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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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ajectiont. today we heard from him for the first time. ktvu channel 2 news he testified in his trial where he faced 150 counts of molestation. ktvu's allie rasmus is live at the courthouse. >> reporter: he doesn't deny having a physical, hands on approach to teaching but says his actions are misintererated. >> reporter: joseph martin's attorney tried to depict him as a caring teacher. >> he is a caring man. he is getting to tell the true story of what occurred. >> reporter: he talked about his teaching style. his patting was a way to calm down students with learning disabilities. i would touch them on the shoulders, the back, if they are in front of me, the caller bone, the chest area. when explaining an accusation
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who said he touched his groin, he said it was an accident. he was turning at an angle, i thought i might have brushed him in the privates. when asked to explain a a letter, he said he was referring to the sin of pride. i was desiring to become the top, i was becoming arrogant, being told i was the best. those were all factors in my mind when i wrote that. she on trial for -- he is on trial for lewd acts on a child. in february two of the victims talked to ktvu channel 2 news. >> he would constantly tell us he loves us. >> way too friendly and i thought he was creepy and weird. >> most of the students, the reason why we are here, they
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were uncomfortable. >> he is the attorney representing the family of the boys. >> when you give love and you want alove back in a way that -- want love back in a way that is physical, that is inappropriate. >> reporter: whether or not his actions constitute a crime will be up to the jury to decide. this afternoon the prosecutor got his chance to question martin and that is expected to continue tomorrow. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> watch our special report on the joseph martin case on watch more of the interviews we did with the children and families who say they were victims. look under hot topics. a truck thief left a path of destruction through san francisco today. the chase was caught on surveillance videos. it started at a construction site. the driver crashed into limo and then raced through a car
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wash at mission. he hit other cars before ditching the truck. ktvu's david stevenson is live now with more on this ace and who finally -- on this chase and who finally caught the driver. . >> truck thief who endangered lives and damaged cars. >> the suspect drove away. . >> the driver was chased by construction workers on market street. >> i freaked. i was going what? i mean there was nothing i could do. >> he drove the wrong way, downing trees and smashing into a car. >> popped my door. the door slapped shut. >> i turned around and ran. >> reporter: a half dozen cars were damaged by the time police
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pursued the driver to the civic center. a firefighter stopped the suspect when he took off on foot. >> i made good tackle. as soon as he went down he goes i give up. >> reporter: firefighters monitored the pursuit and positioned their truck at civic center. >> not really our job but we work with the police so much, you know, seemed natural. >> reporter: police say no one stepped forward with injuries and the suspect could face hit and run and reckless driving. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu channel 2 news learned new information about a deadly crash in berkeley. the victim was well known psychology professor who was out for his daily walk. he was truck and killed while in the crosswalk. the driver is legally mind and his license was suspended 14
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years ago. and he may have been eating at the time of the accident back in april. he has been arined on vehicular manslaughter and driving without -- arraigned on vehicular manslaughter and driving without a license. it is official, mayor jean quan filed papers with the city clerks office and attended a rally outside city hall with supporters. she one of several candidates to file. besides the mayor, two city counsel women, the city auditor, an attorney and san francisco state universe professor. two homes went up in flames today as a fire sent a huge plume of smoke into the sky. ktvu's ann rubin is live now in san jose where 90 firefighters were called into battle the flames. >> san jose officials knew it would take a lot of resources
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to battle the fire and with so many firefighters here they could be in trouble if there was another emergency somewhere else. >> 5 alarm fire, two houses engulfed. more threatened. san jose had 90 people on scene. >> right now we are calling for help. calling for help. you know, we are doing what we can. >> the san jose fire department says they are struggling, not with the fire but with their budget. there were cuts in 2009 that left them short staffed. we called the city of san jose and they say they are down 79 firefighters. 5 or 6 engine companies remain closed. >> it is tough. if we had another incident right now we would have to call a lot of folks to assist. >> today scara city and -- santa clara city and county
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picked up the slack. >> with the cut backs, it is good to see they are here to stop it. >> reporter: they were able to contain the fire but it was too late for the home. >> we came back as soon as we could. >> reporter: they have yet to assess the damage but said it could have been worse. >> i am feeling terrible but basically it is just stuff and i got my family safe and so that is what matters. >> san jose officials recognize there is a problem. next week the city counsel will consider whether to bring a sales tax increase to voters, money could potentially go to fire and police. live in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. live power lines made things dangerous for firefighters in oakland early today. two homes caught fire at 3:30
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a.m. this morning. pg&e crews arrived 20 minutes later and turned off the power. res dependents made it -- residents made it out safely. the fire started upstairs in one of the homes. police are looking for suspects in a home invasion today where a young person was tied up by the robbers. san jose police tell us the victim says two suspects broke into his home before 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. the victim said he was not hurt but the suspects tied him up. he managed to get free and called police. a new development tonight a man charged with kidnapping and sexual assaults a 11-year-old girl made his first court appearance today. he appeared in court via video conference from jail. the attack happened monday. the girl was able to get away. he was sitting in his car with
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the door open and his pants down. the report says he admitted to grabbing the girl hard enough to make her fall and fondling her over her clothe. he seen the victim -- clothe. he seen the victim before. he will be in court tomorrow. he faces sexual assault and kidnapping charges with special circumstances that could give him a life prison sentence if convicted. come november voters will decide whether to keep a sales tax in place. they approved it in 2010. it raised the sales tax oclose a budget -- to close a budget gap but it is about to expire. they voted to put it back on the ballot and keep the current sales tax rate in place. congressman is calling for a travel ban to some african
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countries because of ebola. last week a minnesota man died of ebola. today he requested a ban on travel where the ebola outbreak is most severe. the peace corps is evacuating volunteers from the countries and placing two exposed volunteers in isolation. one expert does not think we are at risk. >> the odds of ebola getting out are small and now everyone knows about it says they will be aware of it -- and now they will be aware of it. the cdc says it is unlikely to get a foot hold in the u.s. but doctors should be on the look out. a frightening confrontation catching city counsel members off guard. the security changes that are being made. >> yesterday los angeles had
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the gusher, but our systems here in the bay area are much older. what is being done to make sure we don't have the next geyser. >> after the break i am tracking that triple digit heat. we saw some tonight, we will see more tomorrow. i will show you where.
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police officer who was fired in connection with a protest got his job back. the firing stem from this clash three years ago. he fired a projectile into a crowd of people who were tried to help a iraq war veteran. he was reinstated today and he will receive back pay. oakland's police chief
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decided to post two officers at city counsel meetings aftera man ininterrupted las -- after a man interrupted last night's meeting. that man climbed over the table and began complaining. no one was hurt and the man was escorted outside and arrested. >> it was a surprise. but, you know, this is the city of oakland. people are full of passion. >> it was startling. i wasn't afraid but i was startled. >> police say he had an outstanding warrant. the city obtained a restraining order to block him from future meetings. raymond chow pleaded not guilty to a new charge in the corruption case around california state senator leland yee. he was in court on the new indictment that ats racketeering charges. attorneys say the case against
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him is weak and he has gone straight. leland yee will enter a plea tomorrow. the city counsel is given the green light to chevron's modernization plan. turn out was huge last night as the-count voted on the -- as the city counsel voted on the plan. they will invest $90 million into the community. the ucla is drying out after a water main break. the water burst from a century old pipe yesterday afternoon and quickly inundated the campus. officialess estimate 20 mill -- officials estimate 20 million gallons rushed out. it was difficult to stop the geyser because valves were as old as the pipe and repairs
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will be tricky due to old pipes and now a large sink hole. in addition oo water damage to -- to water damage to buildings hundreds of cars were damaged. new at 6:00 p.m. pipes like that lie underground here in the bay area. ktvu's tom vacar is live in the bay area with more. >> reporter: replacement of a 20-inch line and folks should expect to pay more for more and more of these. >> as water systems succumb to age they expect more breaks more often. since most are self-insured rate payers pay for the damage. that is why they are spending more to speed up replacing old pipes. >> half of the pipes are 50 years old and a great number are older than 75 years old.
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>> reporter: many factors go into replacing big lines. >> when you have a good program you are trying to predict and minimize your risk of failure. >> reporter: first consider the pipes. their age. their leak history and how much water pressure is in them. next consider the soil surrounding the pipes. what would an earthquake do, can underground water under mine the pipe and the consequences, hizens the population, what effect -- how dense is the population, what effect would it have and what are the consequences. they have 4200 miles of pipe lines, 20 to 66 inches wide. >> 100 miles of that we have on our replacement list. >> till now all they could afford was to replace 10 miles a year. >> we want to quadrupled that rate. >> the bigger the broken pipe
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the more time to shut it down. >> tougher to close 60-inch than a 3-inch line. >> once you snap them shut the water hits the wall and it goes through the system causing breaks all over. >> reporter: that is why it takes hours to reroute as much water as possible to impact as few people as possible and then slowly close the valves which can be far distances from the break itself. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. temperatures outside today got up there. low 100s. it will be hotter tomorrow with temperatures back up there. these are the highs from today. the moisture cleared out but we still have very hot inland temperatures. cooler around the bay, right,
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but tomorrow more 80s. the pattern shift is this. i will show you. look at the motion of the clouds. everybody is going this way. right? that is where the moisture is going. before the last month the moisture has been driving north. now it is going to the east. it created thundershowers in the north valley. a red flag warning through 10:00 p.m. afternoon the mount shasta area. that is for lightning strikes. showers around lake tahoe as well. that is coming to an end. what we have now is fog along the coast. that will fill in tonight. so it is there now but it will pull through the gate, across san francisco, oakland, but it won't get over the hill into the livermore valley, and antioch area as well. inland you wake up clear and a warmer day tomorrow. less high clouds, less fog. over night lows tonight in the
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mid-60s. livermore tomorrow, 70 degrees. by the end of the day, 100 degrees. napa tomorrow, no fog. and the highs tomorrow, purples are 100s. reds are 90s. we will see lots of mid-80s around the bay. even upper 80s. 101 clear lake. 99 antioch. 99 livermore. 90 los gatos. 58 downtown san jose. that is hot -- 88 downtown san jose. that is hot. fog at the coast. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view fire danger will be coming up as well. as the humidity clears, moisture drops and that create as higher fire danger. as we go into the next few days fire danger is back on the radar julie haener, not going to miss the humidity but i will miss the lack of fire danger.
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>> if you want to do something outside do it early. thank you. the a's battle the astros today looking to end their road trip with a win and the giants try and try again to finally break their losing streak. mark will tell us how they did next in sports. bulldog: oooh!
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a man who made history on americanideself hoping to -- americanideself hoping to -- american idol is hoping to inspirteds to give the gift of life. he thanksgiving national panthm before the giant's -- he sang the national anthem before the giant's game. he was the first blind person to be a finalist on the show. a year earlier he had a life saving kidney transplant. >> i would have never gone on american idol, i would have never gotten married, i would never have gotten to performance my music if not for that life saving transplant. >> he is encouraging others to be organ donors. 21,000 people are on a
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transplant list in california alone. mark ibanez is here with the giants story. >> i think the giants need to have you wear that orange is the new black -- right? they scored 7 runs today. which is more than in their previous six games. i got to show you another incredible person out there. 100 fur years old. 5-4 parents in the 7th. -- parents in the 7th. -- pirates in the 7th. pass ball, 6-5. pablo sandoval had a couple hits. giants win it 7-5. the a's not at all used to this business against houston. jason hammel not working out
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for him so far. 9.53 e.r.a. 0-4 with the a's. astros six run first. rbi single. an airer to make it 3-2 -- error to make it 3-0. gone. right field. 2 run homer. the a's never in it. fall 8-1. >> 49ers in training camp and busy at work. the offense and anquan boldin. glad to have him back, signed him further to a contract. joe flacco his quarterback not anymore but anquan boldin needs to be reminded of that. >> me and joe -- communicating lot batter -- my bad. me and colin kaepernick communicating a lot better. offensively we are further
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ahead than last year. healthier. i have a lot more depth at that position. coming out and competing every day. >> i could understand that. played with joe flacco for a long time. >> 104-year-old woman at the giants game. incredible. >> thank you. thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. >> we will be back tonight at 10:00 p.m. good night. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪
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re they're gonna want to pat you down. manny's with his father for the weekend, so jay and i are flying to vegas. i'm a little torn because i want alone time with gloria, but i also like rubbing manny's head for good luck. i just need to send this e-mail to claire why i'm not working on the bake sale next week, but i can't say the real reason. why not? because she drives me crazy when she's in charge of these things. okay. we got a flight to catch, so let me help you out here. you tell me what you want to say to her, and i'll help you find a nice way to say it. i want to say... i can't work on the bake sale because you're a bossy control freak that looks down on my cupcakes, even though your lemon squares were very dry.


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