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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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quake, earthquake take to the field. >> this is a copy of the e-mail the team sent out the season ticket holders. they are reacting to fan feedback and they will make the parking better. i spoke with the teams chief operating officer who wrote the e-mail and asked if he was happy. >> was i happy. we can do better. i apologize to those who sat in traffic and had parking issues. >> now this was the scene on friday at the 49er open house, 28,000 fans came to see the facility. there was masses amount of the cars in the parking lot and driving into the area. some said it took an hour to get in. one viewer took a picture of
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their sitting in traffic. >> it wasn't a typical game day operation. we had 8,000 stall as available that day. we'll have 25,000 on game day. it was an educational process. >> and we apologize we lost maureen, but you can read the e- mail the 49ers sent out the fans on our web site, log on to and look under hot topics on our home page. breaking news out of hayward, police served an eviction notice and had to call a bomb squad. we've been following this story for hours. the police just left the scene from a home on gainesville avenue. what's the latest? >> this ended about a half hour
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ago, the last officers just left the scene, it started around 10:00 when the sheriff deputies tried to serve an eviction notice at a house on that side of the street. when they entered the home they found a note that indicated there were explosives in the home and that brought out the s.w.a.t. team and the bomb squad. we have video from earlier today. law enforcement had part of gainesville boulevard blocked off while they tried to get the person they believed was inside the home out of the home. they used robots. bomb-sniffing dogs. the bomb seem and snipers positioned inplace. and they evacuated neighbors nearby the home that was in question. in the end they found no pom, no one was at home. we talked to a neighbor who had
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been texting the man in question earlier in the morn moog when i texted him i said the bomb squad is here, the cops are here. he said he had no idea what was going on. we didn't text a lot. i said if you made a bomb let me know so i can get out of here. >> police are not releasing the person's name they were looking for inside the home. they spent hours with the bomb squad s.w.a.t. team to find out there was no one at home at the time. they found no one in the home, no bombs. they are looking for the person who they believed was in that home. the person that lived in the home and they were trying to evict. they are looking for the person. a federal grand jury filed an updated indictment against
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pg&e stemming from the pipeline blast in san bruno. it charges the utility with 27 counts of violating the federal pipeline act with shoddy report keeping and maintenance. the explosion killed eight and destroyed 38 homes. they could be fined $500,000 for each count. the utility does not believe the charges are warranted. even where mistakes were made the employees were acting in good faith. it's the kind of crime parents fear. a man drives up to a young girl and tries to kidnap her. this time the would-be kidnapper picked the wrong girl. >> people who know this 11-year- old girl, she's full of spunk she's taken a self-defense
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class. >> when the dope taught -- depp taught a self-defense class she didn't know one would put them in use. >> i teach knee strikes. >> when she found out an 11- year-old fought off a would be spread or the she was brought. >> she was energetic. she was 110% with every strike, with every blow. she was hitting the bag with all her might. >> the girl was approached yesterday in unincorporated san leandro. >> this is what nightmares are made of. he's in his car with his pants down and this girl is grabbed by a stranger. it every parents nightmare. >> she ran to the youth center nearby to get help. because of her quick thinking she was physically unhurt and
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they made an arrest. 53-year-old martin gonzalez is facing charges of attempted kidnapping and attempted sexual it -- sexual assault. >> it is incredible one of the young female members did the right thing when approached by a strange male. >> as for martin gonzalez, deputies say they has no other criminal history. his arraignment is tomorrow afternoon. a broken water main is flooding the ucla campus tonight. we want to show you what it looks like. this is news we started covering at 5:00. here's what it looks like right now in this live picture. a lot of water on the ground. a lot of gushing water. this started around 3: 30. it seems to have been tapered off. this is what it looked like
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earlier. it could take another half hour the should off this pipeline. this pipe was installed in 1921. sunset boulevard is closed down in both directions. people had to seek shelters in under ground parking structures. a huge mess. no word on what caused this break. water has been shut off at a east bay pond because of alge contamination. adding to the concerns is confusion about who's in charge of the pond and the water that hundreds of children play in every summer. >> just off clairmont average is frog park in oakland. normally this pond would be full of water. once the park operators found out where it was coming from they had to shut it off.
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>> 6-year-old reilly came to frog park prepared. >> i thought the water would be on. >> his bottle was the only water around. >> we were going to play in the water, all of our six kids together. it is disappointing. >> normally water is pumped in from an underground stream. county officials turned it off after a group found out about health kershs with the water source. >> a toxic alge bloom keeps the lake off limits. >> that's because there's confusion about who's response for frog park. alameda county is in charge of the water. >> we own a large culvert that runs underground through here. the surface is licensed to the city of oakland. >> no one is in charge of testing the water to make sure
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it's safe. >> unless there's an obvious spill. >> oakland public works official say that's true for any creek, pond or stream that's not a designated swimming area. enter at your own risk. >> who's going to take responsibility for testing and has it been tested and when will it be tested. >> on a regular basis? >> yes. >> alameda county water officials tested the water to see if alge is a problem. they won't have the results until later this week. iss. >> the oak and a's are close -- oakland a's are closer to a extension on the facility. revenues and a good faith
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agreement that lou wolf will try to build a stadium in oakland. >> keeping the a's demonstrates goodwill on the part of the city, a positive energy to the city. shows the city can do. >> the joint powers authority will vote on the agreement on august 6, if approved the lease will go into effect. there's rumbling among the raider nation that the team is considering a move out of the bay area. mark davis confirmed he was in san antonio texas and met with city leaders. but he would not say what it was about. before the raiders can relocate the move would have to be
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approved by three quarters of the nfl's owners. a string of police shootings prompt families to call for a federal investigation. it could be a case of discrimination. a no hassle way to copy your keys. hot out there. the fog is at the cost, it will be hotter tomorrow. when i come back i'll tell you what that means for your bay area wednesday.
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. froms a call for a federal probe into the police shootings of four men in sal inas -- salinas. he's asked the justice department for a review of the police force to determine if
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there's a pattern of discrime that story -- kiss criminatory. he was shot down while he had a cell phone, and police felt threatened by that. >> i ask justice for my son and the other three people that have been killed with no mercy. >> burris is relating the family of frank alvarado. alvarado wanted police to think the cell phone was a weapon. it triggered protest. police shooting carlos mejia on may 20ed. he was backing up away from police when he was shot. police say they will forward the reports to the fbi and the justice department for review. fire rescue were called in
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to get a car theft suspect out of a tight situation. they were chasing a man when the car he stole broke down. he hid under a pool house. the officers couldn't get the man out. fire crews used a rope to pull him out and take him into custody. some people who live in the bay view neighborhood said a gun violence task force may not be enough. four people have died this month. a 17 member commission combosed of law enforcement. it will focus on getting illegal guns of off the street. some say what's needed are jobs, services and housing. >> housing is a major issue. if you don't have a place to list, you are subject to do
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violence. >> city wide, homicides are down 20% from last year. cohen hope the task force in place by mid-september. it's a trade that dates back hundreds of the years, key making has gone online. but new technology is enabling people to buy keys with a click of a button. security experts say there's serious risks to consider. >> key making is a daily grind for clerks at brownies hardware store in san francisco. >> on a slow day 20, on a busy day in the hundreds. web sites are taking key making online. with clicks of the cell phone camera new keys can be mailed to your home. >> taking a picture and two days later getting a copy in
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the mail. >> in a years time they have created and shipped 10s of thousands. the system is set up to fight fraud. >> this person would have to type in their credit card and their mailing address, which lees a long paper trail. >> people are operating the services are putting other people at risk. >> now anyone can copy your keys using a cell phone and prepaid credit card. >> give your key to a valet they can copy your key. >> it will be either to use an old-fashioned crowbar. we're not an easy way to get access to your home. >> it doesn't store shipping addresses to ensure there's no record of which keys unlock which homes.
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>> protesters tried to call attention to the destruction of the delta. two think 30-foot tunnels to transport water to southern california. the protesters claim the public is being kept in the dark. >> this much to try to push a plan all 34,000 pages plus of it, claiming it will restore and recover the fish when it will wipe them out. >> others argue property taxes will rise the pay for the prices and agriculture will benefit the most. a warm 1 out there today. temperature in the mid- to upper 90s inland. low moment and it will stay that way. heat inland, cool along the coast. thunderstorm popping off around
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lake tahoe. that will happen tomorrow. those thundershowers will go again tomorrow and they will clear out. we will have a break as we look at the forecast. as we look at the next screen, temperature beginning to change, let me move on here. okay. let's go to a live camera. my computer backed up on me. see the fog is hanging offshore. that fog is pinched down. that means it won't be that warm in the inland bay valleys, the temperature will stay on the cool side as we go into the coastal section. i'm back. see the fog along the coast, sorry about that you guys. fog and low clouds along the coast. the rain in the mountains will die down in a couple days, temperature in the low 90s and mid-90's. there's the fog along the coast. san jose is 79.
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san jose tomorrow will be 88 degrees downtown. that's warm. you put on top of that the humidity, 45, 50% humidity, which is high for us. we don't see a lot of humidity in the valleys or inland. forecast tomorrow, fog along the coast, temperature tomorrow warm, those are hundreds that purple. tomorrow will be a warmer day than today. mid-90's and upper 90s. wanted to point up something here. wednesday at 5:00. moisture streaming. watch it shift. the flow goes this way. that should push the moisture out of our area. that looks like it will happen tomorrow night into thursday. tomorrow is a lot like today. hottest day. the five-day forecast, if things get back to normal. it stays warm in the inland bay
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valley. fog at the coast, not a lot of changes from day to day. humidity wants to get out of here thursday. >> that's good news. feel like it's been humid for so long. a's and giants back in action tonight. in santa clara a former 49er comes to camp to bring experience to the offense.
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. angry signs in a quiet pleasant hill neighborhood over a proposal for a new hotel. if approved the hotel will go across from a housing development. hilton wants a four story extended style hotel. the neighbors say the style of the hotel would change the serene surroundings. >> i live on the other side of the development i feel terrible for my neighbors. >> to have a huge stucco building up against the street overlooking these homes, there was zoning for a reason. >> the city's planning commission is set to discuss
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that plan next weekend. mark is here with not good news about the giants. >> you know, if things couldn't get worse on the field. three things no major league pitcher wants to hear. dr. james andrews, the surgeon who specializes in taking care of athletic injuries, and famous for the tommy john surgery, matt cain will be visits him later in the week, he's having a bad year. 2-7, admits pitching with elbow pain, on the disabled list and it's fair to say if surgery is not diagnosed he probably won't pitch a lot this season. >> jeff giving up 2 hits, unfortunately one left the yard. gonzalez, not to be confused
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with marvin gonzalez, his home run put the astros in front of the a's 1-0 in the 5th inning. no injuries to report from the 49er camp. a guy is back with the team. brandon lloyd took a year away from the nfl, one of many talented wide receivers is back to give it a go and happy to see the talent he has up against him as far as the wide receivers go. >> there's a lot of diversity and how each one can help, it's been fun for me just to see the practice habits and to watch the game come. i pride myself on route running and catching the ball. >> if he hasn't lost a step he
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would be a welcomed edition. we'll have highlights tonight. tonight at 10:00 a breakdown at a high-tech manufacture. the heist under investigation. we're here for you at, facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us tonight. have a good night. what...
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