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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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angeles after a giant water main break that stole millions of gallons of water. >> we are live in sunnyvale where a pizza deliver man has been targeted by robbers. one even kidnapped part of the time. we will tell you about the police investigation. huge flames engulf two homes at an east oakland neighborhood. more than a dozen people including children escaped. some with just the clothes on their back. this is what the scene looks like right now. pg&e has cut power to that neighborhood because of a downed power line. christien kafton was the first reporter on the scene at 4:00 a.m.. coming up in two minutes, he is going to tell us the trouble crews faced out there. good morning. it is wednesday, july 30th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> good to see you. good morning, i'm dave clark.
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steve, anything different today? >> no. >> no. [ laughter ] >> got a nice twitter picture from pete. it says steve, it's already sticky. sticky already. and i'm not talking rock canyon, i'm talking hot and sticky. forecast high until antioch is 100 degrees today. a lot of tropical clouds continue to take aim. the sierra nevada, central, southern california, and there has been some up into mendocino county. now not a lot but sol of that may swing in. plenty of moisture continues to be out in the valley. but a lot of this again is not reaching here. the temperatures are really mild for some. not too bad for others. definitely a few 50s here. sfo at 58 is definitely cooler. l.a. honda is 53. 59 at belmont. there are a few 50s. it doesn't take long to warm up. 20 at travis but it seems to be coming down and there in lies
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the rub. all of this tropical moisture is staying to the south of us right now. still some of that gives us really high humidity. so plenty of fog, water temps still rather warm here. it's not that cool by the coast. sun. a few little clouds here of buildups. that doesn't mean 90s to 100s inland. here is sal. steve, problem on the bay bridge has become more of a distraction for drivers getting into san francisco. it looks like they have just almost gotten out of the way even though it was over to the shoulder. people were slowly taking a look at the flashing lights westbound bay bridge. just before you actually get on to the span over to the right hand side. it looks like they are just about to get the cars out of there and traffic was slow. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a bigger than usual backup. even on 880 approach. the good thing about it is, there were no injuries and the lanes were not blocked far long
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time. i think we will recover from this. this will even out to the normal commute which is a 20 minute drive into san francisco. if you want to sneak on down to the san mateo bridge, you can do that right now. doesn't look too bad as you drive down 880 and get over to 92 and of course 92 is looking good and no problems on the peninsula on 101 as you drive across to the bay shore freeway and head up northbound. 6:03, let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news. oakland firefighters are still on the scene of an early morning fire that burned two homes. ktvu christien kafton was the first reporter on the scene. he is joining us now with new information about the the fire and the power problems it's causing. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. let's show you the scene here so you can get a sense of what it looks like now. we saw the fire really going. this fire at 46th avenue and melrose. we are learning the 911 call
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came in at 3:30 this morning. by the time oakland crews arrived, two buildings were fully engulfed. pg&e crew was on scene, and is still on scene. they killed power to about four or five homes. they have pretty much isolated it to a few homes that are still without power. that is because there was a downed power line. that downed power line initially hampered efforts to put out this fire. >> we had a charged power line that was down. that made fighting the fire extremely difficult. we had to make sure to isolate the power line. >> reporter: when we arrived on scene at 4:00, we saw two buildings fully engulfed in flames and the power line down and sparking in front of that house. obviously a safety concern for even involved. firefighters and residents and neighbors that came out to see what was going on. it took close to an hour to get control of this fire.
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the fire started in the upper unit and neighbors say they just had minutes to react. >> she alerted us. we heard noises upstairs. i asked i smell something smoking. so we got up. and she said fred, call the fire department. so right immediately i started calling 911. >> reporter: neighbors are counting their blessings. saying everyone made it out of this fire okay. as many as 18 people have been displaced because of this fire. the woman living in the unit where the fire started was cooking at the time of the fire but she tells neighbors the fire started in a bedroom not in the kitchen where she was cooking at about 3:3040 -- at about 3:40 this morning. the big headline is the fire seems to be out. certainly under control at this time. some of the homes in the area
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still without power while pg&e has isolated that down line. we will continue to monitor developments out here. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. time is 6:05. happening right now the ucla campus preparing to reopen this morning. these are live pictures we are looking at right now. the crews out there mopping up from that gigantic water main break. there was flooding, they've got to fix the major road. as you can see right here. after that huge water main break. ucla officials say all classes will go on as scheduled tea. that water main break was incredible. look at this geyser. it shot water 30 feet into the air. 35-75,000 gallons of water were gushing out every minute for 3.5 hours. water was everywhere. the line ruptured under sunset boulevard. sunset boulevard obviously a major road in los angeles it's closed today. it may be shut down for awhile.
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as crews try to fix that water main and road. inspectors don't know what caused that pipe to burst. that is just incredible. but they do say the age of the 93-year-old steel pipe it was a factor. now the stairwells on the campus were streams. perhaps most damaging economically and emotionally. this is polly pavilion. famous pavilion on ucla campus covered in water. the floors have to be pulled out now. there was also heavy flooding in the locker rooms now. they recently intent $136 million renovating polly pavilion. >> it's painful. we just repushished polly a few years ago and it's a beautiful structure. >> i kind of didn't believe it at first. and finally i see the water
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pouring out and the men started following everywhere. >> on top of that 8-10 million gallons of water was lost before that line was cut off. police in the south bay are looking for people who held up two domino pizza delivery men. janine de la vega is live. we understand one of them was kidnapped for a short time. >> reporter: yes, that is correct. both of these robbery os curred at night and within an hour of each other. the latest happened just off of may avenue. police are looking to catch the thieves. wondering if they all strike again. in the first incident monday night, the employee made a
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pizza delivery on remington avenue just after 9:00 p.m. when two suspects doctored entered the vehicle. police are considering it a kidnapping. saying the thieves stole cash and a pope. and then just an hour later a suspect tried to force another pizza delivery man out of his car. the victim ran away and the thief tried to steal his car. the delivery man was also unininjured. there are signs saying delivery people only carry $20 in cash on them. but in these incidents it didn't stop the police. we are still waiting to hear back. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. later today barbecues and open flames they will officially be banns at san ho
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-- officially be banned at san jose allen park. this is new video sent to us from over night. they say about 12 acres burned. so far no reports of any injuries or damage. $500,000 heist targeting a tech company. the hot new products the thieves were after. >> also a brief break in the violence in the middle east. new developments following the attack on a u.n. school. >> right now we are looking at the south bay and santa collar are valley. we will give you a complete look at traffic in the south bay. >> lots of low crowds around here. high clouds north, east, and south. it will be some female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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welcome back. time is 6:13. happening now a four hour cease fire now in effect in bah -- in gaza. israel says the cease fire is limited to certain areas and they say it's for humanitarian reasons. all of this comes after 15 people were killed and dozens of children were hurt earlier this morning when shells from israeli tanks slammed into a
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united nations school. that school was acting as a shelter for war refugees. the school principal says the shells hit two classrooms and a bathroom. hamas which governs gaza has not responded to that cease fire. back here at home pg&e now formerly responding to new charges tied to the san bruno pipeline disaster four years ago. yesterday a federal grand jury indicted pg&e on 28 counts. stemming from the explosion and fire that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e is accused of lying and about instructing the investigation. this new indictment replaces 12 charges we told you about in april. pg&e has now issued this statement about the new charges. quote, even where mistakes were made, employees were acting in good faith to provide customers with safe and reliable energy. governor jerry brown has put himself in front of a hot button issue after meeting with
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political and civic leaders. he announced california is willing to provide shelter to more migrant children coming from central america. governor brown says the topic can't be ignored and he is committed to help these children that are trying to run away from poverty. new water conservation roles. it's illegal to hose down a driveway or sidewalk unless there is a health hazard. you also can't over water your lawn to the point it causes runoff. you can't wash your car with the hose that does not have a shut off nozzle. if you are caught doing any of this, you can be fined up to $500 per day. the oakland city council rejected a proposal for the november ballot that would have gradually increased the minimum wage over the next three years. that is according to the east bay citizen blog.
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the ordnance is similar to a measure already on the november ballot that if passed would raise the minimum wage from $12 to $12.25 an hour. they say a higher minimum wage would mean they would have to reduce the number of jobs they can offer to needy workers. need to hold a special meeting today. they will talk about traffic troubles outside the new stadium in santa clara. the problem surfaced last friday during an open house for 28,000 season ticketholders. a lot of the fans complained about horrendous traffic conditions. they say it took more than an hour to get into levi stadium. the 49ers admit there is a parking problem and last week's traffic mess was a learning experience. >> it wasn't a typical game day operation. we had 8,000 stalls available to us today. we'll have 25,000 on game day. we'll have additional transit
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lines. >> the next big traffic mess this saturday. the san jose's earthquake soccer match. time is 6:16. if you are headed out the door, stay put for just a second because sal has a look at your roads this morning. hey sal. >> hello claudine wong. hello dave clark. >> good to see you. >> you are not going to the bay bridge, that is good. i think some people are. i want to advise you to take some time. give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes. the traffic is backed up a little longer than it normally is. they moved it to the shoulder an traffic is recovering. but not completely recovered. about a 30-35 minute drive time in san francisco. it's a little early for it to be this slow. but now you know why. an extra ten minutes should put you right back on schedule. if you want to use the san mateo bridge, that looks good heading over to the foster city
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side. i promised you a look at the south bay and northbound 101 a little slow approaching 880. that is about all. 280 looks good into the west valley and so does 85. let's two to steve -- let's go to steve. we have a picture of highway 4. can we dial that up? look at this. look at that. thank you to the control room. there you go. i know it's pretty. the sky looks like a painting. the tropical clouds are here. unfortunately it also means it will be hot and humid. there will be temperatures near 100 for some. a lot of the tropical clouds. i mean the old gets smart. missed it by this much. [ laughter ] some older people out there get that. tropical clouds to the north. a few showers. deaf in thely in the sierra and fresno that is all around us just not here. there is plenty offshore. even some sun coming up along the mendocino coast.
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some of that will punch inland. there has been a few up toward ukiah and willis. fresno had a thunderstorm an hour ago. there is plenty of moisture in place. it is doing this around us. 60s on the temps. 50s for some. rather mild for many year. some of the higher elevations are really warm. it doesn't take long to warm up. 70s. a few 50s for a couple locations. amazingly cool for the end of july. almost all the way down to the gulf coast. even to new york city. talking to a friend of mine he says it's no humidity, it is nice. there has been record lows. there have been record low temperatures through much of the midwest. that is what we are looking at. remains a tropical system moving into just the south of us. it is really close. some of that filters back in here. over all mostly sunny unless you are dealing with the fog. fog, sun, some pop up clouds. maybe a few showers to the north and east. hot and humid inland. 90s to 100s.
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it is really tough. 60s, 70s to 80s coast, bay. everything stuck. it lookalikes some of the decrease in the tropical moisture going forward. toyota is holding ton its status as the global auto sales leader. gm has been hurt by 60 recalls since the beginning of this year. jerry seinfeld is hitting the show he cocreated could soon be on netflix. but if there is a deal, it's likely to be pricey. tv syndication deals for the show are in their final stages
6:21 am
and industry experts say the new contracts will probably increase in price. time is 6:20. did you hear about the raiders they may possibly move to texas? coming up what the owner of the team is saying about reports he is shopping around far possible stadium site in san ann own-- in san antonio. >> a train nearly killed two women.
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welcome back. time is 6:23. the pentagon investigating a stow away hiding in a u.s. military jet. his body found in the compartment just over the rear landing gear of a u.s. cargo jet in germany. that cargo jet stopped in part of africa dealing with that deadly ebola virus. [ inaudible ] is that teenager who immigrated
6:25 am
to the bay area from africa says he stowed away on the plane in an effort to be reunited with his mother back in africa. a leading doctor who risked his own life to treat ebola patients has died of the disease. dr. sheik if kahn had be hospitalized and quarantined. now u.s. health workers are looking for anybody who had contact with the u.s. citizen who died from ebola during a visit to nigeria. patrick sawyer was scheduled to fly home. the regional airline he flew on has suspended all flights. >> airline carriers, crew members, airports can be a very
6:26 am
important partners in that front line. >> u.s. air carriers received guidance on how to identify how to deal with passengers who show signs of ebola. they are also explaning how to disinfect aircraft after an infected passenger leaves that plane. civil rights attorney john burres says it's time for the feds to step in after four deadly officer involved shootings in salinas in four months. burres was joined we bithe farm -- was joined by the family members. >> it sounds like a kill now, ask questions later. very unprofessional officers we got. what we are asking for is is justice. >> frank alvarado's son was holding a cell phone when he was shot by police earlier this year. officers say he wanted them to
6:27 am
think it was a gun. in indiana two women narrowly escape being crushed to death by a freight train. the train was travel agent full speed earlier this month on alabama 80-foot high bridge. the two women were trying to get out of the way but one fell. the other jumped in the middle of the tracks and the train passed right ore them. thankfully there was enough space between the tracks and the bottom of the train but now officials say the women will be prosecuted for criminal trespass. chevron's long delayed plans. the late night vote on this controversial billion dollar project. >> a bay area startup is burglarized. thieves making up with $500,000 worth of goods. we'll tell you exactly what they stole and about the reward money the company is offering to catch those responsible. ♪
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huge flames shoot into the air in east oakland early this morning. people inside two homes had just minutes to escape. >> all i grab 19 clothes we have on. >> and complicated efforts is a down power line sparking in front of one of those homes. firefighters busy mopping up. and the red cross is busy helping the people who were forced out of their homes. there are some of them right there standing outside across
6:31 am
the street. ktvu christien kafton the very first reporter there on the scene. he'll have another live report on everything happening out there coming up in two minutes. thank you for joining us. good morning. it is ktvu channel 2 morning news. middle of the week. wednesday, july 30th i'm dave clark. good morning, i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. steve paulson, another nice day for us. >> thank you. nice if you like hot and humid conditions. if not, go west because it's a little beetler. lots of fog. there is definitely tropical clouds around. a lot of those just off the mendocino coast and sonoma coast. some of those have produced light rain. there is some and those up in the sierra nevada. 60s. a little bit in the way of 50s to the north. 67 in brentwood. some 60s in san ramon. that is for the higher
6:32 am
elevation. 64 lafayette. orinda 63. and there is a few tropical clouds around the bulk of it is east, north, and south. there is enough here where the humidity factor is up there. fog, sun, some partly cloudies around. hot, humid inland. fog near the coast. there will be near 100s. clear lake, ukiah, brentwood, and oakley. here is sal. we are still looking at slow traffic. we do have a lot of slow traffic out there. i want to get to the east shore freeway. you can see that traffic is backed up from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. 25 minute delay. it could be worse. a lot of the slow traffic is right here in berkeley and this is because of an earlier crash on the bay bridge. it was only the lanes for about ten minutes. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is a little busier than it normally is coming
6:33 am
through. give yourself extra time. westbound 580 also slow. we had a pretty big drive time here of almost 40 minutes. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. happening now crews are patching up one of the most famous roads in los angeles after a massive water main break flooded streets in and around the ucla campus. we want to show you video overnight knight as the repair teams work to fill that giant sink hole on sunset boulevard. that area is closed off to traffic this morning for obvious reasons and it is likely going to be shut down for some time. check out these stairwells that look more like streams. inspectors dent yet have a definitive answer to what caused that steel pipe to burst. they theorize the age of the 93-
6:34 am
year-old line was a factor. pauley pavilion flooded along with surrounding athletic fields. at one point, there were eight inches of water on the floor of pauley pavilion that under went a $136 million renovation back in 2012. officials are being criticized for how long it took them to shut down the water main. the line burst just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon but water was not turned off until 7:00 last night. officials blamed the delay on a delicate and precise set of procedures that needed the to be followed to turn off the water. they needed to slowly close three separate valves. shutting down too quickly could have triggered additional ruptures along the line. highly anticipated product stolen from a bay area startup company. tara moriarty is at unu headquarters to tell us more about happen was stolen and what potential customers should look out for. good morning, tara.
6:35 am
>> reporter: good morning. this was such a big blow to the startup thats is now offering a there are 10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. it appears that someone was able to get through one of the gates here at the complex and make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of unu product. monday night is when this happened. the unu staff was able to take video of the damage that the thieves caused. unu says the burglars made off with loads of it. fast charging portable battery packs that cost between $60- $100 and used to charge cell phones. the break in comes just as unu was poised to get its first big break. it received glowing praise from a online article that put the company in the national spotlight. >> so that was going viral this weekend. and so we just got a whole bunch more stock in for our customers and then we got hit.
6:36 am
>> now the company is scrambling to meet orders and notify customers but they will have to wait for the next shipment. the property owners here say that another tenant had a delivery van stolen so that could have been used to haul away the stolen goods. now the baris do bush batteries do -- now the batteries do not have. we are live in union city. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning after hours of public comment, the richmond city council voted to approve a long delayed update to chevron's aging refinery. ktvu brian flores is joining us to explain what it means to the city and why not everybody is on board. brian. all right we don't have brian right now. we will check back in with him in a few minutes and we will get a report on that chevron refinery upgrade. time is 6:34.
6:37 am
the owner of the oakland raiders now responding to reports that the raiders are considering a possible move to texas. san antonio newspaper reports owner mark davis looking at possible stadium sites in that city. davis confirms he met with city leaders in san antonio two weeks ago but he would only say he went there to honor his close friend and former raider great cliff branch. and davis wouldn't say if he is planning to move out of the oakland coliseum to a new home in texas. however, his current chances of getting a new stadium in oakland appear to billion slim. >> build a new stadium is $800 million. we are $300-$400 million short. >> the raiders are now in the final year of their lease at the oakland coliseum. and the move out of oakland could reportedly happen as soon as next year for the raiders initially playing at the alamo dome in san antonio. it came hours after the alameda
6:38 am
county supervisors approved the new ten year lease agreement for the oakland a's. that includes a provision allowing the raiders to tear down the oakland coliseum to make way for a new football stadium. the raiders reportedly feel the a's lease credits more problem -- creates more problem. time 16:-- time is 6:38. a controversial new policy. ahead on mornings on 2 who is being banned and why some say the new rules send the wrong message. >> also pizza delivery men attacked on the job. the robbers still on the loose this morning. >> if you use the bay bridge, you should give yourself an extra ten minutes. i will tell you what happened there and why traffic is even slow on the east shore approaching the maze. >> there is a lot of fog there, but there is also a lot of high tropical crowds as well. temperatures inland will be really, really high.
6:39 am
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terrifying moments for a couple of people delivering pizzas in in the south bay. they were threatened and robbed while on the job. janine de la vega is live. >> the robberies happened after each of the delivery men had
6:42 am
finished delivering their pizzas to the customers. police say the thieves were after cash and valuables the latest incident happened in this neighborhood on north bay view which is off of maud avenue. the delivery men targeted reportedly worked at dominoes. here's a map of the two that were located. you can also see just how close the two robberies occurred to each other. in the first incident monday night, police say an employee made a pizza delivery just after 9:00 p.m. when two suspects got into the victims vehicle and forced him to drive to another area. police consider that a kidnapping and say the suspect stole cash and a phone. but the delivery man was uninjured. an hour later another employee made a delivery on north bay view when a suspect tried to force him out of his car. the victim ran away and the thief tried to steal his car. the victim didn't get hurt and his car was found but no one
6:43 am
was inside. on the doors of dominoes pizza there are signs saying the delivery men only carry $20 in cash. they know that workers carry money and they can be vulnerable targets i was told by police that the men were threatened with a gun but they are trying to confirm if the victims saw a weapon. reporting live from sunnyvale janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. time is 6:43. now back to developing news from oakland. firefighters still at the scene of an early morning fire that burned two homes. it started a couple of hours ago at 4th and melrose street. christien kafton the first reporter there at the scene at 4:30. you are back now. you have new information on the fire and a power problem. born. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. an ongoing power problem. let's give you a look at the scene. firefighters now coming in and out. at this point it's mostly mop up and a lot of making sure
6:44 am
that the homes don't flair up with any hot spots. we arrived at -- the fire was reported at 3:40. we arrived about 4:00. by the time we arrived, two buildings were on fire fully engulfed. pg&e was on scene and had to kill power to parts of the neighborhood. at this point there are still fiveover six homes without power because of a downed power line which hampered efforts to put out this fire. fire crews tell us although they were able to get water on this fire quickly, the downed power line forced them to go defensive until pg&e was able to shut off the electricity. it took crews more than an hour to get the fires depletely under control. the fire started in the upper unit of one of the buildings and neighbors say they had minutes to react and left their homes with the clothes they had on their backs. >> the neighbor upstairs said call the fire department. the house is on fire. and at that point we started
6:45 am
trying to get our stuff together and we managed to get out. and we saw her standing in the door you know. i guess she was trying to throw water or something on it. so she finally got out and we all came out. >> reporter: oakland fire saying 18 people have been displaced by this fire. i just talked with red cross officials. they say they will be helping out 13-14 people including eight children that lived in one of the homes. neighbors are telling us they hear the woman living in the upper unit where that fire initially broke out says she was cooking at the time of the fire. but she says the fire did not start in the kitchen. the fire started in one of the bedrooms. we have heard there is a fire investigator on scene trying to determine how this fire started. we are live in oakland christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:45. we want to check in with tori campbell now for a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. good morning, tori. >> reporter: good morning, claudine and dave. reaching back in time.
6:46 am
we will show you some amazing long forgotten photos of the moon taken back in the 1960s thanks to the work of tech know archaeologists. work is being done here in the bay area. and battle over decriminalizing prostitution can heat up again in san francisco. this after recent action involving the fbi and a west coast services website. and a new study shows many parents are surprised when a doctor tells them their kids are obese. the reason why and how most parents respond to that news. now back to you on the morning news. >> thank you. time is 6:46. let's check in with sal and see what is happening on the east shore. >> it is pretty slow. let's go to the picture. show you traffic is slowing down here in berkeley.
6:47 am
you will see traffic that is backed up around the corner and also backed up through the 580 interchange. this is because of an earlier noninjury crash. it was briefly blocking lanes. they moved it to the right shoulder. if you want to add an extra 10- 15 minutes, that would really help out. it's a 35 minute drive time from the maze to the san francisco side of the bridge with no major issues once you make it on to the span. another really slow commute was 580. 580 is slow for the most part through livermore and gets better by the time you reach dublin. this is 880. 6:37, let's go to steve. >> thank you. before we get started here, a beautiful sun vise. a lot of tropical clouds. i have to give a shoutout to a couple gentlemen here. they watch us every morning. they are heading up to chardonnay to go golfing today. gentlemen, you picked a great day. it will be 90 degrees.
6:48 am
a lot of fog, a lot of tropical clouds around and there is a few showers north. a lot of people ask me, steve, is this up usual? yes, it is very unusual for july. occasionally we get tropical moisture. we will go 68 in san francisco. a little bit of shower activity. right along the border. there might be a little more. there is that. there is a lot up in the sierra. fresno had a thunderstorm earlier. sierra nevada looking like they were in line. thunder and lightning. 60s for temps. 50s up to the north. there are a few 50s. a lot of fog on the coast. the water temperatures are
6:49 am
pretty warm. you get to the higher elevations. 70s in the hills. it is really warm air aloft. and sunnyvale at 64. 65 sacramento and the remains of a tropical system right there continue to work their way in south of us. north, east, and south we have a lot of tropical clouds. a few of these bleed in. these are wrapping back around from the sacramento valley which is what eastern solano get a couple of that. it will make for really tough conditions. it is hot and humid inland. fog near the coast. there will be a big difference in the temps. 100 in vacaville. 101 in clear lake. st. helena 99. novato 88. 101 brentwood, oakley. concord, walnut creek. all in the 90s. 78 oakland. 76 alameda. that is pretty warm for
6:50 am
alameda. milpitas 90 degrees. on the coast it is pretty warm. 60s there. 77 san bruno. wood side we will go 89 degrees. i don't see much change or hints of a northwest breeze. that would give the cooler fog conditions. we'll see that develop by the weekend. we just checked for you twitter stock is up more than 2378% in -- more than 23% in early trading. the microblogging site said it has 271 million monthly users. that is up 24% from a year ago. many investors worried about continued growth. twitter is headquarters in san francisco. consumer reports magazine says toyota should recall 178,000 of its camry hybrids. toyota is already offering to
6:51 am
fix breaks. the offer is good for owners that bring their cars to dealers. the magazine says there are two separate problems. coming up why those hens face certain death almost and the group that came to their rescue. >> but first a new solution for the age old problem of a lost key. why it's also raising some security concerns.
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welcome back. time is 6:53. president obama announcing new sanctions against russia. he says the new round of sanctions will effect key parts of the russian economy including defense companies, banks, and oil exploration. this comes after russian president putin refused to help stop the constant fighting in eastern ukraine. this morning a large fire continues to threaten yosemite facial park and two main roads that link to yosemite. the fire start aid long the western edge of the park has burned more than 3,000 acres. part of highway 120 are closed. the cause of the fire is under
6:55 am
investigation. all evacuation orders have been lifted for another wild fire burning in the sierra foothills. that fire has burned more than 4,000 acres but is now 80% contained. cal fire says it was started by someone driving over a patch of dry vegetation. that fire has destroyed 19 homes. your time is 6:54. the oakland police department getting praise for complying with reforms ordered by a judge more than a decade ago. the court appointed monitor praised oakland police for making progress toward completing 22 of the required changes. the reforms were part of a settlement in the riders police misconduct scandal. better police review board, analyzing information about the race of people that have been stopped by police, and computer system that tracks police about the excessive force. a new high-tech solution that is replacing lost house keys is raising security
6:56 am
concerns. the new keys are sent right to you home. there is concern that the technology could be misused to help thieves. >> if you give your keys to a valet, they can easily enough copy your key and know where you live through your car registration. >> san francisco based keys duplicated says it has cut tens of thousands of keys that it launched last year. the company says it doesn't store shipping addresses for the key it creates to insure there is no record of which homes those key unlock. water shut off at a popular pond in oakland because of problems with algae. the pond is in frog park near claremont and hudson avenues. alameda county shut off the water on friday after finding out it is pumped. a toxic algae bloom closed the
6:57 am
lake to swimmer paps lot of visitors are really getting frustrated about what to do with their kids as the temperatures keep climbing. oakland public work says no one is in carjack of testing the frog park pond. it's not a designated swimming area but alameda county tested the water yesterday. they should have the results later this week. pleasant hill's next step in its redevelopment process could include a new hilton hotel. that idea is not sitting well with neighbors. the ellenwood park housing development includes more than 100 units with ponds and fountains. people that live there say all of that could change if the hilton built a four story extended stay hotel right across the street. but the mayor says the good of the city has to be taken into consideration. >> the benefit to the city is one to you know continue the economic development of the city. the lot has been vacant for about four years. it was a restaurant. >> it's not that we don't want the hotel, but it could be this could be a big block like
6:58 am
downtown san francisco and it doesn't fit our neighborhood. >> the pleasant hill architectural review commission will hold a hearing on the plan next week. if approved construction could begin next year. time is 6:57. coming up a dramatic fire -- fire put fire crews on the offensive. you will see more of this and what neighbors say may have started the fire and how they only had minutes to escape. >> and chevron's long delayed plans to upgrade has been approved. ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ]
6:59 am
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>> reporter: we will have a live interview with the fire department here in oakland to get the very latest details on a fire that sent 18 people out into the street. a bold crime involving pizza deliveries. the armed robbers who are still on the loose in the bay area. >> reporter: and the meeting went late into last night. but chevron got the go ahead for major safety and environmental improvement at the richmond refinery. what was approved and why not everyone is on board. and the ucla campus, under water. the massive


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