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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. a home invasion in a quiet bay area neighborhood. a tamer sedin intruders -- teenager sedin intruders tied him up. good evening. >> a 17-year-old boy who was home alone said he was tied up at gunpoint as masked robbers stole valuables from his family. new at 10:00, we spoke with the
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young man inside. >> he broke in, ordered me to the ground,. >> jonathan is describing the moment he discovered a man in the middle of the his home. just before 1:00 the 17-year- old heard someone break in through the back window. the intruder demanded he get to the ground. >> i went to ground, put my hands behind my back. the rest i couldn't see in the robber tied him up with duct tape. i told him where everyone was. he asked do you have a safe, i told him yes. he got it. >> the safe full of jewelry and passports. his only thoughts to stay calm. the whole ordeal lasting five or 10 minutes. >> i was waiting for him to
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leave. >> it was after he no longer heard footsteps he freed himself and called 911. >> i worried about my son and my dog. >> he only saw one masked man surveillance video captured one other man. >> about a year ago we had a series of break ins and that's when the neighbors got cameras. i'm shocked they targeted that house. >> the family think the robbers targeted their house at random. >> i cannot belief this is very, very safe neighborhood. it's good here. i don't think anybody happen like this -- anything happen like this before. the robber knocked on the front door first. they hope the cameras will lead
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to the people responsible. >> a tragic consequence of gun violence, a 9-year-old struck by a stray bullet is paralyzed from the neck down. amber lee is at children's hospital where the girl remained 10 weeks after her life was turned upside down. >> the 9-year-old is in the rehab ward despite a grim prognosis she is making progress. >> jackie is slowly gaining her trent -- strength. her voice and breathing has been damaged. >> we're going to show the camera how loud you can get.
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let's see, you're doing the alphabet. >> almost daily therapy with a speech pathology is helped the 9-year-old make progress. >> the ball is going around the chair. helping the girl fight back from her life-threatening injury. she gets rewarded when she does well in therapy. >> what do you want for your prize? >> i don't know. get outside. >> on may 16th jackie was outside playing in front of her home with her younger brother when a stray bullet hit her in the neck. i asked what she would like to do now? >> play with her brother. >> the doctor says it will be
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another two months before she's ready to leave the hospital. but the odds are against her walking again 72 she has a -- strong personality. we notice that the ones that have the fighting spirit do the best. >> the doctor says jackie regained movement in her left hand, she may be able to feed herself. her mom tells me through a translator she has hope her daughter will walk again. >> i feel at peace, i feel happy, very happy, because clearly at the beginning they said she wouldn't move anything. >> able to move a big and sing. >> twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are, up the sky like diamond.
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>> my one word. >> jackie tells me she's looking forward to starting fourth grade, when that will happen depends on the progress she makes. her doctor says she's doing much better than expected. >> the doctors will train jackie's family to take care of her so they are prepared when she's ready to go home. an unruly disrupted last night's city council meeting when the 20-year-old climbed over the speakers table. cano was escorted out of the room. the police will be on hand for the meetings. an oakland police officer
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who was fired three years ago is getting his job back. here's video from the protest in october 2011. he fired a tear gas pro correct i'll into a crowd, patriotic correct i'll, an arbitrator determined the officer was following orders. >> arizona a -- a teacher charged with 150 counts of child moll itsation took the stand. joseph martin says his only mistake was being too affectionate with his students. he is a caring man. he's getting to tell the true
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story. >> on the stand martin talked about his teaching style. his back, shoulder and chest padding was a way to calm down children with learning disabilitying. . >> and when asked to plap a letter found on him and he asked god to forgive him. he was referring to the sipp of pride. martin is charged with rubbing the chest of 14 students under their shirts over the period of several years. in february 2 of the alleged victims talked. >> he would tell us he loves
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us. >> he was way too friendly. he was creepy and weird. >> most of the students were uncomfortable with it. >> bryant is representing the families. when you give love and want love become in a way that's physical, and in a ways that touching and that carries on for a period of time that's inappropriate. >> the prosecutor began the cross-examination and he showed this photo taken by ktvu on the first day of the trial. martin is looking at the camera and smiling. when asked why he was smiling he didn't want the picture to look like a mug shot. cross-examination continues tomorrow. >> at there's a
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special report. the video is under hot topics. 20 million gallons of water was lost in the water main break that flooded ucla campus. part of sunset boulevard will be closed for 48 hours and two days before 900 cars are towed. the university and city officials say the basketball court in pauley pavilion will need to be replaced. >> the pauley floor which many have written to me is drying out and hope we can repair it or replace it quickly. >> while cleaning up six people fell ill from generator exhaust. the conflict between hamas and israel claimed more lives. a united nations school used as a shelter came under fire.
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20 people killed, 100 wounded. a spokesman said he provided israel with coordinates for that school. it's real said the militants had been firing rockets in the vicinity. >> we've seen hamas brutalizing u.n. facilities and turning them into war zones. israel security cabinet will keep up the offensive which started 23 days ago to end hamas fighters firing into israel. the peace corps are removing volunteers from liberia, sierra leone and quinney, this comes from thoughts that people are being
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quarantined. the peace corps are withdrawing 340 volunteers. it's established 672 people -- estimated that 672 people have died. park your car and eventually you will pay the price. >> i've only lived here 2 1/2 months and i've had four tickets. >> who investigating the parking tickets you tonight deserve. warmer tomorrow. the areas where 100-degree weather is creeping into the forecast. >> a disturbing rise in skin cancer rates.
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. a warning about melanoma. the surgeon general is sounding the alarm about an increase in skin cancer. >> it is summertime, a lot of people on the boat, swimming, playing in the parks. there's been a 200% increase in deadly skin cancer cases since 73. not enough people are protecting themselves from the sun. sun worshippers were enjoying the day. people were out with and without hats. down the street some went indoors to tan. >> the biggest reason are vacations and even out the tans
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after the vacation. the one time they can lay down and relax. >> the surgeon general hopes the warning will change people's thinking. every year 5 million people are treated for skin cancer. >> one in five americans will develop some type of skin cancer. >> an oakland dermatologist said it's a preventable problem. >> there's genetic tendencies that are not preventable. we harp on uv exposure. >> the report says 90% of melanomas are caused by uv exposure. there's no such thing as a health etan. asking communities to provide more shade and having stricter
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laws. california is one of only 10 states that ban minors from using indoor tanning. >> you can only tan once a day and certain time limits. >> people with fair skin are at higher risk. but uv rays can damage anyone's skin. melanoma does have a good survival rate but that changes if it at a later stage. froms say the signs and symptoms are abc de. simet are you call, border is irregular. colors, uneven, larger than a pee, -- pea,. the oakland mayor is running for reelection. the mayor attended a rally with
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her supporters after filing the paperwork. she's learned a lot since her victory in 2010, and she's comfort confident she can win a second term. there's 16 in the race for mayor. is there rheum in texas for three nfl teams. that's what people are asking. here's what bob mcnair said about the important of another team on texas turf. >> when you get more and more major league teams you have to spread that support out. you have to look at what level of sport is there and is there enough for two or three teams. >> mcnair didn't take a position on a possible move by
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the raiders but he acknowledged they need a new stadium. the dallas cowboys owner jerry jones is against a third team in texas. the children will be heading back to school in the coming weeks. thousands started today. one in 10 bay area schools are on the year round schedule. there's pros and cons to heading back to school before everyone else. >> new school bus, new backpacks, new chas mates -- class mates. >> we're excited parents, my husband and i, i took the day off work. >> 400 students on a year round calendar, nine weeks on, three off. >> summer vacation is over. we asked the school district eight of the 20 schools run
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year round. >> we belive in choice. >> some parents told us year round causes conflicts with kids on traditional calendars, many parents hike it. >> i prefer the longer breaks throughout the year. we can take more vacations. >> multitracks started as a necessity to get more kids into classrooms without overcrowding. now only bay area schools multitrack. many choose single track year round to improve retension over break. >> it's a quick turnaround. the kids come in and are ready to go. >> more important is the quality of the teaching, a consistent curriculum and involvement of parents in a child's education. a north bay city is
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celebrating a community pool and thinking the man who opened his wallet. the pool on the campus of st. helena school had been empty. harold smith and son contractors ran a pipe from a well on their property and filled it with water. after it treated it will be opened. tropical moisture moving out of the area. earlier coming up from the south, we had the high humidity. now the clouds and the thunderstorms are moving off. in the north part of the state we have a red flag warning, they have extended it through tomorrow night. that's the opportunity for thundershowers. up around the trinity alps.
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along the coast we have fog, it is stuck at the coast. it will spend most of the time along the coast and inside the bay. we won't see the push of fog and cool moist air. that sets us up for a warmer or hotter day tomorrow. tomorrow we could ceasely see temperature in the low 100s. 85 in antioch. you can see the cooling from the coast. it's not getting up over the east bay hills. the valleys will stay mild to warm. 62 in concord, 62 in livermore. tomorrow morning warm, then it heats up. fairfield, triple-digit heat. a warmer day tomorrow. similar to today. when i come back we'll talk about the heat tomorrow. what you can expect for the bay area weekend. so that's all at 10:45.
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parking tickets issued to frustrated drivers, a web of bureaucracy that makes it difficult the fight back. a new wait to beat an undeserved ticket. not so fast. the new threat that could detrail chef ropes plans to upgrade the refinery. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts
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. there's talk of a lawsuit to stop chevron from moving forward with a modernization project at his refinery. this comes after they won approval. heather is live at the aging refinery. >> most likely more litigation, chevron has been trying for nine years to overhaul the refinery.
10:25 pm
it did clear a hurdle work won't begin immediately. >> as the sun the sets in richmond, a possibly new legal obstacle emerges. today soto hinted another lawsuit is possible. >> we have 70% of what we wanted. we're looking for 100% guarantee. >> the smaller project approved at midnight is better than the one in 2005. chevron agreed to limit the gas emissions and spend $90 million on job training and college scholarships. >> councilman tom said it meets the cities objective. >> it's cleaner and safer and will provide a thousand jobs.
10:26 pm
>> we have been anticipate petitioning the opportunities. >> baca is richmond's director of unemployment and training. the jobs will make an immediate impact in this working class city. >> this project, the number of jobs and the in-- investment will decrease unemployment. >> a tug-of-war over the economic and environmental impact that's contention continues to divide. >> it could have been better and we're looking forward to making that happen. this is not over yet. >> chevron must try to convince a job to lift the order that stops construction. >> two families in san jose are looking for a a place to live after a fire destroyed their
10:27 pm
home. it started on hampshire place and went to 5 alarms. 90 firefighters responded to the scene. at least one of the homes had a shake roof and that made flames spread faster. nobody was hurt and the cause is under investigation. the house of representatives voted to move forward with a lawsuit against president obama. the vote was along party lines. the republicans argue the president has been over stepping authority with executive actions and violating the constitution. democrats say the republicans are angry because they failed to stop obamacare. >> we could do stop more if congress would come on and help out a little bit.
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[applause] just come on. come on and help out a little bit. stop being mad all the time. >> where the lawsuit goes from here is unclear. it folks on a certain portion of the law. bay area residents fed up with undeserved parking tickets. how red tape makes it difficult to fight back and what you can go to beat an unjust ticket. a crosswalk crash that killed a bay area professor. the driver that is accused of hitting him is legally blind. you used to sleep like a champ.
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. disturbing new information
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about a deadly pedestrian accident in berkeley. joe loft was out for his daily walk. the 98-year-old professor was killed in april. the driver robert gilchrist was legally blind and driving on a license that was suspended 14 years ago. he may have been eating a bowl of macaroni at the time of the crash. >> the driver may have been eating and we learned that the driver didn't have a license. >> gilchrist has been arraigned on vehicular manslaughter and driving without a license. now to san francisco. chow was in court on suspended leyland yee. he pled not guilty to
10:32 pm
racketeering. the indictment allege that he laundered money. but chow's attorney said that chow has gone straight. >> when he was arrested he had 4 to $700 to his name. he lived with his girlfriend free of the he took a vow of poverty and served the community. >> his attorney say chow will fight the charges rather than accept the deal. yee will enter a plea tomorrow. parking enforcement officers giving out tickets they shouldn't. for drivers fighting back it's tougher than expected. there's a way to fight the tickets but navigating the bureaucracy is next to impossible. what you need to know to fight the system and an app that can
10:33 pm
help. >> if you want the park on ivy street, good luck figuring out when it's okay. >> i've lived her 2 1/2 months and i've had four tickets. >> they have a sign like that and they don't have a way to fix it. >> parking tickets are not enforceable if the signs can't be seen. >> david is ceo of the app fix. his team will fight the parking tickets for you. if they don't win it's free. if they win and the ticket is dismissed the fee is 25% of the ticket. >> section 1001 says the signs need to be visible. >> 100 feet is 5 to 6 car
10:34 pm
lengths. this sign to the car walk is 7 to 8 car lengths. the first two spaces here any tickets, they are invalid because they are a hundred feet from the sign. >> generally, we try to get it right. if we got it wrong we'll take a look. >> paul rose is spokes person. he says they issued 1 million parking citations, drivers contested 77,000, 28% were dismissed. >> we overturn citations that are not correct. when she tried to protest she failed. >> i paid. i submitted that and a couple weeks i got a letter saying my contest was denied and i had to pay the fine. >> when hagueerty got involved
10:35 pm
the city changed the mind. >> that's the call out. did you look at this. all signs point to this ticket should be dismissed. >> what happened, the city has started to view this as a revenue source. that's not the intention of parking tickets. lassyear -- last year they made $88 million. >> we're trying to make sure we can enforce the rules aproperty -- appropriately. >> they wouldn't have a business if they only gave out tickets they should. >> parking enforcement officers do not have quotas, this sign will be cleaned. if you would like to see how san francisco stacks up to sao cities visit -- >> a story or tip e-mail two
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investigates at >> only one small car earned a rating of top safety pick plus. the volt took overall top honors in part of optional forward collision warping systems -- warning systems. four cars earned poor ratings. from the street to the sidewalk. >> the panic from a stolen truck. the higher temperature tomorrow. but cooler weather is on the way. >> and next, they survived but
10:37 pm
are faced with the possibility of losing their homes and lives.
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10:39 pm
. a single engine plane crashed in san diego killing one of the two women on board and injured the other.
10:40 pm
the plane was taking off from montgomery field. a helicopter pilot heard the pilot making a distress call. two witnessed suffered minor injuries. another roadblock in the crash of malaysian air flight. ukraine says pro separate rest have planted road bombs in the way. the surface-to-air missile fired by rebels brought down the plane killing all the people on board. as the world turns its attention to the violence in ukraine and gaza one group is planning a rally to the
10:41 pm
persecution of other minorities in iraq. the plight of the syrians cannot be ignored. in this building in san jose it's a syrian national broadcast, the viewers the syrians around the globe. it is a vital news link to a story of the genocide of a syrian christians in iraq right now. tonight a live two hour special report. you don't need to understand the syrian language, the pictures tell the story. armed mill taints in iraq -- militants in iraq nobody as isringhausen -- isis. they talk about the airplane crashes and the bombing but you don't hear about the syrians. isis gunman forced out 1800
10:42 pm
from months us. they're crime, being christian. >> you leave, convert to islam or we're going to kill you. executions and rapes are reported. it grim news. news watched intensely watched by a restaurant owner and refugee from iraq. >> it very, very sad what's happening. imagine people come to your house and tell you to leave, you can't take anything, just leave. >> he has pictures of his village in his restaurant. his christian relatives live there. they don't know whats going on. they don't know when they will be next. it's scary. >> he wants the world to know what's happening. a so far elusive goal despite tales of horror. >> we don't get attention from obama, the government, the
10:43 pm
pope, no one, the christianity -- crustian -- christian community is not coming forward to help. many plan to make their voices heard in a saturday morning valley in san francisco at the justin hermann plaza. a wrong way dryer the trail of destruction left behind by the chase. >> flames within miles of yosemite sequoias. the progress firefighters are making and the forecast. >> shatters flash a scary site.
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10:45 pm
. one thing you don't want to
10:46 pm
see come flying toward your windshield on the highway is an axe. that's what happened in massachusetts. the axe was winged in the dash -- wedged in the dashboard of the car. nobody was hurt. the axe came off the back of a landscaping truck. the driver was cited. in fran, chaos -- san francisco, chaos on the streets of a truck sent people running for their lives. no one was hurt but a lot of damage was left behind. video of the chase and he spoke to the firefighters who brought it to an end. >> surveillance video shows the mayhem caused by a suspected truck thief who endangered lives and damaged cars. >> taking tools out of their truck, the suspect jumped into the truck and drove away. >> the driver was chased on to
10:47 pm
market street. he's seen backing up into a limo. >> i freaked. i was going what. there was nothing i could do. >> the suspect drove the wrong way into a car wash lot. downing trees and smashing into the door of a customers door. >> the car kept going. >> i turned around and ran. i didn't know if he was going to come crashing into me. >> a half dozen cars were damaged. in the end it was a firefighter who stopped the suspect when he took off on foot. >> i made a good tackle. when he went down he goes "i give up." >> tender loin station firefighters positioned their truck as a barricade at civic center. we work with the police so much, it seemed natural. >> no one has stepped forward with injuries and the suspect
10:48 pm
could face charges. hit-and-run ands were reckless driver. >> felony charges in a driver in a hit and run case. 25-year-old anthony wiesner faced 10 felony charges including six counts of hit and run. he was driving a stolen van that hit a bicyclest and three other people monday night. the bicyclest remains hospitalized with a life- threatening head injury, he was caught by officers as he tried to get on a muni bus. fire crews strengthened fire lines to help protect giant sequoias, it could threaten the trees if it is active. officials say the community is under a mandatory evacuation. the fire has burned 3900-acres
10:49 pm
and a thousand firefighters are on the frontline. >> it's a hot one. it will be hotter tomorrow. we had triple digit heat. the fog was there, but it's living along the coast. that's how it will be tomorrow. highs tomorrow, oakland and hayward in the 80s, those spots around the way. inland temperature 101, 102 in the hot spots. tropical moisture is moving out of the area, the flow has changed. more of an on floor -- shore flow. the concern is for fire, very dry year, the driest in recorded history.
10:50 pm
a affect -- red-flag warning. fog will be around the bay and inside the bay. east bay hills you will be it, it will stop there, i pointed out earlier the green areas, that's the marine air. it's not that thick. the marine layer is a thousand feet deep. it's not flowing over into the inland bay valley. tomorrow will be a hotter day. the winds are there. they are not focused. that's folk used. it's blowing 8 miles an hour. the moist, cool air not getting into the inland bay valley. see how it's stuck at the coast. 100s right up to the edge of the east bay. up land valleys. that's a warmer temperature footprint. unless you're at the coast you will notice the 101 at
10:51 pm
clearlake. 100 in fairfield. 100 in brentwood. how about this san jose 88 or 90 degrees. morgan hill 95, along the coast in the 60s. air quality will take a hit. we don't have a red-flag warning. the fire danger will come up, it's going to get dry. and that increases the fire danger. cools off a little bit on sunday and monday. we're going to notice the hot spots inland as we go into the bay area thursday and friday. >> feeling it. >> kind of warm outside right now. >> makes for nice nights but grueling in the daytime. the giants making that long losing streak. 6 games. >> 6 in a row, 6 runs scored in the game. they topped that in one afternoon.
10:52 pm
they gain no ground to dodgers but hopefully regain confidence, closing out a bad home stand with a it ain't pretty but we'll take it win over pittsburgh. 104 years old. key to longevity, she watched giants the last month and a half. her first game. look at the lady in left field, ouch, right into her beer. i think they gave her a new one free. that looks like a $38 beer. blanco, three for three, rbi single. we have a 5-5 game. a passed ball made it 6-5. pablo a couple hits. the giants head on the road. remember when billy beane
10:53 pm
pulled off the straight that brought in hammel to the a's. after a few weeks, he's back down the mere genius status. one of the best in the business. jason hammel not working out. 9.53 e.r.a. 6 run first. grossman 2-run shot. 2nd inning the a's only highlight and donaldson masses this way out. that was their only highlight of the day. singleton 2-run shot. home run off hammill. that was the end of his day. a's lose two out of three. we're not used to that. nfl training camp are open all over the country. what anquan world enthinks of -- boldon thinks of his rapport
10:54 pm
female announcer: right now, at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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. one of the best pick ups for the niners, anquan boldin, the coach owes little brother thanks to big brother john.
10:57 pm
immediately fit in with kaepernick. sometimes hard to remember who's throwing the ball to you. joe communicate, i remember flak communicating, i remember -- i mean colin communicating better. i think offensively we're farther ahead than last year, a lot healthier, i have more depth at that position. things are going good. come out and compete every day. >> what the promoters of the bank of the west want to see. serena winning her opening match. pushed in the first set. but serena looking strong and won 7-5, 6-2. that's the sporting line for tonight. >> thank you for joining us
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tonight. our next newscast at 4:30:00 a.m. our coverage continue on the twitter, face back and
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