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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 15, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new restrictions tonight on water use. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it's a first for california. mandatory water restrictions statewide with fines starting at $500 a day. instead of conserving water, new data shows water usage has actually increased 1% statewide. allie rasmus live in pleasanton to explain what these new rules will mean for residents and businesses right here in california. >> reporter: the new rules will mean we will see more yellow
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lawns. the homeowner stopped to water his lawn a couple of weeks ago you see it's starting to dry. this perfect green lawn is relatively drought friendly. >> we had the water department out here. looked at it. looked at the sprinklers and they're all good. >> reporter: mandatory cuts are now in effect but now the entire state is taking unprecedented steps. the control board voted 6-9 to enact new water restrictions. >> there's people bathing out of buckets. there's folks that are getting water trucks delivered to them through the office of emergency. >> reporter: state officials say so far voluntary conservation measures have
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failed. >> i think we have a problem. and i guess what they're doing is the right thing. >> reporter: come august 1st, water users across the state could face fines for watering hard surfaces. >> i'm very concerned. it's the way i made a living for the last 13 years. >> reporter: it's not clear yet how the rules would affect businesses that rely on water like the molina's power wash. even if he keeps the water going. >> i have noticed that less people are calling me. >> people have mentioned it. i'm sure people that haven't called that's the reason why. >> reporter: that would be up to local law enforcement and
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local water districts to enforce the water rules. and the homeowner here is also a police officer and told me that he does not now how he's supposed to enforce the new rules. the authors say 430 acres of crops were not planted this year. the study also found that the drought has cost more than 17,000 part time jobs on farms. over all agriculture in california is a $45 billion a year business. new at 10:00, a fight over a san francisco waterfront is on. the new legal challenge targeting the ballot initiative that regulates development. commission filed suit in an effort overturn prop b which passed last november. prop b was approved last
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november. the waterfront land belongs to the state and the commission manages it not the city and not it voters. san francisco city attorney dennis herr era says he will fight the suit. free speech and where do you draw the line. jana katsuyama is live outside of council chambers after tending the latest in a long string of contentious some would say dysfunctional city meetings there. >> one long time city council member tells me that this is the worse that he's seen it. in his nearly 19 years on the city council. we had to step outside but that debate is very tense and it is still going on in that council meeting. at first the richmond city council seemed business as usual. however for richmond business
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as usual has been contentious. >> you're out of order. you're out of order. >> reporter: tonight the signs were there. subtle fliers left on chairs opposing hate speech. signs raised by members of the audience in support of vice mayor who says she and her sexual orientation have been the target of rants and hate speech. they accuse her of inappropriate conduct. an issue of spree speech or hate speech and where to draw the line. tonight beckel called for the city attorney to draw the line. >> you can't take the first amendment away from people. >> you have people here who are trying to look like the victim and trying to make the victim look like the bully. >> i've seen it all. this is the worse, it's the worse i've seen in 19 years.
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>> reporter: tonight more back and forth. >> and although you called you black people. >> reporter: some addressed the vice mayor, others came to support her. >> i would love to see the council go back to the kind of corporation that we had in the 90s on the council. >> i respect her and i'm not going to let anybody change my mind about beckel. >> it impacts the city council to do their job, it impacts the city staff to do their job. >> reporter: police had extra officers here. so far they haven't been needed but with more than two dozen people who are speaking right now the counsel has not yet voted whether to ask for --
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police investigators found neither driver was using her cell phone at the time. now police say the investigation was inconclusive and they can't determine if either driver was using her cell phone. mayor quan was insisting she wasn't on the phone. the police report also said it couldn't determine which vehicle caused the crash but one of them ran a red light. new information about a body found outside the scene of a fire. the solano investigators say they need help identifying the man. police found the partially burned body as they put out the fire and later determined it was a homicide. today the sheriff's office released this picture of a tattoo on the man's back. it shows a dog smoking. anyone who recognizes the tattoo is asked to call solano county. the thief for those tech
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companies shuttle buses that used muni stops in san francisco is set to triple as a new pilot program gets started. today the municipal transportation has voted to increase. the pilot program begins on august 1st. nta say it is corporate shuttle buses is making fewer stops than originally estimated. they say they're forcing middle and low income families out of their home. also today, muni came to an agreement with siemens to build new cars. they will provide new room for passengers and muni officials hope more reliability as well.
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the first new cars could go into service by the end of 2016. city leaders in santa clara county are expected to give final approval to a complex and controversial plan for the new 49ers stadium. azenith smith looks at the challenges and what it will take to keep traffic moving smoothly. >> reporter: joe lives right by levi stadium. he's thrilled about opening day but not thrilled about traffic. >> yeah it's going to be a big problem for the people that are leaving especially for the people who live here. >> reporter: to put a brake on those concerns, the 49ers are adopting a traffic plan it includes synchronizing more than 1,000 traffic lights and changing message signs on highways and city streets to help fans without parking passes. >> it's our first year operating a stadium so it is a learning process. >> reporter: city traffic engineer singh is among those who came up with the plan.
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he says after the games, officers will direct traffic. >> there will be only stadium traffic leaving the stadium as opposed to someone wanting to come toward the stadium where there really isn't any reason to. >> reporter: dozens of santa clara and chp officers will also be stationed at major intersections to direct traffic. >> we think we have a very good plan to get them to their spaces at a reasonable time. we just ask for patient and we're going to help people to get to their spot as best as we can. >> reporter: police hope that people can use other ways to get to the game. the city looked at 20 other stadiums including the dallas cowboy stadium and metlife stadium in new jersey before coming up with a traffic plan.
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in santa clara, azenith smith. a well known immigration activist who was detained by immigration is making his first comments after being released. antonio vargas says he has lived in the united states illegally for more than 20 years that included working as a journalist for the washington postwhere he shared a pulitzer price. vargas traveled to texas to take part of a vigil for the thousands of immigrant children flooding into texas. at that rally immigration held background checks. he's been ordered to go in front of an immigration judge at a later date. vargas stated, i was released today because i am a low priority and not considered a threat. i would argue that the 11 million undocumented immigrants
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in this country are not a threat either. the travel system is starting to make its way out of the area but coming up i'll pinpoint the spots that could see light rain before things clear. >> and next the push to divide california into six states is getting some traction. the latest development at the capital today and the opposition that its receiving. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
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you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. should california be carved up into six smaller states. it may sound unthinkable but
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today a wealthy silican valley venture capitalist submitted petitions to bring up that topic. ken pritchett has how california would be sliced up. >> reporter: on this side of the golden gate i would be standing in the state of north california. cross the bridge over into san francisco and all of a sudden i'm in the state of silican valley. as odd as it sounds voters may have a chance to make it a reality at the ballot box in 2016. the golden gate bridge an international icon but could it also be a bridge from one state to the other. yes if california votes to split up the state. >> i think it's silly. >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> reporter: tim draper has an uphill fight but today he dropped off officers full of signatures to put his six
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california plan on the november 2016 ballot. >> you can govern yourself. you don't have to govern yourself from a bunch of the voters that are way away from you. >> reporter: draper says california is too big to govern. a state called jefferson up top. los angeles would be in west california. north bay county the breast -- rest of the state would be in the silican valley. >> we've spent a lot of years in silican valley. make a state out of it. >> it's unworkable at its state. >> reporter: viglio is fighting the six california effort. >> it's going to cost the state bills of the dollars to try to divide our pension system. >> reporter: the state of central california and the central valley the poorest behind mississippi. >> any shot of that actually passing in your opinion?
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>> no way. no way. >> the state needs too come together and realize resources that we have and work on that. making the state better not making the state divided. >> reporter: even if voters approve a split, congress would have to agree and we have crossed this bridge before. back in 1859 there was a vote in california to split the state in two. it passed but congress never acted and of course we stayeded united. in marin county, ken pritchett, ktvu news. new at 10:00, the oakland city council is still meeting and debating whether to join a regional police and fire radio system. for years oakland police have complained that their radios are prone to fail. it even happened when president obama was in town a couple of years ago. just last week the city's finance committee approved money to join the regional radio system that more than 40 other departments use in alameda county. supporters of the regional system say they're confident
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they have the votes to support the change. the oakland city council is expected to vote before tonight's meeting adjourns. now to the peninsula where a woman says she was grabbed and groped and police are trying to find the man who did it. police in mountain view say it reportedly happen sunday night on church street at pioneer memorial park. the woman told police she was walking home just before 11:00 p.m. when a man grabbed her from behind and groped her. she struggled and that man ran away into the park. 194 years in prison. that was the sentence today for a man from brentwood who was convicted of sexually abusing four boys. 53-year-old gordon blake was convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with children. there were 32 felony counts all together: during the trial the four victims testified about being abused when they were between 11 and 15 years old. the judge said that blake befriended boys who didn't have a father figure in their lives. blake's attorney says he is planning to appeal.
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in san francisco a store surveillance video has emerged showing a woman who is suspected of robbing an 8-year- old girl selling candy for a school fundraiser. david stevenson has that video and talks to a store clerk about what happened. >> reporter: police say an 8- year-old girl one of three selling candy on eddy street was forcibly robbed of cash by an adult woman. surveillance video from a near by store show it is woman who police say is their suspect moments before the robbery. police describe her as african american between 40 and 50 years old wearing a black shirt and orange skirt. the store's owner didn't have money for a can of beer but kept an eye on the kids money. >> the kid had the money in a
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clear plastic bag so she could see all the money in the bag. >> reporter: the woman approached the girl and asked her to make change for bus fare. >> she ended twisting the girl's arm until she let go to the money. >> reporter: the kids told them they were selling candy as a school fundraiser. >> i purchased a few bars of candy. yeah and they were all feeling pretty good about that. i felt good about it. >> reporter: it's terrible especially stealing from kids. >> reporter: it's unclear what school the children may attend but police say it's always better for kids to be accompanied by adults when selling items on the street. david stevenson, ktvu news. ktvu viewers are reaching out to a family in need. you may remember last night we learned about the vargas
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family. for a year and a half the family has been liveing in liveing in a hotel room meant for one person. tonight city officials tell us one ktvu viewer donated $2,700 to cover the represent and another viewer contributed $1,000 to help get them on their feet and more donations are still coming in. some light showers shopping up out there right now. we have showers in the pleasanton area have reports of showers right now showing up in salsolito. they're moving through pretty quickly. out toward the north tower of the golden gate bridge. we've had showers showing up there in the last few minutes. it's very light. it's coming down, moving out. it's out by hercules and martinez. just light showers. they're going to continue into the evening hours as the moisture streams through the area. it was the high humidity today pretty muggy. it's like that out there right now. we have some warm conditions
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inland and it's humid. the inland locations are in the 40 and 50 percentile humidity range. that feels sticky to you. overnight a lot like last night in terms of how it feels out there. you wake up in the morning we're going to see some clearing. late at midnight there's tropical moisture. here's the fog along the coast. this is what's making the humidity rise very rapidly. 6:00a.m. just starting to break up. after that it starts to clear up pretty quick. tomorrow is going to be slightly a bit warmer tomorrow by a few degrees. a chance for more sprinkles and mild to low overnight lows. we will get specific with your forecast highs and we will take a look at the forecast as we take a look down the rest of the week as things are going to change down here just a bit. keeping the internet tax free. the vote today and the hurdle that still remains. then at 10:30, overturning the
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ban on blood donations for gay men. the warning to evacuate and the first ground offensive.
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a vigil was held at frank ogawa plaza to call to an end to all the bloodshed in the middle east. people oaf all faiths gathered tonight. this comes as a seize fire held for only a few hours. john huntington on the chances for escalation. >> reporter: still the fight continues instead of agreeing
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to a seize fire deal initiated by egypt and accepted by israel, hamas' reply was more rockets. israel halted it attack for seven hours but could not hold back after hamas launched several rockets at its state. >> we defer to end all in a diplomatic way. hamas left us with no choice but to enlarge the operation. >> reporter: hamas said it had never been consulted by egypt about the seize fire. >> we would not stop the fighting before they accept the conviction. >> reporter: an israeli has been killed. man who was struck by the
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israel-hamas border. 200 pelestinians have been killed. more than 1,300 injured during the conflict. two pelestinians were killed today one a 77-year-old man. tonight more rockets were fired at israel including telaviv and some in israel's cabinet are calling for a stronger action to stop it. >> there's a need to end this operation when the israeli army is in control of the whole gaza strip. >> reporter: the idf israeli defense forces is warning people here in northern gaza to evacuate their homes to head to shelters, head to safety. this may be a reason something major is in the works including a ground offensive. john huddy, fox news. and today two small quakes hit the region of santa cruz.
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and efforts to install an earthquake warning system received a big boost today in the house of representatives. a congressional committee recommended putting $5 million toward the $38 million project. the money would be used for hiring staff and to purchase and install sensors. warning systems detect waves radiating and alert people through phone and tv. it's now up to the u.s. senate to decide whether access to the internet will remain tax free. today the house voted to prevent state and local governments from leveeing taxes on internet access. the tax would appear on your phone bill. a moratorium on the tax has been in place. today's vote would make that moratorium permanent. a woman knocked unconscious outside of at&t park as the judges go before a judge, a
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defense attorney tells us this case is not as simple as it seems. what the city of san francisco is doing to put pressure on the federal government to end a ban and increase blood donations.
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more than 40,000 blood donations are needed every day according to the american red cross. during the summer even more donations are neated. but -- donations are needed. but the number of donors is limited since there was a ban put on gay men. >> reporter: next week the full board is expected to approve
10:31 pm
it. the supervisor tell me the city has to make a statement to tell the faa that time and technology is changing. >> here's something for you to read while you donate. >> give me a couple of squeezes. >> we're all red on the inside. >> it just keeps the blood flowing for the hand. >> it takes an hour and something that is needed i don't see why i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: but not everyone will do it. >> it's just home phobic nonsense. >> reporter: something sharon jay genkin a lesbian has been doing for decades. >> i think it's time for the government to take it and shove it to tell you the truth.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: the ban started after the aids crisis. but san francisco city leaders believe there are winds of change. >> it's discriminatory. it has no bases in the public health. all blood is heavily tested. it's depriving our country of a lot of blood that could be donated to help save people's lives. >> reporter: the blood centers of the pacific says it would help their current shortage of type o donations. >> there are hundreds if not thousands of people who are willing to donate who are healthy but right now can't. >> is that your iodine. >> reporter: and blood testing is far more advanced today than it was when the ban started. >> if the blood is clean, use it. >> reporter: like a slow drip, change takes time. >> so the city passed a similar resolution back in 2010. the blood centers told me that they favor a one year waiting period that's similar to what
10:33 pm
happens when someone gets to tattoo and may get diseases from that. noelle walker, ktvu news. a former twitter employee has filed a lawsuit against a company. the san francisco chronicle reports that peter taylor lost his job when he was 57 years old after receiving stock for his good performance and for meeting expectations on a job evaluation. taylor was in charge of managing the expansion and operation of twitter's data centers. the lawsuit says he was fired without warning and replaced with workers in their 20s and 30s. berkeley is gearing up for a new fight to get radiation warning stickers on cell phone packages. a proposed warning will go on september 9 for warnings that warn consumers about possible brain cancers from cell phones. that's after a failed ordnance in san francisco four years ago. it was defeated by the wireless
10:34 pm
agency. berkeley plans to get help from an attorney to make up a label that doesn't violate rites. a google executive is scheduled to appear in court. she is accused of ejecting google executive forest hayes with heroin and leaving him to die when he was in obvious disstress on board his yacht in the santa cruz harbor last december. two men arrested following a fight outside of at&t park that left a woman knocked unconscious appeared in court. the defense attorneys argued that the cell phone video evidence against those two men is not what it appears to be. >> the judge would not allow pictures of the men's faces. francisco lopez and anthony rucker of sacramento are both accused of felony assault after a woman was punched following last thursday's giants-a's game.
10:35 pm
the incident began after someone in the victim's group thought someone in rucker group was vomiting on the sidewalk. the woman vomiting on the sidewalk eventually stood and was the one that ended up punched. >> a group of men were coming toward him. he turned and swung one punch. >> reporter: that punch knocked the woman unconscious. >> i think when all is said and done, it will not look nearly as serious as it is made out to be. >> reporter: the prosecution says the video speaks for itself. >> any time you have video it really helps the prosecution in the case. it really shows every single thing that occurs and really helps in presenting a case to a judge and a jury. >> prosecutors noted that rucker is in positioning the having possession of marijuana
10:36 pm
for sale. >> this is a series of bad decisions being made. nothing justifies sucker punching a defenseless woman period. we're fortunate her injures are as severe. and we wish her a fast recovery. >> reporter: in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. the cost of renting an apartment has reached a high. the average rental for an apartment across the nine counties climbed to more than $2,100 this past quarter. san francisco parents now average more than $3,200 a month. in santa clara that number is more than 2,300 a dollars in alameda the average is 1,900 a month. the dow managed a small gain of nine points.
10:37 pm
nasdaq dropped 24. major league baseball honored all star teachers at the start of tonight's all star game. 30 teachers were selected to represent each of the teams. they were winners of the all star teachers campaign involving major league baseball, target and people magazine. tracy ruiz was chosen to represent her team the san francisco giants and keith debro had the honor of wearing the jersey of the oakland a's. debro is a special ed teacher and ruiz teaches at vacaville high school. the 49ers head coach lends his star power to what is being described as a national crisis. >> hear the parenting advise this father of six shared tonight. this tropical system is clearing out. how the change will impact temperatures in the area where you live. and after the break, keeping sidewalks clean by bringing in some unique
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toilets. how this ensures these toilets won't be used for crimes. kid: hey dad, who was that man?
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we have developing news tonight from the philippines. it's one of the strongest typhoons ever to hit manila. in fact, it is significantly stronger than forecast 12 hours earlier. already 10 people have been killed many others have been injured. typhoon glenda has maximum sustained winds of about 125 miles per hour and forecasters say a storm surge of 10 feet or more is possible. flooding is expected in the low lying areas where some 12 million people live. a 9-year-old girl drowned this evening in an apartment complex swimming pool in menlo park. police were called to sharon park drive about 5:00 tonight. the 9-year-old was unconscious and wasn't breathing.
10:41 pm
emergency workers started cpr and took her to stanford medical center but she could not be saved. the girl's name has not yet been released. a california highway project expected to cost millions of the dollars is on hold tonight after a big rig crashed. the chp says the rig carrying a truck of sand crashed into the interchange at 10:00 this morning. the impact partially collapsed the bridge which is being replaced at the cost of $29 million. the northbound lanes at interstate 215 remain shut down tonight. the federal highway trust fund appears to be back on track at the house of representatives today overwhelmingly approved a spending plan to keep the fund operating until next summer. road and bridge projects across the state were in jeopardy. a six month pilot project was launched in san francisco today to keep people from using the sidewalk as a bathroom.
10:42 pm
it's called the pit stop project. the city is making flushable solar powered public toilets available in the tenderloin. the facilities have sinks and containers for used needles. the facilities will be open tuesday through friday from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and then removed for cleaning at night. a woman survives a devastating fall at a bay area park. what she had to say tonight to the people what brought her to safety at their first reunion since the rescue. and in five minutes, bill martin will find out how long this unusual summer pattern is going to last. >> it's fundamental about everything i know, protecting our kids. >> but first, jim harbaugh in a new role tonight his call for action.
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new at 10:00, the 49ers head coach provided star power tonight at an event designed to promote awareness on what's being described as a national crisis. >> reporter: coach harbaugh talked about his role as a father and coach and his support on the fight to stop human trafficking. >> that's a cause that anybody should get behind. you know would want to get behind. it's fundamental about anything i know protecting our kids. >> reporter: the setting was intimate. the backyard of a home. the crowd was much smaller than what you would find at a niner game. his audience, silican valley executives that paid $250,000 each for california against slavery. the nonprofits director describes itas a problem that's
10:46 pm
hidden in plain sight. he said that most of the children trafficked are 15 years of age. >> they are being hubbed into san jose. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: chris kelly former facebook general counsel sponsored this event. kelly tells me he saw how widespread the problem is. predators use facebook and the internet to lure children. >> there are so many people who felt they could take their prostitution businesses from other platforms on to ours and it was stunning to me. >> reporter: this couple are parents to two foster sons. >> kids need love and they need a stable place to fall and that's what we hope to provide for them. >> reporter: harbaugh has six children of his own. spoke about the roles adults play in protecting children from exploitation.
10:47 pm
>> was it a teacher or a coach, but you know who was that believed in you? that thought you were good. you know thought you had a chance to accomplish something. >> reporter: organizers hope to raise $20,000 tonight to be used in part for education and recruitment of foster parents. reporting live in atherton, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. a bay area woman met with rescuers today for the first time since she nearly lost her life at alam rock park in san jose. >> thank you. for saving me. >> katherine santanasito helped the first responders that saved her. news chopper 2 got these pictures of the daring air and ground operation. >> for her to be out here we got a chance to see her stand up and smile and talk to her and just, she's in great
10:48 pm
spirits and we you know just thankful that she's alive and she's doing well. >> san jose's urban search and rescue team along with the chp and employees from the san jose parks department were all recognized for their roles. a compromised report involving a controversial proposal to cut down hundreds of trees in walnut creek. pg & e wanted to remove 700 feet under ground. tonight the walnut creek city count approved a compromise that will take tree removal on a case by case basis. in san francisco a hip hop super star hit the local bowling alley for a cause that's close to his heart. daryl mcdaniels is better known as dmc from run dmc and he showed up some pretty snappy skills at the bowling alley. he's an ambassador for the
10:49 pm
colon cancer coalition. the money raised will benefit a hospice for terminally ill children. he told ken wayne that cancer has touched his family. his brother died of cancer in 2006. >> it's the most important thing, you want to see a wealthy person, look at a healthy person. >> the bowling alley on king street will continue to raise money through food and drinks sales until the end of the month. temperatures today were on the warm side it was humid out there. a bit muggy this morning. it's muggy again tonight. these are the highs from today and highs tomorrow aren't going to be a lot different. tomorrow's highs are going to be much like today although i think we will see more clearing. we have showers showing up in parts of the bay area. we've had sprinkles in richmond. we'll come in closer now. this is activity, we will move it a little to the north.
10:50 pm
hercules we have showers. then over by crockett and lincoln boulevard. this stuff is moving out very quickly. but it's nice to see rain. it's not amounting to much in the rain buckets. unfortunately we're not seeing thunderstorms because that is a real possibility with this type of air mass. here's what's happening. this is tomorrow morning, wednesday morning. and you see the high clouds hanging out here. they're moving out of the area. here's the coastal fog right. you can see how it's hugging the topography. so there's tropical moisture still up in this area. still lingering around. by late in the day it's confined to the sierra nevada by 6:00 we have fog at the coast and stays clear of here. i just wanted to point out the tropical moisture is leaving slowly and what's left of it looks like it's going to stay up on the west slope. that's good because the last
10:51 pm
thing we need is cloud cover. you will see fog along the coast like we did today. 93 in clear lake, 87 in st. helena. tomorrow very similar like today. we might see a sprinkle or two. yesterdays was no big deal. tomorrow if we had any would be the same thing. 63 in daly city. 78 in redwood city. for a forecast high for wednesday. as we head into thursday, and friday temperatures kind of stay low. low 70s at the coast, inland low six 0s. -- 60s. i think this is good for air quality. this pattern we have every year we get a tropical plume and it just lights up with thunderstorms. the lightning strikes and not having those in the driest year
10:52 pm
ever recorded in the state of california is huge. again it could an -- could happen again in the north and east but we should be clear. >> all star game tonight and i guess we know now who's going to have the home advantage in the series. >> baseball fan most superstitious folks you're ever going to meet. with respect to a's fans we're not going to mention anything about oakland possible having the home field advantage just say american league wins the all star game. leave it at that and the man of the hour had a little something to do with it. that of course jeter in his final midsummer night's dream game. great ovation as he takes his first at-bat and he would double to lead off the first for the american league. and the eventual mvp puig. and they are ready to boost that lead on one swing of
10:53 pm
miguel cabr era s bat. the tigers slugger arguably the best in the game. the cardinals 3-0. national league did tie it 3-3. trout bats one past third. rbi double. norris singled for the a's. 4-3 lead. 5-3 final. sean doolittle caved the two hitters he faced. and bay area production rounded out. two years with the big leagues with the yankees in new york, always impressed and today he did the same. good naturally handled questions after the game when
10:54 pm
asked if cardinal pitcher adam wanewright had grooved a pitch to help him go out on a high note? >> i don't know, man. i, i have no idea. if he grooved it thank you. you still have to hit it. so i appreciate if that's what he did. thank you. >> one word to describe him. class. changed the subject. basketball the deal is not dead. warriors still might land superstar kevin love but there continues to be one last stumbling block. we'll tell you what or who that is next, sports part two under way.
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i guess where there's smoke there's fire and in this case a little love too. the talk just won't go away. the warriors continue to work together. according to espn the deal would have been consummated by now. so the warriors part ways with clay thompson. talks continue between the two teams. in fact, chris saunders were caught meeting this last sunday in las vegas. the story just continues. so we'll see if it ever gets done. that's the sporting life for now though. >> thank you mark. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can follow us any time
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