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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 30, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, evacuations underway in southern california as crews work to battle a raging wildfire and a heat wave is evening felt here in the bay area. we'll tell you how hot you can expect your neighborhood to get today. desperate drought conditions call for desperate measures what the east bay's largest water supplier is doing today for the first time ever. neighbors are now revealing chilly information about what they heard and saw in the moments before and after a mother of three was found stabbed to death in san jose.
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extreme temperatures felt high fire danger across the state today. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. there is a red flag warning across much of southern california where this 200-acre wildfire is burning in san bernardino county. want to show you now some live pictures. you can still see quite a bit of smoke and flames. some homes and at least two schools are being evacuated on the north side of rancho cucamonga. strong winds are making it difficult to fight the fire from the air. so crews are beefing up manpower on the ground. we'll have updates throughout date at while there are no red flag warnings here in the bay area, it is getting hot with a heat wave already underway. even at 8:00 in the morning, people in oakland were out in shorts and tank tops, the temperatures are only going up. we have ktvu team coverage this noontime with tara moriarty at
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the beach where people are soaking in the sunshine. we begin with mark tamayo. >> hi there. good afternoon. off to a warm spot. the warming trend continues into your wednesday. a lot of clear skies. looking out towards san jose to reach the low 90s. today will be warmer than yesterday. in fact, we are forecasting more in the low 90s for your wednesday afternoon. as you can see in the satellite, the fog which would typically keep us cooler, not there, the fog was abstinent. this is like your bike pump. if you pump the pump high or touch the bottom, it's warm. you are compressing the area. that's what's happening right now in southern california and in northern california. take a look at the current numbers. i'm seeing these for the first time for the 12:00 hour, 84 in san jose. livermore, 85 degrees. easily back up in the lower 90s this afternoon. look at san francisco and half
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moon bay. the coastal sections, the bayside areas already in the lower 80s because we have an offshore wind out there. as far as records to beat, i think we'll have a few. here's a few that we could -- what we are up against. coming up i will let you know actually the forecasted highs today, the areas that will break records and also the timing of a major cooling trend. if you are not a fan of the heat, we'll have a cooldown. today is a great day to head to the beach. that's where we find ktvu's tara moriarty on a very tough assignment. she already found some people hanging out at ocean beach enjoying the warm weather. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. yeah. happy to have the easier time of it right now. doning the shades. you need them out here. i actually burned my feet walking across the sand. it's that hot. a lot of sunbathers and surfers pouring into oaks beach. definitely hot out here. there's dogs and plenty of children. it gets pretty swamped, especially right after work
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hours. mark says it will be peaking probably maybe around 83 degrees out here on the coast. temperatures expected to climb as you said in the mid-90s in concord and parts of the north bay and south bay and then thursday brentwood, could even see 96 degrees. now, san franciscans don't usually see this kind of weather, you know, a lot. when it comes around, people hit the beach. >> going to the beach. >> reporter: how come? >> because it's hot. >> we have a very narrow temperature range. we like it like 40 to 70. below 40 is too cold. above 70 is too hot. too hot means too hot to work. >> we had to take advantage of the weather today for sure. >> reporter: play a little hookey? >> yeah. no. no. you can't tell my mom but yes. >> reporter: okay. one lady begged us not to show her picture because she was skipping work today and didn't want her poss to know -- boss
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to know. she said there's no air conditioning, as in many buildings, making it difficult to concentrate. the cooldown such occur over the weekend. for now, you can enjoy it. live from ocean beach in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, tara. well, heat waves like the one underway are typically a perfect time for kids to play in the water. but now because of the drought, the city of pleasanton is turning off the tap at its two water parks. the water at the so-called flash parks is actually fresh drinking water. but since pleasanton is facing mandatory restrictions from its water supplier, the fountains are being shut off. san ramon and dublin are also cutting back on the hours their city water parks operate. today is the first day east bay m.u.d. is tapping into the emergency water supply. brian flores joins us live to explain the impact this will have on customers. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. as we talk tdz about all day, today is hot and dry.
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our rainy season pretty much over. we remained in drought conditions. but for east bay m.u.d. customers. many of them here in oakland have come in. at least temporarily. we were there at a press conference showing us the water that's coming in from the sacramento river. this is the first time east bay m.u.d. has had to tap into a supple meantry water source. how much water are we talking about? it equates to the coliseum being filled 24 times. it will be pumped into the reservoir for. >> it's a very dry year in the state of california. last year was also a dry year. so we always want to be prepared and so we always want our customers to conserve and come back. we don't know what next year is gonna be. we want our customers to use water wisely and cut back. >> east bay mud said they've been planning for the drought conditions for decades. the timing of building three
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pumping stations and building more than 40 miles of pipeline, an estimated cost of $1 billion couldn't come soon enough. the project was completed back in 2011. >> without this water supply, we would have been on mandatory rationing, maybe as much as 25% to 40%. mandatory rationing. with this supply, we are able to work on a 10% voluntary rationing. >> reporter: and melon says this water supply should be good at least until the end of the year. but they say it depends on whether we get a few more days of rain. they also say they will re- evaluate the water situation at the end of the sumer. he this are keen urging cut -- they are encouraging cut back of 10%. if it doesn't get better, customers could see an increase in their water bill by $6 to to -- 8 $. we're learning more about a mother stabbed to death inside
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her home. janine de la vega spoke to neighbors about what they saw just around the time the woman's body was discovered. janine yoinses us live. >> reporter: -- joins us live. >> reporter: a lot of the neighbors are talking about what happened. they say the woman who lived here with her husband and three young children kept to herself but was very nice. you can see that neighbors left candles burning at the doorstep to honor her memory. a quiet prayer was said for the woman found dead. neighbors say they had a hard time sleeping last night wondering who killed this mother of three. >> we put out these candles for her. feel bad that -- for it to happen this bay. >> reporter: the mother lived her with her twin girls and other baby. her husband found her stabbed to death when he came home from work at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. >> the front door was open. >> reporter: what did you hear? >> him screaming, yelling. >> reporter: what?
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>> that she's dead. somebody killed her and all of that. it was horrible. >> reporter: police spent hours at the crime scene collecting evidence and talking to neighbors. he says he saw a man wearing a helmet park a motorcycle across the street, enter the apartment and then leave at about 2:00 p.m. an hour before her husband discovered the body. how long was he there for? >> ten minutes. he was there for longer. >> reporter: did it seem like he knew her? >> because there was no screaming or nothing. >> reporter: >> my wife said he was there earlier about 11:00. >> reporter: police have not publicly identified any suspects in the case or revealed a motive. we asked the detectives should we be afraid and they said no. >> reporter: why? >> because they said it was in towards her or something like that. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the husband was interviewed by police, returned home and left. we haven't seen any sign of or
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the children. we're told they had only beenive willing here at their apartment complex for a couple of months. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. traffic came to a standstill going south around the 980 curve in oakland because of a car fire. this is cell phone video taken by ktvu's tom vacar as he drove down the jackson street exit next to the burning car on 880. it's not clear what happened or if anyone was injured. but the chp temporarily closed all lanes while firefighters dealt with the fire. the lanes were back open sometime before 10:00 a.m. two people in the hospital with third-degree burns over 80% of their bodies. what investigators believe caused the explosion that injured them. more than 70 years after his service. a filipino world war ii veteran is being awarded a prestigious medal. why it took so long to honor
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his historic service.
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back now to live pictures of the fire burning in southern california. firefighters are trying to contain this 200-acre wildfire burning in san bernardino county. some homes and at least two schools are being evacuated in the north side of rancho
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cucamonga. road blocks are set up in the area to keep people out. fire officials say strong winds are making it difficult to fight the fire and so far crews are being increased on the ground. so there's more firefighters there to try and put out this fire. again, 200 acres in san bernardino county. a salvage operation is scheduled for later today to recover a plane that crashed into the san pablo bay over the weekend. yesterday, diving crews located the fuselage of the cessna using an underwater camera. it's believed the pilot's body it still inside the plane. this afternoon at 4:30 crews plan to pull the wreckage out of the water. investigators believe the small plane crashed into a larger plane while the two were attempting a midair photo shoot on sunday. the other plane landed safely. two people are hospitalized with critical burns after an explosion at a homeless encampment in san leandro. it happened around 9:30 near
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hesperian and bringlake drive at a camp that sits along the railroad tracks. the alameda county sheriff's office says it was caused by something using butane to cook hash oil. firefighters say a man and woman suffered third-degree burns over about 80% of their bodies. the pair ran to a nearby apartment for help. the woman who lives there did not know what was going on. >> i heard call 911. we need an ambulance. i was like did he just say we need an ambulance? i ran out of the bedroom to see why we need an ambulance and then the lady came her skin was burned. they were in pain. they were screaming, something exploded. something exploded. >> the neighbor says one of the victims even got in the bathtub to rinse herself off. a third person in the apartment was treated for minor burns after touching the substance covering the two victims from the camp. students at napa high school were sent home because of a chemical leak. according to the fire department, it all started last night around 7:30 when power
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lines fell from a nearby pg&e pole. the power outage shut down a pump that adds water to the campus pool but a separate pump that adds chlorine kept working. the excess chlorine working was discovered by a maintenance worker. three had to be treated for exposure. a bay area golf instructorred arrested on child molest charges are accused of plotting the murtd of his victims. prosecutors say 32-year-old andrew nis bet tried to hire a hitman while behind bars in jail. the da received a tip from an informant and sent an undercover inspector to visit him as a potential hitman. andrew nisbet imedcated he wanted -- indicated he wanted two of his victims taken care of and make the murders look like robberies by stealing cell
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phones. he's due back in court june 10th. mountain view police have this man in custody for the kidnapping the two women. they say he kidnapped a woman from san jose on sunday and forced her to live his car. police say she intentionally crashed the car in mountain view to get away but the man drove off. a second man reported on monday that he carjackedder had. she escaped in amador county. the women were not hurt. the heroic efforts of a filipino world war veteran were honored today. simon senior was injured in 1942 in the japanese bombing. he served as an official of the american armed forces and helped liberate the philippines but he never received a medal
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given to many of u.s. merchant marines. he died of cancer in 1981 after a long effort by his daughter, the award -- the medal was awarded today to the veteran's widow. >> we almost gave up. every time i feel like giving up i get stronger and i feel like i have to do this, you know, i have to get what my mother deserved. >> the ceremony took place next to the world war ii memorial in front of the marin veterans memorial auditorium. happening today -- the san jose sharks hope that home ice advantage will help them win the deciding game 7 against the los angeles kings. the sharks were poised to sweep the first round series after winning the first three games but then l.a. came back to win the next three games. the puck drops at 7:00. whoever wins face the ducks. and the golden state
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warriors are hoping to even their series against the clippers when the teams return to oakland. last night the warriors lost 113-103 in the game which was overshadowed by the nba's lifetime ban against donald sterling for racist remarks he made. and fans really responded to the be sterling controversy by wearing black clothing. on the left is a picture from last night's crowd. you can see a lot of black t- shirts. on the right you can see all of the red t-shirts from the game 2 in l.a. before the sterling controversy. now the teams return to oir raw kell for tipoff at 7:30 for game -- oracle for tipoff at 7:30 for the game. last friday, we were talking about cold showers, temperatures in the 50s and some thunderstorms with hail and today, basically clear skies. a big bounce in the temperatures already off to a warm spot even at 10:00 this morning. we had 70s out there. here's our live camera looking out towards the gl bridge.
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some haze out there. basically the entire state is in the clear. those warm offshore winds really increasing and accelerating towards southern california. that's why they c have the big concern -- that's have they why -- that's why they have the concern. it's 81 degrees in san francisco. half moon bay, 80. santa rosa upper 80s and some low to mid-80s out towards livermore and walnut creek easily back to the lower 90s this afternoon. san jose right now 84. as far as wind speeds, we do have offshore winds. so a north to northeast wind out towards fairfield, concord, onshore breeze is fairly light. that offshore win is winning out towards livermore gusting to 20 miles an hour and a calm wind in san jose. as far as records to beat. here's how they stack up. san rafael, san francisco, richmond, i think we'll tie a record in any. san rafael could be tying a
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record. san francisco, 80s and richmond could be tying a record as well. 86 degrees. another panel follow you coming up in oakland, easily breaking the record of 80 degrees this afternoon. we'll go with upper 80s. livermore shy of that 95. mountain view, shy of the 92. san jose could be around 91 degrees. a record to beat is 95 degrees. for today, a very hot forecast. we already showed you the records likely. tomorrow a little bit cooler but a warm to hot forecast. if you want the cooling trend a dropoff in temperatures. high pressure is is -- is still in command. as this pushes into the region, temperatures that compress the air is also warming air. dry, warm winds. cooler into thursday, but today we're thinking a lot of 80s and the warmest locations approaching 92, 93, possibly 94 this afternoon. these numbers on average about 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday's readings. santa rosa, 94. hayward in the upper 80s and san jose there's that 91 morgan
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hill and gilroy approaching the mid-90s. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. not much too relief for tomorrow, except coast side we'll shave off a few degrees. by the weekend, a completely different story. basically we're thinking 60s and 70s. there's relief in site but today want to keep an eye on the shade. that's the place to be and drink a lot of water. this is a big temperature change. >> thank you, mark. online ticket sales, company's -- stub hub and the concert business. and google@mids to snagging information for financial gain. now what the tech giant says it will do to protect students.
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stocks are up for a third day as investors weighed company earnings against a report that showed economic growth stalled during the fourth quarter. they said they would further reduce bond purchases because the economy is picking up and needs less help. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 17. the nasdaq is up 6. s&p up 4. today, google announced it will no longer try to sell ads based on information collected about students through the company's apps for education products. the mountain view-based company says it will stop staning students' -- scans students' messages through the app.
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more than 30 million students, teachers and administrators use the apps for education process. you will be able to buy concert tickets from stubhubs. the company that helps them sell and buy tickets on the website announced it will sell tickets to concert it will produce. already stub hub has five shows planned featuring emerging acts and will launch its first concert may 18th in los angeles. the performer for that show will be announced next week. the toll on the golden gate bridge keeps going up, including an increase earlier this month and now 2 investigates finds part of the money from those toll hikes is being wasted on high priced bridge workers. >> you guys working as efficiently as you should be? are you clocking an eight-hour day? >> every day throughout every day. >> we do know after 2
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investigates cameras watched their typical work day. tonight at 5:00, see how the workers are spending their time on the job and why the bridge district's general manager admits it's an ongoing problem. 2 investigates tonight on the news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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