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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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for young people or the elderly, including some who are inside these doors at the concord senior citizens center. 65 seniors late this afternoon for the annual volunteer reesh yags dinner and the volunteers appreciated the air conditioning. young people today also at risk. this is the annual walnut creek children's camp paper boat race. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: it just happened to fall on one of the hottest days of the year, 180 young campers in the peak afternoon sun. >> we want to be sure that they don't get overexposed to the sun and get worn out and then get fatigued and heat stroked. >> reporter: sunscreen, loads of water and dips in the pool kept the kids cool. >> it's pretty hot. do things, even the swimming pool is hot. >> reporter: some people today attempted to keep their
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landscaping cool. remember, new state rules prohibit wasting any water. >> house plants are trying to survive, keeping them all in one place. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, the call for longer hot weather hours here at the senior center, and how you can save money and power in these hot days, but what it will cost you. that's coming up at 6:00. reporting live in concord, john fowler, ktvu channel 2news. >> and you can follow the ktvu weather team online. they are posting continuous updates on twitter and facebook. right now in san jose, police are investigating a reported car jacking. news chopper 2 is over the scene just a short time ago at blossom hill road and snell avenue. a car jacking was reported about 90 minutes ago. there are reports two men carjacked an suv with a woman who was still inside. it appears police have recovered the suv, but the car jackers escaped. we do believe the woman is safe. we're expecting an update from san jose police shortly.
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a stand-off and shooting is over tonight, and police have their suspect in custody, but it was quite a scare for the man being shot at. paul chambers is live in oakland with more on the dangers that can come with his job. >> reporter: the repo man was not wounded. still, to the person who has to collect the car, it's a dangerous job. >> it worried me, especially since i'm out there doing the same thing. i've never gotten shot at, but it always crosses my mind. >> reporter: news of today's shooting in oakland took steve by surprise. his title is a repo man, a job he's had for two years. he acknowledges it's a very dangerous position. that's why the goal is to repossess the vehicle in under a minute. steve says he heard of coworkers being threatened with dogs, even worse, weapons, which was the case this morning in oakland. police say just after 9:15, a tow truck driver was in the process of leaving with a car he just repossessed in the 900 block of seventh street in west
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oakland. that's when a man started firing shots in the direction of the driver. at least two bullets struck the tow truck. the driver is okay, but the suspect ran into a home, leading to a stand-off. several hours later, it ended with the man surrendering to liss. good news to steve, who says he'll be extra guarded after this incident, especially inside he has no true way of protecting himself. >> you have to really be able to talk people down and, you know, kind of calm a situation down because at the end of the day, we can't carry a weapon. >> reporter: now, steve says the reality shows painting his profession in a bad light. he never wants to take someone's car, but the cars they do take still belong to the dealers. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2news. new developments now in the case against suspended state senator leland yee. prosecuters today filed what they called a supercreeding indictment in federal court, which includes new charges against yee, raymond chow and
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27 others. the new charges include racketeering, carrying a potential 20-year prison sentence. there are also new charges accusing yee of agreeing to vote for several bills in exchange for campaign contributions. the san francisco archdiocese today said a priest who was ousted from his post will thought be allowed to minister within the diocese in san francisco. earlier this week, father john wade, seen here on the right, was removed from his home diocese in guam over child molestation charges, stemming from the 1970s while he served in los angeles. the diocese of san francisco confirms wade had been granted permission to minister here. he was on his way to the bay area, but in a statement today, the san francisco church said, quote, father wade would not be allowed to undertake any ministry in the archdiocese of san francisco unless and until his home archdiocese confirms that he is suitable for ministry. two shootings at two parks in oakland in less than a week have some people talking about
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moving out of the city. the most recent shooting was last night at brooke dale park in east oakland. the victim, a 17-year-old boy who was playing basketball. ktvu's rob roth found out that despite these recent shootings, the crime rate in oakland is actually going down. >> reporter: this woman has lived across the street from brooke dale park in east oakland for the past six years. she said she's had enough. >> we're going to be leaving. we're trying to move out, out of this place. so hopefully by end of this year. >> reporter: police are saying little about what happened at the park last evening. neighbors tell us a fight broke out during a basketball game and escalated into gunfire. a 17-year-old boy was injured, but is expected to survive. >> my grandkids, that bicycle up and down the street, scooter, even playing across the street in the park on the scooters, it's very scary. >> reporter: the shooting comes just five days after a shooting at another park in oakland. >> to the front, came off the
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back. >> reporter: a stray bullet found this 10-year-old girl while she was celebrating her baby cousin's first birthday at lowell park in west oakland. those living near these shootings tell us of their fears. >> kids should be able to play in the park really. they shouldn't have to be scared about getting shot in the broad daylight at the park. >> reporter: but at oakland's crime statistics tell a more optimistic story. from january 1st to july 20th, overall major crimes are down 12% from this time last year. homicides are down 17%. assaults with deadly weapons are down 27%. robberies are down 38%. those that visit oakland, which promotes tourism and business, say the perception of oakland is improving slowly. >> through the years, there's been an image of oakland with a crime scene. however, that's all shifting right now. now you pick up any national magazine or newspaper and the conversation is trending differently. they are talking about all the positive things. >> reporter: oakland police and crime stoppers are offering
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rewards of up to $5000 for information about either of the park shootings. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2news. a bomb threat shut down an oakland bart station for more than an hour today, causing a system-wide delay during the peak of the morning commute. bart officials say just before 7:40 this morning, someone reported hearing of a bomb threat at the coliseum station in oakland. police evacuated that station and closed it down. bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in and officers searched the area. ac transit provided shuttle bus service for bart passengers. one passenger who had to evacuate the station expressed frustration, saying she really wasn't informed about what was going on. >> i'm very upset. there was a bomb threat. they should have let us know. they didn't. they just put us outside. bart, i'm very disappointed. >> police say they found nothing suspicious at the station and gave the all-clear at about 9:00 a.m. trains returned to normal service, but the incident did cause residual delays for much of the morning. 49ers season ticket holders
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today got a chance to see the brand-new levi's stadium in santa clara. hundreds of people streamed in for a sneak peek at the new facility. some came by car and parked in the huge lot adjacent to the stadium. others used public transit. inside, ticket holders checked out concourses, concessions and perhaps most importantly, coveted stadium seats. once the 49ers start playing and once people get inside at the game, they will have to pay more to eat. the 49ers today released the prices for food and drinks. and they are a bit higher than they were at candlestick. first up, they are not called hot dogs anymore. they are selling a frankfurter with a custom bun. the price? $6.25. all right. how about a slice of pizza? from the stone pizza oven, that's going to cost you $8. a basket of garlic fries made with fresh gilroy garlic and extra virgin olive oil, that will set you back $8.50. if you're thirsty, 16-ounce bud costs you $10.25. premium beer is $11.
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a 20-ounce bottle of plain old water, plain old water, that will cost you $6. ktvu has gotten a chance to take a tour inslee vice stadium. we did that before it was open to the public while it was still under construction. you can see what it looked like and compare it then versus now. go to our website and look under hot topics. scientists are making a disturbing discovery along the west coast. star fish are dying in droves. claudia cowen shows us the star fish are literally falling apart. >> reporter: sea stars is, or star fish, are always a crowd- pleaser at aquariums like this one in san francisco. but now, visitors are shocked to learn that millions of them are dying and in the most heartbreaking way. they are dissentigrating, and scientists don't know why. the attack on the endearing creatures is heartbreaking. they dissolve into goo.
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>> arms separate from the body. they walk away, still alive. i've been diving down here and you see just a whole bottom of the ocean covered with arms walking around. it's very creepy. >> reporter: the disease is not new, but the scope of this die- off is. >> we're seeing a very far- reaching and far-ranging syndrome happening here on our coast, up and down from alaska all the way to san diego. sea stars are wasting away. >> reporter: and no one knows why. it might be a virus, scientists say, or a pathogen present in coastal waters that somehow became lethal. >> there's 15 species all by themselves under water that are completely wiped out. they have gone from 100% to, like, 2 or 3% in the last six months. >> reporter: he worries about a ripple effect in the food chain, as mussels grow unchecked in tide pools once covered with rng on and purple sea stars. the good news? >> marine extinctions are kind of rare. we don't think there's
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likelihood of extinction. just real low numbers for probably a pretty long time. >> reporter: now, there are reports sea urchins in southern california are also mysteriously dying. scientists are looking into whether there might be a connection, but want to reassure people that there is no risk to human health. in san francisco, claudia cowen, fox news. too many strays, not neutered or spayed. why a struggling bay area shelter is at risk of losing a quarter of a million dollars that was supposed to help solve the problem. >> one of the last people to see a hostage before she was killed in a bank robbery shootout. >> they just grabbed-- >> they didn't want men. they wanted women. >> the one request the woman made to bank robbers before they took her. >> next, two girls seeking redemption through selling candy, until they were robbed. how the community rallied around the young victims.
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. look at that, a limousine consumed by a fire this morning in vallejo. only the driver was inside at the time. witnesses say the limo appeared to overheat. the driver got out, lifted up the hood. that's when he saw flames. he tried to put the fire out himself. he obviously wasn't successful, so he ended up calling the fire department. by the time they got the flames out, you could see there, the limo was destroyed. all of this happened on fairgrounds drive. again, it's important to say here there were no passengers inside at the time, and no one was hurt. last week we reported on an 8-year-old girl who was robbed while selling candy in san francisco. today, our david stevenson found out the reason why she was selling the candy, and it's quite a story. david is live in san francisco with that and how a local shop is now reaching out to help the little girl and her family. david? >> reporter: yeah, a very nice surprise for the young girl and her brother. she have been dealing with a pretty tough childhood. >> these are brand-new.
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can't even buy these anywhere in the united states yet. >> reporter: two kids, one amazing candy store. >> you got to pop it in, drink the soda. do you want to try it? >> reporter: 9-year-old jayden and his 8-year-old sister sapphire got the star treatment at the sweet shop today. >> i thought it would be a little bit of candy. >> reporter: in fact, the company gave the two more than $1000 worth of treats. >> powell's is really, really community-oriented and it's important to me that we help out when there's issues, especially ones that we can. >> reporter: sapphire was robbed of $42 she earned this month, selling candy. >> i i guess sad because they stole it from my sister. >> reporter: 40-year-old ladonna christian was arrested. police say the surveillance video shows her moments before she twisted sapphire's arm and took the cash. >> being a police officer, also a parent, we're appalled by this. >> i cried really, really hard.
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and i said please, god, help me. >> one, two, three! [ laughter ] >> yeah! >> reporter: the children haven't had it easy. their mom says they were placed in 14 foster homes before she adopted them and that their biological mother taught them to steal. therapy includes the children earning their own spending money. sapphire wants to buy her own cell phone with donations she receives for the candy. >> because sometimes i always get lost. i have to use other phones, public phones. >> reporter: sapphire and jayden took their very first cable car ride today. the children hope to resume candy sales this week, and jayden hopes to earn enough money to throw a really special 10th birthday party. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. in washington today, president obama urged central american leaders to help stem the flow of undocumented children fleeing their countries and illegally crossing into the united states. the president and vice
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president joe biden met with leaders of guatemala, honduras and el salvador today the a the white house. the president pushed them for more action, but praised them for the efforts so far. >> each of the leaders has shown great responsiveness and great sincerity in wanting to deal with the situation in a sensible and compassionate way. >> also today, the president again called on house republicans to act on his request for billions of dollars in emergency spending to help control the border crisis. the vanity license plates you see on cars may give you a laugh. while the program costs the state thousands of dollars to administer, it also brings in millions. the dmv says it receives more than 91,000 personalized plate orders every year. three employees have to read each request. that's at a cost of $200,000. but the state has made millions of dollars since starting the vanity plate program back in 1970. now, some sft recent plate requests that have been denied include "i hate dmv."
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imagine why. or shrink up, by a psycho therapist. the dmv workers said zombie killing is not appropriate for a vanity plate. >> okay. let's go to weather now, bring in meteorologist mark tamayo in this evening. man, it is hot out there. >> yeah, just stepping out the door maybe 10:00 this morning, you could tell it was going to be a hot day, into the afternoon hours. numbers topping 100 degrees this afternoon. once again, the story of the day, the heat. current temperatures out there at walnut creek, fairfield, livermore, around 100, 101 degrees. san jose right now at 92. oakland, 82. san francisco out to the record high today, mid-80s. right now currently, a pleasant 70 degrees. wider perspective on the satellite showing low clouds and fog approaching monterey bay. that was the case this morning. add high clouds later in the
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weekend, into next week. a closer look at the satellite right now, this is the fog bank we are tracking, moving a little closer to the bay area. this will be cooling off the coast as we head into your saturday. for tonight, though, obviously clear and warm, basically hot. here is our live camera looking toward san francisco, looking across the bay. we still have a bit of an onshore breeze. in fact, it has been strengthening. with that, it's bringing relieve for the coast and near parts of the bay, especially closer to san francisco. this weekend, cooler at the coast, but still hot temperatures inland. extended forecast, some minor cooling expected as we head into next week. for this evening, the dodgers in town playing the giants. look for mostly clear skies, very warm at the ballpark. temperatures at 70 degrees. bit of a breeze at 10 to 15 miles an hour. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, starting out your saturday, mid-50s, all the way to the mid-60s out there. mostly clear skies, except we could have patchy dense fog near parts of the coastline, closer to half moon bay and pacifica to start out your
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saturday morning. so high pressure, this has been the source of heat for today, pushing a little closer toward the bay area. it sticks around into the weekend, but of course our forecast really based on the wind. we'll have a little bit more of a stronger onshore breeze. temperatures near the coast and in the bay, 5 to 10 degrees cooler. 5 degrees cooler for the bay. not as much cooling there. primarily the biggest change will be near the immediate coastline. inland, still hot. 90s out there. upper 90s, flirting with 100 degrees. maybe a little cooling compared to today. here's a look at our forecast model showing you this. low clouds and fog near the coast first thing tomorrow morning. then partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. big temperature range. 60s for the beaches. warmest locations inland, back up to the upper 90s, near 100 degrees. neighborhoods around the bay, oakland, 82. livermore, 97 degrees. san jose, 89. morgan hill, mid-90s. san francisco, instead of the mid-80s we had today, we'll go
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with lower 70s, 73. look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, not much change for your sunday. then we'll gradually shave off a few degrees into early next week for monday and tuesday. coming up at 5:45, i'm tracking moisture to our south and get ready for maybe another round of muggy conditions here in the bay area, possibly another period of that as well. we'll be watching that. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you, mark. fire kills a woman known very well to her neighbors. why residents in her building ignored the fire alarms, plus, a witness account of the deadly bank heist in stockton. >> they had guns. it was happening so fast. >> a woman who was inside the bank talks about the dramatic moments before a mother was taken hostage and that mother's desperate plea to be left alone. >> now to julie haener in the newsroom with what we're working on for 6:00. >> reporter: we told you about the bomb threat that prompted police to evacuate the coliseum bart station. coming up at 6:00, the $17 million given to bart to keep passengers safe. we're asking how the agency is planning to spend that money.
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plus, forced out, but still showing thanks. the reason families with sick kids are being moved into hotels instead of the ronald mcdonald house. these stories and more, coming up new at 6:00. no rush, andy. come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds
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. an early morning fire left a well-known resident of this san francisco apartment building dead. firefighters are still investigating why she wasn't able to make it out in time. as alex savidge tells us, many people are shaken by the death of their long-time neighbor.
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>> reporter: the fire alarm sounded inside this high-rise apartment building in park merced around 5:00 this morning. crews made their way to a unit on the second story that was filled with smoke and that's where they found a woman dead inside. neighbors tell us the victim was well-known in this building. she had lived here for more than 30 years. >> she was here for many, many years, retired from macy's and she, you know, just a very nice neighbor. >> it's just sad. all of us are here just waiting, just to say our good- byes, you know? she was just -- we're all family. it's sad to see her go. >> reporter: investigators say the fire didn't burn beyond the one unit. it was fairly small. and it may have been smoldering for sometime. the smoke alarms in the building kept going on and off this morning, and that's why some neighbors ignored them. firefighters say that's risky. >> people need to understand they may feel they get a lot of false alarms in their building, but you never know what is a false alarm. i would heed warning and say
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when an alarm goes off, get out of the building. >> reporter: the woman who died this morning lived alone and firefighters say based on everything they found inside her unit, it's possible she may have been a hoarder. the victim has not yet been identified by authorities. a battalion chief told me it's unclear why this woman couldn't make it out of her burning apartment this morning. an arson investigator was called in to gather evidence and figure out what started this deadly fire. in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2news. a gut-wrenching new eyewitness account from inside that deadly bank robbery in stockton. the witness, one of the last people to see a mother of two alive. >> i saw in her eyes she was scared. and that this was going to be it. >> tonight, what happened in those last moments. hear from the woman who was there when the hostages were taken. >> we're learning new information about a soccer
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coach accused of molesting a child. the response from the soccer camp about what allegedly happened. >> plus, the work of three american artists being added to a bay area museum. some of the pieces have never been shown publicly before.
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. we're learning new information tonight about a soccer coach accused of molesting a child. police are confirming that the alleged incident happened at the soccer facility in livermore. cristina rendon is live from livermore with more on this. >> reporter: well, management at cabernet indoor sports released this statement. it says they thoroughly vetted the coach before hiring him, but in light of recent allegations, he's now suspended. speed and strength soccer coach jesse schlicker is no longer allowed to be near cabernet sports, accused of molesting a child at one of the soccer camps this week. parents and players are stunned this week, especially after the arrest of a golf coach in livermore just months ago. >> obviously being the second event in a year in livermore, where there's been this type of activity with somebody and an arrest made, it's disturbing to
5:31 pm
hear it. >> reporter: management declined to comment on camera, but a statement on their website says they are fully cooperating with police. in part, it reads as a company we take many steps to ensure a safe environment, from the high visibility of every inch of our play areas to screening the people who come in contact with our customers. police say schlicker used to work at world cup soccer camps in los gatos. there were no red flags before he was hired in livermore. >> i have no sympathy for anybody that's, you know, would endanger a child in any way. >> reporter: parents still plan on bringing their children to the soccer camp, despite the possibility of having one bad apple in the bunch. >> no matter where you go in america, you'll have these issues and these problems and people are going to slip through the cracks. >> reporter: police believe
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there may be other victims out there. they are urging those families, if any, to come forward. live in livermore, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2news. the search is on tonight for the driver of a stolen car and three passengers after they hit a porsche on the san mateo bridge, then ran away. it all happened just after 5:00 this morning. police say the driver of a stolen 1980 toyota hit the porsche on westbound 92. then all the people in the toyota got out and ran away. investigators say one of the suspects might be carrying a gun. >> we don't know if the other ones are as well. use caution. call 911 and definitely don't approach them. >> the search was called off about an hour. the four people are described only as latino males. the driver of the porsche was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. tonight, an incredible story. we are hearing from a woman who was actually inside that bank in stockton when it was robbed. she was there as misty holt- singh was taken hostage, the mother of two later killed in a shootout. steve lawrence has the eyewitness account of what happened once the three heavily armed gunmen stormed the bank. >> feel like you have a connection with misty now? >> yes. >> tell me about that.
5:33 pm
>> um, i saw in her eyes, you know, that she was scared and that this is going to be it. >> reporter: janie martinez is one of the last people to see misty holt-singh alive. >> she didn't want to go. misty was crying because she was saying to them her daughter was alone in the car. she said i don't want my daughter to see me coming out with you. and they said don't worry, nothing's going to happen, and they took her anyway. >> reporter: martinez was inside the bank when the three armed robbers ran inside. >> they had guns, and then it was happening so fast that they had the security guard. when they found out that the police officers were there, they said we're going to take hostages. >> they said that? >> yes. >> they used those words? >> yes. >> how did they determine who they would take? >> whoever -- i don't know. they just grabbed misty and the bank teller, the manager had her key and another one.
5:34 pm
they needed somebody else, but didn't want men. they wanted women. >> they wanted women? >> yes. >> reporter: the armed robbers left the bank with a gun pointed at each woman's head. >> we were crying and praying inside, hoping that no harm would come to them, but they did. >> reporter: a dark day for the stockton community and for martinez, a day that will forever connect her to the mother and wife who did not want her daughter to see her in danger. >> and that's all. she was thinking about her daughter outside in the car waiting for her, and that she didn't want to see her like that. >> once again, that was steve large reporting. there is still one suspect missing following that deadly shootout. police are offering a $50,000 reward to try to find that person. police in the south bay are looking for a motive behind a violent fight that ended with five men hospitalized. it happened about 10:45 last night in san jose on darwin way near overfelt high school. officers found two men stabbed
5:35 pm
and three others beaten. all five were taken to local hospitals. their injuries are described as nonlife threatening. so far, no word on any suspects. three children died today when a carjacked suv ran into a crowd of people on a street corner in philadelphia. this morning, two men forced the owner into the back of the vehicle. about a mile away, they somehow lost control and plowed right into a group of adults and children. two adults, including the children's mother, and the owner of the suv, are hospitalized in critical condition. both car jackers ran off and are now the targets of a manhunt. there are reports tonight that israel and hamas have agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire in the gaza strip to begin less than five hours from right now. earlier today, israel rejected a week-long halt to the violence and israeli jets pounded gaza with at least 80 air strikes. israel says militants in gaza fired 50 rockets today, including one that was intercepted by the israeli iron dome defense system. secretary of state john kerry was in egypt in hopes of negotiating a cease-fire before
5:36 pm
heading to paris for more talks. >> the whole world is watching a tragic moment after tragic moment unfold and wondering when is everybody going to come to their senses? >> more than 800 palestinians and 36 israel ease have been killed in 18 days of fighting in gaza. authorities say most of the dead in gaza are palestinian civilians, including children killed at a u.n. shelter yesterday. a group dedicated to helping animals has been granted more than $100,000, but they haven't been able to use it. now all the money could go away. what's standing in the way of them. >> also, construction starting tonight on a major thoroughfare in san francisco. how long the construction will be going on and the different looks the thoroughfare will have once done. >> plus, it was not what a deputy was expecting to find when he pulled over one car. look and you'll see hundreds of crabs.
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. stockton man is facing charges for possessing hundreds of indigenous crabs. the possession limit is 10 crabs. a county sheriffs deputy estimates the 40-year-old man has had as many as 400 crabs when he was stopped early this morning. he was cited for misdemeanor and released. congress voted to increase
5:40 pm
child tax credit, including expanded benefits for upper middle income parents. but the bill's fate remains uncertain. the new legislation would increase the credit by adjusting for inflation and it would raise the maximum income for married couples to receive the credit to $150,000. but east bay congresswoman barbara lee, along with most other house democrats, oppose the bill because it doesn't extend the existing credit for low income families. >> extending a permanent child tax credit that helps wealthy families while failing to help those living in poverty is just not fair. >> the bill heads to the democratic-led senate where most political analysts say it will likely be voted down. the works of three top american artists being added to the permanent collection to the stanford art collection, including san francisco artist richard decorn. they have never been shown or studied. his widow donated him. also a collection of andy
5:41 pm
warhol photographs. supporters of the center have also donate the drawings and paintings of jacob lord, one of the leading african american artists of the 20th century. a nonprofit group working for animals has gotten tens of thousands of dollars, but there's a catch. [ dogs barking ] >> they are kind of in a catch- 22 situation. why they can't use the money, and if they don't use it soon, how it will all go away. >> most of the steel on the old bay bridge will be recycled into new products, but some of it will be put on public display in a fabulous new park. . >> a big bounce in our temperatures for today. coming up, the areas that will cool the most in your saturday forecast, and when the muggy conditions could return to the bay area.
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. new at 5:00, nonprofit dedicated to helping animals has been given a big chunk of funding, but now risk losing it. the group is in vallejo and is dedicated to getting animals spayed and neutered. the problem is, they are just weeks away from losing thousands of dollars in funding. as claudine wong tells us, supporters say the key to saving that money and helping thousands of animals is just out of reach. >> reporter: the wags and whiskers thrift shop sits on this corner in vallejo. every day, lynn pulls out the racks and fills the shelves,
5:45 pm
with one goal in mind. make enough money to get animals in vallejo spayed and neutered. >> the problem is horrendous. >> every two days, i come and pour cat food in here. >> reporter: michelle morris adams knows just how overwhelming the problem can be. >> i've personally trapped and neutered over 400 animals over the last five years. i have re-homed at least 200. >> come on, guys! come on! >> reporter: many animals end up here at the vallejo humane society. or they get sent to fairfield animal shelter. of the 10,000 animals they get every year, 20% come from vallejo. >> extremely overcrowded with the population today. >> reporter: normally they have about 160, but walk the aisles, search the room, and you'll be hard pressed to find and empty space. and not all will find homes. >> we actually have a live
5:46 pm
release rate right now of 50%. so 40% of those animals do not make it out of here. >> the many, many times, they are pitbulls. >> reporter: but the search for a solution has been frustrating. there are no low cost spay and neuter clinics in vallejo, but the city has allocated $165,000 to their group, snip, for spay and neuter procedures, and petsmart charities has pledged $95,000 for equipment. there's only one problem. none of that money can be used to buy the mobile van needed to make it all happen. >> we have until august, end of august, and then the money will revert back to the city. >> would the petsmart money go away, too? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: but the van isn't cheap either. cost estimates are 85 to $100,000. lynn started a go fund me account and the thrift shop to raise money, but it's an uphill battle. >> we need people through the door and we're just not getting it. >> i think people don't know. >> reporter: as the clock
5:47 pm
ticks, they are trying desperately to get the word out, hoping that if people know, they will reach out to save this effort and to save more animals from ending up in shelters and on the streets. in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2news. >> for more information on the efforts to get that van and how to help, go to our website and click on web links. tonight at 10:30, crews will begin overnight work to paint transit lanes on san francisco's market street. they hope red paint will prevent private drivers from driving the lane. the agency says it plans on remarking traffic signals to help keep muni moving. the work will continue over friday and saturday nights through november. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is $1.6 billion richer, thanks to a recent surge in his company's stock. today, facebook stock closed at $75.19 a share. that's up just a few tenths of
5:48 pm
a point higher than yesterday's close of $74.98 a share. but over the past year, facebook's stock has gone up 183%. zuckerberg's net worth is now about $33.3 billion, which is actually more than the two founders of google. police in seattle say they are not going to file charges against a man who flew a drone around the space needle, causing a security scare. the man posted this video taken by the drone online. authorities now say the man was an employee of and he was in seattle on a trip. authorities say he flew his personal drone around the space needle on tuesday. that's in violation of faa rules for unmanned aircraft. police say he has agreed not to fly his drone in public in the future. got to say, those pictures are remarkable. bay area weather today, hot just about everywhere you turned. hot can be 85 in the city, or according to meteorologist mark
5:49 pm
tamayo, close to 100 in the inland areas. >> that's right. even a few neighborhoods topping 100 degrees. very impressive, a big temperature spike for today. the official highs, finally from the national weather service, numbers really warmed up. you can see triple digits toward livermore, antioch, concord, fairfield, vallejo. look at san rafael. very hot, upper 90s. couple records to report. we talked about these records earlier. san francisco maxed out at 85 degrees. mountain view, 95. and a string of 90s for heyward, fremont, san jose, with a high of 94 degrees this afternoon. on the satellite, a few high clouds approaching the southern portions of the state and also low clouds and fog. that little cloud deck will increase in coverage a bit. we'll have more of a southwesterly flow kick in in the short-term. so with that, that's going to help cool us off near the coast and just a little bit near parts of the bay as we head into your saturday forecast. a look at current numbers out there, it is 68 degrees in san francisco, evidence of the cooling already. san jose checking in at 92. santa rosa right now, 96. still holding on to 100 degrees
5:50 pm
out toward livermore, concord and antioch and fairfield right now checking in at 101. so we still have mostly clear skies out there. pretty steady onshore breeze has been increasing. i think the winds pick up once again heading into saturday. could be around 20 miles an hour. forecast headlines, clear and warm for tonight. this weekend, cool for the coast, but hot numbers inland. then minor cooling as we head into next week. garlic festival, day two for tomorrow. lots of sunshine, a little cooler than today, but still warming up rapidly. by 12:00, 87 degrees. by 3:00, temperatures maxing out in the mid-90s. this area of high pressure is responsible for all the heat across the bay area for today. the key change for tomorrow, a little bit of a stronger onshore breeze. temperatures near the coast, coming down about 10 degrees. near the bay, coming down about 5 degrees. inland neighborhoods, still hot. we're still thinking lots of mid to upper 90s, could be approaching 100 once again. maybe just a little bit cooler for the inland areas. here's our forecast model, showing you some of the fog tomorrow morning. then increasing high clouds to
5:51 pm
our south as we head into late into the weekend and into monday. notice this big batch of high clouds moving in by monday. sunday into monday with the moisture moving in, it could feel a bit muggy once again. let's keep an eye on the changing pattern. forecast highs for tomorrow, santa rosa at 91. oakland, 82 degrees. lots of upper 90s on toward antioch, brentwood, livermore. san jose, upper 80s. fremont at 86. more neighborhoods, san francisco instead of 85, we'll go with 73 for your saturday afternoon. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. cooler for the coast for tomorrow. still toasty temperatures inland. we'll shave off a few degrees, heading to early next week. at least we have options in the bay area. upper 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, could be approaching 100 out there. >> thanks, mark. >> sure. crews are hard at work taking apart the bay bridge. where the hundreds of tons of steel will be headed and how some of it will be getting a second life in a very visible spot. >> back down to julie haineser in the newsroom with more on what we're working on at 6:00. >> reporter: frustrated, still
5:52 pm
grateful. how construction at the ronald mcdonald house is forcing families with sick kids to manu plans. plus, protecting bart from a potential terrorist attack. what a $17 million grant will mean for riders. these stories and more, coming up in about 10 minutes at 6:00. ñw?
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
. the american civil liberties union today announced that san francisco police have agreed to stop warrantless
5:55 pm
searches of cell phones. this comes after the u.s. supreme court found that violated constitutional right to privacy. the deal to stop the searches is part of a settlement with the city attorney's office. in exchange, civil rights activist whose phone was searched by police without a warrant has agreed to drop his lawsuit. in a statement today, an aclu spokeswoman said, quote, our cell phones carry a wealth of information and paint a detailed picture of who we are. we don't surrender our right to privacy simply because we choose to carry that information around with us or because we have been arrested. san francisco police also issued a statement about the supreme court decision saying, in part, prior to this decision, every agency could conduct these searches. san francisco is no different. this decision is now case law and every agency must follow this decision. new at 5:00, the old eastern span of the bay bridge is coming down, but all that steel could soon be going back up in another part of the bay area. demolition of the old bridge will clear the way for a new park and new opportunities for
5:56 pm
bay area artists and nonprofit. ktvu's tom vey car is live on treasure island with what the future holds for that old steel bridge. tom? >> reporter: take a look. the old bridge is going, going, going. when it's gone, it will not be forgotten. dismantling the old eastern span of the bay bridge means the 58,000 tons of steel will be salvaged, most of it to be recycled into new products. but as part of a funding program, the federal highway administration required the state preserve some of the structure, several hundred tons, for historical and educational purposes. to find a suitable place for some 200 tons of bridge structure, local transportation officials undertook to design gateway park at the foot of the bridge near the toll booths, where people can come on foot, bike, or car. >> maybe stop and get some water and use the bathroom. we have an idea that maybe we'll have bike vendors and food trucks, lot of historical exhibits from the work that we
5:57 pm
have maintained from the bridge project. >> reporter: it's very possible some of the old bridge causeway foundations will be used to erect a public pier for strolling, bayviewing and sportfishing. >> we think it's a real regional opportunity to provide some wonderful public access. >> reporter: there will be something else. >> make available steel from the bay bridge to artist and public art projects. >> reporter: the oakland museum of california will help coordinate and qualify nonprofits and artists, such as those here at oakland's american steel studios to create other works of art from the bridge steel. >> oakland is really one of the world centers of industrial artists and the industrial arts community, and that's what artists do. they take that material, they take those stories, and they create something new with it. >> reporter: what will be created will be as varied and remarkable as the artists themselves. >> it's a way to keep the bridge alive, even after it's gone in a way that people can continue to enjoy, but still recognize the history. >> reporter: and of course we
5:58 pm
will have more on this as that park develops. reporting live, now back to you. for the first time in california, people will be able to run with the bulls tomorrow right here in the bay area. it's a controversial event in the east bay that's also acan't traed the attention of animal rights supporters. organizers say 3000 people are registered for the run at the county fairgrounds tomorrow. they will all pay $75 and sign an injury waiver before the 1500-pound bulls are turned loose. animal rights groups have sued, prompting the event to be canceled in southern california earlier this year. but organizers say there is no animal abuse whatsoever. in an e-mail, the ceo of the great bull run told us, quote, the bulls simply run a quarter mile without being mistreated in any way. we don't hit, shock, or mistreat the bulls in order to get them to run, and peta's claims to the contrary aren't supported by any evidence
5:59 pm
whatsoever. graduation ceremonies in west sacramento today marked the start of a special relationship between pairs of highly trained chp officers and their police dogs. eight police dogs and their human handlers graduated from the highway patrol k-9 program. they spent 11 weeks training together, learning how to sniff out trouble, how to watch out for one another. the police dogs will serve for as long as six years and when they retire, they will still live with their handler's family. now at 6:00, millions of dollars in federal funding. we'll tell you how the money will protect a key piece of the bay area's public transit network. >> it's not yet opening day, but crowds filled new levi's stadium in santa clara today. >> get there early enough, it will be okay. >> the dry run today and the one thing fans can do to make their trip in and out of the new stadium smooth. >> and record-breaking heat today. we're tracking the hottest spots. how long the soaring temperatures will last.
6:00 pm
. close to 400,000 people ride bart every day. now the federal government is pledging millions to protect the public. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it's one of the most important parts of the bay area's transit network. transbay 2. tens of thousands take bart's transbay tube every day into and out of san francisco. new at 6:00, ktvu's john sasaki live in oakland with the reason millions of dollars in federal funding is headed our way. john? >> reporter: frank, here in west oakland, thousands of people have been coming out this afternoon, after coming from san francisco under the bay. they took the transbay tube, which is now the beneficiary of a big federal grant. thousands of people do it every day. aboard a bart train heading between san francisco and the


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