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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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still plenty of weather problems tied to the bay area's first rain in months. we'll have team coverage. we had pretty good rain last night. real good rain up in the russian river but we are almost done with this first system. also a big bump tonight on a bay area high school mascot why many people say a change is long overdue. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we are live in san jose this morning where pg&e crews are hard at work. they have been there all night and into the morning. working on a pretty big power outage down there. san jose, morgan hill area. there is dangers because of the power outages as well. and we will have more coverage on that in a little bit.
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it is wednesday, november 20th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. we have wet roads. steve, later on today more is coming. >> yes, sir. we will get a little break here. we are almost done with the system. actually out toward eastern contra costa county. there is not much left here. just a few blips on the radar. and out toward livermore that looks like it is done. we will have partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. this one has a little bit more umph. need a little bit more cooler air and a little spin in the atmosphere and it looks like that will give us a hint of that this afternoon. a little bit of break here. the roads are wet and there will be light rain and drizzle left. some sun here for awhile and we will cloud it up again by this afternoon. not that cool but tomorrow will be cooler. 50s and low 60s. here is sal. we are looking at commute that is going to be tough today because of the wet highways,
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the wet roads, streets we still have an injury accident on the pleasant hill onramp. its not causing a big backup on the freeway itself but you do see flashing lights there. it does look like the fire department left has but do have emergency vehicles on the scene. we are looking at the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza. it is beginning to get crowded. the meet ering light -- the metering lights should be on soon. we look at the east bay southbound 880 between hayward and fremont. you wonder what that is like. it looks pretty good as you head south. 6:03 let's go back to the desk. i'm sorry claudine you're in oakland. and you are at the scene of a car that ran into a tree. how is that going? >> reporter: its all clear so that is the good news. it has been a busy morning as you well know out here in oakland and across the bay area. just starting to rain a little bit. but the roads are certainly
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wet. i want to show you happen it looks like at the accident scene because they did just clear this a few minutes ago. it was one car into a tree. oakland police say it looks like the driver was simply turning right, lost control and hit the tree. we did talk to a man out there this morning who says he was there when the accident happened. he said the car was filled with four or five women and that he ran over there right after the accident happened and pulled the driver out. >> some older gentleman came across the street and helped me carry her. i got her feet and he got her arms. we laid her over by the tree over there. everybody is trying to wipe her face and wipe the blood off. >> reporter: was she talking? >> no she was not conscious. she was knocked out for at least five minutes. >> reporter: did she eventually come to? >> yes, she did. >> reporter: she is at the hospital this morning. in the meantime there is also this accident this morning. the driver of that vehicle
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going eastbound on highway 24. its about a quarter mile before the orinda accident when for some reason he lost control, flipped over the guardrail, hit a wall and a pole. now fire department came out there and had to cut the top off that vehicle and get him out. we are told he is a man in his 30s. he went to the hospital before chp could have a chance to talk to him. his injuries described as moderate. certainly though the roads were wet for all of these accidents. and we have seen a busy this morning. you are taking a live look at 9:this morning. traffic looking just fine. it takes just a moment for these accidents to happen. chp warning everyone to take it slowly. live in oakland claudine wong. many people are waking up without electricity this morning because of the stormy weather. pg&e working to restore power in the south bay. some power has come back on in downtown san jose but at the
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height of the outage 15,000 homes and businesses were without power. pg&e working through the morning to restore it to everyone. wet weather could mean an end to the fire season. cal fire plans to reduce staff at fire stations a i cross northern california starting next week. fire stations will generally reduce staffing from two engines with three firefighters each down to one engine. time is 6:05. the wet weather is not washing out san francisco's sales force convention. thousands still packed at & t park last night with this big concert by green day and blondy benefiting the children's hospital. fans waited patiently in the rain for shuttle buses to go to the event. some even used their convention brochures to stay dry. >> yes its raining. that comes from the cloud as well. >> more than 120,000 people are expected there this week. so far yahoo ceo, hewlett
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packard and shawn penn have made appearances. steve paulson is tracking the wet weather all morning. he will get you ready for this day. you can also get the latest information on our channel 2 website at just click on the weather tab. police in vallejo say last nights rain may have contributed to a horrible accident. the death of a pedestrian. he was hit by one car and then dragged by another. ktvu tara moriarty is at the vallejo intersection from where this crash happened. its a dangerous intersection. tara. >> reporter: yeah. it really is. i wouldn't want to cross this street at night. its dark. its poorly it will. the its poorly lit. this is the area where this man was hit. he was not in a crosswalk. and then the second driver that hit him kept going. police blocked off the corner of stanford and mini drive where the man's body was found under that second car just
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after 6:00 last night. the driver an 89-year-old man who witnesses say didn't realize he had hit somebody. police say that the first impact happened more than four blocks away near logan and broadway. the man was hit and rolled into the other lane where he was hit by the elderly driver and dragged. >> he is somebody that we recognized from here in the neighborhood. he walks around a lot. very friendly, older gentleman. very shaken up about it. >> reporter: police are not releasing the victim's name until they notify the family. investigators question both drivers but are calling this case a horrible accident. coming up we will tell you this street broadway has had a history of problems for sr. hit pedestrians in the past. oakland is standing in solidarity with richmond and its goal to keep struggling family from losing their homes. last night the oakland city council anonymously approved a resolution. the council voiced support for
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richmond but did not pursue the use of eminent domain. the use calls on lenders to continue or begin working with oakland to negotiate principal reductions and avoid foreclosures. critics are warning it could become the next solyndra. solar city is a new energy company based in san mateo. republican congressman says solar city has received millions of dollars in federal tax credits while losing more than $300 million in the past five years. the company spokesman says the forces that drove solyndra into bankruptcy are driving solar city. the spokesman says more americans can buy inexpensive solar paneling while becoming less dependent on government related monopoly. it would also provide low
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income neighborhoods with extra buses and light rail service. a program giving free rides to low income children would expand to everyone under the age of 18. supporters of this hope to put it on the ballot next november. today if you're at a bart station, you will get a flier about the new app. you can report quality of life problems. tonight is the night school officials in vallejo made a change -- may vote to change a high school mascot. the school will report the school board change the name. a staff report on tonight's agenda says the u.s. commission on civil rights recommends not using native american
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nicknames. our time is 6:10. he was a san francisco city college student who disapored while he was heading to school. his body has been found. and in a half hour the positive identification and all the questions that still remain. looking into accusations that the census bureau ma napelated un-- manipulated unemployment numbers to help president obama get reelected. wet roads means it will be a tough commute. traffic times will be longer. and we'll show you where all the trouble spots are. the over night rain is winding down. we are about done for this first system but guess what there is a second one that will play into your afternoon forecast. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is a federal investigation to see if unemployment information was manipulated aheadiest 2012 president -- ahead of the 2012 presidential elections. the house oversight committee is among those demanding answer. >> reporter: pam, the committee sent me this copy of a letter that they sent to the director of the u.s. of census bureau. the newspaper reported it spoke to a census bureau worker who's supervisor told him to fabricate numbers in order to reach the target number of households. and now there could be a systemic problem. the house over sight committee
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says they never publicly disclosed those problems to the department of labor and its possible the september 2012 unemployment rate was skewed. it improved dramatically just weeks before the presidential election. they released a statement saying it takes allegations of fraud very seriously and its inspector general is investigating. in this letter the house over sight committee is demanding internal information from the u.s. census bureau. i'm working on those details for you. george zimmerman the florida man acquitted of killing trayvon martin is free on bail this morning after being arrested and charged with pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend. the charges include felony aggravated assault and battery charges. zimmerman walked out of jail after a friend posted $9,000 bail. he is reportedly $2 million in
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debt. in the meantime the attorney general eric holder will soon announce if he will file civil rights charges against zimmerman in the trayvon martin shooting. announcing plans today for an even bigger one than the bay area's three biggest cities. the group is called youth uprising. they helped to get 600 guns off the street the day after the sandy hook school massacre. this december 14th, they will cohost a new buy back in oakland. they launched a crowd funding campaign through to pay for this. startling details were revealed in court about the brutal attack of a homeless woman on a san francisco sidewalk. timothy chase is accused of stomping and kicking the woman while she was sleeping earlier this month. the judge would not let us show
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his face. his arrest came after ktvu aired video of the attack. he thought he killed the woman. and he attacked her because he was annoyed by the scent in the air. chase is being held on $100,000 bail. he is due back in court in two weeks. a temporary shelter for the homeless will be open in oakland. that shelter is at the henry robinson multiservices center. it will offer aid during the winter months to help the homeless find shelter in the cold. up to 50 beds are available for single adults without children. time is 6:17. six bay area cities can brag this morning about how safe they are. new report from safe wise shows they are among the top 20 safest cities in the state. saratoga tops the list of cities with more than 20,000 people. los altos ranks number three. danville ranks number nine. san ramon, cupertino, and foster city also on that list. the report is based on figures
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from the fbi. people magazine naming singer adam levine as the sexiest man alive. he says he never thought this honor was on the table he is stunned and grateful. this is the first time honor for levine. people's magazine sexiest man alive issue hits news stands on friday. might have to grab that for research purposes. time is 6:18. let's check in with sal. >> dave and pam. >> you know yoga hasn't helped. >> you have to keep on what is helping. >> do you remember when brad pitt got that honor? >> yes, i do. i will try to help you out with the traffic. we've had dozens of crashes and that is because of the wet roads. we are all over it. we have claudine out there on crash parole. people are on the road early and the speeds are down.
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so we haven't had any major crashes. we've had a lot of fender benders out there. also looking at the bay bridge p metering lights have been turned on. that is a 12-15 minute delay at the toll plaza. we are also looking at the commute in the east bay. 580, 880 the traffic here looks okay as we push back. there was an earlier crash on 98th and international. that is gone. this is a look at san francisco freeways. already busy but not stop and go. a little bit under the speed limit though as you approach the lower deck of the bay bridge. 6:19 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. it looks like most of the rain is gone. there could be pitter patter here and there. most of it has moved off. we will wait for the next system. that will come down this afternoon. north bay maybe late morning. not bad. not bad on the rain totals. i mean we went from nothing to something. mill valleyover an inch of rain -- mill valley over an inch of rain. is there was greater amounts
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though. cazadero had two inches of rain. there was pretty hefty totals. crockett .82. pleasant hill .64. sfo .25. a little bit more than that. i can't find too many rain totals on the peninsula. if you take one or have one, you can tweet me or e-mail me. these will be the totals two day totals after today. a quarter to three quarters. most of it has moved out of the area but not bad. it did its job. now where you see stable conditions, some breaks in the clouds. mostly cloudy. there might even be fog floating around. wait for this system to move in. this could give us possibility of not only more rain, but maybe some thundershower activity this afternoon. it has a little bit more to work with than yesterday.
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there will be a low diving toward southern california. that will give us a windy northeast wind. very mild system up in the sierra nevada. there is greater amounts north of that but higher than that i should say. but its pretty mild. 40 at blue canyon. a little bit of a break here but rain returns this afternoon and evening as that next little impulse or spoke in the wheel moves. maybe adding another three quarters of an inch for some. mix of sun and clouds in the morning. some right showers and the rain picks up this afternoon. possibility of a thundershower or two. favors areas out to the valley. get a little afternoon heating but definitely an opportunity to see thunder bumpers. 50s and 60s on the temps. the spread will be four or five degrees for some. lows in the upper 50s. highs in the 60s. after tomorrow there could be still lingering rain in the morning but then it pushes out of here. warmer friday and saturday.
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>> all right. time 6:21. people all over the world still smiling about the heroic bat kid. somebody had to pay for this big event. what was the price tag for the city of san francisco? and the place where a president was gunned down almost 50 years ago. there is a new wave of visitors for those that have been there before. they will notice something is missing. was history covered up?
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good morning. welcome back. time is 6:24. controversy surrounding a mystery mark in dallas, texas two days before the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. decades ago someone painted white xs right there on elm street. marking the unofficial spot where president kennedy was shot. well now the x's are gone. two stretches of pavement marked with the x's they were removed by city crews. the city says its laying asphalt to level the street. but a lot of people don't believe it. >> people are coming here to see the sign on the street. i simply do not understand it. >> the mayor and the city are in an awkward position. but you have to remember the kennedy family in the early
6:26 am
'80s they prefer people remember kennedy on his birthday may 29th rather than november 22nd when he died. >> thousands of guests and more than 500 reporters will be at this friday's commemoration. also today president obama and first lady michelle obama will attend a wreath laying ceremony at president kennedy's grave in arlington national cemetery. it will honor the late president's life and legacy. they will be joined by members of the kennedy family, former president bill clinton, and former secretary of state hillary clinton. san francisco's district attorney says cell phone carriers are fighting efforts to install antitheft software on smart phones. he is working with samsung to create a kill switch which will make any stolen or smart phone impossible to use. but cell phone carriers are trying to kill the kill switch plan. those companies are concerned the software would cut into the money they make from the cell phone insurance program.
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u.s. consumer prices slipped for the first time in six months. this morning the government reports gas prices down 2.9%. food prices were up slightly but that index has risen just one 1% in the last 12 months. 6:26 is the time. the investigation continues to the discovery of a woman's body in a stairwell at san francisco general. now police say a mystery witness has come forward. we are live in san francisco where several hundred of hospital employees are lining up hitting the picket lines today. they will be joined by others throughout the state. we'll have a live interview coming up. good morning. we do have a tough commute already in many areas as we look at southbound 101. two crashes in marin county could make for a really tough commute coming on the highway. we are a little on the quiet side right now but things are starting to pop up here right off the coast. will that lead to more rain? we'll take a look at it in
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greater detail coming up. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. getting ready to ring that opening bell this morning. and there it is live. looks like a decent day. pretty quiet yesterday about the same today. that is nu skin ringing the bell. actually celebrating record growth for the company. they are one of the leading companies in age fighting. so that is a big obviously everybody interested in fighting the aging process. and they are celebrating record growth there. nu skin. >> we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us middle of the week november 20th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook let's check if where steve
6:31 am
paulson. everyone wants to know how much rain and how long it will last. >> anymore questions? >> i have lots. >> we are getting a really good break right now. up to two inches of rain fell from this band that went through last night. i promise there will not be a quiz. i changed my mind now. this will develop rapidly. this little spin in the atmosphere is heading toward the mendocino coast and sonoma coast. and then also some cooler unstable air beginning to move down from the north. there is still some rain but its out to big valley and stockton and sacramento. 50s. possibility of thundershowers here late morning or early afternoon. early afternoon for most but maybe late morning for the north bay. showers, some sun, but i don't think it will last too long
6:32 am
here. highs 50s and 60s. here is sal. right now we are looking at a lot of fender benders out there. we will start at marin county and the traffic on southbound 101 is effected by two crashes. one at sir francis drake boulevard onramp. the more serious one is southbound 101 near tiburon boulevard. over turned car in one of the right lanes and traffic is quickly backing up over the hill there. pretty soon the traffic will start getting slow between novato and the civic center there. across the bay on 80 westbound, the traffic is already slow in richmond heading out toward el cerrito. we will see traffic also that will be slow on parts of 880 now between noeling boulevard as you head south. and on the peninsula the traffic looks good. let's go to live pictures. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is backed up for a
6:33 am
10-15 minute delay. first i want to take a look at northbound 280 in san jose. its already a little busy but we don't see any stop and go traffic. we also have a reporter claudine wong who has been out chasing accidents this morning. claudine you are now at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we want to give you a look at what the conditions look like out here if you have to head into the city. you can see your normal backup. you talked about that 10-15 minute delay. roads are wet out here as they are across the bay area. i want to take you over to oakland. we were there within the last hour for a solo vehicle accident. this is a common sight. a car into a tree. the oakland police say that driver was taking a right turn and for some reason went out of control and hit that tree. we talked to witness that was on scene and said he tried to get everyone to safety. that car was filled with four to five women and the driver was the most seriously hurt.
6:34 am
he talked about trying to get her to safety. >> she wasn't heavy but i tried to carry her. some older gentleman came across the street and helped me carry her. we laid her over by the side of the tree there. we lay her down. everybody is trying to wipe her face and wipe the blood off. >> reporter: was she talking? >> no she was not conscious. >> reporter: we want to take you over to orinda where there was another solo vehicle accident this time on highway 24. this is just before 1:50 this morning in the eastbound direction. the chp told us in that case the driver was coming eastbound for some reason and lost control, went over the guardrail, hit a wall and a pole and actually ended upside down. firefighters were out there and able to cut the driver out. his injuries are described as moderate. chp is still trying to talk to him to see exactly what happened. let's take you back out here
6:35 am
live to the toll plaza where you can see again its slow going. but we have seen wet roads across the bay area. we've seen the fender benders. we've seen more serious accidents. some are solo vehicle accidents. people going too fast and losing control. chp asking everyone to just take it slowly this morning. live at the toll plaza claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> there are plenty of other weather related problems in the bay area. coming up we will tell you about one potentially dangerous power problem in the south bay. police in vacaville calling it a horrible accident. a pedestrian hit by one car and then dragged by another. ktvu tara moriarty is in the intersection where it has a history of deadly crashes. tara. >> reporter: we are here in vallejo. actually where we know one other pedestrian was killed here along broadway over the past year. its quite a dangerous road from what neighbors have been
6:36 am
saying. it is very poorly it will. there is not a visible crosswalk anywhere you can see. and the cars and trucks have been zipping along here. this is the area where a man was hit. first carp hit him. he was not in a crosswalk and a second driver that hit him kept going. police blocked off the corner of stanford and mini drive where a man's body was found under that car. the driver an 89-year-old man did not realize he hit somebody. police say the first impact happened more than a half a mile away federal logan and -- away from logan and broadway. the man was hit and that is when he rolled into the other lane and was hit by the elderly driver and died. >> i say weather may possibly be a factor. the fact that its dark. again that is ultimately going to billion decided as a result of the investigation. >> reporter: police are not releasing the victim's name until they notify his family.
6:37 am
both drivers are cooping with police. we did speak to a neighbor a few minutes ago. he says that something needs to be done about broadway. see what he has to say coming up in our next half hour. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. many nervous bart riders will be closely following a meeting in oakland tomorrow morning. bart's board of directors is expected to reject the four- year contract that has been ratified by the unions. the board wants a new rounds of negotiations citing an expensive paid leave that was mistakenly put into the contract. union leaders say it would be premature to talk about another bart strike at this point. time 6:37. happening right now thousands of uc workers are staging a one- day strike. there are dangerously low staffing levels and unfair
6:38 am
labor practices. ktvu brian flores is live at ucsf medical center where hundreds of patient care workers are just starting to walk picket lines. brian. >> reporter: that is right. good morning, to you. several hundred in fact hospital workers in front of ucsf. they started forming around 6:00 this morning. their message to make sure their missage is heard by uc administrators. [ inaudible ] >> obviously technical problem momentarily. a new office is due to open today for a program that lets people that live in oakland get a government id and prepaid debt card. oakland mayor jean quan is expected to be at the office on east oakland. more than 4,000 people have applied for that card since the program began in february. a witness who saw a missing patient in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital has
6:39 am
come forward. the hospital spokeswoman says the ucsf researcher working at the hospital is a mystery witness. he apparently reported seeing lynn spalding lying in a stairwell several days before her body was found in early october. the body found last friday in the san leandro marina has been identified as a college student. 20-year-old da rick was last seen on november 7th heading to catch a bus to school. news chopper 2 flew over the marina last friday morning when the body was discovered floating in the water. the coroner is trying to determine a cause of death. let's go back to san francisco and ktvu is brian flores where a protest is happening outside of the ucsf hospital this morning. you've got hundreds of people out there now. >> yes. several hundred in fact. good morning once again. many of these are unionized hospital workers. they are staging a protest out here right in front of ucsf. i want to go to randall johnson who is an mri technologist.
6:40 am
good morning to you. why are you out here? >> we are out here because of unfair labor practice strike. they intimidated us on the last strike. they did a lot of stuff to intimidate our people. the perp actually filed a complaint about how they treated our workers from just calling him -- [ inaudible ] we will get back to brian flores in a moment. happening today in fact later this morning president obama will award the presidential medal of trial to 16 prom -- medal of honor to 16 prominent members. the presidential medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. right now its 6:40.
6:41 am
a new test for pilots considered to be overweight after the faa says a few extra pounds could become a safety issue. we're live in san jose where thousands of pg&e customers lost power last night because of the weather. we'll have an update on how many are still without electricity. and its quite a commute out there already. we've had some problems. let's go to the san mateo bridge and see the traffic so far looks good but we are expecting slow traffic everywhere this morning. some really good rain totals especially up to the north, things are kind of quiet right now. there is a pretty good system already developing rapidly off the mendocino coast.
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welcome back to the morning news. 6:43 is the time. there is still weather problems in the bay area. pg&e crews have been up all night restoring power to thousands of homes and businesses. janine de la vega is joining us now from san jose to talk about how many people still in the dark. >> reporter: yeah. there is good news. they have been able to make some progress. the latest numbers i got from pg&e is now just about 400 people are still without power in the san jose area. now right now we are in downtown san jose at santa clara street and 26th street where you can see the traffic lights are out here.
6:45 am
power has been out since 8:45 last night in this neighborhood. we just witnessed a lot of people just running this light because its not on instead of stopping and waiting. and now the video that you are looking at, that is video of the power coming back on at tenth and julian street in downtown san jose. the top of the power pole caught fire last night. pg&e crews de-energized it and that is what caused an outage to 4300 people in the area. they work to repair it and restored power around 5:30 a.m.. pg&e crews have been scattered throughout the south bay. there were 20 outages effecting 15,000 customers in san jose. one customer told us he is not surprised. >> every time it rains, something happens. you can take that for granted
6:46 am
the light will go out or someone will hit a pole. that is what we normally suspect. >> reporter: this is one of six outages that pg&e crews are currently working in san jose and the surrounding area. at this moment we don't have an estimate when it should be restored but the good news is for the majority of the people that power is back on just 400 right now in san jose. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> and of course steve paulson is over there tracking the wet weather throughout the morning. you can get the latest information on our website just click on the weather tab. 200 protestors marched through san francisco's mission district last night against what they call excessive force and police brutality. this march follows friday's
6:47 am
violent confrontation. captured on cell phone video. it shows plain clothed police officers trying to detain a man that had been riding his bike on the sidewalk. internal e-mails obtained by ktvu show there was concern about the safety of uc berkeley's electrical system weeks before an explosion there on the campus. the explosion happened in an under ground vault in september. as crews were trying to turn the power back on after am major outage -- after a major outage. facebook chief operating officer and author cheryl sanburg last night walmart
6:48 am
protestors interrupted the keynote speech by yahoo ceo. she is on the walmart board of directors and wants her to use her position to increase walmart workers wages. we now know how much the bat kid coast the city. they spent $105,000 mostly for the civic center celebration that capped off the day. originally the plan was for mayor lee to present miles scott with a chocolate key to the city with a few hundred volunteers. but as we saw word spread. the crowd grew to 14,000. the civic center celebration was turned into a professional production with big screen tvs. >> and seen around the world. >> amazing. let's check in with tori campbell to see what is coming up. >> coming up in minutes silicon valley gets a lot of big visitors so why is the prime minister of the poorest country in the americas is getting an
6:49 am
audience today at google, facebook, and apple and his one request to the high-tech world. santa rosa supervisor e on who recently faced demeanor peeking charges is making changes to his responsibility. how its tied to the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez by am local sheriff. and controversy erupts over a christmas commercial for men's boxers. some call it hilarious, others call it disgusting. we'll let you be the judge. because its a little racy we will show you the video but we will keep it brief. and i'm trying to get sal to demonstrate it for us. i'm not sure i got him convinced. those stories coming up on mornings on 2. >> and keep it brief is a little hint. [ laughter ] let's check traffic now. >> i was laughing when she said that. >> i knew you were. >> disgusting. some find it disgusting. the commute is not quite that
6:50 am
way. today it has been i would give it for the conditions today i would give it a b plus. its raining out there. we haven't had any major crashes. however before you end up getting too happy, remember your speeds will be slower and the traffic times will be up everywhere. and you probably already know this when its raining. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic on the san mateo bridge is moderately heavy. this second day of rain a little bit easier. you know what, yesterday last night i got so many tweets people saying what the heck is wrong with the afternoon commute? first rain will always do that. people will drive very, very slow. it was a ridiculous afternoon commute. we are hoping for better today. as you look at the peninsula highway 101 and 280 are looking better. san mateo bridge as we mentioned is okay getting over there. at 6:50 here is steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> ross used to say that. that is just disgusting. [ laughter ] we have cloudy skies. decent rain last night for some. really good rain for others. we are between.
6:51 am
there is a system that is getting very, very close. some of the rainfall is very close up in the russian river. about time. napa just updated this. generally about a third of an inch to three quarters of an inch for most locations. but the two-day totals are coming in pretty good. just heard from josh up in laiden. three inches of rain. minute vino county -- mendocino county north there have been heavy totals. maybe an inch and a half santa cruz mountains. there is still more on the way. rain is probably back in the forecast here. a possibility of thundershower activity. it will be a sting around noon
6:52 am
to 4:00 here. most of the rain is pushed off to the valley or up to the citier have nevada. its mainly rain. 50s with mild conditions here. we have one piece energy taking aim toward the north bay. later on today this next piece comes down. that will give us san additional round of rain. 55 ukiah. we do have one system that moves out. we are between but waiting for the next 1.5 and they will be here late morning and early afternoon. today little sun and a lot of clouds. by tomorrow morning most of this should be gone. it will be very interesting. a lot of clouds and brief sun but then rain pops up again here later on. shower activity usually favors the valley. it will be close. r50s and 60s on the temps. the lowes the highs will be able four or five degrees. the lows are 56-57. highs in the low 60s for many.
6:53 am
not much of a difference here after today and into tomorrow we will clear it out and it looks windy, sunny, and warmer friday and saturday. time 6:52. e bay is giving you an option to shop. getting ready to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. what you should expect. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. live look at the big board. dow down just about 11 points. still pretty close to the 16,000 level. nasdaq up a little bit. s & p also up a little bit. fed chief hinting at prolonged rate. we'll see how the numbers go throughout the day. the recovering housing market boosting profits for the retailers. they saw profits jump 26% during the third quarter. they earned $499 million. slightly lower than expectations but $12.9 billion in revenue was better than forecasted. that reports comes one day after home depot also reported better than expected revenue during the same time period. e-bay trying to make more money in the brick and moe tar world. it is expanding what it calls connected glass shopping.
6:57 am
by putting up three ten by ten foot screens. they can use the screens to look at products and buy them using their smart phones without stepping into a store. the san francisco screens will offer about 100 products from three retailers and will be available until mid january. according to the traffic congestion company traffic ons roads will heavy for thanksgiving. the companies attributing the increase to lower gasoline prices. we are seeing the lowest holiday gas price since 2010. on the wednesday before thanksgiving traffic will be up 3% from last year. over weight pilots you may be hearing from the faa. policy requires all pilots with a body mass index of 40 or more you have to be checked for sleep apnea. obesity is a major risk factor for sleep apnea. now pilots of all weight levels will eventually have to go
6:58 am
through testing for sleep apnea along with air traffic controllers. coming up next on mornings on 2 another wet morning in the bay area after a long dry spell. we will see how slick roads are creating dangerous conditions for the commute. we are also finding out more about a bay area intersection. it was a scene of a horrifying accident last night. stay right here with us. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit
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and find your career success in the bay area. with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
7:00 am
>> reporter: what roads are making for a messy commute. a couple of months of dry weather gave way to really good rainfall last night. things have calmed down a little bit. but there will be a little, new element to the forecast today. a horrifying crash in vallejo. a pedestrian hit, killed and dragged by a car. new details we're finding out about the intersection where it happened. a fund-raising fiasco for president obama in a town that's already supported him. why ticket prices are being slashed for an event that starts next week. "mornings on 2" starts right now. and good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." live pictures here from the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland, wher


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