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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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skies, and temperatures 74 degrees. a lot of high clouds, hazy mild to warm by this afternoon. temperatures we're starting off with these higher clouds so they're on the mild side. there will be a lot more high clouds today, 30s, 40 to 52 san fransisco. 40 antioch, 40 livermore. that's a heat wave compared to a week ago. a lot of high clouds streaming up along this low. there's a hint of a little offshore breeze. partly cloudy, a lot of high clouds, hazy and mild, highs today 60s to near 70 degrees even by the coast, not shabby. here's sal. good morning. we are looking at a decent commute right now. as a matter of fact we're looking at a commute that doesn't look too bad anywhere. westbound bay bridge looks good. right now traffic is moving along very nicely. the morning commute looks good on interstate 880 in oakland.
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this is right in front of the coliseum. traffic is moving well. if you are driving on the bay area freeways, 580 westbound, a little bit of road work there at the 680 interchange, so far it's not causing a major delay. thank you. we begin this morning with developing news. firefighters in redwood city are putting out hot spots from a smoky fire at a metal recycling plant. it started around 1:00 this morning at the simms metal management plant near the port of redwood city. the fire is burning car parts, old appliances and other discarded items sending up a huge plume of smoke. there are no reports of injuries. it's not clear how the fire started. there was another fire at the same plant about a month ago. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up in our 5:00 hour. also happening now, a street in san fransisco is blocked off after a house suddenly collapses. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge is there where police are waiting for daylight to
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really get more answers. alex good morning. >> good morning to you, and thankfully no one was hurt during this collapse. we're here this morning on gray stone terrace on san fransisco's twin peaks neighborhood. let me show you this dramatic scene behind us here. police have this street blocked off, and you can see this is the single story building that came tumbling down the hillside last night. the home's address is one street up at 125 crown terrace. that place was under construction and police say there was no one inside when it suddenly collapsed last night around 10:30. firefighters responded here to the scene. at least one neighboring home did have to be evacuated. now according to property records, this home was originally built back in 1941 and is owned by mel murphy. a published report says he's the former president of san fransisco's building inspection commission. now building inspector was called out here overnight. that person according to police came and left the scene. no word at least this morning
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on what caused this collapse, but i am told that the contractors will be back out here later on this morning. we're live this morning in san fransisco, alex savidge news news channel 2 news. right now fire crews on the rugged monterey county coast are trying to get the upper hand on a huge wildfire in big sur. the 500-acre fire still burning out of control near fifer state beach. so far the fire has destroyed 15 homes and forced the evacuation of 100 people. there are no reports of injuries, but containment is at 0%. the sheriff of monterey county says firefighters are facing some challenges as they battle this rare december wildfire. >> the nature of the fire, the low humidity, the wind, the fuel that just hasn't rained here at all. normally by this time of the year everything would be wet but it hasn't been that way at all. >> big sur's fire chief is among those who lost his home. investigators are now looking
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into reports that an illegal campfire may have started that fire. new this morning, the family of a 13-year-old girl declared legally brain dead after a routine surgery is holding out hope on the results of one final test. jahi mcmath was admitted to oakland children's hospital last monday to have her tonsils removed. her family says after the surgery she began bleeding heavily. by thursday she was on life support and declared brain dead. this morning a final test is being done to determine if there is any brain activity. after that the family will decide about removing jahi from life support. time now is 4:34 and today marks a sad anniversary and a tragedy that hits close to home for all of us here at ktvu. 15 years ago today a hit and run driver intentionally ran over and killed 37-year-old rick devechi in burr i can. it happened while he was walking in front of the family owned trucking company on 2nd street. police are still looking for the driver who was behind the
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wheel of a light colored cadillac with a dark top. his brother is a long time ktvu photojournalist. according to a new report the crime rate in san jose is now higher than the crime rate for the entire country. the city's independent auditor says last year there were just over 3,000 major crimes per 100,000 residents. that is 3% above the state average and 1% above the country's average. the auditor also says that arrests are down while response times are up. the city's six candidates for mayor say crime is their top priority. this morning oakland police department will roll out its new fleet of patrol cars. oakland police will have more than 80 brand new ford police interceptor utility vehicles. they will replace the crown victoria patrol cars currently in service. it's the largest fleet purchase in more than a dozen years. major jean quan says the new police cars are part of the city's growing campaign to fight crime and make the streets safer. lottery fever heating up as people across the bay area rush
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to get their megamillions dollar jackpot tickets. tonight's jackpot estimated at $586 million, but it could top 600 million depending on ticket sales. there hasn't been a winner in 21 drawings. if no one wins this week it is possible that the jackpot could reach $1 billion for the drawing which will be on christmas eve. what a nice present that would be. a federal judge says the national security agency's collection of american's telephone records is likely unconstitutional. in his 68 page ruling the judge said the nsas indiscriminate and arbitrary collection on personal data infringes on the right to privacy guaranteed by the fourth amendment. people we spoke to in the bay area say they're uncomfortable with the government keeping track of their phone calls. >> for what, you know? i don't understand for what. what would you need to look into my call log for, you know. so i don't think that that's cool. we're not guilty until proven innocent so i just don't feel like someone should be looking
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into my phone logs, my phone records. >> the federal judge put a stay on his ruling to allow the government time to appeal. the nsa surveillance program will likely be a topic of discussion when president obama meets with more than a dozen silicon valley heavy weights at the white house this morning. the group includes apple ceo tim cook, and googles eric schmidt. the president wants to get their input on fixing the web site along with ways to grow the economy and create jobs. a huge winter storm back east could affect your travel plans today. this morning the storm is moving into new york city after battering cities in pennsylvania and several other states. the snow and ice has forced the cancellation of dozens of flights up and down the east coast and travelers flying in and out of bay area airports are urged to contact their airline before heading off to the airport this morning. the window of a storeroom in castro valley had to be boarded up after a driver lost control and slammed into it.
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it happened at mearl's hallmark store last night. the store clerk said she could hear the car lose control before it hit the store. the driver was treated on the scene for minor injuries. the fbi is asking for help to identify a bank robber being called the bad beard bandit. this man has hit at least five banks in northern california including two here in the bay area. the most recent was last tuesday at a citi bank in sunnyvale. each time he wears a dark, poor quality fake beard. along with the beard he is described as being a white or hispanic man this his late 20s or early 30s. he's 5 feet 9 inches tall with a stocky build. the u.s. chemical safety board recommending sweeping changes to how refineries are regulated in california in the wake of the fire at the chevron refinery. the board is calling on the state to adopt the safety k system used in the united kingdom and australia. that system requires refinery
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operators to present a written plan for controlling safety hazards that include input from workers. regulators would have the power to audit the report and issue citations. >> i believe it's going to take a lot of work. i personally like the tremendous par tide effect where workers are given more power to kind of be involved in key decisions. >> the recommendations come after investigators found chevron workers warned about the dangers of corroded pipes. a corroded pipe sparked that august 2012 fire that endangered 19 workers and sent 15,000 people to the hospital with respiratory problems. for more details you can go to our web site, we have posted the full safety report on the chevron incident under our east bay tab. time now 4:39. five bay area counties could be in line to get more than a billion dollars from a judge's decision on led lead based
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paints. the counties involved would receive between 22 and $99 million each. that money would be use today clean up the paint with toxic led in it. lead paint was banned in 1978 but it's still in older homes. it's been linked to learning and behavior fords in -- disorders in children. the judge says the companies knew the payment was harmful to children. a shortage of hotel rooms is being blamed as one of the reasons why levi stadium will not be able to host the college football national championship game in 2017. the 49ers and the city of santa clara had wanted the game to come to their new stadium. levis was among six bidders but it was announced yesterday that would game would go to tampa's raymond james stadium. organizers say they passed on santa clara because other cities had more hotel rooms that were closer to the stadium. today we'll get a special look at candlestick park as the 49ers approach their final game
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at the historic stadium. stadium operators will be giving a tour of the park this morning. 49ers will take on the atlanta falcons next monday night for what's their last regular season game ever at the stick. candlestick is expected to be demolished sometimes early next year. lots of memories there. >> definitely. 4:40 is the time, coyotes in san fransisco, the tourist areas where they have been spotted recently and the possible reason for their move. >> and a local group of researchers are fighting to save monk seals in hawaii. >> good morning, right now we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good in san fransisco along northbound 101, although there is some road work there. we'll tell you more about the road work around the bay area straight ahead. >> hazy skies, very hazy skies for december, temperatures which warmed up yesterday, in fact it was really warm for some. will there be any more record highs today and can we find any
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. family members are asking for prayers for a 17-year-old girl who remains in a coma after a school shooting in colorado. claire davis remains in critical condition five days after the shooting at arapahoe high school in centennial colorado. students have collected close to $10,000 in donations to help the family out. >> in the last couple of days we've had some events around arapahoe and the community and we've collected close to $10,000, and we're just collecting whatever we can to help the family out and help them through this and heal ourselves through this. >> investigators say davis happened to be in the hallway when the shooter karl pierson walked into the school with a shot gun and three molotov cocktails. they say pierson asked for librarian and debate coach tracy murphy but started shooting randomly when he could not find him. a devastating diagnosis for
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a 19-year-old woman in richmond who was struck by a stray bullet over the weekend. the family of dominique romero is now paralyzed from the waist down. she was sitting on a couch inside her home on waller avenue saturday night when someone fired multiple shots in the street. one of the bullets went through the wall of the house and hit romero. her family says despite the diagnosis she's still in good spirits. >> she's in pain one minute. she's laughing and talking to us like nothing ever happened. the bullet is in her spine and they can't do surgery because it's in a very difficult spot. >> richmond police say they're still searching for the shooter and a motive. the national rifle association filed a lawsuit challenging the new gun control ordinance in sunnyvale. that ordinance prohibits possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds. suit argues that ten rounds or more is standard for more pistols or rifles sold in the u.s. it also contends it's unconstitutional for the city
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to limit the number of rounds that law-abiding residents have to protect themselves. secretary of state john kerry is in the philippines to show u.s. support following the devastating typhoon. now this is new video of kerry arriving in manila today. tomorrow he will visit tacloban the area hit hardest. the u.s. was a major contributor of relief after the disaster. more than 6,000 people were killed in the typhoon and at least 4 million lost their homes. later today the u.s. senate will hold a test vote on a bipartisan budget bill. democrats believe they have the 60 votes necessary to move the bill forward. it passed by a wide margin in the house last week. senate republicans have been less enthusiastic but it appears enough republicans will support the legislation for it to pass and avoid another government shutdown. the palo alto city council has decided to temporarily suspend enforcing an ordinance that bans people from living in their cars. the city manager had recommended that the vehicle
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habitation ordinance be delayed until the ninth circuit court of appeal rules on whether a similar law in los angeles is constitutional. the council passed the ordinance in august. enforcement was set to begin in february. a scientist at uc santa cruz have come up with a unique fundraiser to help raise money for monk seal research: they're selling these plush seals called the real seal to raise awareness about the endangered mammal. they're embroidered with a unique identification number which matches a wild seal. there are only about 1100 of the monk seals in existence. due to decreased food supply and tsunami debris from japan, the monk seal population has dropped 4% each year. >> wow. >> yeah. time now is 4:48. let's go to sal. >> all right. >> keeping an eye on traffic. how are you this morning? >> i'm well, brian and pam. thank you very much. i think the traffic is also doing pretty well around the bay area. as we look at some of the
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commute here, 80 westbound, still looks pretty good. we're going to be watching for it to get a little busier. right now traffic does look good as you drive out to the macarthur maze with no major issues. it has been a very nice drive for you. if you are driving on 80 westbound, it is also looking good coming out to the macarthur maze with no major issues. and the morning commute in san jose, a lot of road work here and there, 280, 101, 85, but it's not causing major delays because the traffic is light. 4:49. let's go to steve. thank you sal. and a very good morning. i'm standing in front of everything you need, high clouds, cool, high clouds hazy and high clouds mild to warm. in case you missed it yesterday, lax was 85. cincinnati bar bra was 82 and santa cruz was 74. a lot of high clouds, more so today than yesterday. oakland airport hit 66. that also tied. 30s, 40s, and 52.
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52 san fransisco, san jose's 42. 19 up there in reno and tahoe. 30s for many eurekas, ukiah, sacramento. it's not doing much, it's going to get absorbed by this other system coming down. will that give us any rain, no. it will give us a much colder pattern. hazy today, widespread 60s, some 70s but a big cooling trend starts wednesday night, wednesday into thursday and temperatures will drop back into the 50s. partly cloudy today, i could say partly sunny. a lot of high clouds, hazy mild, afternoon temps 60s to 70s. there will be mild temps around the area. napa 70, 63 fairfield, this doesn't help them in this pattern. oakland downtown, 67. extended outlook has a big drop this temps starting on wednesday and noticeably colder and breezy to windy maybe on thursday into friday. friday morning's lows are going to be cold. after that a rebound, sunshine and warmer temp wills take it right into the weekend.
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time now 4:50. coming up right now a love struck kentucky couple has become an internet sensation after they became the center of attention at a justin timberlake concert. >> in front of thousands of screaming concert goers, joshua clemens got on one knee and asked his girlfriend, kim martin to marry him. >> there's no way. there's no way this is happening right now, and then i got up there and it was, and i was just like in total shock i couldn't do anything but just stand there and like oh, my goodness. >> it wasn't easy to pull this off. after almost 100 e-mails and phone calls, clemens finally got in touch with justin's manager to make his proposal happen. justin, pam cook's favorite artist will be bringing his tour to san jose on january 18th as well as august 11th. >> that's pretty exciting. you get to be on stage with
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justin timberlake first of all and then a proposal. increasing patrols in berkeley, the rising crime that has people and police concerned. >> and ever dream of owning a tesla. i'll tell you about a new model that could make the cars more affordable for drivers. good. good answer.
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check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. welcome back, 4:53 is the
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time. five years after the murder of a marin county woman, her family is still hoping someone will come forward with information to find her killer. last night the family of ashley yamaouchi gathered in downtown san rafael to remember her. her body was found in the parking lot mind the 4th street tavern. police say she had been raped and strangled. no arrests were ever made. she was last seen the night before leaving the tavern with a man. . >> spent several months on the case looking back at it, going over all the old clues and evidence and things like that. >> i mean the guy's free right now, you know, i mean, you know i just want justice to be done. that's all. . >> she left behind a young daughter who is now 13 years old. there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. a san fransisco woman is scheduled to be arraigned thursday after being charged with several felonies in a crash that killed a 16-year-old
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boy. prosecutors say jennie zhu was going more than 70 miles an hour when she rear-ended a minivan on pine street last september. the crash killed kevin san a junior at lincoln high school and seriously injured his mother and sister. san's mother is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and has memory loss. >> it's devastating, i lost my son and i almost lost my wife. >> san's father says he plans to be in court thursday when she's arraigned. she faces up to seven years and four months in jail if convicted. time now is 4:55. berkeley police are looking into an unusual spike in robberies city wide. there have been seven robberies in fact in the past four days. several of them were within a mile of the uc berkeley campus. berkeley and uc berkeley police are working together to patrol the areas where the recent robberies have happened. they're also working with b.a.r.t. police to investigate robberies near the ashby bart station. this morning terminal a is back open at san jose's airport
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a day after it was flooded by a water main break. crews worked throughout the night to dry out carpets and test operating systems. half of the security check point lanes will be open this morning but officials say they do not expect that to cause significant delays. this was not the case yesterday when standing water forced airlines to cancel one flight and delay several others. >> under the circumstances it looks like it was a pretty devastating situation as far as the timing and everything else. i mean monday morning commute can be pretty crazy. >> this morning passengers are being advised to arrive at least 90 minutes early for domestic flights and two hours early for international flights. that's the normal recommendation to allow enough time to get through security. tesla has plans for two new vehicles in the next couple of years. tesla's model s sedan sells for about $71,000 but the daily times reports tesla has plans for a new all electric car that would cost around $40,000. the unnamed model would be
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unveiled in late 2014. tesla says its suv which is called the model x will be released sometime late next year. a south pay community group will be busy this morning handing out hundreds of holiday food boxes. every year sacred heart community service in san jose organizes a donation drive. each box has nonperishable foods as well as frozen turkeys for a holiday dinner. organizers say they still need more toys before christmas because this year there's a bigger demand than expected. coming up in our 5:00 hour, pam we're continuing to follow that developing news in redwood city where smoky fire continues to burn at a metal recycling plant. we'll have a live report from the firefight, from the scene. >> also a surprising new development in oakland's efforts to save the a's. what the owner of the team is saying now. >> good morning, right now we're looking at highway 4, and it looks pretty good but find out where already we have some slow traffic. >> i've seen forecast
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projections to the end of the year and i can't find any rain, but i can find maybe some record highs. i'll tell you where those will be today.
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good morning a fire burning right now at a metal recycling plant in redwood city, the concern about air quality in
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the area. >> and a hillside home in san fransisco's twin peaks neighborhood comes crashing down overnight. what we're learning about this collapse and the prominent developer who owns this property. >> 15 homes burned, dozens evacuated, the battle underway to put out a big fire in monterey county. it is still burning out of control. >> and holding out hope, the critical test today for a bay area teenager who is declared brain dead after routine surgery. it's all ahead here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we want to take you out to san fransisco this morning where you can see just an incredible scene. this is a house that was under construction. it has collapsed, and you can see the extent of the damage there. alex savidge is out there this morning getting some more information about what happened out there, the extent of the damage


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