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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 13, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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. >> hi, everybody. if you are ready for great videos from the web, keep it right here "right this minute." crews try to leer a big clog in a drain pipe. >> what could possibly be stuck? >> why nobody is going to get this one except christian. >> that was my wild -- >> a mom shopping with her two kids is spotted by two suspects. >> this is an intensive kidnapping. >> the terrifying scene as they push her children right out the door. cars -- >> notice this truck back here. >> the miracle when it didn't stop, but everyone survived.
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and an incredible prank by a dude using an invisible rope. how the power of suggestion gets drivers all turned around. a crowd of people and rescue crews are on hand in china for this giant pipe, the giant hole in the ground that you are seeing here. rescue workers have brought in a crane, a small crane to try to get down into this drain. what could possibly be stuck down in a drain? a cow. >> could be anything really. >> yeah. watch as firefighters and all these folks help as this crane starts to pull something from this drain. >> it's huge, first of all. what? >> elephant? >> cow. >> did you say it was a cow? >> it is a cow.
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>> that was my wild guess. you absolutely can't be positive it's so crazy guess, and it's so craze where i that it's true. it is a giant cow. now, according to reports as we watch this cow being pulled from this drain, the cow's own was out taking the cow for a walk. the cow got spook and ran away, and then the owner couldn't find the cow. searched for the cow for two days. finally, he hears the cow mooing at the bottom of the hole, and he calls authorities. >> it's like a cartoon. it disappeared, and there was a cloud right above it. >> how do you lose a cow? i can see your cat or dog. how many lost cows? do you put that on a carton of milk? missing. >> i will never in a million years understand how someone can have so much hate inside them. like this woman inside a train
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in ahs rail wra. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> this woman 55-year-old karen bailey got on the train and became upset that the kid she just demanded get out of their seats so she could take them wouldn't do it. at this point she acts like she's calling the flois intimidate passengers, but apparently she never actually made the call. then her angry tyrade turned to anyone else on this train. at this point she just turns her attention to a man, a couple that's there, actually. >> certainly on no reason for her to get that angry and
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assaulting. >> the kids all under 12 years old became afraid thinking that maybe they have done something wrong. >> children sitting and adults standing. >> people in the train were asking her to stop. >> these are children. don't. don't. >> she even talked to -- she said she regrets this incident. >> absolutely. no one deserves to be spoken to like that because i have been on the receiving he wanted of that in the past, and it's not pleasant. >> there's no denying here. she was arrested. >> i don't know what to say. sometimes doing the right thing, following the speed limit, obeying the rules of the road still earns you trouble because of the people who don't. this took place in russia. watch what happens. all this traffic starts to slow
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down because of this. >> come on. >> don't do that. >> you have a group of six people crossing the road, but notice this truck back here. that driver was following too close, going too fast, according to witnesses, and watch what happen. >> oh, oot. oh, oh. >> only two pedestrians were injured. one had head swrrz and was taken to the hospital. another was a girl, a teenager. she just suffered abrasions and bruises. >> there were so many people involved in this. >> wrau. people had to duck and dive out of the way, and other cars -- >> if you noticed that one car hit a pedestrian, it wasn't the truck. the fwi in the bright yellow shirt, it's amazing no one was killed. >> it's amazing people still attempt to cross the road in ukraine and russia. it is a leap of faith every time you step off the sidewalk. >> in this roadway driving in the rain standing on husband side of the road, watch what
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happe happens. in those conditions it's so difficult to kind of maneuver because your wheels might slide. after watching all of these videos, do you ever just drive down the road? this show does make -- >> while you're watch this video you are going to want to reach through the screen and help these people. a guy named dale posted this video on his facebook page, and you are going to see the wife and their twin children. 4 years old. this is at a mall in pretoria, south africa. you're going to see dale's wife. she's got blonde hair and two 4-year-olds in a shopping cart. then you're going to see his wife go off screen right there. now, watch this. here comes the car. here comes the kids. that's not dale's wife. >> wait. >> someone is pushing the cart away. >> this is an attempted kidnapping. here comes dale's wife. she's with a frenz where i
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because her kids are being stolen. she runs after these two. we got this from another angle as well. this is what you see outside the store. she comes out, confronts the woman, takes her kids back, and all is well. we were in touch with dale. he told us that this woman who tried to kidnap the kids was working with a group of other people there, and there's another video that allegedly shows this same group hassling a different woman. dale says they were trying to steal her wallet or steal her purse during this video. the craziest thing is dale alerted police and said, look, someone tried to steal my kids. police said you can never prove it. there's no way you can prove it. dale had to kind of play the police department himself. if to the store and get their security footage, film it, then show it to the police. now police are involved. >> it's so nonchal ant thinking that a mother wouldn't chase after her to get her children? >> she was busted. the woman was just kind of like, oh, sorry. didn't seem to be even affected by what she had done or that she
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had gotten caught. >> dale said the woman is still at larnl. police haven't caught her wret. he says she thinks a couple of people from the group that she was apparently with have been apprehended. a man spots something in his window well and realizes a newborn fawn fell in there. a mom waited patiently to get her baby back. >> a tiny baby. >> a weather watcher is disappointed. >> i can never catch the lighting. only the thunder. >> why you have to be careful what you wish for. toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect them, with k9k9 advantix ll itit's's b broroadad s spepm protection kills fleas, ticksks a andd mosquitoes too. k9k9 a advdvanantitix l fofor r ththe e loloveve o g
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so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. at first glance this looks like this man todd is just going to go check on his bushes. >> daily activity. >> just check on your bushes.
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>> on this day there was more to the story. as todd gets closer, you see that he is actually going to go behind the bushes. if you notice, there's a window well right there, and in that well is something that needs to be rescued. he climbs down in there, leans over, and you hear a cry from within there. you won't believe what looks like a brand new newborn fawn. >> that's a tiny baby. >> mama comes into frame to make sure her baby is okay. >> oh, that's so adorable. mom was just waiting. >> but now, fawn is actually walking away. doesn't look like it's injured. that's why you think that maybe it's brand new because it's still a little wobbly on its feet. >> good thing mom wasn't freaking out. mom didn't charge anybody. mom realized they're trying to help me out here. proo before she knew, it she was reunited with her baby.
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the satisfying be careful what you wish for because you definitely might get it in video form. somebody film aing storm from their backyard. >> i can never catch the lightning. only the thunder. >> i can never catch the lightning only the thunder. hmm. stinks. what's coming next? >> it's loo someone dropped a bomb. it's bright in her backyard, and right on cue she says -- >> never mind. >> no kidding. >> time to go inside. that's like the fifth time i watched that. it made me jump that time because that came out of nowhere. >> there's no precursor or rumble. mother nature heard that and said, okay, you want to see
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something cool? mama and her kid enjoy snuggle time. ♪ it's a drag. what do you do? try to pass the time. the guy from betty z production youtube channel missed their flight when they were leaving the convention. now they're stuck at dallas-fort worth airport. >> that's the last flight of the day? >> they were there overnight. nobody in the airport. they were pretty much left free to goof around. it's time to make a video about nine ways to pass time in an airport. chair race. >> is it weird they just leave you there? i think it's funny that everybody just goes and says, well, we'll see you tomorrow. >> you're on your own.
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>> people mover sprint. >> you always look at that people mover -- i can run up. >> sleeping in odd places. >> that's disgusting. >> i like this one. airport sledding. slide down an escalator, side panel, you know? >> that's fun. >> it's funny. >> this they call military training, scooting underneath the benches. slo that's kind of gross. fuzz and fuzz bunnies. >> funky floor on the airport. >> never seen a yoga studio, but they helped themselves to yoga mats. settle down. calm themselves. >> that's an interesting pose. >> the shoe shine chairs. giving you guys ideas next time you are stranded in an airport. >> gosh, any of this, even if it's a not a good idea, it's better than the painful bore dom when you are stuck at an airport. >> the bar is eventually closed,
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>> this is a surprise party for britney. she's 26 years old, diagnosed with breast cancer. she's about to go into surgery, so her friends and family decided to throw a surprise presurgery party for her where everybody could wish her well. >> you are going to beat cancer,
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and can't wait to see your new [ bleep ] when you are done. >> positive. looking at the bright side of what's about to happen. >> you're going to get through this because you don't have a choice. >> britney arrives to the party. that's a young, young cancer diagnosis. >> i wonder if she regrets not wearing -- >> she stands out. she is clearly the special girl at the party. >> her boyfriend sneaks away changing into a pink shirt and a pink tie, but what is he holding? >> wow. >> that is a box, and inside the box a ring because he is about to propose. what an awesome guy. he is going to help her through the fight, loves her through thick and thin, and what better way to confirm it than this. right before she goes into surgery -- he spots her. they're all giving her gifts, and then he says take her away. she figured out what's going to
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happen because she starts crying. gets down on one knee, and she, of course, says yes. >> no better way to set her up to go into surgery than with just a ton of love and getting back, for sure. >> apparently she's doing great in recovery. >> if you are a medicine student and your professor says i'm taking a lass for a fishing trip. you say heck, yeah, man. of course, i'm going to go on there this trip. that was the case here. they were taken on a shark trip by their professor. they're off the coast of sako in york county, maine, and they're out there trying to see what they can reel in. they reel in something pretty big. a sizable shark, right? cool catch. they got an unexpected visitor. >> oh, my god. sfwroo the larger shark comes in and takes a bite out of that shark's stomach piercing the skin and then as the shark is
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wrighting around in pain here, you can see like some organs and stuff kind of just -- disemboweled his buddy. >> i didn't know sharks ate each other. >> oh, man. >> now, from the fwroes to i got to say the weirdest, strangest, craziest 1st birthday party i have ever seen. ♪ happy birthday ♪ pepperoni was born on july 3rd ♪ ♪ in the afternoon >> but the song is weird. it's kind of fun to watch the lizard eat all this stuff. >> that's what is skenning kink. >> can you see how big this thing is. >> it really does. >> yeah, right. >> this guy is really into his skink. >> yeah, well. happy birthday, pepperoni. i hope you liked your song.
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it was unique and just for you. it's a prank so simple. yet, so perfect. they run into the middle of the road, and they grab an invisible road. >> see how people fall for nothing.
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>> really she fooled you that much, huh? baby mouse snacks on a flower. ♪
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some of the best pranks are so simple, so well executed. this ki the buf best prank on the internet right now. you got two guys in white jumpsuits. they run into the middle of the road, and they grab an invisible rope. this is all about the acting. this is all about the execution, and you notice there was a car coming. >> the car honks at them, is then watch what they do. they tie the invisible rope around the two cones. then they take off. zoob the special power of suggestion. >> tell me this car stopped and waits. >> the driver gets out to deal with this rope. he is so angry. they all split. >> he watches the kids. there are so many priceless reactions in this video. >> everyone stopped, but the greatest thick is they'll lift the rope off. the car is like, oh, thanks.
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i'll go under. >> they did it to bikers and motorist where's, watch the biker. he kwauts down and goes under it. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> but then when people say i'm just going to go through this rope, the guys play that off really beautifully too. >> so great stwloosh that is ridiculous. >> love it. that's it for us here on "right this minute." that's it for us here on "right this minute." see you next time, everybody.
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