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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. gunfire leaving one man dead, we will tell you what police believe led up to the shooting. and watching her make her move, it is all caught on security cameras, why police want you to see this video. and a stalker talking children in petaluma, the precautions they are taking to protect kids. the new security breach involving president barack obama, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, in is ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning, we are following developing news now in oakland where a man was shot and killed, alex savage will have more on what happened inside of a nightclub, it may be a key piece of this investigation and we will check in, it is wednesday october 1st, i am pam cook. >> welcome, steve is right over there. >> i am not, dave. >> no, i thought that was you? >> no i am here. temperatures are going up and skies are clear, breeze is cranked up in the higher elevations and also out at father field yet napa airport, afternoon bay very mild, 62 los altos and that's a good indication the breeze has picked up.
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mid-50s to upper 50s. south wind at concord, santa rosa finally has it, they are the only ones holding on and it's more of a puff than anything else. that is good to go and it will be clear and 76 about game time. we have clear skies and the beach is heighting up, we have not only high pressure over us and we have that offshore breeze, 80s inland, here is sal. all right, right now we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing nicely, a approaching the city if you are approaching from oakland it takes about 8 minutes, no problems on the bridge getting into the city and also looking at the san mateo, unless you are crossing to the peninsular, it looks good from hayward all the way to foster city in san mateo. nothing major just yet and if you are driving to the
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livermore valley we have some slow traffic in pleasanton. let's go back to the desk. oakland police are still at the scene of a deadly shooting. it happened outside of a nightclub, what led to that gun violence? >> there was some sorts of an argument that led to a shooting right here on clay between 11 11th and 12th. >> reporter: this investigation is winding down and you can see one police car and detectives are still searching for evidence in this area. all morning long we have seen them at this club when the shooting happened. one man was shot to death and it happened just outside of the bella ultralounge. now a security guard told me the place was fairly crowded and it was well over 100 people
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inside. a cook who works here at the club also talked with me for a short time and he said he didn't hear the shooting because he was inside working and he heard people screaming and running outside. what happens outside is a very different story. >> we stopped at 1:00 and they may are have gotten out by 130. >> what team? >> i don't know. the security went downstairs. this was the 54th homicide of the year so far in oakland. this city has seen a dramatic drop in the number of killings. homicides are down 2 5% compared to the same last year when the homicide stood at 72. no arrests in connection with
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this early morning shootingit and they have not released any descriptions alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is new information about a man who was shot. richard watkins was killed by a stray bullet. he was standing outside of his home waiting for a relative to park a car when he was shot. the gunman had confronted that relative and for some reason opened fire. the relative was not hurt but watkins died at the scene, no arrests have been made. walnut creek are asking for help to track down a braisen thief. live with the details and also a police video showing the crime as it happened, tara? >> police are hoping somebody
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recognizes her. >> she scopes out the place and after a half hour grabs the wallet from the victim's purse. the thief rifles through it and quickly exits the restaurant, the victim is completely unaware. the wallet snatcher went on a $3,000 spending spree racking up a pile of bills in the victim's name. anybody with information is asked to contact investigators. do you think this could happen to you? we will talk to some people out here on the street and we will get their reaction. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a fundraiser will mark the 21st name of which -- anniversary of a murder of a
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little girl which shocked the country. he was sentenced for her death and today they will raise money for the foundation for all 19 bay area restaurants and class kids helps families of missing children. they are now stalking children walking home from school. he tried to lure several girls into his car since classes began last month. they are having increased patrols as well as me walk elementary school and they are warping them to be alert. >> right now we have one person with repeated events with different people who are out there looking for targets. we don't want any targets. >> now police have one possible suspect in this case, they are looking for a man who is arrested on felony stalking
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charges last week. he was out before the latest on monday. the parents of a 9-year-old fremont student who was reportedly slapped is now suing the district. they are a lenting negligent supervision, assault and battery and other charges for the incident back in april. investigators say teacher fred bird became angry and slapped the third greater after he made a mistake on a math test. he later returned to the school despite protests by pass. all california teachers and school employees are now required to take annual child abuse training. governor brown signed a new new lou and the requirement starts in the new year. school districts who do not do
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it will leave themselves vulnerable to lawsuits. and the department of education will provide almost $3 million over the next five years for violence intervention, prevention and counseling. homicide is the leading cause among death among young people in sap familiar. 60% of that neighborhood have experienced one tram matt i can incident. they were armed with a folding knife and he jumped over the white house fence and he was actually able to make it well into their before he was stopped by secret service agents. he suffers from posttraumatic
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stress disorder after three tours in iraq. we are also finding out about another security breach involving president barack obama. this one happened two weeks ago when he was at atlanta with the cdc. he road in the elevator with a company expected felon and that man was a security contractor. they only found out he was armed after they questioned him when he refused to stop taking questions in the elevator. if anybody has a fun, they need special clearance. they lost their confidence in her to do her job.
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>> we all want to know how this incident came to pass and that's why i have asked for a full review, it is obvious, it is obvious mistakes were made. >> i wish to god you protected the white house like you are protecting your reputation today. >> these does not agree with lawmakers who say secret service agents should have shot gonzalez. a particular group of people targeted for what they are wearing, coming up at 5:30 the thieves they are going after in the south bay. but first targeted for tickets, you may be shocked to find out which cars will be pulled over by police. as you look at highway 4, it is slow in antioch and we will tell you more straight ahead. no high clouds, sunny and
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temperatures warming up we'll see how temperatures shape up over the next few days.
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. hong kong's leader made a public appeal to nominate candidates to the election of the neck leader in 2017. we want to take you there live and protesters have been
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filling the streets and as you can see, we have thousands out there and they want to be able to choose their own candidates. today while the leader was speaking, they yelled to him to resign and if that leader does not resign, they will step up their actions including occupy several government buildings and we will continue to monitor that live. officials say bell guard dense mayor got into 'argument when their 19-year-old -- into an argue. and he went into another room and got a gun. >> he reports he punched him in the face. >> he shot her -- she shot her husband several times. she was detained questioned and
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later released. the facts of the case will be turned over to decide whether or not to file any charges. prosecutors in santa clara county have dismissed murder charges in a highly publicized case, it's all because of a romantic relationship. the husband is charged with killing her 25 years ago. police found her body in the back seat of the parking lot after it was discovered they had an affair and tested the dna evidence. >> you should not have to be told you had an affair with the main forensic witness, but that being the case, this may be broken young repair.
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>> we need to make sure justice will be served. >> the district has apologized to kathy's loved ones, and they have no choice but to dismiss the case at least for now. >> happening today, it goes up $1.00 and then rises to $1.00 and 53 cents by october 16th they are looking into whether they can survive the increase and it is now going up to $5 -- $15 per hour. reports subaru has had recent run ins with the police. pontiac g. the o is number 2 on the list and toyota super bowl
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bra comes in 4th. some of the cars at the top of the list are not even made anymore. the mets nmitsubishi ranges 17 17th which comes in number 20. >> 5:17 is the time let chem in with patrick. >> as you take a hook at the heat of sure freeway. average speed 65 and unfortunately we don't think it will stay this way but when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will sow traffic is still light with no major delays. livermore valley with one of the slowest commutes already slow on 205 and also it is slow
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on 580 but that slow on the pass, and for the most part you don't have to worry about too much more. we don't have to worry about fog the coast is clear, there is a northerly breeze for some out to the valley and so far we can't find one for the city and it does not mean it will not turn, that is not the case, we are warming up, there can be a few locations and this is close to upper $07, offshore president to near it 90 for some ,it will be pretty close here today. 48 napap also in jell roy, if
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there is was a breeze it would be cooler than this. the wind has cranked up and almost hardly any breeze except for a slight puff but so far it has not made it down to the surface. 15 in ukiah, our reek is actually cold at 46 degrees and everything is good to go in pittsburgh california it looks like that rain is long gone and high 56, we have clear skies, not mostly, it is clear, next couple of days as we hit towards friday and in fact the next couple of days get as good
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as it gets. if you like fog wait until sunday. the reason we are going 90 in fairfield, fairfield and vacaville are almost in the lower friday, it will be not edge of the supplement hot but hot and then cooler on sunday. faa is ordering airlines to replace cockpit displays on 700 boeing jets. the triple 7s are susceptible to wi-fi inn frequencies. they show the screen can go plank when used with that display. they have been given that and in nearly two years, there is
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an increased production and they are pushing crude prices lower along with demand and it is going to less than $3.35 per gallon. the season is over, coming up in the next half hour, why some bay area fans watching on television, you may not have seen that last pitch. but first an old problem is once again haunting an east bay community and why certain trees post a serious threat. map map
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. welcome back, happening today, firefighters and city leaders will be gathering in row day oh, they will be celebrating the opening of the fire station on third street which has been closed because of fire district cut backs. it is now able to reopen because of a $5.2 million federal grant. people who live in the east bay hills are worried about high temperatures and off shore winds. activists say groves of them helped spread the flames and are still a big problems. 20 people died and 4,000 homes were destroyed by that fire. they asked for millions of dollars to cut down eucalypti trees and they will make an
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environmental impact statement early next year. >> they need to do what they can to reduce fire hazards and if it has to do with trimming the trees than they must trim the trees. >> homeowners want something done now. a coyote that was injured in the california wildfire is now back out in the wild. the female coyote and her brother were badly hurt, both had bad burns on their paws and if you are. the female coyote was treated by veterinarian technicians. they tried to remain as hands off as possible so she would not gets used to human contact. yesterday she was released. >> i don't know the true feeling but i kind of think that is probably the closest i will ever feel.
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>> unfortunately the mail's -- male's injuries were too bad and they are now looking for a place for him to live in a forever home permanently. the concerns about air travel and the possible spread of that disease. and a braise end theater inside of a walnut creek restaurant and we will tell you what was taken and what police say happened next. good morning, we are looking at the golden gate bridge with all of the commutes coming up. >> two friends of mine, since any and warmer are here, they are not here now but they will be here later today and maybe the rest of the week.
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. good morning, it is 5:30 i can't believe it is already october -- >> you did it. >> steve said it is like the middle of summer, i guess? >> well, it may feel like it, water temperatures have cooled off and we are getting a northerly breeze which we have not seen but that northerly breeze also takes care of fog and you can see the dry air
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spilling in from top to bottom, 20-degrees spread which is why it is so warm, walnut creek san jose 5 six-and-a-half moon bay at 51 and fso, the breeze has cranked up and at the surface there is calm, 61 in petaluma, and if you get a northerly breeze, you are probably much cooler than any puff of a breeze, south at concord north at fairfield and upper 60s and 70s, everything is good to go and we will have mostly clear skies it will be sunny and warmer, breezy for some, higher elevations and then out to the valley a lot of 70s and 80s,
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here is sal. not much change here with a 17 minute drive time and when you -- when you get to the drive time you will see traffic here which is getting busier and 5:45 is when those metering lights come on. highway 4 getting some slow traffic in antioch as you drive through bay point and concord still looking good at 5:32 let's go back to the desk. walnut creek police are asking for help to track down a braisen thief. tara moriarty has more on that and also has a police video showing the you crime as it happened. >> reporter: this is really a good reminder to keep your personal belongings in your sight at all times. this is a look at the surveillance video around lunchtime where you see a woman standing in the bottom corner in the right hand frame.
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she scopes out the place, after a half hour grabs the wallet from the victim's purse. the thief rifles through it steals credit cards and then returns the wallet to the victim's purse. she leaves with the victim completely unaware. >> reporter: she then went on a spending spree racking up a pile of bills in the victim's name. do you think something like this could happen to you? well, we will talk to people out here on the streets and see if they think that could have happened to them. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> they are trying to lay fears about the first case of ebola virus here in the u.s. the man has not been named after arriving from liberia on september 20th. now he started having symptoms
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on september 24th and sought medical care two days later however he was sent home and only admitted to the hospital on sunday when his symptoms got worse. he is currently in critical condition and they are monitoring people who came in contact. >> they are giving contact information and monitoring them. >> the patient's family and paramedics transported them and they are all being monitored. ebola virus patients are only couldn't table juice -- contagious once they begin showing symptoms. now an expert on infectious diseases said he does not think this will be the last ebola virus virus case.
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he said when he left sierra leonia there was nothing there when i lapped and those add risk for borders. >> they do not believe there will be a massive outbreak but he said the healthcare system is weaker there. four american aid workers became infected while volunteering and became infected in atlanta and nebraska and we have been tell you about those cases. one of those patients remains in the hospital and the others have recovered. they are currently under off evacuation -- observation at a similar place in washington d.c.
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they are warning about a rash of robberies where people wearing gold chains, the chains are snatched right off their next, 14 of them happened and there is a comment connection. >> they snatch the gold chain from her neck and the other one was a little further and he then sat on the motor bike and they ran. police say they believe they drive down the street looking for victims. he is described as an african- american man about six feet tall and he may be working with a group of men with similar
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descriptions. somebody broke into a shed and killed 920 chickens. they went inside and killed all of them and whoever is responsible is sick and the farm is offering a $5,000 reward. happening today people who suffered from the napa quake, there are several location, prescription medications even rent. the napa valley will handout a total of 350,000 dollars. more will be available over the next couple of months.
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napa means mail remains unblocked. people who have had holds on their mailed they have not been able to get to their mail and as soon as that is available, it is not clear how long it will take to make the downtown post office said to go inside. he claims he was attacked by a himmer and the 35-year-old got in to trouble. they claim he hit him in the head with a hammer leaving him bleeding and unconscious. doctors are not sure if he will die, they have not responded. they are filing another lawsuit. bryan stow was awarded another judgement and the new laws --
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lawsuit claims they are not providing enough medical coverage for him. he suffered permanent damage when he was severely affected. they will have new restrictions on marijuana clubs but not until 2016. they decided to put the measure on the next regular election ballot in june 20th 16. they say it will cost taxpayers and should hold a special election before then. they will force most of san jose's medical marijuana dispensaries to close their doors. police say the bullet was not meant for him, coming up at 6:00, the new information about the moment leading up to that
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shooting. i went outside and i found, basically this scattered all over the place. >> they are supposed to be all over the place. good morning, traffic is still doing okay on the sunole grade, we will tell you more about the commute on the bay area, straight ahead. temperatures on the coast we will to you you how much and how long. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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. welcome back the man accused of setting several
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fires are due back in court today. peterson was charged in three of the seven fires that were set early sunday morning. gutierrez is accused of setting the other four. a surveillance video shows gutierrez lighting a dumpster on fire and witnesses place peterson at the scene of the fire he is accused of setting. he was walking home from work and was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it feels like a nightmare, steven would never do this, ever, ever. >> both men have been a signed public defenders. they are looking into whether they will be arrested. ronald lauren attacked one
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girl multiple times over the last two years. assault happened during sleepover parties and however they did not say what his connection was to the victim or why childrenswere sleeping -- were sleeping at his house. they are asking anybody with information about this cause to come forward. today marks one year since at affordable care act marks the act. 1.3 has enrolled. the number is now half and they are rolling out ahead of the new enrollment period which runs from february 15 to january -- december 15th to january 15 january 15thth. they are talking about the low flying planes they say is disturbing their peace and
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quiet. a company called surf air flies to several cities around california and they fly around communities over the peninsular including around atherton. their planes are not the only ones flying other those areas. >> we are trying to enhance the leaves who have been powered by the noise or boy surf air. oakland as are headed back after a disappointing loss. they had a 7-3 lead, the game went into extra innings and went into 12, and they scored 9- 8 win and some areas complained their service went out just as the final pitch was delivered in the 12th inning.
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they ben on in the american league division. they have not done well if and they faced is the national series on the 10:00. a man in maryland said his dog broke his heart because he ate something very valuable. he is a long time baltimore orioles fan. yesterday the truck pulled up and delivered his world series tickets, unfortunately his 7 month old burmese doing went outside and saw piecess of the
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ticket all month long. >> it could not be something month endanger from amazon for my wife. >> well, the dog didn't eat the barcodes and he will still be able to be there if his team makes it to the big game and he has no hard feelings against his dog. >> puppies like paper a pam, the tickets. >> 5:47 is the time, what are the odds, sal. >> my blood pressure went up looking at that story. good morning everybody, let's see what we have now with the morning commute getting out the door. you should be looking at the delay and it's packed up to the mcarthur maze and 50 minutes and traffic is moving along nicely and certainly more
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people are getting on the road and it is still mormon andable and that -- more manageable and as we take a look -- a look at the commute, traffic is moving along slowly at 101 getting up to 880 but that's about all for now. 5:47 and 5:48 steve? >> yes. >> i thought he was going to be crucified for the decision, he want the game but that was close. >> you have to hold that lead though sal. >> thank you sir. p. >> clear skies, dry air is moving in, nice west breeze, higher he will -- elevations.
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can it can go much of it, mid- 80s to near 90 and we would be where that north wind is out towards antioch brent we had, but there is not going to be a big spread over the next few days. 48 napa, there were 48 and 61 fso, 55 concord and there is a breeze north and temperatures have held up, of 5 to 6 something north at 15, concord is a little south wind and they are trying to am post below and
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this is what we have been looking for a long team. that has come down from 2 to 4- degree after it look lash it, they cool for the northern plains and there was some feelp donations clear skies for us including the defendant. high pressure nosing in and windy for some at the surface and it will translate at the surveys from bodega bay and we can expect some of this sometime, sunny and warmer,
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breezy for some, testimoney it is up a and thursday and cooler and then we go into next week. general mills plans on eliminating some of its cereals. 800 employees will be laid off and they will cut more than 700 practice tri-- factory jobs. the changes will be made before february and others as far as kellogg's has closed factories since the beginning of this year. they are buying the studio and shrek has broken cuts and after a series of bad moves visit this year. coming up in about 20
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minutes, how love and romance led to the dismissal of murder charges against two brothers. and a test of sabotage with a corporate event, it is now under investigation on treasure island.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news it is 5:54 search operations on
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japan's mountain continues despite toxic gases and another eruptions. they found 12 more bodies bringing the death toll to 48. at least 250 hikers were on the mountain when if unexpectedly erupted. they had trouble breathing because of the falling ash. several suffered crushed ribs and skulls and other problems. they had a highly publicized problem from the bridge. a simple coat of paint and freeze can help protect the problems on the eastern span. they are determining the bolts are strong and safe after they get extra protection and that raises concerns that the new bridge was not safe.
5:56 am
vexers want to know why it was cut and public utility officials say somebody used a hacksaw in an electrical switch box. it left 2000 people on treasure island with no power for most of the night. still not clear if the van dalles were to sabotage an evicts from the power source. >> oracle was running off of a separate generator but they believe they were look -- we believe they were looking for copper. >> they will be replaced with underground cables and that project is due to start next year. san francisco, there are 32 more places to access free wi- fi. google gave them money to set
5:57 am
up the sent. they include parks, just tip herman and tune beyond squares. >> why he was able to steal several items after being but to the homeowner. and the parents of a boy slapped by a teacher are taking action after the teacher is being returned to the classroom. we are looking at a commute, looking at san francisco northbound or southbound it is looking good and we will tell you more about the commute coming up. temperatures will start warming up and temperatures over the next few days will be above normal, we will show you those coming up.
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. a stalker targeting school children in petaluma and police may know who the suspect is and
6:00 am
where patrols have been increased. people in berkeley are getting a raise, how much more is it scheduled to go up as the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage, this is channel 2 morning news. good morning, welcome back to the morning news, we are in oakland at the scene of a deadly shooting coming up, alex savage will have more on what happened inside of a nightclub that may help with key evidence. it is wednesday, end pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. did steel tell you, it is all down and it doesn't look like it has much


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