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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 23, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we search for great videos so you don't have to. we have them for you "right this minute." talk about a memorable wedding video. >> i guess he is putting a ring on it and around it. >> why nothing says it is time to party like doing a doughnut at the reception, being trailed by thugs in hoodies is never good. >> here is where things take a really bad turn. >> the moment they try to kill a russian businessman over what is in that bag. an outdoorsman is ripped from
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his kayak by a strong current. >> now, he is just at the mercy of this creek. now, meet the man that survived the rapids with a little help from a friend. >> i paddle with people who are better with me on purpose. and, decorators pay tribute to 2013 and go inside santa's workshop for a surprise. >> like you've never seen the "right this minute" host before. >> why weed rather twerk than work. you guys are going to want to take a deep breath before this one, because you are going to need it. you are going to watch john hopper go for a bit of a swim. he is kayaking near bowled der, colorado. he goes into some rapids tentatively.
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in this one rapid, he gets a little caught out. he pops back up as he should but the current draws him right back around. the second time he gets pulled into the rapid, he gets knocked out of his boat. now, he is a swimmer. he doesn't have a full dry suit on. the water is cold. that zaps his energy quickly. now, he is just at the mercy of this creek. the orange kayak gets close to him. he is able to grab on. >> he is probably banging into the rocks? >> he is and he is not wearing a full-face helmet. john gets separated from the orange kayak and again he is on his own. >> the guy paddling the orange kayak is able to drag john over
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to calmer water where he can catch his breath, get on his feet and off the rocks on his side. john was exhausted, battered but he did get to safety. he is joining us "right this minute," via skype from denver. >> were you hurt seriously in this swim? >> not seriously but i could have been. >> was it your first time in rapids this wild? >> i had only been paddling about six months at the time. i paddle with people who are better than me on purpose. along with that goes the challenge to keep stepping it up. i had no business whatsoever on that rapid. my technique was wrong. my angle was wrong. i panicked. the biggest part, i didn't dress correctly. you have to dress for the swim. >> you think you weren't going to make it out of there? >> i was not sure i was getting out of that river. you heard me screaming as well. at that point, i was starting to wonder if this was it for me. >> why did you choose to put
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this on the internet and share it with so many people. >> so people could learn from it. i hope nobody has to ever have a swim like that again. >> even though it is the holiday season, still a lot of bad guys out there like here in moscow. this 28-year-old businessman starts walking towards his apartment. he just moved into this place. you see him here carrying his bag. watch this other car. three guys come after this guy. watch this. gheit in the mask kicks him in the back. a guy pulls out a gun, fires three shots. one of the shots hit the guy in the head. they take the bag from the guy and this to me stuck out the most. he pulled his hood up and looks back at the guy in a way like to show his face. >> it almost looks like he is laughing or smiling. >> the man was taken to icu, treated for that bullet to the head. here is the thing, all that was in the bag was like some personal items. like it wasn't anything special. some are speculating that this could have been a mistake. they mistook him for another
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person. >> what's disturbing is that they are so easily willing to pull that trigger without knowing who this guy is for sure. >> if this one is bad, this next one could be even worse. this is surveillance video from a car dealership. this person here, walking along ever so creepilily is a man of asian dissent that people are looking for. i'll tell you why. he approaches a woman 24 years old alone. he had been stalking to her 1.30. he dragged her to a darn corner, sat on her, demanded her wallet and phone and sexually assaulted her for ten minutes. out of respect for the woman, we might not be seeing everything that was caught on camera. >> you can see what a predator he is in that moment when he is crouching down and very slowly walking in her direction. >> he did make off with her credit card but has not made a purchase. hopefully, he is dumb enough to make a purchase so that can point the cops in the right direction.
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caylee. jordan diaz, they just got married. look at how they are celebrating with the kids. >> no way! >> and a little drifting. >> they are getting a ring. >> yeah. he is putting a ring on it and around it. >> look at how close his front tires were like to her train on her dress. >> he could have just ripped it off of her and she would have been a bride in nothing. >> this is my kind of wedding right here. the smell of rubber before you go to the reception. >> maybe he is like you, he is a keeper, because she allowed this to happen in her beautiful white wedding dress. >> i like it because the car is white. if the car was blue or koregree reason, it wouldn't be right. >> jervin, the groom, works for the irish department of
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transportation. hope this don't get him in trouble at work. >> and what an honor to be the driver of this bmw. >> authorities in spain decided to go on a campaign, an anti-drinking and driving campaign soechlt they set up multiple checkpoints where they would test people. apparently, they conducted about 200,000 in this seven-day period where they were testing drivers. in that period, they were able to capture some very interesting footage. check this out. this is aerial footage where we see a driver behind the wheel with his hands now not on the steering wheel, doing something. it is not exactly clear what it is they are doing. they are not driving. you see the passenger in that video grabbing the steering wheel to help that person out while they do whatever it is they are doing. >> whatever they are doing is not good. >> it does not look good. even though we don't know
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exactly what is happening in the video, we do know that during those checkpoints, they ran 188 random drug tests. 93 of those came back positive for campaign, meth am fet mines and other am feta mines. >> looks like he is holding a piece of foil, brings it up close to his face and another device in his other hand. once he has been doing whatever he has been doing, he grabs the wheel with another hand. another shot. a very similar thing with the foil. >> this is crazy. this is aerial footage. they are down to what's in their hands. it's scary that there is no privacy. i guess you shouldn't expect it when you are on a public road. deet ta the detail they are getting from up in the air z more than 2300 drivers were caught driving under the influence of some kind of substance. fighting the elements to reach the south pole. >> i can't imagine this kind of
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weight behind me with that kind of wind in front of me. >> the latest news on their frigid journey. >> in four months, they will change their underwear three times. >> oh, my goodness. >> see how these pets spread holiday cheer by reenacting their version of clement moore's "t' was the night before christmas."
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'twas as you know, the most wonderful time of year is the time of giving. that's why we are participating in secret santa 13. you know this. worldwide gift exchange. we are going to send a gift to a total stranger. we know a little something about that person. if we're lucky, we've been on the nice list, we might get a gift ourselves. this right here, take a look at your screen, don't want to give it away to our viewers. what this person is getting in this box right here. not too shabby. apparently, our secret santa gift receiver is a big fan of this right here. so this gift here is this but that's not all, because one more. we're sending three. that is for your house. the gifts go out really soon. if we're good, i'm worried about you. >> you should be worried about me. >> you might have put us on the naughty list. >> hopefully, we have something coming our way too. >> imagine th
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. >> imagine this is your day at work, every day for four months. this is an update on the ongoing scott expedition. >> i am here. we've been here for three weeks. >> ken saunders and tarka lapiner have been out there for about 50 days. they are close to the halfway point. they expect to finally make it to the south pole somewhere between christmas and new year's. think about them when you are in your warm house opening up your presents. pretty tough going so far. they have been improving thankfully. it has been really, really hard. >> i can't imagine this kind of weight behind me with that kind of wind in front of me. >> the scott ex longes unsupported jouey in the antarctica. they are going to travel about 1800 miles. it has never been done before. here is ben inside to test.
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>> it is cold and windy and pretty hard work. it has been a heck of a climb getting up here. we think it is going to flatten out pretty shortly, in the next day or two. so we're on track. >> i didn't even take into account they might have to go up hill both ways in the snow. >> some of their toughest work. in four months, they will change their underwear three times. also, in four months, they will not experience darkness at all, because they are in the antarctic. they blog every day. very interesting blog to keep up with. hopefully, they get back safe. this time of year, americans spend billions on their pets and their pets want to say, you know what, merry christmas to you too. >> these animals are just saying, you know, merry
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christmas by reenacting their version of clement moore's "'twas the night before christmas." >> and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. >> i'm not a mouse. i'm a hamster. it's a free country. >> stockings were hung in the hopes that st. nicholas would be showing up. >> the children were nestled all snug in their beds. >> what is that thing? >> that is a sugar glider along with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, bird videos, from talking animals. they have done videos before. >> i think it is adorable. people love their pets. it is nice to see them be a part of such a cute christmas video. they not only do "'twas the night before christmas," they also sing some songs. >> christmas eve is coming soon. >> i love the fact they added some fish, barnyard animals and
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that was a hermit crab check it out on our mobile app or go to right this to watch the whole thing. it is the season for kissing. >> the kissing goes on and on. >> the latest kissing prank on the next "right this minute." still to come, talk about a locomotive. >> this kid just jumps in that pool and starts dancing on it. >> see why this performance gets a ten. some gifts come alive. this is cool. this is like what every kid imagines happens when you go to sleep. >> find out what these classic christmas toys are up to.
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you still have time to vote for the best videos of 2013. >> we have posted all kinds of rtm favorites. >> time to get over to "right this minute" and click on the best of 2013. >> check out the videos and click thumb's up to vote. >> we'll unveil your top ten best videos on "right this minute".com on new year's eve. >> do your patriotic rtm duty and vote today, everybody let's take a little ride on the "l" train in new york city and get a show while we're at it. these are some performers that decided to put on a show, not necessarily rare. it happens quite often. these guys are -- ♪ >> he jumps in that pool apole
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and starts dancing on it. >> this guy is done but look at what the guy in the redshirt does. he starts not only using the handrails on the ceiling of this train but he starts sliding on it like this. watch. >> that's awesome. >> how cool is that? >> that's weird. >> as cool as this stuff is, you can tell a lot of people still not impressed. this is people -- this is the way people get home from work. imagine you are driving home from work in your suv and inside your suv, there are a bunch of people that want to do a performance for you. that's what it is like sometimes. >> but it would take away from the bore that is a ride home, a commute home, i would imagine. this would actually be a welcome distraction. >> go for it, i say. >> all of these guys are really good. look at this guy in the black. he is super strong and grabs on to the pole with one hand and starts going around. >> this is physically very, very impressive.
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>> so if you lived in new york, what happens when the performance artist isn't good. do people mo over. >> probably the same thing that happens when theyre good. >> for the fun fantasy christmas video, put out by the folks over ford of european, called snocana, a bit of a stop motion car. if you are a rally fan, racing around the christmas tree joined by all the iconic christmas toys as well. >> like cotton uses smoke. >> the ninja turtles. >> he turns over the toy box, dump out all the toys. they join in building this snocon for the ford rally car. this whole video inspired by the jim cana series put out by jim
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block. this is behind the scenes for jim cana 6. the original video has millions of hits. this shows you what they go to to put together such an incredibly wildly popular video. it took them seven days to build this course at the san bernardino airport. it is really neat to find the amount of cameras they use, the amount of work that goes into it. the scene from snocana, where the toy goes underneath the toy backhoe, that is inspired from ken's stunt. >> that looks amazing. >> just like the toy one. >> just like it. >> here is a common misconception. people think that ken practices a lot for these tricks. no. a lot of these tricks that you see in this jim kana video have never been done until they are ready to set it up and go shooting. >> we know how skilled he is when he is able to pull them off.
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♪ a look back at 2013. jibjab style. >> this is the kind of day you can watch over and over again and keep picking things up. >> it is amazing how many things happened. see how miley wasn't the only one twerking this year. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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hot pursuit at this french rally. around the bend comes this little yellow rally car. going pretty quick, sticking to the turn. in pursuit of that car is this competitor. >> it is a tortoise and hear race. >> it is a wild heare. watch it again for comparison. there is the car, pretty quick. >> one, two, three. >> okay. >> this thing is moving. >> one, two, three, four. just a second or two off. >> pretty close. >> the crowd goes wild. >> he is taking the same angles
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and everything as the race car. he is out there competing. >> i do not have the results for this race yet. the gap between those two is pretty tight. >> rally rabbit? puppies love pacifiers too. ♪ 2013 is coming to a close. what better way than to look back at the year 2013 with jibjab. >> they are so good at this. >> so long 2013. ♪ it's time to send you on your way ♪ ♪
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>> this is serious story lines here. i guess you have to laugh at them. >> so much could happen. we got a new pope. we got great movies. >> we had the breaking bad finale. there is miley. on the wrecking ball. ♪ 2013, what a year >> that's impressive, because they snuck in a lot of stuff that they didn't even reference. >> this is the video you can watch over and over again. >> of course, we couldn't exactly not do a "right this minute" jibjab. this one is sweet. it is from santa's workshop and, yes, like you have never seen the host before, we are twerking. >> oh, no. santa's workshop.
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we are all twerking. >> i didn't know i could twerk. >> nick is twerking. steven, you are twerking, beth is twerking. >> what are you doing, beth? >> down and dirty. >> this is weird. >> don't worry, santa walks into the toy shop and says, what are you doing? you are supposed to be making gifts. >> merry christmas. all the indignities of this job. >> if you want to make your own jibjab video, head on over to that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the best videos from the web are on the way "right this minute." some dudes are out duck hunting in a boat. someone is about to pay them a visit. what it's like to be the target of an obsessed field. >> police try to stop a man throwing gasoline everywhere and then dousing the cops with that liquid. the moment they decide they've had enough. for military families, holidays can be hard. >> this is a salute to the troops. ♪


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