later newscasts. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always for you on you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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