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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu channel 2 news, weekdays starting at 5:00. >> now at noon, a big rig careens out of control. >> up in the air, i was just carnage. >> the big rig careens out of control, crashing into ten other cars and killing oneperson. a live report from this ongoing traffic night mayor. who is starting grass fires in the south bay? investigationers are now looking into the third fire at the same location in just the past 11 days:and a debate heats up on the possible new dress code at at&t park that woo be
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more culturabley sensitive. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 22 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell, a horrific accident on highway 17 involve inch 10 vehicles hawes shut down the northbound lanes and it looks like it will stay that way for most of the day, 1 person is dead, multiple people injured, janine de la vega joins us live from the santa cruz mountains to tell us how the accident happened and how the chp is hammink traffic, good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: a lut with the c p p described the scene out here like a war zone, we are here in the northbound lanes of highway 17 near bear creek road, which is shut down. and if you look here it is awful. cars are in half, they are mangled, 1 is upside down, and it looks like a crushed up mental ball, the big rig that plowed into everyone is in the middle of it. the accident happened just before 8:00 this morning, 10 vehicles -- 11 vehicles are
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involved, including the big rig that witnesses say was going full speed down highway 17 careens out of control and hitting vehicles. what followed was a ka 0 tick seen with cars smashing into one another and into the median. >> i looked pack and swferred out of the way and the trailer actually whipped in front of my car and at that . it was fishtailing. >> i was looking in my rear view mirror and i see all of these cars getting hit by the truck, and i am thinking to myself, i have got to brace myself because i am going to get hit. >> drivers who were uninjured jumped out of their cars and tried to help those who were hurt. emergency crews rushed to the scene, eight people were taken to the hospital. including one with major injuries. the person inside a honda could not be saved. witnesses say the driver was a man. the driver of the big rig was
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uninjured, the chp is interviewing him. >> i was behind the big rig. as we were coming down the hill and his brakes were -- you can tell his brakes were getting hot because they were smoking. >> the chp has just started its investigation and won't speculation on what happened, the accident snarled the morning commute and has created a huge back up in both directions. now just about five minutes afor the chp split the southbound lanes of highway 17 into lanes going into both directions to keep the cars moving. i do want to show you this live picture of that. you can see the cars out here are moving slowly, again, one lane going northbound, the other lane going southbound. so expect delays. if you plan on taking highway 17. but you are urged to just use another route, a lot of people are using highway 9 as a detour, now those who witnessed this horrible accident say that
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it is a wake up call for them, a lot of people told me life is precious and it has just given them a new perspective. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> we ill continue to cover this throughout the day. georgia police are taking second look at the devastate former boy friend of alex tickleman, the high-priced call girl facing charges in the death of a google executive in santa cruz. police in milton, georgia revealed today tickleman's boyfriend died of a hoyer ron overdose in september of last year. they also say that tickleman was home at the time and called 911 to report it. a medical examiner originally concluded the death was accidental. but it is now re-opening the case in light of tickleman's recent affidavit, the 26-year- old is facing a manslaughter charge for killing 51-year-old google executive forest timothy hayes last november by injecting him with a lethal dose of heroin, tickleman is scheduled to be back in court
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next wednesday. fire crews this morning scrambled to put out a grass fire near a san jose golf course where two other fires have broken out in the past 11 days. as we have been reporting the fire started around 6:30 this morning near the loss lagos golf course. crews contained the flames which blackened only about 50- 50 feet of vegetation, fire officials tell us they did find evidence of a homeless camp in the area. they are vining whether the fire was sparked by someone cooking in that encampment. >> we have people down there that need to may be evacuated from the area if they happen to be down there when the fire starts and depending on the weather, the fuels this summer are going to be really dry, they are already really dry so august, september type conditions right now. >> since june 30th two other fires have broken out in the area, the largest burn 6 ache r z, thing nevers say the second fire was a flyer up from the first one.
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medical marijuana supporters are rallying this noontime outside san jose city hall, this is a live look, you can see people on the sidewalk hold in signs protesting new city restriction dallas will shut down more than 70 cannabis clubs on july 18th and want the public to join them and offering vouchers for medical marijuana to to the first 1000 people who joined, san jose's new rules require medical marijuana to pe produced on site and inside the collective. the city of berkeley is requiring pot clubs to give away some of their particular a mar marijuana to the poor. it mandates they give it away to the homeless for free. the clock is ticking for a homeless camp in berkeley which has been dechaired a public nuisance. there are concerns about trash
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and rats in the camp which has sprung up there. the city is threatening to clear it out on tuesday unless campers clean up. homeless people began moving there back in may after they were forced out of a nearby waterfront location known as the albany bulb, some were paid thousands of dollars f they agreed not to return. the move reportedly angered berkeley city leaders, 1 man who has been staying at this new freeway camp acknowledges the place has problems. >> this right here, yeah, it needs to be cleaned up, people pissing and doing drug, neelgtdzs on the ground, may be caused by some of my neglect that i need to work on and people walking past i have to keep an eye on it, there is other people on earth not just me. >> advocates for the homeless argue in stead of forcing people out next week the city should install trash cans to help campers clean up. the los angeles dodgers who decide decide if they will appeal the 18 million dollar award in the brian stowe case.
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>> were any of the following negligent, los angeles dodgers l.l.c., yes,. >> yesterday a jury in los angeles ruled the dodgers were partly responsible for brian stowe's critical injuries, he was brutally beaten outside dodger stadium three years ago, the award was sai lot less than the 50 million dollars the stowe family was sync in its lawsuit against the dodgers. >> obviously it would pull at anybody's heartstrings but we could only go by the evidence that was presented to us in court. >> i feel like it is a victory and it -- it is a big weight off of our shoulders, we have been waiting three years for this. >> the jury also ruled former donalder oner frank lacourt was not liable in this case. the stowe family had sued the dodger organization for negligence, claiming poor stadium security played a roll in a brutal beating that caused stowe's permanent break damage. the san francisco giants are considering a new dross
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code at at&t park that could ban clothing considered culturally insensitive, this all came about after a team sanctioned event ended badly, sal castaneda joins live now from the park, at&t folks heading into the game this afternoon, sal. >> reporter: tory, good afternoon, yeah, a lot of people here for the as and the giants and most of the attention seems to be on that. but that incident last month that you mentioned may have prompted the giants to consider instituting a dress policy that reflects cultural awareness. last month two giants fans were taking turns wearing an indian headdress at a game which offended a woman who told them to take it off. the argument led to the woman being ejected from the stadium and her calling for the giants to address what she called culture unsensitive gear worn by other patrons, the giants have said they are considering a policy that would force fans to dress in a way that would not offend other fans. >> i believe that the giants organization as a whole is very family oriented organization
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and i think that there are best interests at heart is with diverse cultures and we welcome everybody here, i think it would be a great thing to do. >> now, this policy would be a first for a ma orleague baseball team, the team said details are still being worked out, people who wear yofnssive attire could be asked to leave or change out of the gear if they want to stay. police normally patrol giants games although we are told they have not weighed in on the matter. some fans we spoke with say instituting this policy sounds like it would be very difficult. >> you never know what is going to offend somebody. so you know my personal opinion is you can't really regulate what people wear, just like the hat i am wearing today could offend the giants fan or the as fan, so i think it is a real tough thing to regulate and enforce. >> i think it is going to be very difficult because everyone you know -- everyone is -- feels differently about different things i know like at
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work there is -- i mean there is a policy at work where you can't put anything up because something is going to offend somebody and so there is -- i anything it will be very hard. >> well more than 40,000 fans are expected to be here and no shortage of opinion on a propleased dress code most fans say they don't think it is going to be a problem, most fans just come to watch the game and enjoy themselves, the giants have not said when and if this dress policy would be instituted. >> dozens of people turned out for a expansion of the refinery in richmond, they met at kennedy high school to here input on it. supporters say the expansion will generate hundreds of jobs but opponents worry it will increase air pollution. >> i think that this
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modernization project will creel increase pollution, it will greatly effect me, my neighbors. >> all about getting good jobs and they are good pay, they are union jobs. >> the planning commission has called another special meeting tonight to take a vote on whether to certify the environmental impact report, if it is vert fied chevron could receive a conditional use permit allowing it to begin work on the project. it is open now but we will explain how a dangerous, possibly dangerous situation caused the u.s. capitol to open two hours late today. taking a while for the fog to burn off but there is a warm up coming our way, steve will be here with the bay area forecast. and what investigators say they have led to a shooting where a man killed six family members including 4 children.
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a father is in custody and his teenaged daughter is fighting for her life after four of her siblings were killed in a violent rampage, it happened in a quiet texas neighborhood as steve rapport reports it allegedly all begin with a domestic dispute. >> reporter: an alleged domestic dispute leads to the deaths of at least six people, the frantic and tense scene unfolded in springs, tings, went town, a town located 25 niles north of houston, two adults and four citsd are among
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the victims, the suspect none other than the children's own father. >> the defendant and his estranged wife were separated, these children are all their children. biologically and adopted. >> 5 of the victims died at the scene, a child later passed away after being transported to an area hospital. it was the suspect's 15-year- old daughter who managed to call police. >> we were able to speak to one of the ladies that was shot actually in the head, she was never pally able to tills who actually did the shooting, it was a relative. >> once officers arrived officials say the gunman led police on a chairks authorities can be seen deploying spike strips in any effort to stop the vehicle but to no avail, police were finally able to corner him in a near by cul-de- sac. >> the car pulled into the sul desack and all the cops zoomed past us and followed him into the cul-de-sac and barricaded him. >> take a lewis as allorred police vehicles trap the car, a sentence stand off began and after hours the men emerged and siewrnded to police.
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>> the came out on his own without assistance. >> the will likely face charms including capitol murder, his is stragged wife was out of the state at the time of the killing spree. >> the u.s. can't it will was back open after part of it ways cloisd this morning due to an as bests to scare, patrick was there and tell u.s. open women's championship police blocked hoof the house of representatives for hours. >> reporter: a pretty unusual morning here at the house of representatives, all the action taking place behind this staircase that you probably have seen if you come to washington. right behind this staircase is another indoor set of stairs, that is y an apartment parent industrial leak took place, right now the concern is that it might have been asbestos, asbestos removal was underway, you can take a look at this picture we took, this is the stairway where this happened shortly before 8:00 eastern time, where crews were doing retune ace bests to removal when this peecial spill took place. right away police cordoned off this area to both staff as well as members of congress and tourists until they could contain this spill. it took a couple of hours
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before business was back to normal with one major exception, they did delay house legislative activity for two hours, the house gaveling into session swat none and it was business back to normal with tourists back on scene as well as the area open to members of congress and their staff. from washington patrick, back to you. >> well, a last minute push is underway to cheap the doors open of a long-standing senior assisted living facility in san francisco. the university mound ladies home is set for closure at thendz of this month after 130 years in business. the facility's board of directors says there just is not enough money to keep it open and there are plans to use the property for a private elementary school, today san francisco supervisor david campos has called for a hearing to discuss ways to keep it open. many of the residents have found another place to live but there are reportedly 25 people who are still uncertain about where they will end up.
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several senior citizens are fighting to keep a palo alto y m before a from closing its doors, the san jose mercury news reports the page mill ymca is scheduled to close later this year, the m y c a off silicon valley says it is financial because the 35-year- old facility needs $2.8 million in improvements but the mostly older people who go to the ymca says it feels lake the ymca does not value them. fire crews continue to make progress there, they announced it is 86% contain, the acreage still stands at just under 8500 acres and all evacuations and closures have been lifted. >> kind of an interesting pattern here, low clouds and high clouds but currently at noon it is warmer in san
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francisco than it is in santa rosa and the north bay, they had sunshine and a breeze and that is a mild pattern kind of scoured out most of the low clouds in fact we had more sun in daily city than concord, that doesn't usually happen, we have a baseball game in 20 minutes or so if you want to sneak over there, a southerly breeze and already 67, i seen 73 in hill and 71 the mission district so there is warm temps in san francisco, not across the board but thunderstorms begining to pop up just south of tahoe and truckee, it is sunny there now but don't be surprised if some this develops soon, with ill sho you big boomer near vegas, for us fog is holding on in marin and sonoma county, keeping them on the cooler side, the fog and low clouds rerighting off the coast, lots of drizzle up around the russian river fare and down towards santa cruz, 70s for temperatures, concord is 72, san jose 76, there is that 66 though in santa rosa
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with the low clouds and 67 official insan francisco. heading up north you can see lower 60s here, kind of cool here, 65 quite there is big differences p the temps as you go east and also south, that southerly breeze is responsible and kind of turned now south and still near a at half moop bay to 22 miles an hour, sfo has turned more easterly it was south all morning long, still a rope roaring delta breeze at least out to travis, concord west at 21, that is why they are only 72, fog will be back, the thunderstorms we are keeping an eye on right there beginninging to pop up, look around las vegas, kaboom, that is big time there, 80 in tahoe, 80, 90 in reno, really warm, only 72 in ukia, and high pressure is going to build in here and we will have morning low clouds and cooler inland but if upar looking for warmer temperatures just hold on until the weekend and that is when we will see temperatures begin to inch up into the inland areas so fog for ramin and sonoma county, mostly sunny inland and
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temperatures again tory, 60s, 70s, 80s to near 90 for some, warmer on the weekend inland. >> we will take. >> it okay, you got. >> it thank you, steve. how a staifng change at one bay area police department would make it harder to catch dangerous criminals. and what show got the most 2340ds for this year's emmy nominations. did you remember to pay the dog sitter? yeah, citi mobile. and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app.
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worries poted the soundness of a large portuguese bank hurt
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marts today, the dow was down 180, now it is currently down 77 and the s&p is down eight, unemployment claims meanwhile have dropped to a level closes to a 7 year low. that is the word from the labor department this morning. three 04,000 people filed jobless claims last week, that is down 11,000 from the week before and two months ago the number was 298,000 claims which impass the lowest in 7 years right before 3 great recession began. the san jose police department is making another unprecedented move to deal with a staff shortage, it all starts this weekend, police officers tr the special operations division will be responding to routine 911 calls once a month. this affects more than 50 officers from the gang suppression, swat, violent crime and traffic enforcement divisions. and this is angered many members of the san jose police force. >> this is another ban dade, taking our officers who should be hunting down the worst of the worst criminals, now they are answering basic 911 calls
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just trying to cheap this city afleet. >> and it follows another first for the san jose police department, last month they began a mandatory overtime policy due to the shortage of officers. the emmy mom nations were announced this morning, game of thrones received the most nominations with 19 nods including one for best drama series. >> and knee nominations in the drama series category are, braking bad, downtown abby, game of thrones, house of cards, madmen, and true detective. >> now not far behind throwns was the series fargo which scored any, brian scran stone, john ham, jeff daniels for newsroom and qoody harrell and matthew mcconaughey plus steven stacey for house of cards,
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nominees for best actress includes those, the winners will be announced august 25th. the list of angry customers gets longer after a two investigates report on one of the bay area's biggest 0 don't fraud suspects how their stories could bring down the man at the center of the investigation tonight on ktvu's channel 2 news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we are always here for you on, have a great day. after people find a dentist through us,
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up next on "ecocompany." >> plug-in mania. we are talking about electric vehicles and lots of them. >> we have been doing this rally for 40 years since 1972. >> we take a look at the past and present. people that are passionate about their electric rides. >> then meet girdie. she no ordinary car. >> these are six of the 12 bodies and are connected to the controller. >> girdie has something new under the hub because her family decided to green her up. >> the big green bus. this is no ordinary bus. inside of what used to be the lugrage days


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