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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you guys are a bunch of bullies. a bunch of women abusers and you hate black people. a heated exchange involving a city leader in richmond and citizens say it's inappropriate and they're calling for her resignation. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. there's calls for the city council member to step down. new at 10:00, jana katsuyama with why the vice mayor says
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she is the one being threatened. >> reporter: we obtained cell phone video from several people who were recording the confrontation after last tuesday's city council meeting between the vice mayor and a community activist. >> you guys are a bunch of bullies, you're a bunch of women abusers. >> reporter: ananca told security to call security and then used profanity. >> using that language is inappropriate. >> she's a city council member, she speaks for all of us. we take offense to this. >> reporter: she also called them ignorant. and that same night beckel had called for an ordnance that people who disrupted city
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council meetings be banned for six months. >> i was surprised. she used inappropriate remarks. >> reporter: good to know if they were calling that [ bleep ] who deserved to die you would be depending that too. but it's okay since it's only queer people that are being attacked. good for you [ bleep ], you [ bleep ]. >> that's a negative term toward white people. you don't expect to get a letter like that, an e-mail like that from someone sitting on the city council. >> reporter: beckell says she was using the same words for free speech. using the same words someone else used at a council meeting toward gay people. >> i would expect them to understand that i would use the
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words when i was feeling threatened. >> we know what you do, we know what you probably do with your face. >> i said get out of my face. and they said, yeah we know what you do with your face. >> reporter: both beckels and davis are running for city council seats and both say the other is unfit. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. within the last 30 minutes, san francisco police confirmed that two people were injured outside at&t park. it happened at second and king street. investigators say two men got into an argument with another man and a woman. the fight turned physical and when the woman jumped in to break it up she was knocked -- punched in the face and knocked unconscious. the male victim was treated at the scene. new information about a jewelry store hold up that turned into a shoot out.
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tonight the store owner told us she was protecting his employees when he pulled a gun on the robbers. ktvu's debora villalon live where she learned the store is planning big changes after this latest robbery. >> reporter: take a look investigators are still here eight hours later. this area is not high crime by any stretch but this store was hit today and almost a year ago today and both times the owner grabbed his gun. >> i feel bad for everybody in the store that had to experience this. it's horrible. >> reporter: five hours after it happened, ty viser was back at his jewelry store even after police stopped the confrontation. ziser's wife was working there. he says two men walked in and
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started shooting. >> one guy started shooting, the other guy started shooting. that's what it was a real live shoot out. unbelievable. >> reporter: be -- a restaurant owner next door dashed to help her wounded friend susan dodd. >> i ran over with her. i was holding her hand while they were putting tourniquets on her. >> huge concern toward susan. if you're seeing this, we love you and sorry you had to go through this today. >> reporter: the second robber drove off despite being wounded but ditched this mustang stolen from livermore less than a mile from the store. that led to a ground search too -- to be on the look out as police searched by foot and car. this plaza is mostly family owned businesses rallying behind the jeweler and ty's
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fast action. >> he is a very sweet, macho guy, always wanting to protect everyone. >> i'm just glad i was here today, i'm glad i wasn't at lunch. >> reporter: viser launched at other robbers just last summer. this store has been hit before. possibly because it's the only certified rolex dealer in sonoma county and the watches are easier to hawk than gems. next, stores to usher customers in and out. >> this community has been great to us and to be it's a violation, it's just horrible. >> reporter: police searched for that second suspect for a couple of hours but finally gave it up about 5:30, that led people to conclude they caught him but police now admit he's not in custody but they do believe he's out of the area. so there's some uncertainty still tonight as they track that second man.
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the downed robber had serious injuries and the store owner was grazed in the leg. in the attempted robber a year ago that debora talked about, one robber held down the workers and customers while another slammed display cases. police are looking for a teenager. the boy's warrant is in connection from back in march involving students exchanging partially nude photos of themselves. one boy used pictures of a girl against her to force her to
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perform sex act. the camp is located under interstate 80 on gilman street. city leaders had declared the area a nuisance but today they terminated the notice. the decision was based on reports by the east bay community law center that found that the occupants of that encampment are working with city agencys to try to find a place to go. fire departments in the north bay are about to wreak the benefits of a near by gambling casino. it has been putting some of its proceeds back into the community about $300,000 in all. they include one in glencove. casino money -- some people say casino money is helping to
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boost city funds. california is one of five states competing for a $5 billion tesla battery factory. the recount is set to begin tomorrow to see who will face off against the top vote getter per state comptroller. john perez and board of equalization member betty yee are locked in a very tight race. perez requested the recount after he fell short by 585 votes in the june primary. since he requested it perez will have to pay for it. that's why he's only asked for the ballots to be checked in 15 counties. he says he can't afford to pay for a recount in all 58 counties. the winner will face fresno mayor sweringer in the
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reelection. one month after police searched for a toddler, the family gather. >> i feel like i've been stuck in the same spot for a year. >> reporter: you can hear the hurt in kiana's voice. >> we can't end it, we can't move on, mourn or celebrate. >> reporter: a year ago today, her husband reported their daughter missing from a market in oakland. >> how did she disappear so well? that's what i'm angriest the most about. because it's like no trace of her nowhere. like she just vanished. >> reporter: john told police she went inside the market leaving the 21 -month-old in his suv with his elderly mother who has dementia. >> when i talked to him before,
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he could not give us any answer on why she was in there. it was out of view of cameras. things were not adding up. >> reporter: answers will never come from john who died in may, his family says he committed suicide. and kiana says in the days when she was searching for her daughter, she was pregnant. she says her daughter brings her comfort. >> reporter: i put in a call this afternoon as of this evening. we have yet to hear back on the latest on the case. katie utehs. this is the worse wreck i've ever seen. >> an out of control big rig causes a horrible accident. the driver tells us what was going through his mind right before the crash. >> thick fog moving in. the areas where it will be the
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thickest and when thing. >> steve: start to warm up. >> she's accused of killing a google executive. next the 911 tape that could help link her to another case. >> my boyfriend overdosed or something.
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new at 10:00, a plan to return streetcars to downtown oakland. the idea was unveiled publicly for the first time tonight in ktvus ken pritchett was there and tell us decades ago streetcars traveled up aep --
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and down the streets of oakland. >> reporter: christine is quite familiar with mass transit in oakland. but like many other riders she's way too young to remember what was public transportation in oakland. a commuter train. >> have you ever heard of the key system before? >> no. >> reporter: only traces of the key system remain. its shuttered headquarters on broadway. and this mural depicting a system dismantled about 60 years ago. this modern take on the electric streetcar in a few years may be making runs on broadway. >> that would be clean and green and not used fossil fuel. but it would also bring us back to the future. >> reporter: mayor quan spoke exploring ways to reopen the
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green line on broadway. few ideas are being considered. build an electric line that goes from the station up broadway to the mcarthur broad station. >> it all depends on what kind of federal funding is available. you know that we want to at least propose it and see what we can get. >> reporter: the car idea is a way to boost business downtown. it's a ride christine says she would take. >> i think it's a good thing. we need a change. >> the plan is in its early stages. streetcars could possibly return to oakland in three to five years. chevron won approval to move forward with this $1 billion upgrade of the chevron refinery. the commission started to take up the report last night. since there was so much public comment it was continued tonight. the commission approved 2,500 paid report but decided to make
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some amendments. >> we're pleased the planning commission made a decision on the modernization plan this evening. however we have grave concern on the plans they applied to it. we'll be reviewing the final decision in the next five days. >> chevron wants to modernize the refinery. chevron says that won't lead to more pollution but many residents don't believe that. >> the oakland city council is expected to hold a city council meeting next tuesday. we've been discussing the dispute with the a's and coliseum board. the a's say they don't want to renegotiate. city leaders are scheduled to meet with the a's tomorrow. authorities in georgia today reopened a case that could be connected to an accused high end call girl. she's the same woman who appeared in court yesterday for the death of a google executive in santa cruz. john sasaki has the 911 call
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that she made to authorities in georgia as her boyfriend was overdosing on heroin. >> reporter: dean arazo was gene tikolen girlfriend when he died. >> my boyfriend overdosed or something. he won't respond. i don't know. >> reporter: the fullton county coroner now confirms. >> why do you think it's an overdose? >> because there's nothing else it could be. >> accidental or intentional? >> i think definitely accidental. accidental. >> reporter: at the time tickleman did not tell police she administered the heroin to
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riopel who she has confirmed here. >> just looking at the similarities of the two situations but we're going to go back and look at it and make sure that everything we determine to be correct almost a year ago is still factual and still accurate. >> reporter: california investigators also said today that tickleman searched online for information on how to legally defend herself when administering heroin. >> i think he tried to see the best in people. tried to help people. and unfortunately it didn't work out. >> reporter: santa cruz police said yesterday that it appears that tickleman has a pattern of not helping people when they are clearly in trouble. i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. tickleman and that executive from google met through the online dating
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website seeking today the site released a statement saying it does not allow prostitution and that quote we are shocked to learn of this tragedy and we would like to convey or deepest sympathies to mr. hayes family. the probate trial against embattled l.a. clippers owner sterling continued today with his wife shelley taking the stand. at stake is the sale of the los angeles clippers which is owned by the husband and wife. shelley sterling was trying to sell the team for $2 billion to former microsoft ceo. barbara walters called off an interview because she believed sterling was in the early stages of dementia. we have showers shopping up north of reno. what's going to happen tonight is those thunderstorms tomorrow are going to work their way to northern california. that's why the national weather service issued a red flag warning for this area.
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for the possibility of thunderstorms here in the next 24 hours. if you're traveling that way tomorrow. be ready for lightning, thunder and even rain showers as we go through the next 24 hours. around here we're talking about the fog. the marine layer has really stretch out and that's our cue or clue that things are going to cool off again tomorrow. they're going to stay on the mild side like we did today. i just put yellow arrows to represent what is going on. it's working its way into the napa area. up into napa, toward hayward. társ -- it's going to be pretty much everywhere. with the break the winds are strong. they're robust so they're pushing that fog well inland. there's that 24-mile an hour gust. it's all going like it did last night. what we get today is what we'll get tomorrow. temperatures are going to be on the mild side. temperatures tomorrow are going to be mostly in the 70s and low 80s. it all changes around as we go into the bay area weekend.
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when fire danger for us will begin to ratchet up as well. maybe a little warmer in some places. in the weekend temperatures really increase. back at 10:45, i'll upgrade that forecast for you with increased temperatures. a golf course in san francisco is going to close unless it gets some help from the city. the operator of glen eagles golf course says he plans to close at the end of the month. the reason the water bill has gone up 50% and he can't afford to pay it unless he raises fees. at glen eagles a round of golf is $19 and that makes it accessible to golfers who can't afford a higher fee at country clubs. a thief makes off with someone elses online order. the message from police tonight after two other victims step forward. >> it just seemed like it was in slow motion. like a bad action movie. >> a highway pile up involving nearly 10 vehicles and an out of control truck. up next, the driver of that
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truck explains what happened.
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the horrific accident in the south bay shut down highway 17 and killed a man from santa cruz. seven other people were hurt in that wreck that happened when a big rig driver said he just could not keep the tractor trailer he was driving from plowing into the cars ahead of him. all lanes are back open tonight after being shut down for hours. ktvu's anne rubin talked to the truck driver who explained what happened before the crash. >> reporter: drivers heard him honking and saw him coming in their rear-view mirror. >> you could tell his tires were getting hot because they were smoking. >> reporter: but with the
10:25 pm
trailer -- they could not escape. in total seven people were injured and one man a 26-year- old from santa cruz was killed. >> this is the worse wreck i've ever seen. >> it just seemed like it was in slow motion. like a bad horry movie. >> reporter: chp inspected the truck. >> it was too steep for me. >> reporter: he said when he saw traffic slowing in front of him he was horrified. >> i can't hit those cars. i can't hit those cars. i have to do something about it. that's what was going through my mind. >> reporter: 10 cars were hit, some of them mangled beyond recognition. they finally reopened the freeway around 5:00 p.m. >> we had fatality here. the family members deserve our very best worse. we can't give them our very best work if we're in a rush. >> reporter: the name of the
10:26 pm
driver who was killed has not yet been released. of the seven other injures one was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the truck driver says he would like to apologize to all of those families. along highway 17, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. cannabis clubs in san jose are banding together to try to get the city to change its new regulations. people lined up to sign petitions. organizers say they're half way on their goal of collecting 17,000 signatures. a new ordnance is set to go into effect next friday. the rules require them to produce everything they sell on- site. operators say doing that is next to impossible. now a real touching story about two families exchanging the gift of life with two separate transplant operations. this is really something. kidney donor janice mckiney has donated one of her kidnaps to
10:27 pm
melard. almost six years ago the tables were reversed when melard's son died and his kidney saved the life of mckinney's son. >> just giving them back life. >> and this is going to bring us closer together. >> reporter: the two families became close over the years and when melard needed a kidney, mckennin was a close tissue match. diabetes is the disease that links both operations. that is remarkable. new accusations against an east bay youth car dealer suspected of odometer fraud. >>2 investigates found two potential victims. >> a thief caught in the act. stealing in this bay area. why police are calling this
10:28 pm
case unusual and what he's after coming up in a live report. >> download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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new at 10:00, a thief caught on camera stealing high end goods on packages delivered in the peninsula. police think he may be responsible for a series of thefts all in one neighborhood, all in one day. >> azenith smith is live where these thefts are happening, azenith. >> reporter: that thief may be targeting high end items since some of the packages had store labels including nordstrom. it's a case police are calling
10:31 pm
unusual and have neighbors in this quiet neighborhood uneasy. >> it is disturbing to imagine that someone is scoping out the neighborhood during the day when a lot of people are at work. >> reporter: around 3:00 yesterday afternoon a homeowner security camera capturing video of this man walking to a front porch swiping a package and taking off. the victim in this case alerting his neighbors by sharing the video on next door. then two more people came forward saying the same thing happened to them. >> >> our best guess at this point is the suspect drove around looking for packages on porches. because there seemed to be no consistency with store or delivery company. >> reporter: this city hasn 't had any package thefts in recent months. let alone three in one day. >> i'm not surprised. i think the criminals are just very bold these days and are
10:32 pm
going where there's opportunity. >> reporter: like the victim did in this case, police are now asking other homeowners to share their surveillance videos in hopes to get this criminal off the street. >> we don't know if he's going to do any other types of crimes. right now he's stealing packages. we don't know if he's also a residential burglar. >> reporter: here's another look at the thief. he's described to be light skinned with short dark hair. he may be driving a dark colored prius. anyone with information is asked to call belmont police. azenith smith. palo alto police are increasing neighborhood patrol after someone broke into an elderly couple's home while they were sleeping. it happened early yesterday morning not far from los robles avenue. investigators say the burglar probably jumped over a locked side yard gate and got into the home by removing a screen. they realized they had been robbed the next month and found
10:33 pm
that someone had rummaged through their drawers and taken a suitcase with important documents. amazon maintains they have effective parental controls. in january the ftc settled with apple in a similar case for 32- 1/2 million dollars. streaming tv service ario says it has a new survival plan that embraces the supreme court decision that could have essentially shut it down. the high court ruled that the company was essentially the same as a cable company even though it uses different technology and doesn't pay the required licensing fees. ario says that if the supreme court is calling it a cable company then it wants a content license that would allow it to rebroadcast programs and pay royalty fees. on wall street the stocks continue their losing trend
10:34 pm
today. the dow jones dropped 70 points. the nasdaq lost 72. the news led investors to sell stocks in favor of gold and government stocks. new parking meters that the city says could help cut down on the number of tickets issues for parking at an expired meter. cara liu is live. >> reporter: the one thing you will note is the screen is a lot better than it used to be. sfmta has started upgrading the old meters with new smart meters than the one seen here in west san francisco's portal. if you drive in san francisco you may -- may notice some of the parking meters have gotten a make over. they take coins and have larger screens and previously if you paid by phone the old meter would still show that it was expired. the new ones update your
10:35 pm
transaction on the screen. >> being able to see how much time i have left is really nice. i can actually read it. some of them i can't even read. >> we like the part that they take credit cards. >> because it costs so much having to come out with a pocket full of change. and having two or three dollars of quarters after going into these businesses, they can't spare the change. >> reporter: a business like the ice cream parlor, they hope it'll be better for business. >> we hope it helps people spend more time instead of rushing because they only have 10 minutes on their meter. >> reporter: the city plans to expand city meters by next year. >> what we're trying to do is make parking easier and more convenient which will help reduce citations throughout the city. >> the price tag for the upgrade $15 million.
10:36 pm
live in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu news. the italian company behind the mobile app parking monkey has disabled the app in san francisco. the rule comes by dennis herr era who said it's illegal to sell access to a public parking space. the app allowed people to sell their parking space to the highest bidder. boeing said it's offering new larger overhead bins on its next generation of 787s. the new bins will be able to hold six rolling carry ons instead of just four. next year alaskan airlines will become the first to get those
10:37 pm
planes with the new overhead bins. a heat up is around the corner. i'm tracking how long it will take for temperatures to climb back into the mid-90s. >> and good for the economy but not for residents. the backlash over a big budget movie set to film here in the bay area. for the freshest produce you want to be close to the people who are close to the land. that's why safeway works with over 150 local growers.
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a possible compromise appears to be emerging between the white house and congress. president obama was in texas speaking to the texas governor. the president said republicans have passed immigration measures in the past and he asked why not now. >> ronald reagan passed immigration reform and you love
10:40 pm
ronald reagan, let's go ahead and do it. >> congressional republicans say this crisis is one entirely of the president's own making and they blamed his lack of leadership. san francisco appears as the backdrop for many hollywood films but not everyone is happy about an upcoming movie. attorney john kerry who lives in central hill sent a letter to the mayor upset that none of the residents will have parking while a production films there. >> whenever there's a big production there is going to be some makers on if residents. >> the makers of san andreas promises to pay for parking for
10:41 pm
residents there. several lucky people cashed in. there'll be everyone more drops tomorrow through sunday. and people in a grocery store in concord got a surprise when a stranger paid their tab. the man went to a grocery store and asked the manager for permission to pay for people's groceries. the man waited until the transaction was over then paid the tab. >> i asked him why. but he replied with why not. why not. >> shoppers asked if he had won the lottery or if he had a great job but he didn't say. the manager said the man spent about $600 for groceries for six customers. a warm up in the works, in five minutes chief meteorologist bill martin will take us through the next few days and tell us which weekend date will be the warmest.
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tonight two investigates is tracking mounting complaints about a used car dealer from the east bay. we first told you about the arrest of a man last month suspected in one of the largest odometer fraud cases that investigators have ever seen. >> since then 14 former customers have contacted ktvu's eric rasmussen and says none of them got what they thought they were getting a deal for. >> reporter: 14 customers did not get what they thought. but the problems -- >> i ran out of gas coming off the hill. >> reporter: started a day after she drove it off the lot.
10:45 pm
>> two days after that. the car overheated. two or three months after that, the engine blew. >> anything to say for yourself? >> for what. >> are you rolling back the odometers on all the cars? >> reporter: when ktvu reported the arrest of otero. anderson took a second look at her paper work. a small box on the contract revealed odometer reading is not the actual mileage. >> did they point that out to you when you bought the car? >> no they did not. no they did not. >> so we don't know how many miles are on this car? >> no we the not. >> reporter: ktvu ran a car fax five months before anderson bought the car with 114,000 miles it was offered in richmond with more than 181,000. >> deep down inside i knew it wasn't legit. >> reporter: she is not alone.
10:46 pm
>> the engine blew up on me on the freeway. >> reporter: while you were driving? >> while i was driving. >> reporter: investigators said as many as half of the vehicles on george cavaras lot, more than 20 had odometers rolled back. and that's not including lee's. >> i would have gone some where else and bought a different car. don't lie, don't manipulate me. don't take me for a fool. >> reporter: what about the customers? what about people who say you're a scam artist. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. none whatsoever. >> reporter: since cavares seemed mystified the last time we spoke. ktvu returned to his lot to try to get some answers. >> is george around? can i talk to him. >> i don't know him. >> reporter: this is eric
10:47 pm
rasmussen, we wanted to see if we could talk to george. the woman inside, had nothing to say. >> reporter: they say the potential victims already discovered by two investigates could play a role in their case. in oakland, erik rasmussen, ktvu news. if you have a tip, e-mail 2 investigates, and they include several tanks including like this one from world war i expected to fetch $2 million. they range from world war i all the way up to the gulf war. when he died the vehicles were donated to a technical institution in massachusetts.
10:48 pm
the money will benefit a foundation. you see it out there now. lots of fog and low clouds pushing inland. the marine layer is two to 2 feet. which means tomorrow will be another cool day. then it changes around. talk about that red flag warning out in california. that's a big deal because of the lightning strike potential. this goes on north of sacramento. just out there toward marysville and yuba city. up in paradise all along butte county there. be raety for that the next 24 hours. we'll be watching that for you the next 24 hours as well before just be ready for the next 24 hours. right here we located a push. it's going to make it into all inland bay valleys. it's going to make it mostly up to fairfield. up to the winters area. up toward davis. plenty of fog and low clouds to
10:49 pm
start the day that ends you up a little bit cooler or the same. good news for our area for fire danger. but then the strong offshore wind cut off and our fire danger increases as we head into the weekend. tomorrow san jose downtown 79 degrees for daytime high. you get some clouds in the morning then you're clearing off by lunchtime. your friday looks like a beautiful day in the silican valley. good air quality and nice mild temperatures. then things warm up. here's the last day of cool moist weather. look at tomorrow morning. look at that fog footprint. i think the model is aggressive pushes it into sacramento. that's a lot of fog getting into these high coastal ranges. then daytime highs are back to where they were today. yellows are 70s. look for the heat to stay in the central valley. then all the reds, the 90s
10:50 pm
start to work their way our way. that increases the fire danger. decreases fuel moisture and decreases fire danger as well. these are the forecast highs just like today. sunday will be the warmest day on the bay area weekend. in some inland areas you'll be calling it hot. not 100 degrees but 95, 96 something like that. slightly cooler maybe slightly warmer in some places tomorrow. friday just around the corner and i know gasia is off next week. >> looking forward to the weekend. >> getting awfully gigly. >> that explains it. okay. thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. some san francisco giants are exploring the idea of a dress code for fans to ban items considered culturally insensitive. if you remember last month a fan wore a head dress on native
10:51 pm
american day. one woman was ejected from the game. she asked the giants to come up with a policy to deal with the issue. we found fans who like the idea. >> i think that their best interest at heart is with diverse cultures. we welcome everybody here. i think it would be a great thing to do. >> others though wondered what would be considered culturally insensitive. the giants say they're working on the details. the team would be the first major league baseball team to institute such a policy. speaking of the giants i'm sure they'll be very glad that the a's series is over. >> they just can't win at home. they lost 15 of 19 at at&t park. remember when the giants won game after game with clutch two ace hits. the giants will be going offense needed to face scott cashmere. cashmere faced thompson. giant foot runners on second
10:52 pm
and third. they led tim hudson back. tim hit it well. why didn't the giants contend for hudson? who's left on the bench you would rather see up there? and a big one, all star josh denzel finds a roots. josh also agrees to compete in monday's home run derby. then after hudson loaded the bases, javier lopez comes in and gets tagged by steve bote. they outscore the giants. bote had three rbis thanks to a two out single. >> two outs you have to get a hit in order to score a run. so they're awesome. >> we strung together quite a few hits off of a guy known to get pretty weak contact. i thought our approach was good for him today considering how big this ballpark is. i thought we did a good job
10:53 pm
sticking with it. the giants host arizona. and will they start that series in first or second place? the dodgers and kershaw determines all that, next.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
oakland a's may have the best record in baseball but
10:56 pm
they still can't shed the angels. l.a. remains 3-1/2 games back in the american league. and the dodgers take sole position of the national league west while kershaw extends the lead until the visiting padres chase hundley ties with a home run. but kershaw hits a 3-run game. as nba lebron james heads to brazil, we all stay home wondering where he next takes his talent. steve blake is leaving the warriors for portland. blake agrees to a two year deal with the blazers.
10:57 pm
blake was transferred last year. this will be blake's third stint with portland. uahara leads the women's open by four runs. montgomery leads by one stroke. that same margin. that's sports as we see it this thursday night. >> it's remarkable that the giants are one game back. this has gone so far beyond a june swoon. what has happened with this team. >> they're just thinking too much and they're not trusting themselvesless. they're trying to be someone else. other guys are trying to do other things they're not supposed to be doing and i don't think they're trusting each other right now. and it's not a slump anymore. the doctor needs to come in here. we need to see some changes obviously. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. >> you can catch the rebroadcast on tv 36. we hope you follow us on
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haley, hurry up! you don't have much time, and i made chocolate chip pancakes. mom, i'm not 12. dibs on hers. honey, you excited about your first day? you know what? i really am. there's something about going to work that makes you feel like you're... i don't know, worth something. no offense, mom. listen... (clears throat) i wanna give you some advice. do it fast. she's gonna be late. work hard. uh-huh. keep your eye on the ball. (cell phone alert chimes) stay focused. never... (laughs) check it out! cam in overalls! (claire) ohh! (gasps) mitchell sent me the same text! why "look what you've done"? oh, because cam is helping me out with that baseball field, and mitchell hates it when he gets all farmed up. his turn-offs are farm, fizbo, hey! howdy, life pardner! (guffaws)


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